BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 03:49 pm EDT

This Week's Featured Item: SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

SanDisk microSD

With all the flashy accessories out there now, the importance of an SD card is sometimes overlooked. Whether it is music, videos, pictures, or all your personal documents, these cards let us take all of our favorite data with us everywhere. Most BlackBerry devices do come with an SD card, but its usually 2GB or less - and for most of us thats just is not enough. The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card will take care of that problem.

The SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card is a great solution for your media needs. On average it can store around 4,000 of your favorite songs, or 10,000-14,000 pictures. This is 8 times the capacity of the standard SD card that is included in most BlackBerry devices. The more storage you have the better. Using a memory card will keep all of your media files off of the device memory, allowing your device more free space for applications, and helping it to run better. Some users can get by with a small 2GB card, but if you want to maximize your storage, you really can't go wrong with 16GB (or even 8GB most times). 

Overall a 16GB sd card is a must for most BlackBerry users. The high capacity will meet even the most hardcore users needs. Personally I have been using the SanDisk 16GB card for almost 8 months, and it has met all of my media needs. SDHC cards are compatible with most late model BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry Store for $59.95, a fair price for the amount of storage you get, and length of time this card will last.

CONTEST: Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card

For your chance to win a free SanDisk 16GB Card, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how the SanDisk Card would help your storage needs on your device. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PDT. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup: Enter to Win a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Card



I run my own Blackberry Repair store. Customers are always emailing me documents and high resolution pictures of damages or even those design cases they would like to have.

This takes up a lot of space. I also keep all my backups and even OS files on my media card. Can't forget other pictures taken with the phone.

Last but not least. Music. I have A LOT of music on my phone. Why? Because I love music and always have my phone with me playing music when repairing blackberries. It helps me. :)

My 2GB card can only hold so much. This 16GB card sure would make things a lot easier and eliminate the stress of wondering "What can I delete to get more space!"

I have worked a long time at my home improvement store. An during the night shifts I love having the ability to listen to music using my phone. Since I have many of my family photos and documents on my original. So it would be great to have another memory card strictly for my music.

I could totally use this! I use mine as my radio in my car, but if I could have saved some real music other than the pandora selection that'd be great. Plus having it as a "flash drive" for my IT work would be really great!

If I cannot win, give it to woodenpirate just for the brilliant post, I love it, cause I want to use it for stuff too.

My 2yr old loves watching movies on my blackberry 9700. My 8GB card is maxed out. I could for sure use a 16GB to keep him happy :)

This would be great because I store a lot of apps on my BB for use at work because I'm in the IT field so this would allow me to store more apps on my card!

Because I use my Blackberry as my main portable mp3 player and 16gb is just perfect to put all my music on it.
So give it to me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

My iPod just broke, and I want to move all my music to by BB. I don't have the cash right now to get a nice big card, but this would be awesome!

i'm CONSTANTLY downloading and archiving apps from blackberry app world and beyond. i use slacker offline. i also use it to store music and albums of pictures that I snap on the go and share on facebook and twitter.

i can haz flash ram?

i use it for everything and have been wanting to step up to a 16gb so i dont have to swap cards anymore

I can always use more room to store pictures and videos of my daughter.

Also, more music never hurts. ;)

That is incredible so much information on a card the size of a finger nail. I got to get my hands on one of those, Pleeez consider me.

I could use this storage because I tweet and blog from my phone all the time. More space, more quality posts! Also, I can have music with me at all times.

I have a 1GB card that came with my 8330m. It is not enough. I'm maxing it out with music and would love to have more. I could very we replace my iPod, but I just can't carry enough.

As a music freak this memory will come so handy to me so I can store and listen to all my favorite music on device.

I have an 8gb in my Curve now, but with this I could give my son the 8gb as right now he only has a crappy 2gb. Pick me, pick me!

Right now, I carry most of my favorite music on my 8GB SanDisk card but have no room for any movies. A 16GB would hit the spot. :)

This will be such a cool thing to have, I then wont have to carry my iPod everywhere. Being an Audio engineer I cant afford to go anywhere without music, I always need it on the go, with this card in my BB a lot of my music will fit onto my blackberry itself :)

b/c I really probably don't need 16gigs, but if I did... it'd open up a lot of opportunities to download all kinds of stuff!

It should stock all the videos my little daughter (5 years old) can play on my BB, like "Love is all" or the Sony Bravia balls in the SF streets...
And some for her father, of course !

i would love to win the 16gb card. i use my blackberry bold to take pictures of my 9 month old daughter and save them on my phone so i can show her off whenever i get together with my friends & she doesnt accompany me. i also could store more songs on my phone as well, but primarily it would be for pictures of my daughter.

My wife and I just had our first child. I use my phone to take impromptu photos and videos all of the time of him! 16GB would allow a lot of memories.

Getting a card this size would allow me to carry just my bold instead of my bb and my ipod. Send it my way please!

because I use my phone for all my picture needs and I use it as my mp3 player too and for storing ur guys awesome podcasts I could use it to store all my needs

I totally need this. Those dang baby einstein movies take up too much room. What about MY movies? Holy cow, 16gb would be so sweet.

Since I use my BB to listen to music and sometimes watch videos, I am constantly running out of space and having to get rid of some stuff so I can add more. This memory card would be a great look because I would be able to hold more and not run out of space so fast. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!!!

Mainly for videos and pics. Music not so much because I dont listen to a lot of songs on my BB. But also i can download and store things using bolt ot opera without having to worry about space! Hope I win! Also, I havent seen a 16GB card in my area, just 4gb and I'm still using the 2gb it came with.

Sandisk make some good quality cards. I can't wait for 32Gb cards to become mainstream and come down in price.

I do a lot of movies on my storm. the frustrating thing is it takes about an hour and a half to convert and transfer a media file that is only 45mins long. But to be able to increase my memory size could make it so I can just do this once, save them all onto a nice 16gb card. Because the 8Gb that my storm came with is just not enough. What can I say, I am addicted to NCIS and Doctor Who, those shows rock. :D

This would be good for me because I am constantly having to pick and choose things to store on mine and it becomes a hassle to constantly move stuff on and off of it to clear space. I use my BB as a flash drive using mass storage mode as well as media source for the device itself so the extra space would really really really help me.

I am currently using the original 1g card that came with my phone. I am a guitar player for my local church and I use my BB to learn music while running or at the gym or in the car. I have currently maxed out the 1g card and am constantly having to "shuffle" songs on and off of my BB weekly. Please pick me. Love the website, I check it about 3x daily. You guys are fantastic.

All the best,


I think I could find a variety of uses for this! Just had a little baby boy and this would ease my mind on taking pictures and videos of the random activities this little guy gets into!

I have no other device for music, videos and files. I currently have a two gig card and it is just not enough space!

I carry a copy of all our IT Policies on my Media card because I am always being asked 'Why do I have to do that?'. I tell them it's our Policy and email them a copy of it. Or I have documents with embedded pics as walkthroughs on how to do something that I email people also.

Not to mention all the music I have on my Media Card. I use my BB as my iPod replacement. My wife broke hers so I gave her mine and just started using my BB for EVERYTHING!> I love it. With a 16GB card I could start putting Videos on it too.

Both my 7 and 8 year old kids likes to covertly take my BB and use it to take pictures of each other doing whatever silly things they can come up with. They are often trigger happy and I end up with no space left on my stock SD card. I hate to delete the pictures as sometimes they are very cute and funny. If I had a 16GB card, I would avoid the problem of realizing I have no room to store documents on there when I am on the road.... That is until they figure that there is a video recording option on there....

Wow! I'd be able to leave my Zune at home then! No more having to bring 2 players with me!

Me want. Me want.

Considering my Storm acts as my iPod and portable video player, it's obvious the more memory, the better. I store all my music on it, videos that I download-convert-and-transfer from TiVo, and I put all my photos on there to share with family.

Please please I'd love this!

i take pictures of EVERYTHING and want to store more music on on my tour. would love this so i can listen to my bberry at the gym instead of my ipod!

I would LOVE to win this. There is so much I don't carry with me because I only had a 2GB card and can't affored to upgrade right now.

So, I currently have the 8gb that came with my Storm. Plus the 2gb that came out of my "dumb" phone. I've been wanting a 16gb for some time now.

C'mon CrackBerry....make me a winner!!!

I'm all over this.

I actually use mine as my mp3 player and video player with movies but more recently I have been putting a lot of pictures on there from functions here at the hospital and need more room for them all.

right now i only using 2gb sandisk sdhc micro sd card for my onyx..
and i keep wondering what if i have a 16gb..
i will put all music and my important office data to my phone.
so i can work everywhere and swap my work to all day music if i want to hang out with my friend.

thats what a 16gb sandisk for.
to make my phone can fit in all condition

i've maxed out my 4gb! after all the documents and pictures saved on my card, i only have room for about 50 songs, thats still leaved a few megs for new docs, etc.
a 16gb would solve all that, lol

I'd use it for music storage. I'm sorely lacking in a decent portable player, and streaming applications only go so far.

This would be great because I store a lot of music on my BB for use at work because I'm in the IT field so this would allow me to store more apps on my card!

I love shooting films from my Blackberry, it gives things a very gritty look. My current memory card however does not like this. Not at all. This memory card would definitely help me make those shoots easier

My bb is my life. as it is for most of us. with music work documents, powerpoints, voice recordings of meetings, not to mention music photos ringtones etc, my 8gb card is just about out of space. this would help because as of right now i cannot afford a 16gb card. i can only erase music or photos to make room for the work stuff.

this would help tremendously.

thanks for your time.

I would use it to carry books and movies... Finally a way to keep from dying of boredom at work on the night shift...

Ive so much stuff to store and my present 8gb card wont hold all of that...a 16gb card would be perfect.....

I use my BB's memory card like a flash (thumb) drive to store Word and Excel files, as well as music, pictures and videos. A 16GB card would be perfect for my needs. Sure hope I win one...

Really help me to synchronize all my datas.. It been getting really cramp in there. I really thought that 8GB would be sufficient for me, but now I really need to change to a larger capacity. Hopefully, I would win this. Thank You Crackberry ;)
ps:/ I really emphasize the word REALLY, cos i REALLY want it..haha

...a stay-at-home mom who also manages my husband's self-employed business. I am also the team mom for two *very* active AAU basketball teams and snapping pictures to send to absent pictures is a must. Besides my own child, I make certain that parents who can't be there are able to be there in a sense. This would help me so much!

Ever since my Ipod stopped working, I have been forced to use my blackberry as an mp3 player. It has been very difficult having to pick through my large selection of songs to fit into 2gb of memory. A 16gb memory would save me so much time and soften the blow of not having my Ipod anymore.

i currently have the 8gb card at the moment, and I always find myself deleting files all the time due to the overload in my media files or my work documents and CAD files. I always on the run during work so lately i have to copy my AutoCAD/CAD files (program to draw architectual blueprint) into my SD card to transfer my work between the office and home. With the increase in my CAD files, I constantly have to delete some of my music to make space. with this 16gb card, it would make my life alot easier without me crippling myself of my music just to have my work in my sd card.

More music, more pics, more vids, faster apps, less hassles. Yeah, my BB would like that! Rock me with a 16g Micro card --- yeahhhhhhh!!!



I'm getting married September 18th of this year and instead of hiring a videographer, my fiance and I have decided to purhcase an HD camcorder to use during the wedding and to take it with us on our honeymoon. I NEED a 16GB MicroSDHC Card! Everybody else posting on here seems to just want it but I honestly will go out and BUY ONE if I don't win this one. So PLEASE! My fiance and I would LOVE to use this for our honeymoon! Thank you!

i would love to have this. i cant store everything thing i need on a 4gb memory card very frustrating to say the least.

I love that my BB acts as a portable media device that can be used for just about any media need. When my family and I are on the road I make sure I stock up on music, movies and pics for the kids to choose from on my BB. WIth my wife also having a BB it is great as each kids get a BB to themselves and they don't have to argue about what movie to watch. With this 16 gig card I can double to current storage (using a 8 gig now) and include some of my own music so I have a lttle something to enjoy when the kids aren't using the BB.

On the go most of my day and miss my favorite shows as is now 2 gigs is not enough to care a complete season so I have to swap episodes. Such a pain ….. With a 16gig card it would be a little peice of heaven.

I'd love this for the space for photos and mostly music! I might actually be able to add more of my music collection to my berry!

My wife could use this for her phone. She is a picture taking fool and only has a 2gb card. she has to constantly keep transferring the photos to the pc and this would buy her a few extra days of not having to do it all the time....

I would love to have this 16g sdcard. I want to use my bb as a one stop shop for everything.I have lots of music i would like to put all onto my bb but my 2g card limits me so hook a sister up....PLEASE :-D

i back up my computer's harddrive onto my phone's SD card.

clearly, i need all the space i can get.


This would be perfect for making my life easier. I currently have an 8 GB chip in my BB 9700, and it's almost filled to capacity with mp3's, mp4's, and music videos. I have an iPod Classic (UGH APPLE!) that I don't use now since I got the BlackBerry, as I have some great stuff on the SD card, but I would love to put more on, so I could throw that APPLE piece of junk away permanently. :)

I have a Tour. I have never understood how the Storm 1 came with 1gb onboard memory as well as an 8gb card and the Storm 2 came with 2gb onboard memory and a 16gb card. My Tour came with 256mb onboard memory and a 2gb card. What's up with that? I really could use this 16gb card. Please consider me.

I would love to have extra storage for my BlackBerry Storm. I use my BB for work and personal emails and, as so many have stated, emails come with a lot of attachments. I also store music files on it for when I want to listen to music I want to hear as opposed to music from a radio and pictures that I take or want to share with my BB.

Anyway you look at it, it would be great!

Thanks in advance.

I need one of these! 16gb would hold most of my music, meaning that I can finally toss my deactivated iPhone away and only carry the Blackberry around!

I'd like to use my BlackBerry to more of its potential for media, etc. I haven't put anything on it for fear of filling the card. Having a larger card would allow me to better utilize my BBerry.

While 16 gigs is no where near enough for all my music, I would be able to finally get a decent amount for my traveling, and I could stop looking for an ipod and rely solely on my bb!

Class 2 cards are incredibly slow. Scrolling through photos is laggy and the thumbnails don't appear immediately. I highly recommend a Class4+ card. Definitely worth the money.

I listen to a lot of music so I always have to carry around my old beat up ipod with me (It's one of the original ipods so the battery is always running out, it has a ton of scratches too, doesn't even play video). If I had a bigger memory card i could just rock out with my bold 9700 with no need for any complementary prehistoric accessories!

my BB came with a 1gb sd card and I soon upgraded to a 4gb card, but this 16gb......boy that would be a treat. I could but a ton more music on and not have to worry about pictures taking up any room..

I'm strapped for cash at the moment since I am working overtime trying to save up enough cash to go on a trip to Japan, and I am definitely in need of a new microSD card. This 16GB card would be perfect for me in my current situation; I could really use it! And it'd be free, saving me upwards of $40-60 I could be using towards a JR Pass, the flight ticket, or other expenses related to the trip!

I love music and my collection is running at about 5000 songs so if i could get most of them on my SD card would be awesome so that i dont have to use my ipod. Also i would like to have all of my pictures with me at all times so that why i need this card. Thank you

I have a 2gig card that came with my device and have to constantly add remove songs and vids. A 16gig card would be perfect.

Will use this on her BB 8900. She is filled up with Hannah Montana seasons and thus can't fit the soundtrack to Hannah Montana the movie on her phone.

My phone and media card is maxed. I Have no money for a better card,and more music and movies keep coming out. This would help me so so much.

I would love to be able to load a ton more music on my 'Berry. It's my only mp3 player and I'd like to have similar capacity to the iPhone.

Would love one of these! I keep all my iTunes music on my card with all my pictures too. So the more space the better.

16 GB would be great for me. I use MY BB for pictures, as MP3 player and also for watching some of my DVDs. I could store a lot of pictures, music and movies with this much memory.

It is amazing how fast a small SD card can fill up... a couple of docs, a handful of pictures, a couple hundred songs and I am out of space.

I have wanted to upgrade my 8GB card to a 16GB card for so long. I keep everything on my Blackberry: music, movies, tv shows, adiobooks, ebooks, pictures, etc etc. It would be great to have double to space for all my media needs.

I need that sd card so bad. I have a 4gb card and its all out of room. I store my pics my music, videos and even a paper for school. I def need more room. And that card would really come in handy. How can I get that card in to my 9700.

I'd use this card to enable my Blackberry as a full Multimedia device, with a card this big on my BBerry my Ipod would be obsolete and I would be able to carry my complete music and video library with me at all times.

I want one. This would allow me store all of my media and use it on my BlackBerry, Then I wouldn't have to carry an iPod as well...

Being that I am always on the go with work; this will help me to carry music and home videos of my kids.

I need that 16gb microsd card to store all those pictures of my beautiful wife, yes she's that great, and yes she did pay me to say that ;)

I am still using the stock 2GB sd card that came with my 9700, but really need a larger one. I have been shopping around for another but haven’t dropped the money for a nice large one yet. A larger one would be useful for school, work, and fun. At school, I would love to be able to keep all my class’s syllabi and PowerPoint slides on my BB, but currently don’t have enough room. At work I listen to music for the large part of the day as I sit in my cube punching away on the computer, but my current sd card is maxed out so I only have so much to listen to before it start doubling over. For fun I like showing off how good the photos and videos come out when taken on my BB, but I am having to start deleting some of them to make room for the new. Having a massive 16GB sd card would be great. Hopefully I'm lucky enough.

I would be able to backup critical documents so they are more available when on the go. Could also load a movie or two for the plane ride.

Since I seem to be losing my mind I can't go wrong with a little more memory for the BB. Now if only we could run apps from these as well.

I already have quite a bit of music on my BB's 8GB card, but with 16GB I could fit nearly all my iTunes playlists! Whoo-hoo!

If I had 16GB of storage I could actually start putting my movies and episodes on my blackberry.

Hmmmmm definitely a would be a nice addition to the berry... although I may need to update from the 8330, its lookin a little ancient nowadays.

Thanks for the contest, if I was to win I could finally, use only one piece of technology in the car, walking and camping. Would put all my music over the curve and stop using my zune. Thanks again. Actually come to think of it, a 16gb card is bigger then my first 3 computers combined! And not only that the over size of the card it self....amazing if u stop and really think about it. Lol

I'm contemplating getting a Storm 2 - this would be a nice accessory for it. Until then, it would help out my 8330. The SD card is pretty packed with music, movies for airplane rides (when no seat back TV), movies to keep my 2-yr old on the potty long enough to produce something, and work documents that travel with me.

Hi, I'd love a 16gb SD....My business and I are attached at the hip. What I have at work ,I need at home. Most of it I do on my blackberry. I have data areas set up on the web that help me stay connected, but I also have documents that I need out of work that I store, and often delete because there are too many.

I also have an online gallery coming up for my personal training studio where I'll be taking pics of clients and posting them on a daily well as video. And I do it all from my blackberry, but I keep running out of room.

Between, docs for work, for job hunting for pics and for videos, i usually end up without room for play stuff...this would definitely be a great way to have it all on my phone.


Wow. great offerings here. I'd love to win this.

I got the 8GB with my Storm and I filled that up pretty quick. So I bought another 8 GB and switch them out every once in a while. Sounds like winning this contest is the perfect solution.

I work for multiple football players. A huge portion of player evaluation is game footage and their profiles. Having a SD card of this size will allow me to be able to store the necessary footage, profiles and other team contact information that are in PDF format. It will prevent a team from declaring they have not received the information because I can show it to them immediately. It takes too long to swap SD cards and wait for the device to reboot. It would also remove the barrier of having to carry multiple cards around just to maintain their film.

This would be awesome!! I can't fit all my music on my 2gb SD card this would be a great upgrade!!

I would love to win this. I could get rid of my 16gb Ipod and save all the hundreds of attachements I get for work freely on this card. Really Hope I win!

This would be a giant leap from the 512MB card that I currently have in my Blackberry

Finally fit all my favourite songs on a single card and have it with me all the time..

I love it to put at my new onyx. 16gb @ Blackberry™ means using Blackberry™ and iphone 16gb at one gadget. Verry cool...

This would really make it a lot easier to store more music and photos onto my BB as I'm currently limited with my 2GB card in there. Good luck to everyone.

um this would be nice to win, as i have 2 diff 4gig mem cards i use for my bb, and its a pain as they all have songs/ringtones/pictures/apps and more as i take alot of pics and listen to music and am always switching ringtones and im a beta tester of alot of apps and also love to keeps apps on sd card so if bb goes all messed i have newest backup, so i would love to win this as it would help as would have it all on one card and can give the others away to family

im an ER nurse and I have so much medical information I would like to be able to put on my Blackberry that much space would be great> thanks for the chance.

I use my BB Storm for EVERYTHING! I use it as an MP3 player, I watch movies on it, and I use it to take pictures as well as record videos. I am in the United States Navy, and having these abilities on my phone makes it easier when I am deployed, since I only need to carry one device! Having a bigger memory card would allow me more freedom with my Storm. Thank you.

A 16gig SD card would allow me to put more movies, pictures and music on my phone. Not to mention more documents for work. I'm on the road a lot and I don't want to have to carry multiple devices.

I'd use it for storing all the photos I take with my blackberry TOUR..currently have a 1GB in there and the the 16GB would nicely compliment my TOUR :)