BlackBerry 9720 Review

For first time BlackBerry users in emerging markets and those who want to hold on to BIS or the BlackBerry 7 experience, the 9720 is for you. 

By DJ Reyes on 12 Sep 2013 02:13 pm EDT

The BlackBerry 9720 is the latest BlackBerry OS device to be launched by BlackBerry. Many have questioned the need for another BlackBerry OS device as opposed to BlackBerry 10, however I think that there is still a place for this little guy, especially in the corporate section. It is already available in the U.K. and should be popping up in other regions soon.

Going back to a BlackBerry OS device was certainly no easy task for me as I hadn't used one since I got my Z10 on the January 30th launch day. However, I felt in order to give this device a chance I had to jump in and use it full-time to really get to know it. It was a bit of a learning curve and I was swiping here and there for a while but soon the old habits came back and I was able to get back into the stride of using BlackBerry OS - though I do find myself still swiping every now and then.

You can see by the name that BlackBerry has dropped the model names and just opted to call it the 9720. The 97xx series has always been the Bold series but when you see the device it looks a lot more like the Curve models, especially with the keyboard. You'll find I'll compare the 9720 a lot to the Curve line even though is doesn't have the Curve label. 

The 9720 runs BlackBerry OS 7.1 with some added new features like a new lock screen with a camera shortcut and the addition of Multicast, an app that allows you to post to BBM, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

We've had our first impressions already but now let's take a look a little deeper into the 9720.

BlackBerry 9720 Unboxing

Device unboxings are a tradition here on CrackBerry, so a 9720 unboxing is expected. In the U.K. retail box you'll get a USB cable, U.K. wall plug, earphones and of course the manuals.

Features and Specs

BlackBerry 9720 Specs

The 9720 runs pretty smoothly for the most part but with my usage I found 512MB for RAM a little to low at times. It's far less than what we commonly see in newer devices but still enough for the 9720 to get by at most times. It sports a 2.8 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 x 360. A big adjustment coming from a BlackBerry 10 device. It has a 806 MHz Tavor MG1 processor, which I feel also lacks especially when I have a few apps open. The 9720 has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and a built-in FM Radio. The battery is a Li-Ion 1450mAh removable battery.

As I've said, it could have perhaps benefited from a bigger processor and more RAM. The specs are somewhat understandable for the market of this device but I did find apps crashed if I pushed it too far which could be concerning for some users.


At first glance, the 9720 has lots of similarities to Curve models. It has the chicklet style split-keyboard that all Curve models have and comes complete with the clicky sound too. It's much like the keyboard on the BlackBerry Q5 both in look and feel and thus it certainly brought me back to the time I briefly used a Curve 9320.

Its flat front face is a lot like the Q5 and can be described as a cross between a Curve 9320 and Q5. It's actually the same width as the Q5 and same dimensions of the Bold 9000. Above the keyboard you have your call button, BlackBerry key, back key, end call key and of course the trackpad. A staple for BlackBerry OS devices. Like most of the recent Curve models (and the 9790) these are all individually raised buttons. I've actually missed these buttons at times being on BlackBerry 10 so while it was nice to have them back, it was certainly a big adjustment for me.

The display is a 2.8 inch IPS touchscreen display and has 480x360 (214ppi) resolution. That's the same screen size as the Bold 9900 but with a lower resolution. So while it's not a terrible screen, it's still one of the smallest in the market today.

On the right side of the device you have your volume keys with a mute key sitting in the between them and also a camera convenience key (though this can be set to whatever you want). I did like having a convenience key back as again, it's something that is missed on BlackBerry 10. On the left side you have to charger port and BBM shortcut key. Again, this can be changed too. Along the top of the device you have a headphone jack and lock key. On bottom you'll find the speaker and of course on the back you have your 5MP camera with and LED flash.

As mentioned, the 9720 has an 806MHz Tavor MG1 processor and 512MB RAM. I feel it these are lacking at times as I often get the spinning clock and prompts that the device has to be restarted due to it not having enough memory. If you're doing simple tasks and not using too many apps I think you can get by, but for most users this will be one of the biggest downsides of the device.

The 9720 itself is made from plastic, much like the Curve models. Around the side your have a rubber textured banding to offer some grip when holding the device. The back cover is also plastic with a rubber textured outer layer to add more grip to the device. The back cover has a ribbed texture that reminds me of the back cover of the Torch 9800/9810.

Under the cover is a microSD slot above the battery and a mini SIM slot under the battery. There is no NFC to be found here.

Appearance and Design

9720 Appearance and Design

Although the 9720 isn't labeled as a Curve model, it can certainly be mistaken for one if you're not one who keeps up with the latest BlackBerry news - but there's no mistaking it's a BlackBerry. It doesn't have a high end feel like the Bold 9900, however due to the rubber going around the side as well as the rubber back cover, it doesn't sound or feel as plastic and "cheap" as other devices such as the Curve 9320. For those still using the BlackBerry OS smartphone, you'll feel right at home with the 9720.

The dimensions of the 9720 are actually the same of that on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 - 114x66x12. However, it feels smaller and it is also lighter. It weighs in at 4.23oz (120g) and while that isn't too heavy, it has a solid feel to it. Again, I think having the rubber banding makes it feel solid. I definitely don't have a fear of dropping it due to the rubber banding and back cover.


9720 Touchscreen

The 9720 comes with an IPS touchscreen display at 2.8 inches. Where previous BlackBerry OS touchscreen devices have sported a TFT touchscreen display, the 9720 has an IPS (in-plane switching) display. This type of screen offers a wider viewing angle and quicker response times. Definitely an added plus, although I'm not entirely sure a wider viewing angle is welcome.

I didn't run into any issues with using the touchscreen but with the trackpad I found myself using that more than the touchscreen for selecting things. If I did use the touchscreen, it just made me want to swipe and gesture but existing BlackBerry OS users will have no trouble here.

Overall the screen is bold and bright and pretty much what you'd expect on a device like this.

Keyboard and Typing

BlackBerry 9720 Keyboard

Having used a Q10 for the past few months, then jumping into using the 9720, the keyboard experience was something I had to get used to. The Q10 keyboard is slick and smooth and the 9720 experience is not quite that. The 9720 is the first BlackBerry OS smartphone (not including the Porsche Design P'9981) to have a straight keyboard, as found on the Q10 and Q5. So, for anyone coming from another BlackBerry OS there may be a slight learning curve in getting used to  the keyboard.

The keys are slightly more raised than that on the Q5 but this is pretty much the same with how the Curve model keyboards are. It is also louder and clicky, in-line with that of the Curve models, again.

9720 (left), Q5 (right) keyboard comparison

With the keys being space out, it does make it slightly easier to type on, especially with my smaller hands but I think even larger hands will feel comfortable. I can type fast on the 9720 keyboard, it just gets a bit noisy and not as smooth as on the likes the Q10 and Bold models. But I make minimal mistakes, so I'd say apart from the clicky, clack noise it makes, you get a good typing experience on the 9720. It helps that the 9720 is wider than most BlackBerry OS smartphones. So, the keys can be space out much more. Only the Bold 9900 is wider but only by a smidge.

Using this keyboard at this point almost seems like a step back however, especially with devices like the Bold 9900 and Q10 having such great keyboards.


9720 camera

The 9720 comes with a 5MP camera, sadly there is no auto-focus to be found here but it does have an LED flash. It isn't the best but you can get some decent low light shots with it. It definitely won't be your main camera but for quick snaps to share on social networks it will suffice. Auto-focus would have been nice but seeing as it looks like it's part of the Curve line, it fits the bill. Beefing this up a bit would have been a plus but the combination of a 5MP camera with no autofocus really kills the ability to get any good quality photos from the 9720.

One thing that has been added to the camera app is the ability to share the picture you just took, making things a lot easier. Most of the time you snap a photo and you want to share it. The option is there now, it takes you to a list of all the places you can share the photo to. Definitely a welcome addition.

I didn't have another legacy device to compare pictures with so I've gone and compared it with a couple of pictures taken with the Q5. You can see from the pictures above that outdoors the 9720 does pretty well. A lot brighter than on the Q5. Indoors however, in low light, the colors are a bit off. The same can be said for most of the Curve models too, so not much has change in that department.


BlackBerry 9720 Battery

The battery is a 1450mAh JS1 and I found it did last me a day. It took a while to break in as do most batteries in general but once it was in full stride, I could go from morning to night in one charge - though on very heavy usage days, I would have to plug it in earlier but it would get me through most of the day.

It is also a removable battery so you could swap it out if you had a spare too. Since this is targeted at emerging markets, battery life may suffice. You might burn through the battery life if you used BBM Groups a lot though but it would still go for more than half a working day. On the whole, I didn't run into battery issues. 


The 9720 on has 512MB of RAM and is really one of its biggest downfalls. With minimal use it is fine but it's a BlackBerry and while it may be targeted at emerging markets, even opening up a few websites made the browser close all the tabs due to not enough memory which is a bit of a bummer. I got so used to opening up multiple websites on BlackBerry 10.

If I had too many apps open it was also start to give me the dreaded spinning clock so I had to be sure that I only had the most important apps open. Though in saying that, BBM Messages and the browser is generally what I'll have open  (and they're open by default) so for the most part that was fine. It was just when I needed to do that bit more.

After a bit of use it's pretty obvious that the 9720 isn't a "power user" device as the specs just aren't really enough to keep things running smoothly if you're doing too much at once.

9720 as a phone

9720 as a phone

Since, the 9720 runs BlackBerry OS, having keyboard shortcuts to contacts is very convenient. Certainly something I miss in the Q10. Just being able to press and hold direct from the home screen again makes calling a breeze.

The phone 'app' has change a little. It will show your call log first and you can scroll through to your contacts and dial pad too. Your call log can be sorted by most recent, most used and name. Call quality itself is pretty sound and every is clear. Generally, BlackBerry phones are good when it comes to the phone function, the 9720 is no different.


9720 Connectivity

With the 9720 you get the usual data connections - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. No LTE/4G here but you do get HSPA. There's no NFC either, though I sometimes wish there was. I regularly use NFC to share photos and it would have been a nice option to have here. There is however a built-in FM radio, so if you like to listen to the radio this is great way to do so without having to use up your data allowance.

There is also the ability to mobile hotspot since it is running OS 7.1. You also have BlackBerry Bridge to connect to the PlayBook and for the most part, the combination of BlackBerry 7 and PlayBook is a pretty solid one. 


As already mentioned, the 9720 is running BlackBerry OS 7.1 which most BlackBerry users will be familiar with, but there are a few new features thrown in as well. So, if you're coming from a BlackBerry OS device, you'll still be familiar with everything within the OS as the new features don't change anything in the UI.

So, what's new. A new lock screen. New because you get a camera shortcut icon too. When you lock the device you can a brief animation of a 'window' come down over the screen before it fully locks. Gestures can't be used to unlock the device, it's good old fashioned lock button here, although I did find that if I pressed the back key to wake the device (this brings up the lock screen camera icon) I could swipe up to get rid of the lock screen camera icon.

If you have a password set up on your BlackBerry device, from that unlock menu there is also a shortcut to 'Take a picture'. So, either way you're getting a shortcut to take a picture from the lock screen whether you have a password set or not.

Another added feature on the OS 7.1 version for the 9720 is Multicast. An app that allows you update your BBM, Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time. Something I wish was also native on BlackBerry 10. There is no setup required - if you have the accounts added already then they will be available to see via Multicast.

Everything else is OS 7.1 as found in existing BlackBerry 7.1 devices today.

BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World on BlackBerry OS

Even though the BlackBerry app store is now called BlackBerry World, there is no music or movies to be found here. Straight up apps/games as it has always been for BlackBerry OS. There is still a huge selection to be found and of course, those much wanted banking apps are available and so are a few other apps that I have missed being native to BlackBerry.

I did manage to find all equivalent apps to those I regularly use on BlackBerry 10 so for to most part there wasn't an issue with getting things done.

Don't forget though, with BlackBerry OS you can install apps OTA, so if you were provided a link to the .JAD file you can install OTA. No sideloading here.

BlackBerry 9720 Review Summary

9720 Review Summary

Overall, the 9720 is a pretty solid BlackBerry OS device. It served me well for the most part and the only draw backs are its lack of memory and not so high-spec processor. I actually enjoyed using it for the time I did but not enough that it would make me go back to BlackBerry OS. I've moved on and BlackBerry 10 is where it is at for me but it was nice to make use of Word Substitution as it should be. I still feel this lacks on BlackBerry 10. It was also nice to have convenience keys again. Two of them at that.

The 9720 isn't the Bold 9900 and if you currently use the 9900, I'd probably say, stick with it. Only because it is a lot more high end but if you want something new, the 9720 isn't too bad and is the same size. Though you do sacrifice RAM and processing power and doesn't have that 'high end' feel. But considering the target market of the 9720, I would say the specs are fine. Remember, the 9720 is being marketed at emerging markets so the spec sheet would be fine for those markets. In places like the Philippines and India, BlackBerry 10 devices are still a little over people's price range and BlackBerry OS devices still sell more there so 9720 will place nicely in those markets.

While the U.K. isn't an emerging market, BlackBerry smartphones have always been quite popular here, especially the Curve models so it seems only right for the 9720 to make its way to the country.

For power users, I'm not sure it's a good option at all. For the times I needed to power through, I did get the spinning clock and there were times apps had to shutdown due to lack of memory. Having been used to opening 10 or more tabs in the browser it was a tad bit annoying at times when the browser would just crash. 

The Good
  • Bigger / wider keyboard
  • Rubber texture for added grip
The Bad
  • Low RAM
  • Low processing power (for power users)
The bottom line

The spec sheet of the 9720 is best suited for the target market. At its core it is pretty much a Curve model that was given a bigger shell to live in. It isn't being targeted for the masses and that's what needs to be realized. There is a place for it and for that place, it will do well. Not recommend for current 9900 users or other power users, unless of course you want something new that isn't high end. You don't get a high end feel to the device but it still a solid device. Having two convenience keys is also quite beneficial and if you do use BBM a lot, the BBM hot key is very convenient. It probably could benefit from a lower price mark but we can only see it go down from here. It's not BlackBerry 10 and it isn't supposed to be. Definitely not for those who have already moved on to BlackBerry 10.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry 9720 Review


I hope a Z5 comes soon. It would be nice to give BBOS 10.0 the ability to get BIS, some people isn't buying for this reason.

Posted via CB10

Oh don't you worry. Z10 will act as a Z5 soon when Z30 launches. Z10 is already getting shafted on new features set as BB thought putting late 2011 hardware was a smart move in 2013.

My z10 has better specs than iPhone 5s and it's not even out yet. Been Z10-ing for 7 months and counting. Maybe you should check the specs of "late 2011" hardware before sharing your uninformed and ridiculous opinions.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I hurt a BlackBerry faithful. Apple isn't the only company releasing phones, there's Samsung, Sony, LG, Google, Nokia, and more. The features that are being released soon for bb10.2 are going to depend on which model phone you have. Because of hardware limitations of the Z10, it won't be getting them all. Hence BlackBerry's lack of future planning of a phone released in late January of this year. Other phones have features from 2011 that the z10 won't be getting.

PS. I used my Z10 to write this message, which I do like. But at the same time I am not some blind fan boy who agrees with anything BlackBerry throws at.

Posted via Z10

The only one I've heard of is MiraCast. It is possible that the radio in the Z10 won't work with Verizon's forthcoming ultra high speed LTE. The Q10 should work with both of these... neither of which is relevant to me at all... IMHO the Z10's hardware is holding up remarkably well. It's too early for a Z10s, if you will, but even so, the only thing I'd be tempted by within this same form factor might be wireless charging with a bigger battery. Obviously more RAM and a faster CPU/GPU would be awesome, but I'm not sure I need it. 10.2 is much harder and snappier!

Posted via CB10

It really is so sad that you compare your Z10 spec sheet against the iPhone 5s and feel proud. You really think that because on paper, the Z10 has a similar camera spec to the iPhone 5s that it actually takes the same quality pictures or even has the same options??? Seriously?

You really think that because the BB has comparable memory to the iPhone 5s that the Z10 delivers the same user experience and has the same app ecosystem and usability for things other than core apps??? Give me a break. The average layman consumer knows there's more to a phone nowadays than its specs, why are you still in the dark?

Agreed. It was probably more cost effective to throw this together and use up the extra parts.

Posted via CB10

I think this phone was developed for not only emerging markets, but also to enterprise who need a phone refresh but haven't / aren't willing to upgrade to BES10.
Plus like the guys above me said, this really is a mashup of older phones by the looks of it, so the cost to make was probably very marginal

Why is it that only on the YouTube embedded links are a mess? Other sites it'll take you to mobile site.

Toronto Maple Leafs Channel C0001D318

Thanks for the review, very thorough.

My fleet's currently running 34 Z10s, 33 Q10s and 19 9790s. We're looking at replacing the 9790s soon as they're getting a tad long in the tooth and we're hoping to get something quite rugged to replace them with as they're with my service team. We were leaning toward the Q5 but I honestly think this 9720 would be a better fit. I know it's not available in Canada but if it does become so then it's on the list!

Your review was very well put together. I like your professionalism. But I still believe that BlackBerry should have stuck with bb10 os. They need to come out with a cheaper model that sports the bb10 os. Come out with a z5 or z2 or whatever you want to call it. Price it right for emerging markets. Yes I understand that there is a market for this phone but there is also a market for carburetors too. Anyway I hope BlackBerry will do well with this phone I just think it's a waste of time.

Posted via CB10

Wonder if this would be considered for a "fleet-only" release in Canada at some point?

Lots of corporate BES5 installations still around, and I can't see the 99xx sticking around forever.

Sounds like Reyes has a cold! Cheers for still bringing the review!
The phone really brings back memories of my 9700 days.

How much is this gonna retail for off contract? Anymore then 2-300 would be stupid of them.

Posted via CB10

No, Social Feeds still exists. Where Social Feeds is there for you to your timeline, Multicast is there for you to update your status to all three accounts at once.

Ya sorry I should have watched the video about it first.
But the Multicast feature was always available by creating a new post via Social Feeds.
I guess this makes it easier..?

Yes, so it's there at the tap of the screen, I guess. Either way, I wish it was native to BlackBerry 10 too

Regarding India, does the following post mean the new OS7 phone has a 'final test' and BB should go forward with only OS10 devices?
Or, are there un-spoken words about the future of BB in India?

WSJ Blog:Launch of 9720 Is 'Final Test for BlackBerry' in India
12 Sep 13:15
(This story has been posted on The Wall Street Journal Online's Canada Real
Time blog at
By R. Jai Krishna
Originally posted on India Real Time.
Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd. has launched its 9720 cellphone
handset in India, priced at 15,990 (US$252) per unit.
The latest handset works on an updated version of BlackBerry's BB7 software,
after a muted response towards its more recent BB10 software.
The updated software allows users to swipe to unlock the phone and to access
the camera from the locked screen.
BlackBerry India's managing director, Sunil Lalvani, said in a statement
Thursday that the 9720 is aimed at urban youth and first-time smartphone buyers
upgrading from a basic handset.
The BlackBerry 9720 will be available at retail outlets across the country
from September 14.
A New Delhi-based telecom analyst said the 9720 "will be the final test for
BlackBerry in India."
Read the full post on India Real Time.
For continuously updated news from The Wall Street Journal, see at

(END) Dow Jones Newswires
09-12-13 1315ET
Copyright (c) 2013 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Why wouldn't they just have a good price on the 9900 instead of designing a new phone that can hardly be called a bold..

Posted via CB10

Exactly, why not just lower the price of the Bold??? Bet they would sell "10s of millions" of them all over the world. Another genius move from BlackBerry. BlackBerry never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Posted via CB10

That's a paradox. If BlackBerry never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, then that means they are hitting an opportunity, which means they are missing an opportunity, which means they are hitting..

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Modifying it slightly into a non-paradox: BlackBerry never misses a bad opportunity to miss a good opportunity. Head in the sand until warning sign turns into full-blown crisis. That's how BlackBerry works you know...

Maybe the 9900 costs too much to manufacture. Plastic is cheaper...look at Apple releasing the plastic 5C to fill the $100 spot instead of doing the regular model demotion.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I think making so many models is stupid and spreading themselves thin. Instead of focusing on the Z10 and Q10

Posted via CB10

Even though the world's eyes are on BB and what they are doing to claw back as a leader in the mobile industry, even though everything BB does from now on has to be spot on and excellent, even though BB has to do everything possible to market, sell, and improve BB 10, and even though BB can't afford to look like a company stuck in the past lagging behind the competition.... BB ignored all of that and made this phone. A sub par, under-powered phone, made of cheap materials and unimpressive hardware internals, running a dead OS with no third-party development or commitment, and selling to markets that have access to the latest and greatest from all the competition.

Hmmm... I wonder why so many doubt that BB can ever recover from their huge fall from grace???

BB is throwing everything at the wall hoping something will stick, at the precise time they should be doing exactly the opposite. They should be focusing all their efforts on a very limited product line that impresses the new customer and loyalist alike. With a limited product line, of excellent hardware and software, there would be little the market or critics can legitimately criticize. Instead, BB keeps making terrible decisions that overshadow all their good ones. It really is sad.

In wireless the service is at least as important as the handset - if not more important - and in the markets for which the 9720 is intended, demand remains for BIS capable handsets. This is BlackBerry listening to their customers, and giving them what they ask for. Novel concept, eh?

Whatever you say...I'm sure you're right, because none of the competition's phones provide the service these markets need, right?

Hah, agree with you. BB faithfuls should know that there are other company's manufacturing cheap cell phones based on newer OS's that are supported by the market. BBOS is dead and BB's full attention should be towards BB10 and making it the #3 platform.

Except that BlackBerry also provides back haul carrier network services and so can work with carriers to come up with a much more cost effective monthly service plan for BIS BB phones. So the monthly bill gives you more for less. Anyone else able to do that?

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

512MB RAM? Good lord. I still get some spinning clocks on my 9930 with 768MB of RAM. I would get very frustrated using the 9720 but I am not its target audience. I suppose it will do fine for its target.

"But considering the target market of the 9720, I would say the specs are fine. Remember, the 9720 is being marketed at emerging markets so the spec sheet would be fine for those markets. In places like the Philippines and India..." etc.

Ah, those illusions about "emerging markets". Again from someone who is located far away of those markets.

I'd like to hear opinions from experts in Philippines and India, what do they say - does such outdated device stand a chance vs competition in the same price range. I suspect their opinion might be different.

The Curve 9320/9220 still sell well in the Philippines. The BlackBerry 10 devices are still too expensive for most. 

May be.
But "well" and "most" are broad definitions which better to support with stats.
And reference to Curve is not very logical in discussion on 2013 device.

Go Curve keyboard !
And I guess that BlackBerry did their homework correctly. This new 9720 will be a success in the countries where it will be available.

Thanks for the review, thorough yet concise. I bought a 9720 on saturday. Quite happy with it over the last few days. You said it takes a mini sim. It doesnt. It takes a normal sim. The store where i bought it from also said the same thing and i cut the sim. After taking the phone back and showing them it takes a normal sim they gave me a sim adapter. The 9720 also has a torch function. Bring up the camera, switch to video mode and use the space key as the on/off switch.

The mini SIM is the 'normai' SIM. The BlackBerry 10 devices and many other smartphones take a micro SIM. Back in the days when mobile phones were the size of bricks, the SIM card was credit card sized, then those Nokia devices came along and the mini SIM became the norm for a very long time. So, it can be mistaken as the normal SIM :)

The torch function using the space bar is on all currently BlackBerry OS devices too. Good feature. I used that too, rather than downloading an app.

Is it me or does the photo of this phone not look a whole lot my Palm Treo Pro. Wow, you know Palm was so far ahead of their time then Apple stole the store literally the App Store.

Posted by my awesome Z10

I have to agree with the people saying they should have lowered the price of the 9900 maybe throw in a tweak or goodies and it would sell great, I still think the 9900 looks great

Posted via CB10

Blackberry has no time in 2013 to introduce products that at a minimum do not function as intended. Insufficient memory and processing power causing your device to crash is not a way to introduce the Blackberry product family. Shame on Blackberry for disrespecting their loyal customers in this manner. (I currently own a Q10. Previous owner of a Bold 9000 and 9900)

This is so stupid I can barely stand it. Not because its an OS device, but because it's such a crappy phone. Every single one of the OS devices were hardly usable. And yet they put out phone after phone that are almost identical in specs and looks without putting any thought or marketing into it.

Posted via CB10

Great review! I agree with you DJ, I am from the Philippines and legacy devices are still very popular. So I think they should release this phone here.

After all the BB 10 storm blowing around, I would still buy a good replacement for my 9900. With os7 ofcourse!

A phone so outdated that not only should it have never been developed and released, but the person who suggested its existence should have been fired for even pitching the idea.

When Blackberry eventually ceases to exists as currently formulated, this can be pointed to as one of the many, many reasons as to why. An absolute waste of time and resources.

thanks for the review ! very thorough and detailed.
I like the split between the hardware video and the os video.

The phone even has the little hole for phone little handlers that teenagers love.

Am planning to buy this phone but since the review says the processor again deviated to the BlackBerry 9790...which one should I buy? and will I be able to upgrade the BlackBerry 9790 os to the one on BlackBerry 9720?

Posted via CB10

I think theres been some confusion with sim size terminology at the carphone warehouse here in the UK. Thats why they are advising buyers that the 9720 takes a micro sim.

Nice review, appreciate the objectivity in it. With that being said unless you are in an emerging market you'd be crazy to buy this clunker. Why anyone in their right mind would choose this over the 9900 is beyond me, and why BB didn't just lower the price of the 9900 and make that their emerging market phone is beyond me. Oh well, I'm sure they will sell a few of them either way.

This is so ridiculous even by BlackBerry standard.. cheap, 2years old specs.. seriously..
Then again, could be targeted on low end Indonesia market (which alreadycrowded with same specs, lower price androids)

Posted via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10

Throw this piece of isht out the window, think iPhone is going to come out with as new iOS 4 device, oh wait no they arent.

Posted via CB10

I maybe alone on this and haven't bothered to read the posts, but for an old paradigm like the track pad (recall all those who cried at leaving the scroll wheel?!), and the costs associated with manufacturing, shipping and advertisement (and life cycle support costs), it would cost BlackBerry at least a very considerable amount of significant $$$'$$$ to hire or keep on 100 very astute programmers to look at, code, test and retest those long sought after features for real diehard BlackBerry users from BlackBerry OS 7/6/5 and incorporate them into BB10 for launch on 10.2.

Submit the code and for reference later and kept for future builds of BB10.

Posted via CB10

Please add my BBM Channel for "Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" C001214D9

Proud support of BlackBerry (Q10/Z10/PlayBook 16 & 64GB)

I'm having problem I download a new software on my Q10 and after the phone restart came back everything is working fine except I can't make or receive calls or even listen to my voice mail what can I do to get it back to working again..

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I got my BB9720 a week back. The only thing I found wrong with my handset was that the battery cover is loose fit and the one which was there at the point of sale also was like that. Strangely the sales guy told that these hand sets are manufactured like that. When I wrote to BB support, what they are saying is that hardware concerns are beyond their control and I need to contact the point of purchase. Trying to live with that. Is there any fix for the battery cover problem. This mediocre spec handset is priced too steeply. You can get dual core examples of samsung and co with 1 gb ram with a big screen for the same amount . But whatever said and done I would give this handset a 7/10 for its awesome keyboard and silky smooth OS.

hy guys i have a problem with my bb it always says memory full yet i have a new 4g memory card, cant take pics, what might be the problem

As a phone that you communicate with the 9720's fine, for me that's what a phone's for. As a bonus it's also good with a handful of apps, which as a user of a handful of apps is also fine.

Bigger things need bigger devices in my world, so I use my tablet or laptop to do bigger things.

Guess I'm old fashioned, as I also use an mp3 player for music, a console for games, and a camera for photos.

I just happen to be in the market for a new phone. I have read all the witty commens here. Despite that, I'm buying a BB 9720 tomorrow.

Why, you might ask. And the answer is in the logic behind my personal preferences. I only use my phone for calls, e-mail and a couple of calendar events, occasionally texting and whatsapp. If I receive an e-mail with an .xls or .pdf or .ppt, I can view them no problem. Browsing: 2 websites per month (e.g. checking the opening times for a store...). Camera: used very rarely, perhaps to create a new wallpaper of something nice or assigning 4-5 faces to caller ids. I hate on-screen keyboard, love the real BB keyboard. Apps: I need like 2 apps, one for making to-do notes, and a language translator. Plenty of that on BB World.

For all of these, the BB 9720 hardware specs provide a flawless experience. I do not use any social networks (huge time wasters), however I love the fact that BB will handle these with ease, if one day I'll decide to join them. While I love to choose which e-mail to read with a trackpad, this device even has a touchscreen for a bit faster selections, which I don't really need (love the trackpad). You can argue that other phones might accommodate my phone needs for less money OR same money but better hardware. Count in that I want a full real keyboard and your choices are limited to perhaps (just a guess) 2-3 devices? Where none of them provides a BB experience.

By buying 9720 instead of Q5, in Europe I save 200 EUR (about $300), which pays for my Blackberry Internet Service for 25 months (!!) - that's 2 years free internet on my phone just by choosing a different type. The fact that Q5 doesn't need BIS does not change these numbers (BIS and mobile network = same price with my operator).

I have been using BB 8820 for 3+ years (2007-2010), I guess that plays a role in my choice. However using a HTC Desire S for 2 years (2011-2013) did not do it to me - I did not start to like touchscreen, quite the contrary. I miss my real keyboard times - just a short notion of a broader topic.

I don't particularly like the fact that BB OS 7 development is discontinued; however in my thinking, the current BB OS version, whatever the number, name, etc. is absolutely perfect for the usage I've outlined before. During my almost 4 years with BB 8820, I think there was only one update, which did not bring anything fancy on the table for my style of using the phone. I don't mind the OS. In fact, I quite like its easy visuals and quick usability.

At the end of the day, while comments that include harsh words and contain forum messages meant for RIM/BB managers make you feel a bit more important in this world, please always remember the fact that you are expressing your individual needs and you should respect individual needs of others, which might and often are different.

It might not be so for you, however based on my personal preferences, BB 9720 is THE ideal phone for me.

That "SPINNING CLOCK"!! Oh I remember those Curve moments where I have to wait half an hour if I opened a lot of apps. Too lucky I'm out of it! :D

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VERY URGENT PLS, my 9720 just stopped receiving network , i have tried everything including a hard reset,factory reset, opting for 2G alone and 2 and 3G, All to no avail, it is showing the Network name from the network page under options, please any one with an idea of what I can do before I go and burn my money with phone fixers.