BlackBerry 9720 Unboxing Video

By James Richardson on 20 Aug 2013 12:41 pm EDT

Time to turn the clock back - kind of. The BlackBerry 9720 is now on sale in the UK and we've been lucky enough to get our hands on one pretty sharpish. Whether BlackBerry should be releasing a new handset running BlackBerry 7 when BlackBerry 10 is now all the rage is a big topic of conversation, but it's here so in traditional CrackBerry fashion we have to bring you an unboxing. This one is a retail version so if you are looking to pick up the sub £200 BlackBerry you'll at least be able to see what comes with it. 

As I mentioned in the video - we will have a full review of the 9720 in the coming weeks and in the meantime while that is being worked on I will be posting a 'first impressions' post in the next few days. I'd love to give you those impressions now but that wouldn't be fair on the handset. 

What I will say though is that it's a good looking phone and the ribbed battery door looks and feels awesome. 

So keep your eyes peeled on the site for more posts on the 9720 and in the meantime feel free to sound off in the comments your first thoughts. Don't be to cruel on this one. It may not be all singing and dancing like the BlackBerry 10 devices but in certain parts of the word - if priced right - it could do rather well. 

BlackBerry 9720 Specification:

  • System : 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 - 3G HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 HSDPA
  • Dimensions: 114 x 66 x 12 mm (4.49 x 2.60 x 0.47 in)
  • Operating System: BlackBerry OS 7.1
  • Display: 480 x 360 pixels, 2.8 inches (~214 ppi pixel density)
  • Camera: 5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, LED flash
  • Memory: micro SD up to 32GB, internal 512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1450 mAh battery

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Reader comments

BlackBerry 9720 Unboxing Video


These phones don't really need an unboxing video. It's not like these phones are bringing anything new to the table; they're practically the same phone with just a different model number.

CB could just re-use the same unboxing video every time BBRY releases a "new" one.

As long as it keeps sales up for BlackBerry! There is still a place for old BlackBerry O.S that they can't ignore.

Posted via CB10

Remember: time to take out the trolling trash initiative by crackberry? This guy here ^ deserves a dumpster all to him self.

speaking of a cyber tough guy

you better watch your mouth buddy, you don't know what kind of a phyco is on the other end

Oooh... I'm soooo afraid of losers who talk tough and attempt to bully others thru a screen. They're just soooo intimidating. Oh woe is me. What shall I do...?

I'll tell you what Mr. GTLoser. I'm at 40 W. 115th St, New York, NY. Pick up my dry cleaning on your way over and leave it downstairs with the doorman. Ass-clown.

The old OS is what got BB in trouble in the first place. Even with this new "OLD" phone it will only give blackberry life support for another few quarters. They can't rely on emerging markets to keep them a float with these old os phones much longer.

It's either ALL IN for BB10 or sell it off already.

I kind of wish there wouldn't be posts about this phone and that we'd just pretend it doesn't exist. Like Voldemort or something.

Lol if this outsells BlackBerry10 in next quarter this company is done.

Like if it sells more than the FLAGSHIP z30

Posted via CB10

It will probably out sell BB10 if the price is right.

Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10

Honestly beat comment ever the problem with blackberry was because of the unstable OS and how glitchy it was...white screen....battery pulls.....and all that crap come on BlackBerry push bb10 not os7 for christ sake man!!!!!! ugh!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Just remembered BlackBerry doesn't provide those kind of stats anymore. Sorry to put you on the spot with my request for specific examples.

U guys are all mean, think this device is great, and perfect when the price goes down in a months time

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512mb of ram seems extremely small. I wonder if it will have the same browser issues old BlackBerry had. Where it would crap out trying to load picture intensive photos.

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Why would anyone buy this when they can buy a Nokia Lumia 520 which has better hardware and modern OS for less?

Posted via CB10

You are right... really!
I loved my bold 9700 so much... but after I know BB10... there is no way I wanna go back to an older OS of BB...

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Has anyone noticed that shit BlackBerry has 2 side convenience buttons? Miss those.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10

Damn I do miss those convenience keys, but according to BlackBerry "convenience buttons don't make sense with the OS"

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The above BBOS receive upgrade to 7.1?
Maybe if they do it might be a good entry for the bb10 and thus "ensure" that when people do change their 8520 for a Q5. What do you think?

As everybody is rushing to change from legacy to BB10? Do not think so. BBOS scares people away from BB10

What happened with BlackBerry they not make the Q5 for that to Discontinue the old version of BlackBerry I LOVE BlackBerry BUT THAT I Disagreement

Posted via CB10

Why is BlackBerry still manufacturing phones that can only run brick breakers. They should start producing phones that are modern and introduce a new slogan about what makes BlackBerry a "business" and "professional" use phone.

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If BB10 had BIS they would not have had produce this phone, unfortunately some on here do not realise how important BIS is to blackberry . Hopefully BIS will find its way back in the BB infrastructure very soon.

Ok, right....


Shitty specs, high price.... so still a fail!
They should instead sell a better bold 9900 for less than 200 bucks

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A BIS on option would be great. Especially while travelling. But shut it off when watching video. Could call it data saving mode or some bullshi?

Looks like you just gave this device.... the boot...



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I hate to say it, but there are a lot more apps available for the OS7 phones than for the OS10 ones. I can understand why some people wouldn't want to make the switch. Now, if only this wasn't such a funky phone.

Loving my Q10

After watching this video, makes me wanna go on Ebay and buy a Walkman (Tape Player) -_-' Seriously they should at least take the time to invest BlackBerry PlayBook to OS 10.0. Why buy the 9720, then you could have owned the top of the line OS 7.1 Bold 9900/9930. Last time I checked, it's Summer of 2013 the year of the BlackBerry 10.

As most of you have made clear, this phone is not designed for the market in which most of us reside; so we see no value in this product.
It's essentially made for 3G and (as mentioned by others) for BIS in developing countries where corporations or the average consumer can't afford nor have access to the premium smartphones or enhanced server networks. Believe it or not, there are still many places in the world where 4G-LTE does not exist and this phone was built to utilize 3G (lesser) networks.

as much as I love BB, this is crap, work on selling the BB10 devices, hell before long the only person working at BB will be the CEO.

Finally a worthy upgrade.... to the 8900.
To be fair, I do hope they have a market for it. I'm just really curious what that market might be and why the Q5 wouldn't fit that market.

Q5 is still marketed (whether it should or shouldn't be) as a mid-tier BB10 device. So the markets that these two phones are targeting are quite different.

Considering this is a forum for people who love BlackBerry it's funny to see how many people now saying how crappy BBOS is. It had its faults but there didn't seem to be this many complaints before BB10. BB10 will give a poor experience on low end hardware but it's at the cheaper end of the scale where BlackBerry thrives in certain markets. You've got to look at the bigger picture. In countries where data is still relatively expensive BBOS is the ideal solution.

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No it's not, I live in Venezuela, everyone hates the little clock, people moved on to Android and iOS because of that. There are actually jokes about it, last week #WhileMyBlackBerryBootsICan was TT on twitter here.

Hahahah re-boxing video..that's gold. Relying on this for so long is why BlackBerry is in the trouble that they're in.. not sure why BlackBerry is still clinging on to BB7 like it's an ex girlfriend... sometimes it's time to just say goodbye.

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It seems for us to be a big mistake. But we must also recognize that there are corporate clients for whom this is the least cost option to provide effective global communication amongst staff and clients. We can not ignore this role for BlackBerry. Governments and corporations so not necessarily need a smart phone for web, games and Facebook! I would prefer a cheap q5 solution but it seems that is not on.

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I don't why everyone makes a big deal about this. Nokia still makes Asha phones and Samsung still makes flip phones.

But Nokia and Samsung don't sell those feature phones for what this phone costs!

Those feature phones also do not compete with their Smartphones, this BBOS phone could take sales away from the Q5 which is bad news for BB10 which is the supposed future of the company.

In developed countries this phone should only be available to buy on Business plans for companies and organisations that can't upgrade to BES10 yet, it shouldn't be sold to consumers at all in developed countries and certainly not at this price!

Posted via CB10

I'd like to see the re boxing video please. Also WTF? How to take a step backwards RIM. HEY WHATS THE DEAL WITH THE CRASHING APPS? I think there are a few MOLES AND SABATEURS WORKING AT RIM. PROBABLY TEMPORARY FORIEGN WORKERSOL

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In other news...
Microsoft Unveiling the Surface 2! It's running Windows XP and comes with a Core 2 Duo processor.

2 GB model starting at $500

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While BlackBerry continue to build old devices and don't bring applications, or don't manage with developers to bring the major apps (instagram, shazam, kik, social apps,...) I RECEIVE MY IPHONE TOMORROW! yeaaahhhhh :o) adios, adieu, goodbye, BlackBerry !!!

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Oohh and good luck crackberry !! You re doing an awesome job for BlackBerry !! :-) see you in apple world...

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Does anyone care about this device. Not me. BlackBerry should bring back the old crank phone probably sell lots of those. It's 2013 BlackBerry wake up.

Sent from the Legendary Zed10

The full bridge is excellent. If you had ever tried it you'd know why BlackBerry Bridge fans love it (and miss it) so much.

I think James is going to do his first impressions post in a few days because it is going to take that long for the device to finally load up :/ smh

I'll stick to my bold for now. :D
This likely never will be selling in canada. But I'm happy for the die hards and those upgrading from a feature phone or basic phone too. The bb7 blackberries do serve a great communication purpose. No doubt about that. :D

Posted with my blackberry bold 9900, with it's crispy clear, sharp IPS LCD display and fantastic keyboard. Sure, it's legacy, but it will leave a great one behind it once I have the Q10 in 16 months. Or maybe much longer than that. Maybe I'll have a spare Curve 9320 from wind in the case anything happens to this bold or the Q10. :)

Nokia and Motorola still make flip phones for the pre-paid market! There's nothing wrong with a phone to do basic things. We all don't need the latest and greatest. I'm glad to see Blackberry working on having a range of handsets to choose from. It's all about personal preference.

Yes but do you see Nokia putting out press releases and fan sites doing unboxing videos of feature phones? They should just let this quietly die off, which it will and focus on bb10. Those that are under a rock / think this is a competitive and functional device for late 2013 to potentially take them to late 2015, go ahead and snatched one up before they are all gone.

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I would have put down the money had this device had global bands, incl. CDMA, and a front facing camera. Boxing and device build looks good though.

I would love to hear how this performs in real life compared to the last of the bolds. Laugh about it as much as you like, but a 9900 beats a q10 as a decent useable phone for all its lower specs. If all you see is tick boxes on a marketing sheet, all you will ever get is the phone someone else wants you to have.

Calling your bluff. Show me where the 9900 surpasses the q10.

Booting up? Nope.
Making / Receiving calls? Nope.
Camera? Nope. Q has two of them
Screen resolution? You can fit the 9900 screen on the Q and still have space to type Nope. lol
Writing Messages? Nope- calling a tie.
Hub /unified inbox? Better on Q.
Receiving messages? Nope. Truncated message!
Browser? Don't even get me started. Nope.
Lte radio? Nope.
Memory? Nope.
Native App selection? Nope.
Android support? Nope.
Integrated cloud storage? Nope.
Hourglass? Yes. The 9900 has an hourglass.

So again, apart from a longer boot time and the infamous hourglass, what advantages the 9900 has??

Posted via CB10

Calling my bluff eh? Ok I'll play.

First of all, the q10 is a better modern smartphone than the 9900, what I was saying is it is not a better phone, indeed it is a far less phone. So, I don't think you will be calling my bluff today because you haven't given a single rationalisation for your offhand dismissals of where you think the q10 beats the 9900, you just state it does. Instead, I'm going to call your bluff. I am afraid you will find many disagree with you, and this is mostly about opinions, but I will at least give you that opinion so you can at least see where others are coming from

You made the mistake of not reading what I said clearly. Please remember it doesn't have to beat it in the all the areas you say to be a better phone, but it holds it's own just fine for me
. I said PHONE not SMARTPHONE, so I'm not going to get into the irrelevancies of the latest apps and so on. You can list areas in which a q10 has its strengths, clearly. But as a basic phone i will list the advantages of a 9900 and address your points:

Firstly, negating your points

booting up - don't care? why should I? its an older phone and once it is on, it is irrelevant Plus when you turn a 9900 off, it restarts quicker and its alarm works. The q10 does not. so nope.
making receiving calls - 9900 IS far superior see my points below - i give reasons why the 9900 is better, you are giving none to say why q10 beats it. So, nope.
Camera - 9900 camera is not great so clearly it beats the q10 as it should with 2 years R and D behind it - does this affect how it works as a phone? Nope.
Screen resolution - willy waving. Its irrelevant. q10 screen is actually less readable and has huge garish icons. Far prefer the smaller icons and far more legible fonts (which are changeable) - nope
Writing messages - a tie? how? see my points below on text selection failures on the q10. - BIGGEST NOPE OF ALL
receiving messages - truncated - sorry never had it happen even once. Nope but if you have I'll give you half a point just to be fair.
Hub - why is this superior -? its just different, what benefits does it offer? None. I call your bluff - I and many others prefer the unified inbox - so another nope.
Browser - how does this affect it as a phone? Browser is adequate for my needs - so another nope. But for what it is worth, have you tried selecting page number links at the bottom of forums without a trackpad? FIddly isn't it until you pinch in and zoom. Also have you tried using menu's on websites that make use of the 'hover' action without a trackpad? doesn't work. So frankly again, the browser suits me sufficiently, even having a few advantages. But honestly we digress - not a phone feature, a smartphone feature. Either way - another nope.
LTE Radio - yet another smartphone feature that I don't care about - faster data allows me burn up my quota (and my battery) faster. woohoo. I'm perfectly happy with 3g speeds on a 9900 thanks - so again, nope
Memory - What's the problem here? Memory has never affected my ability to make a call, send an email or a text. Or basic browsing for that matter. if you are talking smartphone features again, you don't have enough space on a 32g sd card? I do - so again, nope.
native app selection - yawn. another smartphone feature, but fwiw I can't get my banking app or spotify on a q10, I can on the 9900. Another Nope.
Android support -smartphone feature, if I wanted an android phone though i would buy one. An irrelevant way to compensate for lack of apps that are native
Integrated cloud support - who cares if it is integrated? 3rd party apps allow access to the cloud providers I use? Anyway you drag me off point again - modern smartphone feature - nope
Hourglass - the one point you make here that is arguable. the 9900 has problems under heavy load. But it never hourglasses when making calls, texts or emails or light browsing so doesn't really affect my judgement. Have to go for a nope here, but since your doing so badly I wil allow you half a point here.

Right now we have that out of the way, in what ways do I think the 9900 is a better phone? ok here goes:

trackpad - far more efficient at text selection than the 'unreliable ring and blobs' of the q10 which are not as precise particularly at the screen edges, and often do not appear at all in response to the single or long press correctly. provides overall better navigation

physical end/start buttons - far more efficient, as is the 'back' button. q10 screen goes to sleep during a long call sometimes, so where is your end call button then? Hence I say the 9900 is better than a q10 at making receiving calls and call YOUR bluff.
speed dial from home screen which a q10 can do- far faster to make a call. Again, I call YOUR bluff.

General navigation - use of trackpad prevents mis selection from onscreen scrolling.

Deleting individual and multiple emails far quicker with the trackpad and delete key combo than fiddle fiddle swipe swipe on the q10

Clear LCD screen with better daylight legibility than the amoled screen of the q10 can offer.

customisable convenience keys for configurable actions speed up day to day use of those functions you use most often - q10 has no such ability.

hardware contacts for charging and night stand with bedside mode work beautifully - q10 has less functionality in bedside mode.

Better bridge function with tablet allows sending texts from the playbook - killer feature , inexplicably removed from all BB10 phones and bridge 3

Voice dial does not require an internet connection on 9900 and works more consistently - if you have enough signal for a call but not an internet connection on a q10, no voice dialling for you.

Pulling phone out of holster can be configured to open a recently received message. your more modern and efficient q10 can't do this, you have to open, unlock, navigate to your hub select text messages and view it.

Let me be clear - I don't care one jot about the latest games and angry birds.

So there you have it. A long winded diatribe on the merits of the 9900 as a phone vs the q10 and modern smartphones irrelevancies, one which I don't intend to go into in any more detail - its an opinion, one that differs from your own, that happens on the internet sometimes. Sorry if you don't agree, that's life. Have a good one!

Amen brother! I have an Iphone 5, a Nexus 4, a Z10, and a Q10, but guess what I carry to get work done?

My old BB 9700, and exactly for the reasons you said.

The trackpad and physical keys are SO much more efficient for getting work done when answering emails, making notes, etc.

I had a 9900 briefly but I gave it up because I need the autofocus camera in the 9700 when I need a shot of a label or something.

I have all those damn phones because I was hoping maybe ONE of them would do a better job but nope, they're all not good enough. Sure, those other phones are better for web surfing and apps, but to get work done they just don't cut it - for me.

That's why I'm interested in a 9720 too - I'm sorta concerned my 9700 is gonna die one of these days and I'll need a replacement device! (they're getting hard to find even used)

This new 9720 actually doesn't have autofocus either (yes, years later and still the same mistake), the processor is slower compared to 9900 and still runs the old 7.1 OS but with a slightly upgrade. So if you think this is better than 9900, it's not. It's more like ANOTHER Curve. And by the things you want, I would recommend you the 9790... And please rock your Q10!

I really can't care less about all that, the only things I miss are the trackpad and call buttons. The Q10 is rocking completely

As Kevin said in his previous video/videoblog.. this is old tech, we are moving forward with blackberry not staying in the past. Its worth posting tho, crackberry.

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James, I don't see this mentioned anywhere, maybe you've heard some reasoning behind it, but.....yes I see that this crap phone with 4 year old hardware specs and a 2 year old OS might be useful and sell well in some parts of the world....but this is the UK. Why on earth have they released it here??

As I've previously said, I'm not against another OS7 phone, quite honestly i miss certain features on my 9900, especially bis, but two whole years after the 9900 came out, surely they could just sell that at £180 instead now?!

Posted via CB10

I don't see the point of this device when we have the 9760 and 9320.

Better make a $200+ BB10 device to gain more traction.

I just don't know what are they thinking there at BlackBerry.

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Hope there is a contest so we can win a 9720 that would be so great a ground breaking device.

Posted via CB10

Smh at these comments... "maybe they should make a $200 BlackBerry10 phone." Did it ever occur to you that they can't? Where I am from the Z10 and Q10 sell for $799 no contract and Q5 for $599. This phone sells for $300. Do you see the point now?

Posted via CB10...

Cheap phone nobody wants vs expensive phone that some want and others are priced out from trying.

See my point?

Posted via CB10

Man this phone is a waste of tímє and energy and resources for вℓα¢квєяяу. Can't they see that. Os7.? R ỷỏủ kidding me. Work σn deliver 10.2 faster to everyone

Posted via CB10

This make for interesting reading considering that I just bought a brand new 9900 from Amazon for my wife for £230. Why would anyone who is aware of market forces go for the 9720?