UK post Christmas sale - Pick up a BlackBerry 9720 for only £99.95

By James Richardson on 27 Dec 2013 04:19 am EST

With many folk here in the UK waiting until after Christmas day for the sales to start with High Street and online retailers I thought it was worth pointing you in the direction of the price that Carphone Warehouse now has the BlackBerry 9720 up for. We published our UK PAYG price guide just recently, but things are already changing after the Boxing Day sales kicked in. Now at just £99.95 plus a £10 top-up and available in a range of colors this holds pretty good value for money in my book considering that some of the other UK networks are still offering the BlackBerry Curve 9320 at that price. 

I'll admit that there isn't a massive amount of difference between the two devices. The big things that stand out for me between the 9720 and the Curve 9320 has to be the touch screen and better camera on the 9720. We also get the redesigned keyboard on the 9720 as well as the hardware buttons either side of the trackpad, although this won't be a deal breaker for many.

This is just a heads up really if you were holding off to pick up yourself or the kids a new BlackBerry on Pay As You Go. Carphone Warehouse have the 9720 available from several networks (each with their own bonus incentives) at this price and with the five color options I'm sure there is something for everyone here if you are on a budget, or just don't need the all singing and dancing BlackBerry 10. After seeing the device results in the last earnings call from BlackBerry it seems that legacy devices such as the 9720 are still selling very well. 

Anyway, if you are in the UK and wanted a bargain this isn't a bad option. 

Order the BlackBerry 9720 online from Carphone Warehouse

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UK post Christmas sale - Pick up a BlackBerry 9720 for only £99.95


Spend the extra 60 and get the Z10. Carphone Warehouse phones are unlocked and unbranded. Put what ever sim you want in after you buy it.

Posted via CB10

I would probably take one.. just don't know why.. but my table is pretty unstable.. just sayin


Thanks James.

Please let us know when Carphone drops the price of the Z10 sim free to £149.

Need one for myself and my phone losing younger brother.

Pretty sure that the Z10 comes unlocked and unbranded from CPW, and has already been reduced ti £149 (+£10 topup). So effectively they are "SIM Free" as it 's up to you whther you use the supplied PAYG SIM, or your own, with the handset. You need to go into the main PAYG pages and select Blackberry to see it, as the Z10 page currently only shows Pay Monthly contract options.

Thank you for the advice.
I will look into this further as its just about coming into my bye now range.

We need the Q5 to drop to this price.

With the deal with Foxconn going through.

We need BB10 on these kind of devices.
The legacy devices are killing BB10 rollout, even though BB10 is a better operating system.

The most important thing is to start phasing BBOS7 out and start increasing the BB10 devices at entry level.

How is anyone going know how good BlackBerry 10 is if people are still clinging to legacy devices.

None of the competition are running two operating systems at the same time.

BlackBerry.....Get it done.

Posted via CB10

Wooo hoo! It's about time. Been waiting for this device to be cheap. Now I can get 5 of it for my family. Love this phone! This is the direction that BlackBerry should definitely take!

Said no one ever...

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I'm not sure that "legacy devices such as the 9720 are still selling very well". They might be "selling well compared to BlackBerry 10 devices" and that's about it.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry is still a very strong brand in the UK. You see devices everywhere!

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