BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 03:49 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data with us everywhere. Most BlackBerry devices do come with an SD card, but its usually 2GB or less - and for most of us thats just is not enough. The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card will take care of that problem.

The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card is a great solution for your media needs. On average it can store around 4,000 of your favorite songs, or 10,000-14,000 pictures. This is 8 times the capacity of the standard SD card that is included in most BlackBerry devices. The more storage you have the better. Using a memory card will keep all of your media files off of the device memory, allowing your device more free space for applications, and helping it to run better. Some users can get by with a small 2GB card, but if you want to maximize your storage, you really can't go wrong with 16GB (or even 8GB most times). 

Overall a 16GB sd card is a must for most BlackBerry users. The high capacity will meet even the most hardcore users needs. Personally I have been using the SanDisk 16GB card for almost 8 months, and it has met all of my media needs. SDHC cards are compatible with most late model BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry Store for $59.95, a fair price for the amount of storage you get, and length of time this card will last.

CONTEST: Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

For your chance to win a free SanDisk 16GB Card, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the SanDisk Card would help your storage needs on your device. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



I use WikiPock which already occupies 4.5 GB on my memory card so your gift will be much welcomed!

I lost my gig card that came with my storm 2...I'm pretty sure it was stolen. I didn't even have time to put anything on it! So I'm using an old 2gig card..which is sad. I need music and videos on my phone and 2gigs doesn't cut it. Please let me win!!

Since my phone is my only camera used to document to current vacation, it would be nice, to be able, to store it all and not run out of memory...

This would eliminate the need for me to carry my Storm 2 and an iPod touch. I could move all my music on to the SD card and consolidate to one device!

I could also use it for storing more documents so I could be more productive...double bonus...

Here is how the extended memory would help me.

With technology increasing we are forced to carry multiple items. With multiple items there is a chance of loosing things especially when that item is small.

I don't carry jump drives as I am afraid of loosing them or breaking them but I always carry my 9700. I use my 9700 as my jump drive. Between work, my religious and personal activities, this uses the 2G up quickly.

The 16G would make my file access definitively easier by not having to worry about whether this file will fit or not.

Thank you for your time and a chance to win.

The Adventist

A 16 gig card would allow me more space for my work documents. I use my current 4 gig card just like a Flash Drive. It helps me transport bigger documents from computer to computer, as well as it helps store files/programs I use frequently. I also, of course, have some music and pictures on it as well. All of this quickly adds up on a 4 gig card though. :(

It would help me store more audiobooks and databases (that i actually run from my bb, boss hate it).

I am currently using a SanDisk 8gb card and I am still running out of storage space. I love having movies and music on my Storm (9530)not to mention music, but there never seems to be enough space. I am always deleting and loading new content. This would be a great improvement. Please pick me.

Wow, how cool would it be to store enough music on one sd card that I wouldnt have to hear the same song twice in one week. That would be awesome.

Please enter me in your contest.

I travel a lot and keep my trusted BB with me at all times. I'd love to watch some quality movies on the device, and would love to have this card to store my collection.

Oh, wow, this would help me SO much. I have about 10 gigs of music sitting on my HD right now, and only about 5-8 songs loaded on to my BB. I'm a music junkie and would LOVE to have all of my favorite songs on my BB with me when I leave the house. And you know, times are rough, money is's not like you can just up and buy a 16g card whenever you feel like it!

You never know how long you might be stuck somewhere and have to stay entertained. With enough music you can entertain your friends too!

i could definitly use another one of these cards. i have dozens of movies and hundreds of songs that i would love to be able to have with me on that card when i leave my house. please give me 1..thanks soo much!!

The penguins keep stealing my sandwich and kicking mud in my face. A 16GB Micro SD card would help me keep these mean birds at bay.

I would like to have the 16gb card for the simple reason i constantly use my phone for my personal mp3 player..i need a card to keep up w/the capacity

This would allow me to eliminate carrying around my ipod, and who wouldn't want one less thing to worry about?

This wld b great new addition 2 the new Bold 9700 I just ordered yesterday! The 8 gig card in my pearl is pretty much full now! Its always good 2 double up!!! LoL

I could then remove my mostly full 8gb card and format it and give it to my gf for her sansa fuze to triple the storage of it!

I quit storing music on my phone because it drastically affected everything else on the phone. It was slow and I had a hard time maneuvering through apps. This would definitely be a fabulous addition to my Curve.

... pick me! I can certainly put it to good use. Anyone hear anything on the new SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC comming out?

I need lots of memory on my blackberry for all my music and i dont have enough. This little addition would be great though:) Pick me please!:)

I've been wanting to upgrade from the 2Gig that I currently have just don't have the the extra cash since my wife & I are in the process of moving, please hook me up Crackberry!

As a parent of 2 small children a bit more the extra storage space in the SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card means there is more room for me to videotape them when they are being goofy.

It also means that I can carry around a couple of episodes of Scooby Doo or Tom & Jerry to keep them entertained when life finds us "stuck" some place that isn't kid friendly.

Finally the SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card means A couple more MP3s for me to listen to while mowing the lawn or clearing snow.

I need my tunes and pictures with me all the time, it would be great to have it all on cb. thanks Sandisk and cb

Sometimes it is full, sometimes it's empty. The storage is like the weather, you never know.
So better to be prepared with more storage in our devices than to pay the consequences afterwards.
As an architect i reveice plans and documents for aproval. Thankfuly i finish my work quick and precise and therefore delete the unwanted files, but sometimes all the work falls in one day. This is the point where i admit that a bit more storage the 8Gb would do the job...

Right now I have an 8GB card from my Storm 1 that I am using in my Tour, but I have been storing more and more music on my BB lately. As well as Audible audiobooks. 8 more GB would really be nice to have at this point. Thanks Crackberry!

another great giveaway CB! You can always use more memory, esp with all the pics and sharing we do on our BB's. Thank you for giving, allowing me the chance to win one! :-)

By profession, I am an ubergeek in addition to being an ubersurfer. As such, carrying oft-used files, including many, many PC tools, utilities, drivers, diagnostics, etc., is a self-imposed necessity. I usually tote multiple flash drives at any given time. 16Gb of storage on my phone, though (can we still call these things "phones?"), will allow me to increase my capacity while decreasing my physical inventory. The world on my pho-, er, portable communications device -- how sweet is that!?

my tour is less than a year old and already being replaced by a successor. on top of that verizon didn't think i needed any more than a 2gb card, even though the storm users got an 8.. 0_o

sandisk really helped me in terms of storage, once an important meeting when I was there, I use sandisk to mencopy all the meetings and save the sandisk, sandisk is really important to save.

I use my BlackBerry as a mobile photo album and mp3 player, but it only holds a fraction of my music. I have a 4GB card, and it's just about full. 16GB would allow me to put all of my music on my BB!

These things should be coming down in price soon but free is always the cheapest method. It would be nice to load up my Blackberry with 16 gigs of music.

I could definitely use this since I'm still using a 512mb on my bold 9000 :(, so I havnt fully experienced having music and videos on my pphone, with my luck I doubt ill win this

Yes, you read right. I've suffered from this for years and everything & anything I have to remember is put on my phone. I have an 8520 who's 2GB card is really filling up quick, so please consider me, thanks Will.

I have 9 kids, 1 grand daughter and we're expecting triplet grand daughters any day now. I Need this SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Memory Card so I can Store lots of photos,video and Listen to music to keeo my Sanity when they're Noisey. Help Me Crackberry Please

I've got an 8mos old. So you can imagine the pics I need to take and send to family and friends via BBM, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter....the sources are endless! IF I had a larger card, I could take and store more pictures for family & friends!

My 8900 didn't come with a card at all. I opted for the 2 gig at the time just to have something. Been needing something bigger for a while.

I have a few CD's worth of music, and a lot of pictures. I'm starting to take music off to make room for other stuff.

I would like to use my BB as my primary media player. So I would need a much bigger card to hold videos and music along with ALL of the pictures that are one there. I don't like deleting the pictures because they are of my kids and I like to go back and look at how they've changed in the past year or so.

I would LOVE a new card...

I love to watch movies on my Storm2. I take long road trips, so this will let me take tons of movies with me.

I store a lot of stuff on my blackberry, from the seemingly endless library of music, to pictures, and movies. The space needed for these things adds up quick!A 16gb SDHC card would really help add more room for all these things!

i am running a bold 900, my very first blackberry, i recently switched over from the iphone and couldnt be happier. the only problem is, i have NO space, once i have texts and emails on my phone ive got no room left for apps! i would never sacrifice the size of my bold over the memory of the 9700 but i just NEEEEEEEED more space!

My hour long train ride to work everyday would be drastically more entertaining if I could put more music and movies/tv shows on my 9700!

I need this card because my device is full, and still have lots to add! My wife adds stuff, my kids, and myself. My little card gets way too full, way too quick. WIth the 16gb card, I won't have to worry anymore!

I'm a huge fan of podcasts. Podcasts, especially video versions, require a large amount of storage. Over the course of a month, I'm churning through several gigabytes of data. I refresh frequently eliminating days old content that I would like to keep around longer but am unable to do so because my SD card is not large enough.

Well... I guess I could use the extra space to finally load some music on my phone. It's always a choice between music and a few pictures. If I choose the pictures I tend to irritate people with my singing and whistling.

Would use it to add more music onto my phone, and use the extra as a flash drive for odds & ends.

I use my BB Storm for catching up on TV shows fairly often. Sort of a TiVO on the go. The 16GB card means I can keep more shows on the BB and show the superior quality of the playback to all my iPhone friends, while I chat on the speakerphone. Hahaha!

I miss my family because i have lived away from them for the last 4 years. I could use this to store a whole lot of photos right on my blackberry and be able to look at them anytime. even when iam on the go.

I am in Real Estate agent and put some my files, pictures, and contracts on a smaller sd card on my phone. Having the ability to send information to customers right away can make the difference in keeping a prospect or losing them to a competitor. Having this 16 GB card would make sure I can keep a competitive edge on the competition in a already tight real estate market.

The 16 GB card would give me plenty of room to store all my audio books. I wouldn't have to carry around a second device to play them.

are constantly switching up music on my 4GB card since we listen to the music in the car. This would allow me to fit all my songs and well as his. Sweet!!

I am a student at a local college. I have the inferior 1 GB SanDisk memory card on my 8330. I am always sending pictures of my notes to other students and vice versa (if they miss a class). Also, I usually walk to school, seeing as its only 15 minutes away. My low 1 GB memory does not allow me to put songs on my phone, as all the memory is filled with pictures of lecture notes and whatnot. With a 16 GB memory card I would be able to listen to music (that I actually like, instead of IheartRadio) while walking to class. That is why I think I should get the 16 GB microSDHC memory card. Thanks

I would love to have a larger card because the one I have I have exhausted! I'm also new to the Blackberry line coming from symbian, and am still in the newlywed phase of the relationship (lol). So I'm excited about trying many of the newer applications and am looking forward to filling yet another card with great memories!

I am a business owner who uses my BlackBerry Bold 9700 for both business AND pleasure...needless to say, my 4GB card is MAXED right now! I have been coveting a 16GB card for some please pick me! :)


I got a Storm 2 from Verizon but they sent me a refurb and not a new one so I didn't get the 16GB card that was supposed to come with the phone. I'd use it for all the syncing goodness I'm missing out on.

If I win maybe then I won't be ashamed when I miss that snapshot of the family because I have too many things stored on my 1 gig card.

I am wishing for a nice black shiny new 16gb memory card. My baby daughter loves to cry! And the only thing that can stop her is watching her favourite cartoon - peppa pig. I am still stuck with the 1gb card that came with my bold 9000. I am trying to save my pennies with the hope of one day getting a larger card for more peppa pig, but we keep having to spend the money on nappies and things. So she keeps having to watch the same episode over and over. If my wish comes true, then she could have a selection of them to watch and I could even have some space for the things that I want to watch / listen to. pretty please with pink icing?

I could use the extra space to snap more videos and pics while on the fly without maxing out my cards memory.

Thanks for the chance CB!

I could use the extra space to snap more videos and pics while on the fly without maxing out my cards memory.

Thanks for the chance CB!

I could use the extra space to snap more videos and pics while on the fly without maxing out my cards memory.

Thanks for the chance CB!

Yes, quite simple as mentionned, with that kind
of 'tool' in your hands, the BlackBerry 'consumes'
lots of memory to store : pictures, emails, sms and
plenty of other useful apps with the always on signal
that is take place to store all that.
Sure there will be some personal stuff (like music ;-)
but the main idea behind that post is for my job.
Thanks again

I use my BB for everything - play music, watch movies and take a ton of pictures while I am out and about whether it is for pleasure or trying to put in an honest 8hrs.

My 8gig is just about full and this would definitely help!

I can put more pics and more music with this. I still have the original 2GB that came with my 9700.

i dont deserve it compared to some people but all i can say is im a music fanatic and have 2 kids of which i take canstant photos of.also store my os on there and backups.

The thing I love about the microSDHC cards is that they can be used in multiple devices without customized formatting. The card will fit my Sansa Clip+, my Fuze, and my Blackberry when I get it, hopefully as soon as the 2nd generation Tour/Bold is available on Big Red.

I love the 16GB micro SD, And I had one with my Storm 2 but recently lost it :(

I am an engineering student and always got projects to do so I'm always using documents to go ( PowerPoint, excel, and word ) and use the card to store my documents and also as a back up in case something wrong with my computer ... since I lost my card, I had to use my old 8GB card I have ... it will do for now but I have to sacrifice music and documents files aren't really that huge but I have big ones and hundreds of them !!!

My son loves watching Tom and Jerry on my BB when we are out my 1GB card is out of space with his shows and my music. 16GB would be great to have and it would be great to not have to swap music for movies everytime we go out.

I'm a law student who uses my bold 9000 to record class notes and lectures (sometimes just as voice notes, sometimes as video) and the 4gb card I have now just ain't cutting it. Hook me up with a 16gb card!

If I had a 16GB card in my phone i could finally retire my elderly ipod and consolidate devices into my 9700.

protip: the Storm2 from bell has one tossed in the box currently if anyone in canada's looking for a new phone with awesome accessories included.

As with most people I'm sure, I could always use more storage space for my phone. I listen to lots of different music and always keep a lot a pics on my phone as well. A 16gb card would probably be enough for even me.

You know the funny thing is I've slowly traded up SD cards since my 8830. Each time I think, "I can't possibly need that much room" and each time I find a way to use it. I'd love to tell you the unique and interesting way I'd use the extra space, but really only time will tell.

I constantly use my blackberry to listen to music and watch daily video pod-casts while on the train or the bus. I find my self running out of space on my 4gb card, having this 16gb would greatly help me out!


With all the activities that I am involved in with two kids (Little League, Basketball, Website disgn for both as well as my own size biz, my own personal blog and of course having movies or tv clips for them to watch) I could really use the 16GB card for sure.

This will help me out alot because im always runnin out of space. I cant afford 59.95 in my life right now. Cmon crackberry I need this!!

I would definitely use it for more music. The small 1gb card that came with my BB is very limited and I have a rather large music library at home and I'd like to be able to get more of it mobile. I'd also use it for customer documents and info that I keep with me.

I only have a 2GB card on my 9530. A 16GB card would allow me to carry some high quality movies/TV shows to watch during my commute! Thanks!

I travel A LOT - The extra storage would help me on the road for quick views of important PDF, Excel, and Word doc's I recieve from my various email accounts and store on my BalckBerry via DataViz - I could then share these on the fly with my end-users / clientele at moments notice from a plane or car.

I use my berry as my primary camera and music player, so I have TONS of photos and songs. Sometimes I have to delete songs so that I can have more camera room :(

I also had to remove all the movies that I had on it. These were reaaallyyy useful to occupy the kids! More space needed so please PICK ME!

I always find myself running out of SD space.
LOT's of music on my Berry. I also like to carry pictures of the kids on my 9700. A 16Gig card would be Awesome!

Im not going to come up with some "explanation" about why i would make a perfect candidate to win this.

Bottom line: I want it, need it and Im too lazy and cheap to go out and buy it.

Since my iPod broke, I've been using my BB Bold 9700 to listen to my music on the go. Having a bigger card would let me carry around more of my music and use it in my car when I hook it up to the AUX outlet. Pick me!

These days we all tend to run out of storage space. The 16GB will help store pretty much all my music & pictures w/out having the need to delete anything for AGES!

i love to take pics using my blackberry storm. i could really use a new memory card because mine is maxed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could really use this to store all of my photos and wallpapers (that I get from CrackBerry Forums). Thanks for the opportunity.

i would you it to replace my 4gb sd card which is full of music and pictures that i always have to remove to make more room for news songs and pictures with the 16gb card i wouldnt have to worry about running out of room anytime soon.....good luck everyone.

Stuck with the default 1GB card it came with. I have to keep separate playlists and swap them out all the time. Being able to have 'em all would be great!

If I won this card, I'd be able to put a lot more podcasts on it than on my current one, and I could continue to indulge my insane addiction to wallpapers. Plus, I could put music on there for traveling without my hard drive MP3 player.

I use my blackberry for everything. I use it to write papers for school so I store a lot of my documents on my phone as well as articles. And for anyone on the go that would be perfect and I am a music junkie it helps me study.

As a filmmaker, I like to keep high-quality versions of my short films on my Bold 9700 so I always have something to show to industry contacts or potential partners. Between those videos and my other business and personal documents, not to mention the random goofy videos of my friends and family, my 2 GB card gets used up pretty quickly.

Plus, I like to keep music on my BB also. It's nice to always have some music with me- even on days when I forget or choose not to carry my iPod, I know my trusty BB can keep me entertained. But with just 2 GB on my current card my options are limited.

Make me more productive, give me more entertainment, and give me the resources to more fully take advantage of my awesome Bold! Send me a 16 GB card, CB!

I use my 9700 just like a mobile computer. I travel the US on a regular basis and I always have the need to send files, photos and documentation to my customers. My 6gb card is filling up quick. Pick Me Please

So my parents have purchased BBs for everyone in the fam. I got mine first as I was the most tech savvy, while my sisters got Lgs or whatever. But they have all since moved to BBs. However I got mine first and at the time in an effort to not break the bank I got a 512 Mg MicroSD for my launch Pearl. Sisters got bolds a couple years later and the price of MicroSD has come down so mom got them 2 and 4 Gb cards each. Now they are drivers and so they only use said storage for the odd email attachment and photo, whereas I am a cyclist and use my BB for music. Furthermore, I have had to teach them how to load data about 6 months after them getting it so its not like they know what its like to suffer as I am. Its been a pain changing the 15-20 songs I can hold weekly to avoid over exposure. Now its nowhere near my 80 GB music collection but it is certainly moving in the right direction, which is away from me purchasing an iPod Touch and getting hooked on their apps...(oh the humanity).

I hope to gain the advantage over my siblings with your assistance. Help me Obi-Crackberry, You're my only hope.

i take tons of photos and videos with my phone. this would definitly help bc i am always running out of space on my little 2gb card

I would have the biggest memory card on the block and everyone would be jealous! :D Plus, I would give my bf my paltry 8gig card and he would be happy too!

This would allow me to finally ditch my old Sansa mp3 player. I'd be able to put ALL of my music on my CrackBerry instead of just my favorites.

i converted a friend into a 'first time' crackberry user! she bought (invested) in a 9700 so i would love to give her this as a gift....OR.....upgrade my 8GB and give her mine! :P Holla CB nation!!!

When I got the 8 Gig Sandisk i though it would never get full. I didnt think i woud use my phone for that much...but it is a blackberry not a phone. it would be nice to win this

I use my 8GBMemory card to store music as an mp3, pictures of family, work,. i also use it to watch movies when i am flying that way i dont have to open my laptop.
i salso store important documents in it, that can be at my reach i will difinitevely can use a 16 GB microSDHC card.

Plain and simple...MUSIC! I need a bigger memory card for all the music(some photos) I have. I would be able to store way much more of my tunes on my blackberry. Great contest CB. Thanks

That was the number of comments when I hit the button to place my own, its the same number as the USS Enterprise registry number ( yes Im a Trekker). What are the odds maybe someone at CB is also a Trekkie.

This would certainly help me store more music, right now I can only fit a fraction of the music I'd like to listen to.

oo! i could use it for my moooovies and my piiiiictures and my muuuusic and my aaaaaaappps and my buuuuuuusiness documents and my poooooooorn and all kinds of cool stuff =D

I am an aspireing Photogrpher and music junkie.

This would help me so much. i would be able to carry a lot more of of both with me at all times!

No more deciding what to keep and what to delete.

This would give me memory to spare. I currently use a 2gb card, and the only reason this isn't full is because I hold back from dumping all my documents on it. A 16gb card would be great!

I keep documents in my berry now that I used to cary on dead trees in my wallet. It's certainly made it a lot lighter.

Oh, yeah, there's also my music collection.

ive been using my blackberry as my main mp3 device and my 2gb card that came with it cant nearly as much music as my ipod had, this 16gb would be a great help in my daily commutes to school.

I would use it for music and videos 2 GB just doesnt allow me to store enough. I am constantly having to take stuff off and put it back on. 16 GB and I would be able to keep most everything.

"your 2GB will self destruct in 5 sec...5.....4....3...2..1.NOOOOOOOO" With 16GEEEBEEES dont see that happening.