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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 03:49 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data with us everywhere. Most BlackBerry devices do come with an SD card, but its usually 2GB or less - and for most of us thats just is not enough. The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card will take care of that problem.

The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card is a great solution for your media needs. On average it can store around 4,000 of your favorite songs, or 10,000-14,000 pictures. This is 8 times the capacity of the standard SD card that is included in most BlackBerry devices. The more storage you have the better. Using a memory card will keep all of your media files off of the device memory, allowing your device more free space for applications, and helping it to run better. Some users can get by with a small 2GB card, but if you want to maximize your storage, you really can't go wrong with 16GB (or even 8GB most times). 

Overall a 16GB sd card is a must for most BlackBerry users. The high capacity will meet even the most hardcore users needs. Personally I have been using the SanDisk 16GB card for almost 8 months, and it has met all of my media needs. SDHC cards are compatible with most late model BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry Store for $59.95, a fair price for the amount of storage you get, and length of time this card will last.

CONTEST: Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

For your chance to win a free SanDisk 16GB Card, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the SanDisk Card would help your storage needs on your device. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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I can finally dump all my tunes onto my 9700 and still have room for videos to keep my 5 yr. old daughter entertained.


i will use i to store pictures of my whole family and videos of memorable moments of my life and as well as to store my fav songs n movies and to store data related my studies :)


The increased storage (from my 2GB now) would definitely allow me to carry around more music and videos to enjoy on the road.


I am constantly deleting and adding songs weekly because I only have a 1GB card installed;. I could put a lot of music and photos on the 16GB. Love these Contests!


The music is the best part. That and pictures. Its nice to have a phone with a decent camera and the ability to take pictures but I dont want to be caught were I have to start deleting some just to add another one.


I use my 8gb for movies and music, Have 3rd Gen iPod Touch 32GB, but wife uses it mostly, so my primary media player is my 9530 (spare me the humiliation!). Have over 17 gigs of stuff on iTunes, I could sure use the extra space to fit in some of that on my BB.


use this! Since my 8g card is getting full!! I would load it up with more media!!


An accessory I'm sure everyone would love to have


Need it for my huge library. It will finally complete my bb!


This would keep me from having to buy my wife an ipod!!!


I've been thinking about getting one for a while now. Would love this!


It would help me get some money back on the 8GB I just bought


Winning this would be so helpful. I use my blackberry as an mp3 player. This will allow me to have a more comfortable collection of music on my phone. I NEED this!


I had one for my s2 way back when, but when i gave that phone back, they needed it :(
So now im stuck with no music, limited photo taking, and no video capturing on my micro-SD-card-less 8530.


This would be a great addition since I only have a 2gb one.


i have a 2gb its useless... it hold hardly any music


Personally Id love this as I currently have a ipod touch, but I like only having one device, so adding this to my blackberry tour would not only make it so I don't need my ipod anymore, it could also replace my digital camera, so it would save me 2 devices to have! and I'm a person who believes less CAN be more. :D


Need all the extra storage space to fit all my ShopCrackberry Apps


Great for movies on long flights or between Netflix deliveries.


I use my 4GB card for videos/music/app store/CB podcasts(the reason I remove them after listening is because it takes up too much memory. I'd be able to keep things on my device longer.


I could really use this for my music!


this would allow me to not have to pick and choose which files I could carry for work and play, I would be able get rid my 1gb and still have plenty of room!


to store all of my crap! SEND IT TO ME!!!! PLEASE!!!!!


its always better to have more space...


I'm the right person for this winner situation!


If i had a second 16GB card i could store even more music on my blackberry and rid my life of the burden that is my ipod.


16gig would double my current storage, so that means more pictures I can take of my daughter, more videos I can take and keep, more music I can keep to listen to at work and at meetings, basically more of everything I use my Storm for...


I've been traveling and actually using the bb camera to take pics. It would store more pics.


This Is The Best Give Away Ever This Thing will change my life in ways you dont want to imagine some of the nastiest and most delightful nut itching excitement you can muster your lil brains into this will Make me a twitter god that will whip the entire world with all the storage space of twitpic hell i can muster.....etc etc etc


i could use a bigger memory card


I would be able to take so many more pictures of my dog instead of having to transfer them every so often and watch movies while ignoring things to do at work!


I would put tons and tons of music on it. I would also put a few movies on there, so if I was really board, I would have something to watch. Thanks!


I ran out of space on the 2gb micro sd card i got when i got my phone within the first week. I've been waiting for a great deal on a bigger card and what's better than free? With this card i can finally get rid of my old 3rd gen ipod and make my bb my default media player!


I ran out of space on the 2gb micro sd card i got when i got my phone within the first week. I've been waiting for a great deal on a bigger card and what's better than free? With this card i can finally get rid of my old 3rd gen ipod and make my bb my default media player!


I use my Bold for everything. I am constantly emailing people, I keep logs of BBM chat's on my phone, even keep a few OS install files and backups on my phone for those "just in case" moments. But most of all I use the storage card for media. Music and videos. I am a HUGE TopGear nut and keep at least a full season on my phone. My 8GB card is getting very full to say the least. Would love to not have to swap out cards. This 16GB one would do the trick!


I have lots of pictures and I would like to add a bunch more.


16gb card wow soo much information and data i can store on my bb :)


I could use this to bring all of my music with me.


Always running out of space and have to choose what to keep and delete, this would make life much easier!


i have a ridiculous amount of songs and only a 2gb microsd so i use my ipod for everything. with a 16gb, I could only carry a bb!! :D


I have only been using BlackBerry for about 1 1/2 years...I started with a 1gb, loaded that so fast it would make your head spin! quickly bought a 2gb....what was I thinking?!?!?!!???? I am currently filling up an 8gb. I literally use by 'Berry for EVERYTHING: phone, txt, email, mp3 player, voice recorder, videos and it even serves as my flash drive (since everytime I buy one, I lose it :( )
So, PLEASE CB, hook me up with a 16gb card and make my life easier.


Need 16GB to have at my disposal for my movies, tv shows, music, data, and pictures. Actually, I was going to give as gift. What better way to get to the affections of the heart than a 16 GB microSDHC card!!!


I need the 16GB Sandisk as I store tons of documents and pictures related to my business on my card and my current 8GB card is almost full.


Help! my 8 gig card is stressed ! 16 would be awesome. Never can have too much music.


A must for Phone users with camera and video capability and enjoy music. I would love to upgrade to the 16GB. I hope I can win one.


The wife needs one too. I would love to win.


I don't want to buy an digital camera, so I need more storage for pics and vids!


i need the card because i have a lot of photos, music and documents on my berry


I started off with 256mb Micro SD Card which made me a little bit more flexible as far as available space on my BB. I am such a music fan and HAVE to HAVE my music with me but are not always armed with my iPod. So next best thing.....put it all on my BB SD Card......as I ALWAYS have my phone with me! Upgraded from that to the 2gb Micro SD Card....over time, my music taste eventually out grew the 2gb Micro and have now been really satisfied with the 8gb Micro SD Card!!! But DaaaaaaaaMMMMMM GINA.....a 16gb Micro SD Card!?!?! Can I get a Amen.........?!


it will store all my music collection.


Who couldn't use the big card, photos, tunes (to be able to leave the itouch at home, OMG), and never have to change the card, and 16 is such a nice number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, send it now.


this would help me fit all of my movies on my bb


Nothing says lovin like plenty of memory. Love to win stuff, and a larger memory card is the perfect thing for music and picture hogs. Oh yeah, business files as well, in case my boss is reading this.


I would fill mine up with movies so I can kill even more time with my phone


This would be great for me and my family. I keep everything on my phone. . . music, movies, pictures, take videos, files for working on computers, tons of ringtones and backgrounds that I give to friends and family. I always need more space, I carry around a 2GB memory card in my wallet just so I can keep a copy of my family's medical records x-rays, ct scans and mri's with me in case of an emergency. Would be great to be able to keep all this stuff in the same place and be able to give my 4gb card to my wife for her phone and retire her old 512mb card. And maybe even have a little room left over at the end of the day.


I can put more songs on my Bold!!!


Quite simply! It would double my ability to carry stuff on my BlackBerry!


This card would help me out as I do lots of power point presentations on suicide prevention and on diffrent mental illness and the different ways to cope and I currently have a 16 gig card with my storm 2, but now out of space and need more space for more power point presentations as well as for my own use for music that I can not currently hold on my card, cause it is full. Please help me out, by choosing me. Thanks CrackBerry for another cool contest.


Great contest! This would be a nice upgrade from my 8GB. Then I could turn it over to my daughter who still has the one that came with her 8130 which is only 1GB.


I know winning this is a huge luck draw, yet I would use the 16GB flash for millions of things, my current microsd can't hold the information and I can't afford to buy a bigger one.


I would love to get some movies going on my 9700. This would help tremendously.


What doesn't live on my phone! I use my phone for photos and videos all the time. Since my entire family (and extended family) all have BB's as well most photos and videos taken are passed around the family tree as it were. I also gave up carrying around my ipod and just put music on my BB for working out (jogging/biking). It works pretty well, the only downside is that I only have a few gigs of available space at the moment. Bumping up to 16gb would be HUGE as I could get a lot more of my mp3 catalog on my phone and not have to worry about being pinched for space for my videos!

Thanks crackberry!


Wow 16 GB... how can they fit so much onto such a small card? I know how I'd fill mine...

- Say goodbye to the iPod (sorry Steve Jobs). Why not have all my music right there? I never remember the other device, but always have my Berry on me. Right now, I don't really use it for music because my card doesn't have enough capacity.

- Docs at my fingertips. As a teacher, it would be oh-so-handy to have all my documents at my fingertips. Too bad the card I have now doesn't have the capacity to handle it (see a trend here?). With DocstoGo I can even grade papers! Right there! In my hands!

I could go on and on, but really just want to win this card!


Well, having to communte 2 hours a day, the 16GB MicroSD card will give me enough space for music and movies which I can watch in the transit.

I also like keeping pictures from vacations etc on my phone to show my family and friends. I will be able to carry more of my pictures and won't have to continously change the resolution of the pictures so i can fit more on my tiny card.


i need this card for my new bb


i need this card for my new bb


As the article said, 8 gigs will not suffice. I need 16 for my music needs, picture sharing and documents. Oh, did I forget to mention videos. I need more space to show off the activities of my Grandson.


With 16GB I could fit the whole world on my Blackberry.


I could use to take my porn with me!

Porn on the go!



I need one pls gimme one!


I use my BB to keep documents for school. I don't have a microSD card in my phone so it's pretty much maxed out.


More pictures, more music, more apps, more music, more documents, more music.


Remember when early developers said you'd never need more than 64K?


I have an 8gb card now, that is full! I still have TONS, and TONS of pics, vids, and music on my laptop that I would love to have on my Tour. Would definelty appreciate to win this.


I do a lot of travelling from work to home and back and I usually like to listen to music or watch tv shows during my travels. This would come in handy because I could put all I have on it and go.


I'll use it to bring files back and forth from home and work.


Would luv to win this bad-boy! I never win anything, but you can't win it if you're not in it :o)


I have an 8gb card that is filled to the max with music, videos, and pics. I use my BB for work and fun, so my SD card also has plenty of word and excel files. Doubling the size of available memory would be amazing!


I would be able to carry my whole music and video library with me 24/7......:)


you can never have too much memory for your device.


This would be ideal for me. Ipod just broke and don't want to waste money on another one when I can just use my BB. Having one free would be even better.


I would fill it with mostly music and maybe a movie or two!
who needs an iphone?!?!?!?!


Would love to win this vodafone gave me a free 4mb card had to update straight away to 8mb and will prob need a 32 but a 16mb wud be a great help for now..


I am a father that is constantly taking pictures of my 6 year old son with my Blackberry, as well as videos. This would be awesome so I could keep them all on the bold.

I also let my son use the blackberry to take pictures and videos, so again, more data storage would be awesome.


So, I just got this nifty new dSLR camera (nice as my Tour camera is, the Canon Rebel does WAY more camera stuff...). I want to carry around some of the bazillion pics I've been taking of my puppy, so I can combat those who show me pics of their kids & grandkids. Please help me in this quest!


being in the military I am traveling all over the place. I currently keep music, movies, and my files all on that card. With 16gb I wouldn't have to keep switching my cards in and out for what I use it for. 17 Hours on a plane is a long time lol.


This card would be great to win as I'm very strapped for cash at the moment. As I'm deploying to iraq in september I will be able to take plenty of pics and vids while I'm there, plus jam out to some chili peppers on my down time! Hehe


to have. My 8 gb card is full. The extra space would be great.


This card could greatly improve my blackberry, i am always taking pictures and listing to music and thats a lot of memory for my little 1gb. As everyone knows they economy is bad and if it wasn't i would be out buying one right now.
Thanks For Everything CrackBerry!


i filled my 8 gig and had to buy another one. I use both of mine for work. we have to many customers to keep track of there doc when they send them to me and this would make like easyer on me so i dont have to keep unloading them all the time. if i had a 16 gig i could go for a week without connecting it to my pc. You guys would rock if you picked me.


I would love to be able to add my music library to my BlackBerry and stop carrying around my iPod too!


to have. Would love to win it. Thanks CB.



I need more space to store music and files on for when I am at the gym and using my blackberry as my media player with my bluetooth headphones. Who needs a iAnything when I have my trusty Blackberry.


I've been using my blackberry as an mp3 player for the gym - being able to add more songs, and not have to constantly move pictures off and on to my computer would be a huge help :)


I would surely give good use to it!
Thanks CB!


i would be able to put a little more than half of the songs in my iTunes library, but still more than my phone and ipod can hold.


I've really gotta have this! I needed it about 6 months ago.



I could sooooo use this in my 9000 to show off movies and my awesome music player list!


I really need this because the 4GB one that i have now is full and i cannot put anymore music, videos, and other media on my Blackberry Tour 9630 (Sprint). This would help my storage needs on my Blackberry Tour 9630 (Sprint) because i would be able to put all of my music on my Blackberry so i would have a tune to listen too while waiting for someone or working out. it would also help with my pictures and videos because i like to take videos and take pictures with my Blackberry because i get to capture my favorite memories. This product would help my life out alot.


oh please i could use one


That's a great thing I want to own.


Wow I could really use this, I would have no trouble filling this but don't have the 60 bucks to spare to buy one!


I would use it for my ring tones, I make ring tones and I'm running out of room on my blackberry. So having more space would help me


Like you mentioned a 2gb(which is exactly what i have) doesnt do much. during my lunch i like to watcha movie or watch the latest downloaded episode of supernatural or maybe 2 or 3 of them.... but it wont fit because of pictures and music combined! It'd greatly enchance my blackberry if i could have that 16gb micro sd card! Thanks!


My 8GB is just about full. Music, podcasts (podtrapper plug!), pictures and videos have filled mine up. Hope I win!


I need this so i can watch porn everywhere :)


I would love to get my little hands on this to finally be done with the enemies ipod BLACKBERRY for LIFE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am going to store my pdf papers!


Will that fit a storm? if it does i want one.


I only have 8GB. lol.


I want one of these so bad!! Would love to get rid of my ipod and use my Blackberry to hold music as well!


I would use it for my music and photos collection!


I've already outgrown my 8GB card and could really use this one. I'm really tired of having to look through my media to see what I can delete in order to add more stuff.


This Will Go Perfect When I Buy The HTC EVO 4G And Dump BlackBerry!

....Oh Snap! Did I Just Say That? Don't Hate, Go Vent At Twitter.com/PHADE818


This would totally eliminate my need for another Music player!!!


You always need more storage space on your Blackberry. This will really enhance the usability of my Blackberry.


I'm a music and movie geek, so this is definitely helps my addiction to movie while commuting :)


i currently have two 8 gb memory cards that I use with my 9700. I have to carry them both around with me....and having one 16 gb card would solve my problem and make my life so much easier!

My fingers are crossed...


bought one of these and it is great, I would love a second one.




I would use a card of that capacity for a variety of things:

1. Pictures of my family.
2. Video's of the kids.
3. Podcasts and mp3's.
4. Way to carry work files from the office in case of emergency.
5. Workout Data from GPS Logger.
6. Coaching/Technique Videos that can be shown at practice to athletes.

- The additional space would be v.v.handy.


"More testicles means more iron!"


this would be great to have!


great upgrade from my 2gb


MicroSD cards are so expensive but it would be great if I won this, this way I don't have to waste the extra cash on an ipod nano and be able to buy more blackberry accessories.

Southern Gal

newbie on the bb and need this to help store my podcasts and mp3s and photos...


I never have enough space on my card now for all of my music and pics. With 1GB, I would!



a 16gb card would allow me to get rid of my digital camera and rely only on my new Storm2. Carrying around an extra electronic device is unnecessary when everything can be combined in 1 device!


I could watch movies during flights. Awesome!


Need more storage for all the apps and themes I purchase from crackberry!


I could sure use the extra memory, but then who couldn't. Just wish I had a slot for it in my head, maybe I wouldn't be forgeting where I left things all the time!


AWESOME if i could win this, I've been using my Blackberry as an mp3 player lately after the battery on my touch started acting up and I'm thinking of leaving it that way :-)


I'd love to have this. Would really come in handy. I'm always taking pics and recording random stuff with my BB. Plus I don't always carry my mp3 player so my phone plays 2 roles most of the time.


16gb would be great for storing videos on the go


i listen to too much music and need way more space than i have now! please??!


Just to win the card?


Hi I'm Barry. A real estate agent from NC. I keep pictures of houses and their details on my Blackberry Storm. Its large screen lets me show larger more detailed pics to my clients. These pics fill up a smaller card fairly quick. But this storage card is like the walk-in-closet of storage cards. And it's a top-of-the-line Sandisk, too. Thanks, Sandisk.


Being a computer engineering student, I would be able to keep files on this nifty card. Not to mention music.


If I had this memory card it would save my phone from lags. I currently don't have one, and have been using my phones memory to save a few songs and pictures. My phone would be relieved with this, because I could save everything on the memory card. I have to win this. =)


i could always use more storage space for music and movies. I love watching movies on my storm. I already have one 16GB just about filled up.


Would be nice to have a bigger SD card so that I can fit more songs on my phone


I have 2 sons (22 months and 3 months) and its amazing how many pictures and videos you take of them. I have a 2GB and that kept filling up, so I have to empty it every couple of weeks. And when you have kids, time is of the essence. So please give me a larger SD card so I can have more time to take even more pictures


It's all about the storage capacity!


Having a 16g microSDHC card will reinforce my belief that my Blackberry is MORE functional then having just an iPod.

Diabeetus Man

I can't remember... ;)

Entering... hope to win!


Wow,this is a really neat card,sure could use it.Thanks


I'm graduating to be a Physician Assistant and want to run medical libraries and prescription programs on my BB Curve 8900. I haven't been able to afford a memory card and cannot make use of the programs (like Epocrates) which requires a memory card. I would love to start work in the hospital feeling like I have the knowledge to heal and cure in my pocket (in addition to whatever is retained in my head).


I need a 16GB currently my 8GB card is full!!!!

Drew Oswalt

a higher capacity card would allow me to carry more files around on my BB for work


I would love to be a winner! I haven't won a contest since I was 12 years old. Loooong, loooooong time ago! Suffice it to say I'm the parent of a college student!


We have an 8GB for the curve, but will need a 16 for the 8650 in a couple months! Hopefully! LOL


We have an 8GB for the curve, but will need a 16 for the 8650 in a couple months! Hopefully! LOL


Man I got 1GB card how weak is that
I delete stuff everday just to have what I need on my berry
I would luv 15GB more


I quite commonly use my berry as a mass storage device for the purpose of transporting large media files to others and then offloading them via usb. This would make my life much easier.


We have an 8GB for the curve, but will need a 16 for the 8650 in a couple months! Hopefully! LOL


i need one!!! my 2gig isn't big enough!


Who wouldn't want one of these cards? Gotta have one.


i sit in traffic for a total of 2-3 hours a DAY because of the bridge/tunnel i have to take to work, i tend to watch stuff on my phone while my car is in park waiting, this would allow me to finally put movies on my blackberry! please choose me!! Please!!!


I just upgraded to a Tour and I have to say the picture quality is nice. Burning through my 4gig card quickly!!!


I could definitely use this to store videos I take


Need to get ready to upgrade from my 8gb card in my curve. I use it at work to listen to music and books.


this is double of my storge! :)


The thought of being able to takes thousands of photos AND have the complete works of Bruce Springteen stored on one card is almost more than I can handle! Please, please pick me!!!!


I want to use it so I can eliminate the need to carry both my ipod and my blackberry. PUUUUHHHHHLLLLEEEEEESSSSEEEEEE win me this memory card. Please?


I would use it for storing music and play them on my old but beloved 8100. :)


Movies,video clips...songs...;))))))
..For da long bus trips ...


I could use this 16GB sd card because am using my bold with no sd card. This would great for me!


My 2GB is about to EXPLODE I need a higher capacity memory as soon as possible, because I have way 2 much music in my memory, and I like saving my OS and someother comouter programs, so sometimes I go around with like 3 different memory cards, this 16GB would resolve that problem :) !


I've been wrestling with getting a Blackberry or an iPhone I think a Blackberry with a 16Gb card wouls solve that issue .
I would get the Bold9700 on Telus and have the card for my music.
As a 69 year this would do me just fine.


I have Docs to go on my BB, I've got documents for my church, my retiree club, my part time job and lot's of personal stuff. Have not yet maxed out my current 2GB card that came with my BB but I'm certainly trying hard to do so.

A 16GB card would be so awsome!

Thanks for the chance to win one.


Wow. When I got this 4 gb card I thought I was good. Now I've got about a thousand songs and countless pictures from everything, I fill it up all the time downloading new music, taking pictures all the time. Not ones for myspace either. Its like an artistic hobby of mine. I've been backing it up on my pc but that takes forever and I've got massive folders everywhere with 'phone junk' and ancient videos. Please help me out guys. A new memory card would be amazing. Plus I'm gettin my upgrade next week, so it would be a definite plus for my new Blackberry. Thanks.


store all my music files which is kinda huge (around 6GB) and so it would help me out without having to select individual songs.
Also I have e-books that I read during travel, as its the easiest way to kill time.
My favorite one is "Crackberry: True Tales of Blackberry Use and Abuse: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Responsible Blackberry Use"
So count me in and fingers crossed!


With all of my business presentation and All of my school work and all my music and pics I really need to boost up my storage space!!!

dont let me down crackberry!


There is never enough space for me to store my music...Help!!!!


We could all use some more memory! Thanks SanDisk and Crackberry for offering a great prize once again.


oh man, I really could use one of these right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want this card, i need the room so bad and i never win anything


I really need a lot of memory for downloading videos and music to listen to when on the plane.


My last card got damaged transferring files and I haven't had the money or opportunity to get a new one. A nice new 16GB card would be awesome. No more worrying about email attachments and getting low on storage.


You got to love crackberry contests like this.


My 2GB will soon be filled, could really use it.


I would love to have this chip so I can replace my ipod with my bb. No more carrying around multiple devices. I can use my bb for all my multimedia needs. Thanks crackberry.


bigger card means more movies and songs.
yes i think i will please.


At the moment I'm still using the default 1GB card and it's really pitiful. I can't even put more then 100 good quality mp3's on it. I need more space and since I have a Tour, a 16 GB card will be the max I can go to anyways.


All my music, documents, calendar and contacts


Like everyone else here, I purchased a 2Gb card thinking that would be sufficient over 3 years ago.

Recently I have run out of space with all of my music and documents.


Would be very nice. I have an 8gb card and it's nearly full between music, ringtones, pictures, documents, etc. Having plenty of room will keep me from having to have a second device, such as an iPod.


My brand new iPod was stolen out of my car overnight this winter, so I have been using my Tour as my music source on the go for a few months now, and it works well enough. I could really use the extra storage to fit a bit more of my music on to it.


I am a DJ and I would like the microSD to store my music for my gigs instead of using a flashdrive.

Please pick me! It will definately be appreciated :)

Thanks CrackBerry!!!


I can watch more movies


I would like to have a 16gb memory card because right now I have a handful of 1gb-2gb cards that I store information on.

I bought a brand new computer because I started online college, and I thought because I had a big hard drive my information would be safe, until one day when my computer erased the hard drive and I lost everything. I found out the hard way the bigger the hard drive does not mean the more stable they are.

I go to online college and I have to store all of my assignment, unfortunately I lost a pretty important assignment and I got a bad grade because of that. So I bought a bunch of little memory cards because they are inexpensive, and I store all of my college work on them.

I also work for a company that requires me to keep information on all of my clients, I use my memory cards to store information on that too. If I were to lose my clients information I would be in very much trouble, because a major part of my job is to service my clients.

Someone told me to get an external hard drive, but my computer guy told me they can go bad just like a computer hard drive. I hope my little memory cards never go bad.

The main reason I want a bigger memory card is because I want to get rid of the pile of little cards I have, because I am not able to label each one I have no idea which one has the information I need at the time, and with one big card I would be able to access all of my information at once.

I hope I win this 16GB card, thank you for listening to me.


I could really use this. I have a huge itunes library, and the tiny microsd on my blackberry just does not do the job. It would be great to get one of these, but I just can't afford it right now.


would love to win this as I only have a 2 gig card, broke my 8 gig card trying to get it out of my broken 9700.


because getting double amount of memory is always a good thing!


would love to win this as I only have a 2 gig card, broke my 8 gig card trying to get it out of my broken 9700.


because getting double amount of storage is always a good thing!


this can increase the amount of porn i can store and watch :D please help an addict out!!! LOL


I need more space, thanks...


I need more space, thanks...


I have a new son and have over 400 pic on my 8g card need a 16 please....lol!


I have thousands of lectures I listen to which require all that space.


I go out on tons of dates. I love taking pictures and video with my blackberry bold. The extra space will come in handy!


I'm always on the edge of my current 4gb card so this would be great!


I would LOVE this card, I currently have to keep moving music off my blackberry in order to have enough space. And I DON'T want to have to get an iPod just for music.


I am constantly listening to music and the same few songs gets on my nerves. I would LOVE to get a good capacity card!


I'll take that old card that is bothering you... Thanks? don't mention it, glad to help you getting rid of the junk laying around...


I've just recently started converting DVD movies to Blackberry and I need as big a card as I can get!!!


I'd use this to take more vids pics and put more music on it....


Like most other BB users, I love my music and even movies on the go, but the added space would make it a helluva easier to take pictures and videos of my kids without worrying about space.

This has come to light especially since last Wednesday with the birth of our second child. Help me take more videos!!! Thx


I want this in order to add a lot more music to my curve. I love listening to music and my current storage is just not cutting it. Having to erase old songs and add new ones I want to hear in my car or at school. Having this huge memory upgrade would be great. I don't have a i-pod so this is why i have to use my Curve and I'm over using CD's already =P =D


Would be nice to have one of these.


I'm using 8Gb and am running out of space fast, coz my bb 9700 is such a good entertainment phone. Movies, songs, pictures...16Gb wold be so *drool* worthy =p


I store a lot of documents on my phone and so it limits the space I have to store my music and pictures. Having a 16gig card would give me twice the amount of room which is exactly what I need!


It would help me being more happy with my storage because I always want more more more & more storage to but anykind of random stuff on my bb :P


i currently have a 8gb San Disk card. This card has never failed me and works great. After putting about 300 pictures and 600 songs with about 7 movies on it I am almost out of space. This 16gb card would work great, has I am cheap and dont want to have to fork over the cash for a new one.


more music and videos!! I will never work!!!


A lot of movies would fit on this bad boy!


with all the presentations i have to do this would be a better place to store them than on a thumb drive that i keep loosing


I'd really like to have one.


16gig, would definitely be considered unlimited storage for me!!


The memory on my card is starting to drain and I've been intending to purchase one of these once I have some spare change, just hasn't happened yet! (ah, the bank account of a 22 year old :P )


I use my Storm for everything. I take tons of pictures and video of my son's baseball games and also track all his stats with it as well. I video each at bat so he can instantly see what adjustments he needs to make, plus it's great to have the older videos so he can see that day what he has done against a certain pitcher in the past. The 8gb card that came with it is nice but I am constantly having to move video off the device.


it would help me because I only have a 1gb card and I usually have to always delete songs to get new ones onto it...very annoying


i use for alot of basic things like music, pictures and videos, but also use it for my school work to transfer from computer to computer, save notes that write and other documents, this would also be good for my huge library of songs :)


I would be able to drop my iPod Classic as a portable video devices and go all Blackberry!


So I can throw more music on it!


ISO images for installs and repairs.


I could really use this for a number of things especially patient data and music.

Dr Dave


Wow, I need this. So much music and so little space!


I need a bigger SD card so I use my BB 9700 for all of the below tasks without having to constantly delete stuff even when I don't want to:
1-storing my music
2-storing my work documents so I can edit/review them during my commute
3-listening to podcasts (and they take up a LOT of space)
4-storing pictures of my friends, family, travel, colleagues and dogs
5-backing up my BBM contact list
6-storing videos
7-storing voice notes from conference calls and meetings to help me remember later what happened in each
8-storing the dozen or so ringtones that I have associated with different contacts and groups of contacts.

So as you can see, I need a bigger SD card; the existing 2GB card just doesn't cut it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I have one?


I have a full 1 GB card now, yes, I need this.


i would love not to buy an ipod...not only do i not want to spend the money, i don't want to give it to apple either. a 16gig card would double my storage and make my tour twice as useful.