BlackBerry 9780 caught on video running BlackBerry 6

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2010 07:39 am EDT

Its not the first device we've seen on video running BlackBerry 6, but new is always fun. We don't know a whole lot about the upcoming BlackBerry 9780, but we do know its most likely taking over for the Bold 9700 and will obviously be running BB6. The video here from the guys at Driphter gives a quick overview of some of the features of the software and shows off a bit of the browser. Not much on the device itself, but we'll no doubt see more on that in the coming weeks. Sit back for a few minutes and check it out.


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BlackBerry 9780 caught on video running BlackBerry 6


If my 9700 will get BlackBerry6, great. If not; I'm getting this. Either way is fine with me. I just want the upgraded OS.

Hello Social Feeds!


You are a loyal RIM user. Me? Not so much. If my current 9700 does not see OS6 then I'm gone. We've already had to wait sooooo long for this and from what I've seen of the OS, it's not worth me buying new hardware. Too many other Android superphones being released with much better hardware for me to stay here.

im not a fan of touchscreens and love my full physical qwerty but i think i will end up getting the storm 2 ubdated version because i really want Blackberry 6 and it just doesnt have the same effect on this :/

Well at least we know full qwerty is coming with os 6. I hope us Canadian customers are not having to wait until December. This needs to drop already enough of the build up already. I have the 9700 now if 9780 is required for a fully functional OS 6 then ill buy it no questions. Looks great, RIM is about to eat food in the market.

Doesn't look too bad actually... was worried about OS6 on non-touchscreens, but looks like RIM did a good job of integrating it with the trackpad in mind... Will this lure me away from my iP4?? We shall see... Will have to contend with the 9800 as well... ;)

Loving the quick access to manage connections, alarm, etc with the top "bar"...

...Not impressed with the Home Screen icons...they are huge and in the way of everything. All and Search get in the way too. Not a fan of the Home Page at all.

I don't like how there's a title for every icon... it makes the icons more rectangular than squared. I think it would look a lot crisper and tighter if it were only icons and the name of the icon appeared somewhere else like it does on OS5 and previous.

I am with you on this Prafeston, what's the big deal? One person said it best from what I saw, this is OS 5.1. lol If someone can tell me a significant difference other than how you navigate through your menus, please pin me or follow me:

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I am not usually one to take a stance on something like this, but I have to agree. It is evolutionary at best. But I think we all wanted revolutionary.....and that just didn't happen.

Things I don't like, based strictly on this video of a pre-release device:

1) The icons. Ewwww. Don't like the rectangular nature that is created with having the text on each icon. I sure hope there is any option that lets you place text only on the bottom of the home screen as you scroll over the icons.

2) Called the RSS feeds button as including Podcasts. That didn't make sense to me. RSS feeds and Podcasts in many ways are two separate things. I thought there was to be a native Podcast app. I didn't see it anywhere in that video.

3) Browser.....Yes, this is pre-release, but I thought it was so so. If in fact that is the achievable speed when all is said and done, then, IMHO, it will be FTL! I would stick to my current native browser running column mode.....

4) Would like to have seen how this device handled zoom in/out on the webpages.

5) Also felt the homepage is too cluttered with things like the search. Again, I hope there is an option to remove things.

My favorite thing in the video was the ease of accessing the manage connections quickly from the homescreen. But, really, I have that now with Quicklaunch. But, yes, it would be built in natively.

All in all, I will be in no rush to load OS6 on my 9650. I will let everyone else test it out for a while first.

Stop crying like a little f..a..g.. OMG, that android sh*t isn't that much better, trust me. the internet is fast but other than that it's nothing special to it. Trust me. And if you notice, this guy has no reception as he's on the internet. Dudes like you need to stop sucking that android sack and wake up. Android fails at a lot of sh*t

I really enjoyed the video, it answered the one question that I had and now knowing that I will soon(I hope) have the os on my 9650 is just awesome.

Looks like I might have to change the way I use my 9650. I've always been a big user of shortcut keys to access messages, browser, and bbm. The new notification area and social feeds will likely mix that up a bit, but different is what everyone wants right?

I need to see a LOT more from that browser to make an evaluation. I wasn't impressed by all of the white blank screening it did during opening

My friends got the device just yesterday. place in Mississauga that's selling them already. OS is, runs good to from what hes telling me and hes on the Rogers network with it.

I'm getting mine in about an hour or so.. then off to telus to get sim card and activate it. woohoo!

Its neither BB OS nor BBM nor BIS nor security …..that made me hold onto my present BB bold. The only reason is that I could not find any other phones with qwerty in BB form factor (esp Bold). I hate sliding keyboards. I always wonder why other mfg do not make phone similar to bold……esp from android maker. I always wanted android as my OS on my bb. Finally samsung galaxyQ is on the way to fulfill my wish……1gh processor, 512 dedicated RAM, 8 mp camera, android 2.2, optical track pad, 3" touch-screen with BB style keyboard…..Hellooooo RIM ……Did you hear that?? Can't wait to see this monster!

BBM: I do not use anymore as all my frens jumped into android & iphone wagon.
New OS6: Still way behind android & other smart phone platform.
BIS: This is expensive plan and not available everywhere….esp I travel to china frequently
Security: Hell with that. I don't care if someone is reading my sms & emails. Cox I never email or put sensitive stuffs on my phone. As for receiving emails in real time ….. there's option available in android, WM…you can get same like in bb.

Having said that…..i really like my BB but I'm really sick & tired of waiting for sth to happen. I'm not asking much…..I just want that RIM update their device & at least keep up with android & iphone. This is 2010 and look at other competitors. RIM life is gonna be like Nokia very soon. I wonder what RIM employees do all day…. I want to work for RIM………Getting paid for doing nth.

yea prag, you needed a phone where you can stash all of your gay porn. Tell that man laying next to you that no matter who was on top, both of you guys are GAY!!!

Major let down for non touch screen BB users. BB OS 6 might be better for touch screen BB. RIM needs a drastic change, their new releases are running the same hardware specs as phones that were released 2 years ago and software barely improving. Agree with someone above OS 5.1 it is. The Samsung Galaxy Q will take customers away especially those waiting for an android phone with a 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and HD video capability, a 1-megapixel front facing camera and 16GB of internal storage which is expandable to 32GB, a 3 inch 720×480 Super AMOLED screen, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11n hmmm....

I wish they would have shown the youtube app running. Does anyone know if it is actually a youtube app or just a launch? I am really hoping for a youtube app comparable to every other platform out there and a Blackberry maps update to rival google maps with navigation like they have on android.

So I thought maybe after watching this video that it would be the one to stop me from upgrading to the 9700 & keep me waiting until OS6 actually drops but I have to say I'm not seeing it. The video was good & touched on some good points but I have to agree with some others & say it kind of looks more like an overhaul than a total upgrade. I'm not an iphone guy at all, they seem like great toys don't get me wrong but I don't like touch screens & really don't like the whole "mac/apple is better" mentality people seem to have. More & more though it does seem like RIM is dragging their feet depending on brand loyalty to keep the ship afloat & I can definitely see people leaving their Blackberries behind for Android & Samsung phones. I know executives don't do it, but maybe if they actually got on here sometime & listened to what their clients actually were saying they'd be ahead of the game once in a while.

I cannot believe how amazing this is. Do you believe the enormous leap in technology this is? This will skyrocket RIM and Blackberry years ahead of other smartphone development. I cannot get over how different this OS is than the previous ones. I can't stop reading about it. Please tell us more, we want more videos of the same exact thing as well.

I'm sorry I just don't see what all the excitement is about with this OS 6?? Every other smart phone is leaps and bounds ahead in regards to software and web browsing! They are just catching up in my opinion!

RIM reminds me of those " Im a Mac, Im a PC" commercials where the PC is an older boring worker guy and the MAC is the younger hip guy. They should run "Im an Android - Im a BB" commercials now. (Android being the favord devices)

would like to see this on a size like the blackberry 9000. That would be great (I have the 9650). feel like the other bolds have screen sizes too small..

I have a blackberry curve 8330 and im on sprint but when these new ones come out i think ill be leaving and going to a GSM network just so i can have it faster

i just cant get over the fact that the 9700 shouldve had 512mb of memory. there shouldve been no need to have a 9780. the tech was not new at the time the 9700 was being made or released and they had to have been working on os6. i dont hate the way os6 runs on a non-touch device. i just cant get over the fact that the 9780 should never have needed to be made...

Why doesn't CB get any of the leaked devices? All the people that make thses videos have Websites so that can't be it. It would be nice to see the CB guys we know and love get to review or show us the new devices and OS that are coming down the line instead of the people who are now.

I am convinced about the browser it still seems slow to me and it is on wifi. I think this will be it...they are releasing the slider maybe next week and it will suddenly pick up speed in a few week not convinced. This is one of the major complaints about BB if they screw this up they are in trouble.

We want something that flows with technology and keeps imporving. Not stagnant old technology that shows no sign of advancement.

Its not breaking any new ground installing 512MB or even 1GB of memory into Blackberry form factor. Its frustrating when RIM releases something as "NEW" which from a hardware perspective, is really anywhere from 6-12 months old. And lets be honest, OS 6 should have been OS 5.0 a year ago.

Wow! Can OS 6 get any better? This is going to be sooo cool to use! Also,...OS6 is guaranteed not to need any duct tape!

...Have Bold Will Travel~

Maybe there's a setting to change this, but the OS 6 browser in the video is showing only the last browser bookmark visited. My current browser shows the last 5 bookmarks I visited. I also don't see a search box on the default startup page.

I have been somewhat upset that it looks like my Storm 2 will not get OS6. After seeing that video I am no longer upset. If it won't run on S2 no big deal, my with lyricidal hybrids runs as good as that!

What Rim should do is create a combo touch querty. They could name each device OS6 Touch and OS6 Touch Pro.
Devices like this should have touch capability's. For example the browser, maps, photos should have the pinch to zoom, scroll etc, also emails, music scrolling.. The home screen can easily be touch screen, clicking on search, notifications, favorites etc..
That is what will make Rim shine on releasing a form factor that we all all love. Also add more internal memory 8gb. All they do is release the same hardware with different casing and give it a name. I have both an iphone, and a bb. If my Iphone had better notifications like the Android, I would never need a Blackberry... Our company has over 100 plus BB's. Either they innovate or were jumping ship. Sorry RIM but as soon as an android manufacturer release a touch, querty combo with almost the same form factor as yours you will lose a shit load of customers..

I'd like to first say it was nice having a blackberry bold for the last 3 years both the 9000 and 9700, but it's time to leave! First right off the bat this isn't a big enough jump for RIM, it's still the same old look! I was thinking about this the other day and was trying to think what the Blackberry operating system reminded me of and then it clickd in ..... DOS!! It's so behind it's time! I think the biggest dissapointment is that probably the blackberry bold 9700 won't get the update to version 6. So i'll be leaving blackberry and moving to a Windows Phone 7, i'm soo excited about this new phone!!! actually I haven't been this excited about a phone in almost 5 years! Live tiles, excellent exchange services, Sharepoint, Office Mobile (and we all know whos the best at office Microsoft), xbox live intergration, ZUNE Player by far is the best thing on this earth even better then the apple interface especially with Zune Pass, and much more. I'm just so tired of the layout of the blackberry its so old, an example of a way of doing things easier for example is pictures.... with blackberry if you want to see pictures on facebook you have to go to the facebook app and if you want to see your pictures on your phone you go to media then photos and so on! with Windows Phone 7 you go to Pictures and all your photos are there!!!! facebook, camera pics, Windows Live pictures, it gets all your pictures and brings it to one spot. I could go on and on..... It was nice being a blackberry user but it's time to go on a high note, I really believe its all down hill for RIM from here on in.

@brianjdupui2009, haha you actually convinced me to get a Windows Phone. What kind of phones have all of that??

While I'm not that excited by look of the "live tiles", MS is not to be underestimated they do know a few things about software. And I really did not mind their OS6 too much, it was more of a problem with underpowered devices. And Android has really put the preasue on other manufacutes to step-up their hardware specs (except for RIM anyway).

When my NE2 comes due I'm going to take a long look at what is available on VZW, from both RIM, MS and Android...

C'mon haters - maybe this isn't as aesthetically interesting as android or iP4 but it's still pretty freakin' cool. Please remember that RIM is about business solutions and how they can use their interface to meld those solutions with your everyday life.
Talk about "catching up" - up until earlier this year, iPhones couldn't even run two applications at the same time. Now THEY are playing catch-up with RIM on multi-tasking.
All of these OS's have their pros and cons, pick which interface works best for your life and quit hatin' on everyone else. Frankly, it's getting a little old...

Reply to G.4 im actually not hating or trying to put down on a certain phone maker but just stating facts and no phone is perfect all have flaws even the one i'm going with, but its going back to the basics, regarding it being a business phone.... well Micrsoft has been in the business phone market longer then RIM, Apple, Google probably all combined then anyone else and with there new phone with exhange intergration and share point and office.... they just do it right! again im not trying to hate on RIM but the interface is just getting soo old and dated!

are you going to keep screaming 'give rim a break they're all about business' when they're being bought by microsoft because their marketshare has dropped 30% in the next 12 months. i've been around this webpage for a while now, owned multiple devices. that is no longer an excuse, OS6 has nothing to do with business, it's a slight upgrade, and an aesthetic one, to put a band-aid on the giant problem of RIM has no idea what to do now. OS6 is a theme folks, there is nothing new about the core of the OS. iOS4 brings actual new features, as does android 2.2 and 3.0.

RIM is like a lost puppy in the woods, nobody is playing catch-up to them, they're not even discussed on blogs that aren't crackberry specific becuase well, nobody cares about RIM anymore they aren't doing anything new. Blackberry users are stuck in the corner with BBM trying to convince everyone that thats enough reason to stay, let me assure you it isn't.

This website used to have a lot more traffic/community than it does now, but honestly this place is like a ghost town now. new OS beta/leaked builds used to garner hundreds of pages, thousands of responses. now you can go in those threads and just see the die hards, with a few pages of responses about a leaked OS nobody cares about.

It's funny how something so simple as a PHONE can make you so angry. Did RIM hurt your feelings or something, darlin? Sure seems that way. You say no one comes to these sites and forums anymore, "it's like a ghost town" - yet, you're still here. Hatin' on RIM, along with the others on the Apple/Android bandwagon.

Any update would have been "better" than 5.0 a new task bar and its better than 5.0.

People dont want to settle for the little tweaks they send out, for a "refreshed" Theme ....since they like that word so much.

So if someone who owns a BB says I am swtiching to Android or this is crap, they are not hating....they expect more and they should.

Its a brave new world out there...and you gotta have a smartphone that is daring BOLD and has a wow factor...


My kid brother (22 yrs old) has the Evo. I'm guessing you do too looking at your username.... Which is odd since you're on a blackberry website, but whatever:) I spent about an hour or so using his device and it's a great phone. My point is that it is clearly geared towards multimedia and web browsing, two things I use very seldom on my device. I'm a business executive who uses my smartphone to simplify my life and stay organized. My Bold 9650 accomplishes this beautifully- everything syncs flawlessly and I can connect with business contacts with a push of a button. It's super-fast and has tons of memory as well.
Bottom line, I don't care if the Evo is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye or has a better browser (not to mention it's overly-cumbersome size)- I just want a reliable, solid device with a tried and true OS. For me, that's valuable. My 9630 never gave me a moment's trouble either, not once. I'm a very happy Blackberry user :)

I'm very excited about the new web kit browser and the new OS. I just bought my NEW BOLD 9700 in November and now they are coming out with a new bold in no more than nine months? That's fine, I'm OK with this but to douche me out of the new OS when I just got the damn thing is a little crappy. I know I will have access to the new browser.....I hope, but if the bold 9700 does not get an update somehow, in my opinion, SUCKS!

Looks nice. Can someone explain to me what functionality OS6 is missing that Froyo and iOS4 have? I get they both have better apps. I've read that Froyo is super fast and has flash support but what else are we talking about here? I don't see the disparity between OS6 and the others that everyone seems to be so keen on mentioning.

It's still a pig with lipstick on it. The browser still sucks, I'm sure the final version won't be much better. A BlackBerry will never be an iPhone. The Facebook app is terrible.

So I guess TMO customers who want OS6 will have to buy their 9700 again but now as 9780. Why pay $400 for something you already have? From the video the browser does not seem that fast anyway.

reply to MOTH, I think that's what made me more mad then anything! I have to buy my blackberry bold 9700 again in order to get a new operating system! The blackberry bold 9700 is a brand new phone its the FLAGSHIP of all blackberrys they have been working on OS 6 for like 2 years! It should be atleast be able to run version 6 of the os! I just shake my head!!! there turning into Apple in terms of cockyness.... so here I come WP7!

OS 6 "seems" a huge improvement over its predecessor but people are not safisfied with the fact that it is still resembles OS 5. On one hand, i understand where some people come from, it feels as though RIM is just catching up versus innovating; on the other hand, IOS hasnt changed its UI since it came out in 2007 yet it is the innovative features apple keeps coming out such as 'face-time' that makes the experience feel new.

The other thing is how these new smartphones are turning into chameleons. With my iphone i can control my stereo speakers and use it as a controller for a game on my ipad, with a bberry i can just send texts and emails and check the weather with berryweather. Blackberrys are just "phones" and that's pretty much it and this is where "the consumer boredom" is coming from.

This looks like bad news for the BB owners with devices the only have 256MB of RAM on their devices. Maybe some of these BB owners will get lucky enough to get a free upgrade replacement when these refreshed devices are released like the Verizon tour owners were able to replace their tours with the bold 9650.

Nice pre video, I really am pleased with the new UI and functionality. As I've said before, I hope there is something for the 9700! I can't be bothered to upgrade my 7month old (new) 9700 for the same phone with minor spec changes. And even if I had the spare $$ I would either. Maybe the 9800? But hopefully that won't be a Storm 1 fiasco! Either way, I'm eager to see WTF happens here.

I had no interest in a touchscreen device until I saw the 9800. I've always just liked the regular qwerty blackberrys. I think people will naturally just be let down with OS6 on the 9780 because we've all seen how cool it is to use it on the 9800. I'm probably an exception to people my age (22), but I'm not interested in downloading a bunch of movies and games and other crap to clog up and slow down my blackberry, so for people like me, I think OS6 will just be a welcome refresh (like it was going from my 8320 with OS 4.5, to an 8900 with 4.7 or whatever it was). The WebKit browser is pretty cool though. I don't care if I see a few pixelated images for 2seconds while the page loads fully, I'm just happy when the page loads and looks nice on my screen. If people are going to leave because the new OS doesn't rock their world, then let them. That just means there will be less people in line when I pick up my 9780 :)

It's good to see OS6 on a qwerty device and better yet on the new Bold 9780, hopefully this device will be out soon as it is pretty close to the recent 9700 design. So, it should just be optimizing the OS itself for best performance on the device. I'm still rocking the bold 9000 and i wished it was this device being refreshed but once this hits the shelves i'll pick it up.

so RIM is releasing the 9700 again? just with a new theme for the same old OS...i've watched dozens of these videos now, and i just don't see anything new, webkit is an upgrade for sure, but it's amazingly slower than iphone and android and those 2 browsers don't checkerboard like

I think the new OS is nice.

I agree with the earlier poster. I don't need a multimedia device (although BB does that!). I don't need a gaming device (although BB does that!).

I too am a business user. I need a solid device that is a messaging/emailing/texting/ machine. BB does this very well.

I think the OS is just fine. It is NOT the mobile equivalent of DOS. Does everything have to be pretty with bells and whistles in order to mark "progress" or innovation?

Sometimes, things just work great they way they are! I really hope RIM doesn't give in to the pressure. However, if they do, PLEASE KEEP THE OS WE KNOW AND LOVE.

I only want TWO things though....

First, release the webkit browser to those who cannot upgrade to OS6. Second, I would love a RIM version of Apple's mobileme product. I would love a way to wirelessly sync my calendar and contacts using BIS rather than a third party app/service.

I can't get over the constant bitch about if OS6 don't work on my phone I am through with Rim. Every year autos change how many times have they upgraded your old car. How many computer companies upgrade your computer with the latest chip. Those of you griping got what you paid for like the rest of us. OS 6 will not work on 250 Megs of memory would be a safe bet. In any case if your unhappy I heard you now go find you a second rate phone and I'll see you back in 6 months wishing you hadn't wasted that money.