BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 03:49 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data with us everywhere. Most BlackBerry devices do come with an SD card, but its usually 2GB or less - and for most of us thats just is not enough. The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card will take care of that problem.

The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card is a great solution for your media needs. On average it can store around 4,000 of your favorite songs, or 10,000-14,000 pictures. This is 8 times the capacity of the standard SD card that is included in most BlackBerry devices. The more storage you have the better. Using a memory card will keep all of your media files off of the device memory, allowing your device more free space for applications, and helping it to run better. Some users can get by with a small 2GB card, but if you want to maximize your storage, you really can't go wrong with 16GB (or even 8GB most times). 

Overall a 16GB sd card is a must for most BlackBerry users. The high capacity will meet even the most hardcore users needs. Personally I have been using the SanDisk 16GB card for almost 8 months, and it has met all of my media needs. SDHC cards are compatible with most late model BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry Store for $59.95, a fair price for the amount of storage you get, and length of time this card will last.

CONTEST: Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

For your chance to win a free SanDisk 16GB Card, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the SanDisk Card would help your storage needs on your device. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



I'm currently in need of a music player. Pandora is great, but sometimes I miss my own music. 16gb of storage would be great for most of my music. I would love this card.

I could use a 16 gig because I have to switch between my 8 and 2 gig a lot for work and one for workouts(music and such entertainment)

The 16GB card is a "gotta have" if you take pictures/video and use your phone like an I-Pod for songs!

This card with help me with anything from pictures of my kids to the fabulous pictures of the Canadian landscape. So many pictures so little space.

Play Music, School Work, Career Work, Personal Work... my life revolves around my Blackberry when it goes to work. the 16gb SD Card would definitely be a plus for me to utilize my blackberry tour even further!!!!!!!!!

Hi Crackberry - this would be great - I really could use a 16gig card for my Blackberry - thanks - great contest

I would love to have the 16g card because my 8g is full, and my boyfriends 4g is full. SO then I can give him my 8g and fill up my new 16g! ;)

I would be able to load my BB with movies! (I always use the excellent format factory to convert)

In addition to music galore, I also use my Micro SD as a flash drive. You can never have enough.

omgg, this would help out a ton!! i have most of my music on my blackberry, and half of it doesnt fit, 16gb would be perfect!

I have 3 1g cards that I will occasionally swap, remove pictures from & reuse. It's ridiculous, really. I have a shiny new-ish blackberry....and a 1g card. I know it's time to upgrade, but 16g is more than I was going to go for...awesome contest!

As a semi-professional photographer, this 16GB microSD card would enable me to carry around an extensive html-based copy of my portfolio so I'll always have SOMETHING with me to show potential clients. It would also allow me to keep backups of critical original camera RAW files with me.


Love the contest. Would love to win a 16gb card for my Curve. Could store a ton of pics, music and movies on that.

My work sends me many large pdf files that take up room, I have lots of music which is also eating up room and I dont own a camera and love the one on my BB so I take lots of pictures on it which also fills it up. This card would help to resolve all these issues!!!!

I take lots of pictures and put music on my phone to listen to at work. I added space would be awesome for more!

I was just looking at these! Ever since I got my BB, my cameras have been gathering dust. I use it for all our impromptu family videos. Unfortunately, you can't get very much video at a time with the stock card.

I have upgraded my microSD card to an 8GB already, and still don't have the room to sync all of the music files I would ideally like to (now, there are generally around 800 tunes after sync, but...). The 16 GB would give me plenty of room to breath.


At some point I am going to win at one of your give aways. Maybe I will get a ROI on shopping on CrackBerry!

Who can live with the standard memory. I travel a lot and having 16GB would save me money on airline movie rentals as well could have a great music selection and use in rental cars while driving. Not to forget that I could now take more pictures as well as video while travelling and not be worried about storage. I use SanDisk for all my digital cameras due to speed and reliability and would love one for my Bold 9000.

Yes I need a memory card not for me but for my best friend he is got terminal cancer a few months back some friends and I bought the BB storm for him and we split the bill but that damn phone needs a memmory card please let me win this memory card and I will give it to my friend as crackberry gift .thanks guys

Thanks for the contest, upgrading to a 16GB card would obviously allow for more movies, podcast, music, etc. while traveling.

i use my blackberry for everything! mp3 player, camera, even carry around a microsd card reader to use the microsd card as a flash drive sometimes! 16gb would be awesome!

Right now, I only have an 8GB card in my phone. I am always fighting for more space. I could use the 16GB to carry more work files and presentations with me.

My phone could always use the extra memory. Photos, videos, music, messages and all. Please shoot one my way!

Great contest, I've needed one of these for quite some time, I just haven't had the $$$ to blow >.> PICK ME :p

My 8GB card is nearly full in my Curve 8900. I could definitely use a 16GB card to store more music and photos.

I am a police officer and work for a state government so we do not get the latest and greatest tools to fight crime. With a 16gb card it would make fighting crime easier. I could use it to take more pictures and videos of bad guys. I could use it to download more articles dealing with how to fight the bad guys. I wouldn't have to to worry about what email attachments to open or not to open since it wouldn't matter with a 16gb card. It is up to me fight crime will ya!

I could really use a microSD card of that size for video and picture storage of the kids doing crazy stuff! Everyday its something funny!

Music. I have A LOT of music on my phone. Why?
Because I love music and always have my phone with me playing music
when listining to music It helps me
And my BB really needs this!!
Would be nice to win sometime :)

The 16gb would be so much better than my 2gb. I am constantly having to change music/pictures/videos i store on it. Can't hold enouhg!

Lately, I've had to carry both my BB for messaging and an iPhone 2G for entertainment due to it's storage space. With a 16GB microSD, I can ditch the iPhone and just have all my music and video on my BB.

Being a broke college student, there is nothing like having an invaluable medium to commemorate all of the activities from what are truly the best years of my life. Having a card with that much memory would be incredible.

That being said, to be able to have all my pictures and songs immortalized into one handy card would be more than marvelous.

Not to mention, having my ipod stolen is something that I considered a VERY tough loss. Given that my Blackberry is always at my side, there is no chance of my photos/songs/memories going anywhere or being lost if I had the luxury of putting them all in one place :)

This would be a huge help to me to have, I would love to be able to give my wife my 8g card for her curve and have a 16g for myself,,,, I have 1500 songs and about 1000 pictures for my side job, and I am just running out of room!!

I use my blackberry as my main media source now. My iPod touch and PS3 have both broken, my PS3 right after the warranty expired. So all I'm using for everything is my 9700, I have a couple movies numerous pictures I wouldn't want to lose and 90 or so songs and all I have is a 2 gig card. I will be working to get my other things back but paying for classes and saving is gonna take a while. This 16 gig card would allow me to do so much more with my 9700 so that's why you should pick me.

My bb bold is my constant companion. I always use it for music, movies, podcasts and even ebooks. My storage could really use a boost. So please, give me the thingy. Thank you.

OK i'm in but only if it's a class 6 not a class 2, I already have a 16Gb class 2. If I win and it's a class 2 I'm giving it away to the person who can post the funniest clean joke.

I would love to win this card because my Third Generation video iPod's hardrive recently crashed and my 9700 would make and impressive replacement with the proper storage capacity. I was thinking of purchasing an iPod touch and realized my BB can surf the net and play music just as well.

I'm a work at home mom, so the more organized I am, the better. And organized for me means having stuff for my job, plus stuff for my BEST job (my kids!) all in one easy to access place. (Which we ALL know is the Blackberry!!!) I would use the card to keep my documents and info for my work, as well as keep all the stuff handy for my kids - our personal info, my pictures, and the music that we dance and sing to all day long! =)

If I want to show someone a demo of my work on the spot (without making them do anything) I can whip out my trusty BB.

I could definitely use an upgraded memory card!...I store alot of kids shows, movies, music on my BB (along with all my personal stuff), and I have been deleting and adding content for each occasion. Most recent event was taking the 2 yr old on his 1st plane ride!...we have a DVD player for him, but while waiting to board the plane and doing all the other waiting stuff where it's usually not time allowing to pull out the portable dvd player...playing such media on the BB works like a charm!...puts the kid at ease!...its small and super easy to put away when done! I also use my BB as my music player...which connects to my vehicle each time I get in. Having more space would be awesome!! More space...more media...more freedome...more coolness!!!

Currently both my device memory and my 8GB memory card are full.
I use my BlackBerry primarily for work. Lots of emails, lots of pictures.
I do backups of all of the files on my device, but using it while it's full is a lengthy process. I could really use a bigger memory card.

I listen to a lot of music, and I wish I could carry all of it on my blackberry storm when traveling. The SanDisk Card would help me with music storage in a HUGE way.

I'm in college and can't afford anything. I'm constantly deleting pictures and videos off my phone just to have room for powerpoint slides for notes, and word documents for reports. It gets frustrating. Could really use a SD card to help store more of my notes.

This card would make me get rid of my iPod and enable me to use my lovely 9700 for music too :)

If I win this disk, I will be able to sync my Windows Media Player songs with my Blackberry without any manual intervention.

Class 2 cards are just too slow, and SanDisk is not keeping pace with the times. Ohter manufacturers are cleaning their clock with class 6 and even class 10 cards.

If I win this card I'll use it for extra storage on my PC, it's too slow to use in a phone!

I only have a 2GB & the provided 1GB memory card. With this 16GB i will be able to leave behind my music player and start using even more by adding some movies from the forums to my BB to watch on the road, plane or just whenever I feel like it. Because I will have 16GB worth of space to add all the music, movies and pictures I want!!!!

Havin' this card would help me with my daily things such as taking pictures for business and pleasure, and not to mention, I use my phone as my music player so it would most definitely help. I thought 8gb was enough!

I could def use this my 4gb card is full of music with lil room for my school docs. helpa brotha out.

I've been looking to get a new microSD card for a while now. I store a lot of things on my blackberry.

I take a lot of pictures for work along with email attachments and music to listen to when I'm working or driving around. A new 16GB card would really help me in all these areas, along with others.

Working with Federal agencies, my BlackBerry is my office even when I am in my office. My BlackBerry operates on BIS as well.

I not only absolutely abuse my BOLD, I get a hundreds of documents, PDF files and spreadsheets and often wonder if I should delete them or continue to maintain them on my BB.

All too often someone e-mails me a few weeks later asking for those files again.

Thus, I am ALWAYS second guessing when to save the files on my SD card and when to delete them because both native storage as well as media storage is always an issue.

My wife also sends me a ton of images for me to post on our various social sites, business sites and newsletters to promote her business.

Ease of mind... a 16Gb Media Card would without a doubt provide some ease of mind and and I would be able to simply save the files without even thinking about any more.

I NEED this!


Is it possible to get too much memory? Heck no! It seems between the grandkids & other family pictures,and work documents the memory is gone in no time. I want more!!!

I would LOVE to win this! I store so much music on my BB, that I can't download anything else on it. Getting this 16GB memory card would be so nice rather than paying around $50 bucks for it.


I would love to win this SD card. I don't have a separate mp3 player so I use my Tour. I have a 4 gig card and it simply isn't large enough for my music, so I end up spending my time devising playlists a few hundred songs long. This is quite time consuming so I don't update my Tour very often and lately I've simply stopped using it because it is too much effort to keep my music current. If I had a 16 gig card I could put my entire music collection on my phone and have it anywhere I go.

Im a huge documentary fan. I have a two hour bus ride each way when Im not working from home and on those days I love a good doc. This would be killer and let me house a lot of them plus my tunes! Its a gotta have!
thanks much for the opportunity!

The 16gb card would help me because my current card is full and I have so much more music I want to put on my Berry. Since I bought my first Berry, I got rid of my Ipod and now use my Berry as an all in one device. The 16gb card would only enhance it. As always, thanks for the opportunity to win a useful prize in one of your contests!!!

My kids love to watch movies on my Tour. 16GB would to room for tons of Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry.

i submitted to this crock of crap competition and my post isnt on here. if this comp is only for stateside people, then it is full of crap (a big steaming pile of it!) think i'll change for an android so im not tempted to enter any crap competitions for blackberry. oh just in case - i could do with the SanDisk Card for my daughter who loves peppa pig and she keeps having to watch the same episode over and over (it stops her crying) if i had the SanDisk Card i could store many more episodes. cheers

I only have a 2 gig in mine, and I'm about full! I don't even keep a lot of music on it, but I'd like to- especially since I just lost my ipod (boo). I would love to just not even need to carry 2 devices anyway

I love my music! I use the BlackBerry because I'm not a fan of iPods (especially the latest builds. Last good one was the 3rd Gen). And being a poor college student, buying a 16GB card is far into the future. i Also work with PDFs and read read ebooks, so this will DEFINITELY help with that. As for BB OS's, I work with and train BB newbies, so I have info I carry with me, limitedly, on my Berry and my laptop, which is a big dinosaur. so a card this size makes me very portable. Thank you. I hope I win.

I could put all my music and stuff on this awesome 16GB card!
Thanks for the chance to win this!!

I could carry more pictures and music and I'm pretty sure my Berry would run faster with a bigger memory card. Bigger is ALWAYS better

I would love to win this. I currently have 2gig and it's not enough space for all the videos, music and pics I want to keep on my phone. I use my BB like I would my P&S camera most days!

I have an 8gb card now and I'm constantly running out of space. I run podtrapper and listen to a lot of podcasts. I'm a tech for Ricoh/Lanier copiers and am on the road a lot and listen to music and podcasts all day. This would help with my "not enough storage space" message I get from podtrapper all the time.

This is what I'm talkin about

As we use our BB devices for everything storage space is essential, Music, Pics, Docs we need more and more space, did I say Music BB's rock music

I am a 5th year pharmacy student about to go on rotations next year and I will use this SD card for practicing pharmacy. I will store information about drugs and store important information about patients I am taking care of in the hospital.

With this SD card I will help save lives, prevent dangerous drug interactions, and provide the best pharmaceutical care possible.

Gonna be getting a new Bold 9700 as a secondary personal/work phone. After having left for 5 months, I feel my addiction rising. This would be a great addition to what I could do with that phone media wise as it's camera seems to be better than my Droid's. Yes, please

As a band manager 16GB would hold alot of music, and with the 3.2 MP camera on my Bold I eat up space quite rapidly.
This should solve alot of problems for BB users.

I would use this to store movies on my BB because I travel a lot and on the planes this will keep me sane..... So please consider this Crackberry addict!!

I've always liked the ability to use my BB as a USB drive as well as store videos and music but 8GB is too small now. Hope I win the 16GB!

I Have fourth Blackberry in two years. I keep lot of music, PDF's, documents, forms, and when I get new blackberry, I just change my 8 Gb microSD and that's it. Very useful for me. I would like to win 16 Gb micro SD, and I will able to store twice more.... Thanks

Doubling my memory would be a dream come true! I certainly can't afford to upgrade to a 16 GB now, but I would definitely put it to good use if I could win one!

I used the last of my cash to buy this storm2 with my upgrade and I can't afford an iPod touch or anything like that.

I could really use this 16 gb card to make my storm2 an all-in-one device for me.

I would love to win because, I currently have a 8 gig and would like a 16g! I watch a lot of movies on my phone and have a 8g sd card doesn't work for me, I have to keep erasing the movies after I watch them.

I currently have a 8gb and want a 16gb. Everytime I watch a move I have to delete it when I'm done to save space.

I use PhotoAcute to create hi-res pictures from my Pearl 8120, but I need LOTs of space to save multiple copies of each scene. This card will help me do that. Plus music, of course.

I LIVE off of my Blackberry and frequently use it in lieu of a camera or even my laptop. I have special moments commemorated on here. It has even saved me a few times with Docs2Go. I've written papers on my bb on my way to school. This storage card would only open up the possibilities even more!

I store my whole entertainment and important documents on a 4gb memory card. I have to swap items on the memory card on a daily basis as there's not enough space for the tv programs i transfer on there for my daily commute to work so I would be extremely happy if I won this ;)

For me I use my BB for music and videos for me and my 3 year old son having his favorite movies on here fills my card pretty quick. Would love a 16 gig to fit all his movies so I can have a bit of music for myself with all the pics I snap of him

16GB Card is great, but I am still waiting for the release of a 32 GB card, that is what i really want!!!
Hopefully SanDisk will release such a product soon, and maybe CB can raffle one of those off!

Once I loaded all my music, and started taking videos, my 4 Gig card filled up pretty fast. Still have some room, but a 16 would be better.


I'm currently using a 2gb and I'm already draining it with files and music. :( Be nice to get a larger memory card! Thanks!

even though she uses an android :( and I'm hurting for movie space.
By the way, I love that after logging in I was sent back to this page!

I am employed as a paralegal for a small law firm and as such I wear many different hats. I am new to the Blackberry world and have just had mine for a little over a month. I cannot see how I have gotten by all this time without it. I have our firm calendar on my Blackberry and am learning about the different apps that can help me be more organized and efficient. To me my Blackberry is a tool that I cannot function without. The more memory means I can have our staff send me e-mails with documents attached and review them when I am out of the office.

My life has gotten more complicated and 8 Gb just won't capture it. Enter me for the 16 Gb micro SD please!

I love watching music videos so a 16gb could be my solution :)
With my current 2gb memory, I can only store a few, it's not fun at all as I'm a mobile person :p
At last but not least, music music music and pictures :)

If I had this memory card I would be a able to store all my music and movies and not have to use my ipod anymore

I would really appreciate the storage step up from 4GB to 16GB so I can freely cache my slacker radio stations and be able to listen to them while in the subway. My 4GB is already full with documents, videos, pictures, excel reports, and a lot more, and 16gb would be extremely handful in making my blackberry even more productive.

I drive a tractor trailer and could use this to store all the cd's I have on it so all I have to do is hit random/play and let the tunes run instead of trying to look for a different cd while driving down the highways

Non-professionally, I could use more storage for music and movies to keep myself entertained each day during my 1.5hr commute to school and back.

Professionally... I don't have any professional use for 16gb. I'm a broke and unemployed student who still uses a 1st gen ipod nano

i really need this memory car because i use my blackberry for everything like taking photos,videos, specially listening to Music i am a music lover. i also need it because i enjoy watching movies and music videos........

I tend to use the camera in by blackberry for just about everything...taking pictures of my dogs, taking screenshots of diagnostic failures at work for further analysis, etc. I also use the microSD card in my blackberry for short term data storage like a USB key drive, voice recordings, short videos, and as a storage site for MP3s. The standard microSD card tends to be a little small for all this, and the 16Gb card would be a big help. I hope that I win one. Thanks

I would def use the space i use a lot of music and i use the phone as my mp3 player everywhere. when i run, in the car, when im walking i mean i can load tons and tons of music and pictures without needing to save space 16gb help me a lot

This would be great way to store pictures of my baby girl and videos. add some music in there too so i dont have to listen to my boss and co worker fight all day long. stock card gets filled up quick with photos and most of our money goes to diapers and baby items.

A few reasons why I would use a 16 GB SD card
1. I have had a rough year and a half after rally car accident (almost died)
2. My wife left me for a friend because of my old job
3. I have 3 kids that she will not let me see but when I do I'm always taking pictures of them
4. I love music and my kids and don't have enough space on my current card to keep everything :(
5. I NEVER win anything
6. Have a GREAT day!!!

I work in the dental implant medical device field where I support maxillofacial surgeons who place the implants. A larger storage card would help me share more pictures of final restorations with my surgeons who rarely get to see the final esthetic result as it is usually completed by a restorative clinician or Prosthodontist.

Podtrapper sucks up the vast majority of my space. Podcasts, audiobooks, comedy skits. Converted videos of TV shows to kill time with the built-in media player, recorded videos / voice notes, music and pictures. Using my storm to temp store files to transfer between computers. The 8GB that came with my storm just isn't enough after a while!

Endless possibilities when you add more storage..! Would love to upgrade!

I like to listen to the crackberry potcast and books on tape while I work. When I listen to them they can take a ton of space especaly Kevins favorite Book "Atlas Shrugged" whitch is about 3gb in itselfe. Thanks guys.

My husband wants one and will not shut up about it. If you gave me one for free I could shut him up. Thanks Guys

When i travel I put movies on my bold 9700. Often, the 8 GIG card doesn't cut. a 16 gig would really help that problem. :)

I've been dying to really get a feel for how my Bold 9700 would suffice as a media player, but being limited to the paltry 2gb card in it now really puts a cramp on its ability. I'd love to see if this could supplant the media features of my iAudio X5 and/or personal phone (iphone 2g/Treo pro)!!!

Once again thanx guys for giving this opportunity :-).. I'm using Quickbooks and for me backup is very important, after start using BB I don't use flash memory and always keep my backup on my BB :-) if I get this one it will add so much benefit in my Bold :-) .... Wish I get it...

I would love this memory card. I take photos and video clips and this would be such a great convenience. I'd even have room for music. I hope the winner enjoys it as much as I would! What a great contest. Crackberry is my fave BB site. Peace.

I have a balance between music, videos and photos.

i have pretty much scrapped my ipod in use of my 9700, but i really do need more memory... switiching from an 80gb ipod to a 4 gb 9700 is quite a leap.

I have a balance between music, videos and photos.

i have pretty much scrapped my ipod in use of my 9700, but i really do need more memory... switiching from an 80gb ipod to a 4 gb 9700 is quite a leap.

I have a balance between music, videos and photos.

i have pretty much scrapped my ipod in use of my 9700, but i really do need more memory... switiching from an 80gb ipod to a 4 gb 9700 is quite a leap.

Having a card that size would be so awesome. The number of pics I could hold... sweet! I hope I win!

id LOVE the 16gb card, because i use my phone as my media player usually, especially with the great battery life on my 9700! instead of having pockets full of gadgets, i just listen to my music and watch my movies on my phone as i sit wherever, so having a higher-capacity card would help me get even more media at my fingertips, curing me of boredom all the way around.

The smartest thing verizon did with the storm 2 was include a 16gb card with it. Mine is half full and i only have a few movies and some of my music on it. But my blackberry has replaced my ipod for everything, so it's nice to have as much space as possible.

High capactiy SD cards can be so expensive! Help a starving college student store more pictures of drunken parties and trips to the zoo on his phone! You know you want to! Please?

i would like to win this sd card because I will have more space for pictures and my music so I can start using my awesome BB instead of my ipod touch!