Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Nov 2010 12:38 pm EST

Contest: Charge your device in style with a BlackBerry Charging Pod. Leave a comment to win!

BlackBerry Charing Pod

By far one of my all time favorite accessories, and what I would state is a "must have" for any device, is the BlackBerry Charging Pod. This cute little guy serves as a resting place for your device on your desk, nightstand or wherever you need to put it down. It not only holds your BlackBerry, but it charges it for you as well. No more fumbling with the USB charging cable that came with your device. Plug in the BlackBerry Charging Pod to your standard charger, drop in your device and you're done. Use Bedside Mode on your nightstand to view your clock and disable alerts at night, or simply have your device ready for access on your desk during the day. This accessory is one that can't be beat. Availabe for all devices at ShopCrackBerry.com

CONTEST: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us about your charging woes, and how a charging pod would make life easier. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Getting The Most Out Of Your Charging Pod

The charging pod is great for what it is meant to do, charge. You can maximize it by learning to use Bedside Mode to its full potential, and paired with the Charging Pod you have a great combination. You can use the accessory not only to charge your device at night, but as an alarm clock or resting place on your desk for your BlackBerry. We posted a video on Bedside Mode and if you didn't check it out its definitely worth watching.

Until Next Time...

That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device!



maybe i'll win something other than free themes this time. well it's free so i'll take whatever . . . . hehehehe

seem that i've been battling charging two batteries these days since mine doesn't make it half way through the day on my 8530. and nooooow my extra battery only charges half way then reports full until I use it. oh well, time to by another spare. . . . . maybe two. I run out of juice about 3 times a day now. . . .

I'm on the move pretty often and while it doesn't happen too much, I've forgotten my one and only charger once or twice and it is just terrible being phoneless for even a short period of time. With a charger I could just keep one in my bag at all times.

well one can say that the charging pod will change life as we know it. but in reality, it will only change me. Easier to find, easier to use (syncing) and nice as well.

My beautiful Torch just deserves to have a stand - especially since I'm up three-four times a night with my infant daughter and fumbling with the cable on the phone so I can use it to get back to bed without waking anyone else, is just not cool! Thanks for considering this exhausted mom's request.

This is like the perfect charging accessory i've always wanted one and if i can win one that would be great!! so pick me

i use the heck out of my berry daily so I find myself having to always plug it in. I'm finding that my plug is getting lose. I'm worried it will stop connecting properly. I charging dock would be fabulous.

Would love to get one seeing that my Torch charger makes a slight buzzing noise and I have to keep it in the other room to charge. Not only that, I have to get out of bed to press the snooze button. Ughhh...

This would make my mornings a lot better!

Please & Thanks Crackberry!!

i have one wall charger for my 8900 and i use twitter nimbuzz and the media player a lot and my blackberry usually dies withing the last 2 hours at work. A charging pod would definitely keep my BB on for a consecutive 24 hour

My berry stays by my side at night and it would make life easier if I just pop it in a popp instead of fumbling to plug the cord in!

Oh well...good luck everyone! :)

Hmm I have tryed everything else maybe reverse pshycology will work?? I would absolutly hate it if I won one of these, totally don't need it! Lol I doubt that will work but who knows!

ive got too many wires tangled with my charger cable... every morning its a pain because i scratch it easily from pulling the cable when the other cables pull it back resulting in dropping it. It would be easier to have a dock where i can just take it out

all I have to charge my Storm is a 2.0 USB Cable.

Winning this will certainly take away the gloomy clouds of a storm over my head.

Here I am :)

A charging pod would look so nice with my torch....especially since I use my alarm everyday....would look nice in my nightstand.

I relly need this pod because I often forget to plug in my BB 9700 and in the morning my phoNe is not charged, bummer.
With the charging pod I. Just have to drop it in. Thank you in advance!

Pass one over, please. My daughter begged away my first one. My wife appropriated my second. Third times's the charm...

The charging pod would make my life so much easier! I plug my Blackberry in every night, but usually have to crawl under my bed to find the cord and end up with bruises and scratches before I find the cord. I just wish I had a charging pod to sit on my nightstand...

If my Bold 9700 would sit in that beside my bed it would turn me on more that my pretty wife on the other side....

Thanks for the contest. Here me hoping to win it !

I can't see clokc without glasses. Charging pod at bedside would help me know what time it is while I lie awake thinking of what apps to add to my charging BB

I can't see clokc without glasses. Charging pod at bedside would help me know what time it is while I lie awake thinking of what apps to add to my charging BB

My wall charger is plugged into the wall underneath my bed, so I can't move it without it being a huge hassle. Whenever my phone dies (which is quite a bit since the battery is getting old) I have to find my USB cord and plug it into my laptop. This is also a hassle because I like to move my laptop around. A charging pod would sit nicely on my desk in a convienient place perfect for the quick charge! :)

Talking about making a good thing even better, this cradle will help augment the blackberry. You guys know how to make us happy. Keep it going.

I so need one of those so I could remember to charge my Torch, cause the cord falls in the floor so easily with these new chargers.

I'm on my BOLD(9650) constantly, it's like a stage 5 clinger to my hand. The last 2 berries I've had to get replaced because the charging port always gets loose and stops working. You need to pick me - MUCH THANKS in advance and love the site...

I love using my Storm as a clock when it's in bedside mode, but have the pod so it would stand up would make it so much better!!!! Plus no more tripping on the cord when trying to turn the alarm off in the morning!

That is so cool. It would be great not having to plug the USB cord into the phone every night. I may end up getting one for my desk at work as well. My boss would be so envious.

Peridoically I receive calls in the middle of the night that require my immediate attention, with this docking station my phone would sit upright on my desk/nightstand and I wouldn't have to fumble around to find it.
Would be a GREAT help to me. Buddy of mine has one and loves it.

Charging the phone without having to plug the usb cable is great, my 9700 wouldn't be in my way anymore, once in the pod, and it would show me the time as well !

Too bad I saw this today. This would be really good for my Torch since I had problems while charging. For some reason the usb port doesn't connects very good with the cable and it comes lose and it stops charging.

Very bad thing when I'm on a rush!!!

Charging my phone at the office is a pain in the a**! A charging pod would allow me to work yet if a call comes in i can see it without having to pick up my phone! Hook me up Crackberry!!!

I would like to win a charging dock because I am now on oh lets say my 6-7 charging cable. I don't abuse them in my opinion but the micro USB plugs tend to wear out on me. Thanks Crackberry

Why should you pick me? Because my current charger has a short in the cord and doesn't always charge, and because I would absolutely adore having one.

"Sean! Where did you get that sexy little clock that's on your desk? It's the perfect size and looks so professional!"

"Well Steve, it's not JUST a clock! It's actually my BB 9550 sitting on my new BB charging pod! Not only does it make sure that my battery never dies when I need it most, but it also serves as a handy little clock so I always know what time it is! Are you jealous yet?"


Seriously - as a BlackBerry junkie - do our charging woes REALLY need to be explained!

Pounding away on the BB 24-7 trying get a USB cord stuck in every chance you get because the battery is constantly blinking at you with apocalyptic urgency!

Whooooops - incoming message - grab the BB on the run........WHOA! Dam USB cord is still attached! Hope I did not screw anything up? :/

You all KNOW the drill & know EXACTLY what I am talking about!

Save me from myself with this dock! :)


When I travel, my trusty 9700 is my main alarm clock. I cannot rely on wake-up calls or even the alarm clocks that are provided in hotel rooms. By having this charger pod, I can finally see the time AND have my BB wake me up with its alarm! Would be great!

Having a charging pod for my 9700 would make it snappier to rechrge, allows easy view while at me desk. To see clock and visually see screen changes when phone rings. But it just looks soo sleek and cool like a work of art.

I hate it when I have to find my usb charger to charge my blackberry 9700, its just a hassle to close the program in my computer before pulling it out when I'm in a rush all the time.

a charging stand for my torch would be off the hook, i love how it would become my alarm too so cool to show off to friends and convert non blackberry people! Please let me be a soldier for blackberry haha

Pod is made to make life easier. With Pod, i wont be checking time on my pc, charging my BlackBerry without plugging cable in and out, the best thought is that i will be able to see who's calling me without holding it, Pod and btooth headset are best together! :D I really hope it will ship to my address, though.

Having a charger pod is like you having a nice bed to sleep... Leaving your blackberry without pod is like you sleeping on the floor...

And yes all my blackberries (well only 3 though) have their pods... except my newest Torch... Can Crackberry give me one pls?

Imagine this replacing my alarm clock, the alarm clock I have had since I was in high school and refuses to die! It may be coming up on 20 years, but it still works and as such I will not replace even thought it looks awful. Those red numbers just stare at you and remind you at night, that I will wake you soon. How nice it would be to replace with my happy Storm 2 nicely reminding me what time it is. How easy it would be to wake up to that.

I would find this charging pod so helpful. I am a student and professional dancer at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company. It is hugely stressful and time consuming. I would love one thing less to have to do everyday. If I could just put my White 9800 on a charging dock before I go into class that would be such a weight lifting thing. Also, I live in dorms here and there is not a spot to plug in my phone close to my bed. If I had this charging pod I could charge it right beside me all night incase I get an urgent call or something from my family back home in vancouver.
All in all, this charging pod would be such a help to me.
Thank you soo much.

I really would like to have a charger for my torch. I would be able to give back the one I borrowed from my moms Kindle.

I'd like to win this for my BB, the plug that goes in my BB makes the slot a little weak. The pod would be perfect to just drop my phone in there and not bother plugging stuff in.

It's like without this would be like only pulling up one leg of my pants! I only have one charger that I take everywhere and this one would be great to plug my VZW BB Bold into at night! And be able to view it at night since I use my BB as my alarm clock!
Please help me pull up my other pant leg!!! LOL

would love to see if the new torch charging pod is as useful as my old ones have been for previous blackberries :)

I work 12 hour days and use my blackberry 9650 as my alarm and my clock; having a charging pod would be wonderful, cause I would be able to look up and see the time on my nightstand...plus the charging pod is veerrry stylish :) !!!!! Loves it and love my blackberry!!!

Blackberry is stunning so display in a charger that displays its classy look what better way to be wake up seeing my blackberry 9700. in such an elegant device.Please i would love one.