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By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jan 2010 12:58 pm EST

This Week's Giveaway: Win a Seidio Extended Battery! Contest Details Below...

Welcome to our very first BlackBerry Accessory Roundup! We already bring you a BlackBerry Apps Roundup, BlackBerry Themes Roundup and BlackBerry News Roundup on a weekly basis, so we figured it only made sense that we go the extra distance and add a weekly BlackBerry Accessory Roundup to the routine. We hope you find value in it and enjoy it.

It might take us a few accessory roundups to nail down the format that works best, so please let us know in the comments what you'd like to see in this type of weekly article. We are writing it for your benefit. Our plan as of now is to highlight some of the some of the new products that have hit the market and/or our store in the past week, hone in on greater detail on one featured item (which we'll give you a chance to win!) and make note of some great deals. To keep things always interesting, we'll mix up the contributors who put together the roundup on a fairly regular basis and from time to time put a theme to the roundups - accessories for the car, the office, the frequent traveler... sort of as we did with our Holiday Gift Guides which were well received. Enough of an intro, read on for the roundup!

This Week's Featured Item: The Seidio 2700mAh Extended Battery for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Extended Battery for the 9700 Extended Battery for the 9700

Since getting my BlackBerry Bold 9700 I have been raving non-stop about just how great the battery life is. I even wrote an article about it. But being human in nature, I always want more, and so I ordered myself Seidio's new extended battery for the Bold 9700 which the UPS man dropped off just yesterday. At 2700mAh, the battery offers slightly less than double the capacity of the native 1550mAh battery. 24 hours later I'm still at four bars on the battery level indicator, so I'm hoping the extended battery will power me through three or even four days of regular use. You can watch for a full review on the blogs next week and we'll see how it stands up.

For power users or for people who travel a lot an accessory like an extended battery is a no-brainer. When I travel to conferences I tend to be extra-heavy on my device usage, making more calls than normal and constantly firing up Google Maps and the web browser. In these situations, a standard battery is lucky to make the day so having an extended battery provides the peace of mind of knowing you'll make it back to your hotel room and not be seeing low power warnings. 

There is a trade-off of course. Because the battery extends out of the device, you need to use the specially-designed battery door that Seidio ships along with the battery. In the case of the 9700's, the door has a nice finish and seems to fit and hold on tight. Holding the device in the hand the extra battery door protrusion actually feels kind of nice, but you're now carrying around a bigger phone. The other drawback is that with the new battery door in place, you can no longer use the standard BlackBerry Charging pod. Thankfully, Seidio now makes a Desktop Charging Cradle for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 that will work with the Innocell Extended battery. Nice!

Seidio Cradle
Seidio Cradle Works with Innocell Extended Battery

At $69.95 for the Seidio Extended Innocell battery and $24.95 for the Desktop Cradle, it's not the cheapest solution available to keep you going longer, but it is one of the most convenient and elegant solutions. If you've never experienced it before, I'd argue it's a solution worth trying. Alternatively, you could always purchase spare OEM batteries and carry a spare charged one around in a coat pocket for those times when you run on low juice. For the Bold 9700 a replacement battery MSRPs for $79.95, but you can get them right now from for only $29.95 - you could have essentially two spares for the less than the cost of one extended battery. Decisions, decisions!

Get the Innocell Extended Battery for Other BlackBerry Device Models: Seidio makes their extended batteries for pretty much every BlackBerry Smartphone device model. The style and pricing and capacity vary a bit with each design, but the premise is the same. Follow the link below to discover the Seidio Innocell Extended battery that works best with your device:

CONTEST: Win a Free Seidio Extended Battery for your BlackBerry Smartphone

For your chance to win a free Seidio Extended Battery for your BlackBerry, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how or when having an extended battery would have saved you in the past from a situation where your battery died! Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person. 


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New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories

Great Savings This Week - BlackBerry Music Gateway Allows You to Play Music On Your Home Stereo System from Your BlackBerry via Bluetooth. Available for $49.95 (MSRP: $89.95)

BlackBerry Music Gateway

The BlackBerry Music Gateway is one of those BlackBerry Accessories I think a lot of people tend to avoid because it looks like it might be sort of complicated and by glancing at a photo of it you really don't know what it does. Cases are simple right? You put a BlackBerry in them! Batteries are easy too - they go in the phone! But what's this little doohickey for?!

In reality, the BlackBerry Music Gateway is simple to operate and serves a useful purpose - it allows you to stream music from your BlackBerry to your home audio system via bluetooth. The Music Gateway (pictured above) plugs into your home stereo, and your BlackBerry connects to the Music Gateway wirelessly via Bluetooth. Once connected, music played from your BlackBerry is heard through your other sound system's speakers. Easy.  If it still sounds complicated, be sure to check out our review at the link below:

Until Next Time... 

That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ 

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Introducing the BlackBerry Accessory Roundup for All That's New and Hot... Free Featured Item Given Away Each Week!


My daughter became sick so we had to call emergency. But before they came I had to get my BB Storm and it was at 50% thats 3 hours of life. So we take off and got to the hospital. They found out it's was N1H1 fear, panic and I'm not going anywhere set in. I ended up that day spending 12 hours at the hospital. Having to turn the phone on/off sometimes to save battery life (still leaving with a completely dead battery) and spent 4 more 12 hour days after that. So sending & receiving many concern phone calls to & from family members was not enjoyable (drained battery like mad). Had to use the on & off technique again missing many calls having to pick and choose which one to call back when it was turned on. She doing great now but the battery life on my storm keeps letting me down: Average life fully charged 6 hours.

Having an extended battery would ensure that I can win bar arguments by being able to look up answers. It's embarrasing to use the bartender's iPhone!

I can really drain my battery when connected via WiFi, this would help with that immensely! Nothing more embarrassing than showing someone how great your BlacKBerry works and then get a low battery warning!

I ended up having my battery go dead LOST while on the phone trying to get directions out of the area. I was at a work party, been drinking a bit, and lost my direction in the middle of nowhere where my bosses house was. Couldn't find my way back to the party (even though I tried), and ended up freaking out and calling my wife to go on google maps and find me. While she was telling me where to go, the phone died and needless to say, after an hour, I got out of the woods but only after asking a couple walking their dog how to get out of the area. Luck was not on my side.

The wife and i were looking for a location, at a cheerleading competition for my little girl . Not only did my phone die but hers did too and we hit several one-way streets making the situation worse. We ended up parking very far away and barely getting my little princess there to perform. CLOSE CALL. Doesn't sound like much until you are in the car with a crying, sad 5 year old and a angry wife who is wondering how I can have the best phone with a dead battery. Boy that battery for my Storm2 would make a world of difference :)

The wife and i were looking for a location, at a cheerleading competition for my little girl . Not only did my phone die but hers did too and we hit several one-way streets making the situation worse. We ended up parking very far away and barely getting my little princess there to perform. CLOSE CALL. Doesn't sound like much until you are in the car with a crying, sad 5 year old and a angry wife who is wondering how I can have the best phone with a dead battery. Boy that battery for my Storm2 would make a world of difference :)

I have a storm 9530 which I use pretty much constantly. I am a truck driver and most of the time my phone is streaming music via slacker and running vz navigator at the same time. This combination uses the radio pretty heavily and usually kills my battery in a few hours.

I went to a conference last year for a major ERP vendor, and was constantly using my Blackberry to check on the status of an on-going problem back at the office. Even though the location of the conference was great, as usual there are never enough outlets for everyone to use to charge their electronic gadgets. I'm going to the same conference again this year, and an extended battery would provide peace of mind knowing that I could make it through a heavy day of usage and not have to clamor with the masses for an electrical outlet to keep my beloved Blackberry alive.

My BB 9700 just died because i didn't have a Seidio battery and i might get fired... how about ya'll let me win this and we'll call it even!!!!

Rainy day - so I had S2 on bluetooth all day while I ran from meeting to meeting. Listening to music and playing PBA bowling2 happily on my commute home (2+hours from NY to CT)when I got an e-mail requesting me to review a document on our worksite. No problem, I pulled up worksite mobility and opened the doc in docs to go. Then....wha, wha, wha... not enough power for radio. Can't e-mail, can't call to say, I can't e-mail, still 45 min from walking in my front door. Partner not happy. Extended battery would have saved me some grief. Should call them BT commuter batteries! lol.

I went on a weekend business trip and forgot to take my charger. Having an extended battery for my 8900 saved me that weekend. I was able to make it home with 1 bar left on the battery.

I use my phone all day long from 7 AM to 7 PM and it is the only source of internet I have till I get home. So by 5 PM I'm running about 30% I would love to have just more juice for the 45 min drive home.

I would love to have an extended battery for my Tour. It would come in handy for those trips on the train with my babies going to my doctors office or any trip for that matter. Sucks taking the metro and having no phone to call anyone especially if I need to call a ride to get home quicker but can't because my battery is dead :(

I have had days that I used my phone a lot and then when I go home my battery is too low for radio coverage. If I have an accident or other emergency I won't be able to use phone. having an extended battery will help prevent this from happening.

I'm an NCAA athlete and on the way home from one of our games our bus broke down. Having forgotten my charger for the stay in the hotel, my 9700 was quite dead for the 5 hours we were stuck on the side of I-20. The extended battery would have helped just a little bit ;).

I do a lot of sitting around and driving at work so I am always listening to the radio or streaming something there is nothing worse than battery going dead on graveyard half way through the night and then trying to stay awake the rest of the shift by pretending that you can hear a beat in your head

Storm 2 has always drained my battery very quickly. Getting stuck in a snow storm this weekend with a BB that had no charge was awful. Ended up sitting in a random bathroom at a rest stop and charging for 20 minutes.

I was recently in the mall with my girlfriend while she was shopping. watching her shop is painfully boring, so i told her i was going to venture off on my own to look around (probably at electronics, or video games). I tried to call her and to find out where she was to re-meet with her and battery was dead! It took almost an hour before she embarrassed me over the mall loudspeaker and called me to the mall customer service booth like a child, lol.

My battery drains almost everyday and it is important for work that my phone is always charged and ready to use.

That time when I was coming home late to the girlfriend...yeah...and extended battery would have helped me and my sanity then....

After a long day of emailing and working on my phone I decided to stop out for a drink. Well we all know how the spouse reacts when you are out and the cell phone battery goes "dead". :)

I was with a friend of mine checking on her daughter to make sure she made it home during a very heavy snow storm. After making sure her daughter had made it home safely we were headed back to my house, when we couldn't make it up a steep hill due to the snow (2ft). The van started sliding backwards down the hill. So I hit the brakes to try and stop the vehicle from going backwards out of control, that didn't help. We ended up in a ditch, STUCK. There was only 1/4 tank of gas. And it was night time, on a not well traveled road. I tried franticly to call someone to come get us, so we wouldn't freeze to death. My phone battery was completely dead. I had to walk 4 miles in 2 feet of snow to flag down a passing car. I would really like to have one of these extended batteries so this wouldn't happen again. PLEASE

My daughter had surgery in the beginning of January to have her tonsils removed and she was supposed to be released the next day. One night turned into two nights and my Storm was DOA. I had to have my wife drive down to give me my power adapter so I can charge it. Having the extended battery in this case would have helped save my wife a trip.

An extended battery would have definitely saved me on a long car trip through poor network coverage areas. One time I was surfing the web and streaming music quite a bit on a trip to handle some house renting business. That combined with the frequent network fluctuations really, really killed the oem battery...

After using the blackberry constantly at work and not being able to put it down to charge, it usually dies when I'm stuck in traffic heading home.. Worst case scenario if an emergency happens on the road! The extended battery would give much more peace of mind.

I've been looking at the Seidoo Extended battery for my Tour due to the short battery life. I recently upgraded to the )S and it is getting better, but I still have to charge on the drive in, drive home, beside the bed, etc. Would be nice to have an extended battery so that I could search Crackberry longer!

I take the subway quite a bit and it gets annoying turning on and off the radio to save battery. Often times I forget to turn it back on and end up missing important calls or emails. The extended battery would be great to have!

If I had an extended battery I could leave the charger at home and not carry it on my belt alongside the Storm2 9550. Carrying both is annoying and uncomfortable when you sit down :-)

Having an extended battery would be a great help while on one of my mission trips to what is practically the middle of nowhere in Guatemala. Needless to say, the signals aren't very strong there and it's nice to make it through the long days without having to worry about my phone dying on me.

and I'm the type of person who doesn't know anyone's number by heart or anyone has my work number. I also don't have a car charger. When I got home I heard it from everyone asking what's wrong with your phone? If I had an extended battery it would just save me the headache of hearing people's complaint when they cannot get in touch with me.

I would love having an extended battery especially since I work on a construction site. The trailer I work in gets horrible service and drains my battery quickly. I have had multiple times where my battery dies when I am on the phone with the owner/engineer/architect trying to get issues resolved.

I don't have much opportunity to get out much due to work load but when I do, it means I actually have to leave my driveway and since I don't get out much, I don't know the area I live in very well. After using my 9700 all day, I got an invite to go out for drinks with a hot girl I work with. I shut my computers down and went to meet her. I realized I didn't know exactly where the restaurant was so I went to look up the location on the gps and thats when I saw I was down to 1 bar of battery left! I went ahead and used the gps as I didn't want to risk missing the date but then, as I started home, the battery died! No gps and it's nighttime and I don't know the area! I finally made it home but that was a miserable trip! As for the girl, nope, that was the only time we hooked up. Sure could have used an extended battery that day!

I flew to Alabama to help my cousin move back to Maryland. With two Blackberrys and Google maps we figured we would never get lost. We never got lost just side tracked. Several text, emails, calls, and local searches we both burned out our batteries. The first day of our trip barely under our belt we were going to need some juice and fast. We found the nearest V@#$@%N store and bought some over priced car chargers. An extended battery would have helped me make it to the hotel room wall outlet for a nice long charge and saved me a few bucks.

WOW! an extended battery is just what i need! going to highschool from 9am-4pm my battery dies by the end of the day. This would be a true lifesaver!

I work from 12pm until 10:30pm and I wake around 8am everyday. I hit the gym before work and run errands and sadly my battery doesnt typically last the entire day, an extended battery would be great!

I work as an athletic trainer and I travel with various teams to different locations weekly. I use my 9550 to help keep to with any of the other teams that are practicing as well as keep in contact with my group and manage patient information that we keep stored on our phones. One day high school wrestling season a player was thrown to the ground and his neck twisted in a fashion that should not happen. I stabilized the kid and told the coach to grab my phone and call 911. He commented however the phone would not work and was dead. He did not have his phone either so he had to flag a car driving by to call. I spent five hours at the hospital that night with the kid unable to charge by phone which did. OT go over well at home. If I had the battery extender I would not look like a joke to my coaches nor end up sleeping on the couch.

I don't think that I use my phone more than anyone else, but somehow, it doesn't make it through the day. Sometimes, it doesn't even make it through the night. No battery = no alarm, no alarm = lots of trouble at work!

I'd love to be able to use my phone freely without having to think, "Oh, maybe I shouldn't being doing this. It's using up the battery."

I would love to have an extended battery for my 9700. It has great battery life when I am at home, but not even close when I am in school. I am almost 90% of the time in classes that are in the basement and I get 1-2 bars top, and my phone is constantly searching for signal. I need my BlackBerry to get through the day and having an extended battery would make it so I don't have to carry around a charger.

Working outside I'm out in the field most of the time and I don’t get to charge my phone as often as I would like, being a heavy user this extended battery for my cell would save a lot of worry when I can't always get the charge I need + a lot less complaining from my wife when I don’t miss her calls.

I recently took a cruise down to the Bahamas and was using my Storm to take pictures the entire trip and my battery died after only being on shore for 2 hours. I missed a lot of pretty pictures :( It was depressing.

I also deplete my battery daily from using it so much for web browsing :) Love being able to look up stuff on the go!

I was traveling for business, left my charger at home, and in a middle of a meeting, my BB e-mail, phone, etc. for 2 days : (

Having an extra battery would keep me sane at work. My Storm2 runs out of battery amazingly fast and I am on the road for work a lot so I do not have the fortune of having a charger at my disposal all the time. My phone is dead by midafternoon everyday and I need something to help me keep my sanity, which I fear I am losing wayyy too young.

I'm lookoing to purchase the 9700 and adding a new batt would be a great addition! I'm on call and scheduling quite often with work and with increase phone use over all combined with the on call duties my battery drain is high with my current 8330. An upgrade to a new phone with the chance at an additonal batt would be a great combo.

man this battery could of help me the other night i manage a resturant and i was closing this night so i do all my normal stuff i lock the door and walking to my car i hear u a**whole u need to open up and i see this drunk guy running towards me well i got in car and left because i could not call the cops becaue the 9 hour shift i just worked killed my battery but i glad he was not any closer to

It would help because I was at my ex's place, trying to leave in the middle of the night (w/o waking her up), but my phone was in the red and 'radio off' I had to wake up her up so she could call me a cab as her phone was locked........if only this could have been avoided, life would be less stressful.

Meeting someone on a blind date and seeing that famous No Radio available due to Low Battery when getting the last direction on a meet spot is not very helpful. :)

I charge my battery every couple of days because the life on the 9700 is fantastic......
The day my battery died, while in the car, it was 1:54 MST and the TSX stops trading at 2:00.
I bought some terrible stocks because my friend recommended them and wanted to sell but my phone died while I was waiting on hold for a customer service agent to sell these stocks....

Anyone want to buy some worthless stocks???

one time i was being chased by a murderer and was going to call for help but my phone died. if only i had a battery life extendererer. i might still be alive today... :(

I've begun not using my blackberry as much as I really would like to just to save on battery life.

If I had an extended battery I wouldn't even consider buying an iphone for internet and music usage. I'd do it all on my blackberry.

I was driving from Savannah to Philly for Thanksgiving with my three daughters. I go there about once a month so no big deal. Almost through SC and I get a flat tire, big deal. I had been at a Girl Scout event all day already and was charging in the car, but now....big problems. Called AAA, tow trucks, tire repairs, etc. all while trying to read the manual to change the tire myself. Phone died and I was already tired and upset. Having an extra hour or so would have been great and I would not have had to use the pay phone at the gas station....ick

Havibg this battery would make the 9700 a better weapon to throw at the person who was trying to rob me ..

also helps duing a 12 hour flight, I can watch couple of movies on my bold off the SD card and still have enough juice to get emails when the flight lands..

Recently I was waiting to hear back from a company after a job interview. The interview went really well so I knew I would hear back from them. The only info they had asked me for was my cellphone number and email. Sure enough the time they tried to call I was away without my charger and my battery had died, leaving me with no cellphone usage. They later told me that they offered the job to someone else since I didn't get back to them in a reasonable time. Would of been nice to have the Seidio extended battery.

I would greatly appreciate some new battery life for my BB Storm 9530. It would allow me to go at least one day before having to charge battery, because it died halfway thru the day.

Currently, I have no charger for my curve 8310. My computer recently crashed so I can't charge it via USB. I also cannot install the Desktop Manager to any other computer because it is nowhere to be found. So I'm stuck with my phone that's at 10% battery life and I can't text or call my loved ones. Havingg the extended battery would definitely be a life saver.

My phone died at work on afternoon and I had to charge the battery again before the day was half over. My wife ended-up calling me on a landline with an emergency that my daughter was having an allergic reaction and I had to rush home. Luckily I got the message in time. If I had my cell phone with me I might have found out sooner! I need an extended battery!

OK, I'm a TRUE blackberry user. I've gone from my first Blackberry 8100 and fell in love with the OS and the options, and got the 8800. When I decided 2 months later that I needed a camera, I got the 8300 which lasted me the longest I've ever had a phone before IN MY LIFE. 18 months :). A few months after buying the 8300 I noticed I chat A LOT MORE now that I had a qwerty device. I killed my battery every day arriving at home around 10pm with around 20-30%. I got the SEidio battery for my 8300 after going on vacation and spending 7 hours on a bus (from Madrid to A Coruña (northern Spain)), and I was not able to communicate anymore. I arrived at the bus station and took a taxi... to where? No where! The address was on my BB! It turned on and but without coverage as the battery was too low, and I looked for the address and took the taxi. I got to my brothers house to find that.... He wasn't home, and that he tried to call me while my BB was off and tried to tell me to go to his neighbors house and stay there the night. Instead, I stayed in the street while no taxis came. I did make friends with his neighbor though! Nice people. Lol. The extended battery would have helped me. I bought my 8300 extended battery after that.
14 months later I got the Storm, 2 months later traded it for the Bold, and then 1 year later I got the Storm2 :) And here I am! With the SAME problems! I went out 2 weeks ago and my battery died while I was dancing! I couldn't find my friends :(.... They were all on the dance floor of a 8,000 person club. They were all worried about me since my phone wasn't on and they know I'm addicted to my blackberry!

I'd really like the Seidio Extended Battery for Storm2 :) pretty please? It would have saved my life at least once :) and it WOULD make my life a TON easier :D If there ever were a giveaway that I wanted to win, THIS IS IT! :D

Thanks for your time and reading my stories :)

Even an extra hour or two would have saved me grief on a camping trip when my wife was supposed to call and meet us at the exact location.

How can I say why i need an extended battery without remembering that day in Chicago without a clue where I am and flowing with the traffic to all right and left turns looking for a clue for my direction to destination. As i didn't have my charger, my Storm went out after my long drive with constant use of google maps.
I will love to have an extended battery before I am in same situation. Thanks for the offer

Would love to have this I drive a truck all day have to have bb on charger all day be nice have it in pocket instead of dash.

Thank you keep up the good work

I have been looking into getting an extended battery for my Bold but finances have put the breaks on. I am hoping to be able to get one some time soon.



I meet up with my gf for dinner a couple nights a week. Since I take the train to/from work, I listen to a lot of Slacker and Pandora. By the time one of us needs to reach the other, my Storm2 is pretty much dead.

Surfing the net a bit during the day doesn't help, either.

Wow would this be great! I have alot of business travel and use my BB for my music/games/entertainment in the airport and on the plane.....but the battery life can really put a damper on my trip when delays happen. An extended battery would make the long trips...more manageable.

An extended battery would do wonders for me. It would allow me to use my phone more often as opposed to waiting for a place to charge my phone. I'd get more use of my Blackberry Tour on a daily basis.

Now that I switched to a 8900 and that I gave my old 8310 to my wife, she calls me and message me all the time (funny how she hated it when she did not have one!) so much so that she wants to have her own 8900 at the end of this month!
I will always be grateful to have that extra battery time!

I support a couple hundred users and on my off hours (i know funny) I donate my time to coach the local high school baseball team. After a long month end I took off to coach a game and while coaching third I got an urgent call during an inning. I am waving runners in as I am taking care of the call and my battery dies. I was like now what the heck do I do - do I do the made dash into the school and try to call back or do I keep the rally alive!!! A bit funny but what a crazy day that was!!!

after a long night of texting and phone calls while putting a "few" drinks back, my battery is always dead. None of my friends have a charger for my berry and us cellular says they will swap out my battery but at least 75% of the time they don't have one in stock. I would bring my charger with, but we all know getting an extended battery would be much easier.

I have been working the Haiti relief airdrop of food and water out of Ft. Bragg NC. I rely on my Crackberry to keep up with my office, aerial port and the Army airdrop riggers while I'm on the flight line. My Crackberry and countless others have been burning though batteries making sure the relief has gotten to where it is needed as quickly as possible. If I didn't have a car charger in my truck I would have never been able to do the mission, but my truck is not always where I need to be. So I could really use an extended battery.

would be great for me because when traveling I am constantly using BB maps with GPS, talking, and going in and out of service areas where my BB Storm@ is searching for a signal. It would be the end of the dreaded low battery beep!
thanks for the opportunity to win

i am a fairly heavy user of the device and i have a storm(9530) and Tour. the extended battery would have saved me half a dozen times when i am working inside a data center

love to get one


I used a Storm 9530 before my Bold 9700 and I remember traveling to London last year when I could have used an extended battery.
My wife had dropped me at the airport and I promised to call her soon. We boarded the plane hoping to depart soon but they had us seat on the plane for over 8 hours before take off. The captain said we could breakout our phones and use them. I was happy to dive into my bag to get my phone but the bastard would not turn on; dead battery. I could not check my mails, call my wife, get on CB or play a game. I was restless and almost lost it. Imagine!!
I know my 9700 has a great battery life but could still use a Seido extended battery.

I would hope to win one. I have long waits in airports and one looks like it will help me greatly! It would be a nice gift.

Actually, not so long ago. A few years ago, A few buddies and I decided to stop by Tijuana when we were visiting San Diego. Boy, do i regret it. We crossed the border, and got picked up by a shady taxi driver named Raule. He was really a nice guy, but i think he was in some kind of an inside job. He dropped us off at a bar a street downtown from the general tourist district.

The second we went inside, we were swarmed by a group of sombrero-wearing midgets (i kid you not). They were each holding a bottle of tequila, and began to serve us shot after shot. I don't remember what happened after this, because this is when i blanked out. When i woke up, i was alone at the bar, my friends no where to be found. I asked one of the bartenders what happened to my friends, but he has no idea. I proceeded by going to the restroom. Stupidly, i decided to take out my blackberry and check my emails (at a time like this...) while urinating.

I dropped my blackberry into the stall, and began to panic. I quickly grabbed it (disgusting), and attempted to dry it with a stack of paper towels. Somehow, it managed to work fine. I tried calling my friends a few times, but they did not pick up. Instead of going outside the bar and looking for them, i decided to stay there and grab a bite to eat (drunk hunger). The bartender kindly served me up a couple tacos (which were absolutely delicious by the way). After teating the tacos, i thought to myself "okay, im going to try calling again".

As i was taking out my phone, it began to rang. It was Andrew! (my friend). As i picked up the phone and said "Andrew, where are you?!" My phone began to beep and it shut down. I was out of batteries. I could not believe it. I was so close to finding my friends. So here i am, somewhere in Tijuana, with a dead cell phone. I began to panic. I left the bar and began wandering the streets of Tijuana. A few hours later, as desperation began to enter my nerves,i walked past a street pharmacy (yes, they really do exist) i saw Pat (my other friend ~ drunk and miserable) sitting on the sidewalk. I quickly ran up to him and rejoiced!

Soon after that, we used Pat's phone to meet up with Andrew. Apparently, Pat went outside to call his girlfriend, but instead fell on the sidewalk because he was so drunk. Andrew, being the clown that he is, wanted to explore the streets of Tijuana while under the influence.

All in all, the trip was a complete....depending on how you look at it...failure (Andrew would say otherwise). If i had an extended battery on my blackberry, it would have saved a lot of frustration and time trying to find my friends. This was definitely a trip that i will remember for the rest of my life, but it would have been a lot better if i had an extended battery for my blackberry!

An extended battery would have certainly come in handy when we were on Spring Break last year and I had the original Bold 9k and was gpsing everything, then the battery died and we got lost 50 miles outside of Panama. That was the funnest three hours we ever had trying to find our hotel. Since then I've upgraded to a 9700, but Spring Break is coming up once again!

Honestly, I have a 9700, and I think the battery life is fine. No matter how high your battery capacity is, people are going to let it get run down and ultimately run out when they need it. I'm amazed how quickly this device charges, and it should last at least 5-7 hours even if you're using heavy backlight, data transfer, or phone calls. I charge it while I'm at my desk at work (a lot of people charge it overnight, same difference), and I carry the car charger with me in my car at all times. Therefore, you should always be able to recharge or at least use your phone, so long as you are in a car or near an outlet.

I ran out of power a couple years agao going to my college reunion. Colorado Springs is a mite changed from when I went to school there 30 years agao and I needed a little GPS help first getting out of the new, for me, Denver airport, and then getting down to the Springs and finding my way around. GPS takes a lot of juice and this battery would have helped out a lot.

It's rare that my battery dies because I like to keep it charged. The only time this was ever a problem was once because I was using my phone, Mogul, like a flash drive except I didn't have to worry about needing a cable because I could email myself the attachments. One day after playing around with new programs I actually needed a report file from one of our instruments off of the phone except it had already died after toying with a bunch of new programs. Luckily, I found a cable from someone else in the department. The only other times are usually late night map using.

I run my business off of my 9630. If it wasn't for the fact that I have a charging pod on my desk, a charging cradle in my car (and on my motorcycle), I would run out of battery power before the day is out. When I'm out of the office all day, I carry an extra battery. Having the extended battery would be a great benefit to continued use throughout the day. :)

I was travelling internationally with my Blackberry Storm 2. I did carry my charger with me but unfortunately, I forgot the universal USB pins at home. I was in transit at Doha, Qatar when my battery was drained completely, and I was unable to use my phone until the other day after buying another charger there. If I had an extra battery with me, I would have at least got to use my "global" phone!! Great phone but drains the battery so quick!

I'm a university student, so in 4 out of my 5 classes i have groups that I need to meet up with on a regular basis. On average my 8900 lasts about 2-3 days, but there are times when it died when I needed it most, hopefully this will solve my problems!

As a blogger/writer I know how it can be with a blackberry at an all-day event. Wordpress on the storm can be a battery hog when updating regularly. Sometimes I find myself in areas with poor reception where the battery really goes quickly. An extended batter can easily keep me working all day without having to consciously power down for those few moments the blackberry goes in the pocket.

I was recently on my way to big bear to go snowboarding when I got caught in major traffic. Two hours later i noticed that my phone died. If I had an extended battery, I would have been able to call ahead or check online to see that the road was closed and saved myself 4 hrs of traffic.

Oops, forgot to say how it would've saved me in the past. Duh...any time I've been away from home for an extended period of time, or had some heavy use of my regular battery and no access to anything to charge it with. I do a lot of disaster work, where there is no electricity to recharge things, so every little bit extra helps.

My mom has seizures and epileptic fits a lot, and I need to be able to get ahold of her and be able to get ahold of. My battery dies before I even get home from school, which leaves a lot of time where something could happen. I am getting a job after school soon, and i can't afford to not be able to use my phone until I get home.

i must say i have been consistantly disappointed with the battery life of my bold. It was improved in the 4.6 os but right back to square one (or should i say zero, as in the the remaining charge). having an extended battery will enable me to continue my plans of world domination without being interupted by having to charge. Still, overall it is the best bberry i have owned and i am reluctant to change models, and will dearly miss the form factor of the 9000 when i do.

Just this past week we had very dense fog. It was late, and I was taking a new back road and pretty much got lost. Not being able to see any road signs, or even the road for that matter I was just driving around who knows where for a good 40 minutes until I found another car with someone to ask how to get home.

If my phone hadn't died while on a call driving, I could've used Maps, or Google Maps to get myself out.

Looks like a real nice battery.

Anyways, fives days out of the week, my battery dies after work or school. I have to take four buses to and from school, and its guaranteed to die on the last bus if it doesn't on the second last bus when I'm coming home. It dies because of my music addiction but it keeps me sane throughout my university classes. And at work, listen to it to keep me pushing knowing I need this money lol, tryna keep it short and sweet.

Very nice product!

She is a probation officer, and is out in the field in some shady areas on a constant basis. I keep telling her to get the extended battery so she does not have to worry having phone access, but that is women for yah......

I would love this extended battery for my piece of mind.


My phone ran out of juice when I needed a ride home from school. There were no public telephones around that I knew, or people around.(it was 10 at night). I ended up walking 5 miles back home.

I have wondered about a concept of this type in the past. Thanks to Kevin and the Crackberry crew for thinking of it and bringing it to all the rest of us.

Nice job on the first edition of this Accessory Roundup, Kevin.

When on extended emergency call outs for Public Safety systems
my Storm with BT headset is my primary communications allowing me to use both hands and talk at the same time.
When the battery dies it really restricts my ability
to restore systems in the shortest possible time.

I need to win one since I'm always on the road to pick up my husband from different seaports after getting off his offshore rig. The battery seems to die at the worst times-like when I'm lost

I need to win one since I'm always on the road to pick up my husband from different seaports after getting off his offshore rig. The battery seems to die at the worst times-like when I'm lost

I have a 65 mile commute one way in a frontier area,often late at night. So safety is huge for me. Last week I couldn't see where the edge of the road was and got stuck. It can be hours before someone else comes along and I am handicapped and can barely walk. I was lucky to have enough bars to get help, as my S2 rarely makes it through a day. Halting work to recharge is difficult and sometimes impossible. Super charge me!

Just yesterday, went out with my buddies and wife was trying to call me. Didn't realize the phone died out. She needed a ride home work since her ride disappeared.

Even though, no fault of mine, I got into a heap of s---!!

so i have been on my bold all day sending email to and from work. I finally get a minute to my self when my boss calls and said to get a pen and paper. So i find it in my bag and find some paper i go back to my phone and it had died. When i finally got to my hotel room i phone the office and i get this message from my boss. " Thank you for calling back, but it is ok i got Ryan to do it for me". Apparently it was something very important because Ryan quit the next day and now i find out he is making an extra 20,000 on top of what he was making before.

who doesn't want more battery life. i do. i hate running out of battery when you go on vacation and forget your charger and your phone dies. and you need to make that special phone call

When I was about to get a girl's number my phone died cause I had been using it all night. An extended battery would have been clutch!

Of course having an extended life battery would offer me more opportunities to show off the awesomeness of my new Blackberry 9700 to friends and strangers. There IS life after the iPhone!

I'm no novice when it comes to the teedius task of spending time in the emergency room, nor am I on conserving my phones battery. Last week my storm JUST made it, only because we left in impatience. But here we are again waiting, 3 hours in and 33% battery left and this IS my everything, bank transferer for the taxi if the bus stops running and I need more cash. My bus schedule if I can catch one, my receiver of calls and information and my time killer. At this point in time %33 percent doesn't cut it and I have to turn my phone off in a bit.

Ah well, maybe ill get lucky, win and prevent further battery issues. Lol.

Ok,so there has been plenty of times where an extended battery would benefit me on my Tour.

1. I'm located in Texas, well it's not even really considered Texas since I'm 3 miles away from the Mexico so we're considered "Mexico", but the service even on VZW out here is horrible so I'm constantly searching for signals. More than 1/2 the time I'm bouncing off towers in Mexico which makes me have to use International Calling, draining my battery.

2. I use AstraSync and syncing 4 email accounts through BIS every 15 minutes drain my battery to 25% within 3 hours of coming off the charger so I'm constantly charging it on either electric chargers or in my car.

3. Since my job has me traveling between offices that are about 500miles or more away the constant calls and emails coming through the phone makes me have to have a charge at all times but with everything, the battery drains so quickly that I would be better off having a car battery hooked up to the phone for constant charging.

Last fall my family and I travelled half way across Canada, from Saskatoon to Vancouver and back. Being the great travellers we are, we forgot our chargers. My wife has a 9700 and I have a 9530, and both ways our batteries died in the last couple of hours. Between calls, texting and mapping our phones were sucked dry of power very quickly. I would love an extended battery for one of our phones. :)

my fatal experience was trying to call a radio station hot 97.1 i kept trying and trying and after 2 hours i finally got threw and put on hold and after waiting about 15 minutes on a low battery it finally died :( i dont know if i was a winner but i guess ill never know if i would have had an extended batt who know p.s they were jay z tickets

When I first purchased my BB Storm II from Verizon on Sunday. By Tuesday I realized that the talk button on the phone was defective. I headed over to Verizon after work and when I handed the BB over to the sales guy the phone shut off and he laughed and said he was going to have to charge it before he could look into the broken button. He told me to come back in about an hour after it had charged so i was forced to walk around the Best Buy next door for an hour to wait for the BB to charge and the guy to give me a non-defective BB. So the extended battery life could have saved me the embarrassment of taking a defective BB back and not being able to show the guy it was defective.

I was in london with my family and I totally left my charger at home. I couldn't find a charger anywhere but it would have been nice to keep up with my emails and texts and most all catch all the great moments.

An extended battery would of saved me many times when I've been traveling and in and out of meetings having to make calls, send emails, use the internet, GPS, etc (battery draining services) and have had it die on me in the middle of important work calls.

I could really use this at the hospital when my fiancee goes into labor for all the phone calls to be made lol

Like the time we were at a concert and I told her to find a seat and I'll call her to find out where she is. To bad my battery died and we didn't find each other for the entire concert. I didn't mind because I met a few friends, but she ended up spending that time looking for me. Then she kept nagging at me on how her iphone battery last forever blah blah blah. Too bad her iphone doesn't have a boyfriend finder app. Crackberry can you save me from that again?

I really could have used an extended battery earlier tonight while sitting in the dentist's office. Dead battery and they were running 20 minutes late. And of course I showed up 20 minutes early.

My phone just died last week, and I actually missed a job interview because of it. By the time my phone was charged up and able to be used again, the job was already filled.

In January 2009, there was a huge ice storm where i lived. all of the local towns lost power for about 4 days. although i did have an extra battery already fully charged, if i had the extended battery, i would not need to carry an extra battery. Though we haven't had another ice storm that bad, it would be great to have an extended battery like that one for my bold 9700. please pick me???

If you only you knew,having four kids under the age of four! Time to charge my phone?...what's that!?!:)

couldn't get enough of battery life! last december i left my charger at home when i went on holiday, had to keep it off at nite to last the 1 week holiday! an extended battery would have save me the bother.

A little over a year ago I was on a business trip to Houston. Landed at DFW and ran to my connection. We boarded, got all seated, and pulled away from the terminal, and started to taxi out. If you've been to DFW, you know that taxiing to a runway can take 10 minutes or longer ! We got about 10 minutes out and the captain told us we were not clear to take off because Houston had bad weather, so we'd sit a while until the weather blew out. Since we were in a small jet, the only thing to do was to entertain myself with the Blackberry. Unfortunately, my battery wasn't 100% and it quickly ran down after an hour of solid use. 3 hours later, we deplaned in DFW, I had a dead phone for over an hour. Would have been wonderful to have had an extended life battery!

Traveling with family to drop by my kid to university. Normally I leave my BB on charging dock but, Murphys's law!, forgot to the night before. Sure enough needed make a call and had only one bar left! Needless to say it was nightmarish road trip.


Every Thursday we have a local car club meet. Well the very first meet when I had my BB I went to find a local restaurant for our gathering on my BB and the battery was dead. Bummer...

my battery died while i was stuck in traffic on 81 during that huge snow storm last month in virginia. makes it hard to call a hotel or traffic reports

Working outside I'm out in the field most of the time and I don’t get to charge my phone as often as I would like, being a heavy user this extended battery for my cell would save a lot of worry when I can't always get the charge I need + a lot less complaining from my wife when I don’t miss her calls.

My young son was diagnosed with a congenital heart valve disorder. When the doctor explained that he needed valve replacement, I was devastated. Through all the calls, and I mean hundreds of calls, to doctors, family, and friends, my blackberry was my constant companion. Whether it was the internet to look up the various options for treatment, a simple text message coming to me as a means of comfort from others, my blackberry never left my ear. The problem was that there was not many places to charge my battery. Sometimes, my battery failed me and I was left asking to use someone else's cell phone. My son thankfully made it through the surgery, and his prognosis is good. the extended battery would have helped soo much..

i need this battery bad!!!!!!!!!! my son's on the high school basketball team and there are nights my husband cant make the games due to work. on those nights i send him updates through the instant messanger. needless to say if i dont have my phone on the charger all day while im at work its dead by the end of the game. recently i forgot to charge my phone while at work and it died on me during the rival game. needless to say i was in trouble for a couple of days behind that one.

It would have helped and could have saved my life as I was working when I had to make a report to Child Protective Services (CPS) about the 9 year old child I was working with who showed me where his dad had hit him so bad that he had welts and bruises on his back and legs. As I was on the phone with CPS my BB S2 had died due to lack of batery life casue of the long 3 ad 1/2 hours wait with CPS state office. Fortunatley I was able to hook the S2 onto the car charger and redail to make the report. Now the child is safe and is currently with a foster family. Boy it would have helped to have extra juice to my phone.

One night leaving a home health assignment there had been some people hanging around outside, and when leaving of course my standard battery was dead at 11pm so had anything have happened there would have been no way to call for help.

seems like whenever I am stuck waiting somewhere and am using the browser to playing games the batt life drops like a rock. Would be nice to have some extra time to keep myself occupied.

I'm spending all my week-ends out of town so it would save me for those too many times I forget my charger! I hate it to put the phone in standby or power off mode so I have enough juice to make a phone call three days later!

So over my winter break I took a trip to New York City for a weekend and of course brought my BlackBerry along with me. Not being a New York native I was constantly putting various applications to use such as google maps, my browser, UberTwitter, and apps to look up restaurants and night life. By the time I was to head home my battery was nearly dead and as I got off the train and needed to find Port Authority my battery was completely drained and I was on my own finding where I needed to be. (I then wondered how people found their way around before smart phones or that's a world I don't want to be apart of). I thought I would be able to charge my phone while on the bus home...however it turned out that the particular bus I was on was relatively old and didn't have outlets. So I was traveling eight hours on a bus in extremely bad weather without my phone and I was alone. If I had an extended battery I would have avoided all of these problems.

The End.

There have been plenty of times when I have had to take my preschooler to a medical appointment for either her mental or physical issues. A lot of those times those appointments of turned into longer ones and my battery has drained. In those cases I could have used an extended battery to contact my husband to get my son from school.

My defibrillator has an extended life battery, my BB 9700 needs one too.
As an Emergency Medical Technician, I can be called to any type of call at any time of day. I have always been able to keep my promise to my wife and kids to call and say goodnight if I was on a call, and I would not be home to do it in person. One evening in November 2009, I was called out for a cardiac arrest, accidental poisoning, Labor pains (Delivered a Baby Girl) and a Structure Fire. Having used my 9700 for Poison Control, online drug info, and communications at the fire scene, I had no battery left to call home to my wife and children. I managed to have a dispatcher call my home to convey my good night hugs and kisses. As cool as it was having the police call them to wish them goodnight, they were upset it was not my voice. Please keep me charged up so I can save lives and not have to worry about my battery life. You guys rock!!

Oh please this would be a lifesaver~ I have to charge my phone by noon daily!!!!!!! Talk about irritating.... And unsafe. My husband & I only have our BlackBerry devices, no home phone. If we ever have an emergency I want to be sure one of our phones (Storm 1 & Storm 2) has a charge by the end of the day~

And often spend long hours studying. Listening to music really wears down the battery, and have you ever tried finding a plug in a library?!

This battery would help me keep studying longer and that means graduating and going into nursing to help OTHER people!

My charger port in my car exploded (literally, sparks flying everywhere while driving on I95 in Connecticut) because I was using a cheap POS charger for my Blackberry Curve 8330. Anyways, this summer, I was using my phones GPS to get to a Phish concert on Long Island and I was about 15 miles away when my phone died. I was supposed to be meeting another group of people who had my ticket but I couldn't reach them without my phone.

Anyways, I had to walk around the parking lot asking people if they had a blackberry phone charger. Finally, a very nice gentleman said he didn't have a blackberry, but he was pretty sure his charger worked for blackberrys. I charged my phone for about 15 minutes, got in touch with my friends and got into the show, but I would have been much better off with a bigger battery.

I deserve this!! :)

Ok so I got a real story for you guys and this has to have been one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me.

So first I have to introduce my mom, she one of those moms who is very protective like a lion to her cub, she is also very eccentric and likes to take everything in a literal sense (well like the saying goes if you searched the word gullible in the dictionary you would see a picture of her)
And even though I am all grown up I am still her little boy.

Now to my story, So I am driving on the highway with my girlfriend coming back from a nice day out and well the weather was not on my side (it was snowing all day and the it just kept piling up so you could imagine the traffic was horrible). So I make a call to my mother to tell her Im going to be late cause I was supposed to go to her house, and while Im on the phone with her explaining how bad the roads and traffic are, I decide to be a typical son and push her buttons. Now were talking and talking and out of no where I yell out "Ohh My God... Look Out... Ahhhhhhhhhhh....." and thinking that that I could start laughing and hear her freaking out in the backround, to my surprise I dont hear anything and my heart drops so Im yelling into my phone trying to get a response from my mom and finally I look and see that my phone had died!!!

Well now Im freaking out trying to figure out what to do and my girlfriend looks at me laughing and tosses me her phone to call my mom back. Now to make a long story short lets just say that second phone call was not to plesant.

And I deffinetly learned somthing that day.

I'm on the go all the time! This would be great to have for my BlackBerry cause I'm always traveling and heavily rely on my CrackBerry when I go out of town.

If had an extra battery laying around with me, when my girlfriend went into labor, i would of gotten to the hospital quickly. But I didn't, all because my phone died from a long usage of talking on the phone with business partners and using the Internet. My phone was dieing so I decided to turn it off so i could use it if i really needed. About an hour after I turned it off, i turned it on to call my girlfriend, thats when i received all the missed calls and voice mails telling me my girlfriend was in labor. If i had an extra battery with me, i would of not of turned my blackberry off and missed a lot of my son's birth.
I definitely learned my lesson.

I try to be "power conscious" when using my BB, but sometimes it's not enough. That's why I think it would be great to have this extended battery as a backup.

I have to carry two phones, a pre-paid and my love my Storm 9530. My Storm battery always die out and I have to charge it every single night and thru the day, my battery runs out so quick and I don't even have that many apps at all. I'm relying on the pre-paid to get me thru when my Storm 9530 battery goes out or give up. I don't want to give up on my Storm so someone please shine some light on me and my Storm. A extended battery would make our day become easier and we can kick that pre-paid to the side. I know me and my Storm will be back up and running alone and we ain't taking no pre-paid prisoners. I need the extended Storm 9530 battery, now let's GET IT!!

I had to go to the grocery store after work, and it was snowing. After I left the store, and started back home, the car began overheating. I pulled right over and looked around, but there were no close businesses open. I pulled out my BlackBerry....and the battery was dead. Oh yay. It was getting darker, too. Had I had this battery, things could have been solved the easy way. However, my life is never easy! (But the car did get fixed and I got home. Eventually.)

Having some extra juice on my work days would be a real pain relief. I hate missing e-mails or dropping calls because my battery runs dry. My new Bold 9700 roughly gets me through the day, so having this Seidio 2700mAh is a real necessity. I will buy one if I don't win the contest ;)

I am a complete BB adict...on this thing 23 hours a day.
It's a real pain havin to find an outlet to charge this thing.

I can't afford to miss a call from my boss due to my radio shutting off - I neeeeeeed an extended battery!

I just wanted to say that I entered earlier, but if some of these stories here are true, then don't pick me - there are waaaaaaay more deserving people :) I will save up and buy my own.

Its a Saturday night on a college campus and even though I charged my phone up to 70% around 9:30, because of where the night's party was situated my battery was at 30% by 12:30. Left at 2 with battery at 10%. On my way to my dorm I come across a friend who clearly had blacked out but was still conscious. As I talk to him he passes out. I call campus security and as I'm in the process of describing where he is, because they wasted a solid minute identifying me, my battery went to 5% and the radio auto shutoff...MID-CALL! My friend was not responding to me at all, so I had to leave him there and run cross campus to get campus security. Luckily my friend is ok, but one never knows what could have happened, and that thought scares me. An extended battery definitely would have made that experience easier...of course he could have had less to drink but I'm not going to point fingers.

Is it just me that wonders why most of these posters seem not to have a car charger or realize that you can plug in your charger at the hospital? The real need for great battery life is weekend camping trips where there is not a convient way to charge your blackberry. In any case maybe they don't know about those items. All in fun have a great day and thanks for the freebie opportunities.

The extended batt would help me with the power drain from all the BBMs I send and receive...
That thing just sucks down the battery...

With the extended battery, I know for sure I can have my bluetooth, wifi and gps running at all times without worry. Being a transporter for my company, I am constantly using GPS to get me around and the bluetooth so I can keep both hands on the wheel. On my down time, I am browsing the net with the wifi on since it is always faster than 3G.

I had to call and find out where my girlfriend was and i couldnt because my phone died. I had to rush home from my college campus and get a quick charge in which made me late. What a great way to make a first impression. Thankfully my gf did not get too offended by my tardiness. With this battery I will guarantee that I will no longer be late for any events. :)

I work security sometimes a boring job, on my downtime, which is a lot I use my phone to teather to my laptop or I will use the downtime to browse the net on my phone constently on my phone wears down my battery life which sucks, seems to be getting better on the new os's which is good! I would like to win this so I can go all night when I am bored doing security! Hope I win! Would be nice thanks!

Once I was using my Blackberry 7290 in 2005 to write an essay for my class project. I had installed eOffice and I planed to just email out the document to my teacher from my Blackberry 7290 once I was done. After all of the time i spent typing my essay I had little battery power. So when I went home I put it to charge and go to sleep. When I woke up my BB was Dead !!! I Realized that I did not plug it in. So I had to transfer it over using the Sync Program on my PC. But by the time the bus came I had to go and I could not sync my BB. So on the Way to School (30 Minute Ride) I had to rewrite my essay without my Blackberry. What I would have done for an extended battery. Sigh (I'm Getting an New Bold 9700 this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

my 9700 has excellent battery life as it is, i would love having that much more. maybe I'll win one of these

When I Travel with my device Ian constantly looking for an outlet to charge, or booting my laptop for some USB juice. The extended battery would eliminate the need for chargers in both vehicles, at Home in the office, in the laptop case.

Pick me please!

I take several camping trips a year with my son (boy scout camps) and after about 14 hrs my 9550 is dead and no longer have the security of having the phone for emergencies.

I fly from the midwest to California and back to pick up my granddaughters all in one day. After hours of waiting in which I watch video, update facebook, read the paper online, and call my wife with updates I am lucky to have enough battery left to call home when I leave the airport. An extended battery would be nice.

Using my GPS on my BB drains the hell out of the battery. We went to California and need directions. The GPS worked like a charm but the battery was 1/2 way gone.

A bigger battery was be helpful on my future travels.

Days when I'm on the bus traveling cross country with my team! There's nothing to do on the bus but play with my phone and on the long trips my phones often dead before we arrive.

On the blackberry storm while using the golf gps the battery runs down after just 18 holes of golf. Does the Seidio extended battery work better...........

I often go out camping for several days in places where there's not electricity. Usually my Storm battery lasts for 2 days, so it would be very useful to have extended battery life for such occasions.

I was in Vegas celebrating a friends birthday. I woke up two days in a row not in my own hotel room, without my phone charger. The second time, I was trying to call someone from my group to find out where everyone went. Find out later that everyone was at lunch thinking I was having a great time. I ended up just laying around all day in a friends room until they came over to get me. Not exactly the saddest story...but I sure could have used the extra battery life haha

I have to carry around an extra battery for my BlackBerry just to get through the day. An extended battery sure would help!

When I am out in the field for work, my phone usually dies before the day is over because the signal is so spotty. An extended battery would definitely help prevent the need to tether myself to the lighter socket in the truck.

Always being on the road traveling hours by bus, it would be great to not have to worry about losing power cords and always staying connected.

i dont get good t-mobile reception at my house so i have to use wireless to make call, which drains my battery. Furthermore my kids and wife love playing pacman on my bb, which further kills my battery. Once i was out getting grocery with the list on my bb and my bb died =( i have bad memory and rely on my bb to store cell numbers coz i cant remember any numbers by heart =/ so i cudnt get back in touch with my wife, so i had to drive ALLLL the way back home to get a new list from her =/ having an extended battery wud have saved me that awful late night trip

...I just wanted to put my two cents in on the new "Accessory Roundup". I like the idea that you have here, a lot of us tend to over look the accessory side of crackberrry sometimes. Unless the accessoy its self makes it into the blogs and catches our attention that way. After watching all the videos and reading the articles from CES it looks like there is a lot of activity generating in this area, and lots of really cool new accessories that will be hitting the market soon. I am excited to see several of the featured items pop up in this new blog. I also really like how you keep the idea of a contest for one of the items just like in the "App" and "Theme" roundups. That makes checking out the blog all that much more fun, becasue you stand a chance to actually win something featured in it. I beacame very interested in the BB Music Gateway after I read the article on it, Im wishing that you would have used it as the contest item instead of a battery ;) but I guess that there are just as many people out there that would kove to have extended battery life on their phones as much as i would like to be able to transmit my music wirelessly to my stero. Keep up the good work guys! and thanks for keeping the BB world turning!

I need to access the web and certain apps all day. I often need more power than a full charge. Part of my day is confined to my desk where I have to plug in my 9700.

Seidio Extended Battery would have saved me when it was time for me to call the radio station for a contest.

Going to school where I go, the T-Mobile signal isn't very strong so I am always searching for a connection. In doing so, my phone's battery just keeps on draining. This gets frustrating because by the time I am out of class, I will have only 25% left after only sending maybe 25 sms and receiving about 4 emails. The days that I have to go to work are when it's the worst. After my battery has depleted by 75% at school, it will not make it through my shifts. This really stinks because I never know if I will need to use my phone if their is an emergency or not. Not having a cell phone in today's world that you can use at any time can get pretty dangerous.

would keep me from running out of juice in the middle of a podcast. This is especially aggravating when I'm on the treadmill- I can't go on without my BB entertainment!

Went to vacation in Hawaii and we decide to do an overnight on The Big Island. We go see the volcano at night you know, when it's all glowy and stuff and then head back to hour hotel which was on the complete opposite end of the island. We're driving and driving and driving and the windy road (we only know it was so curvy because we had travelled it that day) is PITCH black. We're SO nervous but we're cool because we've got he radio. Soon however ALL THE STATIONS go DEAD. So much of the big island is uninhabited that there are no stations or even lights for miles and miles and miles. I pull out my trusty bberry on VERIZON (she had Sprint with no signal), download Slacker and BAM! We've got tunes!!! UNTIL! Battery dies!!! :( I live in NYC, no car... no car charger. We nearly went mad in the dead dark silence. I don't even know how we didn't fall asleep and Thelma and Louise into a waterfall cliff.

Have a storm ver 1... hand me down phone. previous owner never conditioned the battery correctly. could use the new battery with extended capabilities..

Semper Fi


I am a Project Manager and travel around plant Earth extensively. I have had many CrackBerry's 6230,7230,7105t,8700c,8100,8800,8320 and now cherish my 9700. As you have read, battery life is the number one issue for a CrackBerry user such as myself.

One trip last year I was supposed to travel from Dallas -> Los Angeles -> Hong Kong -> Singapore -> Kuala Lumpur. When on approach to Hong Kong, we started to circle (never a good sign). After 40 minutes of trying to induce a cyclone, we diverted to Guangzhou, China because of "dense fog". The airline did not have routes to this city so we could not get a gate and had to sit in the plane on the side taxiways. No problem, break out the 8800, Google "Guangzhou" so I can get the spelling correct and find out where the hell I was. Then I look at my GPSED app to see how my trip progressed (yes, if you have a window seat, GPS still tracks while at 38,000ft). Next, I surf the web and see if I can change my flight to Singapore. Battery getting low. After 3 hours, we were informed that the pilots have exceeded their allowed flight hours and we would need a new crew. Battery getting REAL low, so I called the airline and changed my flights again and then turned the device off. After two more hours we were informed that we would get a crew but they had to be flown in from Beijing. Turn on 8800, call airline and change again. This call gave the dreaded "BEEEP" to let you know your battery is about to give up the ghost. The pilot finally gets word to us about 2 hours later that the crew was landing and we be off in another hour or so. By this time, my seat has molded itself to my a$$ and I cannot feel my feet. My clothes can stand up by themselves, the smell from the lavatories and my fellow plane-mates are starting to make my eyes water and I am scared that my 8800 won't turn on. Flight crew gets onboard, time to see if I can get a flight out or if I need a hotel. I hold the power button down and my lifeline to the world (8800) powers up! I call the airline and start to hear the "BEEEP". Press "0" to get agent.. "BEEEP".. hold music.. "BEEEP".. "Thank you for callin...." "BEEEP".. message "Battery to low for Radio". ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG! Get to Hong Kong 10 hrs after my scheduled arrival time. I have no flight to Singapore, no hotel, no phone. If only I had a Seidio Extended Battery for my BlackBerry would I have been able to get to my meeting the next day. I purchased a second battery for the 8800 after this trip so it would never be an issue. The 8800 power connector broke from the board... Got the curve... bought a second battery.. issue with the device.... now my 9700 takes care of me as of two weeks ago. The battery lasts longer than all the others but with my GPSED and Worldmate and Google maps running, I am again in fear. PLEASE Seidio and, "Your my only hope". (Sorry, had to do it)....Regards - Dead Air

Nowadays,I always bring an extra battery for my bold 9000..but unfortunately it seems never enough for my single day activities..It's often turn to be a problem for me to contact my client for business..With this extended battery I wish I wouldn't get another problem like that..
Sign me up!! :D

Currently I am under the employ of the Australian Defense Force and late last year, we were unfortunately to have a major accident on our range... A fatal accident in fact.

As one would expect, there was a lot of confusion and chaos initially... Calls going to the wrong places and/or via the wrong means (methods), etc.

At this time, my cell phone was flat (as is usually the case with the BlackBerry Bold 9000...) and whilst it is unlikely an extended battery would have prevented this tragic accident, it IS likely that an extended battery would have made communication easier and minimized confusion.

Having one would have come in handy this past December when, I ran out of gas while lost on a heavy rainy cold day, trying to make it home using the GPS on my Storm. I remembered no numbers by heart as I knocked on a random person's door to allow me to use their phone to call roadside assistance. It was a scary and frustrating day and I would have loved having an extended battery to make it through my ordeal. :)

I was on the way to an urgent meeting ... when suddenly my regular battery just ran its last juice and blink goes my Blackberry.

Before my flight to this urgent meeting which is about 3hrs flight from where I am located ...Singapore..... I was hesitate if I should bring my extended battery rather then my regular daily battery. Deciding not to carry that extra weigh in my suit pocket. I dismiss that idea.

If I always had replaced my regular battery which on standby of 3 days, being replaced by an extended battery. I would have maybe 6 days and not worry if I suddenly had to travel for a last minute 3hrs flight time and another 2hrs meeting. I would have the least worry on my mind.

I believe Innocell Extended Battery for my Blackberry Bold 9700 would be the solution to my much stress up decision working life and make it easier should the situation arise.

Having an extended battery would help me at work. I work on the ambulance and I use my Tour to keep in contact with dispatch, look up medical information, use Google Maps to assist in finding where to go and of course browsing twitter, facebook and when there is down time. I have had times where my battery has died at work (I work 12 hour shifts) and I've really needed it at that moment. Good review and looking forward to more!

I was in China with a client and we visited one of their remote facilities. The only accommodations for the night was a rather rundown hotel. There was no way I was going to plug any of my electronics into the outlets. The next day I was glancing at my power meter constantly. We made it back to Beijing just as my 9700 was about to die. I don't think I want to play it that close again.

Having a extended battery would be great for when I am at work and streaming music via bluetooth to my headset, don't work at a desk so charging doesn't really happen till lunch and it is not enough time to put any kind of charge on my phone. Walking around all day pushing equipment gets a little boring.

My 82 year old mother was rushed to the hospital on the west coast. I live on the east coast. All my family members were attending to my mom. Amidst all the ruckus, they didn't pick up their phones and I was left hanging, waiting inexorably for a response from them as I was repeatedly calling with only a one bar left on my BlackBerry Tour as I was driving back from my 110 mile commute. Most of the road back is all highway with very little gaps to refuel or recoup, much less make a call from a pay phone. The Seidio Extended Battery would have saved me much grief and worry as I kept powering off and on trying to conserve battery life while I kept trying to find out the condition of my mother's health. I felt absolutely helpless given that my battery life was quickly expiring away.

Now with this battery extender it be awesome to use my phone to play music on road trips since my car charger broke!

Have the Bold 9700 which has great battery life, but when paired with NHL Unlimited and Hockey Day in Canada? How else can I find out the score and the highlights while actually watching a Jr. game live? Mega-battery drainage. Sad hockey fan.

I'm a stagehand, so my hours are unpredictable. Days start anytime from 6AM to early evening and end up to 20 hours later. An 8AM - 3AM day is not at all uncommon. The factory battery on my 9550 Storm 2 just won't hack it that long. I picked up a Seidio 1600mAh battery for the 'berry, which makes it through all but the worst of days, but having your phone battery take a dump when you're trying to talk to the driver of the last truck (or calling for your own ride) at the end of an 18 hour day just does not make you smile!

I travel a lot for work and spend plenty of time in hotels this would be the perfect companion for my must have device - my CRACKBERRY!

OH no..... 17th hole...big match and I'm counting on my GolfLogix program to give me the correct yardage to the pin when by 9700 gave up the ghost....what I would have given to be prepared for that. Now maybe I have a chance to find a low cost solution by winning this contest. Thanks ;<)

traveling with bands, sometimes I have the ONLY connection to the internet on my Blackberry 8900 and 5 or 6 guys all wanting to check mail, write home, shop online, etc. I often don't always have time to give the battery a full charge and generator current on the bus is pretty scary with more delicate, hand-held equipment. An extended battery would make a pretty big difference.

Thanks and as always, Thanks Crackberry for being the #1 site I go to for everything BB!

~ Marge

When I met my now wife, we were at a bar, and when I finally conviced her to give me her number and I was in a super hurry to get out since my friends were with the car outside already ready to go, boom, no juice. I had to remember it, but I called about 15 wrong numbers before reaching her XD.

By the end of the day, I am always running out of charge. I carry a spare but I really want and extended battery. Please pick me

i bought a cheap extended battery to save money for my storm2
needless to say it was only as good as the money i paid for it and worthless. I had a sedieo battery in my storm 1 but it didn't fit my storm 2... please help me out i feel powerless