BlackBerry 9900 outed via UAProf document?

By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2011 05:30 pm EST
BlackBerry 9900 outed via UAProf document

If you've been following BlackBerry pre-release devices for a while now you'll know the BlackBerry 9900 is a number that has been referenced on many occasions in the past. The only problem with that is that its reference alone leads down a long path of both real and fake devices. Most of which are touch based, Bold iterations. The latest usage of the BlackBerry 9900 is massive step forward to everyone seeing a device bearing those numbers become a reality. 

As we saw on the BlackBerry 2011 Roadmap the "Bold Touch" or BlackBerry Dakota (GSM) and BlackBerry Montana (CDMA) are now in the works and the referenced but never used BlackBerry 9900 now has a UAProf document to go along with it. When looking at the document you can note it was created on February 23. Previous to that, and shortly after the BlackBerry 2011 Roadmap leaked out the document never existed. I know because I checked looking for this exact UAProf to reference to, the server only returned errors. The fact that it is now there, only leads me to believe we're one step closer to seeing the BlackBerry Dakota show up fairly soon.

*UPDATE* As PacFu noted in the comments, this could also be the BlackBerry Torch 2 given that it states QWERTY rather then virtual as shown on what is presumed to be the Monaco / Monza also now listed as the BlackBerry 9850.

Source: N4BB

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BlackBerry 9900 outed via UAProf document?


Last night I was looking at an app on cnet's and it says that it's supported by the Bold 9220 Dakota, Storm 3 9570 and others...

Don't know how to post the link... look up PDF Scanner for blackberry on

If the 9850 is to be released, that would be the CDMA variant of the Torch. 9900 has long been rumored as the model number for the Dakota/Montana, but had been used as the original model number for the Torch. 9200 should designate a Curve series device. RIM has moved a lot of model numbers around in the past. Remember there has never officially been released the 9570, but a 9710/9720 was never released.

Trying to make any sense of the model numbers is a Mensa member's dream.

Trying to compare model numbers is a dyslexic's nightmare!

I'm just hoping that Sprint will be getting the Bold Touch earlier than expected, possible May release? a customer rep at my local Sprint store did confirm that she's heard they are getting a touch screen BlackBerry, but does not know any more than that.