BlackBerry A10 gets hands-on video treatment

By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2013 01:31 am EDT

I'm going to go with the old cliché here. When it rains, it pours and such is the case with the BlackBerry A10. We've seen plenty of images of the device, some video and now we're getting a hands-on look at the device thanks to Tinhte.

Go ahead, sit back and watch the video. Keep in mind, we know what we're looking at here is indeed NOT final hardware as indicated by the markings on the device but it sure as heck looks awesome. Remember, that battery door was suggested to be removable only on internal versions of the device.

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BlackBerry A10 gets hands-on video treatment



It looks so slow to navigate. Not sure why BlackBerry wouldn't upgrade the processing power and RAM to provide a better user experience.

Cos they're being bloody stupid. I just hope they realise this and change it by the time it gets to the market.

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Have you not read the article? lol, this is not the final product nor specs. Just like the original Z10 (London), it changed quite abit.

I was actually intrigued to see that it appears only marginally larger than the Z10. The size does not disqualify it for me, though the minor spec bump over my Z might put me off until later.

Well, I meant to say that there's not enough of a jump on the specs over the Z10 for me to switch over but the size looks fine to me.

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You're all right the spec doesn't have much over the Z10 maybe wait for the next device but good work BlackBerry.

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dude what are you talking about? O____o mine lasts up to 3 days playing games with it.... you can also buy a better battery here on cb...

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I don't buy what you're selling dude! I had a Z10 and roughly about 7 or 8 pm I was already running out of juice. And I listen to the internet radio all day at work. If this phone can last all day through 16+ hrs of heavy use then I'd give it credit. I really don't beleive this phone can do it though, not with a 5" screen and only 2800 mAh battery.

That is the cool feed back CB is great for!! I am holding out for this phone. I checked out a buddy's S4 and 5in screen is just right for me. I have been using 9800 for 2.5 years and will continue using it until the a10 is available. With a 9800 to a10 spec bump, I expect it should blow my mind.

The side bezels are very narrow now. This is why it's only marginally bigger than the Z10.

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Same here doesn't look that much bigger. Still don't understand the screen size is 5 inches but why isn't there a 5th row for apps as some ppl pointed out

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Looks as though it's all just larger by a small amount. Better for my aging eyes. Lol. Battery life would get me to switch from my Z10. Other than that. Doesn't look all that huge. Would hope for matching silver top and bottom of front side. I have silver skins from DBrand on my Z. I love the look. Realized I matched the look of the original London device. Sweet.

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There isn't a 5th row of icons because, this development prototype at least, has a slightly lower screen resolution than the Z10 at 1280 x 720 (the Z10 is 1280 x 768).

BlackBerry have previously stated that their next all touch phone would be 1280 x 720 to appease developers who complained about the number of different screen resolutions on legacy BBOS phones over the years. For me it's a mistake to restrict the screen resolution when the market is moving on to higher resolutions.

With 1280 x 720 the extra screen space made available by making the screen larger is wasted. It just means everything on the screen is going to be slightly larger rather than packing more things in to the new space available.

The A10 screen as it is now is only "better" by having a larger screen if you have poor eye sight and find yourself squinting at the Z10 to read things.

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Sorry to disappoint you but the 2800 mAh battery is none removable. The hardware in the video is pretty much final.

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What I don't understand is why build a removable back (even if it's only for internal use) if you don't have a removable battery, UNLESS your not sure if you won't have a removable battery. Maybe they are still trying to decide......

For the SIM and memory card. It's a lot better than those tiny little covers for each port that you have to pick out with a finger nail and have hanging on a piece of plastic string, or a paper clip push out tray thingy.

That said, and as someone else said, the specs just aren't that much of a bump from the Z10 to make this worth buying SIM free. I'll wait to see what's around the corner or what's out when my upgrade is due.

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This phone will close out the "six new products" roster for 2013, which means it might be time to start looking ahead to 2014. It would be nice to think that all models will see some kind of bump, like maybe the Z10 and Q10 will get the Adreno 320 GPU that's going into this phone, with the A10 moving up to a Snapdragon 800.

I guess we'll see. And in the meantime, we've got 10.2 to wait for...

Damn the z5 looks pretty damn sweet. Love how the bottom looks with no extra bezel like in the z10 and a10. If priced right it ll definitely do well I think! Your right they better come out with it fast to attract the back to school crowd.

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I think what he is saying is that in terms of BlackBerry's "6 new model line," the 2013 calendar year is accounted for. You pointed out 5, so the 6th new model will come in 2014. Since you are a regular CrackBerry reader, you should know that BlackBerry's fiscal year does not follow the calendar year.

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That's possible. However, the big retail seasons for mobile is just B4 school & just B4 Xmas. So I think we may be getting another one in the late fall.....though it could be they were talking fiscal year

+1, but on a plus note, there is a hardware version with a 2880 mAh battery.

That'll give an extra few precious minutes of talk time... :)

Umm, no it is not. That hardware is the beta version out being tested by Carriers and the like. That model is also not for sale.

As long as the battery is of high class quality, then I don't see the reason unless you plan on buying a larger battery.

Who are you? How do you know for sure? I call it BS. 4880 is very old build as shown in screenshot, people loaded this leak long long time ago. I believe they'll change it since it doesn't make sense just to make screen bigger and make icons bigger. Just wait.

They better but I don't have any faith in them. Be nice if you could change the resolution should you want the icons smaller or bigger

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From the forums:

The guy says the battery is non-removable but this may not be the case permanently (something with the screws or something).

The removable back cover is necessary to access the SIM and SD card slots, as they are still under the cover unlike the Q5.

The battery is indeed 2800 mAh and the screen's 5".

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I don't think Z5 makes sense. Only reason being is the Q5 is lower spec'd than the Q10, so logic would say all 5 series would be lower spec'd in the same nature. Not sure what it might be now, but I would guess not Z5

First thing I noticed when he removed the back... It does make me feel that this is a Z model instead of an A... Also the entire feel of the device says it is a Z model...

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First thing i noticed. Could be the same situation with the Q5 where everyone was calling it an R10 till they announced it. What do you suppose this will be called? cant possibly be called the Z5 thatd be a bit belittling given that its supposed to be "The Best".

I love BlackBerry! Very nice. Believe it or not, I believe there is a growing older generation like myself that are in need larger phones like this that we can see better. :) Appreciate your youth young BlackBerry users. Lol

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Lots of ATT branding in all the leaked photos and now video.... Maybe the US will get a jump on this one...

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Hopefully that's the case. At this pace AT&T will be the first to get it. Verizon as usual get the white one.

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Hope so but a lot of the Q10 leaked stuff was at&t branded as well so temper your expectations until something official is announced.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

But is it quad core? Is it 1080 p plz tell me it's more then 8 mega pixel camera! When Samsung has a 13 mega pixel camera.. If ur gna release it later then the rest they defiantly have to be better then the rest point blank!

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BlackBerry A10 Features and Specs
Processor: Dual Core 1.7GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 Pro, Quad Core GPU
Display: 5" OLED, HD/WXGA, 1280x720, 24-bit color, S-Stripe Pixel Arrangement, 295ppi
Dimensions: 140.7 x 72 x 9.4mm (9.7 Verizon)
OS: BlackBerry OS 10.2
Camera: 8.0MP Rear Camera with flash, IS 5X / 2.0MP Front Camera IS 5X
Memory: 16GB + 2GB(RAM) + 64GB uSB (hot-swap)
Connectors: Micro USB, Micro HDMI out
Sensors: Ambient Light, Proximity, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Altimeter
WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n (4G Mobile Hotspot)
Battery: 2800 mAh Integrated
Other: NFC, DLNA, Micro SIM

You want it to be better than 'the rest' but you compare just to just a couple of Android Phones. It has equal to higher specs than Windows Phone and iOS both of which use only dual core processors, have similar screen resolution, equal or less RAM. Comparing it to the S4 and HTC one is fruitless as these phones push specs not because they necessarily need it or want to but because they HAVE to to compete against each other in the Android space.

Comparing specs across platforms is useless.

From a Z10 to A10/Z00 perspective, it seems the only spec difference is the quad core GPU so we'll have to wait to see what that means in day-to-day use.

He said it's a dev unit, and was not sure if anything will change by production. 5" screen, very solidly built. More so than z10 or q10. Hdmi and micro usb, 2 dots are microphones next to volume control.

Thought that's what those two dots were, thanks for confirming. I wonder what the reason was to move the mic port from the top of the device to the side.

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The OS seems to be more fluid than the Z he said ; however, I think the Z with 10.2 may well be as fluid. Metal frame looks nice. Back camera is 8MP.

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My next phone guaranteed. Unless there is a better phone going to be released then that will be my next phone.

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Interested to see finalised specs. the design,well not sure bout them at moment.

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I really want to know what's new compare to the z10? Is there a technical specification around? If somebody could post would be nice. Thx

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

Lol this is BlackBerry, not Apple. They don't have a good track record for getting out devices close to when leaked pics and videos start popping up.

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Are those two holes on the side noise cancellation for phone calls?

Seems like a strange place to put them. Someone's thumb could cover them during a call.

I hope it doesn't translate into poor call quality!

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Funny...I just came back from Vietnam and it seems like not many people were using Blackberry, yet all these leaks are coming from there. People were checking out my Z10 as if it was the next best thing...everyone seems to own an iPhone there...

"Dad can you pay the upgrade fee to get the new A10 please. "
"Fuck no you already have a 3 year contract....Move out ffs..."

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

Looks nice, but I think BlackBerry shouldn't aim just BlackBerry fans, and it means specs! I'm sure that although it performs perfect, reviews will be bad because of spec comparisons..
Can't wait though

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Not if the A10 outperforms the competition, and looking at how efficient BB10 is, it can and will outperform any Android device out there regardless of specs.

Did any body notice how humongous the active frames were . Can't wait till the final product is out

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

I much rather have a faster dual core processor than a quad that is slower. No phone needs or properly utilizes a quad core it's just a spec war at that point. The GPU has quad core and this is great for video rendering and gaming. With the super amoled display I'm sure the 2800 mah battery is more than sufficient as long as it unscrews for replacement/service down the road. I do hope how ever that they put in a better camera and have that 5 th row of icons ( better resolution).

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I agree, but let's see what kind of marketing gets from BlackBerry, people are blinded by huge specs in comparison websites or by sellers at stores "why would you want this phone? The Galaxy is quadcore " and such..

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Because Galaxy despite being Quad-Core runs Android, and to me and many others, Android = No Thank You.

There are so many people who compare phones solely based on specs, and the A10 may not have the best numbers on paper (from what we know now), but in a side-by-side video comparison of the A10 vs. competing phones the A10 might actually be quicker and outperform them. It happens..

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That actually looks pretty nice. If they're going to have the back plate removable, though, they should put some contacts under there so you could swap it for one that does wireless charging. Otherwise it's just kind of wasted space.

Don't think it will. RIM use to be a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) & spent a LOT of $$ in it's R&D. Then a year or so ago they left the group, only to join PMA instead. The Power Matters Alliance (PMA) plans on putting their wireless tech into member devices by 2014, so NEXT year it will have wireless, but I don't think this year it will.

I wonder why they left Qi & joined PMA. They don't have the same status they use to have with the new group & they have thrown away hundreds of millions in Qi R&D. I guess they seem to think that PMA has better prospects.

BTW I used the term RIM because at the time of the change that's what they were formally called ;)

Good info. But put the contacts there anyway, "for future expansion" as they used to say. Then in 2014 they can sell a back plate with PMA coils or whatever they decide on. Or, hack-minded people can throw a Palm Touchstone coil in there if they don't want to wait. :-)

Yea I miss the charging contacts too :(

No charging contacts is the only hardware issue I have with my Q10. I have had charging pods for my phones since 2005. I HATE plugging in my phone every night. I should be able to set it down & let it charge.

It's also why I plan on replacing my Q10 next year with it's replacement (provided that has wireless charging & a nice charging pod.

The big difference there is that chunk of cabinet above the display on the Z10. There's much less space between the top of the display and the top of the handset on the A10. To me that's just wasted space anyway. It looks like the side margins are quite a bit slimmer too, so even with the larger screen size it's only a little bigger than the Z10.

That guy seemed confused on how to use the Z10. It looked as if he doesn't know about it not having a homebutton. The A10 looks like it'll be a part of the Z series (hence the Z00). I'll be waiting for it's release so I could buy it.

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I wonder if these quad cores are anything like car engines? In the 90s a v8 could barely push out over 200 hp. Now v8s push out 400. If that's the case then I could care less if it's dual or quad as long as it's efficient and does what it's supposed to well.

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I was there this morning, to tell the truth I can't get used to it 5 inches screen. It's just too big and make me think as itself as an Android phone !

However, the display is nice but I'm such a old-style guy. I'll choose Q10 instead of A10.

PS: sorry for my bad English at all :D

Not true at all. The Playbook was to essentially be a Proof of Concept device. A10 was originally slated for quad core high end specs.

Two things happened, BB ran low on cash, and fired staff. As a result they could not quickly scale QNX up (and this is the real tragedy here, because QNX is/was the most scalable OS ever made.) This was/ is a failure of team leaders and middle management, combined with austerity at key development positions leading to the abandonement of pursuing the quad core for a cheaper CPU/GPU/RAM combination. This was not what BB wanted to do, this is what they settled on.

Reminds me of that old government cartoon about needing a traffic light on a street corner and ending up with an unnecessary park with a swing.

On the contrary. BB's productivity increased after downsizing. BB is definitely working on quad core and definitely working on scale QNX up, say to 64 bit.

WRONG mobilesync. They needed to cut high level management and executives lose that screwed the pooch on the Z10 release. Not coders and tech support. They also have quietly cut from QNX and TAT since their arrival, and that's why you can hardly see their imprint on the OS. The A10 was slated to be a quad core, top of the line device. Zeiss camera glass, latest corning screen, 4 gig ram, etc.. The core groups could not hit key deadlines and make the scaling work on this model. They chose to cut bait. End of story. Will QNX eventually scale? You bet, but likely not for another BB handset.

This comment is terribly inaccurate, but I'm only going to argue one thing. The cut out middle management, not upper.

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Looks great but I have one big question : on some earlier photos i saw a 5x4 icons grid. Here we just see a 4x4 grid. Will there be an option to chose between the icon's size and the number of icons on screen ? Because honnestly with such a big screen , imo it's a waste to keep a 4x4 grid. That said, the "A10" looks really nice. Too bad it goes with a non removable battery (even if it's a really good one). Can't wait to see it in shops with 10.2 (so that 10.2 comes to my Z(ed) 10 too) . I will give it a look, but right now, I still think the Z10 is the perfect size for MY hand.

Guys! I know it's been asked before, but I didn't see the answer. What is the point of making a bigger screen if resolution is still the same? I just don't get it. Sure it looks hot and all, but isn't it just a bigger version of Z10?

Resolution is the same, PPI is different because it's pixels per inch. More inches than Z10, same pixels. Math...

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What phone manufacturer does this? Our last top of the line handset didn't sell so great,'s our next one with a lower screen resolution! I bet this will work ....

I really hope that the camera specs are better than what has been leaked. I really think that would help sell this phone. If not I will likely stick with my Z10 until something else comes out.

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I really want to love this phone.. but I just like it.

This seems like it should be called the Z10+

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This "A10" model should be called "Z11" instead.
ie: The successor model of Z10.
~Not enough difference to call it "Top End Model".

And please don't call A10 the "Flagship Model" anymore if the specs turns out to be; BlackBerry will be embarrassing both itself and its loyal fans yet again.

And I refuse to buy any model with integrated battery, it's not environmentally friendly, and it's got built-in obsolesce 2-year time bomb inside!

This^^. Except will not last 2 years. If you charge every day or more than once a day, 12-14 months. This battery will stop taking full charge and giving full power long before any contract is over.

It is a PHABLET. It is not the successor to the Z10. It is a different market segment. Some people want bigger screens.
They are trying to get Android phablet users to consider a BBRY phablet.

In your opinion its a faux or mini tablet. I've heard this suggested before. Given that the 4+" segment has grown faster than the adoption from feature to smartphone, I disagree. I believe most smart phones released in 2013/2014 will be between 4.5 and 5 inches. This is designed to look like the Z10 and operate like the Z10. This was to be the Flagship. Z-for entry, A- for top of the line. As noted below and elsewhere this was to be a quad core behemoth, but BB techs had problems scaling, and rather than invest to get it done, they gave up and decided to save money with a cheaper CPU/GPU and less R&D up front. A piss-poor decision from the same company that brought you the plastic screen and body of the 9850 flagship, at the same time Apple released the 4S.

What phone will perform faster running BlackBerry 10 RTOS?

A10 w/ Dual-Core 1.7GHz - Quad-Graphics - 2GB of Ram OR
A10 w/ Duad-Core 2.0GHz - Quad-Graphics - 3GB of Ram OR
A10 w/ Quad-Core 1.7GHz - Quad-Graphics - 4GB of Ram?

If you said the Quad-Core you are wrong, if you said the Dual-Core 2GHz, you are wrong, if you said the Dual-Core 1.7GHz, you are wrong. Neither will run faster, because they are identical in performance. BB10 is optimized to run very well with min 2GB of Ram and Dual-Core CPU's.
As BlackBerry 10 matures and updates keep getting released, we would start seeing changes. If you were to take this comparison with an Android OS installed, the higher spec’ed phone would probably win out, because Android is NOT Optimized. iOS is also optimized which is why Apple charges a premium for crappy specs.

It's like Z10, no much difference. If BB whant to do somethink, they must come whit somethink new, look Ubuntu edge concept- this ROCK!

How come some one from Thailand got his hands on this device? It might as well be a copy running BlackBerry os 10.

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Sorry or Vietnam, I just don't understand how it's possible, when BlackBerry is manufacturing in Mexico.

I think it's fake. Or a copy

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Looks good maybe to big for one handed typing? And if you can't remove the battery you can't carry a spare, might not be an issue if it lasts the day, but as many know the z10 loves the juice! Size might put me off, not sure.

Posted via CB10

Bigger - lower spec'd phone. This is the BB of old. A major unforced error at a time they can ill afford another mistake. No real upgrade in materials, (plastic and AMOLED glass), downgrade in resolution from Z10, no added application storage (still can't store apps on SD card), no upgrade in RAM (neither amount or speed); same CPU spec (Z10 is capable of 1.7 dual if BB so wanted to - not that you can tell the difference between 1.5 and 1.7), and the killer - - non-removeable battery! The worst idea since non-expandable memory. Might as well make your chargers and sync cords proprietary and force another 100K BB users to another platform.

My Z10 is already sporting a gold 2850 battery I bought off E-bay for under $20 as a back-up. But forget if you can; about swapping a battery if needed while out hiking or visiting a foreign office for a day; I have never - never had a BB battery last a full 2 years. Usually by 12 or 14 months it stops taking a full charge and battery life falls to a few hours. What happens to all these A10s at that point?

Too many questions when only one is needed. For the average consumer raised on the I-phone and/or Android: "Why do I want this phone?" is the only question. With the Z10 (which I personally think is pretty damn great) the answer was unfortunately a resounding, "I don't". Sales were incredibly dissapointing. So how can this A10 change minds: incredible specs, or incredibly low price, or incredible ground breaking features. A10 has none of these. It is another mid-level Blackberry, destined to be become known as the straw that finally broke Blackberry.

Didn't read your comment, but Z10 is not slow, yes, I rather they get a quad so the specs crowd can love it, but it'll run much better than the Z10. Also, it's not the first phone to get a built in battery.

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It's the first BB with non-removable battery I think since the pagers. You should read more. Including my posts.

I agree with your posts.. This phone is a disappointment if these specs are true... For me it's all about the bigger screen so this should have been 1080p... The q5 has non removable battery btw

Stay calm. It is all rumors. What if this is the mid-range all touch and sells at $399. It will grab the market like the Curve did. Also this is a dev device, not final spec. Actually from there, BB can either spec up or spec down depending on market condition. One thing for sure is that this is not in carrier certification process yet. It is schedule for holiday season. So, stay calm and stay tuned.

It has been confirmed from numerous sources, including some of our longtime CB faithful with the actual knowledge, this is final hardware specs. The Q5 was released at a ridiculously high price point in central Asia and Africa, there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to believe this will release at less than $499.00 off contract. Likely $599.00.

If this is an upgrade Z10 called Z20 maybe the A10 is still looming maybe a Q20 power larger screen phone is next. The Q20 will be a monster selling phone.

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I think your right. This isn't even a A series phone. It's clearly a Z series model it says right on it! Common CB

This is not the finished article. There is no NFC tags and connection.

This looks like a developer device.

I'm thinking that BlackBerry are using the same type of screen resolution as the Q10 for the A10.

Must do better.

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This was probably the actual Z10 so The ZOO is the more polished phone with a bigger screen. Hope its a bigger and removable battery.

A10 maybe a 2014 story

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It looks like it has the Q10 built quality. I think it will sell better than the Z10. However, I'm still disappointed that they seem to have decided to go with a non removable battery...

Posted via CB10

My Z10 is still going to be more popular with business professionals due to pocket ability.

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Im very happy with My Z10 much more polished in look and design.This not much care in design.This is a first gen skip for me.I will get a BB 5 inch phone but not this version.

So does all this A10 and 10.2 talk mean all of us current BB10 owners won't see 10.2 until this phone is released in the fall (which really means next spring or summer).

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There are probably physical design corrections. My Z10 has gotten the reboot problem but it isn't random. Light shocks will cause it to reboot. Z10 probably was an inadvertent Blackberry beta test. I’ll be getting this new phone to replace my Z10. I’ll let my mom have this Z10.

I'm thinking the same, but I won't pay a premium price to test the phone out for them this time. Hopefully they're smart enough to try and win some market share this time.

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WTF? They couldn't deliver a proper experience on Z10 release days (they STILL can't) and now keep bumping devices with crappy specs and design? Nonsense...
Z10 is near to be the fail-of-year and now we have another copycat knocking at the door?

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ok.. If this is the, so called A10, why does it say BlackBerry Z00? should it be BlackBerry A00

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9

Im sure its nice in person but it wont make a difference if the top Apps are still missing. My Z10 is great but its still behind in terms of App flexibility.

Well the only way I think this can be final is if they don't plan on having nfc. There are no tags on the back cover that I notice.

Anyone who loads leaks or has restored to stock via usb on BB Link will not appreciate the non-removable battery. If you are a OS tester and load and test every available update you may have run into situations where you had to remove the battery to load the boot rom if you were in a reboot loop. I am not too worried about battery life as the Z10 has been more than adequate for me, but the ability to remove the battery when having serious problems (of my own making) could prove problematic. I hope BB rexamines this course if that is the one they have in fact chosen.

I get the impression that some people here would like nothing more than Blackberry to disappear. Am I wrong?

Yup. I'm paying full price even if I have to donate plasma. Dark Theme!!!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

They won't change resolution this quick as it flies in the face of trying to build a stable environment for developers. I say that's the main reason the specs are what they are. Can't change resolution so why bother with the other changes to processor. Whats the point of having quad core when the o's and apps aren't going to use the bother cores.

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I looks more like this is a mid-range media BB. If this is true - great work of BB!

Even it sells at $450 it will beat the Lumia 625 or the up coming iPhone-cheap. If sells at $399 it will for sure had the Curve result BB enjoyed before. It will be the best seller in some markets including CA and US.

Great work BB. Keep Moving.

Cheers all BB lovers?

$450 would make it a winner for me. Unfortunately, BlackBerry likes to price themselves into premature discount cycle.

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I don't think they are trying to get Z10 users to upgrade, I think they want other people to switch from Android phablets.
It is supposed to be a different market segment.

For a phone this size it would've been nice for the lock button to be on the side rather than the top. I have an S4 and my wife has a One and it's a pain to lock hers sometimes.

Typical BB. Leaks. Leaks. And more leaks. When was the last time there was a positive surprise? In the A10's case, the specs look "light."

Looks like a big BlackBerry version of an old 3Gs. Should support a landscape mode to use more as a playbook replacement . Specs weak, non removable battery = stick with z10 for me. Speaking of... My playbook is dying, and BlackBerry has nothing for me in terms of replacement. Suggestions?

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Nice, but i think Blackberry should hire the guys from TK Victory to design the phone. Prior to the launch of the Z10 they had the best looking concept phones

Totally Agree with you rockyindahouse! They had a superb version of their Q10. Looked like a 3.5 inch screen in their design.

I really like the look of this device. If it's not too big, I'll consider it. The big thing for me is battery life. My Z10 has been draining like crazy while being idle. I hope the battery life on this phone will be much improved.

Is he talking or chewing a frog? Hehe just joking..great A10 is coming out but i definitely love my z10 for good.

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I really hope is just BlackBerry toying with us to see a reaction to the low specs.. i mean come on. They are not that stupid to release a low spec phone. Or maybe they are not that aware of American culture of better specs are major selling points. Maybe in Canada is different. I also wanna note that iPhone doesn't market the specs, but they market their coolness, androids market specs and as an alternative from iPhone. Maybe BlackBerry needs to market differently.

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Why would I want this phone if the spec are the same as the Z10. It really isn't that much bigger that the Z10. I need to see a bit more b4 I get all googly over this phone

Faster processor? Different screen technology (AMOLED)? Bigger battery? Better build quality (more metal-ish) ?

How are these same with Z10?

Whats thaaat? A phone for senior citizens? Enlarged icons (instead of five rows), apparently slower performance for slower cerebral activity, lower resolution (in comparison to Z10..but who needs 1080x1280px with a cataract!?), tight installed battery (against danger of swallow up..), Alloyframe- firm to the bite of dentures... I´m sure the preinstalled app "Remember" contains now a device-and-key-finder-by-clapping-function... If the device comes with the rumoured (and outdated) specs my Z10 will be the last BlackBerry... (I´m sure the A10 -in this realization- will drag BlackBerry under...)

Nice gadget but I think I'll keep my Z10 for a while! But it's an solid option to take into account in the future.

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How do we know that that phone is post Z10?
It could be a short list prototype from when they were deciding on what size to make the first BB10 touchscreen device.
Side on, it looks awful. It has the same spec for icons etc and looks bland. I hope the new A10 is better looking than this. Quite sure it will be.

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I also think that maybe when in the final stages they opted for what we now have and know as the Z10 as this gave more room to then release a bigger device. I'm not convinced

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While it seems to have a non removable battery, I wonder if you removed the little torx screws shown on the back when the cover was removed if you could access it easily enough through there. Once the battery wont hold a charge and the warranty has expired and you want to swap it out?

I was at first very skeptical of the A10, thought it was too big at first. After this video, I really thinking that thing is a beauty!

Does this qualify as a second generation BB10?

No themes, no dedicated shutter button, no convenience key, the HDMI/USB connections are in the way if it's charging while talking (it's a point that's been addressed already but RIM doesn't listen to their fans), lame specs, NO THANK YOU! ...Yes, I know BlackBerry isn't called RIM anymore but seeing as how they haven't changed, they might as well keep that name.

Extremely nice. BlackBerry has to keep the momentum going and refuse to give in to the critics producing products like these.

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There's no momentum left. They just gotta keep releasing products and hope something catches on before they go bust.

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If this turns out to be the so called Flagship then it is time to split BlackBerry and sell it in parts before it is worth nothing. You just can't cut out the hardware or any other part alone. I completely agree with the CEO that the value of BlackBerry is the seamless end to end integration. After selling a part, the rest of the company cannot survive alone.

If BlackBerry doesn't make this strategic move now before it makes the so called Flagship, it will worth only less or even go bankrupt.

It is a painful result for BB lovers and shareholders. But it is the only thing BB can do if this is indeed the "Flagship".

As for us BB10 OS fans and developers, I believe BB10 OS will live on under new ownership and new management. It is indeed the most advanced mobile computing OS on the market now. In my view, it even has the potential to replace those humongous energy hogging data centers with portable suite cases.

After a long journey that is closely tangled with this company I would, if this is the Flagship, finally give up on RIM/BlackBerry, but I still have full confidence on the BB10 OS and we will continue to develop for it. The NOC/BES architecture has a great value to, especially for the Internet of Things. Although a failed business at the end, BlackBerry will live on and continue to power modern business and enrich people's life.

If this meant to be more of a gaming device, I'd like to be able to install apps to the SD card. My Z10 has been full for a while.

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Why does it say Blackberry Z00 on the back? Doesn't make much sense to me if it's going to be an A-Series phone. I understand the whole concept product, but I would at least think that would say something like "A00", or "A10" on the back.

To big to be handle with one hand!
Perfect size is from 4.0 to 4.5.
Bigger? buy a phone/tablet, tablet or smart PC.

What's the point having such a large screen if the resolution is the same as the Z10?

From a developer's perspective, I guess it's a good thing that they've settles on only 2 resolutions (easier to target screen sizes, etc) however, from a consumers perspective, why would you need a massive screen with identical resolution to the Z10?

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

I totally get why BB would release this. It makes sense as then they will have a competitor in most of the major phone markets (ie: size, design etc.) - if only they could market them better... I wouldn't touch it tho'. I have a Z10, it looks only marginally bigger than that, and, despite the battery being about 65% bigger/better than the Z, if it's not swappable, I'm going nowhere near it. I currently have to carry 2 spares to totally guarantee that I can be out all day/evening without losing juice. Even with a 2800 battery, I doubt I'd get more than 8-10hrs max. going by the appalling Z10 battery performance.

I still love it tho... ;)

Coming from an iPhone, the Z10 screen was an upsize for me, and the perfect size. But this A10 (Z00) is a beauty.

Really...well we all would be interested in seeing your indepth hands on video review you performed to reach this negative response. Now where is the link to your review? Oh you don't have one? Well please stop posting troll trash talk and let the rest of us enjoy.