BlackBerry A10 battery door gets compared to Z10 and Q10

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jul 2013 10:28 am EDT

It's BlackBerry A10 galore! Today some more photos of the A10 battery door have shown up and are much more fun than the last batch. This time the photos are hi-res and show off not only the battery door of the BlackBerry A10, but also compare it to the Z10 and Q10 doors for a bit of comparison. 

Even though we've now seen the A10 on video, the photos once again show the battery door with AT&T branding but this time we get a much better look at it all around. One thing you'll notice is that there doesn't seem to be any NFC contacts but we assume the final product will definitely have them tucked in. 

Side-by-side with the Z10 battery door we get a better feel for the size of the A10 as well, so if you were a bit skeptical before, now you can judge for yourself if the larger size of the A10 is right for you.

Check out a few photos in the gallery above, hit the source link for more then head to the forums and discuss!

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BlackBerry A10 battery door gets compared to Z10 and Q10


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There had better be NFC when it comes to market. There isn't a reason not to have it. I think there is enough room in that beast of a BlackBerry. :)

Speaking of nfc. Yesterday was the first time I used. So freaking cool. Flat mate just got a z10 he still got his I phone 5 tho. I was like hahah can you iP5 do that lol

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Exactly, if you look at yesterday's 'help file' renders, you can see that the both the metallic strip and the front screen layer are slightly tapered outwards from the back cover... making the front a bit bigger than the back, while still allowing it to fit nicely in the hand I assume.

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If the back door is the comparison, it doesn't look a tad too big to compare with Z10.
Smaller bezels n bigger screen definitely compensate the size of A10.

I like seeing this. It isn't that much bigger than the Z10 at all. Dude in the video must have tiny hands. :)

It's looking very nice so far.

However my message to Mr Heinz is please wow us with killer specs on this phone!
A 5 inch Z10 is not going to impress anyone, as you have already seen with sales figures.
Please make sure it isn't released with 2012 specs, or specs near identical to the Z10, as that was already outdated on release!!!!

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One more time, QNX doesn't need huge amounts of processing power to outperform roid OSs. That said, apparently QNX appears to be much more difficult to program than originally thought.

BB10 cannot run on the Playbook Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 with 1 GB of RAM, yet Jelly Bean would run smooth on a similar hardware ...

QNX Neutrino runs fine on a PlayBook. The difference you are comparing is the current UI for the PlayBook vs the BB10 UI.

I agree with both of your points. The problem seems to be that there seems to be too many moving parts. Every process running on QNX is separate and it appears that combining all of these processes together to form a cohesive UI is proving to be much more difficult than originally thought.

not a good reason. What does BB10 do significantly better than Android or iOS which performs fine with 512 RAM? Yes Android does multitasking and iOS does to some extent.

Each process is separate. It idels on 1gb of ram lol.

But honestly if this is a 2013 1.7ghz dual core itll beat android.

A z10 is on par with most androids and 30-40% slower than a htc one/s4 so a modern dual core clocked higher will wipe them.

Quad gpu will be fine, even the Iphone is going with the same config.

The RAM is the limitation. In order to reduce latency it all needs to be loaded up in RAM and that seems to require about a gig for full BB10, leaving little to no room for running apps from RAM on the Playbook = many calls to drive = lag. All in my uninformed opinion. So 2 gigs of RAM will be the minimum BB10 based hardware in order to get the performance that Heins is committed to.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Jelly Bean doesn't even run smoothly on a Nexus 7 with a quad core processor and 1GB of RAM. Which is why I returned it because it lagged beside my Nexus 4 with 2GB of RAM. I think Android is more power hungry than BB10 which is why BB10 flies on a dual core and is faster at most things compared to the Nexus 4 with quad core and same amount of RAM.

Jelly Bean needs more resources than Ice Cream Sandwich. Oh sure, it will run, but you can notice the difference in performance.

Jellybean rarely runs smooth regardless of hardware.

Hell, Cyanogenmod 10.1 runs better on my Nexus One than on my Nexus S for some reason. It's less about specs, and more about optimized software.

How much does the average consumer know about qnx??? Nothing!
They will be sold on the spec sheet they see in stores, or online or in reviews from so called "tech" websites. These journalists will pan the device for having specs that are found on budget to mid-range on androids!
It is your kind of thinking that h's gotten to where it is now, by watching the world advance on, while telling people they don't need all that stuff.
The z10 doesn't need all those fancy specs and look bad it sold!!

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BlackBerry is not apple. Apple can sell mud to their sheeps. Blackberry's brand image has deteriorated so much it has no choice but to go all guns blazing.

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Yeah just did a quick comparison in width and they are essentially the same width. But, in the videos the bezel on the A10 looks smaller so if they can get a way with a bigger screen but the same width, that would be awesome.

I'm afraid it's too little too late for BlackBerry. I was an early adopter of the PlayBook and the (Verizon) Z10. Loved the PlayBook and still use it but it no longer fits in BlackBerry's plans. The Z10 on 10.0 needs improvement but there is no sign of when Verizon will release any sort of updates.

BlackBerry is regarded as a joke in the US and sadly, even though I've been a big BlackBerry booster, I've probably bought my last BlackBerry devices. Love BBM so, according to the sinking ship that is BlackBerry, I'll be able to get it on competing devices so there is less and less reason to stay.

People love to hate on BlackBerry but my BlackBerry phones always work through out my contact. I can't say the same thing with my wife's Samsung.

I don't love to hate on BlackBerry. I have been a huge booster and proponent of the brand. However, the advantages offered by QNX are being outweighed by the difficulty in programming a UI/OS suitable for a consumer oriented device. This was a fear I had back when the PlayBook was released and though I really like how it eventually ran on 2.1, the crippling of the bridge when BB10 was released set off the alarm bells for me.

I am a mobile developer and I can assure you that programming for BB10 is not difficult at all. It is actually quite pleasant. The difference between programming for BB10 and BBOS is night and day. The problem right now lies with the user base. There is a trend where developers will only want to develop for platforms where there are users and users only want to go to the platform where there are apps. That is the chicken and egg problem that BlackBerry is facing today. They need to do a better job at trying to attract more users.

I take your word for it and have read that programming for bb10 is pleasant. However, programming a seamless UI experience is difficult. For instance, for whatever reason, my Z stopped receiving emails yesterday. A restart solved the problem (ironically, I became aware of it because I checked my PlayBook that had received them all) but here we have in instance of the BB10 UI breaking down for no apparent reason.

A problem that happens on other devices. My Nexus randomly closed the Google Play app...that wasn't open...while I was using Hangouts.

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I don't believe it is about difficulty but rather how many developers BlackBerry has and the quality of coding. Google has a huge swath of developers readily available. And, quite frankly, Android and Apple is where most of the talent wants to go. Microsoft has never really had great development teams but they have also been spreading themselves thin on Windows, RT and WP7/8. They have enough $ to crawl out of any holes. BlackBerry needs a boost of developers with exceptional talents to be able to catch up as fast as everyone wants them too. Everytime they have to cut jobs we have to cut our expectations. It is a tough mountain they are attempting to climb.

There's where silly pricing is becoming a painful factor in BB10's push for marketshare.

US$800 for Q10 contract-free in Asia?
Almost US$700 for "mid-tier" Z10 again for Asia?

Compare this to both its competitor Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone5, both of which is about US$700, what on earth is BlackBerry is thinking ??

> ...The problem right now lies with the user base...
> ...That is the chicken and egg problem that BlackBerry is facing...

I agree with your chicken and egg analogy, but I'm not sure if BB has realized the severity of this. This is why I believe BB should be working over time and making sure that BB10 is as bulletproof as possible. Users that are compromising using a BB10 device that doesn't have the apps they want will be even more upset when the OS has the slightest issue big or small. This is why I keep stressing that the hardware needs to be beautiful and the OS needs to work flawlessly, and I don't care about the "BB10 is a brand new OS" comments. BB is a veteran hardware/software company that had three damn years to perfect BB10.

THIS!!! ALL my old blackberry still work and I lasted them at least 3 years each. The only one kinda not working is the one that was soaked in oil/gas/snow/water in a car crash and stayed there for the 2 weeks I was in the hospital.. but even then, I plugged it and the red light turned on :D ... And since insurance was paying the replacement one I just never bothered repairing it

BlackBerry still has a chance, they only market shitty in the USA and USA is totally punishing them at the moment.......But BlackBerry is not DEAD yet and BB10 is only getting stronger and better

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

shootsscores . . . yada, yada, yada . . . blah, blah, blah . . . so original . . . it may be true and all but we don't exactly need mr. sunshine to drop by and tell us what we already know

Frankly, it has seldom if ever been mentioned that QNX may not be suitable for a consumer oriented mobile device. This coming from a guy who's an admirer of QNX. Too many moving parts methinks.

You talk about BB10 being too difficult to program, and too many moving parts. Do you have any evidence that you could link to that would support this? Or are you just guessing at what the problems are?

I haven't said that BB10 is too difficult to program. I have, however, said that QNX might not, in the end, be suitable for a consumer oriented mobile device. QNX works exactly the opposite of something like a roid OS. QNX is extremely efficient at handling complex processes one at a time very quickly. Monolithic kernels are good at handling complex processes on the kernel and then issuing simple commands. The trick with QNX is to be able to combine suites of complex processes "Assembled" to produce a UI that appears seamless. I've learned these things (no doubt incompletely) from the QNX site.

I think it was discussed quite a bit when the whole project started. Things like "the OS has never been run on portable power only connected to constant unlimited power supply" and "industrial strength OS has to be shoehorned into portable devices" but amazingly, despite all the crap that has been thrown at them over the last two years, they pulled it off! Amazingly stable OS that is not a power hog and it's one limitation seems to be the RAM requirement, that won't matter because mem prices are low and the amount of RAM being built into devices going forward is only going up. So, that ceases to be a problem as of next gen when they will have BB10 devices at high, mid and low price ranges. Currently low price range can't be filled with a BB10 device.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

So his statement: "Frankly, it has seldom if ever been mentioned that QNX may not be suitable for a consumer oriented mobile device" is not even true? That's what I thought, I'm out.

Then you thought wrong. Sent from my Verizon Z10 still running 10.0 because the updates are apparently so full of bugs that they cannot be released.

They should have released this first! Ugh I'm so upset they're releasing it after I have my z10. I want this oneee :(

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The purpose of the dev alphas was to get developers on board. I'm assuming this give more credence to the theory that we're getting a 720p screen and people can just used the existing phones for dev testing.

Aw yiss second time I'm on the front page !!!!!
I knew exactly who is holding the phone. Maybe I'll go and beg for a full hands on review ;)

Please do!
Full tour of the outside, if it is 1080p screen, some info on the specs and what OS10.2 is like on it. Plus how certain apps run.

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It's 5" for all we know. It's a bit larger and a bit taller, making for a device that is a heck load bigger than the Z10.

The resolution is the same. The PPI though, is lower than on the Z10, once the screen is bigger and the resolution is the same.

Not that ANYONE with ok vision will be able to complain about it... And I know most of us here have already damaged our eyesight with all those screens. :D

However, I don't Like big back cover. Why they cannot make the battery door like snap shot digital camera? A small door with a spring, simple and effective. It would make the phone more unibody.

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Part of the compromise to get a bigger battery is to have a big back cover. Or not have the removable cover at all to make it slimmer.

I think that's obvious by his question. Article posts should be better moderated. Some one asks a stupid question that is answered in the article... DELETE!

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This I the BOSS phone. It should be called BlackBerry BOSS. If you run a company and you have an iphone you should be fired.

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Talking about the galaxy s3 and s4, just picture you cant tell the difference in size, but when you see it live you know

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I say give it a few more years and bbry will be back to top spot again... it's always abt product recognition and at the moment it is slow in most countries... need to up the antis as Apple and android do...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Agreed. If they can keep the money coming in instead of out (even if profit is thin), stop making promisses they can't keep and learn proper project management so they can deliver stuff on the expected deadline, they will be able to stay in business for many many years.

And I have no reason to believe at least *two* of those can't be done (Yes... I have a PlayBook).

As I suspected a smidge bigger than my Z - might have to get one - assuming a reasonable spec...

Powered by Z10 on via DTAC 3G

sadly it isnt even going to be have premium specs either, but hey if we are lucky we might get a premium price tag, and thus be able to own the worlds rarest phone!

It seems to take a lot of design cues from the Q10, with the more rounded edges, the rounded camera hole edges, obviously the material...makes it seem like the Q10 was the more premium device of the first two, and the A10 being a continuation of that

I still personally feel this wont be blockbuster by any means. There are a lot better designed hardware out there. Also the white A10 shall wont have this quality of backdoor. I am hearing non removable battery then why do we have a removable back cover. Makes no sense. I guess in terms of the form factor of this device I wont give it more than 7 out of 10. For BB10 phones to sell solidly without support of popular apps they need a 10/10 on design. Also I hope they are realistic on their pricing. Lets hope for the best.

As to your comment about the non-removable battery, I'm putting some credence into Adam's use of "battery door" in the article.

Looks like there are cutouts for top and bottom speakers. That would be a nice improvement from the z10 - is that how you interpret the images?

So far .... soooooooo goood!! Can't wait to get my hands on one of these .... glad it's not a monster. I can definitely live with a slightly larger device than the Z10 ...

I read somewhere that the rumored A10 will not have a removable battery and if these pictures are real, then it will all make sense, because the NFC antenna, I assume, would come embedded on the device itself. That's just my guess.
If this true, it sucks, BlackBerry should stick with removable batteries

This phone was an awesome brainchild of the camp at bbry who thought the z/q would be a huge hit. If you can't sell the mid range who's going to buy the "flagship".

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I said the same thing in a previous post. The success of the A10 is squarely based on the success of the Z10. Same as Galaxy S and Note devices. The Z10 is selling poorly and nobody beyond the crackberry community knows the A10 is on the way, so its not like potential Z10 buyers are holding out for the A10. I honestly think right now the whole A10 project is a huge waste of time and money for BB. Its going to be a guaranteed flop(although I hope I have to eat my words when it is released). They should have just put the money into marketing or developing BB10.3/BB11.

This has slightly similar specs to what the Moto X is being touted as having. That is MID range - not flagship!

Either way, hope this has a removable battery.

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After I said I would NEVER have a monstrously huge phone..I may have to eat my words. This is almost starting to look reasonable. Still think I prefer with the z10

I'm not at all a huge phone person so I may not hold a legitimate opinion but what about a slider being the next phone. So I thought the Z10 was the flagship phone, now the A10 is the flagship. Why doesn't BlackBerry Just make all the phones flagship worthy and get the updates out. Let's make it happen Thor!

It looks like the A10 will be a pretty nice size. I was a little worried it was going to be a monstrous phablet thing. I don't mind a phone being a little bigger than the Z10 but I don't want to hold a giant slab to the side of my head when I make a phone call.

Already has carrier branding, I guess this is the final design. I'm so underwhelmed, BB had the opportunity to design a beautifully unique phablet. I would have much rather seen them use their time and energy in further developing BB10 or even designing the next gen Z10/Q10s.

I hope BlackBerry gets this A10 out the door before Samsungs GN3. This is a must, people don't want to wait.

I'd reeeeally like to see an Aftermarket manufacture take the initiative and make a Z10 back cover like the A10. I'd really love that. I want an elegant look for my Z10, which it seems to be missing. I want that premium look and feel.

DBrand skins. Love mine. Brushed titanium. Beautiful. Looks like original London device.

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The aristo is a victory parade planned before the team lost. Yet for some macabre reason they are still going to go through with it.

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The A10 is going to be awesome! Excited for new features coming with this one :)

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No nfc in last pic and how is the logo attached to back. Inside has no sticker securing the metal berries?

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Hmm, I may want to wait for a better side-by-side comparison, I've held the G Note before and decided that I could not live with such a large phone on a daily basis,...and I have fairly large hands.

Looks barely 10mm bigger..maybe the screen will be edge to edge?

Defo needs to be light aswell. Z10 weight is about right.

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