BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 03:49 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data with us everywhere. Most BlackBerry devices do come with an SD card, but its usually 2GB or less - and for most of us thats just is not enough. The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card will take care of that problem.

The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card is a great solution for your media needs. On average it can store around 4,000 of your favorite songs, or 10,000-14,000 pictures. This is 8 times the capacity of the standard SD card that is included in most BlackBerry devices. The more storage you have the better. Using a memory card will keep all of your media files off of the device memory, allowing your device more free space for applications, and helping it to run better. Some users can get by with a small 2GB card, but if you want to maximize your storage, you really can't go wrong with 16GB (or even 8GB most times). 

Overall a 16GB sd card is a must for most BlackBerry users. The high capacity will meet even the most hardcore users needs. Personally I have been using the SanDisk 16GB card for almost 8 months, and it has met all of my media needs. SDHC cards are compatible with most late model BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry Store for $59.95, a fair price for the amount of storage you get, and length of time this card will last.

CONTEST: Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

For your chance to win a free SanDisk 16GB Card, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the SanDisk Card would help your storage needs on your device. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



When I got the 16GB card it didn't work. Then I asked santa for one and when I woke up on Christmas morning my 2 lil boys had everything that they wanted from Santa and all I got was tube socks and Boxer breifs. :( plus all my co-workers at the firestation got 16GB I-phones and that's the only thing I think I could get to keep them from downing me so bad!!! Lol. Plus I'm 1300 miles from my family and I take a lot of pics and get a bunch of pics. Also my lil brother is a starving rapper and he gives me most of the songs he makes and I let people here his stuff from my blackberry. I'm just about out of room on this 8GB card. I need that card!!!! Thanxxx in advance!!!

I need it to store HD movies which are about 1.4 GB each + my music and pics so its hard for me to fit it all in my 4GB SD Card :/

My BB is like a mobile office for me. I need this memory to put all my needed documents and files in it...

...for a phone, camera, mp3 player (including audio books), etc., I could certainly use the extra memory. Thanks for the chance!

This would help me by enabling me to bring tons of music and videos on my BlackBerry so I will be entertained at the hospital while my wife is having a baby.

I have tons of videos and pictures of my 1 year old son I would love to have more room to store them on my phone,

Make me a winner!

This would be the best thing to have for my berry. As to I have a bout 5 different sd cards I'm always switchng back and for to just to listen to music and see my pics. Wih this sd card I could just slap everything and not have to go through the hassle of removing .y battery everytime I wanna switch sd cards.

this is perfect for me. i can place any of my music and plenty of pictures on this thing and show them off to my friends right out of my phone.


I need this card really bad. I am a college student who is getting into photography and i go aroudn making vidoes and taking pictures on my BB TOUR. THIS WOULD BE PERFECT. Instead of me loading pics to my computer every month i can do it every 6-8 months.....16GB vs. 2GB.....CRACKBERRY PLEASEEEEEE

I have a young daughter and although it's cool that my Tour can play movies, I can't fit much in addition to my photos and even a small amount of music on my BB. A 16GB would allow me to have some video for the daughter to enjoy on car trips, plenty of music for the gym or when I'm on my bike, as well as plenty of space for personal photos (of the family for when I'm traveling) and for phonecam shots.

It would be great! Thanks for the chance to win!

id use it like everyone else would. load up movies, most skateboarding vids, lot of music, resumes, and info an just go with it.

Sure I don't need more space for music but my 6GB microsd doesn't have room for allllll the videos I could put on there!

This would make my daughters birthday happier as it would greatly increase the storage on her mp3 player (no smartphone, only voice and text).

My blackberry curve 8530 didn't come with an sd card and since then I find myself unable to fully utilize my blackberry. I would love to have the option of taking loads of pictures and video and have plenty of room to store them. The option of putting music on my phone would be the icing on the cake.

i always wanted a 16GB but could get no matter what i did.
So i guess owning a 16GB will be better then owning a 128MB

Thanks in advance guys :)

i always wanted a 16GB but could get no matter what i did.
So i guess owning a 16GB will be better then owning a 128MB

Thanks in advance guys :)

I travel a lot and with 16GB SD card, will enable me to store more dodocuments for presentation, pictures and music on the go for me, also not forgetting movies or videos as well.

It is always good to have higher capacity SD cards as I carry now 2 x 2GB, 2 x 8GB now which makes is alittle troublesome to switch SD cards .

This would eliminate the need to carry my mp3 player AND my tour! I would be able to carry all my pics and music and have extra room with a 16gb! That would be sweet! Thanks for the chance.

I download every single attachment from my work address so I am constantly clearing space off my 8gb card. This would make my life so much easier.

I have had to carry 2 8 gig cards for a while now. They are divided mostly by movies and music. I would love to have it all together in one place! Thanks once again to CB for the amazing contests/giveaways and info! Go CrackBerryheads!

I would use it to store more music and photos and really eliminate the need for a second device as long as I have a charger handy!

I would love to win this microSD card. I'm using a 2GB that was gifted to me. I hate having to move files back and forth between my desktop and phone. I have many PDF files for school and typically carry my rough drafts on me just in case it needs editing. This card will basically eliminate the hassle of moving the files and allowing me to have them all for the entire semester!

i would rub it in those 8gig iphone users face that my blackberry can hold more songs and movies than there lame iphone~~~~!!!!

This card would allow me to keep all my themes and wall papers, documents I use for work and the daily running of my business, all my apps at hand. Now that would be brilliant and make my life so much easier.

I travel for work and one thing that always with me is my blackberry and PC, i could you something like this to back my PC

I use my BB to store music, important documents, pictures...basically my life. I could use a nice big 16GB card and upgrade this dinky 2GB card that I am constantly cleaning for free disk space.

My girlfriend needs a new memory card so if I win this one she can have my old one please.

I just got a charging dock for my Curve and I would love nothing more than to put my BlackBerry on the dock and play music throughout my room. Right now I can't really store much music on it, so this would be sweeeet!

This would be a most excellent prize! I take a lot of pictures with my berry! especially when out with the family. I can just think of all the extra pictures i can take with this! Thank you for the oppurtunity, and good luck to everyone else!

This would be a most excellent prize! I take a lot of pictures with my berry! especially when out with the family. I can just think of all the extra pictures i can take with this! Thank you for the oppurtunity, and good luck to everyone else!

I travel a lot and my berry ends up being an entertainment center. Movies and podcasts and what not. Sure would be nice not to have to shuffle files all the time.


If i could win this than the 1000+ pics my daughter ask me to take of her will all fit on top of the upcoming pics of her new little brother :-)

I'm at the youth ministries and this would help me alot moving and carrying music and videos for events.

This card would first go into my curve 8900 then take on the load of about 20 avi format movies.1500 songs,and a little over 500 pictures.i wouldn't need my sony walkman,ipod nano,or any other media device ever again.this would help me maximize my media capabilities on my beloved blackberry.could also store back-up of some of my favorite apps on this little power house.and could actually make use of my video camera GREATLY appreciate:)..(sorry for the long post:(lol.

This would be great for me I constantly carry 2 8gb mem sticks around just to switch between movies and music. It would be great to only have to carry 1 card and not worry about losing or damaging the other one.

I'd love to have a higher capacity card for my 9700, I would dump all my music on there and get a blue tooth headset, no more wires!!! No more ipod either.

I have a lot of music and its impossible to use my bb as a media player with a puny 2gb sd card. I really need this one!

Right now i cant buy one so i would love one to have my favorite music with me all crackberry...

I need it to store all of my music,foreign language audio and video work and verses from the Holy Koran.

How sweet it would be to win this for my wife! I could load it up with some good music and maybe pair it up with some good wine! hey ... could make for a good night. you can send one my way???

Taking a trip soon, going all around the world, would be nice to stock up with videos and music. And have plenty of room for the sightseeing photos.

i need it i need it i take pics all day of my baby and im prob gonna use up all my memory by the time im done with this post. lol...p.s. i do need it.

So I can discard my ipod and never have to tote that damn thing around again. Also so I can take pictures and videos galore seeing its Spring Break and all. ;wink:

With this I could essentially have all-in-one device! And only need to bring my BlackBerry with me, bringing both BlackBerry and iPod is becoming cumbersome these days with lots of travel and business.

It's funny how a single tiny little piece of 16GB microsd could TOTALLY transform my blackberry into a better portable media device than the ipod!!!

At least that's the first thing that came to my mind...

just started using the berry as my main mp3 player, 16gbs would make that transition a whole lot more comfortable, count me in.

Hello, I use my BlackBerry to modify and update extremely large Excel files. This would help keep me from moving them back forth from my laptop as the 2GB just doesn't have enough space for my needs. Thanks for the consideration.

I'll take one! :) i could use it for pictures (i never use my digi cam anymore, its broke anyways), music (finally put all my itunes music on my BB) and free up some space for more apps!! my reboot time is soo slow so i bet moving some stuff onto a bigger card would help.. best of all i would be able to give my 2GB to my sis who only has a one GB in her curve! (her 2GB was stolen along with her BB two weeks ago :() HELP SOME SISTERS OUT!!!

With one of those cards, I could actually use my BB Tour as a multimedia device. That would be wonderful. Also, I take lots of pictures with my Tour, and with that much disk space, there would be no worries about running out of room anytime soon.

bc I take alot of pics of my 9yr old son. My sister and I send each other pics of our sons. They're 5 mths apart with mine being the oldest. School pics came in today so I'm about to send a couple her way. The 16 GB card would help out alot!

Please pick me my memory is gone and I need help to remember all the people I run into by taking pictures of them. HELP HELP. please pick me.

I constantly use my phone to take pic and record videos of my adorable two year old son. The more mem I have the more I can take and share!

This would be perfect for my plane ride to Aruba!!! I travel alot for work and always need more than 8GB of space for files/music/videos. I usually catch up on shows/movies that way since I travel alot. Having more space would greatly help without adding "bulk"

With 16GB, I could throw my iPod out the window and use my phone for all my movie and music needs. Now if only RIM would develop the ability to run APPs off the media cards, we'd be set for life.

well i just lost my old card and really need one to replace it with.. cuz a blackberry without a card is worthless

Im constantly recording and taking pics of the baby to have reminders of her growing up. I love to record and blow and all types of things thru my phone and the space would be so welcomed.

This would make my life SO much easier. I could carry all those nuclear technical documents on one card instead of the several I use now!

I got my tour back in october and I've downloading songs, taking pictures, etc and I'm dangerously at max, so getting this 16gb will be great to get!!!

I just joined a gym and will use my BB Tour as my mp3 player. The 2 gig that came with my Tour probably won't be large enough with all the music I plan to add.

16 gb would be enough to store all of my music and videos on the go while I'm commuting to work. My current 2gb card is barely holding enough for both ways.

I'm a trader & IT consultant, my clients always emails me the requesition come with the attachment with high resolution pictures & documents. It takes up a lot of space. I also keep all my backups such as contacts, emails, sms, applications, photos, videos and etc on my media card.

Another things I always keep a huge files for mp3 music which is I used to listen while I'm going for jogg+workout everyday. The existing 4GB card it's going full of space. Hopefully the 16GB card it would make me use of a big space I need it. Especially for more usefull apps I can subscribe from crackberry & others from RIMs network.

Right now, I still carry an mp3 player with me. With 16gb of storage, I'm getting to the point where I wouldn't need one anymore. Please?!?!

my school files, but I'd also be able to add tons more music, movies, and pictures from my photography portfolio! Oh yea, please let me win one =D

I'd love to have this. I'm currently doing residency so my BB stores my whole life right now. Drug information, power point presentations, articles, and so many other references I need. Plus my music to keep me sane, there's a limit to how many gadgets I can keep in my white coat pockets.

this would help me out with more room for pics videos, and music on my storm2... i'd greatly appreciate this!

I just got my ipod stolen (160 gb), I don't have a memory card that works with my memory (corrupt microsd), college costs have got me by the neck. Please pick me I'm in NEED of this!!!

Is perfect for all the videos, music, and pictures. I have 10 gigs of music and want them all on my phone. Forget the ipod I want music on my blackberry.

...that came with my phone. It's full of music right now. I use it for the long ride to band practice on Sundays. It's a life saver. I would love to get this 16 gig one so I can really jam out on the way to practice...or wherever!

in my opinon, you can never have too much storage. i love storing my pix,tunes and movies on my microsd card. i also store all of my documents for work too. the more the merrier!

I would be most appreciative to win this, I have tons of these cards for multiple devices, yet none that fit my new Bold of any real size.

I had an 8GB micro SD for my phone which was pretty much full with the random movies, videos, music and pictures. The main reason I had such a large card was because I am somewhat tech savvy which brings about friends and family constantly coming to me when they need help fixing their computers. Before I bought this card, I would always have to drag around my external hard drive which was a pain in the butt to say the least. I figured it was dumb to invest in a flash drive whereas I would just be using it to help out my friends and family for free so its pointless to invest in one because it would not benefit me in the slightest. When I decided that I could use a nice micro SD for my phone, I had the great idea that I could just keep a bunch of programs such as free anti viruses and spy-ware cleaning programs on my memory card in my phone so I could help them out on the spot seeing as all I need to do is carry a tiny micro SD to USB connector on me which is a LOT smaller than a flash drive and I could just connect it to my Black Berry with the string to never forget it. This is what brought about me buying such a large card because the micro SD was the best of both worlds. Problem is, a few weeks ago when fixing my friends computer, my card was plugged into his laptop which somehow caused the micro SD card to randomly get extremely hot and overheat. Sadly I lost EVERYTHING on it from movies, to pictures, to plenty of programs. I really do want to get a new card because it would help a lot but I just cant bring myself to buy another one seeing as I still mainly use it to help friends and family more so than myself. I would greatly appreciate the chance to win this 16GB Micro SD and I'm sure everyone I plan on helping for free in the future would be happy to thank you guys too because it would save them $100's from bringing their computers to expensive places like Best Buy or other stores that do work on computers. I just want to say thank you guys so much for having all of these great giveaways and I would be ecstatic if I were to win this card. Good Luck to everyone and sorry this is kind of long but I do hope that you guys do read the whole post seeing as I put time and effort into it. Again, Thanks and Good Luck everyone!

I hate it when someone beats me to the punch. This is exactly the kind of entry that makes me glad I read the competition before I submitted my own. Your reasons are very similar to my own, except I was also planning throwing on a portable Linux distro in addition to the portable apps. I see no reason for the Crackberry team to have to choose between us and the fact that you got yours fried makes you definitely more worthy of winning then myself. Fortunately you got your entry in before I did. I humbly bow out of the competition and wish you the best of luck. If we were allowed to vote, you'd have mine.

I need a 16 like a hole in the head. My wife says I should have my blackberry attached to my hand I use it so much. With 16 gb I could just crank it up and not hear. Her.

Wow, this card would double the fun with my Bold 9700. Have a 8GB card and am always running out of space when synching with iTunes via BB Media Synch

I, like all others, can never have to much space. I look back with utter confusion to a time when I somehow survived a 2 or even a 4 gb SD card. I currently use an 8 gb card & periodically I must do spring cleaning. A 16 gb card would give me the chance to wonder: "How did I ever get by with just an 8?"

This 16MB card will help me store pictures of my 2 children as I alway take pictures with my Blackberry. I will be very grateful if I do win this card.

Im currently using an 8gb card and its half full. I use my phone as my mp3 player at the gym. I would love to have more memory!!!

I already have my 8GB filled with music and videos. So much, that I carry another 4GB card in case I want to capture video or pictures. It seems like I am one of those people who fill up whatever space is available. ;-)

ohh pick me!!! i never win these things, and this would be one little thing that would be very beneficial to me. I use my blackberry for media and this would def. upgrade my 2GB i have now!!

I could really use 16gb of storage since my 9700 is my ipod. Music, movies and pictures take up a lot of space.

My 4 gig card from another manufacturer is continually getting corrupted and failing me. I'd love to replace it with a Sandisk 16GB.

my stock 2gb card is full of pictures and music so im forced to use the device memory for everything else

I have had an 80 GB iPod for a few years now and have it completely full. I have tons of music that I enjoy. I want to be able to just simply use my Blackberry and do away with my iPod! One less thing to carry around.

WOW...I currently have 2 2G SD cards that are full and am starting a new one...this would make my life a lot easier if I can put all that on one card and not have to worry about more than one...the reason I haven't bought an 8G or 16G, is because I was given these by family who don't use them...but having all on one would make life much easier...thanks Crackberry for this opportunity

This would be great! I have 3 small children and all of my family lives in another state so I take a lot of pictures with my phone (since I always have it with me) and send them to my family just so they don't miss them growing up.

I would love to have it, I can always put more music, pictures including WP, ringtones and maybe finally cache Slacker radio onto the memory card. All of this is possible if I win.

I could put every song I own & ever hope to own on my Tour & still have lots of room left. : )

Thanks for the contest !! : )

This card will hold all pictures that I use for a quick show and tell at work and when making business calls. Not to mention the pdf's and other Microsoft Office documents that I use at work. Thanks.

I'm in grad school for a human science degree, so I'm always receiving emails with PDFs of scientific articles I need to read and evaluate. I love carrying them around with me and cracking open the PDF viewer whenever I get the chance. Printing them is waste of paper, money and hard on my back. They average 30 pages in length so they end up taking a lot of room after a while. Near exam season, there's just not enough space! I'd love a 16gb card!

I literally just ran out of space on my 2gb card that came with my bold. I'm in dire need of a high capacity card for all my pictures, audio, and documents. this would help a ton!