BlackBerry 9800 (Torch, Slider) - Caught on video, yet again

BlackBerry 9800 (Torch, Slider) - Caught on video, yet again
By Bla1ze on 7 Jul 2010 07:53 am EDT

Been waiting to see some more of the BlackBerry 9800? Sure you have. Even if you're still not overly fond of the device, you're curious to see a little bit more of BlackBerry 6 being shown off on the device. This time, Salomondrin has taken the liberty of giving us an up close and personal look at the BlackBerry 9800. At this point, not much else can really be said about the device that hasn't really been said before. All just a little bit of eye candy for those of us waiting. Hit the break for the video and here's to hoping RIM unleashes BlackBerry 6 soon before we all have to riot in the streets with picket signs. No Torches though, as we'll still be waiting for release. Ya, I went there and I'm not sorry.

Source: Salomondrin

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BlackBerry 9800 (Torch, Slider) - Caught on video, yet again


Salomondrin! Who the heck do you get your blackberry's from? I'm jealous as flap man!

Aside from a mass hysteria-like jealousy...I love the phone. Hope Verizon comes out with that too...or else I'll just take my Sim-card off my 9650 and unlock the "Torch" when AT&T comes out with it.

Good job Salomondrin!

so you're going to take a CDMA SIM card (really just a place holder) and put it into a GSM phone and expect it to work??

That's two different technologies.

First of all, @lullabyprelude.
I have NEVER, EVER heard of a CDMA phone ever sold in North America that has any kind of CDMA type SIM card in it. (It's called an R-UIM, BTW) Only ever seen in Asia. There are dual radio CDMA phones that also have GSM transmitters in them. They're nicknamed world phones. And yes, those ones do require a SIM for use with GSM bands.

@ everyone else, why are you so worried about CDMA anyhow?
It's a dying technology. Everything is going to be REPLACED with LTE, and soon. (aka HSPA, UMTS,[3G+] WCDMA [4G]) All the carriers are doing it. Yes, I'll admit that 3G+ coverage is still quite spotty in places, but coverage is growing by the month as more towers/cells get upgraded. Just upgrade to the new tech when it suits you and be happy!

Sal is not the one in the vid, he is only narrating. He talks about the guy in the vid in the third person and even comments on his "ugly nails" at 0:53. Either way, that guy should get those nails taken care of :)

Damn I really wanted that for T-Mobile! Well my contract expires March 2011, so hopefully there's gonna be a BB better than the 9700 by that time.

Sounds like he did the review very early morning after a night of serious partying--and not the alcoholic kind. Thanks for the demo.

Sal: "Call me, don't call me. Just text me."

Me: LOL!

Thanks Sal. Another great review. I am still in the infancy of my Bold 9650, but when this makes its way to a CDMA version for Verizon, I will have to seriously consider a move.

Thanks, this phone looks sweet, if they can keep the stellar battery life and have the touch/keyboard, I think they'll have a winner.

just need to get it on sprint..LOL

Sal is much better navigating that the Chinese video we saw back when.

This phone is very sexy looking, I really need to buy out of my Bell Contract to get this phone when it is released.

I would really have liked Sal to do a side by side with a iPhone or Android for navigation, maybe loading a video, and opening an excel file, and zooming in and out on a picture.

I believe I am more excited for this phone than I was for the 9630! which I was pretty excited for.

So let me get this straight...the new 9800 is not a Sure-Press display, but rather a standard capacitive touch screen? How's that working out?

I think this can work just fine. If you need finer control for typing, just slide out the keyboard.

I think this could be a great device. I have always said I hate typing on a touchscreen (i.e., back when I lusted for an iPhone). But I love the screen for things like pics, watching video/slingbox/etc. This device could combine the best of both worlds for me.

But I do love my Bold 9650.

I really want this phone to do well, for the same reasons you stated. I have the 9650 also and really wouldn't suffer if I stayed with it. Just have to give the 9800 a hands on to really know what i'll do.

I am extremely excited about this phone. The hype on this phone kinda gives me deja-vu with the hype for the Storm 1.

Lets hope that the outcome for this 9800 is not the same as the Storm 1.

I don't think we'll have the same problems the Storm 1 had, we don't have a poorly executed Click screen here to fail, they fixed it with the Strom2 and then eliminate it with the 9800, we have what appears to be a very thoroughly tested OS, as people have had it for months of testing it seems, far more than OS5 got.

AND they saw what happened to share prices, so they wont let that happen again now that there is real competition out there, Lots of people like my self would never buy an iPhone because of iTunes, Android has done away with that so RIM can't mess up like it did with the Storm, recovery this time would be much more difficult.

There is a hardware and software aspect to multitouch support: it looks like the 9800 has it, but is it the case that the Storm 2 did NOT support it? If multitouch is supported in hardware, but just not in the OS5 software, an OS6 upgrade may give new life to the Storm 2.

The storm 2 can do multitouch just fine. Try pressing the shift key and then a letter on the keyboard. Works fine. Any multitouch limitations are software based.

I said this before, i'm feeling the 9800 but this is going to come down to me having this phone in hand and putting it through its paces. I was all about the 9550 until i actually held it and started playing with it in store. It didn't feel right to me. Now that the sure press is gone and there's a full qwerty, it's got what i really wanted in a BBerry. The slider function is my sticking point. Sal, thanks for showing us more on that aspect of the phone and your assessment as to how you feel about it. You've been on the money before, i just have to see for myself. i have my 9650 for now so i'm in no rush to upgrade but if its right then i'll definitely go with the 9800.

I would love to get my hands on the new OS. I wonder how long before we have a leak for other devices especially Storm 2?

I'm hoping RIM has a really strong slider mechanism that will avoid the 'oreo' (twisting) effect that currently plagues the Palm Pre

How long does RIM and ATT (and other carriers) expect us to wait for a BB like this? With all the new Android phones plus the iPhone4 what are we supposed to do?

If they would announce the release date that would make my decision a bit easier and also help here at work for our users in the market for a new BB.

But as usual ATT is ignoring non-iPhone devices...ugh.

ATT pushed back the release date due to the IP4 release and I'm pretty sure that RIM didn't object to strongly. In hindsight it is probably better that they did seeing all the troubles that the IP4 is enduring right now, this would be the perfect time for RIM to take a couple of jabs and regain some footing.

I've seen all the videos/pics early specs of OS 6 like most of you and the more I see it in action. The less impressed I am after the initial WES video.

I'm sorry for being clueless but what would impress you out of an OS?

When I first saw Windows 7 in pics, I was not impressed, but after using the basics like snap, and the way it handled my documents and media I became impressed, I can't see how a OS CAN impress from just pics and video's you need to integrate it with your life to see if it is great.
are you looking for flashy? is that what you want from the OS?

I'm not looking for flashy, but I'm also looking for something that isn't just an icon/theme update to the current system. I think big incremental changes need to take place from a 5.0 to a 6.0 OS, not just small baby steps.

Well see though. I'm going to test drive it when it's released. If it's not what I hope it can be or just isn't for me, then I'll think about migrating.

Fair enough, though I don't know how it is thought that what we are seeing is ONLY theme updates, multitouch, smooth navigation, a frequent used pane all show more than just a theme, (if there is an OS5 theme that gives me a frequent use pane point me there that would be useful)

Lots and lots of pics and videos for some weeks/months now of these devices due to launch 4th quarter. So how far out is the S3 or the legendary S4? Keep releasing hardware and software revisions that are a year behind your competition RIM and your stock is going to drop another 25%.

I will be 71 in August and I have had a BOLD9000 since the first day it came out. In my opinion the BOLD9000 has been the best phone produced by RIM. I use it for everything (web pages,Email,storing photos and music,Listen to Pandora on my car stereo,Read NYTimes,Fox news,etc.,financial data, sports info on SCORE,Garmin GPS/mobile,Golflogix and many more applications.

After viewing the video on the 9800 I am like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas to come. Get this 9800 out ASAP so I can continue to use my brain cells on using whatever I have to it fullest potential. Keeps me young.( I try to show all my senior friends what they are missing by not having a smart phone.) (My kids & grandkids are amazed on my many uses of my BOLD9000) Looking forward to doing the same on the 9800.

Maybe this will launch in time for me to get this. This is a phone/device I have been waiting for. Gotta love a REAL keyboard. Thanks Sal for the vid, great stuff.

Sprint you need to get this phone. I think I might actually use this with the trackpad more than the touchscreen. I just want the bigger screen real estate.

I have screen envy when I see phones like the iPhones and Android phones but everything else on my Tour is perfect.

Anyone notice there is only one convenience key? There isn't one on the left-hand side anymore (Same with the 9670). I know I use both of my convenience keys, so this bums me out a little bit. Other than that, I really like the look of this device. :)

Love this phone but what I want to see is OS 6 on a non-touch screen phone that has the smaller screens. I am on verizon and will never switch to the horrible AT&T coverage. Will be getting the Bold soon and want to know what OS 6 looks like on that type of phone. Anyone else with me on that?

You can see a little BB6 trackpad usage in this video and there is a 9670 (clamshell) video with someone using BB6 entirely with the trackpad.

Not sure AT&T is so bad. As we have recently found out it's actually that the iPhone is just a piece of #$%^&* :-)

Really love the idea of this phone coming out soon, but I know it won't be for T-Mobile. How long must I continue to suffer with unlocking other carrier's phones before T-Mobile gets a top of the line phone first!

Its crazy how easily impressed people are with old technology. Slider phones are pathetic, thats why they didn't last. OS6 still does not offer anything exciting. This, like many of the devices RIM is pushing will be around for a few months, then dismissed. It will barely hold on, just like the Pearl and the Storm. good luck with another failure RIM, im sure you will bounce back from this one too.

It would be nice to see a sideways slider. That would be even more innovative with a wider horizontal keyboard (to cater to those with large fingers, etc). I'm sure if the 9800 is well received, something like that won't be far down the line.

Anyone else notice there are no charging contacts on the 9800? none on the sides and the back plastic doesn't seem to have any either...

I'm gonna get this phone either way but i'll be upset if i can't get a shiny nice dock to charge it in

ah. didn't know storm docks worked that way. isn't it hard on the usb port of the phone?

thanks for the answer.

I don't know if I will try this device or wait for the Storm 3. I love the SurePress technology.... Hmmmmm decisions decisions....

Did Sylvester Stallone review the phone because I hardly can hear what he is talking about at certain point of the video. I felt that his voice is too deep.

Anyway, love the phone.. Will upgrade to that phone whenever its released!!

Just show the browser already, despite all the bickering over what people don't like, the browser is the true deal breaker. If it can't browse the web properly, not even going to bother.

BINGO. Ive seen plenty of videos of this phone, but none that have shown the browser in action aside from the first RIM video. The browser will make or break the deal for me.

Still unable or unwilling to demo the browser in action. It's getting late for BB and a strong browser is important in keeping them in the game.

It's going to be hard for BB to catch up to Apple and, now, Android in the apps war, but a good browser helps equalize the field a bit. Often, things that are available as slick, specialized Apple apps also have a browser alternative that may be OK. For example, my satellite system offers an Apple app for programming it, but not a BB app. Unfortunately, their web page alternative is unviewable and unusable on the current BB browser.

well its about time Rim!! but unfortunately your too little too late. most people have purchased android phones or that piece of crap iphone 4. this should have been released 2 months ago.

i'll stick w/the 9700 w/t-mo - unbelievable prices & uma is priceless in itself - but i wish that rim would bring back the 9000 form factor with all of the upgrades, i.e. trackpad and increaed memory and other bits a la 9800. att "blows." too expensive and again, UMA is DA BOMB!! thankfully, i'll have no choice but to sit this one out but if it were on t-mo, i would definitely pick this one up. crackberry addict for life!

I sure hope T-Mobile will get the BlackBerry 9800!!! I'm all excited to get one!!! I hope we see some post that will let us know T-Mobile will get it!! I'll hold my peace...for now!!!!!

Could this be it? Something that rivals the iTHING? Could it be what the BlackBerry fans have been waiting for? The Blackberry 9800 sure looks good, actually very sleek, and sexy! So far, the touch screen, qwerty keyboard, and new OS are definitely very impressive features. We can only hope that when the phone hits the market, they finish mesmerizing us with even more features, such as a better web browser, better email viewing, higher resolution camera, higher memory card capacity, and more applications. Lets keep our fingers crossed! Remember packaging can only take you so far, functionality makes you INGENIOUS!

This looks good to me. Nice big screen, still got the keypad that I love and some funky touch screen stuff goin' on. I'm tied in a contract for about 11 months more but this is so far looking like the next upgrade from my 9700.

i do like this phone a lot, it did grow on me. but i will have to wait and see what the storm 3 is going to be like. the rumours of the S3 just cant be ignored. 1ghz, 1gb of app memory. and unix based OS is worth a extra 3 months of wait for me

I'm getting really excited about this phone. I love my 8530, but this phone is really really impressive. And even though I love the "fashionable" Berry colors, I think the 9800 is perfect in shiny charcoal chrome and basic black. I think it has lots of stuff going for it -- large display AND full keyboard, touchscreen AND trackpad, vertical AND horizontal....awesome! I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a case of trying to be too many things and not doing well at any of them.

Perfect. Have been thinking of going from Storm2 to Bold 9700 to incorporate a keyboard but didn't want to lose the screen real estate. Will wait patiently!

Not really, because when you are typing on the keyboard it will be nice to just navigate with a thumb on the trackpad. I'm glad it has one.

can some please summerize specs of this device for me,

Screen Resolution: ______
App memory: 512 MB √
RAM: ____MB

This thing better have a killer browser and wicked memory or I'm switching to the iPhone or droid!

They can't show the browser because (i guess) once the thing connects to the net RIM will be able to trace it an know who was being bad. :-)

I think the browser is exactly the same technology used in the iPhone so it should give basically the same performance. Maybe better due to BB compression technology.

I'm wondering if it's going to suck as bad as the Storm and the Storm 2. I'll never find out because I'm waiting for my Droid Incredible to come and I'm hoping VZW gets the Iphone in January. If that happens BB is in trouble. All the Iphone needs is a carrier like VZW and it's a match made in heaven. Just my 2 cents.

Has been pushed back to August... Verizon if not already is going to request you upgrade to the X. I am with Verizon HR I have a Inc but will be getting the X next week.


But I'm still working on the assumption that I will be leaving the BlackBerry world for at least 5 years or until they sort themselves out [perhaps forever, if they never do.]
Once bitten, twice shy. The Storm really is the *worst* mobile phone I've had for many years on all metrics and it's virtually damaged my ability to trust RIM again. Additionally, I've gone from being an investor in RIM to an 'anti-investor' in RIM and a believer in RIM management to advocating 'investor activism' against the same. As an investor and consumer alike, RIM's next move does indeed need to be radically and massively positive for me to turn back positive again on the company, its products and as an investment.