BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Music Edition: Win a BlackBerry Music Gateway

By Adam Zeis on 20 Apr 2010 11:53 am EDT

This Week's BlackBerry Accessory Feature: BlackBerry Music Gateway

BlackBerry Music Gateway

BlackBerry users don't immediately think "music" when firing up their device, but lets face it, most of us want it all in one place so we don't have to carry extra devices. Playing music on your BlackBerry may be annoying at first, but once you get it squared away you can rock out anytime you want with the help of some great accessories. The coolest (and one of my long time favorites) is the BlackBerry Music Gateway. This nifty little accessory lets you stream your music via Bluetooh to external speakers so you can jam almost anywhere. I use it in my house connected to an external speaker, and can carry around my device in my pocket without worrying about having to go to a specific spot in the house to change the track or volume. I've even managed to get it working in my car so I can bring my music on the go.

The BlackBerry Music Gateway just needs a charge from your Mini USB charger. Unfortunately it isn't included with the device, but if you have an older model BlackBerry you should have one laying around. You can always grab one from our store that will get the job done as well. 

If you're at all a music listener, you should really explore just what you can do with a BlackBerry to stream your music. If you want to load it up with MP3's just grab an SD card, load it up and you're good to go. If you want to save on space, you can stream right from Pandora or Slacker and tweak each to your liking. No longer do you need to haul around an MP3 player along with your BlackBerry to have your music on the go. 

CONTEST: Win a BlackBerry Music Gateway

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Music Gateway, just leave a single comment on this post and we'll pick one random winner. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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Whether on the go or just hanging at home, there are a number of great ways to listen to music from your BlackBerry. You can blast it through external speakers with the BlackBerry Music Gateway, rock out through a set of wired earbuds, or jog to the beat with a wireless Bluetooth headset. Check out these other great items:

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup Music Edition: Win a BlackBerry Music Gateway



I love the idea of not always having to plug my device into my stereo to listen to music. I could totally use one of these! I could control the sound to my parties right from my hip, how neat is that!!??

I actually *do* think music when I fire up my BB! It's the official music player for our house, for the car, for the gym... I think it does a great job! :)

I actually *do* think music when I fire up my BB! It's the official music player for our house, for the car, for the gym... I think it does a great job, and the Gateway would be a great addition! :)

That is so much better than walking around my house with headphones on and plus I could keep my phone on a charger so it isn't too drained when I leave!

Very nice...was looking at these recently. Often find I turn the volume up on my Blackberry and listen music from it in the kitchen etc, but this into some speakers would be much better (and maybe more battery friendly)

I would love to own this product but can't afford it. I love music n I have over 3000+ songs that I would love to play n my car or anywhere I chose too. Please pick me it would be greatly appreciated!

I for sure would love to give this a try, as I have loads of wires in my room and would love to play music without having to go through the hassle of plugging my device into the speakers.
Sweet deal, sign me up please!
Now I need to go sacrifice 1000 goats, so that the Gods may answer my prayer, not to bless me with tons of virgins but with this BB accessory!

Very nice,I was looking at this recently. I would love to own this product but can't afford it. This is so much better than walking around my house with headphones on.

My wife needs this! She has been bugging me about some sort of ipod setup for her office at work. This will save space. She just got a new job after staying home with our son for his first 13 months. She deserves this!! Pick us!

This would be really helpful! I prefer playing my music through my BB now, and this would give me better sound. :)

this would be great for my BT enabled stereo in my car, as well as the BT headphones I have at home.

and i need a cool way to stream music to my tiny "patio"! I've dumped my ipod nano and use my Storm 2 only.

i would love this! please consider me i am a student and this hook up would be ideal for my lifestyle! thanks CB

this would be perfect for our house parties, we have a bad reputation of people stealing ipods and laptops that play music for the party. If i could have the music control in my pocket we could eliminate having any electronics that could be stolen

I so want to install the music gateway in my Jeep. Just get in the car and start playing music wirelessly through my BB.

This would be awesome to connect to my av receiver, easiest way to connect my almighty BB to my other toys!

I bought my F150 a year prior to Ford installing Sync, I've been bitter ever since. This would go a long way towards helping that!

I've consolidated everything to my 8530 and could definitely use this! Planning on purchasing one but think I'll wait till monday!

A friend has one of these. Man I would love to get one. With a 16GB memory card, and Slacker account, music is the dominant app on my BB.

My wife has one and uses it with an external battery and headphones so that she can easily access her blackberry while on the treadmill while streaming bluetooth to her headphones.

great concept! :) being as my cell goes everywhere w/ me & i dont usually bring my ipod a change in music rather it be in the car or home would be GREAT!! :D

Since I dont have this, i have to resource to connecting the cable directly to my receiver. ohhhhh how much this will help. Pick me???

This would be Handy! Even better would also be a Itunes Remote Like App for the BB. Not to control Itunes, but even media player or something.

I gave mine to my nephew cause he asked for one and that just the person that I am. I really miss it and I can't ask for it back because he is like a son to me.

So, I would really appreciate a new one.

Blackberry Music Gateway me!

I wonder if this can be powered by a car adapter... would be great if it could.

Why not give this a shot? Any way to have another Blackberry product in our house the better. I'm alright with utilizing my girlfriend and I's Blackberries to their fullest. =)

Have a wonderful week everyone and thank you once again for this generous contest.

I got rid of my ipod and now I'm looking for a way to incorperate my 9630 into my primary music device. I use slacker but its not always what I want. I think this would be the big push I need to do that! I would really like that