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BlackBerry A10 caught in full photo set

By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2013 01:48 am EDT

Just in case the hands-on video wasn't enough for you, Tinhte has also taken plenty of pics of the BlackBerry A10 as well for us all to drool over. Front, back, sides, we get the whole kit and kaboodle with this one.

I'm already sold on the BlackBerry A10 so no need to convince me but you all can sound off in the comments with your thoughts, now that we're getting a better look at the next release.

Need a rumored specs refresher? Jump below to catch those along with another set of images from BBVietnam.

BlackBerry A10 Features and Specs

  • Processor: Dual Core 1.7GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 Pro, Quad Core GPU
  • Display: 5" OLED, HD/WXGA, 1280x720, 24-bit color, S-Stripe Pixel Arrangement, 295ppi
  • Dimensions: 140.7 x 72 x 9.4mm (9.7 Verizon)
  • OS: BlackBerry OS 10.2
  • Camera: 8.0MP Rear Camera with flash, IS 5X / 2.0MP Front Camera IS 5X
  • Memory: 16GB + 2GB(RAM) + 64GB uSB (hot-swap)
  • Connectors: Micro USB, Micro HDMI out
  • Sensors: Ambient Light, Proximity, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Altimeter 
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n (4G Mobile Hotspot)
  • Battery: 2800 mAh Integrated
  • Other: NFC, DLNA, Micro SIM


C-C-C-COMBO breaker!!!!

Posted via CB10



Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; "STORM"'d at by shorts from hell, "BOLD"ly they typed and well, Into the jaws of Death, To teach them the meaning of SELL LIKE HELL!


That was awesome! LOL

Rayed Siddiqui

It's just too standard... they need a woah factor desperately. if they don't get it.. the msrp on this device will kill blackberry

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!


Nah, he's not a turd. You might be though. You projecting?

Posted via CB10


calm down guys, I'll be the turd this time... move on.. don't fight


We can all be turds!


Good afternoon, ma'am. How may I help you today?


Z10 looks way better to me.


That's an ugly hand.

Posted via CB10


I know right :o

Posted via CB10


Quite possibly the best looking underspecced device of all time.


Underspecced? Really? My Q10 runs like a champ and has what dual core 1.5 GHz processors....so the upgrade to 1.7 GHz processors and a separate GPU will make this thing a beast....


Because iOS and WP8 all have Android like specs?

Oh wait...


It isn't that badly under-specc'd. Not when you look at the competition. The new Lumia 1020 is EXACTLY the same chipset and is going to retail for $299. On contract. I'll acknowledge, the Lumia has a better display and a kick-ass camera. Intriguingly, the brand-spanking-new Nexus 7 tablet that was introduced today is also the EXACT same chipset.

Sure, the SG4 has a quad-core CPU, but the A10 has the same Adreno 320 GPU, and that might actually be more important.

And, for some users at least, the lower-rez screen might not be that big an issue. Especially if it leads to decent battery life.

nick canada

The specs are okay but 16gb internal memory is not enough, people who buy a 5" screen are playing games and media. I already had to delete apps on my z10. My 64gb card is full. At least give people an option I would pay extra for 64gb or even push the limits and offer 128gb

But I love BlackBerry and will buy it either way

Posted via CB10


Sure, I'd like to see more than 16GB internal storage too. That isn't an automatic disqualification for all users, though. As well, it's one of the few specs that could easily change before launch. We'll see...


Not first.

That phone looks sexy. I want it.


I am z10 user, but looks are better of A10 than Z10

Posted via CB10


There's less space used on the side and top bezels. Too bad the z10 wasn't designed like that otherwise it would look even more appealing. The. A10's hardware specs arent better in terms of camera, ram and internal storage otherwise considering it's suppose to be the high end model from the current models.

Posted via CB10


A10 should have came out first as opposed to the Z10 when Blackberry was discussed on January 30....

Posted via CB10

El Platanero

I disagree. If they came out with the plan let first the sales would have been worse. Not everybody is on with the size. I love my Z but when the A comes out I will be waiting with open arms

Posted via CB10

Bacon Munchers

If I was king of BlackBerry, I would have launched the new legacy device first and called it a transition device between platforms, as it sports some bb10 features. I would have followed this with the Q5 with a low-down dirty price tag, then the Q10 and Z10 simultaneously and dub them 'the twins' or something like that. Follow this up with the A10, and the cherry on the cake would be the 10" terminal 'dunb-tablet' to link to all of them.

... But that's if I were king.

Posted via CB10

Rayed Siddiqui

I like the way you think.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!


I wish they can show a picture of the back of the A10 without the back cover, so we can find out whether this thing has a removable battery or not.


There is also a video showing the back. Looks like the battery is not replaceable.

Posted via CB10


There is a picture of the back without a cover. Just scroll through the pictures.


Me too. Why the hell wouldn't they make it removable given the needs of power users. I've never had a battery last the full 2 years to upgrade. Planned obsolescence?

Posted via CB10


I've only had battery problems when I used the wrong charger. If I consistently use the charger that came with the device, I find the battery will be fine.


Source from Viet Nam, so proud of tinhte and bbvietnam.com :)


Vietnam can't keep secrets =)) =)) =))

Posted via CB10


that right:))

Posted via CB10


Didn't understand a word he said. So most of it is still a secret. Lol

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!


I just hope it has great battery life. Feature wise, I'm satisfied with my Z10. What I can't stand is the very short battery life. I hope they address this with the A10.

Posted via CB10


Lol, that is a strange looking hand???

Posted via CB10


That's my buddy's mom, dude.


I thought earlier leaked pictures had bezels on the top and bottom like the Z10.. looks strange with just a bezel at the bottom IMO

Posted via CB10


The only thing stopping me from selling the Z10 for this thing is the screen. A larger screen with less pixels than the Z10 is a step back for me. If only they had gone the android route with a 1080p display. I'll have to check this thing out in person..


You're right. Ordinary customers are looking at the specs, that's what started the spec race. As long as BlackBerry refuses to take part in it, they won't be successful. You need to add a 1080p display and a quad-core cpu to the specs and you can catch the attention of new customers at the time this device will finally be released.


The moderator in the vid said that the hardware is pretty much final. The software needs some work. So sorry there won't be 1080 screen. Camera is 8 mp. The non removable battery is 2800 mAh.

Post via CB Z10


Looks like a good time to sell my remaining BBRY shares to prevent burning more money ...


No. "Ordinary customers" aren't especially spec-oriented. Features? Sure, and with 10.2 the platform gains some maturity and some nice stuff like WiFi Direct.

Let's call this a smartphone for "older" users, who will actually appreciate the larger display, even at a lower DPI. They'll also be more likely to care about battery life.



Posted via CB10


Agree. Also, would have been nice to see an extra row of apps using the increaed screen size...


I suppose we could have watched the video, but... pics capture the moment I guess.


Looks really good actually! With that battery it must last for ages, especially if the screen is 1280 by 720, and would definitely have better battery than the Z10. That would be a huge selling point if it had a great battery IMO

Posted via CB10


The A10 is looking really good - looking better every time I see it. They really needed to remove that fugly screen protector that was all beat up. I'm really liking the silver bottom/sides, and the back looks fantastic. It's too bad about the battery being non-removable, only for replacing bad batteries and not so much to be able to hot-swap them (something I never do).


+1 I too have to admit it's looking better every time I see it. Silver definitely looks nice. Too bad some of hardware specs are disappointing for this device

Posted via CB10


I wonder if there will be an accessory with some kind of distributed computing booster... you never know... :)


I wouldn't worry too much about the specs if they market this as a Z10-Plus. A Z10 with a larger screen.
The real halo device will come out next year but I am hoping for it before Thanksgiving this year.


What's the removable back cover for? It seems the battery isn't removable


SIM and SD cards.

Posted with CB10 on Z10


To keep the creaky back covers a BlackBerry tradition.

Posted via CB10

Parthiv Shah

These pictures give a decent look of the form factor. But I would be very interested to see what other colors it has to offer. Also fingers crossed that the specs of this phone does not disappointing and for a change are better than our expectations. The camera should be the best in class. With that and time shift feature this can really do a lot better than Z10 and Q10 combined. Fingers Crossed!

Amy wineBerry

I must say...I like the way it looks!

Brutal Efficiency


My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5


Looks good. Bring it out BlackBerry sell sell sell.



Posted via CB10

R Field

That's a pretty sexy phone I'm not going to lie but man take the plastic off the front of the screen you're killing me.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


Definitely. At first I thought it was just an incredibly smudged-up screen on that A10. I still can't bring myself to put a screen protectors on my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I'll take it !!



Nothing special here, what a disappointment. Just a bigger version of z10. Should have got better screen resolution and better processor.

Posted via CB10


Not even just bigger version.
Don't understand how it's possible that Astro will have lower resolution then Z.


Well..it looks good. Hopefully they make use of the real estate such as allowing for more than the 4x4 grid.


I hope when BBRY do release A10, they also release 10.2 to Z10, Q5 and Q10!!!


i wouldn't bet on it,,, otherwise how would they sell a larger, "newer" phone w/ equal or lesser specs,,, Z10, Q5 and Q10 will get .2 "soon"...


Yes, the existing BB10 devices will get 10.2 around the same time. Just like the Q10 was released with 10.1, but in many markets that update was released for the Z10 pretty much the same day.

Some of that depends on the carriers.


Obviously, there are two type of Astro.
This one has 4x4 icons - I have photo where is 5x4


Huge! That, or my hands are too small.
And still, I think the Z10 has a more distinguished look. (especially the top)


This is my next phone. Hopefully AT&T will not slack on selling this, being that the logo is on the device. Hope they start testing from now.

Posted via my Red L.E. Z10

irwan ari wibowo1

Wish that King series would be better specs than A10

Posted via the forgotten Z10 STL 1


Z10... re-casing.

My eyes are in 10.2. Hopefully the OS could compete with better apps.


Sadly for A10 it still dual core... BlackBerry should have realised that if using alphabetical order A10 should be quad core since its the first alphabet and opposite of A is the last alphabet Z. so it should be much better than Z10 but sadly I'm sticking with my BlackBerry Z10 and not gonna change until BlackBerry have better BlackBerry 10 smartphone.. in terms of camera it should be 12 or 15 Mp instead of 8 Mp and the internal memory should at least be 32gb. And plus the external memory up to 32 gb or 64gb and that should satisfied the user. This is just my opinion of how I feel... and observed.. what I can see before is apple dominated the smartphone world and then rise it's competitor such as HTC Sony etc but especially Samsung.. with the new os called Android. And for Nokia is windows which still lack of few things and still rising up to fight.. with BlackBerry signature keep moving it should have done much more and also keep thinking further then this.. what ever it is I choose my BlackBerry Z10 instea

Posted via CB10


And you should have realized by now this thing won't be called A10, A-series, of which aristo is a part, is obviously the internal codename. The Z10 was known as laguna and Liverpool on early leaks, yet nobody was calling it L10. Nobody was calling the Q10 the N10.

Posted via CB10

iMe Tonya

Disapointed ! It is just a big z10! With Nokia lumia 1020, BlackBerry needed better specs to compete.

Posted via CB with my Z10!


Well, *everyone* needs better specs when trying to compete with the awesome camera on the Lumia 1020, which is a thing of beauty, but aside from that the A10 has about the same specs as the Lumia 1020, maybe a little better. The Lumia 1020 is dual core, features a smaller screen that is also 720p, and 2 megabytes of RAM. Haven't double-checked, but all-in-all the main advantage Nokia is demonstrating with the 1020 release -- other than their dominance in the camera phone arena -- is that their phone will be available any day now at US carriers (I think) whereas we still don't even have a release date for the A10.

Still, I'll be buying an A10 out of contract without thinking twice. 5 inch screen and the BlackBerry 10 Browser? awesome! :)


I still don't understand what BlackBerry was thinking with with their high end model coming equipped with only a 8 mp camera lol! Seriously WTF when everyone else is coming out with a 12 mp camera or higher. I like the design and the rest of the specs except the 8 mp camera, 3 GB of Ram and 16GB of internal storage.

Posted via CB10


Oh! That thing is a Phone too?!?!

Prince Radebe

That hand makes the A10 look like a Z10. The previous video it looked Gigantic.

Posted via White Z10


Another step backwards.

Posted via CB10


"Yo, bartender, I can't get this bottle opened"

*bartender* "yo, knuckles, come pop the cap off this gentleman's bottle with that thumb of yours"

*knuckles* "here you go man.."
*knuckles* *thumbs up*



I love my Z10, battery is horrible though. I want the A10 but I really hope BlackBerry has better specs at launch, especially the screen. In my opinion specs should be better than my Z10. I can't see rocking an A10 with the screen being less than the competition. The Z10 gets everyone's attention with its beautiful screen. People ask me all the time what is that and I tell them and show them. People are drawn with the beauty of the Z. The camera is awesome on the Z10 since 10.1. I have taken beautiful pics with my Z since the update for an 8 mega pixel it's nice. The A10 has to bring better specs it to compete. The media will downplay it's arrival kill it upon arrival because they will compare it to the heavy hitters on the block. Now with these waterproof devices we have a new element to contend with on the market.

Posted via CB10


I agree with you on that. Plus there a Sony smartphone show at displayed if you want to try take the phone from the water jar and after finished explore the phone can put back in the water...

Posted via CB10


Odd choices to go non-removable and have 8MP camera. I feel battery life will make or break this one. Also, what is with that Z00 label?


blackberry zoo coming soon...


Design wise, I'm very impressed with this handset.

This is how the GS4 should have looked and the use of quality materials, is to be applauded.

BB, thumbs up from me

Christopher Jacques

It should be a quad core with more mega pixels in the camera and removable battery as well. Bigger screen ok but with more ppi than the Z10 would definitely be better. the 'blackberry Z00' labeled at the back is just showing that it's a fake one :)...sorry for my English

Posted via CB10


I totally understand and I'm with you..

Posted via CB10


really good looking super-phone!! .. at first i was worried about specs first:screen resolution 1280x720 295ppi doing a little web search found that what apple call retina displays magic number is around 300 ppi and their models iphone 5 326 ppi ipad 4th 264 ipad mini 163 ppi article of wikipedia seeing that the resolution concern is relative to size of screen and distance of view and aristo 295 ppi looks very well second : quadcore!! cores number=more number of process running at same cpu clock speed & more cores=more battery drain dual core 1.7 is faster than 1.5 quadcores but here is when OS optimization do the job QNX is far more optimized by design than Linux for that reason android linux kernel java-like VM dalvik need more specs on cpu pure brute-force to do same work another great feature is quad GPU sam galaxy s4 have 3 GPUs Aristo will be a great 3D graphic machine ..third: what personally i want to see is camera more MP maybe something near 13 mp .. but definitely I WILL BUY THIS wen appear on a near store!!


Good points. The key is the end user experience more than the specs themselves. Once the A10 actually comes out then we can learn more about the experience, rather than debating the numbers.

Although a powerhouse camera is also essential for me. My next phone really needs to replace my digital camera completely.


I definitely agree. I see people complaining that it should be quad-core and have more RAM. But all that takes power, so then they would complain that the batter drains too quickly. I guess it comes down to people not understanding that a bigger number isn't necessarily better. It's how the OS uses the resources. OS10 runs efficiently on a dual core processor right now. Anything more would just kill the battery life.


So, no battery pull capabilities when everything freezes up, bricks etc. Is that really wise given the Z10 experience? Also 16GB is ridiculously small in 2013. My daughter has over 50GB of pics and vid on her iPhone, where is this "big" device trying to appeal? Don't get it at all.

Posted via CB10


they need at least 3G RAM, 32G internal storage and expanded to 128G


So, looking forward to... Aristo 2 with i.a. 1920x1080, internal 32Gb and 12Mp. This one isn't bad but it's too close to my Z10 and seems to be generally a bit out of date when you compare it to market trends/leaders. Keep moving, BlackBerry, KEEP MOVING

[...] new mobile hero: www.smartman.mobi


I think i'm starting to like this phone, specially the thinnest, i believe this battery will last at least 4 to 5 hours more than the Z10, not complaining about non removable battery, the back cover is for SMS and SD cards. i don't mind how many pixels the camera has, as long as it has a really good lens sensor is all it takes for quality images.


thats all " 295ppi", i not will to get it. its not my choice. Only with My z10 for now.

Mohammed Zakaria1

That's definitely a good one for me, but on that big thin hand the A10 looks small...lol

Mohammed Zakaria1

Nice, Q10 takes the photos of its upcoming family member....


If the front-facing camera doesn't have autofocus, BlackBerry can go home.


How does this compare in size to the Galaxy Tab?

Posted via CB10

Robin Lim

72 mm wide? That is one big phone.

Posted from my Zed 10



Posted via that z10!


I still find it strange that it has only 4 rows of icons... Maybe we're allowed to configure this in the OS now.

Huey Newton

Looks good but I think it needs a faster processor. Just to be competitive as far as speed and on paper comparison

BlackBerry z10


Nobody asked this dude about OS 10.2?

STL 100-1


R u kidding me? Dual core and not full hd. BlackBerry is going down. Pathetic. I have a z10 but this is just ridiculous. I have no idea how they will compete with other high end phone manufacturers.

Posted via CB10


As crappy as the Z10?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


What's with the front facing camera... 2MP is 5X?... 5x what?

Posted via CB10


Too big for me.
The z10 is fine for me. Looks good though

Posted via CB10

megat asyrul

specs doesn't make a great phone.have you guys ever wondered why the iphone 5 is way less laggings than the octa core gs4??its not about how many cores ,its the compatibility between the software and the hardware.and please don't tell me that you guys don't know that ip5 is dual core.

Posted via CB10


What you and many others here and sadly in BlackBerry don't seem to understand is that it is those specs that will SELL the phones. If you put this device next to a high end android device on a sales shelf why would someone want this over the other device?

Posted via CB10


This things a beast...hopefully the market reacts well to it.

Posted via CB10


As ugly as the Z10! Looks ancient! DOA! :(


I love the look of the A10, but the specs in comparison to the competition out there is meh! But hey, I'll probably still buy the damn thing!

Posted via CB10


Very very nice! Mainstream flagship phone. tempted, but love my q10!

Posted via CB10


Did anyone else notice the version number is


yup,,, & software "unavailable"...


Nice look. Can't wait to see final product.


I think the key word for this phone and battery removal according to specs listed is integrated not removable or swappable.

Posted via CB10


Do you think that is a stainless band around the phone or more plastic? Would be cool if it was stainless...

Posted via CB10


Should have been a removable battery and have a better camera. 10MP should be standard for phones nowadays.

Posted via CB10


The battery integrated I don't like that !
You must have battery removable like Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3!

And for the16 gig internal storage :
You must have 32 gig to 64 gig internal storage like Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 !

That's my opinion !

But the phone looks good !

I love BlackBerry 10!

We needs more apps !

Posted via CB10


Hopefully this device will attract new customers to BlackBerry. If it can also convert some of the existing BlackBerry 6 & 7 users to upgrade that would be excellent. For me the Z10 covers almost every requirement that I might have.

Posted via CB10


i'm a "7" guy & was waiting to see what this would look like,,, i'm not giving up my "bridge" for this,,, underwhelming... #keepmovingbackward


Am I the only one that is not impressed? The specs are just not good enough for me to upgrade from my Z10.

Posted via CB10


hell, these specs aren't even good enough for me to upgrade my 9850,,, bridge ftw...


Can we get those specs in a Z10 size!

Posted via CB10


So over the blackberry hardware.. if the android bbm is good enough i will switch to android device and will only come back when blackberry offers some awesome handset..

Posted via CB10


So u can remove the back, but not the battery??? That's just fuckin retarded...

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


loool!!! yes,,, it,,, is...


As I expected, this device will not be called the A10. If we've learned anything from the Q5 it is that the Z and the Q repreent touch and querty. Any other letters will be the class of the phone but the name will be Z. I suspect Z12. That has a ring to it.


If the battery lasts a full day I might be thinking of going to the A10

Posted via CB10


Ooh, that guy has some really alien like hands....damn

Posted via CB10


I'm not impressed with the Camera specs.. was hoping for a better one..

Posted via CB10

holly joslin

agreed. why not up the ante?


I am not impressed by any of the specs.. They are using hardware thats a year old and knowing bb they will charge as much or more than top of the line android devices.

no wonder their stock is in the toilet


+1 they think they can charge premium prices like as if they were number 1 or 2 in the market. They lost they that!

Posted via CB10


Cheese and crackers!!!

Posted via CB10


I like the A10 looks but that nostalgic spec sheet isn't getting any prettier with repetition. To be fair, other manufacturers have gotten by with similar lateral upgrades. There isn't much to separate the Nokia Lumina 920 and 1020, except for a whopping uptick in rear camera pixels.

If we go by history, BlackBerry might try to differentiate the A10 by deferring 10.2 for the Z10 and Q10 which would make everyone happy. Not. But there's always leaks.

Posted via CB10


"If we go by history, BlackBerry might try to differentiate the A10 by deferring 10.2 for the Z10 and Q10 which would make everyone happy. Not."

ding, ding, ding,,,, weee haaave a winnerrr!!!!


I really like the rounded edges. I don't think I personally care about a 5" phone but obviously lots of people do. I love my Z10 and it looks like this will run even faster. Hope it sells well

Posted via CB10


A10 Rocks!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


The phone is beautiful, but if this is the final camera, I think they just could have done better. Z10 camera is really good, but to a top device like Aristo, it should be a little better. I'm not a photography fanatic, but something about 15 MP could impress much more. Although I know mega pixels has nothing to do with quality, people think it does.

Posted via CB10


I wish people would stop talking about megapixels. Cripes! It's 2013 and people *STILL* think mp = quality. IT DOESN'T. There is NO correlation! All mp give you is a larger picture and a large file size. If the sensor on it is crap, then all you get is a large crappy picture - but gee, you can zoom far into those millions of blurry pixels!!
It speaks NOTHING to the quality of the photo.
ok, I feel better.
/end rant


^ this!

Posted via CB10


Aww, you beat me to it, but your rant was well put!

- PineappleOranges


Nice looking Blackberry, i like the looks of it but the specs arent that great...would have liked to see a quad core cpu although it may not be needed but majority of people will look at the specs and think...thats a slow CPU.
And again Blackberry only putting in 16gb of memory, what about a 32gb or 64gb version??. Does Blackberry not realise that alot of apps are quite big in size?? and 16gb built in storage is just too damn low now...ive already more or less filled my z10 with games and apps. Serioulsy Blackberry when the hell are you going to get a clue??. Unless you will allow us to install apps to the sd card but i cannot see that happening.
Camera wise?? again im hoping its a better sensor than the one thats currently in the Z10, not saying its bad but a better sensor will make pics much better rather than having to mess around with lighting conditions etc.

Hopefully this isnt the final spec of the A10, i really want to get one but not if it has sub par specs.


IMHO they are making a cheap phone and going to attemp to sell it at the same $$$ as top of the line android devices.

They just fail


Looks looks like a bigger z10.... I've got a z10 and I dun like the virtual keyboard so I won't be getting a a10... being that its z10 with a bigger display I think that the lack of. "full HD" 1920 x 1080 screen is disappointing


As an Android user, I'm intrigued by this phone. Good move BB

pat bis

Anyone ealse noticed Blackberry z00???


This phone still feels like it is most likely my next BB. Coming from trusty ol' 9800, I expect my mind to be blown!! Can't wait!!


What a waste..

1: The specs are horrible. Compare to the top of the line Android Devices, this is a toy, spec wise ( i know specs don't matter, however who is going to educate the end users about that ). This is last years processor and no 1080 screen. And they are still going to price it as much or higher as the top of the line android devices

2: The power connector should be on the bottom, so you can use a case like the mophie juicebox instead of some bastardized case like a siedo what has a hugh hump on the side for the power connector.

What is Blackberry thinking?



Agree on the screen entirely... the main difference between the z10 and the A10 is screen size... its gotta be a 1080 screen... its got a bigger battery than the the z10 but prolly needs it to run the bigger screen


I hope that's not anywhere near the final build because i think it's quite hideous. After seeing what Nokia is up to with their camera, Blackberry needs to step it up a bit.


BB will never step it up and that's why their stock is sooo loooooowwwwwwwwww


What are those two small holes on the side?


On the side? Mics would be top or bottom.


noise cancellation mics?


I'm interested in the all black one. Don't like the silver lining. Glad to see the size of the battery. It's not a BBRY if it can't hold a two day charge for me.


This is Z10's big brother, not the A10.

Posted via CB10


"Blackberry ZOO"? I don't like the new name


IMHO, I belive this is 'Z00 - as in Z double zero' not ZOO


This phone is ugly. Can't BB get one thing right?


BlackBerry Z00. Hmmm is this even the A10 or a Z series phone? Wonder where the 5 row icons went? Very interesting....

Posted via CB10


OMG OMG OMG, I just got my Z but I'm really about to loose my mind over the A!!! Damned BlackBerry and your 6 devices this year!


What makes you like it so much Bla1ze?

Posted via CB10


I wish we could side scroll through the pictures in cb10

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When I first started in this office, all I saw was BB's. All most all employees and suppliers had them. Over the last few years the number of bb's has drastically reduced , and have been replaced with your typical galaxies and iphones.

Lately I have been noticing a switch to this galaxy note thing, and when I ask how they like it, they say they love it. Most love the big screen. I think bbry are on to something here.


I'm definitely getting one, maybe two, I have Z and the Q and I will get an A. Go BB10 love it.

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Since I'm on Verizon, buying a A10 with OS10.2 might be only way to finally upgrade my flippin OS!!

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Lol true

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Here is my BlackBerry A10 specs (preferred!):

Processor: Quad Core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Krait 400 CPU, Adreno Quad Core 330 GPU
Display: 5" OLED, HD/WXGA, 1920x1080, 24-bit color, S-Stripe Pixel Arrangement, 440+ppi
Dimensions: 140.7 x 72 x 9.4mm (9.7 Verizon)
OS: BlackBerry OS 10.2
Camera: 16.0MP Rear Camera with flash, IS 5X / 3.0MP Front Camera IS 5X
Memory: 32GB + 4GB(RAM) + 64GB uSB (hot-swap)
Connectors: Micro USB, Micro HDMI out
Sensors: Ambient Light, Proximity, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Altimeter
WiFi: Dual band (2.4/5GHz) 802.11 a/b/g/n (4G Mobile Hotspot)
Bluetooth: 4.0 integrated
Battery: 3200 mAh Integrated
Other: NFC, DLNA, Micro SIM

BlackBerry doesn't need a Z10 replacement, they need a premium all-touch phone!

Why a 1920x1080 display? Multimedia and movies. This phone needs to be a dream multimedia powerhouse! I want my HD movies! Better yet, the chipset actually supports 4K movies, so bring it on!

In case you're wondering why 32 GB built-in? Apps! Apps are getting huge, and 16 GB is getting pretty small for 2014.

In building a premium device, they need to at least appear to compete with Samsung's GS5* in specs, and the camera must be smokin' hot as this is yet another way to make their devices stand out. Nokia is doing that with the Lumia series, and Samsung is getting in the game in a big way. Apple has already done that. An 8 MP premium phone worked in 2011 but not today, and certainly not in 2014!

Time to step on it, Team BlackBerry. BB10 has paved the way, but you need to give it wings!


Does BlackBerry really need those specs? The device doesn't need it for performance, but Team BlackBerry can push the OS to deliver more functionality and features to users with a more sophisticated device.

The average BB user using their device mostly for messaging will not buy the A10. They'll get the Q10 or the Q5, but Team BlackBerry needs to recognize that there is another class of users who want one device that can challenge bringing along a separate pocket camera, media player, book reader, etc. The A10 can be that kind of device, but BlackBerry needs to build it.


Unfortunately specs do matter as they are what will sell this phone to anyone other than the most loyal in Crackberry nation. This is being touted as a high end device, but the specs mirror something that should have been released in 2011. Now, to add insult to injury, compare this device to something that is comparably high end and available today. The existing competitor devices have better specs than this device which is arguably still several months away.

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+1so damn true!!!

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Keep dreaming.

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BlackBerry must produce a device that is so over the top on specs and gimmicky it makes our heads spin.

No we (common sense, knowledgeable BlackBerry type people) don't need any of this, even though it would be cool, but it's the only way to attract the masses back.

After talking to so many dumbasses about 'specs' and realizing they don't know shit about what specs actually mean or do, they just know Samsung is a quad core and my Z10 is a dual core for example...we need to show people the A10 is the biggest, most powerful device out there.

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Tung Vu1

All these leak photos are from Vietnam? #BBRY4ver

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Can't freaking wait!

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The hand holding this phone needs plastic surgery asap!

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Mr Raccoon

Not enough to win... far from it...
This is not much better than the Z10..
If BlackBerry wants to lead... They sure need more than that....
Very sorry. I love BlackBerry but matching the competition is not enough.

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In terms of hardware they are a bit behind but they can make up for it in software.

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This one reason to leave Verizon! Still haven't updated to 10.2. #Shame #BS

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Yes, indeed, Verizon has been hurting BB10 since launch with ancient OS releases, and they have been rather slow in pushing updates versus other carriers everywhere else in the world!

Eric Ton

Look at that gap! the top and the bottom


Is S-Stripe same as RGB Stripe?

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My eyes burn whenever I read that paltry 295 PPI figure.

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Little concerned about this as well...Every time I see it I think two things

1) My Z10 has a pixel density of 356.

2) My PlayBook screen looks disappointing at best, as a direct result of using the Z10

3) If there is any similar effect whatsoever on the A10, I'm going to be super disappointed despite loving the look of the rest of the hardware


there isn't a lot of new features on this device. Having a 8.0 and 2.0MP camera is really old technology, some of the phones that are better than BlackBerry in sales have a much higher mega pixel range on their cameras. Heck my first Digital camera in 2002 was a 3MP.. so anything less today is simply stupid and I would be ashamed if I owned a new phone in 2013 or 2014 with a 2.0MP camera on it.


Low Light Shooting Mode?! Is this confirmed in 10.2 for the Z 10 ? Anyone?


Well this definitely seals the deal...battery pulls are a thing of the past. :D


Haha I remember these guys' weird fingers from the Z10 leaks!


We know the Specs. Tell us something we don't know, like BlackBerry are bring. Z10, Q10, Q5 and A10 out with 32GB and 64GB Internal Memory. That would be good. Loads of room for downloading Apps.


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What apps? They dont have that many good apps =)) =)) =))

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I am getting this hone as soon as it is coming out on Telus ^^. Just for the battery

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I don't mean to be negative but that is a hidious looking phone. On a side note what is with all the pics on CB loading to the right and out of the screen? Is this just happening to me?

Fidel Mercado

A nice addition to the new BB10 line (I guess). Quad-Core processor has already been done. But If your a fan of the BB10 experience, this should be right up your alley. Nothing exciting or ground breaking, just a stretched Z10 with a better processor that wont really change the experience (kind of like the I phone 5), but still a nice addition.


Looks nicer than my Z10 but I don't see a compelling reason to change phones. Maybe in two years if they have an A11.

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My playbook doesn't have a removable battery either, doesn't bother me.


I will consider switching but because I signed a 2 year contract I will likely have to buy this and sell my Z10. Have to see what that will cost.

That said, I think it may be too big for me. Have to wait and see.

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I just have one question, why does it take blackberry 9 months to update the Z10 with the A10? and there is not much difference, except for 5 in display?

Same display resolution, camera pixel, ram, and memory, just a quad core GPU, larger display and better build quality (I hope), very disappointing it's taking so long to be released, should be out by end of Aug / Sept, not November / December. RIM ooops Blackberry is doing it again.... leaks, leaks, leaks for 6 months before getting the product on the market, just get very tiring with the slow progress on the hardware spec.


Lets be honest with specs like this on android market you can only charge 350-450 usd.. look at huawei ascend mate that handset is about 400 usd.. has a 4050 ma battery and the screen is 6.1 inch... blackberry need to revamp their executives.. from manufacturing, product planning, marketing, software dept.. need fresh mind with fresh ideas.. if not their days will be numbered (at least in the harfware business)

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How does this guy get his hands on these devices? I'm jealous!

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Am I the only one that thinks people should wait and see what kind of performance this phone actually puts out? I have a lot of really expensive camera gear and I can tell you that even my cheapest 12MP point and shoot outperforms even the mighty 41MP 808 Pureview. The MegaPixel race got out of hand in digital cameras a few years back. The biggest defining quality in a camera sensor now is really how efficiently it captures light and how large the sensor is. Any cellphone camera that is 41MP NEEDS to downscale because the crosstalk between pixels will be much too great for proper photos. Oversampling is really a gimmick, the image may be clean when not "digitally zoomed" but the whole purpose of huge pixel counts is to provide better cropping ability. However as is evidenced by the Lumia 1020 sample shots, because of the small pixels the picture rapidly becomes noisy as you "zoom" in.


I realize that the current spec list is more conjecture than, fact; but just based on that there is NOTHING showing which would cause me to switch from my Z10 to the A10. For a so called 'flagship' phone there is nothing remarkable able it.

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Sexy! I am definitely getting this device. I hope the camera is upgraded.


This isn't bad, for a high in phone, camera needs to be improved. Techno buffalo, into mobile, and a lot more others will make fun of the camera like they did with the Z10. With the S4, new iphone5s, and the new Note3, this is will be way behind on specs. BlackBerry is trying to kill themselves. I understand budget, but come on! Make a competing phone or stick with low end phones!!

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Correction, IS BAD!

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No removable battery, no sale.

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Patrick Pierobon

Once again a plastic case. Higher quality materials Blackberry! Please!!!




That is one SEXY device ... !! Gonna ditch my Z10 and get this when it comes out :)


8mp??? Come on!!!

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Why doesn’t Blackberry concentrate on perfecting the OS? Furthermore how many devices does one company really need that are better than the last? Blackberry has always had great hardware, even the software isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be. What is really drowning blackberry is the horrible publicity and the fact that they don’t have trending apps that are "all the rage" with the younger to middle aged generation.





Jose Casiano

They need to up the 2800 mah battery and add that wireless charging option as well


Will the A10 supersede the Z10 or will it be sold concurrently?

I hope BlackBerry continious to offer the Z10 in the future maybe a Z10 II so that I can upgrade next year. I would not like the size of the A 10 for me.

Having said that, I am planning on getting the A10 for my wife. She currently has the note 2 and she is not very happy about all the bugs and quirks in Android.

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Is it really necessary to put that big screen in a bigger casing ?. I love the size of Z10 which is just ideal for single hand operation in portrait and two hands in landscape position. Just utilize the available space in Z10 more efficiently by reducing its bezel width, refine the casing and design to the best (HTC and Blackberry have still most distinctive and mature design of phones in the market) and use quadcore processor, so we get a highend BB.... let phone to be a phone
For bigscreen device, forget phablet with its undetermined size...... please consider to develop "Blackberry Agenda" with "filofax" papersize and (synchronized) functions incl. handwritting recognition plus voice, image, data and networking/communication facilities.
It's the handy size which most of us is very familiar with. It is also big enough for playing games or watching movies.
Don't forget the multitasking capability to enable making note during making voice call.
Imagine it as a productivity hub, data center and still looks "human" if you wrap it in a genuine leather cover as the filofax of yesteryear.

John Timothy

I may not be a spec's expert, but as far as the looks of this device, i think they did a great job. This looks like a premium phone. I don't know if it will fly off the shelves but this phone looks impressive. Now i notice a lot of comments bashing the new Z30 but i really don't think Blackberry would put out a flagship phone with poor specs. The fact is that the BB10.2 OS is very efficient, so that's why they don't need a processor that's as fast as the Android (Samsung 4S) phone, because Android is really inefficient so they need the extra speed to make up for it. The only thing i see that might be a downer is the camera. But then i doubt that's why you buy a smartphone for LOL. The non removable battery is not really an issue, because if it dies it can be replaced, just you have to bring it to a shop to get that done.