Is this the back cover of the BlackBerry A10?

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jul 2013 02:42 pm EDT

All of the hot rumors are surrounding the BlackBerry A10 - the next device in line for BlackBerry 10. We've already seen a leaked image of the device and today some more images have popped up that show off what could be the A10 battery door. 

While we can't say for sure that this is the back cover of the BlackBerry A10, it certainly does fit the bill. As we've heard already the back of the A10 will supposedly be much like that of the BlackBerry Q10. The cover seen here does look long enough to fit the larger size of the A10 however it seems a bit narrow to say the least. 

On the flipside - having a battery door with an AT&T logo show up already seems a bit suspect, so in reality this could also just be a different door for the Z10 (either a third-party one or an earlier version). As we saw with the Q10 there were quite a few variations of the battery door before the final product. 

So all of that being said, take it for what it's worth.

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Is this the back cover of the BlackBerry A10?


It's a Z10 size but camera hole is different than Z10 so...

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Ahh my bad then. I wonder if this is maybe a dev version and not fully featured. Thanks for filling me in :)

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More questions rather than answers me thinks, I would love to see a bit more of the workings of the A10.

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Look as like a raised cover, not a flat one like the Z10, which is a good sign if it means that the battery requires more space. Design-wise, I wish they would add some chrome somewhere to add to the look and differentiate it from the Z10 other than just actual size.

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The differentiation comes in it's size and other details. But, I guess chrome is cool. I just want it in all black.

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That was just a suggestion. I'm just not thrilled with a phone that looks like a giant Z10. I do love mine, but a flagship needs something more.

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Well how big is it? The A10 is meant to be about 5 inches, so is this case that big or is it Z10 size?

The size of the device can be close to the Z10 and still have. Five inch screen.

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Looks too square to be the A10. Maybe it is for a extended battery for the Z10? Who knows

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Good eye. Your right it was said not to have a removable battery. Don't lie to me cb! First it was the quad core thing and now the battery.

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I don't mind branding but now my A10 will now say Quang3G?! Oh, if you zoom in, the blackberry logo is photochopped in the picture.

That's the name of the shop the A10 back reside in at the moment. You know what happens with water marks

yeah i work for blackberry in waterloo yes that is the 5" a/10 comes out this fall.

LMFAO- why you asking us? arent you GUYS the experts???? (CRACKBERRY) SMH lol

What makes you say that? It's the same design as Z10 and it's just a camera and a flash next to each other.

Where do you see the extra space? The opening for camera and flash lens looks exactly the same as on the Z10.

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All of these leaks are great. But when would they announce? As far as I know there are no big mobile trade shows on the horizon for a fall launch. I could be wrong on that point though!

I don't think this back cover is a removable one. I think this person is just showing the back cover. Just my opinion of course. The reason I think this is because of the headphone jack cut out on the back cover. it looks like the cut out is a half circle and it do end seem right for a removable cover to be half the thickness of the phone or close to it. I would think if it were a removable back that it would just be covering the back alone like the Z10 and not also half or so of the top, bottom and sides. I could be totally wrong though.

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I bet you the specs that bgr and the pic bgr posted are not for the A10 but what we all have been calling the suspected Z5. i believe thats what this pic is a Z5.

It's another fake or a prototype!!

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Love the cover, however I am sure its not the A 10 cover as its only 4 keys on the keyboard wide. That is the same with as the z10 and we know the A10 will be wider and taller so it can not be.

Please dont let this be the back cover - itll make it look like a cheap phone - in my opinion the a10 should have a business man "boss" clean look

Judging by my laptop keyboard with my z10 positioned in the same way as the pic, that cover looks about a quarter inch wider than the Z10. it certainly looks taller. Could be the A10 back cover! Can't wait for this beast to arrive.

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Put your z10 on you mac book keyboard and see that this cover is Definitely wider than z10. Just my observation...

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the A10 has been said to no have a removable back.... Given that the Q5 doesn't have a removable back, I'm gonna say thats right. So this is likely the Z5 OR it could just be the back of a Z10 with room for extended battery. THINK people! :)


Removable battery and removable back are two different things. It may still have a removable back for the sim and microsd, just like in z10.

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That would be a good guess if it was the same size as the Z10 but it's clearly bigger.

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It looks to me like the back half of a custom hardshell case for the Z10, from the size of it. If so, I do like the bb logo on the case so my Z10 wouldn't look like most other smartphones.

Most likely a bigger speaker. Placing two separate loudspeakers so close each other would almost cancel the stereo effect

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Non removable battery does not mean non removable back. Removable back is for sd card and sim if they don't want flaps on the side of the phone

I love the carbon weave , they should make it for the Z10 sold separately (NFC ready of course) in the mean time I'm gonna keep rocking this carbon weave skin. Can't wait for the A10 to be complete. Go team go

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

Wasn't the A10/Aristo Supposed to be a nonremovable battery? I'd say third party Z10 case or an advanced version of an A10 case.

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I hope the A10 has different way of back cover. Since I don't like opening my Z10 back cover like peeling skin. Why phones never use similar battery door like snap shot digital camera with a small spring door at the bottom?

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Of course you will stick with the Z10 for now, that's because the A10 is not available yet. You don't have much of a choice in the matter.

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The Z10 definitely has a removable battery. Or do you mean during the pre-announcement rumor mill?

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I don't understand why people are saying it's bigger than the Z10. When I put it up against my mac book keyboard it looks to be the exact same size- down to a couple of millimeters.

I'm going on record as saying it's the back panel (non removable) of a potential Z5
Also, I don't like the Q10's carbon weave back. Give me the Z10's soft plastic.

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I'm going to amend this. I just broke out a ruler. This panel is 5mm wider and probably equally taller. Bigger, yes. Big enough to be the rumored flagship? I don't think so.

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LOL, "Hot Rumors" sounds like the title of a weird 1980's adult film feature. I'm familiar with that.

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I heard if you pre-order the Quang Bag Phone, you get a combination lock, leather brief case to tote it around in.

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No it doesn't need to be. Not all OS's require the same specs to run great. I'm sure the specs in the A10 will run BlackBerry10 OS beautifully.

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People. Think. This device, or fake, whatever, is NOT big enough to be the A10. By my calculations it is, at best, 5mm (roughly 1/5 of an inch) wider than the Z10. The same goes for the height. There's simply not enough space to accommodate a 5" screen on that panel.

Unless the A10 has a smaller screen than we've been led to believe (in the 4.6" range) then this isn't it. And if it is, why the Hell did Blackberry even bother? Wait. Given their recent track record, maybe this IS the A10.

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If they switch to a 16:9 aspect ratio (720p) screen instead of the 15:9 that's in the Z10, going from 4.2" to 5" would result in a screen only about a third of an inch wider. Cut down the bezel a little bit and it seems like it could fit. The screen would be over three-quarters of an inch taller but there is quite a bit of empty space above and below the screen on the Z10. The Galaxy S4 is only a quarter-inch taller and an eighth-inch wider than the Z10 and it fits a 5-incher. But, I sort of agree, being that it's BlackBerry I would have expected it to be bigger just because of how they did the Z10.

Whether it's the z10 or A10 all well and good but make sure that this phone comes with a quad core processor and at least 2 to 3 gigs of ram or else this device would be a bigger Z and then therefore no point in upgrading it's time to go all out or go home

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Here we go again....good thing you mention this cause I nearly forgot all the things the A10 "should" have.

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I am sure there will also be a delay in A10 or the premium 5 inch touch screen launch. May be Thor would say as there was a lot of coding required so the delay ;)

That thing needs more high end specs, actually it needs to be more ambitious. I know BB10 runs good without a lot of resources but if they put a lot of specs in it, it's like making it future proof

Marketing is everything

If you take a look at the comparison between the TI chip based alphas and the krait Z10, you will see a huge performance difference. Also, less than 2gb of ram makes the device unusable, as you won't be able to have more than a few open apps. This is the only os on the market requiring minimum of 2 gigs (that's why they canceled the playbook version). So no, it's not light on resources.

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BlackBerry could make some extra money by offering different battery doors for the Z10.

I'd probably pay $29.99 for this.

Maybe a door like this, offering engraving for an extra fee, the BlackBerry Elite one with the silver splat, another one that has the BlackBerry logo higher up, or "Z10" in a cool font.

They should take advantage of the fact that their device has a removable battery door, and people would probably collect the battery covers.

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Well, it's definitely 5". Good job, I hate phablet but that's the screen-size requested by phablet-lovers.

Whatever device it's supposed to be on, it's nice to know that on that device you can swap the battery.

It is different then a z10 door, there is an extra notch in the camera hole and it looks like two speaker slots at the bottom instead of one!

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In Hindsight, this is indeed the backplate for the A10/Z30 but what's interesting is the AT&T logo considering that they have not launched the device as yet.