BlackBerry 9800 Slider Caught On Camera Yet Again Showing Off AT&T Splash Screen and BlackBerry 6

By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2010 02:46 pm EDT

More goodness today on the BlackBerry 9800 Slider. This time in a near four minute video showing off the device with an AT&T splash screen. While some navigating looks a bit rough, we do get a much better look at BlackBerry 6 than we have recently, so you don't want to miss it. For those who don't know what BlackBerry 6 is all about, it will feature some key enhancements:

  • Crisp, more immersive visuals, including new graphics, animations and transitions
  • New WebKit browser; it's high-fidelity and very efficient, for fast, rich browsing with support for multiple sessions (i.e. tabbed browsing)
  • Multi-touch support (e.g. pinch to zoom) while browsing, viewing photos, etc.
  • Graphical, context-sensitive menu pop-ups
  • Redesigned core apps, plus a new media player UI
  • New Home Screen experience; multiple views based on content type (All, Favorites, Downloads, Media, etc.), universal search
  • New app for integrating RSS and social networking feeds 

We also get a decent look at the native Youtube integration with the OS itself in this video.  You don't have to take my word for it - check out the video above and see how it compares to the BlackBerry 6 preview video shown off at WES. Be sure to drop a comment with your thoughts.

Source: The Berry Fix

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BlackBerry 9800 Slider Caught On Camera Yet Again Showing Off AT&T Splash Screen and BlackBerry 6


He's letting everyone know he's the #1 DOUCHEBAG.

Looks like it needs more memory. Those pinch transitions aren't that great. Keyboard sounds like he spilled something in it, too.

It looks like the multi-touch is a bit rough. It did at times look like my Storm does after all the memory has leaked out. (Storm? Memory leak? =) Nah!)

practically every touch screen in the last three years has been capacitive, so it would be a good bet that this one is as well...

When the first Peeks came out, I was not so thrilled with this idea, I am not a Slider fan normally, but this device is getting me more and more excited, and my problems with the GSM carriers in Ontario is going to be ended in Q3/4 of 2010 with contracts with small service providers! so I am really excited to move carriers and get this device!

I was excited for this device to drop when I saw the first pictures. Now that more photos and videos have dropped of it the excitement is only growning.

I'll say it once am I glad to have at&t.

Looking better and better. The webkit browser was flying! Someone hurry and snag the video from YouTube so it can be uploaded elsewhere when its pull off the site.

You must have seen a different video. The dude pinched the screen to zoom in or out and it took nearly a second to react.

It's true, the browser seemed like the weakest link there. Didn't look very responsive and pinch-to-zoom wasn't fluid at all, especially on the Youtube page.

Also, that Youtube video looked super choppy and he was on wifi. No High Quality option? 1 more thing, when you see that checkered board while browsing, that means the web pages aren't rendering well.

Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree there. Are we really looking forward to OS 6.0 so we can load Google and the YouTube mobile site? At least when they demoed this the first time they showed, which is a pretty graphic heavy non-mobile site.

Honestly, if it's a matter of only using mobile websites, I think the current browser is actually just fine. The whole point of this was supposed to be "Hey, my buddies can load pretty much any website that doesn't involve Flash on their iPhones, how come I can't?"

If you want to see a "flying" browser pick up a droid incredible. I am definitely not going to miss no flash and the slow loading times.

The HTC incredible is still about 6 months away from getting flash...

(not that it is really needed for anything besides hulu)

I still can't believe how fast EVERYTHING is on the Incredible. I like how all the BB Fanboys try to dismiss the obvious problems seen in the video as the fault of the poor guy using the phone rather than RIM's undercooked product. I'm sure that that comes up at all the RIM meetings about why their products aren't keeping up with the competition: "It's not our products that suck Mr. Lazaridis, it's our customers that suck".

Huh? and I quote, "I'm sure that that comes up at all the RIM meetings about why their products aren't keeping up with the competition:"

Have you even read a newspaper lately? Do you know how many BBs were sold last quarter? If you want to flame a blackberry forum at least get your ducks in a row.

Number of handsets isn't the issue moron. Its the lack of advancement and Mikey basically telling us former Blackberry enthusiast to F off. Wow they added a hole 512 to the "New" Bold (Tour 2 really) 9650. Optical track pad and WIFI he pulled that same old stunt to keep from retooling an entire factory line. He blatantly said in a nutshell that he is going to do what they always have and target feature phone users. So those of use who can think faster than our Brickberries can kiss off, he doesn't have the slightest desire to satisfy our need and want for a Blackberry that can can compete in the current smart phone market. And you are so stupid that you don't realize that if they don't get those feature phone people RIM will die. Stupid fan-boy your good at reading stats and that's about it.

thats a pretty dumb statement consider android is opensource and there for completely customizable. blackberry was just rated the ugliest OS by mobilesource so "the end" doesn't exactly win your argument.

the browser is behaving slower than the browser 5 years ago on an 8800... what video did you watch? this browser appears to be unusable. i have a hard time believing that when this device comes out, it's going to be remotely close to other phones that are out now, or even phones that have been out, last year RIM claimed they'd have the fastest mobile browser in 2010, froyo just proved it actually does (androids new browser: i wonder why these videos NEVER include blackberry in their benchmark tests, these phones are doing full flash embedded in the page, even playings games, and blackberry's browser crashes during pinch to zoom? cmon, don't sit here and say that browser was flying, and it isn't even actually a webkit browser, that article was written a long time ago saying the webkit was rendering at rims servers, and that the browser was just getting an extension upgrade.

The application page swiping looks pretty clunky. I like what we're seeing, but it looks pretty beta-ish.

I agree but I think user abilities make it seem more clunky

I know I was WAY more clunky with my iPod Touch for the first 10 hours of use vs now, I can see that being the same for this guy,

I do really like the favourites list, if it lists them dynamically based on use it will be awesome

he/she was obviously trying to make an iphone commerical using a BB. the problem is, you can't even do it like they show on the iphones. i think it looks fine, and will just take some getting used to.

I'll be giving it a chance since i have been waiting so long for ATT to get a touch blackberry. I got 30 days to try it out, why not?

I love AT&T...They get the best of the best when it comes to Blackberry's.

Side note, I'm selling a Brand new AT&T Blackbery Curve 8900 (Unlocked) for $200. If interested hit me on BBM PIN# 2166EF8E

Wait, what happened at the very end of the video? The screen goes all black and the LED goes solid red like the device was reset or something?

it CRASHED trying to go to LOL kinda funny...

not cool that it crashed, just the timing of it... brought the 9800 to it's knees!!! LOL ;)

it's pretty funny, what else is funny is that loads in androids browser on old hardware in about 4 seconds.

transitions look pretty bad (changing app screens, pinch zooming) almost as if the phone can't handle the fast transitions.

Yeah - I'm with you on that. The transitions need polishing. They have to be smoother and more visual. I don't think it's the speed that's the issue (they look fast) - it's just that it may be _too_ fast. Whatever it is, the transitions don't look as good as they could.

And is it just me, or was he having a lot of trouble getting the phone to recognize his taps? It also looked like the UI was getting confused between swipes vs. taps. IIRC, in two cases he opened an app as opposed to swiping to another menu. It also seemed really hard to select the text box on the browser and in youtube. It's little niggles like that which make or break the user experience IMO.

Oh, and the menu looked like the same-old blackberry menu. Unfortunate - I was really hoping they'd put in the nicer one they demoed at WES. Either that, or improved its look...

The "Menu" you are talking about is that not changeable with themes?
I like the look of the "Old" OS for familiarity, it will make it easier to transition the less tech savvy to the New BB from an Older one, though I know I will personally change the theme right away as I like more info out of my themes, and more shortcuts on the home screen.

I do hope this ships with 3 different themes to play with out of the box.

indeed, in fact, OS 6 seems to be giant step back for RIM. it's uglier than 5 and has no new features other than a new browser, than 4.6 offers, exactly wtf is going on in the R&D departments at RIM? android is now streaming music from your home library, built in tethering (usb or wifi) changeable software keyboards, wireless N, 1ghz cpu's, 512MB ram, save applications to SD cards, 8MP cameras...and this is RIM's "next device" ?? seriously man...and it's ugly at that.

Seems like its geared strictly for the touchscreen device. How would you use this for the 9650 for instance?

I would have liked to see some touch pad navigation as well, I can see how one would do it using the BB key much like using a multi workbook excel file in Documents2Go

Before I thought the 9800 was a horrible concept, but now I want to give this one a try... if anything just for 6.0

You guys always come plan that thing runs a hell of a lot smother then what we have now and it looks great no hour glass and I don't see a difference now between the others now good job RIM!

You guys always come plan that thing runs a hell of a lot smother then what we have now and it looks great no hour glass and I don't see a difference now between the others now good job RIM!

Have been diggin the phone from the very beginning and it keeps looking better and better as we get more info, pics and vids. I'm also diggin the Blackberry 6. I would definitely go touch screen for that 9800, just hope t-mo gets the phone.

Have loved the phone from the beginning and this is exactly what I want to upgrade my pearl 8120 on T-Mo to. The only real error I saw on the touch was pinch-to-zoom. Alot of the errors were user (the guy was swiping to push a button and using his whole thumb on very small selections). Either way, I am excited. Also glad it is not silver as it was in very early pictures.

The video would end with police kicking in the door and hauling mystery man's ass away.

Does "world phone" mean quad band Euro 2100Mhz in addition to AT&T's US 3G bands? Not shabby if it does.

Here's hoping for a CDMA+HSDPA version on Sprint soon.


I love it. That looks fricking fantastic. Yea its choppy you fools its still in beta.

That was the best vid of 6 yet.

Looks even better then I imagined. Cant wait for this to come out. Hopefully work will get me one when its released.

The 9800 is looking better and better all the time. The big screen of the Storm but with a keyboard. Multi-touch too. Awesome.

Why isn't anyone noticing that it took him like 30 seconds of that video just trying to tap the search line in Google? The page rendered it too small for him to touch with his finger. He orientated it vertically trying to make the search box bigger, but no dice. Then, he does an awkward pinch zoom before finally clicking the box, doing a search and making the device crash.

Oooh, oooh, sign me up!

Should have been a side slider. The Pre failed why repeat history? An for god sakes don't try an shoehorn the Blackberry QWERTY into every device. Must have broke their heart when the released the Storm. Must be why it had to click.

Love the Click BTW.

Side slider would be just copying every other device on the market, I really want the Blackberry QWERTY on a touch device, I didn't want it as a slider at first, but am keen on the idea, I hate landscape keyboards, really I want a long screen at text input over a wide screen

The only thing that keeps me from buying any of the billion other landscape sliders is that none of them are Blackberrys!

That did make me smile

It is clear that the people want both styles of slider,
It would be interesting to see what RIM would do with a Landscape slider, but I really don't like having to use 2 hands to type

That's exactly my problem with the current form factor. It's so small, I practically need to hold it in one hand to be able to type with the other.

My thumbs are too big to hit these tiny keys accurately, so I often have to resort to my index fingers...

Good to see that they're moving somewhat forward. OS still looks clunky, the finger swiping (to get to different screens) on a small area seemed like a difficult task. Also, out of control flick scrolling, and at the 3:32 mark there's backlight seepage coming from the bottom of the screen. Oh, I hope it didn't actually crash at the end of the video. Nice to see no sure/true press.

Which is why, RIM better release this phone and OS super polished. You don't want another Storm 1 (Storm2 should have been their 1st touchscreen)

I don't know about that. I mean, there's no indication as to how mature the OS is.

IMO there's lots of room for improvement: making the transitions more visual, improving the touch recognition (I mean, what was that entire weirdness during the youtube-video-playing? Seemed very confusing), improving image-loading, etc. Don't get me wrong, it looks promising, but I'd say there's a lot to be done to take it from an "OK" OS with lots of rough edges to something that users really fly with.

Was just loving this Blackberry and was thinking of going back to a Blackberry, but as i soon as i saw it reminded me of alllll those times my Tour did that...never going with the new iPhoneHD...when do u ever hear that thing reset because of an app?

but sometimes when you sync it with iTunes, it just wipes the iPhone completely. You only lose your contacts, saved pictures and videos and other application data. That's all. This has happened to my friends all the time.

At least when the BlackBerry resets, it doesn't lose the data.

I think the clunkiness was the user's lack of more positive presses. Looks like he tapped the screen so lightly and for such a short duration, the OS did not recognize some actions. I'll bet after a day with that device, I would be flying through use with it.

Looks like 2 thumbs up for me. I am stuck on ATT, but this might pay off!

It crashed at the end do you honestly believe the guy who made this vid (must be the highlight of his life) would allow the damn thing to crash in the video.

that dude in the video should have taken a few practice runs before filming himself... jesus christ does he suck at using that thing... he brings a whole new meaning to "all thumbs"...

Now this might make me hold off on the Android phone and take another look at Blackberry. Even with the First Gen software it is still looking pretty good.

as cool as it seems... i would probably hold off on the first gen... look at RIM's latest track record...

Storm 1: sucked
Storm 2: sucked much less

9630: SUCKED
9650: Does NOT suck

see the pattern here?

I'm going to say:

9800: gonna suck
9850*: gonna NOT suck

* made up number, whatever gen 2 of the slider is... ;)

I like the concept, and I'm HOPING the software will be improved. But knowing RIM's track record with first releases, I think I'll hold off on the first slider, and first 6.0. Plus, being in Canada, Rogers won't get this for a while!
PS: Can anyone else see this OS being awesome on a Blackberry tablet?! Or "Blackboard" as someone else on this forum called it. Gonna be an interesting year for sure!!

I see it on different device forums, as I own several phones, but BlackBerry users seem to be at the forefront of this. These videos are just of the beta, basically. It's not quite finished yet, but it still looks very promising. Touchscreen, portrait/landscape viewing, full keyboard, new OS with webkit browser, increased specs in every meaningful way... and people STILL bitch about it. And complaining about a phone/OS that's not even OUT yet, where nothing's even official, and that none of you have actually seen/used for yourselves is beyond retarded.

if you polish this os up a bit and you put it on a "blackpad" i am buying one whats the point of a laptop i will be in line for christmas

I love the new look etc. Can't wait to get it for my BB. However, i always wonder why the guys giving the show down operate the devices the way they do. I mean i'm all for the sneak preview but the way they try to hurry to do everything in operation just makes it look crappier than it really is.

Either this guy has no idea what he is doing in the video or the device is just laggy and slow. Unimpressed to say the least.

Yeah, I don't know how somebody who already knew what the 9800 was could watch that video and come away MORE impressed with the device and 6.0. I'm still not seeing what OS 6.0 is offering that a well-designed theme for OS 5.0 couldn't already offer, other than capacitative touchscreen. But even that is a first effort, and it was not performing very well at all.

Make fun of the guy in the video all you want, but if you expect people to buy this thing, it should probably be easy enough for non-tech people (or even people with shaky hands) to use. That video could have been the background for an attack ad showing why you should go with iPhone or Droid instead!

Looks good although am not a fan of sliders myself but the OS looks nice albeit a bit clunky and slow.

Will be interesting in seeing how good it is once its been finalised ie the software.

I am more interested in the 9800 than ever! Even though the man in the video is "all thumbs" I like it a lot. I still wonder if T-Mobile will have a shot at getting it. We will see! It is also looking better and better too!

Amazing , but still .. i dont know if im the only one who thinks its slow ?

Website zooming and other stuff .. choking

I was beginning to feel the blackberry platform was getting stale with no evident new features coming however, this may change with the new OS6. I am waiting for a BB Touchscreen handset to grab me and this maybe the one in which to do so. Looking from the video everything appears snappy bar the web browsing but am sure that is being worked on and all the kinks will be ironed out. One thing that prevents me from leaving blackberry is the killer email and BBM features beyond that as a platform Blackberry at the moment has nothing going for it compared to say the HTC Desire. However if OS6 shapes up to be a good as it looks then RIM are on to a winner.

I'm not sure what the point was of going with a slider and basically doubling the screen size was if your OS (or the default theme) just uses that extra space to display a wallpaper photo until you slide your finger over it a bunch of times to reveal more icons.

When I bought my 9700, it didn't take a genius to figure out that my screen was much smaller than the touchscreen phones on the market. But I determined I was okay with that because I wanted the QWERTY accessible and this was not really intended to be a media-playing device.

I'm just not seeing anything in that video that convinces me I'm going to want to play videos and listen to music all the time BECAUSE of the operating system (which is their message). Only thing I care about is WebKit browser, and the lag time on WiFi when the guy did a pinch zoom was NOT an encouraging sign.

When i see a video like this i am not interested in seeing the media player. I don't know how everyone else feels but i didn't get a BB for it to be a media heavy device. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice feature to have, but i am not interested in seeing this guys music collection.

I also agree with the pinch zoom feature. The response time on the touch screen was unnecessarily bad. I get that this is still a beta at this point, but if BB is going to put out another crappy touchscreen device is it really worth it?

I would like to see more of the things i use most (i.e. inbox, bbm, web, web, etc). The new webkit does look promising, but the rest of the device just looks under par considering how responsive the iphone and some droid devices are.

gives OS 6 a bad name. He didnt even realize the volume wasnt on during the song playback, not until the end of the blackberry video. Overall appreciate his effort and this phone is mines as soon as it hits AT&T!

It's a new device for goodness sakes, the user in this vid. probably just didn't know how to use the phone very well. 518 mb of app. memory in enough of a deal maker for me. This thing look great, but not perfect! Is there really a perfect phone? Touch and key board, best of both worlds. Come on AT T, I have an upgrade in July!

Even though it seem to crash in the end, it still looked really good! I think when the finished version roll out, this will be awesome!

The phone looks nicer than it did in early photos, but I need more. I just saw a video of flash working on android, and this phone(that hasn't been released yet) shows the same lame mobile version of youtube that I used on my storm and currently use on my tour. Keep this thing under wraps until you can show off webkit/flash.

How come there wasn't any visible "light" coming from the trackpad that has been visible in other videos of BB devices with trackpads? I noticed he didn't use the trackpad at any time. Also, overall performance is not very good. Lot of choppy transitions especially in the browser using the pinch to zoom feature.

so sad because I am such a big RIM fan… i want them to be better, I really do… the web browser is the biggest reason I am leaving for the HTC incredible. the web browser was so far behind and this video still shows considerable lag in it. not sure RIM will ever catch up to android.

I already knew that this looked like a good phone the first time I saw it, but then again I am more perceptive than the people that hated it at first and are now jumping on the bandwagon.

Its what everyone hated on for droid and apple having, they are now all of a sudden happy this not now a battey killing machine..etc

funny how the story has's only 2010 bout time RIM

It has to be somewhat apple Driod inspired because they have created a user input feature people want,

Plus really how do you do Multi touch without having iPhone/Android similarities.

I do HOPE that RIM is going to put a GOOD battery in this unit so it lasts longer than the Storm2 does under normal use. the Storm2 has pretty bad battery life.

From this video , it's looking like a definate must buy for me! As a happy storm 2 owner would miss surepress but this looks awesome from RIM

First sight: I kinda like it.
After watched this video: Not a fan...

The OS6 seems to complicated for operating and the feedback of the touch screen is not very sensitive as well.
Plus it's at&t ... Ignore it ...

I cant believe how many users on this website are all crazy over this phone. This is not a general reaction you would get by the public who arent Blackberry fanatics who get their crotch wet everytime they see a Blackberry.

This phone looks like junk from the 2004-2007 period.
iPhone 3G rocks this anytime.

People of the general public will see this, and a nice shiny iphone or Android and it will be an easy pick for which phone they will get.

Not this garbage. Everything about this phone looks like 1st gen touch screen from 2005 and seriously, seriously?

Go Android or iPhone 4G this summer, and you wont ever look back.

People here are litteraly on crack.

To a Point I agree, the iPhone 3Gs is for sure the phone for the Masses, as with the iPods, it has been made for the Sheeple, it caters to the general public excellently, it is mindlessly easy, doesn't let you do anything that it doesn't want you to do, and has pretty graphics.

For me the iPhone is a total failure, I can not use it for my day to day needs, it is a great toy, my expectation of this BB is to increase my email screen size, while still having the tactical feedback of a single hand typing qwerty, I want to micromanage my media / work files, which BBDM allows me to do far better than iTunes can ever dream of.

as for "looks 2005" I really what to know what phone you had in 2005, my UTC Starcomm was nothing compared to this unit. and it was a pretty happening device in 2005.

I plan to go Andriod this summer once they finish the Andriod for iPhone port to include iPod touches, I'll get some life out of my touch again! but for a business phone, my blackberry will have to be prided out of my dead hands. It just works far to well with everything to give up for pretty web surfing, and 1000's of apps I don't need.

I really like rim; I really do. I am rooting for them to come out with an OS that does not have major lag issues and more memory that a messily 256mb, but I give up. I'm thinking about getting the phone that project emerald is supposed to be (4.3inches of touchscreen). I'll be jumping ship when something decent tempts me on tmo, and Ill return when Rim gets their sh*t together. Ill ready wait for over 4 years, Im not going to wait another 4.

The last few comments are much needed I sometimes think RIM hires people to comment esspecially on that Clam, this is where storm one once again should have been. I almost went crazy using that phone then on to the tour which we all know that story.

@ 1magine you got me on that, funny as hell though...lmao

Okay noticed some flaws there while the user was doing youtube vids.. choppy. Checker blocks.. i thought it was going to be a rendering pro OS 6. after watching this video for BB6, not very excited for it... doesn't seem like a very good upgrade. still taste like OS 5, but hopefully im wrong and that further releases or leaks will improve this device.

As a Storm2 user, what excites me about this device is actually having a track-pad to navigate the text, and a physical keyboard to type on without losing the screensize of the Storm. However, I care less about the touchscreen at this point and the amount of time I spend watching YouTube videos is less than 5%. There's no legit way to transfer my digital movies to the Storm2, so I can't utilize video that way, either. I love the Storm2's screen, but seriously, I really don't need a bigger screen so I can have more room for touchscreen buttons. RIM needs their own version of iTunes or they need to keep in mind that the entire point of the Blackberry is communication. As a Storm2 user, I'm at a disadvantage. Typing and navigating text is a joke, and the pretty screen is pretty useless to me from a media standpoint. That's why I have an iPod Touch now. This new slider phone may have all the bells and whistles, but the next iPhone is going to be that much more in demand or more anyway. The slider won't be for me. I don't need a Blackberry to be more complicated. I just need the 9700 on the Verizon network.

Did you install the Desktop Manager with Media manager? the Roxio Media Manager allows me to transfer all of my converted DVD's to my blackberry, I would leave blackberry if they created iTunes, iTunes is what makes me hate my iPod touch the most, if I could use Roxio for my iPod touch it wouldn't be near useless to me.

BUT if you like iTunes, then the iPhone will be your next phone, it is what you want, if you want to watch movies, and use itunes.

This wont be an "iphone killer" or "android killer" this will be a transition device for business/Play users who want the big screen but still need a quality keyboard, and messaging tool.

You used the word "converted." I might be wrong, but if I download a Digital Copy (comes with Blu-Rays) from either iTunes or whatever it is that transfers to Windows Media Player, these files will not play on my Blackberry. I've tried to use programs to convert them, but I'm done with that. They haven't worked for me, I don't have the time, and ultimately, I don't care. I bought an iPod.

What I expect from my Blackberry is first-class communication hardware. My Storm2 blows in this department. I do not, however, need or desire an iPhone.

I never buy Blue Rays, only DVD's so I don't know,
But the converting is pretty simple,

I never have purchased from iTunes either because I hate the software, so I can't talk to that.

Enjoy your ipod touch, and get yourself a new qwerty phone when you have an upgrade option.

...This is a rough assed beta.
...6.0 works smoother than this. comes to Verizon.
...The QWERTY lights up.

P.S. I have never even made a video of a phone. But this guy handles himself in the video like someone just threw it at him .004 seconds prior to the camera coming on and saying "Here Jackass, make this work!"

usually when videos like this make their way to this level of display, the phone is done USUALLY that is...i wouldn't doubt if this is the finalized OS the phone will ship fact i'd be willing to bet this is as good as that device is going to operate...though specualtion, thats how it's been in the past. disappointing honestly, the touchscreen appears unusable, and pinch to zoom definitely is a joke, as well as all the transitions, screw all that tho, i demand RIM explain wtf is actually new here? lets be honest, this is a new theme, there are no new features except a browser, which looks awfully disappointing after all the hype...

Throughout this whole thread all you've done is gone 'ILOVEDROID'. WE GET IT. Take your totally nonconstructive trolling someplace else.

Speculation you say ? That means you have no reason what so ever to believe it other than because you think it ? Oh good, I'm glad you made that clear.

If the phone was done they would have launched it at WES, and from that alone we can assume that it is still being worked on. Minor OS tweaks make a whole lot of difference to BBs, and by the time a version makes its way to a leak video it's already been updated in-house.

As plenty of people have pointed out, the guy making the video is clearly just not used to a touch-screen device. I fumble around all over the place when im trying to use my friends iPhones, same way anyone who hasn't used it before does.

What features do you think berries are currently lacking aside from the browser ? Blackberry covers all the bases for its intended users as it is, so a lack of 'new features' is not really a criticism. The vast majority of changes here are on the inside, about how the device handles multitasking, the 3G stack, security and enterprise.

But I guess that none of that matters to you because you have no interest what so ever in actually seeing what good there is in blackberries, and apparently this one in particular.

There are good points and bad points to everything, you could at least try focusing on what the rest of the world see's as this devices cons rather than squealing totally unfounded nonsense.

i have plenty of reason to believe what i said is accurate as thats how EVERY OTHER DEVICE has went. i have just as much of a right to point out my side of things as you do, especially considering there are android forums on this very site, and the people running this site use android. and the guy using this device may very well not be used to touch screen devices, but the issues i see in this video appear to be identical to the current storm models, so i'm thinking it isn't his problem. blackberry users think that their phones 'cover all the bases' until you use another platform and then it sort of sinks in. you've made more assumptions here in your response than i did, i love blackberry, i've owned over 12 models of them. i just think it's at a point that RIM owes people an explanation as to why they keep selling people the same device over and over again under the guise of it being new. nothing i've said is 'unfounded nonsense' actually, but i'd be more than willing to sport your explanation as to what i've said that's inaccurate. heres what i want out of blackberry: current market hardware (apple & google are both in or over the 1ghz cpu spectrum, a non Java VM OS, because well, that's ancient, razrs used that, a touch screen device that doesn't lag 3 seconds behind your gestures, and an open development platform so that developers actually have an interest in making apps for blackberry. as of right now android has existed for 1.5 years and theres over 50,000 apps, and thats just in the market, theres plenty outside of the market. you can customize android to do nearly anything you want it to do because of it's open API's and i'd like to see blackberry go to that. that being said, again, i do love blackberry, theres nothing wrong with some criticism about the platform, if you're denying these issues don't exist then i would suggest that it is you who is the troll.

The phone looks fun but that could be the newness of it. While I would like to say "Wow this is awesome I cant wait!" I'm just not too impressed. Though the video was poorly lit it looked as if any adult will be knocking thumbs on the screen when trying to type on the top of the key pad. It may be the mic sensitivity but wow that clicking noise on the keys was awful. All this is beta so we can only point out areas to be improved. I would hate to criticize too much on the phone and OS as I imagine RIM has a smart enough team to know we as Berry owners aren't going to flock to stores just because it slides. All in all I enjoyed seeing real use of OS6 and cant wait for it to be released. Lets all cross our fingers and hope OS6 and RIM's new Berries dont let us down.

i switched to android a few weeks ago, and this video just made my girlfriend switch today, she was holding out to see if this device looked good enough for hope, i guess she decided it didn't. UPDATE YOUR HARDWARE RIM YOU'RE ABOUT 5 YEARS BEHIND EVERYONE ELSE.

Am I the only that thinks that this BlackBerry does not need a physical keyboard?
If it does not have a physical keyboard, RIM can put a more powerful processor, more RAM, more storage, 4G module, etc. inside.

This phone looks excellent, especially for a beta phone with an idiot trying to use it. If my contract on my current phone was expiring, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Who are these hand full of Android-loving trolls posting on this thread? How very sad that they have so little of a life that the Android website isn't enough for them ... they troll Palm, Windows, & BlackBerry sites looking to ruffle feathers.

wake up, the very admins of this site use android phones... and there are android forums on this site, i don't think posting on here and liking android makes anyone more of a loser than you, it takes the same amount of time, and yes i do love android, and i also love blackberry, and i use both everyday. that isn't trolling, what you just did is actually trolling.

browser looks crap in my opinion. scrolling around looks like a pain in the ass. i hope they fix that.

i don't know. it's certainly nothing special. i'm glad i ordered my incredible, we'll see how that holds up. i'm not really expecting much from rim. also, what the hell is up with that phone? the keyboard seems like some leech that just happens to be there. oh well.

If you can improve the web experience in BB6 for Bold 9650, I'll stick with the QWERTY keys please.

This OS is definitely an early build. Ironically, the older 9800 videos and the RIM promo video showed the home screen label ("All" / "Favorites") with a neat looking half-faded text effect on either side of the center label. The OS on this device is missing that. It's also in very rough shape overall, definitely indicating and early beta.

There is NO way this is the OS version that comes on the final device in August(?).

I love BlackBerries. But that did not impress me at all, most likely due to the fact that I loathe sliders and am not a fan of touch screen. It seemed really clumsy, bulky and 'unsmooth'. 6 looks good however.

I hate touchscreens and its the keypad that really draws me to the BB year after year. I also hate how phones seem to be getting bigger... Droid is too much of a monster and does not slip in my breast or pant pocket like my BB can.. I have always despised Apple as they seem to make purty but overly simple dumbed down devices. I do love my Ipod as it syncs with my car but will NEVER get an Iphone... I can see how everything is leaning towards touch screen.. Heck my remote.. Ipod and my new car all have touch screen.. Guess one more device wouldn't hurt... Just Not this device.. It seems to be playing it safe so to speak... It seems RIM is afraid of evolving past something else.. This is the same differences from Windows 98/98se/ME.. The same thing just slight changes...

The damn device reset itself..... are you serious?? lmfao, why? memory leak? app memory too low? processor got too hot?

Also, while it's good to see RIM using the webkit, it was obvious that the BB processors can not handle viewing websites while pinching and zooming. It even lag on the Google home page which sorta shocked me. I'll definitely wait for review videos before taking the plunge.

crap. now this looks promising. physical qwerty keyboard and touch (non-sure press) screen with decent typing. os 6 and all other goodies.

cant wait for the full list of specs

the spec sheets are likely identical to every other blackberry phone, except a memory bump. rim doesn't upgrade their hardware, they keep selling you the same phone

I'm holding out on comments until I get to put finger-prints on one in-store! The larger screen is nice,...but will RIM give us a juicier battery to enable 9700 battery usuage or better? Will it have 256MB of RAM or more? Will it be 4G?...a biggie? How much onboard storage will it have?, the Bold 9000 having 1GB of onboard storage.

If it's 3G only,..I'd prolly holdout for a 4G version if I like everything else about it.

...Have Bold WIll Travel....

As a Storm user, I think I like the this touch screen will work better than Sure Press. Actually, I think it would be cool to see an option in the next release of OS to make Sure Press optional on the device. But I digress...

Why the hell isn't this being released through Verizon?!

I am looking forward to BB 6 like many others. I just hope RIM makes a device with the current functional physical keyboard that BB is known for. I stay with BB for many reasons. The keyboard is a biggie! Any word on this yet?

I was thinking about getting this as a ten dollar a month add on to my family plan if it came to Sprint but not anymore. Its a buggy piece of crap. I love how he jumps to another task when the phone doesn't respond as it should. This is EXACTLY what I expected from RIM. I was hoping to be proven wrong but nope typical RIM performance. I was excited about this when it first leaked, silly me. But of course being (Formally) a dedicated Blackberry owner my opinion doesn't matter. Mike made it clear he is targeting the people transitioning from feature phones and cold care less about the customers who got them where they are today. Evo all the way baby, bye bye slow buggy paperweight AKA Blackberry.

I didnt like this Blackberry that much before but it looks really slick this video. Hopefully OS.6 will be available for older models like the 9700 because it looks really slick as well.

Nice job RIM. I'm sure the software will improve. This software and phone shown I'm sure will be more polished once released.

Okay the incredible does this and that and I'm sure it's a great phone, but it's funny how people come here and compare there pick against BB, when all their doing is complimenting BB's. Its like when car companies(Audi, Jaguar etc) say our car is as good or better than BMW's...

Hmmm...I must say after watching that video, I'm back on board with the 9800/Blackberry platform. I'll have to look into getting some new/smaller hands to compensate for the smaller keyboard layout, but I will definitely own this device. Vodafone UK--I hope you'll have this device in your inventory as well before the summer is out, I'm due for an upgrade come July!

I hope my friends (atleast one of them) will buy it,
I will keep it for couple of days and then
I will wish if my GF gifts me this handheld.

RIM is not good in touch and multimedia.
OS6 is theme on OS5.
RIM has not even upgraded business features...

RIM is walking on Palm's path.

Wow I didn't know AT&T was getting this...I jus may upgrade to this when its released once I get a hands on feel of it

I feel gypped because this is essentially what the storm should of been... I mean none of that clickey BS and a decent ACTUAL button slider, its like yeah...

Just remember that this is probably an early build of BlackBerry 6. Certainly you remember the craptastic builds that was for the Storm 9530 lol

same old story of blackberry users, i used to say it too...JUST WAIT IT'S GONNA GET BETTER, said that for years..

I'm curious to see how Youtube videos and similar videos will play on this. Can't be any worse than on the Bold 9000...

If you go into the same vein, at least give us some new blood. Not laggy pinch and zoom with a shut down and he slams it like I did with my first storm, down on the table SMH....

IDK all other comments will be reserved for an offical walk through, but damn its wayyy past that time we should have someone talking in the video saying something at least

If this is what I get after waiting for a better new device I'm going to go with a poster that said he will stay with the storm2 and wait for the os6 to out whenever it will, I hope this is still beta like everyone said, and will go better when the official came out so I will not stuck with my dumb iPhone 3Gs as my main phone!

Reading through the comments, its perfectly understandable that some like the 9800 slider and some arent too keen, after all you cant please everyone.

the 9800 is my ideal BB phone. I currently have a HTC Hero for my multimedia, and a Bold 9700 for my emails, messaging etc. The 9800 to me would be the best of both worlds. I love the droid os, and the touchscreen, but typing on it sucks! My BB is so reliable, and the qwerty keyboard is fantastic! So the 9800 would be IDEAL for me.

Granted this video doesnt make it look very user friendly, but if its real, this is a protype, and so Im hoping the little niggling problems that are seen in the video, can be ironed out

I NEED this phone lol

Where other blackberries seem to be made out of parts bin, this one seems to be the one that RIM threw everything at it, biggest memory, biggest, best screen, best keyboard, track pad, OS6. And to people complaining about the looks of OS6, don't you think there'll be new themes out the second that phone comes out?

Pretty sure it looked like a traditional capacitive touchscreen. Very dissapointed now. I've been using my storm 1 for days and I just never adapt back to normal ones.

Towards the end he demonstrates something that might be surepress? can't really tell. If it's as minute as what was demonstrated, hell, might as well buy something with a resistive touchscreen jeeze.

When there are crackberrians shouting AAAAMAAAAAAAZING!!!!11!!!eleven!!!1!! and "Magical", that just might be taking it a little too far. From the video, once again this phone looks evolutionary if anything, not revolutionary. And obviously from people's posts, they were quick to claim that 6.0 was going to change the game. From the video, sorry. No way. Remember those sneakpeek pics from RIM's presentations? Home screen with widgets and such? Where did that go? IMO 6.0 looks just like 5.0 with some animations. Pull up app menu instead of it just popping up. Media animations when browsing. And the browser? obviously its clunky and choppy and slooooow. Everyone can defend it and yell BETA! I would like to jump on that wagon but the same happened for the Storm. Every leaked video and hands on would include the routine "this is beta so should be better on release." When Storm 1 was released, it had all the choppiness and bugs that were displayed in the leaked videos before its launch. As for speed and a fluid UI, it's VERY easy to see how people can get spoiled with other platforms and devices with high end specs and customizations (widgets, etc.) As a long time crackberrian, I'm starting to feel insecure when comparing my bb to other phones. As for my own experiences with my bb, the whole "it just gets the job done" doesn't consistently hold up. Too many instances when it just didnt work when I REALLY and DESPERATELY needed it to work. When the Storm released and I had no problem defending it against my cousin and his G1. But since then, Android has come a long way with the OS's capabilities and the phones it comes on. Froyo is turning out to really be polishing up Android's functionality. But it seems that for RIM, nothing has really changed. Yes, it was always functional and simple but that functionality can be seen on other platforms and phones. Competition means the consumer wins but it doesn't seem that RIM is putting up much of a fight. This slider seems to be RIM's last leg to stand on when it comes to innovation. The phone that compromises with a big screen and a physical keyboard that everyone loves about bb's. Now RIM has a phone for all tastes. That leaves the OS which there really nothing HUGELY impressive about compared to past versions. I'm pulling for RIM but its devices arent winning my loyalty these days. Ok I'm done. Definitely didn't think I would be typing this big a post. Sorry about that. Peace.

Diggin the os. Love my Storm 2 and would love to rock the new os on it. And Droid users, go to your Droid forums!

After having to leave my Tilt due to corporate policy requiring a Blackberry, it is nice to see Blackberry will offer a device I want, big screen with a physical keyboard and no sure press and on the carrier of choice.

I dont get this phone. why bb make a phone with full qwerty keyboard + trackpad and touchscreen at same time?!?! whats the point? :S

For me it makes perfect sense...I have large hands. I always have an issue typing on my ipod, so having an actually keyboard will be awesome when I want to send out company emails.

I will be waiting for the Storm 3 with presumably larger memory, better camera, blackberry 6, etc. I can now no longer have a touch screen with out the SurePress. I had a Pre Plus for 2 months and other than missing the Blackberry experience I really missed the SurePress. I can understand the slide out keyboard but do you really need a trackpad with a touchscreen navigation? I guess it's the best of all worlds and its cool to see RIM stepping up their game. If this also had SurePress it would have truly had everything and more of my attention.

I like they added some of the features they were lacking and I really like that they kept it recognizable and didn't change too much. I don't know why everyone wants completely new? I have a Blackberry because it's a Blackberry!! If I wanted a copy of Android or WebOS I would just get a Droid or would have kept my Pre Plus.

too bad you'd have to put up with sh!tty AT&T to use it. Will the ads use Luke Wilson to make off topic comparisons?

At first I really didn't like this device but now looking at it in action is a little better, I'm not a fan of sliders, and I wasn't expecting to see a on screen keyboard, but with that now I will like if otter box can make a case like the storm, so I can pull out the slider when I'm at home or in an environment when I'm now busy. I still like my storm touch screen and this one shows rim can do anything and still look good, I'm only hoping it doesn't give any problems like the storm 2. So for this one I like it. It has potential. Now let's see what the end looks like.

Right off the bat I am seeing some problems with the touch screen that will probably need to be fix as the phone comes out.

It seems very laggy. I hope it's just because it's not the finished OS but could it be because of the dated hardware? I'm still berry at heart but it keeps fading with these non-ground breaking features that other phones developed years ago that wasn't so laggy when released. EVO is still on my list to get and not any of the "new" berries coming out.

If the video is accurate it looks as the new browser will be among the fastest on the market for actual page loading (if not "pinching").

That in itself is worth the trouble.

Don't get too excited about the touchscreen, it will take one or two releases before they get it right. Just like with the Storm.

Then again it has a keyboard so you get the best of both worlds.

If they take their time and get the software right this device will put them back on top technically. They still have some way to go to sort out their marketing.

I'm liking this little Berry. I wasn't really feeling the first few shots of it and I'm not a huge fan of the keyboard sliding in portrait orientation. This video; however, made me step back and say 'wow'. I currently have an 8330, so that may be why I'm so blown away, but I have to say I'm impressed. The fact that it potentially will be with AT&T only is not all that great, but honestly, all of us are paying dearly per month for these smartphones. My beloved VZW is included in that bunch. I hate to do it, but I think I'm on my way back to a 'dumb' phone. Times are hard and these people are making money off of us trying to stay up on the latest and best. I'm not wealthy and all this hype about the next big thing is kinda for the birds. Nice device though.

I am liking the phone so far. Seems simple and to the point, though alittle plain. I like the slide out k/b for when I want/need it, and touchscreen for typing a quick message or whatever. I didn't see him use the virtual k/b in portrait mode. If that k/b is nice too that would be great as I wouldn't really need to slide out the physical k/b unless I am typing a long email or message.

Now I guess it's a matter of the specs and how smoothly OS 6 runs without any hiccups:

-How much battery life?
-How much App memory?
-How fast is the processor?
-How fast is the new browser for a big site that requires a lot of processor like say,
-How good will youtube videos play? Because is crap on the Bold 9000...
-How hard will it be to be able to convert and play back other video formats on this phone?

from the cell guru and a relatively small picture these stats can be seen.
Available App. Memory: 311 MB
Total Mem: 3.7 GB
Media Card: 7.4 GB

So here's what I theorize are the installed specs.
512 MB App/RAM
4 GB Device Memory
Mini SD Card: Using 8 GB card, so maybe it comes with that?

Just my visual theories. Head over to
to make your own.
As to the other stats I have no clue, but I would dare to speculate it's processor would be faster than the 9700 (624 Mhz, considering that speed was just put into the Pearl 3G). I would hope RIM would put something bigger and better (if only by a little) into a device that might be launching their new OS. cheers

im happy os 6 is coming. though i have virtually no idea why people hate on the storm series. yes the storm one had its problems. but the storm 2 is heaven for me. and having used both phones, when i touch an android phone or iphone i miss surepress. it eliminates the need for a keyboard. i will not be getting the storm 3. but hold out for the storm 4 when my contract allos me too upgrade.

OS 6 + Storm 2 = Perfect Blackberry For ME

this video has turned into a laughing stock outside of the blackberry world, it's on multiple smartphone blogs being laughed at and ridiculed to death.. honestly it has turned out to be pretty sad, this looks like ancient desperate technology, it's like your grandma putting on a mini skirt and hitting on 21 year olds at a bar. read gizmodo or boygenius or engadget and watch all these smartphone benchmarks, blackberry never even gets mentioned, and not for bais, most of those blogs have blackberry support, it's just, theres nothing to benchmark against, blackberry is dealing with 1/4 of the cpu speed / graphics speed as other phones, and running a virtualized OS STILL...i mean it may be neat or something to people who want a blackberry slider, but honestly, this is a bad joke, if you just let yourself leave this site, realize what else is going on in the phone industry, then come back and look at this, your head nearly explodes, it seems like an april fools joke that this phone exists.

I take it you probably just got a smartphone last year and now you are an expert like every other iPhone and Android user out there. You have no idea what you are talking about.

My Bold 9000 will run circles around the iPhone (3G and 3Gs). Yes, I have both. The iPhone is fun but since it can't multi-task it's much slower to get things done.

I just want this because being on AT&T I couldn't get the storm unless unlocked I got my 9700 in feb but I'm selling it for this... I want this because after typing long my hands hurt and I get pissed tryna type it'll be much easier on the capacitve screen using sure type or T9 multitap... Be I'm ready for it. Hope deleting and installing apps is easy like on the iPhone. Just download and install over wifi in like 8 seconds and play instead of 20 seconds and then a reboot!!! And reboot to Finish delete. Wtf? Come on rim!
And I wanna get to my messages my tapping something instead of backing out of everything