Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Nov 2010 12:38 pm EST

Contest: Charge your device in style with a BlackBerry Charging Pod. Leave a comment to win!

BlackBerry Charing Pod

By far one of my all time favorite accessories, and what I would state is a "must have" for any device, is the BlackBerry Charging Pod. This cute little guy serves as a resting place for your device on your desk, nightstand or wherever you need to put it down. It not only holds your BlackBerry, but it charges it for you as well. No more fumbling with the USB charging cable that came with your device. Plug in the BlackBerry Charging Pod to your standard charger, drop in your device and you're done. Use Bedside Mode on your nightstand to view your clock and disable alerts at night, or simply have your device ready for access on your desk during the day. This accessory is one that can't be beat. Availabe for all devices at ShopCrackBerry.com

CONTEST: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us about your charging woes, and how a charging pod would make life easier. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Getting The Most Out Of Your Charging Pod

The charging pod is great for what it is meant to do, charge. You can maximize it by learning to use Bedside Mode to its full potential, and paired with the Charging Pod you have a great combination. You can use the accessory not only to charge your device at night, but as an alarm clock or resting place on your desk for your BlackBerry. We posted a video on Bedside Mode and if you didn't check it out its definitely worth watching.

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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device!



I would love this for my Tour! I switched back to BB after a bad experiment w/Android, and this would make a great addition.

Tripping over my Storm 9550s charging cable when i get out of bed in the morning, sending my phone flying... not fun

I rock my bb and know I look cool. Charging it at night on this dock would even make me cool in my sleep....I want one!! Pretty please, with cool sugar on top??!!

Wow i would love a charging pod for my new 9800 Torch. That would be so awsome as i use it for my alarm clock as well.

had one for my 8320...best charger ever......my wife needs one for her 8900 when I get my new 9780 in a couple of weeks--pick me please :)

My woes about charging is simple I have cats and they like cords and I'm sorry but quite frankly i have no Idea what a charging pod does or looks like cause I don't think I will ever get one unless by some chance I win on here then ill b able 2 give some solid facts on y I have woes about charging or how a charging pod will help cause I just don't know how it would help me out thx guys

I've been searching everywhere for the dock were I am ( Saudi Arabia) for my new Torch but with no luck. It would really be a dream come true to get one finally.

would love to win this. i never won anything before. this will minimize my damage to my usb port and i like to use this for a alarm in the morning with bedside mode

Because I plug in my phone downstairs using a wall charger, but don't/can't turn off the phone at night. So when it rings and my wife is in bed sleeping, I can't answer it quickly enough... Having a bedside charger would be awesome!

I would love a a new charging pod for my Style. I had one for my Bold and it is the greatest accessory for any phone. Wish they had released one for the Style when t was released because having one for my Bold at work was just the best way to keep my eye on my incoming messages. This the external screen on the 9670, the pod would make it even better than any other BlackBerry.

I would like to have one due to the factor that it would look nice at my bedside when i put my 9550 on bedside mode and use it for an alarm clock to wake up for work. Also it would be great so that I don't have to replace my 9550 charging port again as I have had to replace it twice already from the constant pulling and pushing of the micro usb cord in and out of the charging port. Lastly it would be nice to have so that I don't misplace my charger. I have actually lost my charger 3 times and all three times I went to the store and bought another charger only to find my orriginal charger like two days later. I hope to win this to help me with my charging woes.

BlackBerry Charging Pod is the one of the most usefull Blackberry accessory. It would be greater help for me with high intensity of using BlackBerry, simply just put & charging...

After years of just using a plug-in charger, I finally broke down and bought a charging pod for my office. That was probably the single best purchase I made for my BB. Now I need one for my bedside. Having to fumble in the dark to find the charging port really stinks, but with a charging pod, I just have to drop it in and go! I would love to win a charging pod for my 9700!!

I would absolutely love one. Instead of having my bb sit on the rough window frame not charging during the night, and only being able to charge it when I take a shower, which is never quite enough to recharge my bb completely.

Thumbs up for yet another excellent contest prize!

my micro usb has gone to crap on charging. This would be a awesome fix. Not to mention , a first win on here ever !

I just switched from a 9550 Storm2 to the 9650 Bold and the VZW store didn't have any charging docks in stock. How sweet that I might be able to win one?

I could certainly use this to prevent myself from cracking the screen on my Storm2 due to waking up on top of my phone as it's plugging in the old fashioned way.

My blackberry is my alarm clock, but it doesn't stand up on it's own!!! Some help would be appreciated. That way, I can actually know what time the ambulance driving by my place is waking me up at...

This would really help me out at home! I'm a stay at home mom and my husband is constantly texting me and I search the internet quite frequently, so I'm always charging my phone and having to run to the bedroom to answer text while cleaning in another room! This would really save me!

Bedside Mode sounds great. Without a charging pod it has never seemed all that useful. I usually escape out of the clock when I'm charging because I can never see the face.

So, please enter me in the contest. Thanks a lot!


my phone hangs off my bed at night, so having it be in a charging pod in upright position would be awesome! and it would help out a ton!!

Hopefully there is one available for the Torch 9800. If so, enter me into the contest, and thanks for hosting another great contest.

I won't lie, I already have one for my 8900, but it's on my night stand.

How ever will I charge my device at work unless I win another?

I recently lost my BB and bought a new one and need a new charger - this would be awesome and well put to use.
You guys at CB are #1. :)

Just upgraded from 8330 to 9650. I haven't bought one for my new phone yet, but it's the accessory I miss the most.

I always use my BB (now my 9800, used to be my 8310) as my alarm clock, it's so compact and if I get a message or anything I'd have it right there! I would like to be able to keep it on my night stand, turn over, and see the time big and bright (without my glasses I'm pretty blind). Plus I've never owned one :(


i would love to have one for my storm 9530 as i use my phone for an alarm clock i wouldn't have to pick up my phone to hit snooze any more lol

OK, I exagerated a little in the subject line - but not too much. My 9800 Torch is so awesome (except for some gmail issues) that I often bring it to bed with me, and have come to appreciate the bedside mode, and alarm. The only problem is my fumbling around trying to plug the phone into the USB charging cable irritates - or worse, awakens - my wife... A sleek and fancy dock would solve all my problems!

i'd love to have that so i won't have problems going under my desk at the office just to unplug my stock charger

same goes at my place

and besides, that charging pod at my desk or my bedside table would definitely look good with the 9700 sitting atop it

so puhleeeaasssseeee, lemme have it puhhllleeaassseeeee

A charging dock would make life a bit easier. Less fumbling with the charging cord...just sit the phone on the dock and take it off when its ready to go. I'd like one! :-)

This would be great for work to charge and sync my 9800. I hate looking for the cord all the time.

My Torch can't stand all by itself
My Torch needs an easier plugging system
My Torch is waiting patiently
For me to get some accessories
Instead of spending all my money on apps

Please help this Torch get what it wants
Please give it the charger it always wanted!

Ive never had a good wa to charge m tour on m desk without having to leave it on its side so having the pod would be so much easier.

I love(d) my charging pod for my curve that I purchased for the Crackberry store! Now I need one for my torch. Winning one would be even better!!

my blackberry charging experience has been terrible. Ive had my verizon tour for a good year and its showing signs of depression because it doesnt even last me 12 hours like the old days. The original charger wouldnt charge my phone unless you had the magic touch so after going through techniques that would even impress macgyver with tape, rubberbands, and even wrapping my phone with the wire; i finally decided to buy a new charger. Thanks to crackberry, so far it has lasted me, but i use my phone as an alarm clock so I would love one of these sharp pods. Me and my phone would.

I would like this dock since my charger died a month ago and Ive had to go to my friends house everyday at 12:00 to charge the damn thing!!!,

P.S Iam not cheap lol I just don't have money since I had to spent 6 bills on college books so I cant afford it

I'd love to get one of these for my BBTour! Always wanted one of these.. But I was cheap to buy one :P but now that my Ex stole my charger and I'm stuck using a usb cable to my laptop.. This contest couldn't come at a better time!!

Just got a style and would love love love for you to give me a charging station for a newly minted Style user.

my poor phone stays in my pocket while at work and i'm probably screwing the screen, I need one for my desk please please pleaaasee!

It would be great to be able to stand my beautiful 9650 up at night with the sweet Bedside mode enabled. I'd love to win one from the best folks around, Crackberry.com!

I listen to Pandora or Slacker at work & am plugged in most of the day. This would be very nice to have on my desk. Please let me win this!!!

I tried to win this the first time last year and it made me sad that I didn't. Being a tech savvy person, I like anything that doubles as something else. My phone replacing my alarm clock just sounds totally advent guard, let alone it's a "double double" because it also plays my favorite songs AND charges my favorite portable device (OS6 RIM Blackberry Bold 9700). *As an added bonus, it takes up less room than my alarm clock, say hello to a second dock for my gf's curve? It's a win-win situation for me AND my phone! =D

I had one of these for my Blackberry Tour, now I have a Bold 9700 and I really miss it. Probably the best accessory I ever purchased for my BB. I would LOVE to win this!


Used to have one for my 9000, and loved the bedside mode...i've upgraded to the 9700 and would love to go back to using one...i miss my charging pod...please it just makes my bb soooo much better...

Blackberry is truly my personal digital assistant (PDA), and with a charging pod, it is still assisting me even without picking it up. Charging pod is a must have blackberry accessory.

I cant see the clock laying on the nightstand in the middle of the night when I wake up and jog to the washroom!

My wife is always moving my charging cord around and I think that having the dock would stop that. She would just think that the cord was permanately attached to the dock. Anyway thanks again for another great opportunity to win yet another great product.

my micro usb plug needs to wiggle and shimmy around til it gets to the right spot to start charging. Annoying. My device is the TOUR

You put your berry near your bed anyway -- this way it is always charged and you get a nighttime clock as well!

please, grant me this magnificient piece of art to charge my BB... i always fall sleep with the BB in my bed and always wake up to a sad tired BB!!! thanks in advance...

I might not wake up my wife every night trying to plug in my Torch when I get home. She needs me to win!

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a charging pod for my Storm2 so I could use it as a clock on my nightstand at night. These are awesome! Hope I win one!!!

is what my BB9700 needs to have each night. Plus it will make it look very, very slick on my night stand.

Thank you very much!

I would love to have this...it would solve the 'wires all over the place' or the 'grab my phone to answer a call and pull my coffee cup off my desk when usb cable is still plugged in.' This pod would solve all those and more. Maybe Santa will come early.

I always feel like I'm about to hit my poor BB off the top of the table I'm working on or from my nightable when trying to snooze it in the morning.

A charging pod would help me keep it on sight and safe, besides charging it in a convenient way, since because of the daily use I have to charge it almost daily :)

It's like a bed for my Bold 9650. A place to keep it all warm and comfy now all it needs is a pillow. Show my bold some love and hook it up with it's own pad!

When charging my Torch, it's either into the wall which leaves it on my bed which gets it all dusty or its on my desk charging through the computer where I'm afraid it'll fall. Having a charging pod will actually give me a chance to use bedside mode.

Thanks for all the work that you guys do. Cheers.

I had a Storm before and the micro USB port crapped out on it! Now I have my Tour and like the fact that the charging pod doesnt use the USB port but the connectors on the back. Would definitely like a charging pod to avoid problem I had with my Storm!

Would so love a charging pod just to ensure that I won't accidentally break my USB port, which happens to people at my work over and over.....

this would be sick for my torch 9800, i can never find a charger this would double as a clock and solve my charger dilemma. Thanks!

I am crossing my fingers that I get the charging pod. I have refused to get a bedside clock awaiting for a charging pod and use my blackberry on bedside mode. Please keep me in mind.

This would be my new best friend on business trips. To have this set up on the nightstand instead of relying on the most unreliable hotel alarm clocks would be the best. Trust my berry alarm so much more than the hotels.

am using my 3rd blackberry charger and why i keep breaking the wires, beats me. a charging pod will change my outlook on chargers for BB.

I work in a portrait studio and a lot of times the signal fades in and out, requiring me to keep my Blackberry plugged in. Unfortunetly, unless propped up correctly it can be hard for it to find signal (dont know why, just how it is) and that usb tends to make it fall over. Having a pod would not only help signal and charging but also be an easier way to keep coworkers from "accidentally" putting something ontop of it (my old Blackberry has scratches thanks to things like this)

Would love to win! I'm always at my girlfriend's place and steal her charger, so I'd like to just get another one and have it displayed vertically.

If I get this i can finally get rid of my alarm clock that I got when I was in 6th grade. This would be the perfect upgrade! And the excuse "my alarm clock was out of battery" could never be used again ^^

I would love a charging pod for my new Bold 9780. Right now I have the charging cable intertwined with the cable for my alarm clock on my nightstand. It would look so much more organized if the charging pod sat on my nightstand.

Finding the charging cable and not tripping over it is a daily pain, having a cradle would help so much.

Besides, what's a brand new Style without a shiny accessory? Thanks CrackBerry!

i think i do pretty well with keeping my battery charged.... but lord help me if i get stuck in the wrong area at my job...it drains my battery within an hour :( , i think if i had a charging pod it would make life alot easier at work. I could clearly see who was calling and answer right away if need be, ande if not id just leave it there with no worries. It sure would be a lot better than carrying around my corded charger....

I use my 9700 as my alarm clock, and fumbling around in the dark with the USB cable/jack is a pain. One of these docks would be perfect!

i could really use it to see clock better and a little light to see the grandbaby .the cord gets catches in the drawer oh please i need it

I've had one for the whole time I had my 9700. Now that I have my Torch I am really missing my charging pod.

I'd love to win this. Thanks!

It's the perfect accessory because when i use it on the bedside table, i get to wake up every morning and turn my head and look at the thing thats dearest to me..my new Torch 9800.

This would make my Torch double as an alarm clock!
With the classic ringtone, I'll always be able to get to my classes on time.
I would like one PLEASEEE!

I had a charging dock for my Tour and Bold 9650, but now my Torch feels so cold and naked at night with only a meager cord hangin' out of the side.

I can't count how many times I dropped my blackberry in the middle of the night to try to answer the phone or respond to text. This dock would be awesome if I were to win it.

Id love to have one of these! I seem to always lose my regular charger thats plugged into the wall. If i had this charging pod, i can just leave in one spot and that way i can charge my blackberry all the time. Sometimes it im nice enough to let people borrow my wall charger & they end up losing or never return it. Oh well, im just a generous guy that likes to help and give back. This would be a blessing to have, thanks crackberry!

Id love to have one of these! I seem to always lose my regular charger thats plugged into the wall. If i had this charging pod, i can just leave in one spot and that way i can charge my blackberry all the time. Sometimes it im nice enough to let people borrow my wall charger & they end up losing or never return it. Oh well, im just a generous guy that likes to help and give back. This would be a blessing to have, thanks crackberry!

I need this so my cat (called Kat) stop chewing on my wires. The pod would help me be able to hide the wire so she can't get to it.

Thankssss and meow!

I bought one of these chargers for my desk at work and I absolutely love it! Would really like to have one for my bed side table too.

This would be an awesome asset to my blackberry. As it is I have to take my one charger with me everyday. It would be great to have this at home.

My charger that I have now is such a hassle! I work @ a nursing home as a licensed vocational nurse. This would b great to have on my desk so it would be more accessible when I'm doing paperwork. Also I wouldn't have to worry about my device when running into patients rooms during emergencies! Please pick me!

I've got lot's of wires hanging around my beside, using the charging pod will turn my Bold 9000 into a very nice pretty digital alarm clock without the hassle of a lot of wires

I could definitely use one for work. It would be a great resting spot for my phone and a chance to show people how beautiful the BlackBerry is.

I'm a struggling 3rd year pre-med student who has a terribly tough time getting up in the morning. Besides the fact that this thing will keep my bff charged on my desk, by my bed, everywhere, it will also turn my blackberry into an alarm clock(which I could use another of), and will probably be a more efficient wake-up tool, considering I could hear my blackberry from a mile away, yet still not manage to wake up to my obnoxious alarm clock. PLEASE HELP A COLLEGE GIRL OUT!

ps-I just switched from iPhone to BlackBerry, that should be reason enough for me to win! :)

I hate rolling over in my bed to grab my phone from the night stand to look at a call or new message. Hopefully now I can roll over and look at the screen and just hit the end button to shut up the phone. That'll save me an extra 3 seconds of sleep time haha.

This would be so useful, and no just to travel back in time. One thing I'm missing for my Bold 9700 :)

if i got this i an actually leave it on my nightstand instead of having to walk across my bedroom to get the fone at night

The cradle looks like a great way to simply things and allow my BlackBerry to fulfill its mission (to collect and organize information until it's useful and to prompt action at appropriate times) at the time I need it most - the beginning of the morning!

Wow this would be great! Att has me in a cobra clutch and haven't been able to get on yet. Been faithful since the blue one. Hook a crackie up!

my usb cables and desktop chargers keep getting stolen by colleagues! i could do with something that i can stick to my desk to hold my work 'berry!

This would be so helpfull for me! I'm always looking (with my eyes closed and most of the time drunk) for my Torch on my nightstand. I've got this feeling, that my nightstand is just TOO huge for my beloved BB. So this charger thingy would really help me to find my favorit device!

I always charge my BlackBerry device thru the USB, trust me it takes a hell lot of time. The charging pod would be great to have with the bedside mode combo! :)
Charing pod FTW!

I am working for a company which develops mobile applications for multiple platforms. Since there are several people in the company with a Blackberry there is always someone in the need for a charger or USB cable and they always go mysteriously lost... With the charging pod i could finally say it's mine so they can't use it! It would save me quite some time looking for something to charge my BB Torch :)

I'm getting tired of carrying my plug-in-the-wall charger. The wire gets tangled with everything in my bag. This BB dock would look sleek and very professional on my desk at work. Everybody would be jealous!!

Everytime I go to bed, I have to waste considerable amount of time changing the sound profile. Also, the light dimming doesn't work unless on the pod because the phone is facing upwards. Not towards me. This causes rifts between me and my girlfriend because she thinks I'm doing stuff on the phone instead of cuddling up with her.

Having a pod makes it easy as I just drop my Storm 2 in the pod, and boom.. things get taken care of.

Please let me win and avoid the time waste of changing profiles and still not getting the desired effect.

This would be really good for my torch. I have 3 for my Bolds but I dont have one for torch and I really hate triying to find my charger socket!!!

With a charging dock, I won't accidentally place things on top of my Blackberry. It won't be prone to dust as much as putting it flat. And it may prevent me from accidentally kicking it while taking a nap...

Arrrgh! my wife steals my charger every night!! This would be very convenient since I won't have to leave the phone in the middle of the bed so my wife can check what time she wakes up to feed the baby.

With the charging pod would be sweet. It's great as I use my phone a my alarm clock and with simply plugging it in, it's hard to find lying flat on the nightstand with one eye barely open. The pod would make it easy and plus, I'd have a nice clock. Winning one would be great, thanks.