BlackBerry A10 display and digitizer parts appear online

By Bla1ze on 19 Jul 2013 10:15 pm EDT

Over the past little while, we've seen plenty of the next BlackBerry device that will come from Waterloo otherwise known as the A10, Aristo or A-Series leak out but just in case you're looking for more, some new device parts have now appeared online and would seem to confirm a few of the rumored specs

As you can see in the shot above, ETrade Supply has managed to get their hands on the display and digitizer along with a Verizon branded battery door for the device. According to the information pulled from the display and the board, it's a 5-inch Samsung powered SuperAMOLED set-up with the board assembly itself measuring out at 130 x 70 x 1.9mm.

It's also noted that the display is 1mm thinner than that of the BlackBerry Z10 coming in at 4mm. Sadly, that's where the information ends though as ETrade Supply apparently doesn't have access to the full device and therefore cannot get it up and running to confirm anything beyond what's already shown.

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BlackBerry A10 display and digitizer parts appear online


This may very well be my next phone. I have already got the wife agree to take my unlocked Stl 100-1 Z10 when this comes out. Will be a good replacement for my playbook and take the place of two devices.

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Might be able to replace PB to a degree. But PB attached to the big screen and surround stereo with phone as remote is great. Still hope they give us a tablet. Or at least a wireless box to connect to large screen.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

+1 It is tempting. Just wish some of the specs like the camera, memory and internal storage were better.

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I know some can't but I can deal with an adequate camera. Unless something changes in the way the phone uses resources I can even deal with 2 gigs of ram. What I can't deal with is only 16 gigs of storage. Either the A10 needs more storage (I mean come on games will be great on this device), or 10.2 needs to introduce APP2SD or something.

No. Remember the Z10 has the two plastic strips at the top and the bottom. The phones will only have a slight difference.

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Samsung powered. Do we have to say that so loudly.
I know Samsung is in everything but can't we just omit that

Samsung and Google. The two of the three great evils of existence.

(Tribbles are the third great evil)

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There are no Trouble with Tribbles. They are merely misunderstood. Who doesn't like to procreate :d. Come on you know you love them!

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What!? No good reason to hate on them. They aren't even evil. Sure hate Google ( and Microsoft is doing itself no favors), but I see nothing wrong with Samsung's success.

S-Stripe Super AMOLED technology is going to make this one gorgeous screen, regardless of the 295 ppi. Samsung displays are excellent. And the are driving the adoption of OLED tech the most.

SO stuff that haha

If Samsung was not around, Apple would have lion's share of the smartphone market as other Android players don't have the muscle to compete. Which world would you prefer?

If Sammy wasn't around Apply would be in a worse off shape - seeing how many of the internals are made by Sammy!

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I'd like to see it in action before I make the leap of replacing both my Z10 and PlayBook. Until then, keep the info coming.

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Nothing but a new BB10 Tablet will replace my PlayBook. The A10 looks great, but it will not replace my PlayBook. I love the thing, and use it all the time.

But wait all the "experts" on here are saying no one will buy it, dead in the water, not fast can people be saying they are going to buy it? oh yeah, the experts are wrong. Just like the analysts for the stocks and the media! People need to just zip their lips with the negative comments and give it a good try. You will never know how an os is without a real test. Don't always believe what you read, believe the experience.

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Right on, you never know how the market will react to a new OS or device. Besides, if a lot people have held out on BlackBerry 10, then maybe this bigger phone with decent specs will draw some of them in. It's not exactly a bad phone, just not as killer as we would like it. So who knows?

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Some people have to listen to experts... why? because the are not so wealthy to buy a new phone after a shitty one.
I love the BlackBerry 10 OS!
But the A10 is a joke sry... (specs)
I'll stick to my Z10 and wait and see if there will someday a BlackBerry phone with 'kicking-Samsung S4-in-the-ass-Specs'!

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The thing is that if you listen to some 'experts' you don't always get what's good for you, therefore the not rich person could waste money. Best to try it all for yourself but then there is demo issues with BlackBerry...

Honestly S4 specs on this phone would be a waste. Plus those who want a higher res display, it will release developer hell. Developing for a bunch of resolutions makes everything that many times more difficult. Maybe one day they will up the by a factor of four and the apps will be able to stretch. Today it's best to leave as is.

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You've already passed judgement based on rumours? What people need to concentrate on is "QUAD-Graphics" and a faster Dual-Core. The A10 will rock hard and it should look crystal smooth too.

I personally like the size and feel of my Z10. It fits great in my hand, pocket, and when I hold it up to my ear. But I hope the A10 is a hit for those that like a bigger screen.

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My thoughts exactly. Hence why I've never been a fan of the galaxy phones. Not comfortable in one hand.

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Question: how is the build quality? Would you happen to have pics, comparing it to othe devices???

Yea I also have the test device. A significant improvement over the Z10 but I still like the Z10 in terms of portability.

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Which begs the question, if there's a wifi only version of the A10 (give or take another inch of screen), would you get it?

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I cannot wait for this device. This is one i can see myself using for a long time
I've wanted a 5inch phone for a long time but held off in the hopes that BlackBerry would deliver and it looks like my patience will be rewarded!!

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This is most definetly my upgrade device!!! I'll keep the 'ol 9930 until this comes to market, don't mind the wait one bit. NOTE: as long as its end of the year!!

I am dropping the Z10 for this. Dual wielding the Q10 and A10. Win win WIN!!

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What the about the resolution? Finger cross, it would be awesome if got 1920 x 1080 on board. Please BBRY... i dont care if u only got dual core 1.7 GHz and quad core GPU.

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The 'average' idiot consumer isn't going to know or educate themselves on these facts but will buy a devise based on what most people suggest and promote to them.

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actually what caught my attention was the "optimizing for Split Screen Views". Sounds like BlackBerry is gonna take multitasking ease further!

SG4 already has the split screen feature. I can't wait for this feature to be on BlackBerry 10.

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@tmanCanada you have a TEST A10?..... I'm so jealous..... I think the Z10 is code name for the iPhone killer, the Q10 is of course your average BB, and this new A10 is supposed to be the code name for Android killer(Samsung killer that is). Anyhow, could happen, the iPhone killer feels to me like it's doing its job well.... can't wait to get my own Q10, will be my second phone for life..... but this A10 is intriguing.... might trade out the iPhone killer (Z10) for the Samsung killer(A10)... oh, and @jacknewp what does it matter if the A10 has a removable battery? It's not like this OS freezes or crashed like the ones of old, sooooo?

lol, a White Z10 not only looks better than an iPhone but it also has a better OS and hardware specs.

Come on A10, I love my z10 and I will keep it, but I will get the A10 coz I can be your phone, game machine and mini tablet, woooooooow it's look amazing

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Firstly not a fan of amoled displays secondly the specs don't warrant me dropping my z10 for this phone especially when the resolution sucks

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How does the A10's resolution suck? When the A10's screen should look a lot better than the Z10's. OLED vs. LCD. Now if you want to talk about 40" displays, then yes the res sucks, anything smaller, and it does not.

A 720p and a 1080p on a 5" display has no difference no matter how hard to try to find it. 1080p on such a small device IMO is a gimmick.

I am already looking forward to the extra real estate we will be able to use on the A10 keypad. With a bezel 1 mm narrower on a phone that is 5 mm wider, we will get an increase of 7mm of width on each row. That is the same size of the shift and delete keys. On EACH ROW!


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It would be a nice Holiday treat for myself! I'm seeing myself in 2014 sporting a Z10 and A10 combo!

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I would make the Z my work phone. More convenient. And the A10 would come out at home. Sounds like Heaven!

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I am a keyboard fan, I am a big guy and typing on a screen around 4 inches is a challenge. Not a fan of huge phones but just for typing reasons may have to take the plunge with an A10 instead of a z10 and skip the tablet with a screen that large.

I'm glad I'm with T-Mobile payment plan, but the time A10 is release, m z10 should be paid off.

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This will be awesome for those who are waiting for a 5 incher /phablet BB10 device, I just hope they keep re leasing phones in the z10 form factor, for me that size is perfect, I'm all for a bigger screen if they manage to keep the Z10 size and reduce the bezel.

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I'm getting this for my wife!
For once she will have the latest and greatest first. Me and my son have Z10s. She is still on my old 9650.

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With so many things still not running the way they should or missing from the BB10 and Sprint still not having not even one; something is very wrong here. Just my thoughts.

Not really a thought at all. Sprint made a massive iPhone order and gave Sprint a discount not to carry the Z10, or something like that. Bad move IMO for Sprint, because they would have sold out of the Z10.

idk if the gestures will be as pleasant/easy to use as the Z10. I feel like you would need two hands just to check the hub...

This phone should work awesome.
Higher clock dual cpu with a quad GPU! it's going to be smooth!

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Looks really nice! I will still stay on my perfect sized Z10 when A10 comes out. Maybe, I will buy A10 for my son to replace his darn slow iPhone.

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The more I see, the more I want this phone. I'll wait till it's in a Rogers store so that I can see it in person. Then, if I like it, I'll buy myself a birthday/Xmas present.

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Amazingly it's not that much larger than the z10. The screen efficiency of the real estate and top side is what makes a huge difference on viewable space of screen


BlackBerry can change there mind like they did with BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook first it's coming now it's not, so maybe first there's no 1080 and later there is

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As much as I want this device, I'm a little worried about something I call 'same old BlackBerry'

Take the z10- put the same camera, same memory and same camera and package it in a larger frame. Even reports of it being a quad core have been said to now house a dual core. That being said, apart from the size there's no real gain over the z10.

Now consider that these specs were first announced, well leaked about a year ago. When that happened, most of us myself included said wow this is great. But the same old BlackBerry is to not change anything when delays hit. Once this hits it will be mid range at best. Shame too..

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They weren't leaked; they were speculated.

Dropping cash into a device with hardware that won't be utilized by software is like buying a toilet with rocket boosters. Sure it's fantastic to brag about but what real world purpose will it have?

Considering this will be priced at high end. Yes I would like to get most hardware for the buck

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Otherwise price it for what it is: mid tier. Like it's (probable) direct competitor: the Moto X.

BlackBerry pricing is over-ambitious. Way wrong!

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That's the kind of thinking taking BB down. You need to keep customer needs/desires as the cornerstone of your activities. If we, stupid payers, demand 12 mega pixels, give us 12 bloody megapixels

Just ask for 30. Actually, demand 30! If they can't deliver it'll spell the end of BlackBerry! They're going down!

I'll just use a camera to take high quality photos. Bye bye BlackBerry. You're going down!

12 megapixels are reasonable in top end devices.
I insist, give the mob what they ask for and you may succed. Try to sell mid tier devices at top prices with arguments as yours and you will be in trouble for sure, o no you are right BB is the market leader and making loads of money.

30 or bust! Bring your pitch forks, rakes, muskets, tire iron, seat cushions, and Tim Hortons beverage containers. BlackBerry is doooomed! Hahaha!

You have your demands and I have mine. 30 or bust! Everyone should make their own demands otherwise BlackBerry is gonna go down!

Anyone seen the yellow belly monkey? Yeah. That one. The extraordinary Jackass.

If the Camera within the smart phone is the factor in purchasing a smart phone, then WOW, that is a problem. I can care less of MP the phone. 8MP with the right software will look better than a 12MP hands down.

I hope Sprint gets it. I got way too many phones with Sprint and I can't afford Verizon service. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Yup. SuperAMOLED tickles the eyeballs and is easy on power like a Prius is on fuel. That's all I needed! Where do I sign up?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Yikes. Thorsten must have really big hands. I can barely reach my thumb to the far corner of my Z10 and usually end up brushing the bottom corner of the screen in the process activating the camera or rendering the touch undetected.

The A10 will not be a "One thumb" phone.

No matter how good the phone looks or specs are, it is all about OS and apps. Consumers fall for apps that they may never use them

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Only the screen and battery are likely to be made in Korea. Most of the parts torn down from the Z10 are from North America.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Upon reading display is 1mm thinner I thought it is Gorilla Glass 3 as it is thinner than GG2. The writer should've said the bezel is thinner or say the display is narrower. Just being nitpicky. That aside, I'm impressed with A10 size and screen.

For those saying the screen size is too big, it's the footprint that matters. A10 slightly wider than Z10 and is about same width as S4 so the larger screen is not an issue unless you're a Hobbit

This might sell well with BlackBerry faithful, but I don't see enough in the two things that sell to the masses : apps and specs.

Specs: we know can be overkill and useless except for two factors. They provide great marketing buzzwords. And in the country where everyone races to have the best, marketing and specs win.

Apps : BlackBerry needs to pay Netflix, instagram etc a huge bundle of money to get these done and launched at the same time as the A10.

BlackBerry needs to over build right now to get outside yours and rebuild the brand. Blowing away the faithful is the easy part.

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These I feel will be it's achilles need something to create the winning perception well beyond the BB faithful..the apps aren't enough to do that, BB10 is still in it's infancy so the hardware should at least match the competition's.

I stick to my Z10. A10 is too big for a phone. And I think Z10 sounds cooler too.

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Si cela peut convaincre ceux qui ont un grand Samsung Galaxy tan mieux si cela évite d'aller chez Samsung tant mieux. Mais cette dimension pour moi ce n'est pas un tél mais plutôt une tablette.

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Dammmm this is soooo tempting me now. I like the first BlackBerry with pushed to the edges screen unlike z10s. Ahhh

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The screen isn't 1mm thinner, the surround is 1 mm thinner, therefore easier to reach and a bigger screen.

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Why is everybody such a spec junky? I live my Z10 and there's nothing slow about it. So if the performance of the A10 is the same but with updated os and and a beautiful large screen I don't see the problem. I'm all for horse power but if the phone does everything it promises and we'll then what else do we need? It's like I mentioned before, I have yet to see an Android phone phone that outperforms the Z. Even with the outdated specs of the iPhone the newer Androids don't keep up with those either.

Just to clarify this isn't an attempt to knock Android. This is just that it's being proven time and again in other than the camera specs are overrated.

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Camera specs on a phone are totally overrated. It's as if people expect a phone to take super high end photos. I guess people forget what a SLR or DSLR is.

It's not about being a great phone, it's about selling a great phone. Specs create hype and the need to have the best. Even if we know differently, the masses do not. They buy on hype and desire for the "best". Always have, always will. Samsung understood this best when trying to take share from apple. Out spec them and hype iPhone as out dated and behind the times.

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My Z10 from top to bottom is 130mm the black area is 110mm. The total phone is 65mm wide.

The diagram in thé article has the A10 at 130mm from top to bottom which in actual fact may be bigger. The Black area may be 130mm and if you add the bevel which is about 10mm top and bottom, this makes the A10 top to bottom at 150mm in total phone length. That's a big phone to navigate with one hand. But hey kill the playbook for a A10 I will take it ! Now make it a quad core and 32G internal storage with 3G RAM and not just a bigger screen Z10

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The A10 will ditch the top plastic. Notice the speaker grill cutout in the above image and curved corners on top.

Your right, the A10 is a large phone plain and simple. My basic geometry has the A10 at 78mm in width and 150mm length, a big phone. I would of settled for a 4.85 inch screen size phone that would of slimmed up the phone plus add the beefed up quad core, you would of had a slimmed up powered phone you can use with one hand.

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Got to agree I'm liking this phone a lot nice to be my next BlackBerry...

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Any phones sporting a 5-inch display bigger than Galaxy S4 are considered as gigantic, hopefully blackberry don't screw this top tier device up. Seeing 130mm does make me feel more optimistic about the upcoming A10, consider the fact that Galaxy S4 is 136mm tall. The display actually tells us that A10 will only have a piece of plastic slab at the bottom and 6mm for that piece plastic slab should be more than enough. App selections remain the biggest problem IMHO, developers will only develope apps for bb10 only if they see bb10 is gaining momentum a.k.a market share, try to get bb10 phones into people's hand first before u talk about how good your platform is, nowadays normal consumers don't buy that story

I plan on adding a line (and putting an old non data phone on the line) with big red to get this device! I will keep my Z10 and my PlayBook! Prolly bounce back and forth between my Z10 and the A10 for a while. I still have all of my BlackBerry devices except my Storm 2 which was passed on to my lil brother so I could get the Torch 9850. But I picked up 2 Storm 2 phones from a coworker for $20 (one dead and one working). Can't complain. I actually wouldn't mind having a Q10 just to have one and try out the great BlackBerry QWERTY, but I'm not budgeted for that one.

Posted From My Amazing Z10 via CB10

BlackBerry fans it is time to get on the "big screen" band wagon, big screens are the way to go these days. I love my Z10 and can't wait for the A10 though I wish the specs were better. Why only 8 mega pixel camera when the standard is about 12 these days? And why not 1080p?

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Mega pixels don't mean that much it's the quality of the sensors. 10.2 will bring low light mode and from the demo comparison shots I've seen look great. If people want studio quality shots get a Canon d7/Nikon DSLR.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

You may be right but most consumers don't know that. They will compare the A10's weak 8 mp camera to Samsung's S4's 13 mp camera or iPhone's 5s 12 mp camera coming out in the fall. For a high end device that is coming after the z10 it should have some higher specs than the z10 model. For starters 12 mp camera, 3 GB of Ram and 32 GB of internal storage.

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I don't care about the pixel amount as long as the picture quality is good.

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In all honesty, the specs, or lack of 1080p screen, or the latest trick camera (check out what's being said about the 20 mp sony exmor module - an actual Lumia competitor!!!) - it's not that bad.

Provided it's priced right.

This phone is mid tier. They need to price it accordingly. If they price it £580 like the Q and Z before it - well no one can complain if the sales are slow. What makes this an attractive proposition over another device - the os. And the os is getting polished all the time. But is it enough to sway people from the Moto X, or the sony-sammy-htc-apple monsters on the horizon..?

Hasn't happened yet.

If priced right the A could really do well.

But this is BlackBerry and they are anything if not slow at reacting to the market.

And I would just like to add this: spend more on advertising. Around autumn and winter there is going to be one hell of a crowded marketplace - and billions spent in pushing competing devices down people's throats.

Say what one wants or stick the head in the sand - BlackBerry isn't dead by a long shot but they are being caned.


They need their advertising spend and pricing to reflect the reality that the world is moving forward and leaving BlackBerry behind.

They get that right and hell; no one will care if this thing doesn't have any bells and whistles.

I hope BlackBerry can do this.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Why does blackberry continue to put out mediocre products!? Do they really not learn? This company needs to put out top of the line specs, hardware, especially camera...hell every thing. It's only way to attract new users/haters to a phone with limited apps and cool appeal.

Stuck on VZW .9.423 : /


You can't put out top of the line specs when you sell about one phone to your competitor's hundred. The parts just aren't available to you immediately. Until their numbers improve at least 5x-10x, they will always be 6-8 months behind.

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4.5 was the limit of just big enough.This is 5 inch and oled im out straight away.I much prefer IPS screens

Actually, if BlackBerry is diligent in engineering its SmartPhones, one would suspect that the "Z10" size can accomodate this rumoured "A10" screen.

But only if BlackBerry removes those two super-sized plastic bezel strips on the top+bottom!

BlackBerry has to remember that if you are going to call a smartphone the name 'Aristo 'meaning the 'best ' it had better be......

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The way i see it they need something to have as an upgrade for the next go around and with screen resolution set for the platform it means no apps missing or unable to be used on it.

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I already have occasional trouble with left/right bezel swipes on the z10. I hope they tweak the software, especially once the A10 is released with an even narrower left/right bezel.

This is going to blow out the Samsung G'xy!
Good luck BB~!!

Today all the smart phones do similar functions.
This BB will give entry to phone users who have problems seeing information on small screens.

I don't know how this would replace the PlayBook. I understand if you want a bigger display phone but this replacing a tablet? I'll have to see this in person before I would consider buying it. Bought my Z sight unseen knowing it was a good size replacement for my 9850. Not so sure about carrying this in my pocket. Curious if this is what Thorsten was referring to as the complete mobile computing device...

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This is going away from the traditional BlackBerry buyers, targeting gamers. Game App availability will be critical if they are to sway them away from Samsung.

As a shareholder I hope it does. As a business owner I will not approve this as a purchase. Z10 on clearance prices will do just fine.

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I don't understand the negative comments about the size...Some people want a bigger phone. You don't? Get the Z11.
Some people will also complain that it's not big enough. Well, at 720p, a bigger phone would significantly lower the ppi and we don't want that.

Agreed. I'm glad they are offering choices. Just don't like their approach to sell their choices.

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if the phone fits in the hand snugly like the z10, runs smooth, fast and a power house of a phone to run all day abused, I'm IN.

Yup. Will give my kid my z10 and daddy will treat himself to the A10 when it comes out!

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Too big for my? Why BlackBerry made the the same z10 size but taking out the up and down borders? In order to get more big screen

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Come on BlackBerry! Spec it out or it won't be appealing to the majority! You can't charge a premium price for mid range specs :/

Sounds like you're recycling Z10 parts to me!

I really want this phone to sell but I bet it will sell worse than the Z10...

BB! You've got 18 months (until my upgrade) to change your ga

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Personally I think the dual core CPU/quad core GPU configuration in the A10 is a practical solution that will eventually become the standard for all smartphones, it strikes that delicate balance between power and efficiency allowing for highly optimized software to provide a fantastic user experience.

Agreed. I think BB could get away marketing wise without a quad core CPU and push the quad GPU as a gaming capable machine. It is the screen and camera that will be the issue trying to sell to consumers.

It's gonna need more then 16gb of internal memory to be considered a gaming phone. 32gb should be minimum or at least give people a choice

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BlackBerry is so stupid to not make a fast cpu powered a10 because they want to let all bb10 device to run any app smoothly. What a stupid idea, evolution stops. Intel pus ms are way smarter to know 'keep moving' not BlackBerry.


I doubt their suppliers give them the option for the fastest parts. Their volumes aren't there.

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Seeing the screen in a Super AMOLED, there might be hope... however some of the specs we heard like the camera, memory and internal storage sounded like the current Z10, so I'm hoping to hear some more good news!!

I'm still using the 9800. So, I'll be taking a serious look at the A10 since I haven't got a Z10. As I've mentioned before, I think that the A10 has to have comparable specs to the other heavy hitters out there to really compete, whether the extra horse power is need or not. I just hope the battery is removable. At this point the SD card capacity needs to be boosted to at least 64GB. People do look at specs, period. They don't care if an OS can run on a dual core processor. Other phones sell well because of upgraded specs. I really don't understand why BB doesn't keep up in this highly competitive market. But then again, they might surprise us.