BlackBerry A10 caught on camera once more

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2013 09:21 am EDT

The BlackBerry A10 has once again been caught on camera. Twitter user @nvthanh1994 dropped a few images of a shiny new A10 earlier today and while it's nothing new, we still love to see new photos of unreleased devices.

Here we get a good look at the front of the A10 as well as a not so good look at the back. What is noticeable however is that the back of the device seems to be a bit more rounded toward the sides and not as flat as we had thought. It almost looks like the Bold 9900 as it has the carbon weave in the middle where the battery door would go and the sides are more rounded off over the edges. 

We've heard mixed rumors on whether or not the A10 will have a removable back and battery, but from what we can tell here it looks like the back is one piece and non-removable (but it's bit hard to tell from this photo).

As for the front of the A10 - the bottom and top bezels are both rounded off at the corners. The bottom looking good in silver while the top remains black. Kind of a bad angle to see much more but we take what we can get.

Check out the images in the gallery above then hit up the comments with your thoughts.


BB Super Junior

Wicked, I want!

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Definitely want to give it a try!

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I will be selling my Z10 to get this as soon as available!!!!!!!


It seems however smart these dev are they sure cant take a quality picture..Hence even a decent angle. SMH!

But they want a 14 mega pixel camera. Learn how to shoot first!


This looks (and sounds) like what the A5 should be. Are we 100% they aren't throwing us a curve ball here??

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You're giving BB entirely way too much credit.


Lol... true

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Any additional info to make us believe?


Holy eff that bezel is huge! I'm still getting it but they need to shrink that down!

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The bottom bezel is there so you have room to swipe up, it's got fairly thin bezels otherwise.

Having said that, I'm not big on how this phone looks. Too round and too "soft" IMHO.


The bottom and top bezel are wide and the same size. The side bezels are thin.

I was impressed by the look of the A10 and the feel is amazing. It is very rounded and thin and has a soft grip like texture to it. Feels very natural in the hand.


The top and bottom bezel are Kost definitely not the same size my friend.

If you ignore "the chin" then I suppose it is, but that's also part of the phone.

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I want one too! But if the battery door isn't the same as the Z10's I'm gonna think twice before getting it xD

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Linking this phone's look more and more

EDIT : While I'm here, I'd just like to say that I would love for BBRY to release a "Media gateway" similar to their music gateway, except it would have HDMI out. Perfect for people who have older TV without Bluetooth support.


+1... i looks better and better with every leak pic... can't wait to see it in action...


I too would love to see a Media Gateway. Although I would prefer to see if use WiFi with Mirror Cast right on my 50".


Why would you need a media gateway if your device can be that media gateway?


My HDMI cable isn't that long. Not all TVs are smart TVs


Hate to sound mean but there are HMDI extension cable and connectors that you can get from eBay/Amazon for a few dollars. I had a 10' combo of MicroHDMI-connector-HDMI-TV to use my Playbook on the TV. Even for with an old tv without hmdi, a newer receiver with hdmi input can be connected to your TV and transmit all of the goodies through S-video or simply an AV cable.


Absolutely. I get my stuff from eBay but I totally agree.


Well my device is right now... I use it for almost all of my media. I stream music to my Sony home theater via the play on function of BB10 and connect it through HDMI to my system for video (I can’t seem to get play on to work for video, pictures and music only). But it would be awesome if I could get something simple and small like the Music Gateway that would allow mirror cast of my device right into my TV. Plus with WiFi Direct coming to 10.2 you could set it up with just about any screen anywhere.


There is something wrong with Play On with the BBZ10. Anybody find a solution yet?

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I don’t have a solution, but I am curious what problem you are referring to. I have two issues. 1) Video doesn’t work. 2) With music it only plays 3 or maybe 4 songs then drops until I select another song rather then continuously playing.


Looks good. I hope there's a physical keyboard on the

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Plazmic Flame

I will take a physical keyboard on the front!

Q10 style!

Brutal Efficiency

Ahhh... no 5th row of icons. Did anyone notice that!?

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Haha +1. First thing I thought.

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And the icons are still ugly.


Is your comment related to screen resolution?

Plazmic Flame

Yeah, I'm sure it was.

It's too bad that the 5th row is gone now. Now the "reason" for this products existence is even more cloudy. I mean, same resolution, slightly bigger battery... not enough in my opinion. Blackberry is not in a position to act like Samsung right now...


They also aren't selling z10 n q10s at a arming rate. So they a10 manly be that device.

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A jump from 1,800 to 2,800 is "slightly" bigger?

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Plazmic Flame

Why couldn't they have put a battery like that in the Z10?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for bigger batteries that make devices last all day but if all the A10 is going to offer is a bigger battery, it's not enough. It's like how Motorola has the Razr and Razr Maxx, waste of resources, just offer the Razr Maxx and be done with it.

The bad design of the shape of the battery in the Z10 and it's back housing, restricted the size of the battery. Could you imagine if the battery in the Z10 was as wide as the back of the phone? That would give you a really beefy battery. Just a side-rant... This article is about the A10 after all...


I agree wish the battery was bigger. Heck even the q10 has a bigger battery not to mention a smaller screen using a different technology that uses less power.

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It's all about engineering. If they could put a bigger battery in the Z10, I'm sure they would. With a bigger battery comes more bulk and the possible need to shift components around. That's my take anyway. It's not so bad with the battery charger bundle which is going for $30 on Amazon.

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That's the first thing I'd be willing to give up for a bigger battery: the size of the phone. If you can give me a battery that'll get me through the entire day with heavy usage, I'll drag the phone behind me on a wagon if need be. As it turns out, my Q10 battery does the job quite nicely, hence the reason I walked away from the Z and now use the Q despite liking larger screens.

Plazmic Flame

That's why I call it bad design.

When you compare the sizes and depth of thickness with other phones, there's no reason why they couldn't put in a bigger battery in the Z10... IF they had designed the housing better and not make the battery a thin rectangle.


They just need a 2200 to 2300 mAH battery in the Z10. Something that wouldn't ad any additional bulk but gave the phone enough juice to make it through the day on moderate to heavy usage.

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Brutal Efficiency

Remember, there were some old BlackBerry slides and renders with 4 rows.

Also, admittedly, the video showed 4 rows with space for another row. We never really saw that extra row in action.

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Yeah, doesn't make sense. Because if it's only fitting in 4 rows, then those icons must be HUGE!! haha
Probably will be 5 rows at release.


Let's hope so. Those icons are huge!

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Yeah your right, the video showed 5 rows, hope they do 5.


Hoping for 5 rows as well. Those icons look gigantic.

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Never noticed that. Now I wish my Z10 had 5 rows.

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Geez... i hope that's not the case when it comes to market. #need5rows


I need 0 rows, I just start typing whatever I need on my q10.


The first thing I noticed, could this be another prototipe?


I wish that you could fill more apps on one page. Like my old torch


yeah it's because the resolution is the same as Z10, the screen is just bigger that's all.


Agree! Should definitely be a 5th row of icons.

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I was thinking the same thing. We have seem pics with 5 rows of icons and 4 rows too. What does that mean? How does that affect the screen resolution? I don't understand how the whole screen resolution works and the ppi, ect.

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White one is waaaaay nicer looking

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Have you seen it?

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nowhere, he's just assuming


I swear the first leaked image was of the white one. That's probably where he saw it.

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I think the first pic only looked white because the of the flash being used for the pic. The bottom is silver/ grey.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.


That back looks removable to me.

Plazmic Flame

Last time I read, it was removable, just to add in the SIM card & SDcard. No removable battery though...


A10 is a heart breaker. Is there sufficient features in this phone to get me (a Z10 user) to pay $600+ for this phone. Is there enough in terms of specs to attract Android users to try this phone.


To answer your first question as it pertains to this Z10 user...No.

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Plazmic Flame

This device definitely isn't aimed at Z10 users. Definitely geared towards getting the phablet crowd, just based on its size.


If this phone launches after the 5S, BlackBerry is screwed.


who cares about the 5S!


Everyone who is concerned about BlackBerry


I'm concerned about BlackBerry, but, not the 5s as I don't want the smaller screen, less intuitive interface, and lack of Wi Fi connectivity with most of my devices.

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When the 5S drops, a lot of 4S users will be at the the end of their upgrade cycle and ready to make the move. If the A10 surfaces after that occurs, BlackBerry will be left in the dust.

The A10 needs to ship in October.


Why would any iPhone user move from an iPhone with the best app support system in mobile over to a BB with some of the worst app support ever? The entire reason behind owning an iPhone (outside of certain people being Apple Zombies) is for the app support, and knowing your device comes first for EVERYTHING.


+1000!!! I've been saying the same thing!... If BlackBerry doesn't get a handle on this app problem by the time this thing launches, they might as well sound the trumpets. No one on iOS or Android would move to BB10 if they care about apps. Which 90% of smartphone users do.

Proud support of BlackBerry (Q10/Z10/PlayBook 16 & 64GB)


How about a contest to win one. :)

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Look wicked.

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Marc Solomon

Sorry but I've held out on the Z10 and Q10 for this apparent 'flagship' Blackberry device and I have to say that so far I'm disappointed.


That's the only word to describe this device. I want that top spec, ground-breaking, knock the competitors out of the water. This is a 'keep up' device, and hardly so as many other phones out already have better spec.

As an avid BB user, currently running on a Bold 9900 I'm really hoping they do something to pull me round but right now all I can say is ... its ok.


Smh.... specs don't matter.

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Marc Solomon

On a personal level your wrong - specs matter to me.

I'm sure they matter to a lot of other people - If specs didn't matter why would there be so much speculation surrounding them?


They matter to a lot of people, but if they z10 outperforms the s3, ip5 etc, I'm sure the a10 with 1.7 cpu and a quad core gpu will outperform the gs4, ip5s, HTC one etc.

Specs are a plus, unfortunately BlackBerry can't afford to put useless specs in there phone for show.

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Well, they are having a real hard time selling BB10 phones right now because they are under powered and over priced. The only thing improving the specs costs BlackBerry is margin on the device. But they can make up margin if they can sell in volume.

Right now they are losing margin having to slash the price on the Z10 and also not selling in volume.

So I'd say that for BlackBerry to actually continue to exist and sell phones, they have to release a phone PEOPLE WANT TO BUY. To that end, they can't afford NOT to put competitive specs into their phones.

This Aristo is some kind of abomination. It's underpowered compared to everything in its class right now let alone at the end of the year. It's also got the worst camera. It's also for God (and maybe lazy BlackBerry engineers) only knows what reason, is bigger and fatter then just about every other phone in it's class.

We're talking about the most competitive market segment here. We talking the mid sized sedan equivalent of the mobile phone market. Imagine a car company releasing a new mid sized sedan to compete against Accord, Sonata, Altima etc. This new car is going to be 1000lbs heavier then it's heaviest competator. It's going to have the same exterior dimensions as a 1992 Buick Roadmaster but no more interior space as then it's mid sized competition. It's going to have a weak 4 cylinder engine. But, They put a fuel tank from an 18 wheeler where there should be a trunk so it will go farther on a tank of gas then any other car in it's class. Would you have high hopes of that car selling in the most fiercely competitive on the market?

Yeah, I wouldn't think it would sell either. I also know the Aristo won't sell well.


Android users thinks specs are everything.

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No, most andriod users think cost of the phone is most important, which is why it is so popular.


I smell a blind fanboy.


To most users that dont know specs do matter especially when it comes down to choosing between devices.

The 1.7 GHz cpu with a quad core gpu works for me but a 8 mp camera, 3 GB of Ram and 16 GB of internal storage is pretty disappointing. C'mon BlackBerry smarten up!!! S4 already out has a 13 mp camera and the A10 coming out 6 months later with a 8 mp camera ! Should be at least a 12 mp snapper. This model is suppose to be the high end model with better specs but so far this model doesn't doesn't really justify ppl switching or upgrading from the z10 except for the bugger screen

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A lot of specs do matter, but Camera MP is one of the least important and most misunderstood specs.

Are you aware your 1080p HDTV shows a 2 MP image? And upcoming 4K2K standard, aka 2160p or ultra def, is 8 MP.

Unless you're printing billboards or blowing up small sections of photo, a high MP camera eats up too much memory per shot.

Lens, image processing, shutter speeds, light sensor... these are what makes a camera decent or not. Not saying A10 cam is great or not, just saying its MP count isn't a deciding factor.

This is how you CB10, son!


Yes it's true that MP on the camera is a relatively unimportant spec as for as cameras go - but the image quality on BB phones are just garbage compared to the equivalent phones out there.


I thought the same as you until I was playing around with two of my friends S4's last week. It was clear my Z10 out performed their phones in a stress test we made up. I love the S4, but wow, tons of lag. Really surprised me and my friends even more. I will never invest so much time worrying about specs again. It's the operating system that is far more important.


Specs do matter to BlackBerry. PlayBook, Remember?


Atta boy, you tell'em. Don't let anyone forget!

Dave Bourque

Playbook was a disaster since its release... And Thor wasn't CEO when it did.


Hardly a "disaster" but most definitely a disappointment and then only because of BlackBerry's decision to cripple the bridge and then to discontinue further development. The PlayBook can still do things no other tablet can match and is a fiend when it comes to flash (I am still surprised by the sound quality of the speakers). The apps where not forthcoming but that is just part and parcel of some very confused times at RIM. The UI and real multitasking are still top of the pack.


So many people were disappointed when Thor announced that BB10 was not coming to the PlayBook as originally expected due to the PlayBook's 1Gig processor (BB10 works best with 2Gigs).

Just a thought, but why not throw in a 2Gig processor and give people a reason to once again buy it?

By the way, the name of my friend's new band is 1023MB. They haven't got a gig yet. :)


To be honest, you could potentially get the highest spec phone on the market right now, and in a few months you will feel unsatisfied again - if all you are chasing is specs.

Compared to your bold 9900, the Z10 or Q10 are in a different league altogether. They're the highest spec BB10 phones you can get your hands on. So if what you want is not being offered by BlackBerry, and you need to upgrade, then feel free to look elsewhere - it's totally ok. Brand loyalty is not what it used to be because there is excellent competition - and that's cool.

Blackberry has it's own agenda with wanting to stay alive long enough to successfully come in 3rd place. So whatever they release will likely meet that criteria.

Marc Solomon

All valid points - however, I consider myself a Blackberry champion and I've been waiting for the A10 since we first learnt of its existence and was excited to be able to have a top of the range smartphone from Blackberry.

I'm sure the device will be beautiful and slick but I just feel like its a but of a 'weak punch'.

Ubuntu announced a crowdsourcing project today which talks of their new Ubuntu Edge - 4GB of Ram and 128 gig memory.


WOW..."A BlackBerry champion." Well, if you are planning on continuing to hold your title, you better choose one (the Z10, Q10, or A10) and stop being so picky. Otherwise, we are going to have to confiscate your title and give it to someone with a BB10 device...:-D (Just giving you a hard time. )

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Patrick Pierobon

I completely agree with you! Now I have no idea what to get! Just at a loss of words. I hope they having something major they are hiding.

Marc Solomon

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one!

It's a great shame there are real Blackberry fans out there who are waiting on a true premium device.

On a positive note I think Blackberry is in great hands with Thorsten Heins and I'm sure there are some other BB10 models hiding behind those walls, just wish they'd roll them out already.

PS. 8MP camera!? Really!? Experia Z is 13MP and 2G of Ram - I was expecting at least a 10MP camera.

Patrick Pierobon

The camera is not what worries me. Blackberry has shown their algorithms in the camera software is very comparable if not in certain cases superior to iPhone 5 and Samsung GS3/4. Its the damn SCREEN! 295 PPI! Are you crazy! Heins has done a great job but allowing this absolute giant leap backwards in my case to happen is a complete and utter disaster.

If they are promoting this device as an entertainment device in any aspect it is a disaster waiting to happen. Picture quality alone will make it fail! Blackberry does not have the time to do this. They need to show that they can be ahead of the pack and not with the pack!

This phone is already surpassed by phones on the market. so why will people spend the assuming $500+ for old technology? I can't remember the member who said this but it makes alot of sense. Smartphones do not need quad or eight core processors, higher MP cameras, more RAM and higher PPI screens. But it is what sells phones! And that is what Blackberry needs to get into their head! Just my 2cents.


Why don't you use two paper cups and string.


I agree with this comment about the mid-range specs and it worries me a bit. Hopefully the OS makes up for it. But they really, really need an amazing camera on this phone.

I will probably buy it regardless, but I wish that for once they would "wow" us with something. Apparently internally they are calling the phone "the beast", so hopefully it's something massive that we don't know about.

two cents.


Still the same not so good looking icon borders. They really need to fix them


Back cover looks removable but battery probably is not removable.

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Shouldn't the Phone, Search and Camera icons be at a different angle? They look strange.

pol pot

Z10's son :)

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Off that only has 4 rows as the video had 5

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I'm still sold. The back could have pink roses all over it and I still wouldn't care. What I'm dying to have is what's under the hood. A case will fix any ugliness on the outside.

Peter Lee4

Beautiful. Now aggressively go after gamers and make this the best game phone on the planet, and voila, Blackberry is fully back in the game.


It needs to out spec my Z10 in order for me to bite!

I'd like to see a 4.7" screen! The Sammy Galaxy Note is a BIG toy,...not sure if I want to carry a 5-incher around all day!



"...not sure if I want to carry a 5-incher around all day!"

Your comment made me snicker. I'm immature that way. :)


I honestly don't give a shit what anyone says about this device, I'm gonna own 2 of them just for the hell of it. It's the BIG ASS BlackBerry I've been asking for forever.


My exactly thoughts!

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C'mon bla1ze, quit being diplomatic and tell us how you really feel ;-)





You don't care about the concerns that the device is under-specced and likely will not take? Nice.

That's basically saying you don't care about the future of BlackBerry and the misfirings of their management.


Why does "shit" get bleeped out of posts in the forums, but not here?

Don't get me wrong -- I speak the language like a native. I'm just curious.


+1 but only have money for one


I would kill for shiny metal bezel like 9900 has :/


Yes!!!!! +10

Honestly, if you're going for premium and you're making this your goto flagship, something has to draw you to it. Maybe mot so much brushed aluminum but a gunmetal look. Without top apps and a dull design, what's the appeal here?... I'll stick with my Z10 & Q10

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Yup. I referenced the chrome bezel on the BBRY survey that went out recently. I know that it would have definitely been mistaken for the iPhone but I dont care. I really liked the chrome action.

Harold Thompson

Don't want a phone that's longer than my pud I'm a stick with my man sized z10

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Not here to slate blackberry. But I was expecting a much more or a difference at least. Its just the z10 but bigger if the Z10 doesn't sell why should this just wondering. Its just a cross between z10 and PlayBook we should have had that cross through a real bridge app. I love my Z10 but I wouldn't go out the way for the A10

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I hope this doesn't confuse potential z10 customers since they look pretty similar to someone who doesn't look into it too much, and it just looking for a new phone. I think they should differentiate this model a little more from the z10 before releasing it

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Maybe this isn't the A10 but rather the speculated Z5. As we know from the video, there were 5 rows of icons so maybe this is a different phone.


Maybe a Z5 with a bigger screen vs the Z10, thats different and an option for budgeted users who get a good phone with a big screen


the back looks nearly identical to Q10, design and material wise.

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That bottom chin looks so out of place. It makes it look so much bigger than it actually is. The phone would look so much better without it. BlackBerry better market the hell out of this cause if no one knows about, like the Z10 and it's not priced to compete, it'll be DOA.

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DOA is such an overused term. Unless of course you're talking about the HTC First, in which it's entirely accurate.


And what will you say when the HTC first proves to be more successful then this half hearted effort by BlackBerry?


That won't happen since they didn't even sell 100,000 devices.

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That may be true of the said device but the HTC One has had the same buzz surrounding it reminiscent of the Galaxy S2 right before Samsung came to dominate the market. Not saying HTC will do the same but the Galaxy series is starting to look old and HTC has been in the spotlight recently, which is more than what can be said for BlackBerrys phones.

If the z10 was released to generally positive reviews and sales are still poor, the a10 is going to be DOA because it's very clear reviewers are going to slag it for the specs. The only people that are going to buy it will be fan boys. The Note 3 is coming out as well, as is the HTC One Max - good luck in the phablet market, where the whole point of the screen is for media consumption. People want 1080p regardless of whether you can notice it.

And as much as I love my z10 and q10, the camera is an embarrassment, to the point where I almost always get my gf to use her Note 2 to take the pictures for me.

You need a lot more than just the Hub and Flow to sell phones.

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One other thing - we all know the Q10 was resting on the shoulders of the "keyboard" market, which basically means legacy BB users. If you've been reading the comments on CB, it appears that legacy users are generally nit-picking at the Q10 like they can't adapt to the new ways of doing things or something. Like the track-pad, shortcuts, reminders, etc....if you have these kinds of users, it's bound to get around via word of mouth.

Not really sure how this is supposed to foreshadow good quarters to come...


+100000000, That chin is ugly! It looks good on the Z10 since there is one on top as well, does not look aesthetically balanced at all. I think they need to remove it, it needs to look different from the Z10.


Now if BB have this in the cards, I seriously hope for the vaunted phablet ,i.e about similar size to this with that sweet Q10 keyboard and a 4.2 in screen. Looking at how that Sammy note is able to sell, this will be the ultimate communicating/media device


If everyone want to hand-on 9720 and A10 please go to Viet Nam :) at 27/7/2013



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Looks like there is no BlackBerry branding on the front of the device. Much cleaner and nicer look. Hopefully BlackBerry will do this with the A10...


It needs buttons !!! Lol...nice phone


^ virtual SMACK!

Goodie Gumdrops Errol, now about the pricing, screen resolution.


A removable and replaceable battery is a key blackberry feature to me, abandoning that benefit would lead me to reconsider a purchase!


Sweet!! Can't wait!

+1 to the non removable back cover, as long as they used a beefy battery. And with a device that size, it better be beefy!


Pictures aren't enough. Specs is what we need to know abt.

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One thing I like about this A series is the different color bottom. I almost always end up grabbing my Z10 upside down from my pocket and of course swiping up won't work that way. The different color bottom gives the visual cue on when the phone is upright.

I still won't buy the a10 though. I need it to fit in my front pocket and I'm afraid the A10 is too big. I rather have a slimmer z10.

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At least BlackBerry will have a phone that sticks out more on the display desk. I find the Z10 looks small vs the Android offerings at Best Buy.

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hot, but need a removable battery


I'm not a fan of big screen or phablets, and I'm more than satisfied with my white Z10, but these leaked photos keeps on getting better every time.

Damn you leakers... now I'm starting thinking about getting an A10 when it comes out


Where's the five row app trey?!

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Bigger Z10 what is all the fuss about new device.

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This one has 4 rows of icons while the other one we saw in the forums had 5. It seems that both versions of the A10 are being tested.


I would like a slimmer version of the the A10, like the one in the Post, I would like a longer phone vs a wide phone.


It looks like they are indeed going with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the icons look slightly closer together on the sides. I could get used to it, but I've come to appreciate the slightly wider portrait display on the Z10


love the 9900 back cover


I'm starting to warm up to this thing.


There's a lot of space between the bottom of the phone and the bottom row of icons. Might be a reach. I'm thinking one-handed use but I suppose this is a "two-handed" phone.


I just want something with BB10 to come out on Sprint! Hopefully the A10 won't be too massive that I won't further despise them for not carrying the Z10.


Do what I did, bail on Sprint because they bailed on BlackBerry! T-Mobile will welcome you with open arms!

Awesome Z10
Almost awesome 32 GB PlayBook

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I had the chance to hold a buddy's S4. The 5inch screen felt a good size in hands and pocket. Specs don't matter tons to me, but it's nice to have some horses under the hood. Really looking forward to the a10!!


Read the models thread, no removable battery.

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)


I must admit, not really feelin' this "eased edge" kinda hoping they'd just blow up the Z10 and upgrade the screen resolution and done! I mean let's keep it real, the design and build quality is tops notch. Gimme squared edges, gimme FLAGSHIP level build and keep current market spec's, I'm gettin' this!!!!


only 4 rows of icons?...hope there's a setting to change that to 5 rows


Looks good. Looking forward to removable battery (important IMO) and 5 rows.


No worries my friend. BlackBerry went out of their way to make sure this phone appeals to no one.

It's barley mid-range specs, but it will sell for a huge premium price. So Android users will laugh at it. It's to big and fat for iPhone users.

For BlackBerry users, they took away our removable battery that we've had for the last 15 years or so.

The engineering and design teams must have sat down together and decided they'd all rather work for other companies so they should build a phone that will appeal to no one at all in order to hurry along Blackberry's demise



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What a dumb post

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This looks better everyday. Hmmmmm
For the person who said the HDMI cord is too short.....I got a 25 ft HDMI with Mini hook up on eBay. works great.

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The removable back and replaceable battery is an important feature that will make the A10 superior to the iDevices moving forward. Are you listening to us BlackBerry?

Awesome Z10 and
Almost awesome 32 GB PlayBook

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No removable battery in the A-series


There is no removable battery.


I hope this is the one Sprint was saying they are going to carry. Im still with them hoping this is it.

Plazmic Flame

Pretty sure this is it...


I hope so. Ive had an upgrade available since last october and my contract expired in March. I like Sprint. I dont want to pay a $400 deposit for verizon for a Z10. The A10 looks sweet and i want to go all touch for once.


Back comes off, but battery is not removable.


Regarding the number of rows - there have been devices that allowed you to change the configuration and size of the rows (and icons). Not sure what all the noise is about.


Not a Aristo, more likely to be the future Z5


Z5 makes more sense. Otherwise those icons would be enormous.

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Plazmic Flame

What? It's bigger than the Z10 but it will be the Z5? That wouldn't make sense..


Where did it say it was bigger?


Form factor looks nice. Screen is too small on that huge body. Why do BlackBerry insist on keeping the side bezels?

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


They have to, the gestures won't work without a bezel to swipe from.


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8:00 AM 28/ 07/ 2013
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I am soo loving the back of this phone, I kinda wish that the zed10 had the same backing. But I still love it.


The A10 caught on camera is from bbvietnam forum. They're going to have a friendly meeting to discuss and hand on this A10. Can't wait till Sunday. Who'else wants to join :)


From the photo of the back i do see a notch at the bottom just like the Z10 where you would pull up for the back battery cover to come off. Its dark but i sort of see it, not sure about what you guys see but i think i see it.


That's a sharp looking phone. 5" screen is only drawback. Find it too large.

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Parthiv Shah

The design of the A10 is very ugly. Nothing new, nothing appealing. I hope BB management gets this. With specs being below average how could you not design this phone to make the 1st time lookers say WOW! This is not that WOW phone for me in terms of the looks. Another chance wasted. I would have ANY DAY preferred the same Z10 designed to be a 5 inch screen. This is really a horrible design in terms of the hardware. Sometimes I wonder that many freelancer designers which submit their designs to crackberry do a far better job than what the real BB designers do :(


My Z10 is just smaller than the S4, physically. But with all the bezel size of the Z10, the screen is much smaller than the S4's. This A10 looks like it has the same proportions of bezel size to the Z10, which means that this phone will be significantly larger than the S4, which felt unwieldy already. Can't imagine giving up my Z10 for this.
Can you imagine making a call?


A simple, clean and elegant design which will ultimately be covered with a case anyway. Only four rows of icons could simply mean they just didn't add the fifth row at the time this pic was taken. Specs; I'm convinced the dual core CPU/quad core GPU combo strikes the perfect balance between high performance and power efficiency and is more than enough to run all features including games. However will the 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage be up to the task of running resource heavy games?? 8MP rear cam and 2MP front, high quality lenses and sensors coupled with highly optimized software makes that a non issue. Lack of full HD display is a mistake. Partly because the high end Android devices have it but moreso because anything less will diminish the gaming, streamed tv/movie and high quality photo experience, especially on HDMI out to big screen displays. That may be acceptable for mid tier devices but top tier devices need top tier displays. Until we see the final release of the A10 everything we know at this time is pure conjecture.


Gathering my camping gear and waiting in line now...


Definitely not hd 1080p.

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Why are there just four rows even when the size was already increased?

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Love my Z10 though.

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Z5 ;)

A10 is 5 rows icons

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It looks sweet! If only it was 2 inches bigger! I'm wishing and hoping for a bb10 tablet ;) lol


Looks to confirm 720p (4 rows of icons). 5 inch or higher should be 1080p


Video doesn't appear in the CB10 app.

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Never mind they're just images. Only one appears in the CB10 app.

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Why didn´t BlackBerry build the Z10 exactly the same way? A Z10 that looks like the A10 and it would definitely be mine!!!


I am intrigued now. Release the specs!


They should have released the z10 and a10 at the same time. For anybody who picked up the z10 like myself I have no desire to buy this A10.

How many people really waited 7 months for this thing

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El Platanero

I don't understand the panic. I for one am hoping to upgrade to the A10. Reading the specs it doesn't hold up to the Samsung phones but it will be better than my Z10. And if my Z10 out performs the competition then why do I need to be worried about what's under their hood?

Specs matter when they work. Check the #1 selling phone in Iphone. They have yet to beef up and they still sell on day one. But from the little I've handled one the only phone I've handled that has come close or at least equaled the smoothness of the ui is the z10. You guys can keep staring under the hood all you want. I for one am going to drive it off the lot.

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Danny, you hit the nail on the head. It would have been better to give people CHOICE. I know many that are dying for a large smart phone based on BB10. Yes hey are waiting, but not happy about it. They've been itching for the Z10, but they continue to wait.


I'm so sick of people bitching and complaining about speculated specs for a device that hasn't even been officially announced yet. People have gotten so used to turning the specs of their phone into a giant pissing contest that they don't even try to actually showcase the device to friends and family and show them WHY their BlackBerry 10 is a better and more efficient mobile solution. I'm a proud Z10 owner who's swayed several people towards BB10 and I've personally found that specs are usually the last thing that needs to be discussed.


my next phone, for sure .


I really don't like the silver it under the name blackberry, Love to see this in normal black

Plazmic Flame

If they made this device just for Sprint who passed on the Z10, I would finally understand why this device exist...


Sprint has been known to have the "unique" BBs that come out (i.e. Tourch 98xx, Style 9670..) As a Sprint customer, im waiting for this one. Its a larger Z10. As long as it works, Specs dont matter to me.


'Looks' nice. Hope the stats stack up against its looks.

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This one looks so good.

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It looks more like a developer device. It doesn't look finished.

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Wow, I like it and it's silver which it was about time they did other colors! I do hope it has much better specs that what the rumors say and that it doesn't have the random reboot problem the Z10 has.


Looks a little cheap to me. Just thinking about it compared to say an HTC One or something


BlackBerry needs to be more aggressive to be in the game. Lackluster ads and phone specs. The wow factor does not come into play and we will see if this is the start of more millions of BlackBerry users going to an Android phone.

Need to be aggressive!!!! Wow me please and make me proud to tell people about your product, cuz word of mouth is key in this business.

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 user


There's a video on of someone actually using the A10 they removed the video. Surprise c rack berry never post it.

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Joey Vajda

Want so much, BlackBerry give me some candy please

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BB should bring an improved Q10, bigger and with track-pad, I'd need nothing else...


I agree track pad on Q10!


Just beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person.

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I dislike the silver botton.


Can't wait to buy this. Cause I got money to blow-ow-ow, blow-ow-ow-ow.

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I work retail in the west end of Ottawa near the blackberry office. Today we had a customer come in with 2 BlackBerry holsters on his belt. One was a z10 and the other he wasn't allowed to take out and show me.... through some questions he wasn't able to confirm nor deny what it was with a wink per se.... based on what I saw, it's very similar in size to the note2. But as I said, he wouldn't take it out of the holster....

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looks like no user access to battery...


Very interested but not sure that I want a non removable battery!

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If its non-remove-able its not a blackberry.


I'm starting to think this will not be BlackBerry's halo device. It will be a large screen Z10. More like a Z10-plus.

The super duper halo device will come mid next year (2014), but I'm hoping it will come out before Thanksgiving (2013).

In my opinion the halo device should be released first, then the large screen Z10-plus.


Please do a normal thing and announce it and release it. not the normal BB way of toying and leaking for 6 months


Nice phone but too bulky for my liking. I'm not a fan of these battleship-sized phones as they look more like toys than actual work tools. I prefer my smartphone to be leaner and more efficient in design.

Tariq Nasir

A10 is nothing special. Looks like a big z10.

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I am looking forward to any future device at this point because it means that BB is still around, which is important to me. I have had both the Iphone, and most recently the Galaxy III. I owned my Galaxy III for about 8 months until U.S. Launch of BB Z10, at which point I happily ditched it for my Z10. The most attractive feature for me was the promise of an efficient platform that was fast and user friendly, not to mention the change of pace from the garbage IOS and Android. I knew that I was going to give up some of the apps that I wasted my time on, but I have also been happier with my phone because I'm not wasting my time screwing around on it needlessly all the time. Every system has their positives and negatives, but it's all about user preference. Unfortunately we live in a time where apps mean more to people than how well an OS runs and can do anything you want without a hitch (minus mainstream gaming. The BB 10 is a great system in it's infant stages but mainstream doesn't see that. Advertising is crap, and all they get fed when they go to buy a new phone is that BB doesn't have any apps. Followed by: check out the new iphone or android, they have all of this cool stuff. In summary, I think that as long as blackberry can make it to this time next year, I believe that we will all get the cool and flashy phone that we are hoping for, complete with a much better update to BB 10. Slow and steady wins the race. Prove that BB 10 is a solid platform, come up with a few devices to make people happy (keyboard & non-keyboard), build app support, and then go for broke with something that appeals to everyone.


I like this comment. Although I must say that I'm hoping BB comes up with something fantastic soon. Waiting another year would be really tough!


The bottom bezel is way way way too thick let alone the rest of the devices bezels. Not impressed

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iMe Tonya

Just a dual core?

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Did anyone notice that under the battery door the device is stamped with "Blackberry Z00"? Is this going to be the Z5 or even Z15 rather than A10 as everyone is saying? This is like the R10 before we found out it was going to be the Q5 when released. What do you think this will end up as?

Either way I like the design and will likely upgrade to this from my 9900 when it is released (I have used the Z10 but craved more screen areas).


I think blackberry are going to make too many BlackBerry 10 phones such as the A series and R series

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