BlackBerry 9800 coming to Vodafone UK in Sept / Oct?

By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2010 09:02 pm EDT
BlackBerry 9800 coming to Vodafone UK in Sept / Oct?

Since we have AT&T, Rogers pretty much nailed down for the BlackBerry 9800, BBLeaks has been hearing that users of Vodafone UK may soon also be able to get their hands on it as well. Of course, we have to take it all with a grain of salt but a September / October timeframe has been placed thus far. Any Vodafone UK users out there hoping this is more fact rather then rumor? Even if it doesn't turn out to be Vodafone, surely some UK carrier across the pond will pick this device up? You betcha.  BBLeaks also points out that Telefonica, Orange, T-Mobile UK and O2 are currently testing as well.

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry 9800 coming to Vodafone UK in Sept / Oct?


I'd say RIM is payed for device exclusivity, and the torch looks good so Vodafone and Verizon might be the only carriers again

My contract is up in March '11 at least i'll have something to upgrade to by then.

Not sure if it'll be a viable replacement for my 9700 though.

The way the european market tends to work, there is less benefit for a carrier to pay for an exclusivity period, the odds are that it will be out on all the carriers at roughly the same time give or take differences in their approval processes.

can't wait for this. my vodafone upgrade is due mid October. I'm still loving my 9000 but the 9800 is the ideal replacement i've been waiting for, and if it turns out to be rubbish then back to the 9000 but I doubt it... Please vodafone don't be late !!!

So hoping it comes to Voda UK AND is available on Voda Corporate as I'm still stuck with a 9500 Storm 1 since Storm 2 has NEVER been made available on BES for Corporate Customers :(

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