BlackBerry A10 rumored features and specifications

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jul 2013 02:33 pm EDT

Holy A10! More and more BlackBerry A10 info is floating down the pipeline, and now a hot new slide had leaked in the CrackBerry forums that gives us a better look at just what the A10 might have in store. The slide is from back in May so take it for what it's worth, but it does give us a load of info about the upcoming A-series device nonetheless. 

We've heard mixed things thus far so we're not sure just how accurate this info will be come launch, but for now we're rolling with it. 

BlackBerry A10 Features and Specs

  • Processor: Dual Core 1.7GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 Pro, Quad Core GPU
  • Display: 5" OLED, HD/WXGA, 1280x720, 24-bit color, S-Stripe Pixel Arrangement, 295ppi
  • Dimensions: 140.7 x 72 x 9.4mm (9.7 Verizon)
  • OS: BlackBerry OS 10.2
  • Camera: 8.0MP Rear Camera with flash, IS 5X / 2.0MP Front Camera IS 5X
  • Memory: 16GB + 2GB(RAM) + 64GB uSB (hot-swap)
  • Connectors: Micro USB, Micro HDMI out
  • Sensors: Ambient Light, Proximity, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Altimeter 
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n (4G Mobile Hotspot)
  • Battery: 2800 mAh Integrated
  • Other: NFC, DLNA, Micro SIM

As you can see, most of what we've heard so far holds true. The A10 should have a 5" screen that is 1280x720 at 295ppi. Inside it will be running a dual-core 1.7GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage.

The interesting thing is the battery however. We heard previously that it would be a non-removable battery and that fits with what we see here, so those battery doors (or back covers) that we've been seeing are certainly a bit of a puzzle right now especially due to the lack of NFC.

Also interesting to note is the mention of Verizon in the dimensions category, where the A10 is set to be .3 millimeters thicker than other A10 variants. This of course suggests that this new BlackBerry "phablet" will ultimately make an appearance on Big Red. Our fingers are crossed the Z10 is at least updated to 10.1 before that time :/

Hit up the forums to check out the slide in all its glory, then drop a comment letting us know what you think!

Check out the full BlackBerry A10 Specifications slide

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BlackBerry A10 rumored features and specifications





Dedicated gpu is a smart idea. Games will look awesome on this device. BlackBerry LAN party anyone?

A quad core cpu is under utilized even in today's desktops.

Posted via CB10

Games may look great, but you better not have very many of them. The only specs that bother me are the 2 gigs of ram (would have liked 3 or even 4) and the 16gb internal storage. That is what I hate about the Z10, I have these great games and 16gb of storage. Who cares if it can have a 64gb removeable card if you can't store apps there?!?

How do you know we aren't getting games in SD cards in the future?? Software is a powerful thing

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

I will definitely hope that it's store to se, that will be a feature that android currently does not have.

Posted via CB10

Correction: you can not only root and move apps but now actually install apps and related data directly to SD card in Android

Posted via CB10

But it needs to be rooted in order to get apps to sd, its not an option that's in android,atleast from what I remember.

So that's what I mean it will be great, if that were to become a stock feature with blackberry.

Posted via CB10

CPU - Central Processing Unit
GPU - Graphics Processing Unit.

What's more important? I believe the GPU is, though both obviously play a big role. Personally and IMO, I think BlackBerry choose Dual-Core with a Quad-Core GPU to keep performance high and power consumption low.
But I would have liked at least 3GB if not 4GB, just for competition sake, when a consumer asks to compare the A10 to say a GN3 or something.

That's funny! My non root jb device has no problems storing apps on sd. Android has changed apparently since you last used it.

In the future seems to be all anyone thinks of, why not have it now?

I agree that either larger storage internally or ability to install to sd card, because its great to suggest it might come in the future but that wont help any current phone lol

Not saying we won't, but the A10 is getting close to launch. Thus far no BB10 os leak has had apps on SD, at least to my knowledge.

I hope app on SD is coming soon. Probably not though as it could open up security holes.

BlackBerry keep the updates away from the carriers, big mistake, they should have been using the PlayBook model and do a complete GLOBAL update scheme. Think BlackBerry, this is why Android is fragmented to hell.

Blackberry give all the updates out to carriers at the same time. It is carrier testing that fragments the release. Not much Blackberry can do until carriers are happier with BB10 stability on their network

+1 The 2GB of Ram and 16GB of internal storage is a bit disappointing. Other than that everything else sounds really good.

Posted via CB10

Let's go - 36 player Mario Kart exclusive to BlackBerry. Pay Nintendo $10 million to develop it and bundle it for holidays.

It'll win over consumers.

Posted via CB10

Nintendo would never do that, not even for $10 Billion. Nintendo IP stays on Nintendo consoles. Most stubborn company, for sure.

"Most stubborn company, for sure."

Says the Crackberry forum poster on a site dedicated to BlackBerry. The irony here is killing me.

"Says the Crackberry forum poster on a site dedicated to BlackBerry. The irony here is killing me."

I don't get what you're trying to get at exactly... Are you saying BlackBerry is stubborn? If so, in what way? They were stubborn with BBM but now that's going cross platform.

Are you saying CrackBerry is stubborn?

You can't be saying I am stubborn, that wouldn't make any sense at all...

I hope this is old stuff. I don't care what we need, if they want to appeal to Android people, they're going to need the SD800, a better camera than that and why not throw in 32GB onboard?

If this is how it's bring released. I won't be upgrading from my Z10.

Posted via CB10

When have you ever known BB to out-spec the competition. They are regularly at least 1 year behind on specs (using 'battery life' as a scapegoat).

I wouldn't hold your breath for anything to change now - even given their dire straits. This is one of the many reason to such poor public perception.

Thankfully they went dual core and higher clocks. The higher clocks will make more of a difference than a quad core ever could.

Posted via CB10

HTC One and S4 specs impress me more, and those devices have been out for months now and both are physically smaller. Why would Android folks switch? These specs will just save a few existing BlackBerry users going to Android!

Posted via CB10

The A10 will be released in November, HTC One was released mid April and the S4 late April, and both of them have better specs and are smaller in the hands, not to mention the S4 also has a 5" screen, go all out or see blackberry users to continue to decline in a market that continues to increase!

Posted via CB10

Ya but the HTC One and S4 are based on Android? No Thank You. A Dual-Core based BB10 should easily outperform a Quad-Core Android based device. Put it to the test, YouTube will eventually show all.

The dual core Z10 was put up against both devices and was clearly not the winner in many cases! Lots of material on you tube.

Posted via Z10

I've seen a lot of YouTube material and it stands the Z10 competes well with them. Also the iPhone 5 only has 1.3GHz Dual Core CPU's with 1GB of memory. Yet its considered a high end device.

iPhone has a much better app ecosystem, camera and screen than blackberry, people don't consider blackberry high end anymore. BlackBerry needs to realize that and start releasing products that are above average or if they are going to release products with average specs, they should not be charging premium prices. Apple has been selling last years specs with nice makeup at premium for years and blackberry does not have the marketing power to do this. If they keep this up they won't last.

Posted via Z10

people have this misconception that megapixels equals photo doesn't. Sony had a 25m camera that ahd lower quality than a 10m Canon. Photosite size and processing are more important.

Really? Who needs to take pictures that are 2+ MB in size? I use my BB to take a quick snap to email/text/BBM. I'm sure most people are like me and turn the detail settings on the camera down to limit file size. Anything over 5 MP in my opinion is a waste. If I want to take an actual photograph, I will grab my Canon SLR.

Well, Blackberry has this really cool option to downsize an image before emailing/sharing it. Oh, wait, that's only BBOS, not BB10...

Even still ... why take a high-res photo that you are going to downsize anyway? And after I send it, its still gonna take up space on my phone

The Galaxy S4 has a 4 MP camera, and it takes really good pics !! has a better sensor which is what matters, MP are for size, not quality !

S4 has a 13MP camera, you're thinking of the HTC One but that camera can take some great shots in the dark.

Posted via CB10

You can do much smoothing and resolution enhancements with smart software that linear predicts and enhances the 8-megapixels!

Posted via CB10

Well in défense of blackberry, it's normal to have a dpi small since the screen is bigger.
I rather have let's say (numbers are fictional) 20 dpi on a 80inch screen with 1080p
Then having 780dpi on a 3inch screen

Send from a A10

A full screen 1080p pic is 2MP(1920x1080).

Anything above 4MP is overkill. It's the lens that matters not the pixel count.

Nokia's 41MP camera takes pictures that would fit on 20 hd tv's. Guess what the camera will be doing after each shot? Resize 95% smaller.

Why would anyone want 500 MB pictures??

I would honestly rather 2MB camera with a good lens that takes good pics in the day and night, some quick shutter options and abilities to edit.

Posted via CB10

Yes, mega pixels on the camera are not the real story, it's how the photo looks and there is a lot more to that than mega pixels. What the consumer and reviewers should focus on is how the pictures look. Elsewhere someone suggested a 13 mega pixel camera. You got to remember this is a phone, not a camera.

Posted via CB10

HTC One 5Mpx Camera is not a regular Camera. It has bigger pixel size than its competitors save Nokia 808 and maybe Nokia 1020. HTC Camera is superior in taking low light photos.

It this rumour is true, and the Aristo doesn't offer unique camera, then yes.. it's dated.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I was hoping to see 1080 resolution. If you are going for a 5 inch screen, at least make the jump to 1080, there are already a few phones out there with 1080 resolution.

My next phone will be 1080, I was hoping that would be the Aristo...

Check out my "Facepalm" channel: C0001F676

Yup, 1080 with a SD800. That would be something I would upgrade to in a heartbeat.

Posted via CB10

You realize that apart from a slightly sharper image, the human eye cannot distinguish 720p and 1080p on a screen that small, right?

But again, that doesn't matter. In this market, it's important to deal with the lowest common denominator, as it seems to be what the majority of the market is made up of.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

So you're telling me that you'll only upgrade if the resolution is such that you can't tell the difference between it and what is currently being advertised, just for the sake of having 1080?


You realize that aside from bluray discs your 1080p expensive hd tv only plays at best 720i resolution right??? People want the most for their money and like to be somewhat (at least next generation) proof when they invest over half a grand in anything. So not a big deal mechanically... you could not be more spot on, BIG DEAL in consumer perception and market acceptance.... unfortunately. Still getting one, but I love BB10 already..

That's how BlackBerry became less relevant. They didn't pursue the top since it wasn't needed.

They're doing it again.

Posted via CB10

Really Dude??? Do a quick Google search first. Some satellite programming is offered at 1080 on very select channels (read less than 5%) otherwise blu ray content is usually the only media capable of utilizing that definition. Guess you bought what the sales person was selling ya! Which is not a knock on you, it's what most consumers do, which brings me back to the point that sales people selling BlackBerry devices won't down sell you on why 720 is a better resolution for devices (agreed btw) instead they'll through terms or awesomeness around like quad core and 1080 hd until you believe it's needed! Again not you personally just the average consumer!

Posted via CB10

The majority of "HD" video you see (including video games) is not native 1080p, including Blu-ray. Most of what you see is upscaled from something of lesser quality by the engine on the TV or the hardware of the peripheral attached to the TV.

Something people don't consider when wanting higher resolutions on their phones: MOBILE DATA. The higher the resolution on the phone (and therefore, the apps), the bigger the apps are in file size, taking up more room on your device memory, as well as more of a hit for you on your data plan or internet plan (unless you've got unlimited). 16GB, and even 32GB fills up fast when you're dealing with high memory consuming apps. That's a pretty hard pill to swallow for a resolution that your eye can't even distinguish from a 720 res.


Those specs are what I figured they would be( I thought 1.7 - 2.0 dual cpu and a dual core GPU )
I'm happy with the ram and cpu, and it's got a 4 core GPU. People........ this phone is gonna( insert clever word or phrase here).
Example : "be slicker than greased weasel sh*t! "

I can't wait to check it out .

Posted via CB10

I'm tired of people making excuses for BBRY.

There is a NOTICEABLE and significant difference between 720 vs 1080, especially at the 5" display. I instantly noticed a significant difference between my 4.7" 720 display Nexus 4 and the 4.7" 1080 display on the HTC One. At 5", the difference will be even more pronounced.

People who are buying 5"+ devices are buying it for the display. For most consumers, they'll opt for the Samsung S4 or LG Optimus G Pro. By the time the A10 comes to market, the S4 and G Pro will have a price drop, and the A10 will be sporting a "flagship" pricetag, which will put off potential customers even more. Shoot, the even older Note 2 will be at a HUGE discount compared to the A10 at the time of launch, and the Note 2 has similar specs and brand recognition/track record.

What I don't get is why BBRY chose to have quad core GPU, yet only at 720. Hopefully by the time this thing comes to market, it sports a 1080 screen, but it seems that's not very likely to happen.

I'm not a spec-Nazi, but enough with the "there isn't much difference to the human eye between 720 or 1080" BS. Even if you can't notice it yourself (even though I do and many other people), BBRY should offer a premium phone in all facets if they're going to deliver a flagship phone at a flagship price. And please don't try to pull up the "mobile data" BS either. I pay for 15 GB of LTE data per month and have 100Mb down wifi connection in the office and home. That alone is more reason why I should be reaping the benefits of every penny I pay for data, which includes the best looking content I can have, NOT a second rate display (especially when other flagship phones have 1080p already).

It seems as if BBRY always makes a serious attempt to bring to market a flagship phone, but something, just ONE thing, ends up holding it back in a big way for most people *cough* 9900 crappy camera *cough*. The Z10 is a great device, and in that case the only thing holding it back was lack of name-brand apps, but that is only partially BBRY's fault. This time the display is what holds back the A10 and that is every bit 100% in BBRY's control.

+1 well said.

It doesn't even matter if there is a noticeable difference or not, its importance is dictated by the market . HTC was all but gone but the HTC one has brought them back in the game.

The z10 is a great phone, however I'm starting to lose faith in them if the A10 as it is rumored to be, will be their flagship.

They have no idea what they're doing it seems.

Posted via CB10

I fully agree with you.

Even the Z10 has a better resolution (1280x768 compared to 1280x720) on a smaller screen.

Same as you, I don't get the quad core thing with 720p on 5" screen.

This is nonsense. Sadly.

Posted via CB10

The Z10 is all means a mid-class phone when you consider the specs against the competition. One thing you guys are leaving out which is crucial is the random reboot problem the Z10s are having. I personally got so tired of it and getting hot that I returned mine. I sure hope they fix this with these new models.

It's a shame some people are dealing with this issue - I had the same experience with mine, not sure if it was an OS version thing or not, but since getting the update it's been fine for me. No random reboots whatsoever.

Thank you...What will b the competitive edge of this device? We know it won't b price nor specs! Experience? When the competition has such rich mature platforms! Perception matters n that's where I feel much attention is lacking with BB...n yes there is a big difference b/w 720 n 1080 whethr it's perceptible or's called selling point!

And to be honest, even if there wasn't a noticeable diff there is a difference within the publics perception.

Unfortunately, this day and age, just like app store count, specs play a massive role when it comes to perception of a device - something that BB has never understood and continues to fail at.

I don't see momentum shifting with the A10 given those specs, just more blogs laughing at how BB is behind the game and obsolete. Sad, but true.

One thing is for sure - the Z10 actually received generally positive reviews, for what it is, it was definitely a great device. If the A10 is supposed to be their equivalent to the Samsung S4/Note 2/HTC One/Lumia 920 (soon to be followed by 1020 and the HTC One Max), I'm predicting a very poor reception and that is what generally makes or breaks a phone. If there is no internet buzz surrounding the phone, you can forget about anyone wanting to give BB a shot - unless of course they are releasing the A10 so that die-hards can also have their own "phablet",if that's the case the overall sentiments expressed on CB says everything you need to know about what a great idea that will be.

+1 million

I'm a die hard BlackBerry user. But BlackBerry need to really look at what the market want.
They're the no.4 OS at the moment. Not only they need to catch up, they need to surpass the competitors if they want people to switch to them.
And with this dated specs and no other unique features.. it's gonna be another uphill battle.

Posted via CB10

For BlackBerry, I'm surprised they're focusing on the GPU side of things, am I the only one?

Posted via CB10

GPU isn't just for games. It's for hardcore number crunching, screen transitions, video decoding, etc.

Likely no number crunching and video decoding until they get OpenCL going, unless they have some sort of GPU computing going on internally. I've asked about OpenCL support and gotten mixed responses.

Yeah, same here. I had to do a double take to make sure it didn't say quad core CPU dual core GPU.

Have a feeling that the seperate quad gpu has to do with the cafe series(rumoured phone laptop/tablet dock) so the processing power will be able to be used with that because other than that I can not see any other reason for BB to need an amazing gpu, its not like they have the best app store with games that demand a lot of graphics power or that the os has a ton of complex transitions.

I'm so looking for this also !

They make great wireless device and you spend all your time be connected to charge the battery.

Posted via CB10

I pry to the heavens the ppi is better then that.

Rightly or wrongly it was get DESTROYED by critics if it launches with that screen.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

"Tech" journalists will have a field day able that very low ppi when other 5 inch phones are pushing more than 400 now! Ppi is not everything but watch the reaction!
As I feared this phone is just a larger Z10.
And that camera..., I mean really!!!

Posted via CB10

And what exactly are you going to do with the quad core besides running benchmarking apps?

Are there any apps out there that use dual-core, let alone quad-core (seriously, I'd like to know if they exist).

That's exactly what someone at BlackBerry said about 'what you want more than 1gb ram for' with the playbook. Look at it now.

Posted via CB10

^^^ THIS.

Let's add to that "You'll never need more than 640K ram"

Or what a salesman once told me when buying a 286 PC years ago: "Oh please, with that 40MB MFM Hard Disk, you'll never need another disk in your life."

Blackberry's conservative stance on hardware for the platform is against the grain of just about anyone in the industry, and is not helping sell phones. Their product management team should all be fired if they release the phone as described... unless they're going to undercut the samsung and iphone by 50-100$. But they'll probably charge more...

A quad-core GPU isn't enough fro bragging purposes? quad-core gpu + dual-core processor = six-core phone, GPU isn't just for graphics.

I'm in for sure. I'm saving money to buy it outright starting today. That is 2 inches shy of the PERFECT PlayBook upgrade!

Posted via CB10

I'll be incredibly irritated if they released it without a removable battery. One of the reasons I would never buy an IPhone.

Posted via CB10

Verizon's is probably thicker because im assuming it needs dual radios . One for cdmaand one for gsm (lte).

Also it would be nice if it had a higher pixel density and a quad core cpu and a big assed battery. And get rid if the icon backgrounds. Very 2007ish

Increase memory or make options higher than 16 gb and make the camera at least 12 mp and you've got a winner don't give the competition anything to beat you down with.

Posted via the Batcave

Let's see how BlackBerry decides to price this thing. Each of the current devices have been ridiculously over-priced at launch only to see a huge drop as they sat on the shelves. I think that this puppy should be listed in the $399 to $499 range - probably the upper end - but I'm guessing it will launch at $650. It's not a buy at that point - and certainly not an obvious upgrade for all of those that bought the Zed at launch at north of $600.

Out of curiosity, where did you get the price range that you think is viable from? Like what prompt you to think "hmmm, $399 to $499 is it!"?

What an odd comparison lol.

You can also get 297 large 7-11 Slurpee refills for $499, or around 290 McDoubles. Both are as valid as comparison as the PS4 and Aristo.


Sorry should have been more clear, but I'm speaking spec wise, if I'm going to buy the A10 based on those specs, I'm better of getting the PS4 when it comes out lol.

Posted via CB10

Pretty much any game console on the market today and in the next generation is cheaper than many smartphones.

You pay for the portability more than anything. You've got a tiny phone that has more power than some computers, and it fits in your pocket. I rarely use my home computer much since I got my Q10.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

I'm looking at the Nexus 4 - which is about a year old now. It's unlocked, has a 4.7" screen and a higher resolution screen (about 320 ppi). 2GB of RAM plus 16GB of storage will set you back about $350. Processor isn't specified, I would guess it's 1.5GHz dual core - but it *is* unlocked which usually comes at a premium. Giving BlackBerry a premium of $150 over this is pretty generous in my mind - particularly since we're going to see the Nexus 5 in the next few months which will likely be superior in specs to the A10 but at a similar price point to the current Nexus 4 line. I'm a BlackBerry fan - but why would I want to pay more for an A10 and then sideload Android apps on it when I can get this for less than $400?

The Nexus 4 is the exception to the rule though, it's the only phone that was priced this way, ever. No other manufacturer had followed the Nexus 4's pricing structure (to the dismay of consumers!) since so to expect BB to do so with the A10 seems a bit off, no?

I don't expect anything from BB - they can price it where they want and for whatever reason - I'm just looking at it as a consumer and thinking that there's better priced options out there - particularly the Nexus phones. Even the Nexus version of the HTC One is in the $600 range and again that's unlocked. BB is pricing their devices with iPhone style margins but it's competing with Android devices - that's not a winning strategy.

Not at all, my beef is that BlackBerry can no longer justify releasing average specs on their devices and pricing the devices at a premium. I thought this at the launch of the Z10 as well - in Canada it was priced at $750 by the major carriers off contract! In my experience, for every five people that asked me what I thought about the Z10 and in answer to the question "what should be my next device" - 6 or 7 of them chose to move on to a non-BlackBerry device while the rest of them waxed poetically about their new BlackBerry then slowly began to complain about losing their old BlackBerry email address, compatibility problems, trying to figure out how to sideload apps or complaining that the real phone that they wanted was the Q10. This speaks to the corporate strategy - BlackBerry is holding on to the illusion that they are a premium brand when their market share, stock price and slow sales volume (ie the facts) state otherwsie.

Do you think if BlackBerry devices have Android-esq specs, sales of BB10 phones will jump dramatically?

The Z10 launched in Canada between $550 to $650 depending on carrier, and since carrier determines their own off-contract price I won't hold that against BB.

You're right that BB does price their devices as a premium alternative, but they're not alone in this space. Apple is Apple so we'll leave them out, but what about WP8 devices?

I don't understand your last bit about corporate strategy, how does that relate to your original idea that the A10 should be priced according to the Nexus 4?

Also, you argued that the A10 should be priced similar to the Nexus 4 because specs appear to be similar between the 2 devices. Why does this not apply to everybody else in the mobile phone industry?

BlackBerry has always self-identified as a premium brand. It had many advantages in the past including BES, BBM, the keyboard, email and so on that made it a must buy for corporations. It doesn't have those advantages any more but it still wants to charge an Apple like premium but without the iPhone like benefits of having the world's most robust environment. Google on the other hand has some major advantages that allow them to offer devices priced like the Nexus 4 as a Trojan horse into the Google ecosphere. The Asian phone makers are competing on spec and price by producing products at lower margins.

That's the environment. WP8 is going after the market in a combination of the Apple and Android approaches - and is failing miserably in my opinion. BlackBerry is looking to recreate an Apple like ecosphere - but it's starting from scratch. I think that they would gladly move to a licensing model - but with Android cornering that market and with WP8 failing I don't see much room for them there either.

So here we are. BlackBerry is offering up premium prices for average specs for a new OS that lacks apps support. The only people that will buy this are you and me and the people on these forums and their friends. Your comments keep asking me how would I position BB - I'm not paid enough to solve those problems. I'm just a consumer - and when I take a look at the alternatives - Black|Berry has given me very little reason to care about a big phabulous phone unless the price is low enough that I can justify the lower specs and the lack of apps.

Agree with your 1st paragraph, I think you summed it up well there. BB definitely need to come up with something more to differentiate their products with their competitors.

Ditto the 2nd paragraph, MS won't admit it, but I too think internally they're not happy with the sales of WP8 devices.

Thanks for clarifying your stance in the 3rd paragraph, your reasonings make a lot of sense as a consumer. I think BB wants to stretch things out as much as possible until they can get the M2M services that they've been working on out to consumers and that is their strategy for differentiation.
In the mean time, hang on as much as possible without eroding margins.

I think if BB's end vision for the OS is BB10, we're actually on BB8.5.

Great post on your part. Thanks!

Wohooo! Can't wait until it comes out. Let's see what ".., but" we hear from some people regarding specs. =0)

This looks if only Sprint will get on board and release this a lot quicker then they are apparently releasing the Q10 :(

These specs kind of confuse me. It seems like they are kind of getting into the specs race, but kind of not. A 5-inch screen suggests it is. But 720p resolution suggests it isn't. 1.7GHz CPU suggests it is, but dual core suggests it isn't. Quad-core GPU suggests it is, but 8mp camera suggests it isn't...

One question about the GPU, any word on the specs of it besides the number of cores? Will it be ARM based like the one in the Nexus 10??

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Might also come down to what components they could source and the time coupled with where they are right now with the OS? Didn't HTC One get delayed because they couldn't get inventory due to a high demand for components?

Posted via CB10

Really 720p display and 8mp camera. It's time to step it up BlackBerry. Go big or go home.

Posted via CB10

I think this 1.7 ghz processor and quad core cpu combo should be more than enough to alleviate the concerns of uninformed consumers who just compare specs. The efficency of the os (plus the improvements of 10.2) should make this phone scream through the most demanding apps/games. The camera is a lil small, although my z10 still takes incredible photos. And the pixel density may be an issue for some given the display size. 1080p doesn't really matter to me, that's what hdmi-out is for. I would think it's Damn near impossible to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 5" display. That's just reality.

Posted from my incredible Z10

While not bad.. the Z10 Camera is far from the best in the market. I have Z10, Lumia 920 and GS4.
And I have to say the Z10 has the worst cam among the three.

I have no problem with this specs. But unfortunately those are not flagship specs by any standard. And should not priced as such.

What are the chances that Verizon releases 10.2 to all devices instead of 10.1? Glad to see at least the devices are making their way to Verizon... A10 is looking good to me.

I won't lie, I expected more in terms of specs. But the quad core is a plus. At this point I'm better off with just my Z10

Posted via CB10

I do hope the ppi is wrong. Should at least be what the Z10 is. Otherwise, sounds amazing! I do wish it had a quad core cpu, but I'm going to reserve my judgment on that until I get to personally try it out.

Posted via CB10

Why would you assume there's no wifi...I'm pretty sure if there's NFC they have wifi lol.

Posted via CB10

Try again. AC wifi was talked about as rumored, as well as the ability to use the micro usb connection for flash drive use.

Posted via CB10

I pray that ppi is going to change. The camera again falls short. No mention of FM radio or remote (tv,directv,etc) capabilities. I'll hold off on this until official specs are released. Waiting on the "wow" factor.

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10 PPI cannot change unless they go to 1080p....
The screen size for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone (the first BlackBerry 10 touch device) is 768 x 1280 pixels. However, future BlackBerry smartphones will have the following screen sizes:
All-touch smartphones: 720 x 1280 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
Smartphones with a physical keyboard: 720 x 720 pixels (1:1 aspect ratio)

This is a key point for developers meaning they've known for months that A10 or any other device would never have 1080p.

Ease of development and consistency over eye candy. It's hard to develop apps that has lots of resolutions as all the objects and images on the app needs to be remodeled. Two is enough.

DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THE PAINT CURSER ON THE PIC?!?! This is a fake. I'm gonna go off the early Aristo Spec sheet.

Small resolution of the screen, small camera and small internal memory make this device for People who live BB - not new Cuatomers. I don't say all three features are bad. I say they don't make WOW. Sorry about this, I do want BB forever. But please, RIMM turn at last BBRY, as soon as possible...

[...] new mobile hero:

It's not enough, IMHO, to make something big on tomorrow's market... Such A10 will be nothing but one of many new smartphones on the market. Even Z10 had more to make a good entry (new OS, new quality, new hopes, new almost everything and everybody was talking about it for relatively long time). A10 without other WOW features will be hard piece to sell...

[...] new mobile hero:

Ask yourself, please: Does mobile market wait FIRST OF ALL for BB10.2? Market was waiting for BB10.0 and now waits for Android 5.0 IMHO. This way small resolution, small camera and small internal memory will not help in attracting new People to our favourite brand. A10 isn't bad but also isn't WOW for others, I think...

[...] new mobile hero:

Not exactly dead... A lot of BB-lovers will buy it. It's not enough, but many People will buy it. I'd do it e.g. because of this GPU. However, I've got Z10 and don't find it necessary to have two quite similar BBs (I'm not keen on gaming).

[...] new mobile hero:

The A10 will have NFC. The leaked back covers are just missing the NFC antenna sticker. First aftermarket battery covers for the Q10 were missing the NFC, too.

Think the adreno 320 is a triple core nore quad core??

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Ack, for once I needed autocorrect for that comment, lol. Triple core, not quad core.

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I guess it will be a Mali-T604MP4. The quoted specs match up exactly with the "Exynos 5 Dual (5250)" SOC.

They are excellent specs. I will take a high clock dual cpu with a quad GPU over a quad cpu and a dual GPU anyday

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If this is true, BlackBerry will be in trouble. Once this gets release it will be last year's hardware and they can't even put the latest WiFi? GG.

I have one concern.

The camera says nothing about autofocus. After going from an 8900 with AF to a 9900 without, I can tell you now; I'm not buying another phone without autofocus. My phone is my primary camera (only one discounting the PB), and it needs to be decent.

Your "primary" camera as in the most used since it's always with you? Or you actually go to events knowing you will take photos and will prefer to just go with your phone??

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I don't have a stand-alone camera, and don't intend to buy one. Modern technology has made camera phones good enough for me, so a mobile device with a sub-standard camera just won't cut it. I wish I'd come to that realization before agreeing to two years with the 9900s sub-par hardware.

Ah, we belong in different worlds... All modern mobile phone cameras have are MP numbers, which as a photographer I can tell you means next to nothing. You'll find 14MP photos taken with a cheapy Fujifilm camera will look half as good as a 8MP photo taken with a Nikon or Canon. Because it depends on so many other things other than just the number of pixels it decides to save the picture as. Sensor size, type, and quality, power of the image processor, the efficiency of the firmware, aperture size, quality of the glass, etc. etc. With mobile phone cameras you have no aperture settings, no ISO settings, no telling how good the image processor on the phone is, etc. etc. But if all you need your photos for is uploading to facebook, then yes, mobile phone cameras are good enough for that... I know not everyone is as passionate about photography as I am or another amateur or professional photographer, but for me the camera on my phone is only a "last resort" camera. Meaning I'm somewhere where I didn't think I needed my camera so I left it at home and something pops up that I want to take a photo of... And I do agree I wouldn't mind if we get a good camera on our phones. The one on the Q10 and Z10 now is pretty decent with good light levels, but it's pretty poor in low-light conditions...

"it's pretty poor in low-light conditions..."

That's the problem I have with the 9900. The extent of my camera use is capturing when the kid or dog does something funny, or sending a quick shot to friends or family, but so often it's in low light.

But I could care less about numbers. I've seen how little those can matter. All I need to know is can it focus, and can I see what I'm looking at? All too often with the 9900 (no experience with BB10 devices), the answer is "no".

Well, the 9900 doesn't focus at all. It has the worst camera on any smartphone of its time. The BB10 cameras so far is a huge improvement over the 9900, but low-light pictures still come out pretty grainy, and sometimes it'll use long-exposure when it's dark, so if your subject is moving it'll end up blurry...

The resolution of the screen wil limit te adjustments to the current applications to a minimum. I think that in the first half of 2014 this phone wil we followed bij a phone with a higher resolution screen. Every 9 months the high-range models wil be repositioned to mid-range. This limits investments and will maximize revenues!

Looking to the limited resources (financial and manpower) blackberry has got (compared to apple and samsung) this is the best they can do for the moment!

I'm getting one. You can post specs on here all day. It doesn't matter to me. I have the z10.

I will be buying the aristo as soon as it hits the Canadian market.

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Pathetic specs - BlackBerry will never learn. The A10 will be obsolete in a flash. Been a BlackBerry fan as long as I can remember - this incompetence is slowly edging me towards the competition.

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is this a joke? These are specifications of 2012! Where is the S800 processor, the camera 12/15/20 MP, 3 or 4 Giga RAM, WiFi AC, battery over 3000 mAh, a screen has more than 400 dpi ...? DISAPPOINTED! It's just a Z10 bigger, A LITTLE better, NOTHING CRAZY!
"Aristo" means "Best" in Greek, it has NOTHING Best! The hardware must follow the software

Exactly my opinion! I cant believe that BlackBerry is going to plunge into desaster with open (but blind) eyes! The A10 is (obviously!) already a moot point in the (up to now) loyal BB-community. What do you think will an apple or android-user say?! He will laugh about the outdated specs. We dont talk about the objective performance- nobody will note the difference between 64Million colors or 1,5Million... Nobody will note the difference if the CB-side (desktop) will open in 1,09 or 0,99 sec.... But BlackBerry wants to sell the device and cant argue with smart (but hidden) ideas... When people buy a mercedes they dont want hidden ideas like energy-saving electric motors for seat adjustment- they want a star in front of the cooler and 350 hp! BlackBerry will fail with the A10. Even Z10-User will hesitate to upgrade on A10... Android-User will not downgrade their technical aspiration and apple-user are still die-hard-fans... I´m a long time BB-Fan and I would love to see BB on a way for success, but I´m very annoyed by this kind of market place ignorance.... Its (sad to say) certain habits of german leadership- either we want the world dominion or (in this case) we hope that average, traditional, approved methods (not TOO fashionable and innovative of course!) will successful the next 100 years! Maybe Thorsten is too german...
But we will see the specs with the release of the so called flagship... If (IF!) this outdated specs (incredible_ lower resolution than the Z10!) will take place, BB will sink with (not anywhere near) flying colors (flags...ships)

Hey Kevin & Adam, one of you guys seriously needs to talk to Mr. Heins. I guess he is living in the past. How on earth he can launch a premium device with only a 8 Mega Pixel camera?? Its age of 13 mega pixel and 16 mega pixels. Totally fail to understand this strategy. Also the front camera needs to be a superb 5 mega pixel one to blow of competition. Wished the battery would have been 3000 mamp plus. processor should have been at top of line @ 1.9 GHZ and the RAM atleast 4 GB.

Please talk to Heins and tell him to rectify if he wants A10 to sell well. He should be more humble and offer more hardware goodies especially when BB10 app selection stands no chance VS Android and IOS.

Doesn't the iPhone use a 8 mega pixel camera as well? If I remember correctly, iPhones had 5 mega pixel cameras while Android was moving towards 8 megapixel yet they still sold millions of iPhones.

But Iphone has a huge APP ecosystem and they never had low light image quality problems like BB10 phones did even when iPhone had a 5 mega pixel camera. I am a BB supporter make no mistake but i strongly feel BB needs to up its hardware to increase appeal for its phones along with the superb OS BB10. Also as Apple did not keep up with its hardware fast enough Samsung won the battle despite people facing problems with Android in terms of phone hanging etc.

Well, hopefully he doesn't read this and simply tweak the software to save pictures at a higher resolution without actually increasing the size and quality of the sensor... Sometimes cramming more pixels into a small sensor would actually have negative effects, especially in low-light...

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One can easily up sample data with digital filling to increase resolution with a quad gpu. There are many digital enhancement techniques to do so, based on Math and Physics. This will be an amazing device with OS 10.2 offering some nice algorithms for photos and other applications on the fly, transparent to the user. The key will be marketing.

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Is this some kind of a joke? 295 ppi, 2 gb ram, 8 mega pixel camera. This is not a high end device. The only difference I see between A10 and Z10 is that A10 has a 5 inch screen. Compared to this, S4 has 441 ppi, 13 mega pixel camera and it will be in the market for more than six months by the time A10 comes out. Let's face it, Blackberry can't be saved by just its hard core fans. It needs to have folks coming from other platforms. If current specs are true then A10 is a going to be a big fail, even worse than Z10.

That ppi sounds way too low for a screen that size. Every aspect of this device has to be on par with rivals or better. That screen has to be razor sharp and that ppi will not achieve this.

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By the time this is out Samsung will be almost ready to release their new phone from the galaxy series.. some that will sadly blow this completely out the water..

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BlackBerry won't use that SoC in the A10 as that's the S4 Plus.
The A10 is said to use one of the following SnapDragon 400 SoC's: 8030AB, 8230AB, 8630AB or 8930AB clocked at 1.5GHz with LP-DDR2 cache.

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Huge disappointment....another flop! BB just does not get it. This will be ripped apart as "they did not go far enough" in the spec department when they had the chance. I have to assume the leaks are meant to gauge sentiment as why all of a sudden so many. I hope they pick-up on the disappointment from their followers but judging from the past this company does not care. They seem to have their own vision outside what their followers and the marketplace are telling them.
And to boot it is thicker if I read the comments right...thin is in and on guys...get with it!

Nokia ate soon to release a 40 mb camera with a Carl zeiss lens.. 8 mp isn't cutting it for a future BlackBerry device

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Until I see objective tests on the camera, the high mega pixel number is a marketing gimmick only. People who don't know any better will think a higher number means better when it means nothing. There are many other things I'd take over higher mega pixels in deciding if a camera is good or not.

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Dah, the majority of the market do not know any better, how the heck do ya think Samsung got so huge, the keep increasing specs, needed or not the public thinks the need them. The A10 will fail with this slap in the face attempt at a premium device

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Samsung got to the point it is because the dev community loved how they always released the source codes for the phone. If it wasn't for dev communities like xda-developers they wouldn't be that big

I have a Nokia 808 with a similar sensor and the photos taken with it are miles ahead of my Z10. So believe it mate, the Z10 8 MP camera is total rubbish.

Funny how everyone is crapping on the specs when they are equal or better than 99% of the phones out there. Seriously, they are better than the iPhone, every windows phone except the 1020 and all android phones except for the s4, HTC one and the Sony flagship.

Android competition within android requires them to compete on specs alone which is why iPhone and Windows Phone don't try or need to keep up. Why criticize BlackBerry for doing the same?

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No one is ignoring it but it is a stupid choice on BB's part when quad cpu and high resolution screen are more popular parts of phones in 2013. What would u do with a quadcore gpu on a BB when there are not that many top notch games in appworld anyway.

I can give you the same argument about the cpu... what are you gonna use that quad core cpu for... flawed logic bud...

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

Because those phones have been out for months, and months from now when they launch the A series it will be behind

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I mean why go half heart on the beast. Camera and screen need a bump and then this thing can compete. It needs to send a message that " we have the capability to build beasts, if that's what the market DEMANDS"

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