BlackBerry 9800 and BlackBerry 6 Ready to go for BlackBerry App World?

BlackBerry 9800 and BlackBerry 6 Ready to go for BlackBerry App World?
By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2010 09:34 pm EDT

When the BlackBerry Pearl 3G launched just about 2 months ago now, some new owners were quite saddened by the fact that BlackBerry App World was not updated to reflect the device launch. Launching BlackBerry App World on the BlackBerry Pearl 3G showed you some applications that may have worked on your device but, it also showed you themes that certainly did not work.

Research In Motion seems to be jumping ahead this time around and preparing BlackBerry App World ahead of schedule by already having it listed in the developer portal. This will allow BlackBerry developers to upload already tested applications to BlackBerry App World in time for launch.No telling what, exactly the theme situation will be when it launches considering Research In Motion just not too long ago updated Theme Studio but as expected made no mention of the BlackBerry 9800 at that time.

Here's hoping the SDK's needed for BlackBerry 6 enabled devices are more then readily available to all soon. PS: Developer downloads have been showing the BlackBerry 9800 devices downloading apps from App World for a while now, so I'm guessing field testers and Research In Motion have certainly been putting it to the test.

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry 9800 and BlackBerry 6 Ready to go for BlackBerry App World?


I hope that rim is going to make good on their promise to deliver. I can imagine their dis taste for the competition at this point in time but they can not ignore the fact of the 200,000 apps plus resources and software team they have going for them.

this is not rooting post, but a birds eye view ...

Rim has been working very hard on their future plans and developing all things blackberry. Wich is nothing less than respectful considering they have not just thrown together something to mimic the competition but actually compete and go their own way. For that I give them props! I don't care how long it takes them they blazed their own path and stuck to their guns #@! :)

The 9800 looks to be a true flagship model, I can only hope it follows through in the software experience

If RIM wants apps ready for launch they also have to launch an 6.0 SDK and simulators (or even better test devices) by about last week.

The non-clickable touchscreen plus trackpad and keyboard is a brand new input set up for BB, not to mention the brand new OS. Initial offerings for the 9800 are going to be very slim...

Sorry, I'm not really following this screen shot. Is this implying that the bold 9700 will not be receiving the os6 update?

This is all well and good... but assuming that OS6 is more than just eye candy, it's more than a little frustrating to be an independent developer and still have no word about the new SDK - not even documentation about what we can/should prepare for.

So it's really nice to hear that people are publishing 9800 apps to app world, which are being downloaded -- I guess at least the large companies (who pay for Alliance membership) have access to the SDK. I suppose they need their perks...

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Folks, this is REALLY exciting! RIM has given us plenty of hints that BlackBerry 6 and the new 9800 are just around the corner. We have the new BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6, App World is now recognizing the 9800, some developers have been playing with the 9800 and developing unique apps for it and BB6, and we've even seen the evolution of the new OS since the smokin' WES video.

I know RIM wants to release BlackBerry 6 and the 9800 to a thunderous roar, but users are becoming a little itchy! This was announced in April and 3 months later, we're still waiting... Nevertheless, I feel we're at the point of no return. BlackBerry 6 is almost here.

Often, smaller but significant upgrades are better for everyone than huge giant leaps! However, the upgrade from 4.7 to 5.0 was so insignificant that a giant leap was needed to put BlackBerry back on track and make up most of the ground lost to the iPhone & Android.

RIM, I'm still sticking to my Aug 16th launch date!!! Don't let me down!

So how can anyone (everyone) get excited when not everyone is on At& solid date for the phone and also not everyone wants a 9800.

First of all, as a BlackBerry Storm owner, I don't really care about a physical keyboard. If you must add a physical keyboard to the new 9800, you should at least do it right by making it slide out horizontally. But instead, RIM is copying the Palm Pre and make it a vertical keyboard. Why would you copy the idea from a loser device?!?!?!?! Why didn't RIM copy from HTC that is selling well with sideway keyboard?!?!?!

RIM is already late to the "touch screen" game and is playing catch-up. And yet they cannot even get the form factor right. I am very disappointed.

And I am further disappointed that RIM has decided to give exclusive right to AT&T. I guess RIM has not heard about all the complaints from the iPhone users about the pitiful network coverage.

It is sooooo SAD.