Devices | 627 Comments First image of the BlackBerry A10 leaked! The first image of the BlackBerry A10 has been leaked! It's looking an awful lot like the BlackBerry Z10, and it's running OS 10.2.  We're expecting a 5-inch 1280 x 720 display and a dual-core processor when it lands in the fall. The Aristo has been long-rumored, and though we aren't seeing a ton...


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Mar 31, 2014 The Top 5 BlackBerry Leaks That Were Never Released As Actual Products!

In taking a look back at all of the BlackBerry leaks that have happened over the years, we started to wonder how many of them were device leaks that never ended up going to market. Many were just prototypes, or never meant for the public eye but somehow managed to make their way out anyway. As it turns out, there's a few of them out there, so have a look through our list of the top 5 BlackBerry leaks that never became a reality!

Cafe, Kopi, Kopina, Americano

Kicking off this short list we have the C-Series, otherwise known as Cafe, Kopi, Kopina and Americano (coffee anyone?). After the release of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 these devices started turning up — first just as code names in the OS, but eventually they reached the point where base images of them were included in later versions. 

Based on previous rumors, they were set to come in two different variations, one being a full touch and the other a full QWERTY device. In terms of specs, the devices were suggested to be making use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processors with the 8x30 Pro being used in the LTE and HSPA variations, 4.2-Inch or 4.5-inch 720p display, and a 5MP camera.

While it was later noted that these devices were pretty much canceled when BlackBerry made the decision to reduce the number of devices they were planning on producing, it does seem that maybe some of the development on these devices was transitioned to the recently announced BlackBerry Z3. Of course, that's just speculation but there's mounting proof arriving daily.

10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook

This mysterious device was first mentioned when the 7-inch PlayBook came out, but then was canceled in early 2011 so that BlackBerry could focus efforts on what they deemed to be more important — like BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Looking back, it seems they always intended on releasing this version as it appeared on many roadmaps under the Black Forest name, but ultimately it was killed off, never to be seen again. It had a SIM Card slot and a big 7250mAh battery but man, it looked weird.

BlackBerry Magnum

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 was one of the best BlackBerry devices ever, and after it was released it seems like BlackBerry got right to work on the next version. One of the things they came up with was the BlackBerry Magnum. It was essentially a mix of the Bold 9000 and a BlackBerry Storm. It had a SurePress screen that clicked, full QWERTY keyboard, and no trackpad. Needless to say, it was weird and we can see why it was scrapped, but it's still pretty cool to look at.

BlackBerry TV / Cyclone

Although it's not our top leak, it is one of the latest and it's certainly interesting. About three years ago now BlackBerry was rumored to be working a streaming media box much like an Apple TV and while it never really came to fruition as an actual released product, it has now turned up. 

As we can tell from the images, it would have connected to your TV through HDMI, have Wi-Fi included, and offer media server support from your device through that as well. Additionally, you would have been able to access YouTube, Slacker and various other services through the box with even mentions of Netflix having been part of the potential offerings.

First BlackBerry 10 Phone

The 'London' was all the rage for a bit there even before BlackBerry 10 became BlackBerry 10. At the time it was referred to as BBX, before legal disputes caused that to change, and everyone wanted a look at the first BBX phone. The Verge ended up bringing this image into the fold, and while it was a legit BlackBerry image, it was only of a proposed dummy. Eventually, the real first BlackBerry 10 device came out. Much like how people still fantasize about the BlackBerry Blade, we still fantasize about this device and wonder how that PlayBook UI would have played out.

Until Next Time

So that's it. Our top five leaks that never ended up being released or becoming official in any way. We're totally positive there are more out there hidden in boxes somewhere but we'll just have to wait and see if any turn up. Goes to show you, even if something does get leaked, that doesn't mean it'll ever actually be released and you should always take leaks with a grain of salt. Out of them all, which ones do you think should have been released? Are there any you're really glad were scrapped?

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Aug 12, 2013 Win a free BlackBerry Z30 from CrackBerry!

Login and leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry Z30!!

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Aug 09, 2013 BlackBerry Z30 receives GCF certification

The BlackBerry Z30 news has been hush hush the last few days, but today some info popped up as the Z30 has been certified by the Global Certification Forum.

Under the model number STA100-3, the Z30 (aka A-series) has been approved for GSM/EDGE; 3G/HSPA (2100, 1900, 850, 800, 900) and LTE AWS, 700 bands.

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Aug 05, 2013 BlackBerry Z30 compared to Z10 and Q5 in new round of leaked photos!

Just a few days ago it was revealed that the rumored BlackBerry A10 will most likely be released as the BlackBerry Z30. A few more photos of the BlackBerry Z30 were sent into us today on the good 'ol CrackBerry tip line, this time showing off the Z30 side-by-side with the Z10 and Q5. The images don't really show us anything new but they do help to give a bit of scale when put next to the other devices. There's no doubt that the Z30 is a big phone and we're looking forward to getting our meat hooks on it to try it out for ourselves.

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Jul 30, 2013 Will the A-Series go to market as the BlackBerry A10, Z15 or something different?

BlackBerry A10, Z15 or ??

BlackBerry names - it's always been a fun guessing game. With the older BlackBerry OS phones, over the years the system for naming new models became a bit of a fragmented mess - Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm, Torch, Tour, Style became brand families and a bunch of model number designations followed the family name. Sometimes the name and model number progression made "sense." Sometimes, they didn't. While knowledgeable CrackBerry readers always knew what model they owned, more often than not I would notice BlackBerry owners would just refer to their device as their "BlackBerry", or maybe something as descriptive as "the new Bold." BlackBerry Bold 9780? Not so much... by that point it was just starting to get a bit too much more most.

With BlackBerry 10 phones to date, we've witnessed an attempt to simplify the naming of the devices, keeping the focus on the BlackBerry name, while combining the brand family and model into one. BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry Q10. BlackBerry Q5. BlackBerry Z represents the high end touchscreen line, while Q stands for Qwerty. 

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Jul 24, 2013 BlackBerry A10 caught in full photo set

Just in case the hands-on video wasn't enough for you, Tinhte has also taken plenty of pics of the BlackBerry A10 as well for us all to drool over. Front, back, sides, we get the whole kit and kaboodle with this one.

I'm already sold on the BlackBerry A10 so no need to convince me but you all can sound off in the comments with your thoughts, now that we're getting a better look at the next release.

Need a rumored specs refresher? Jump below to catch those along with another set of images from BBVietnam.

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Jul 23, 2013 BlackBerry A10 caught on camera once more

The BlackBerry A10 has once again been caught on camera. Twitter user @nvthanh1994 dropped a few images of a shiny new A10 earlier today and while it's nothing new, we still love to see new photos of unreleased devices.

Here we get a good look at the front of the A10 as well as a not so good look at the back. What is noticeable however is that the back of the device seems to be a bit more rounded toward the sides and not as flat as we had thought. It almost looks like the Bold 9900 as it has the carbon weave in the middle where the battery door would go and the sides are more rounded off over the edges. 

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Jul 19, 2013 BlackBerry A10 display and digitizer parts appear online

Over the past little while, we've seen plenty of the next BlackBerry device that will come from Waterloo otherwise known as the A10, Aristo or A-Series leak out but just in case you're looking for more, some new device parts have now appeared online and would seem to confirm a few of the rumored specs

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Jul 15, 2013 BlackBerry A10 rumored features and specifications

Holy A10! More and more BlackBerry A10 info is floating down the pipeline, and now a hot new slide had leaked in the CrackBerry forums that gives us a better look at just what the A10 might have in store. The slide is from back in May so take it for what it's worth, but it does give us a load of info about the upcoming A-series device nonetheless. 

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Jul 14, 2013 Official BlackBerry A10 renders show removable back, sideloaded SIM

A few days ago while digging through a BlackBerry 10.2 OS I came across some placeholder images for the A-Series devices. They weren't anything special by any means but at the time I had speculated we'd be seeing plenty more of the device soon. Well, since then we've actually seen a lot more than even I was expecting, including the first spotting of the device and what potentially could be the back of the device along with a brief video hands-on with it. 

Now, freshly posted in the CrackBerry Forums comes a few 'help' images from what is suggested to be the A-Series and while they are just renders showing general help, they potentially give some further information about how the device will be laid out in terms of where the HDMI out port, micro USB port will be placed along with a side loading SIM slot and microSD.

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Jul 13, 2013 Hot: 5" touchscreen BlackBerry A10 shows up in video!

Now that's a BIG BlackBerry. Watch the video above, comment below, hit up the related forum thread for more discussion and be sure to check out CrackBerry's BlackBerry A10 Topic Page for much more on this 5" touchscreen BlackBerry.

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Jul 12, 2013 Is this the back cover of the BlackBerry A10?

All of the hot rumors are surrounding the BlackBerry A10 - the next device in line for BlackBerry 10. We've already seen a leaked image of the device and today some more images have popped up that show off what could be the A10 battery door. 

While we can't say for sure that this is the back cover of the BlackBerry A10, it certainly does fit the bill. As we've heard already the back of the A10 will supposedly be much like that of the BlackBerry Q10. The cover seen here does look long enough to fit the larger size of the A10 however it seems a bit narrow to say the least. 

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Jul 11, 2013 First image of the BlackBerry A10 leaked!

The first image of the BlackBerry A10 has been leaked! It's looking an awful lot like the BlackBerry Z10, and it's running OS 10.2. 

We're expecting a 5-inch 1280 x 720 display and a dual-core processor when it lands in the fall. The Aristo has been long-rumored, and though we aren't seeing a ton of surprises here in terms of physical design, it will be mixing in a bit of the BlackBerry Q10 style for the rear, apparently.

What do you guys think? Is the Z10 style good enough for the A10? What would you like to see in an extra-large BlackBerry? 

Discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

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Jul 10, 2013 BlackBerry 9720 and flagship BlackBerry A10 still set to release later this year

The BlackBerry 9720 is the latest device to hit the rumor mill and while we saw some images pop up already, a few more have hit the web for those eager to check out the device once again. While the 9720 isn't a new BlackBerry 10 device but rather the next BlackBerry 7 phone, plenty of users in certain markets will still be anxious to get their hands on one. 

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Jun 20, 2013 All other things equal, would you rather have the Z10's 4.2" display or A10's 5" display?

The next big BlackBerry may be just that, BIG. But is bigger always better? Let's find out what the CrackBerry community thinks. Vote and sound off below!

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Jun 07, 2013 This is what the BlackBerry A10 may look like

The rumors have already begun about BlackBerry's next flaghsip device, the A10. It was reported that the device will be available later this year and offer up many improved specs over that of the BlackBerry Z10. The A10 is rumored to be a larger device (think close to a 5" screen) with plenty of storage, processing power and RAM.

While we don't really know many specs of the A10 just yet, forums member craiggger did claim to get a look at the device. He says it's comparable to a Galaxy S4 with the same back design as the BlackBerry Q10. 

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Jun 05, 2013 Flagship BlackBerry A10 rumored to be arriving later this year

The Z10 successor will be BlackBerry's new flagship device

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