BlackBerry 9800 slider replacement parts for sale; Just how close are we to launch?!?

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2010 10:37 pm EDT
BlackBerry 9800 slider replacement parts for sale; Just how close are we to launch?!?

We've seen this happen before folks and for the most part, the assumption that once parts start showing up on 3rd party manufacturer websites a devices launch is pretty close is a fair and accurate statement. Not in all cases mind you but, it's a good indicator things are getting close. This time around, Al Sacco has spotted some pieces for the BlackBerry 9800 over at Truesupplier. Three items have gone up for sale. A charging dock, a pouch and most importantly, the keyboard replacement pieces for the BlackBerry 9800.

Given that the rumors are placing a August or September release for the BlackBerry 9800, these parts showing up seem to back that timeframe just a little bit more. Not near as fancy as a roadmap with it detailed and outlined for us but, we'll take it since we're likely to see a new device running BlackBerry 6 before the older devices even see a release of it.

Source: CIO

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BlackBerry 9800 slider replacement parts for sale; Just how close are we to launch?!?


I have to tell you I really want this phone. Im a big fan of the sliders. And something like this will prob never come to T-Mobile. FML

I know we have been seeing a load of photos, videos, etc. about this device lately but I never would have expected this. Good to hear though. :p It has been weird watching so many go from bashing the very idea of the "slider" to anxiously awaiting any kind of rumor, leak, etc. about it. It seems like it has turn out to be a pretty solid device. Too bad it seems VZW and CDMA carriers won't see this and will have the nasty 9670 instead.

Where are all of the 6.0 leaks though? This place was crazy when 5.0 was ready to drop...

Very impressive news. I think RIM has quite a few things in store for us...especially with this! This discovery is very good, we may see it in August or September! Which would coincide with RIM's "summer" release for BB6.

Maybe this is what the kiosk construction at AT&T stores is all about. It's sure to be a big deal for AT&T to be releasing the first touchscreen/physical keyboard combo blackberry as well as the first BB running 6.0. I think launch may be sooner than we think.

It all depends on how long it takes a carrier to approve the device but it's still scheduled for late August to September. From what I've heard, build quality is supposed to be excellent on this device.

you said it... that would be a waste if it truly was for the streak. Remember though it's just a rumor that it's for the streak and sites like engadget are not always right...

It would make much more sense for the kiosk to be for the 9800 then for the streak. Or maybe it's for both. All we can do is speculate for the time being, but I'm putting my money on it having something to do with the 9800.

how do these so-called "3rd party manufacturer websites" get their hands on parts before the actual device is released?

That they're selling these parts cause they know when people get the phone, it's gonna fuck up? IDK it's probably just me, but selling those seems like they already know when they sell it, and people get their hands on it, eventually the keyboard is gonna get fucked up, so they're selling a replacement already.

They, naturally, sell replacement parts for ALL of RIM's devices because components of any device can wear out, need replaced over time (for example, after the phone is dropped or scratched badly) etc.

Anyone else notice that the dock is the contact-type?

9800s spotted in the wild have had no charging contacts, and we've been afraid it would charge via USB like the Storm.

This should put that one to rest! :)

Have a closer look. I was about to post something similar.
I'm almost positive thats a 9700 and 9700 dock in the pic.
I dont think they have a pic of the new one yet.

sadly that means i cant preorder this in anticipation of the device launch.

Pfft all you guys saying ATT is gonna get it first. You all know Rogers has there hand right up RIMs ass.

That's a shame if true.

It looks similar to the 8900 dock as well, but I couldn't say with any certainty which one they're showing.

The 9800 is similar in dimensions to the 8900 and 9700, so who can say?

this is from the 3rd party parts site description of the charging pod for the slider. Looks like it will be like the storm 1&2 on how it charges (through USB, since it charges AND syncs (cant do both with just the carging contacts)And sherb12 is right, the picture they have is a bold charger


•New OEM charging Pod for blackberry Slider 9800
•Combines with any travel or data cable charger to charge and or sync with a BlackBerry Slider 9800
•Take calls,read email,even play music while displaying your device on your desktop
•Just place your device in the Pod on your desk or any other convenient location and connect your BlackBerry Smartphone charger to the USB port on the back device and enjoy one of the most convenient ways to charge a BlackBerry.

well this puzzles me even more because if you look at any pix of the phone there isnt any charging pins. well from the ones i have seen unless they use part of the metal case.

Mike said was it will be released before the end of the 3rd Calendar quarter. Then in the quarterly conferences they twice mentioned they expect a few higher ASP devices to be released before the end of the 2nd fiscal quarter (ends August). So with those two i would expect an august release in time for back to school/work shopping. Fingers crossed.

As I am fairly new to the BB world, I will simply say this. Why would anyone be encouraged by parts being for sale, and expecting a good build quality before a device is even launched. It seems to me that this is an indication that they are expecting problems, and are making sure that there are replacements available.

for ever electronic device on the market. Normally there are "replacement" parts for pretty much everything sold as far as electronic devices, before they actually hit the retail market. Why? Well repair shops will need them, as people can be hard on devices, that have kids, pets, and of course butter fingers. And often these parts will come in colors other than what the retail device will ship with, so those that want to, can make them as custom as they can, and the brave will even repaint them. Also a lot of the "before market parts" will head to the customizing market as well, meaning phone bodies, trim and of course keypads.

Pretty much like what happens with auto parts.

They're not expecting problems, they are filling a soon to be demand, from the places that will be assembling the devices as well as having more than enough for repair/replacement of a part that gets heavy usage and is most commonly damaged, and what gets more use and possible damage than a keyboard or LCD screen?

And all we know is what they tell us, we sit in those meetings and get all pumped from a few slide shows and sometimes a nugget drops out. Otherwise it's all phonearena and BGR for us no inside info until like the day before when the whole web knows...I do wish that would change a bit, at least level clearance.

So is T-mobile getting the 9800? Or is the 9700 it for now? I ask as I'm about to get my first blackberry. I dont wanna leave t-mobile as (different conversation) I'm happy plan wise. But I'm the kind that likes the latest and greatest before resigning a 2yr contract.

Funny thing is the reason I want to graduate to the BB, is cause the comments Steve Jobs made last week. I'm usually the root for the underdog type, (though I know RIM is a gajiillion $$ company also) I just thought that was foul how he triiied throwing BB in there screw ups. Plus I'm getting older, and so mid-thirties is when I need a grown up phone anyways.

So to recap, what's the latest and greatest BB for T-mobile, and is another coming or get the 9700 now?