BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win a Leather Pocket Pouch for your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2010 11:31 am EDT

Contest: Want the best mix of style and protection for your device? Leave a comment and you could win a BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch!

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch

Pretty much every BlackBerry user has a case of some sort. Be it a skin case or hard case there is usually a reason behind it. Some choose their case for style, while others need protection. Depending on your job and your needs there is a case that will be fit for you. If you can't decide on what you like or prefer that "naked" look, a better bet may be a BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch. With the pocket pouch your device stays protected when not in use, but is at the ready when you need it. With its solid leather design and no clip, its sturdy yet sleek. The pouch can fit in a purse or pocket with ease and even has a proximity magnet to put your device to sleep when it's not in use. There is a full line of pouches available for all devices so be sure to check them out today!


For your chance to win a leather pocket pouch of choice from, just leave a single comment on this post letting us know which case you'd like we'll pick one random winner who'll get their choice! Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win a Leather Pocket Pouch for your BlackBerry



I'm loving the first one :) I just got a 9700 two weeks ago and I'm terrified, it's only a matter of time before I drop it, hehe.

Would Love a pouch for my Bold 9650. I have dropped it on the first day I bought the phone, right after I walked out the store. Total bummer. Would Love one.

I would pick the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800 if I can keep my blackberry in one piece till this contest is over

The original one appears to be shrinking as it's now really tight to pull the phone out so I could do with a new one ;-)

Would love on for my torch. Need the oem leather holester case as I am always on the go and prefer my phone to be hanging on my belt. I also want to use that magnet feature so I don't dial random people while the phone is in the pocket.

I've had a Bold 9700 for what's getting close to a year now. The whole time I've been using the sleeve from my old 8320 Curve. It's so cracked and beat up now, I'm embarrassed to be seen with it in public. I definitely need a new sleeve made for my 9700. It deserves it... especially once it's sporting OS 6! ;-)

None of the pictured are compatible for the Bold 9650. How about a white BlackBerry Synthetic Pocket Pouch for Bold 9650 for this contest?

I just purchased the new Torch and holster and gave my wife my "previoulsy loved" Bold 9000 to replace her old Curve 8310. Only thing she does not like is the holster with clip.

A new Bold 9000 pouch would be perfect for her.

me needz this for my torch. i hate cases and this would be perfect bc its not a case that has to be on the phone all the time!! pick me!!!

A pocket leather pouch for my 9700 would be good, the 12month old one I have is getting a bit weathered....

My 8900 Curve came with something like these. When I first opened the box and found it had a pocket slipcase instead of a belt case, I was disappointed, but I decided to use it for a bit and after a few days I was sold: I absolutely loved it.
When I moved up to my 9700 Bold this year, I cracked opened the box hoping to find a slip case, but was instead disappointed with a belt case. Oh, the irony!

Anyway, every day since the switch I miss my pocket case. I'd love to win one, but even if I don't, I'll buy one ASAP.


The clip to my Storm2 2-piece shell broke and basically I slide it together and shove it in my pocket. This would be a nice replacement.

I had the pocket pouch for my Storm 9530, it was AWESOME! SAVED me from pocket dialing & also saved battery life as well which is VERY IMPORTANT!! It was also GREAT for keeping the phone from getting scratched up when in your pocket by keys, rings, coins, etc. I'm NOW in search for one for my Bold 9650, "BB Leather Pocket Pouch, Por Favor?"

i have the pocket pouch for my curve, and now i have a storm that feel jealous! I want a pouch for my Storm! thanks!

I have always used the rubber skin cases on my phones. I don't think i've ever used the free one that comes with the phones. I wouldn't mind have one that clips to your waist.

and needs protection! Ever since her original accessory took off for (presumably) greener pastures I've done my best to prevent the inevitable scratches using everything from wash rags to socks. That's no life for a reliable trusted friend. She deserves better. I can think of no greater thank you for her unyielding service than to protect her with an elegant Blackberry Leather Pocket Pouch!

would really love to have one for my torch, currently using it naked cause where i live, its very hard to get the oem stuffs for bb. especially the new ones.

Just dropped my Bold 9650 the other day, and started looking at pouches afterward. This would be great.

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Bold 9700 in White (Oyster) perty pls :) i got some jacked up holster thing when I bought mine :/

I m a new BB user and now wonder what I was thinking all these years before finally upgrading. I am in love with my BlackBerry Curve 3580 and think the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for $22.95 would be a perfect companion.

PS CrackBerry Rocks :)

Pick me to win this would look so great around my 9000 I would totally be forever grateful to crackberry hook it up!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!

I've been using the case from my former BB and it works well, including putting the phone to sleep when in the case. I would certainly like to have a pocketable leather case for my Torch since my pocket is the preferred landing zone for the device.

I have always used a holster for my 9700 but have found several times I wanted a nice slim case. A BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch (Red) for Bold 9700 would be ideal.

The pocket has almost become one of the features of a Blackberry phone. Pity there no longer free with the device.

Hey I'd'love to be thé winner of a pocket leather pouch for my 8520!!
That would be great! Hope I win hop I win ;-)

My current case is falling apart. So winning a new one would be much better than buying one! Thanks, CB!

I've bought four leather holsters now and they disappear. My Bold 9000 is now unprotected and I cherish it down to the very last spark from the battery. Would surely appreciate a new case for my Bold 9000.

using the leather pouch i got with my bold 9000 right now. would love one that would fit for the torch 9800 and had the magnetic contacts also.

Crackberry you ur the BEST... So many gifts from you ....

THANKS....for giving chance to win this....

would love this for the torch i just bought yesterday.
these cases are too expensive in canada.

i just recently lost my case for my bold and was about to purchase another one, hope i win this so i would be able to save money p.s. crackberry rocks

is just what my needs are. the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch is classic and elegant, and it makes your phone really look a professional tool.

Already an owner of the 9800 swivel pouch and loving it. Would love to add the pocket pouch to the arsenal. Sign me up!

I love my BB Pearl 3G 9100, unfortunately there are not to many case options for it. I will love a classic BlackBerry Pocket Pouch for it!!!!!

i own a BB 9700 and this would be the best pouch for my BB!
looks and feels like a very top quality product!

Hope to get one!

I need a Leather Pocket Pouch for my bold, to keep it sexy and prevent anything from hurting my baby, and since the holster RIM provided in the box, is as huge as a watermelon, its no way gonna fit any of the "pocket" a human manufactured jeans could possibly have...
Me wish i can have any one that will recommend for my bold 9700, AKA my Baby :D

Thanxx :D