Official BlackBerry A10 renders show removable back, sideloaded SIM

By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2013 08:27 pm EDT

A few days ago while digging through a BlackBerry 10.2 OS I came across some placeholder images for the A-Series devices. They weren't anything special by any means but at the time I had speculated we'd be seeing plenty more of the device soon. Well, since then we've actually seen a lot more than even I was expecting, including the first spotting of the device and what potentially could be the back of the device along with a brief video hands-on with it. 

Now, freshly posted in the CrackBerry Forums comes a few 'help' images from what is suggested to be the A-Series and while they are just renders showing general help, they potentially give some further information about how the device will be laid out in terms of where the HDMI out port, micro USB port will be placed along with a side loading SIM slot and microSD.

The battery door however is probably the most interesting as the A-Series is rumored to have an integrated, non-removable 2800mAh battery. That non-removable battery may still be the case but if nothing else, the back cover itself looks as though it can be removed to allow access to the SIM and microSD card depending on how you want to take the images.

Personally, I've heard test units can take the cover off but the battery is still non-removable. Whether or not it remains removable once it hits the market, we'll just have to wait and see I suppose. Side note: I'm happy as hell BlackBerry is finally giving me a big *** device.

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Official BlackBerry A10 renders show removable back, sideloaded SIM


Just now the question pops up in my head. is this the device mr heins was excited about? if so i expect some super new awesome never seen before feature :P

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If it fails then it will be the next device. First it was bb10 then it was z10 then it was q10 now it's a10.

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I don't agree with the micro USB charging port being on the lower half of the device like the Z10. Seems like it could get in the way when one is using the phone while charging.

I think the charging port on the side is a bad design all together. Accessories like battery cases look ridiculous on the Z10 and it looks like it will be happening again with the A10. They should have it at the bottom.

With you on that one, the only benefit of these ports to the side is that they are better for using landscape oriented charging and media docks, but seeing as BBBRY doesnt have any docks, or the UI tailored for landscape mode, this really doesnt make sense.

Regarding your opinion, I think you both are wrong. I never loved to use a device having its charging port at the bottom. When using the device while charging I always loved using my berry in every second. I just have those charging cables of those iPhone users in mind which are disgustingly bent cause of using it lying in bed or on a table. Placing the charging port to the side is just the nicest place I can imagine. Related to charging docks, everything I am missing at those new devices are the charging contacts for the charging docks. Nothing could break (MicroUSB is the worst port I know) and it looked aesthetic. I really miss it.

Not sure how a cable coming out of the SIDE of a device is going to be less "disgustingly bent" than one that comes straight out the bottom. If you look at you office phone... where does the cable come out of the handset? I wonder why they did that?

i wish it has the magnetic charging connectors *drool*
one can only dream

Why doesnt BBRY do Wireless Charging ??

I wish my Z10 had a magnetic charging port like the pb rapid charger they should definitely try that as a optoon

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The back door wont actually be removable, and the battery will be fixed, meaning the only access to the sim and mem card will be from the side.

I think it will end up with a removable battery... BlackBerry sells a lot of spare battery chargers & their one of my fav accessories... we NEED.them

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Type in landscape mode. In fact I find that to be more convenient then the portrait mode. Of course I love the portrait mode.

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In fact right now I'm typing on my z10 while it's being charged by my laptop. And the wire doesn't seem to be an obstruction at all. But that's just me.

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Same here. The side charging location doesn't get in the way at all for me. I have used phones with the charge cord at the base but when typing in landscape mode it was pretty awkward typing with the cord attached to the end. I haven't had a problem working with my Z10 in portrait mode while plugged in.

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Agree with Papaguan. While I can use the Z10 while charging, I have to wrap my fingers around the charging cable, which is annoying and can wiggle it. I prefer the Q10 placement -- higher up on the device.

Put the charging cable between your middle and pointing finger.. twallaaaa problem solved

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Agreed. So annoying when typing on my z10 plugged in. Drives me nd my wife nuts too. Only if it was moved 1" to 2" up I would be okay with then too.

I hope they change that

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Agreed. Absolutely hated it on my 8900 which had it on the lower right. One handed use while charging was impossible for right handers.

I'm okay with the upper left, like on the 9900. Makes sense for use in landscape mode.

I don't agree with the non removable battery. I wonder if Blackberry has sold out like Google, Apple and Microsoft, among other companies. No removable battery = automatic no buy. Not doing a signature Blackberry feature is extremely stupid. Removable battery is one reason why consumers choose Blackberry over the competition, now you remove that feature on your new high end phone and the Q5? so there is less reason to own a Blackberry and more to own a phone from the competition?

BTW: for the record, if this comes out spec'd out, I no longer shall remain heartbroken that the PB10 didn't get BB10. Right now I'm on the fence in changing platforms, but let this big beauty come to market... PLEASE!!!!

It's more likely the device will break your pocket than the pocket breaking the device... ;-p

Swoosh... swiped from my Z10

So want this phone love my Z10 but wish it was a tad bit bigger bring on the A-series don't think they are going to call it the A10 though

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Meh. Let's be honest, no one really cares what they name it. Just hurry up and get it out there lol.

Looks like BlackBerry is going to stick to their naming convention of Letter+Number so it will definitely have it's own class I think to set it apart from the Z10... I think it will be called P10.

BB has given the letters to the devices to represent their key feature:

Z-series was for the Z-axis input of the finger, operating the new OS.
Q-series was for the physical QWERTY keyboard
P-series can be for phablet (I know... lame, lol)

Or.... it just might be called the Z15!

No different than having an ipad and iPhone for the same use as described. So I guess it's an epic fail on your thought process.

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Im starting to think there will be some cool new feature coming along with this product. Because otherwise the rumoured spec seem pretty mid range. 720p screen with a dual core cpu. I also read in one of the posts here that it had a 8mp camera. So other than the screen size its pretty close to the Z10 and worse in terms of resolution and PPI.

I certainly hope there is more to this device.

And a different front design! Looks pretty much like a stretched Z10 apart from the top. Disappointed with that.

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They're probably saving their redesign for next year's devices. Their refreshes. After all these designs would have been put through long a go.

People, 1080 p in a 5'' device is useless !!!!!!

the human eye cannot process the quantity of pixels of a 1080 p screen, they will be packed to close to each other and the human eye is not capable of telling the difference between 720 and 1080 in a 5 inch display.

if you don't believe me, google it !!!

i agree with it needs Quad-core and 3 GB of RAM, and a higher pixels camera with better sensor. that and adding some new gimmicks.

To some extent I agree with the fact that we don't need a 1080p screen but they need to put it in there regardless. Its all about the specs if they want to attract new users. It ain't gonna happen if there is no apparent benefit over android flagships.

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I'm uneasy with the non removable battery. I don't care to have a huge BlackBerry. I hope Z-10 type devices in the future keep the removable battery.

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Well, the thing is that having a removable back actually does add marginally to thickness and complexity. The big reason why you make the unit sealed is because you're sealing a non-replaceable battery in there, too. So if that back really IS removable, it suggests that there's at least a chance that they've reconsidered the battery configuration.

How about the possibility of a non-replaceable integrated battery, AND the option, by design, to switch out the standard "blind" back-cover with an assortment of thicker ones, that have additional batteries built into them, and are hot-swappable (keeping the phone running on the built-in in battery, which is not drained until after the add-ons have run out)?

Should be possible to build both slightly thinner than usual, given those circumstances, and maybe make for a compromise that goes from worst-of-both-worlds to a little way in the other direction...

I agree with this. I'm a extended battery nut, so I always agree with having a removable battery.

The only way to justify not having it is if they thrown in a really beefy battery but given the renders... It doesn't look like it's going to be that big... possibly less than 3,000 mAh... :(

I agree with needing a removable battery. I have a Z10 and I am often busy posting, messaging, surfing, etc, find myself with a low battery and need a strong battery immediately. The battery charger bundle is an awesome thing to have but doesn't last if you charge it at the same time as using it. Never get to 100% that way. Whereas if I swap batteries, I get a 100%-charged battery right away and can get back to what I was doing. If I'm near a plug I can then plug in my battery bundle to recharge the discharged battery. REALLY hoping for a removable battery, no matter what size it is.

Show it to my colleagues, they love it.
Easy to use on a one to one powerpoint presentation. Not too small and not too big.
Compliment my Q10.

Yeah, if you look at the 'removed back' there appears to be a strip of the chrome-ish side that is actually attached to the back that covers the SIM and Micro SD card slots... so to get access to those slots, the back is removed, which also removes the SIM and Micro SD slot covers. That is a very odd configuration: I'm used to seeing covers of that nature pop off and be attached to the device by a rubberized "cord" that keeps the cover attached to the phone, then you have to rotate it back into position and snap it back on (my LG Optimus LTE and my Windows 8 tablet have covers like this).

...but I thought the removable battery was an advantage for BB10 devices: the battery life for a BB10 device is better than that of the Android and Windows Phone devices I have, but not as good as the Apple devices I have (that iPad is amazing it can be "on standby" for weeks and retain it's charge!) but being able to swap out my Z10 battery to a fully-charged one is a real convenience that I think BB should stick with.

Please please spec this phone out to the max it's do or die BlackBerry. A bigger z10 isn't going to cut it for most people.

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The 9800 COULD have saved BlackBerry if it came out with the same specs as the 9810 eventually came out with.

The tech blogs absolutely slaughtered the 9800 for its performance.

Seeing a tech talk show on Engadget (or maybe the Verge) where they compared the 9800 to the Galaxy and iPhone (or maybe 3g) was the first time i ever saw tech people literally laughing on camera about a BlackBerry.

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In my personal opinion BB was already headed for doom by the time the 9800 was released. I think the Storm is the device that could have saved BB but instead it was that device that originally put the bad taste in everyones mouth. The 9800 would have needed to be be an iPhone 4 killer in order to bring BB back. And we all know how that turned out.

No I mean 9700 to 9800. If I remember correctly BB didn't even bother to change up any of the specs for the 9800. I owned a 9700 and a 9800. The 9700 was perfect in every way but I immediately regretted buying the 9800. It was just slow and pitiful. BB knew how important releasing a first time device was and how good it needed to be(anybody remember the original storm??) I'm just hoping the A10 doesn't repeat history, it needs to be spec'd out even if its overkill.

We ALL know that they just AIN'T gonna.

We all know it will have lackluster specs.

We all just have to come to terms with this :(

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I so hope the battery is removable..thats one of the plus with having a BlackBerry device

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10

There has to be something else going on with the device, or the rumors are off in a few areas. It doesn't make much sense that would have a removable back but a fixed battery. I think if they were ready to introduce a non-removable battery they would work on a thinner body

Maybe the A10 has a removable back to accommodate a secondary battery. Thus, people can choose to sacrifice thinness for all day performance!

First and foremost the device looks great and I look forward to seeing it in action. Now about the specs... as long as the camera and processor is dialed up a bit I would be happy. Don't need 1080p to please me plus apps are hard enough to come by... look forward to 10.2 when this is released

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I don't understand why BlackBerry is insisting on having the USB interface on the side rather than at the logical and more usable location at the bottom of the phone.

I have to unplug my Z10 to do anything useful and can't get any proper charging dock, tried a few, all rubish, or extended battery cases for it. This is one thing I really wished BlackBerry would reconsider.

Every phone manufacturer is doing it that way, does BlackBerry think it knows better? It hasn't even given us a landscape dock yet. What are they doing? Oh man.

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YUP! The 3.1" 720x720 screen should never have been released. It was a huge old thinking, "Old-guard BlackBerry management" mistake.

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Looking at all these comments makes me realize BlackBerry can't win with the A10. Damned if they do Damned of they don't.

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Exactly. Androids the only company in a spec race, BlackBerry said there not in the spec race, yet everyone's. Still talking about it better have these specs blah blah blah

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That's because BlackBerry is charging premium prices for phones which are not premium phones. A premium phone to me should have top of the line specs, not specs which are almost 2 years old. Yet, these new phones are released with critical flaws like the random reboots, short battery life, cheap materials and half baked OS. I would have thought that with the year or more they had with the beta phones would have made better results, but not. Lastly, they are still talking dual-core CPUs, wouldn't surprise me if they used the same specs as the Z10 on the A10.


I'm assuming that while they will have a kick-ass GPU in the phone, the rest of the hardware will be almost identical to the Z10.

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How is it that when apple launches a new devices, there are hardly or no leaked photos but with a Blackberry phone, specs and photos appear months before launch?
What then will the public, tech writers and investors have to be pleasantly surprised about at launch???

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Non-removable battery = fail. Why go the Apple route? What next? No microsd card support?

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Really no point in having a removable back cover if you don't have a removable battery. That is the worst of both worlds...

Check to see if WiFi is on when unnecessary, close apps you are not using, go down from LTE to 4G or to 3G even. Don't leave the BBM app open unless you use it a lot -- in which case, leave it open all the time. Take BBM groups out of the Hub. Make sure you have the latest update from your carrier. Avoid using vibrate mode. All these will save battery. It really depends on what you're doing. Android ports and blogs could also be polling so check the refresh schedule and put apps on Manual refresh. Forward all your email to and only have that running. Gmail polls so uses battery.

Like I said in another thread, a serious communications device needs a removable battery so you can keep moving. Removable battery is one of the things that distinguishs BlackBerry from the others. Got to stay with this.

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I'm all for removable batteries (I like extended batteries) but would you be okay with a non-removable battery if they had a massive battery to keep it going all day? (Think Galaxy Note 2 or Razr Maxx HD)

We all know this isn't concreted information yet, but BlackBerry if you are reading this please let it have a removable battery. I can imagine all the games, movies, and other media this thing will be packing. Need to swap out the batteries on the go. BlackBerry keeps you moving forward while the Iusers are tethered to the power outlet.

Huh? Which Samsung Note are you thinking about? Gotta be more specific because last time I checked, the Galaxy Note phones had removable batteries.

Have you seen the 9300 mAh extended battery? lol

Thanks for the info. I'm not familiar with the Note nor do I know anybody with one to know the battery situation. I just know the Samsung Note is a b.a.p.

I'm pretty sure that's the final design of the A10 and I am extremely underwhelmed. Was really hoping for a hardware build prettier and superior to iPhone and HTC One. Especially since this device is going to cost upwards of $699.99.

I understand where you're coming from and I'll assume you're comparing to the iPhone 5 and not the previous glass models... I kinda feel the same way. Right now, the HTC One definitely kills everyone in the design department. No contest.

Hoping for non removable battery so I can convince myself not to replace my Z10 with it :D

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I'm a little confused. The leaked images of the back plate shows a distinct half circle cut out on the top left of the device for the headphone jack. On the right image in this thread it looks as if the headphone jack is on the side of the device. Anyone else noticed that or am I mistaken?

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Never mind, I just realized that the far right image is of the top of the device. I thought it was the other side of the device. I just finished a 4hr drive. Clearly I'm not seeing

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I'm stating to really like this phone. It's obvious it doesn't matter what they do, people are going to complain about it. Could it be that these photos and videos are surfacing so BlackBerry can get feed back and improve on it? Probably too late for that possibility, but would be amazing if they were?

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2800mAh battery?? blackberry doesnt learn ??? stupes give us 3000 minimum and we in business give consumers a reason to switch

Lots of folks says the battery should be removable, I tend to agree with them. I get a feeling that nonremovable batteries in gadgets make for, forgive the term, planned obsolescence. I even feel that way with my beloved playbook. Some gadgets batteries may be able to be replaced, but it may not be cost effective. I do hope the a10 has a replaceable battery for sure. All that said, I still want it!!!!

If the battery is non removable then what's the use of back cover? The big let down for me in Z10 wash it's cheap plastic back cover. Blackberry needs to go for a unibody design this time otherwise it's going to be a flop device like Z10.

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Based on the help files, it seems there is only a back cover and not a battery door... Hopefully it's so that they could fit a very large battery since the device seems to be quite thick.

If the non removable battery means wireless charging count me in. That's the one key feature I wish my z10 had and I'm jealous of phones that have it. At least with my Bold 9650 we had charging contacts for super fast dock charging.

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Personally, I wouldn't spend my money on a device w/out a removal battery

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So disappointed there's no camera shutter button or a convenience key! Come on BlackBerry, you take two steps forward and one step back, what is it with this company!

I like having removable battery, but only sealed devices are allowed to be on a hot site in the oil patch. Still sticking with my Z10

If BlackBerry opts for a non-removable battery, count that as the biggest failure the company would have made recently (apart, perhaps, from dropping BIS on BB10).

But....great phones so far, great company, so still a fan. :)

That A10 is a nice looking piece of hardware with a great OS. None of that will matter if the big name Apps don't run on it. Blackberry has two great phones out right now and what looks to be a third great one on the way. They won't sale enough of any of the phones if they don't get the apps most peole want. I love my Q10 and I don't want any apps like Netflix, Instagram, Hulu(?), etc, but I know for BlackBerry to stay afloat the apps are needed. I hope they are working on that as hard as they are working on fancy new phones.

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And non-removable battery will be a killer for me. I have yet to own any cellular device that I haven't had to replace a battery on from them either wearing out, bloating, or just being too small to get me through between charges.

Within what period? I.e bow long on average before you had felt to change it?

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

the only thing I don't like about the USB plug in being in the side is when I use my flipshell case and I want to watch a movie


I can perform most of my personal computing on my Z10 now, but it has its limitations. If this new device has top specs, quality build and 5" screen then I'm in! Love the BB10 interface, so looking forward to the progression.

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To bad about the battery since battery pulls are still necessary despite what you have been told. My Q10 needs one about once a week. Just like you also still need the buttons and track pad. My daughter was going to get one and give up her Droid until she saw the buttons missing. Can not wait for the new BB7 so I can get functionality back. You know complex things like answering phone calls.

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BBRY, sales of a certain other 5" device says removeable batteries are actually more desirable. If an OEM 10000Mah is available, then you would have some sort of winner there. The trend is on, people are getting tired of charging halfway through the day. Give them 2-3 days flat, see how it goes. If it manages to "Keep Moving" in a jungle safari, that will be awesome.

Aluminium housing and removable battery, OEM super huge extendable battery. Bundle the extendable in the retail package, see where that goes. Easy Value!!

QUAD CORE!! Exynos, Snapdragon, whatever.

That's why Thor said mobile will replace tablets in future. When you have a mobile/phablet with 5-5.2 screen size why will you need a tablet. Though I don't like it but Samsung does offer a phablet named Mega with 6.3 screen size which is quite close to our PlayBook. Who knows maybe in the future blackberry might also make something like this. Way to go blackberry, keep moving with full pace.

Narh, top weird walking and talking, maybe with blue tooth headsets etc but only if it comes with the phablet

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

LOL u serious?!?! Removable back but still non-removable battery. Seriously WTF?

That defeats half the reason manufacturers use non-removables in the first place. Non-removable batteries and sealed back covers go hand in hand. One doesn't make sense at all without the other.

Release it with a removable battery and don't ever reconsider again other than on low end devices.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

i totally agree with you, plazmic flame... ive always hated using my blackberry while charging with charging port on the side, it sucks. smartphones are meant to be plugged to the charger oe pc most times due to the high energy cosumption etc so why the hell should the charging not made easy by simply being at the bottom so u wont have to always unplug to put on your ears to receive calls

Charging dock should be at the bottom to enable easier docking or come with the pins like of the older devices to drop into a charger. Well, this is just my opinion...

Z10 owners should be offered a discount on the A10! Whose with me?

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

If a Z10"s" was coming out 6 months later then ok maybe.

The A10 is a total different form factor, so no discount.
Just like we shouldn't get discount on the Q10 if your a Z10 user.

It might as well be the 'Z10s' consider the specs not just the name

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

In terms of the removable battery, Imo it's BlackBerry finally saying what we expected from the Z10, you won't need to do battery pulls, your battery will last as long as you need it. If this isn't true then there'l be some whiplash

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

Me want. My big hands will love that !
@Bla1ze : Q5 is rumored in different settings, including a dual SIM one. Any clue about the A10 in this area ?

It will be my new PlayBook... I hope it comes in 64gb and not just 16gb internal memory..

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I know these are leaks - not final in any sense... I just feel underwhelmed...

I am really hoping there is more to this phone - more than an enlarged Z10... otherwise what is the point? what is the usp? What differentiates this from the other (more successful) devices, already out; and all the devices coming out?

I get the management team probably decided on the devices a year or more ago - timeframes being what they have been, in the bb10 roll out, ie delayed - but this device is standing out for the wrong reasons.

There are so very few devices with a 5" screen that are not 1080p. That alone will see the sales tank -even though the spec may be irrelevant or whatever...

What device is this better than...

Shouldve focused on a slider!

I just hope the slider doesn't come out in 2014 with 2012 specs... but I'm also hoping we don't see the real innovation with bb11...

This delay in release has pushed the devices out of relevance. BlackBerry need to get their logistics sorted out, and move faster to the market!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

This looks like a larger sized Z5 that's rumoured to be the 5th device based on all touch screen. The Z5 looks very nice, if the A10 looks like it, good job BB. Looking forward to the new devices.

I think the A10 may have stereo speakers. You can see two slots on the back cover, one at the top and one at the bottom.

All this grey or silver parts i hope will be aluminium...if plastic mister german ceo we will say in german, räumen sie ihr büro.....blackberry is so nice label but they need young and creative new team...please the time of old school ceos is over...blackberry is and still strong if the right team will guide them...bye

Why would they create a phone where the battery cannot be removed? That is what we are laughing at with Apple.

Since the moronic tech analysts just look at numbers, BBRY has to max out the specs, even if it reduces battery life. Max RAM and cores. Max pixels.
Why would they fix the battery unless there is some new, ultra-high tech battery being used. Otherwise, people who want to swap things out will be very disappointed.

The screen should be 5.5" at least. There's still not enough to differentiate this device from the Z10. Please, I'd love a BlackBerry "Note" styled device.

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This is the biggest problem with BB this phone shall be launched in November and still this shall have only a 8 MP camera, 2 GB RAM, and same old typical outdated configurations. There are reports of Nexus 5 coming with a 3 GB RAM , 16 MP camera etc and mind blowing specs. If A10 is supposed to be the next big thing why its sepcs are so damn outdated. They love to stay behind the competition as always and thats main reason for their market share declines in spec conscious place like US, UK etc.

BlackBerry users should not have to debate side versus bottom USB ports. The side USB port was fine as an option when the bottom charging contacts were on the phone. Why are we settling for less than we had before? BlackBerry, fix that. I prefer BlackBerrys because they are smaller than most other phones with good functionaliy and a physical keyboard. But virtual keyboards (Z10) and bigger (A10?) are good options for those who prefer those features--but, I hope they remain options and do not replace the traditional BlackBerry. Name versus number with letter- I prefer letters with numbers similar to a lot of fine cars. It's nice when you can depend on the quality of the product to leave the impression rather than trying to capture the essence in a name that may or may not do the job.

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I wonder if this be the top device for BlackBerry. Will this mean that BlackBerry will forget about the Z10 and not upgrade it in January?

I do not think that having multiple devices solves anything, in the contrary gets confusing. Look at Samsung with their endless devices, its a mess. You cant tell them apart.

I think what BlackBerry needs its more apps, a cloud service, integrate QNX so that devices can communicate seamlessly and continue to improve the BB10

damn it...they're going to go with that silver part on the bottom but not the top, aren't they? i just can't get over how weird that looks. it looks like a car with one bumper or something like that

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#fail if it has a non removable battery. That's part of the reason blackberry is awesome. :.(

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Is it 1080p andd runs all Android apps smooth as butter up to v4.2?
If so then I'm sold - if anything less then it won't make a difference.