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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 03:49 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data with us everywhere. Most BlackBerry devices do come with an SD card, but its usually 2GB or less - and for most of us thats just is not enough. The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card will take care of that problem.

The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card is a great solution for your media needs. On average it can store around 4,000 of your favorite songs, or 10,000-14,000 pictures. This is 8 times the capacity of the standard SD card that is included in most BlackBerry devices. The more storage you have the better. Using a memory card will keep all of your media files off of the device memory, allowing your device more free space for applications, and helping it to run better. Some users can get by with a small 2GB card, but if you want to maximize your storage, you really can't go wrong with 16GB (or even 8GB most times). 

Overall a 16GB sd card is a must for most BlackBerry users. The high capacity will meet even the most hardcore users needs. Personally I have been using the SanDisk 16GB card for almost 8 months, and it has met all of my media needs. SDHC cards are compatible with most late model BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry Store for $59.95, a fair price for the amount of storage you get, and length of time this card will last.

CONTEST: Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

For your chance to win a free SanDisk 16GB Card, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the SanDisk Card would help your storage needs on your device. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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Definitely 16GB will help me store more hi-def audios, documents, videos, etc.


Need it to hold additional files I've gained through PODTRAPPER & SLACKER (CACHING)


I have several sd cards between 1 and 2 gigs (actually I have 2 card). Because of this I have to be picky in what I save and where I save it. I would love to be able to have all my photos and music availabe for use on my Blackberry because right now I have documents on the 1 gig and fighting with the 2 gig to have room for everything else.


Started With 8 GB...almost out of space. 16GB...more pictures, and music. WOW!!!!! I need one please.



We adopted a 2 year old girl back in January. I'm always snapping pictures and taking videos of her with my Storm because it's always on me. 16gb would allow me to keep more videos to share with co workers and friends.


i have an 8GB card that came with my storm 9530 (no os leaks in forever btw) and i use almost all of it would like to get my hands on one of these to load with more music and crackberry podcasts


This would get all the music I love on my 9700!!


Yup, 16GB is good. Of course, it'll be as obsolete as 1.44MB disk eventually.


I could use it to save all of my music and pictures...


I have Act! on my BlackBerry and having this would help keep my phone running faster with the file on the card.

I can carry my whole Led Zeppelin catalog on my bold 9000. Now that's BOLD! :P


I also use mý card for videos, music, and pic + more, I have enough rite ñøw but I'm not sure for høw much longer will I have it. I'm always chasing after thƺ bigger memory.


I just miss the new app store contest...let me win this!!!...lol...


I would love to have the room and convenience of this large of a card. Currently I have a measly 2 gig card in my Pearl and I am very limited as to what I can do. I hope I win.


After just 1 week I see the 2gb card is going to be insufficient.


still waiting to win my first cb contest.


Would love to win this, always wanted to upgrade the one I have.


Just think instead of having to swap out cards I could just put more music, videos and ebooks on this one card and be entertained for so much longer.


I use my blackberry for music at work but the 2gb just isnt cuttin it so 16gb would be great


Having a 16GB SanDisk Card means I would be able to save more and more content =)


This is a NEED, not just a WANT!


2GB is not enough. With 16GB I will have no complaint.


Oh yes I could use this card. There is a lot of music, videos and other recordings I would love to load on this.


I have huge music library and this card would allow me to store a lot of my music on my phone.


But I will enter anyway


what are my chances????????


Plain and simple - with a bigger card, I could keep more music/docs/junk on my BB. That's good for everyone!


sandisk is my favorite


I would love to put movies on this!!


I totally need this. I have GB's of music that I would love to put on my BB. Would be better to have one device at gym instead of two.


my 2 gig is full! please choose me so i can use my blackberry better with more storage


I want this soooo bad!! It would be a crime not to select me. You don't wanna break the law, do ya?


I would definitely love this memory card. My current 4gb card is almost maxed out with my music, video, and pictures. If I had this 16gb memory card, then I would be able to put more of my music collection on my phone. My 32gb Creative Zen is maxed out. I would definitely love the extra space.


My storm is always freezing up and I have to take my battery out and restart my phone. Maybe its the storage on my phone because we i delete an app it starts to work fine. this 16gb sandisk is a must have


Helps me with everything :))

I shoot pictures alot , And watch episodes on my blackberry ! that'll help alot :)


My storm is always freezing up and I have to take my battery out and restart my phone. Maybe its the storage on my phone because when i delete an app it starts to work fine. this 16gb sandisk is a must have


I just started using Podtrapper and damn, my 4gig card fills up fast with podcasts (especially the Crackberry Podcast WINK-WINK). All brown-nosing aside, it would be nice to have 4x's the storage. Thanks guys.


ive jacked up my device with music for the gym, and now there is no room, would be great thanks


could greatly appreciate this for all the music


i spend a large amount of time during the summer traveling the country to motocross events. So far my 9550 has been great for me, however i keep all information regarding points, results, parts lists, music and so on on my SD card, and am nearly full! I do not have another card and would like to be able to keep my music and more so entertainment files separate from my racing documents and information. It would be great to be able to be on the road for weeks on end and not have to worry about running out of space on my card.


I could really use the extra storage for my Bold.


I'm using about 7GB on my 8GB card right now. I want more music but there just isn't enough room. Please Crackberry....Please!


Hell.. I NEED 16GB.. I have a lot of music and I need a good reason to replace my old ipod as a music device for the Aux Input in my car for music. 16GB isn't enough for my whole library obviously, but in the microSD world, its as good as its gonna get for a while..


i want this cuz i can get rid of my ipod and use my blackberry as the ultimate aio device


My 8 gig is almost full, a 16 gig would be amazing :)


I would love to win this scan disc memory card i have had my blackberry for close to two years now and only have the standard memory PLEASE LET ME GET IN ON THIS ONE!!! So my phone can work properly!!!


I have quite the affinity for taking pictures of our animals, especially since we just lost my cat about a year ago and I can't live without them on my phone. <3


Having this card will make it a lot convenient to carry all my necessary documents, pictures and videos on my phone.


i work on the road and have to take a bunch of high resolution picture and keep filling my 8gb micro sd so a 16 would be great!!!



Love to win this thing!


I have quite the affinity for taking pictures of our animals, especially since we just lost my cat about a year ago and I can't live without them on my phone. <3


i totally agree that the 1 or 2 gb cards are not enough. i have large files of database clients and word files on my blackberry for work and even then i am reaching the max with all my music and whatnot. i can no I MUST have this.


I travel tons and would use the extra memory to store additional videos and pictures of my kids, whom I miss terribly when on the road.


I'd have so much more space for music and picture files.


Please bring it on !!!!!


I'm always in need of more room, I used my 9700 as an mp3 player. With only a 4gb card I can't fit anywhere near all my music and I also have pictures and videos as well I've been wanting to upgrade my card so might as well comment and give it a shot...


I'm a multimedia junkie, so this would just be another 16g of movies and music. I can't think of anything much better. just email me with details on how I can get you to ship this to me. Free of course. I'm also cheap..


would love to get a 16GB micro sd card


This would definitely help with my storage issues. You can never have enough movies and music on the go!!!


i really need because i cant afford a 16 gb and i need it for my phone since i dont have a memory card.


I could keep most of my favorite videos on a 16G card. Awesome. I really hope I win - I have never won a Crackberry contest.


I'd love to win a 16GB card.


Well, aside from it being bigger than my 8gb memory card; and, it almost holding all my music I have stored on my computer:

It would be nice to have double the amount of memory than my friend with the Palm Pre. All he talks about is how he loves his Palm and he doesn't miss his Blackberry at all.

Always comes in asking if my phone can do this and that and this. (Which it can, lol)

It would be nice to be like yea, but does your Palm Pre have 16gb of memory? (Plus 8gb on the side.). :)


i could use it to store all my pronz!


So hoping I am picked! We all could use more storage space!


It'll help me because I LOVE music & I don't have my iPod anymore...So It'll store all my music on it & Some files. So That's how it'll help me. It would be a great addition to my blackberry. Thank You.


I haven't recoded all of the video files I want to get on my 'Berry because my 8GB card can hardly keep up with my MP3 playlists, documents and recorded TV shows. I need more space so I don't have to delete that many files to make room for others. *sigh*


I could always use more memory


pick me!! my 8 gb is almost full


That's what I don't have, enough space to store all my songs and pics. Pick me!


My BlackBerry is not only my phone, but my mp3 player, camera, and portable movie player. Sadly with only a 2GB card I cannot fit as much as I would like onto it and have had to cut back majorly on the amount of music and movies I store on the card. I have been carrying a spare around with me (from an older device) but even that doesn't have enough space for all of my files.

Winning this would make it possible for me to keep everything I need on one card.

Pilot Prop

PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEE I absolutely NEED this...I'm running out of space on my 4GB sd card...I use my 9700 as a mp3 player, digital cam, and to record short videos...this would really help me


This would be a useful gift. Being a Dad, a baseball coach, t-ball coach and soccer coach I could really get alot of use of this. Not only would i have storage for those special moments of my kids, This would give me enough storage to take snapshots and video for other parents who do not always make games.


I really need one of these...sandisk is amazing:D


I already carry two phones, one for work, one personal. I would like to ditch the Ipod and not have to carry another electronic device. Bring on the 16g's.


My phone is absolutely filled with videos and music and I am constantly deleting just to make room for the newest addition. Having this much free space would help a ton!


I upgraded to a 4Gb memory chip already and I am constantly deleting and adding podcasts (CB), transfering documents, deciding if I really should keep those pictures (or emailing them to home) and always spending time managing the memory. This would go a long way to help...

Oh yeah, I could add music too with this!!!!


The memory would be the only thing I need to make my blackberry, the best one out there. It's great as it is, but this would give it the little oomph it needs.


Thanks for all you do! Even if I don't win ; )


This wouldn't be too bad to hold a massive amount of files, pictures, songs or just whatever!


Please pick me. Boy could I use this


Winning this would free up some valuable memory on my device!


This Sandisk card could help me store more photo and music in my blackberry, and other files I need to carry around. I also use my blackberry as a portable storage like a USB flash disk - only that it's with me all the time ;)


16 gigs?oh the things i could do


Sooooo many things would be stored on it if I won it. For starters, my most favorite movies: Transformers I & II, all 3 Matrix movies, a couple martial art films, (Jet Li's Fearless, Tony Jaa's The Protector,) several episodes of The Office, a few episodes of Bleach (my favorite anime), just over 1000 mp3s, pics, ebooks, presentations for work, app files galore and I'd still have room!


Currently, I've got so much more music than my memory card could possibly hold. I'm too lazy to go through my music and weed out the less than stellar (but still amazing) stuff. So, I've got a Berry with none of my music. Rather sad, actually. With this, I could have all of my music plus a little extra room. I would then benefit from using my Berry to the fullest of its abilities. Don't pick me just because I want it. Pick me because my Berry depends on you!


I do work at home a lot of times and need to transfer data from my work computer to my home computer. Quite often I forget to bring a jump drive and have to use my phone to bring my files home. I always have a spare cable attached to my computers just for my phone. The Aerial photos I work with get into the multi Gig range so this would be a huge help in transferring files from one computer to another.
Pick me please :-)


It would let me carry more tunes


I keep work documents and some music but LOTS of pics of my 2 daughters... As a single dad it keeps me close to them when I can't see them...


Would love to win & have lots of fun filling it up :)


I always have a memory card with me or two. Now that the Bold 9700 has the memory card accessible without a battery pull, it is easy to change out cards


I would love to win this!! More storage is a wonderful thing! :)


I keep everything on my SD. I keep music, pictures, and movies on there. I want to have more music and movies. Also, I can lighten my load if i can get more space for manuals that i normally would have to carry, just a PDF or DOC instead will do if I got space.

16GB is a lot of mobile space.


How is more memory not necessary. MORE DATA. MUWHAHAHAHA. Umm, yeah, more music on the phone would be nice. I love variety.


Wow thanks again for another great contest!


Could use a 16gb card. Only have a 8gb card right now, and i have alot of songs and pictures and videos. I also read and download alot of books. It would be great.


Music, music, music! To hades with those iPhone twits, with 16gb I gots me plenty o' music too!


Why not? I could ditch the Ipood!


I use my phone as my mp3 player and produce music so I always need more space


I've been looking for some more storage. The 4GB card is getting full quickly in my 8330. Also to be able to throw this card (in the adapter) into our camera for a large memory card would be perfect.


more! more! more! can never have enough storage.


16 more gigs would be ssswweeetttt!!!


a new memory card would be nice


This will allow me to store a lot of music on my Storm


This would truly make my BlackBerry experience so much better as I would be able to tote around the entire West Wing series on my Tour.


This is a necessity!!!!!!!!


My fiancee and I live in Seattle, but are getting married in Michigan in August, and honeymooning in Florida. With all of that traveling it'd be great if we had more space on our phones for music or movies to help pass the time on those long flights.




This card would let me stop using my ipod completely! I hope I'm picked. I never win anything :*( I could also keep backups of my theme builder files on it in case my pc stops working.


Yes I could use it. I'm down to 1gig left on a 8gig. Need to delete movies, but I guess I'll wait till this contest is over........


...I should win this!


I am a semi-professional photographer and its nice to have my clients preview their photos before they order prints. Sometimes we're unable to meet in a location that allows internet access. I like to preview the photos on my Blackberry so that we can filter out which shots are better. The 16GB media card will definitely expand my storage capacity for this process. So, enter me for a chance to win


Music, photos, trnasferring files - you just never have enough portable memory


This would be incredible to store music and of course tons of pics of my beautiful baby daughter :)


i would use the card to store my movie files and music files so i can be able to watch my movies on the go via blackberry storm as well as listen to my favorite artists.


I'd use it to watch movies on my phone!!


I often travel for at least 2 hours everyday when going to work. My 4gb can only hold up to 2 movies at a time including all 200+ songs. I need more to optimize the use of my berry!


I could put all of my wedding photos on this to show family and friends!


I already use a 8GB and keep about 1GB free most of the time just in case I may need it. A 16GB would just me all the more room for data that I use on the regular. Good luck everyone...


it would greatly help me with putting all my documents and spread sheets that i use for work and school....plus i have a dying hedgehog :`( and broken ipod......can i get break!!!


i would use this to play more music in my car =)


Would complete my phone if I had one of these babies


I could really use the extra space, I have a 9700 and the 2GB isnt really cutting it anymore that it came with. Thank you for the chance to win the 16GB card.


With a 16GB card I'd be able to take pictures & videos of everything and have oodles of space for my music, movies, references.... Practically everything I could want or need all on my Blackberry.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


more music, more pics, more movies, for me...


with me at all times, without worrying about space. Thanks for the opportunity.


I'm a teenager that's trying to start a repair business with very very limited funding and my blackberry is my primary business tool... I use it for transferring files to and from computers, am constantly browsing the web, take lots of pictures of the item when diagnosing it for visual reference and do pretty much anything else possible with free apps:) I also store all my music on my phone since I can't afford an iPod or anything similar... Pretty much all my spare money goes to pay off my expenses for starting a business and also my "slightly expensive" $100 phone bill:O so purchasing a larger memory card is not an option;( I currently have my card maxed out so I guess I've got to remove some music and photos so that I have room for my other business stuff so a larger card would be really great so then at least I'd st
ill have some music while repairing stuff....


CRACKBERRY SUPERSTORE.....Berryweather, BerryBuzz, Battery Booster, Kindle, ESPN Mobile, Ebay Mobile, Amazon mobile, Tether, Viigo, Ubertwitter, Poynt, Pandora, Slacker, PodTrapper, Scoremobile, Shazam, ifitness, Yahoo fantasy mobile, Google Mobile, QuickLaunch, NFL Mobile, LifeInPocket, ScanLife, Aces Traffic, Berry Joose, iBerry, 7 Today, Blackberry Bliss, ONYXia, Battery Booster, Druglord Wars 2, Addictive Tower, Pac-Man, SmrtGuard, QuickPull......I think the CRACKBERRY SUPERSTORE owes me some memory!


Recently I lost my blackberry 9700, I loved and missed it so much that I bought a new one at full retail price. The sad part was that I hooked up the phone with a SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC. So not only did I loose my precious phone, I also lost 8GB of priceless pictures, videos of my family, voice notes, important documents, and songs that I carried on my card. Also, I had transferred all my music over from my sansa fuze and gave it away to my younger brother. I am now tuneless. I have realized the importance of expanding your memory with a reliable brand. Since I had to purchase the phone at full retail price, I can not afford to buy an SD card with more memory. This Sandisk 16GB MicroSDHC card would be a blessing!


This memory card would be awesome for me because I like to listen to a lot of music and store a lot of photos on my Blackberry.


one famous man once said "640K ought to be enough for anybody" I wish for the 16gb myself...


Music, photos, videos, offline storage for maps for mgmaps


so i never thought my Blackberry could replace my 60GB ipod! ...then my iPod broke and I made switch! ...well i was surprised to find that I COULD get by with my 8GB card, but the better surprise was that i liked the BB Media player better!! ...the only thing i'm missing now is some space - i've really had to slim down my playlists and i'd LOVE to re-ad some stuff! ...also I'm a photographer and like to carry around my favorite pics on my BB (it's a Storm) to show people. ...I'm anxiously waiting for photo sync ability with Desktop Manager for Mac!

hope you guys help me out! you rock!



I am using the stock card for my Bold9700 and it almost max out. A 16gb card would definately help me to store more pictures and songs


To keep ALL MY MUSIC ON THE MICRO SD!! Im a music lover and use my Blackberry as an MP3 player also. Not to mention the thousands of pictures I keep on my phone.


So I can finally add my music along with the pictures! My 2gb card isn't cutting it.


I would love to have a healthy library of movies and music for all the freakin' traveling I'm about to do for the rest of the year!

Hooks it up CB!


I can totally use this. Since I don't have much storage on my 9000.


Please add me in the Contest too.


Would love a 16 GB!! Good luck all!


Always need more space. Always.


As my 16 is almost full!!!!


My computer has over 16GBs of music, and my 4GB card doesn't come close to offering the storage I need. It would be really awesome to win this. =)


I'd love to have a MUCH larger SD card. My 2GB is starting to fill up.


...I need it for all the photos that I take from my grandson with my Blackberry Storm 9530.

BTW. Great site!!!


soooo much music!!!!!!


I use music every day, in my work and home life. This card would make my life so much easier!


class 2? ... oh well it's 16 gb so it's alright


i am gonna fill it up with tons of mp3's!!!


It'll help me reduce the no. of items in my pocket, removing my need to carry my iPod and the earphones.

Plus I keep trying new apps and games for my BB and archiving them on the media card would be a great plus.

I hope I win :)


Would come in handy on long flights to store movies to watch.


I want to store more music on my blackberry!!!!


I need a memoryyyyyyy!!!!


I enjoy comedy and a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC card would give me plenty of room for comedy MP3s!


Love to get my hands on one of these.


I think it's my turn to win now, thanks


Family photos and music storage. Music helps me get through the long work days.


Currently the Blackberry I own is my only camera. It would be extremely convenient to have more storage space than the oem 1 gig.Thank you all for considering my entry!


No joke, my Blackberry Tour MicroSD that came with my phone crapped out and got fried :( no phone or computer will even read it anymore and it gets burning hot. I would love a new card because I am a college student who doesn't have the extra money to buy a new one, and it's my only way to photograph the best moments of my life! Please pick me!


I ran out of memory on my 4gb, would be nice to get a 16gb. I'm too broke to buy one :(


to win this. Please pick me. I am a huge music lover and when I walk my BB is with me listening to my fav country and oldies music.
My CD stereo at home also is not working and this would be great to have.


I am a college student as well as a part time worker. I am constantly emailing excel spreadsheets and word documents to my phone to transfer them to my campus computers to print as well as sending them out to be proof read. Also with being away from home almost all the time i take and send many pictures home from my blackberry as well as recieve them from my girlfriend and my family.
It would be really nice to be able to save them all as well as my school stuff. Soon i will be starting my thesis and it would be amazing to have all of my research files stored on my phone as well for emailing to professors, advisors or in case i need to print them off. This card would be heaven sent.


i sometimes use my phone to take pictures for work. gotta show how pretty i left the server rack after installing new equipment.


Hard to have too much space!


memory what would a blackberry be without memory I need more
and this would do it thanks


Enough memory to store all my applications and files, would be nice to win it, luck


I have a Storm 2. The Storm 1 comes with an 8GB card installed and the Storm 2 comes with a 16GB card installed. I do real estate so its excellent for storing forms and other real estate related data. You can never have too much memory !!!!


Trying to wean myself from carrying camera, mp3 player, and phone. Upgrading to the new phone allowed me to ditch my camera, but it's not quite there, storage-wise, for me to ditch the mp3 player. A 16gb card would fill that void nicely. I'd be able to carry my mp3 collection and podcasts comfortably with enough space for all the pics I could ever take in a day.

Thanks for all the great contests, CrackBerry!


this contest would help me to put in more songs in my phone!


i need this because my memory card is maxed out as we speak!


I could use the space for music and movies.


Id use this for Music and Pics and what ever I need at the time I need it... :)


I have a 4 gb one like this now- I would love a 16 GB


on my blackberry because I love to take ALOT of pictures and lately I've dl TONS of movies.


I've only always wanted a 16gb sd card, but can't find it in me to pay what these retail stores want!! hahaha

I have way too much music and would love to be able to keep them on hand considering I tend to find myself in numerous situations where I need to play music! haha

Not to mention the numerous emails I send and receive with attachments of various power points and spreadsheets.

So yea, basically this would be absolutely amazing if I had the luck to win, haha.



I'd love a 16gig card! I could use my Blackberry to back up my computer's music files.


I definitely could use this. I would finally be able to use my 9700 as a true media player with one of these.


I have 20 GB of just music on my laptop. My current card is a measly 8 GB. Having a 16 GB card would mean I can get at least a little bit more of my library onto my phone, potentially eliminating any need for a separate mp3 player.


I would love the storage card. Poor me only has 4 gigs! I travel a lot for work and 4 gigs is not cutting it for all my tv episodes anymore. Thanks!


I use my berry as an iPod too so this would be brilliant.


That capacity would truly fit all all my media needs. That would be one where you set it and forget it.


I'd like to have it so I can keep more songs and movies on my tour.


Sign me up to win. Could really use this i store alot of music on my BB 9000!!!!!!!!!


I already have a 16GB card, but I could use another one.


This would be awesome to upgrade my memory! Always can use more space for more walls and ringtones from CB baby!


A memory card for movies would be amazing.I have an iPod but never put any movies on there because the file conversion took up to 10 hours ( maybe it was my computer.. who knows).


Trying to keep all my documents and everything else on my blackberry is tough without enough storage space!
I don't have the luxury of having my laptop with me all the time so I need this card to carry all my information with me! I want to make my BB my mini-laptop!
I NEED to make it my mini-laptop!

Consulting and always on the move - it would make my life so much easier!!!

And besides - that way my fiance wouldn't be able to yell at me for not having information with me that we might need!



8gigs just isn't enough anymore... not with all the documents I carry around since pulling the Blackberry out of the holster is easier than firing up the laptop.


A 16GB would would be perfect. Im definately wanting to add movies to my berry!!


I would love to be able to keep my music on my 9630. All I need is my BB and music and I'm set. (If I had a Sandisk!)


ill take this off your hands


That much room would be awesome.


personal music while working out nice!!!


I'm going come out and say it; I hope I win because I'm a tech whore and want a 16gb for bragging rights. :)


With 16GB of storage my BlackBerry could replace my iPod as my audio player.


i'd love to completely replace my ipod as my daily music provider!


more more more......good luck to all!


I could put more music on my phone


count me in, more video space!!


I will use it to play movies for my daughter :)


Wow, 16GB of storage.

I usually use my blackberry for business and with all the presentations and business email attachments it sometimes becomes difficult to manage and decide what has to be kept and what files to delete.

the SanDisk 16GB of Storage could do wonders and you would actually not be required to make a judgement, just "Save" it.


I'm currently using an old 2GB stick that I bought when I got my first BB. I have so much more music than that! I would love 16GB of space!


My 8330 is my main multimedia device. It's not quite the iPod but it does the trick. I got tons of mp3's, pics, wallpapers, videos, movies, documents, ringtones, etc. My 4GB MicroSD is pretty much full, so I could definitely use a bit more room ;-)


I could do away with thumbdrives, portable harddisks, mp3 players,cds, dvds.... the list goes on! 16gb of storage in your phone... Its just awesome!


This would really come in handy!!!


It would help me out alot because i use my blackberry to download ringtones, pictures, saving voice notes, and last and certainly not least movies you gotta love blackberry woooooooo


Music, porn, videos, photos. At least I'm honest


Oh i could realy use one of these SD cards. I have over 250 gigs of music and a nice 16GB mini sd card would be perfect to carry some of those songs with with that i could listen to on my BB Storm. Please pick me!!!


I could put more music and movies on my phone with the 16gb memory card


with this memory i could use it as my pendrive in the university and also as my ipod sustitution. its Great to have all in one place , less things to worry about loose :P


New phone without the card would like to have more room for apps and games.


this is awsome awsome awsome. u have the best giveaways!


Me like music, need big card. Thank you very good.


would validate my newly end-of-lifed Tour.
And almost make up for the half-cocked software versions and all the pushed social networking verizon inflicts on us.


I need this cause my old one was stolen...


I want to put a lot of movies. well actually TV show Friends! 16GB would help me to put many episodes of Friends on there.
Thank you very much!!


I would like to upgrade my Media Card.... hope I win!!


theres been some great contests this week...


In trying to start a career with Dunder Mifflin, a micro-cap regional paper and office supply distributor, I find my self compelled to study the timeless teachings of one Michael Scott. Problem is, my 2GB factory will only allow me to embellish in three hours of this philosophical genius. I need to learn.


i love crack.....berry.com


I really don't keep much media on my device due to the lack of one of these... Please!!! I really need (want) this!


Some time ago I switched from ipod touch 8GB to BlackBerry as a main music player. Memory upgrade would be so cool :D Two times songs more!


Please please let me have this I promise I'll be good for the rest of dinner.