BlackBerry 9780 outted via UAProf document - Another Bold series device?!?

By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2010 08:47 pm EDT
BlackBerry 9780 outted via UAProf document

For those of you who checked out our BlackBerry rumored devices page, you may have noticed where we mentioned the BlackBerry 9780. At the time, we listed it as the 9780 aka Onyx II purely based off rumor. Now, we have just a little bit more information to back that rumor up. As we've seen in past, Research In Motion is required to fill out UAProf documents for upcoming devices and well, they make them rather easy to find if one has the right information to go by. The latest, was updated on July 20th and it's clearly shows the BlackBerry 9780. BlackBerry 6 ready, 480 x 360 screen, GSM with 3G and finally 802.11 b/g (no wireless N oddly) are all listed specs. No other details at this time but now that its been outted so to speak, hopefully we'll get more info. 

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BlackBerry 9780 outted via UAProf document - Another Bold series device?!?


From this Toronto online retailer that sells unlocked phones:

BlackBerry 9780

The BlackBerry 9780 sports a premium experience and design, comes with BlackBerry 6.0 OS. Boasting features such as high-speed 3.5G Web browsing, Wi-Fi calling, visual voicemail and support for corporate and personal e-mail options, the BlackBerry 9780 will satisfy all your on-the-go needs. Also the phone comes preloaded with mobile applications from BlackBerry App World. Features include Quad band, 5 Megapixel Camera, autofocus, LED flash, Video, Full QWERTY Keyboard, keyboard, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, MP3 player, DivX, Touch-sensitive optical trackpad, Built-in Handsfree, Card slot microSD (Up to 16GB), Bluetooth with A2DP. Using the built-in light sensing technology, the device automatically adjusts screen and keyboard brightness for indoors or outdoors use. Also, users get SureType and a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone also has a built-in 5MP camera with digital zoom, built-in flash, autofocus, image stabilization video recording view on the wide screen. It features a full HTML browser that you can use to surf the Internet, while, with the 3G network support and Tethered modem, users should be able to stay connected anytime, anywhere. The phone also provides social networking (Facebook), BlackBerry Media Sync and multimedia features, so users can keep themselves entertained whenever and whatever way they want. With 2GB of built-in memory and 512 MB flash memory, it also comes with a media card slot for more space. Other features are mini USB port, stereo Bluetooth and assisted GPS.

Retail Price: $599.00 CAD
$559.81 USD
(approximate price in USD)

So then I guess its safe to say, the current 9700 won't be getting 0o0S6? Meaning we gotta cough up more money to get OS6, which I kinda figured would happen, it makes sense!

"Oh", so us 9700 owners will have buy another phone in order to run OS 6!!!! That really "SUCKS" RIM!!!!!

Wow I've never had a 9700 but I wouldn't call it "crap" hardware. I think it sucks that phones are not being supported so soon after release. These phones can last a long time, no reason to stop supporting them.

RIM is not stopping support for the 9700... Perhaps (and this is all speculation) they are not supporting it with OS6. Yes, the hardware on the 9700 is quite limited if you compare it to what is running the more flashy OS's running on iPhones and Android phones.

I own a 9700 and love the phone. Initially, I was really excited for OS 6.0 and WebKit. But if it weren't for WebKit browser, could anybody else name a significant feature that the new OS will offer that 5.0 doesn't have? Seriously, iPhone users were looking forward to multi-tasking and all sorts of things they didn't have before, but if you non-touch device, I really don't think 6.0 will be all that different.

The only reason to upgrade, then, would be to get the new Web Browser. But since UZard, Bolt, and Opera Mini ALL arguably do a better job of non-mobile website browsing than BB Browser does, I'm not going to just assume that WebKit will be awesome.

If it dosent have an N receiver they should trash it now. Really??? I mean its 2010 put wireless N in your stuff. Its crazy dose the 9800 have one? But this is just bad news all around

Really is N required on a mobile phone? The bottle neck is not the network on a blackberry I can assure you of that..

Yes it is. The Iphone 4 has it I got it for my girlfriend and I can't live without it I don't even try youtube on my bb now. It just makes the phone go faster its things like this that will kill RIM

Clearly you don't understand networking... Here's a bit of a lesson. Chances are your internet connection is UNDER 20mbps second. 802.11G is 54mbps. Chances are that crappy G radio is twice as fast as your Internet connection. By saying youtube is faster on 802.11n over 802.11g simply is not the case unless you have a connection that's over 54mbps.

Same kinda person that thinks that a 64-bit computer is crappy and they should make a 128-bit one.... forget the small little problem of 128-bit being able to address every last piece of RAM that exists world-wide and then some! If the computer doesn't have it, it's crap!

Tired of people who want features for the sake of features.

Even IF you had an internet connection faster than Wireless G, do you honestly think your phone could handle that kind of data flow? My phone already hourglasses and pauses when downloading from app world and I've got a 7.1M connection. The only thing Wireless N support would be good for is if you aren't running mixed mode on your home router. I seriously doubt any of the free hot-spots out there provide internet faster than Wireless G...

Sounds like TMO? Certainly matches the 9700 refresh. And if the newest 9800 rumor of an Aug 15 on ATT launch holds, that puts an earliest possible TMO 9800 launch at Nov 15, which is perfect for me and for Holiday sales! It's all coming together.

Which has a shorter device life cycle Android or Blackberry?
This is an under discussed reason why iOS devices are so popular... ONCE A YEAR REFRESHES

Judging by the time line on the 9800 it will be out July 2012, Oh wait I mean Au.. no wait I mean November 20113

I guess this pretty much confirms the updated Bold 9700 to support O.S. 6 :( I hope the current 9700 at least gets something...

This does kinda suck that 90% of BB owners are going to have to BUY new devices to be able to have OS6... I personally feel that people with AT LEAST 256MB of RAM should be offered a new device for free or even for a small tiny fee. RIM seems to have realized that OS6 wont be compatible with any 256MB ram devices and are "remixing" their devices with more everything... WOW RIM, u tryin to bankrupt us all???

Keep dreaming.. Are you new to technology and how this works?? Software progresses requiring more hardware. If rim was to make an OS that has to run stable and efficient on older hardware, the OS will be terrible and Android/iPhone will continue to eat away their market share..

When you bought your Blackberry you were promised a working OS which you got and likely product maintenance through the lifecycle of the OS (ie updates for version 5). Now that 6 is soon to be released, RIM is counting on people to purchase new handsets to increase profits and start paying for all of the development they just put into that platform.

That's like buying a 2009 car with 200HP, then the car company releases a new car for the same price that's a 2010 and it has 280hp and you demanding the car company give you that new car for free!

What is with all of the cheap a**es on CB lately? If you don't like it, go buy into a different platform or get an entry level handset.

Please... Because you can't afford the bleeding technology game rim should make everything free? I'm sure most of us work hard for our money, but, it doesn't change the fact that buying new tech all the time is an expensive endeavor. If you can't afford or are unwilling to spend the money for a new handset and os6, then wait until you are eligible from your carrier for a subsidy.

Go try to install the iPhone's 4.0 on a 3GS device and watch the thing crawl. Then join the masses in buying the iPhone 4 and watch it blaze away.


How would everyone feel if RIM did a buyback or trade in of 9700s and 9630s and recycled the parts? Would it be worth it if it saved you 50-100 on the purchase of a new rim device? It kinda sucks to see these 2 devices become obselete when os 6 launches. Heck, rim could even refurbish them and send them to companies to use on bes.

If RIM really could not look ahead far enough to see that the 9700 would not run an OS that I will not believe they have been working on before the 9700's release I really have to question the company. If my 9700 will not run OS 6 that is a huge slap in my face, a Blackberry faithfull customer for 5 yrs and 8 devices. If they cannot look ahead then I see no need to purchase a device from a company that obviously would be out to screw people like apple trying to squeeze what ever money they could out of an old device. The Android OS really is awesome and only lacks the BBM, if RIM cares more about money than satisfaction I will be fine with out my BBM. The 9700 was supposed to be the upgrade to the BOLD and the NEW FLAGSHIP phone, what flagship anything flies for only a few months.....

If you don't think the goal of every for profit public company is to squeeze as much profit out of everything they do, then you my friend are simply naive. RIM or Apple's intention is not for the happiness of the world, it's simply to make money for their shareholders.

I'm ok with that as long as they provide me with a product that I enjoy and helps me in my day to day pursuit to make money.

Verizon and Sprint recently launched the new tour 9650s which is their bold. Those units launched 6+ months after T Mobile and ATT got the Bold 9700. The tours also launched with 512 RAM in anticipation of OS6. Those were requirements from those two companies to increase RAM. Meanwhile Verizon told RIM they would not launch, nor carry the Storm 3 w/ OS6 if RIM did not bump RAM up to 512 or more. The Storm 3s Verizon has been testing on OS6 run horribly slow and created a dreadful user experience. So RIM is looking into making the changes for Verizon. Yes companies exist to make money, HOWEVER... The 9700 launched last fall-winter depending on your carrier. RIM was in fact working on OS6 well before the 9700 launches and they knew damn well the 9700 w/ 256 would struggle with OS6. So instead of spending an extra $2 us dollars wholesale to increase the RAM from 256 to 512, they went the cheap route. What's so frustrating is contracts. Those of us who got the FLAGSHIP Bold 9700 at launch under two year contract extension and continually support RIM through the phone wars, well we got screwed on this one. We won't be getting the 9780 or the 9800, or what have you. We are indeed under contract for another year+ in most cases. I understand the idea of planned obsolescence, but to purposely screw your flagship phone carrying customers six months after they bought your 'flagship' product when you know they have 1.5 years + remaining, Shame on you RIM!!! And seriously, there is no physical size difference in flash rom chips from 128mb - 2gb, so form factors are not the concern.. And the cost difference in those chips wholesale to RIM is from $.60 - $3.50 us dollars though all the sizes I just mentioned. Porsche wouldn't put a Boxter engine in a Carrera GT... Come on RIM, you owe all 9700 owners free service to change our chips to 1gb for our troubles and stupidity in supporting your continually 'old' style of doing things. I love my BB, don't get me wrong, but if RIM thinks it's the right move to model their business after Apple and screw their loyal customers out of fist fulls of cash every six months to a year, well RIM is doing nothing but driving the nails in their own coffin...

The 9700 can be under a 3 -year contract in Canada (Rogers) and if you got it just now, then everything bb forever just said is even more amplified for you. Just when I thought RIM was a solid company...

Yup, 3 years after the upgrade. My brother and I just got our bolds. It is frustrating to hear that the 9700 will be considered obsolete. I do feel somewhat ripped off because of this "refresh". Like forever bb said...if Rim knew 256mb wouldn't handle the full os6, they why release it? I can only assume that it was to take advantage of rim supporters and people who like to have the newest and most up-to-date devices. As long as Rim doesn't totally forget about updating os5 software I think I'll be okay.