BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Music Edition: Win a BlackBerry Music Gateway

By Adam Zeis on 20 Apr 2010 11:53 am EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: BlackBerry Music Gateway

BlackBerry Music Gateway

BlackBerry users don't immediately think "music" when firing up their device, but lets face it, most of us want it all in one place so we don't have to carry extra devices. Playing music on your BlackBerry may be annoying at first, but once you get it squared away you can rock out anytime you want with the help of some great accessories. The coolest (and one of my long time favorites) is the BlackBerry Music Gateway. This nifty little accessory lets you stream your music via Bluetooh to external speakers so you can jam almost anywhere. I use it in my house connected to an external speaker, and can carry around my device in my pocket without worrying about having to go to a specific spot in the house to change the track or volume. I've even managed to get it working in my car so I can bring my music on the go.

The BlackBerry Music Gateway just needs a charge from your Mini USB charger. Unfortunately it isn't included with the device, but if you have an older model BlackBerry you should have one laying around. You can always grab one from our store that will get the job done as well. 

If you're at all a music listener, you should really explore just what you can do with a BlackBerry to stream your music. If you want to load it up with MP3's just grab an SD card, load it up and you're good to go. If you want to save on space, you can stream right from Pandora or Slacker and tweak each to your liking. No longer do you need to haul around an MP3 player along with your BlackBerry to have your music on the go. 

CONTEST: Win a BlackBerry Music Gateway

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Music Gateway, just leave a single comment on this post and we'll pick one random winner. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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Whether on the go or just hanging at home, there are a number of great ways to listen to music from your BlackBerry. You can blast it through external speakers with the BlackBerry Music Gateway, rock out through a set of wired earbuds, or jog to the beat with a wireless Bluetooth headset. Check out these other great items:

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Music Edition: Win a BlackBerry Music Gateway



Awesome giveaway!

Please put me down. Would like to streamline my hardware. With a 16gb Mem card and 4gbs in music so far, it's almost my iPod. This would just take it over the top :)

I just think that is awesome, so need that concidering that I'm always jaming out to music in my house, and two I just would like to leave my curve stationary. I'm always brutal to my headphones.

This would be perfect for travelling, conferences, home, work, everywhere! Please send one to .............

I use my BlackBerry as my main digital music player, and the prospect of having this bluetooth device available to beam my music anywhere is enticing.

I was just looking at these this morning after someone mentioned in the forums how well it worked.

The sale price of $50 is tempting, but FREE is always best, so now I'll wait and see if I am random.

I have one of these installed in my car, It is really nice to be able to stream some pandora, or or MP3 collection through the car radio. I am looking to get a second for the house.

I've been looking for just such a device. I'm tired of constantly connecting and unplugging my phone from my car just for some quality music thats not from the radio. I remember seeing this device on the blackberry home page but couldnt find any information on it. The bb music gateway would be freakin amazing since I've Always got my media playing. I usually keep it paused to prevent killing certain songs by over playing them. Thanks for the sweet offer guys.

This would be great to win! I use my BB to listen to some podcasts and Pandora - this would make it much more user-friendly! I sure hope I win!

This will allow you to hear Kevin, Craig, Bla1ze, and Adam in full (if your receiver will simulate it from a stereo signal) 7.1. However, additional channels and better frequency response don't improve their sobriety at all.

Trust me all, this little device rocks!!!
I have one in the living room and just love it.
Need one for the car and the bedroom stereo to so I don't have to plug the damn wireless phone in :)
Please please please?? :)


Yes indeed, this would be a very nice addition to have around. Please add my name to this ever growing list! Thank You

I would love to have one as I need it for a car hookup. Would be a great addition to my Carpc infrastructure.

As a music freak this would be awesome for me so I can stream my music to my home system, yay! party all night! woot!!!

As a blackberry user and admittedly sometimes an abuser, I think this would add to my abuse which I so desperately wouldn't mind winning.

This should bring out quite a few comments, sweet product... awesome price tag... if i win i promise to change all water fountains to cola of your choice fountains.

Right now, I have my home stereo set up with a headphone-jack-to-RCA-audio cable to be able to listen to music from my BB. It works, but this gateway would be a much more elegant solution, and I wouldn't have to keep walking back to the receiver to change songs or playlists.

I was playing with this the other day and it's AMAZING! Sound quality and bluetooth range are superb!

I love the idea of not always having to plug my device into my stereo to listen to music. I could totally use one of these! I could control the sound to my parties right from my hip, how neat is that!!??

... blackberry as an MP3 Player all the time. Would be nice to expand the capability. Thanks.

Seems to be a very useful device. I pay too much child support to afford to buy one of these. Would be extremely grateful if I were to win one though....

Just got one about a month ago for my offie and its great!! Even streams the audio from the MLB Gamecast app. I would love one for my car!

I listen to radio stations from LA and NY through my BlackBerry and MP3's as well, in my car!! This would be awesome so I wouldn't have to hang a cord from my stereo at home when I listen. Who needs an iPod when you have a BlackBerry?

it would be the sweetest thing to win this.

i've been tempted to buy it and through a convoluted method incorporate it into my car.

i have no idea if it will work, but i want to try!

I really enjoy using my Storm to play music. I have wireless bluetooth headphones that I use while walking. When my husband and I are traveling, we take turns choosing an artist to build a station around on Pandora. It makes the time go by so much faster! We connect to the MP3 outlet in the car with an audio cable. My son loves using Pandora with his Pearl but is unable to do so in his car, as there is no MP3 connection. He keeps asking me how he could listen to Pandora in the car through the car speakers. I will have to tell him about the Gateway. Thanks for the info.

I'd love to win this, and then I will know how big it is. I'm guessing pretty small if everything in that photo is to scale

This sounds perfect! I would love to have this, hopefully I win this. It really looks like a great accessory and through out these hard times, getting this for free would be beyond great.

As a college student, music has quickly become life. The gateway would be great to have to use in my room, or while I'm teaching in the summer.

I have an iPod Classic but would really enjoy using a BlackBerry Music Gateway for an all-in-one experience. Sounds interesting.

When I bought my berry...and then they told me because I only upgraded and wasn't a "new" customer it didn't apply. I always wanted one since. Please pick me! :)

Oh, I'd love having something like this. My favorite thing about my Berry is that it does everything -- phone, email, Kindle, radio/mp3 music, internet, etc. I've never owned an iPod because all the music I want to have with me is on my Berry!