The BlackBerry 9720 gets a price cut in the UK from Carphone Warehouse

By James Richardson on 26 Oct 2013 09:02 am EDT


For UK BlackBerry users that are not bothered about upgrading to BlackBerry 10 and are happy with a BlackBerry 7 device as their main form of communication we bring you good news. Carphone Warehouse has cut the price of the BlackBerry 9720 to just £99.95 on Pay-As-You-Go, plus a £10 top up. 

This now makes the 9720 £10 cheaper than the Curve 9320 and a real bargain in you are in the market for a new smartphone. The 9720 may not be as snazzy as its newer BlackBerry 10 brothers, but what it does give you is still fantastic email, BBM, social networking and all the other great features that BlackBerry has long been famous for. 

I'm sure in the comments to this post there will be loads of folk being negative about the 9720, but there is still a market for low cost BlackBerrys and for under £100 this one could well be a great seller for Carphone Warehouse on the run up to Christmas. 

You can pick up the 9720 from CPW in black, white, pink, purple and blue - so an option for everyone. Interested? Catch up with our full 9720 review here. 

Order the BlackBerry 9720 online from Carphone Warehouse

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The BlackBerry 9720 gets a price cut in the UK from Carphone Warehouse


But it was. At least now the price seems right and I bet that we'll ee a good amount of people upgrade their 8520s, 9300s and 8900s!

That phone and every other phone released like the z10 and q10 should have been priced cheaper to appeal to more ppl. Even the z30 should be priced a bit cheaper. This is the only way BlackBerry is gonna get their phones out to more ppl. They screw up their chance by pricing the z10 and q10 to high.

Price is an objection only in the absence of value. I had no problem with the initial pricing of my Z10 ($150 on a 3 year contract). I think if you price a product (too) cheaply you reduce the perception of value and/or quality. I don't think anyone would have taken the phone seriously if it was priced to cheap. Then you'd have people questioning the quality or concerned BlackBerry would not be around. It's not an easy choice to make.

I agree. I had no problem with the $200 price tag on my Z10 with 2 year contract. It may have been $150 with rebate.

I paid $200 on contract as well, about 2 weeks before some places reduced the price and I haven't regretted it once. Would have been worth it even in I had to shell out full retail. Love my Z10.

BlackBerry 10 United

That was the right move. They need to place now advertisement of a new BlackBerry launch with the new 10.2 as the main focus with BBM cross platform and all the new APP and placing the Q 5 below 300 and z10 below 400 and showing off on signal and security.

Posted from the best mobile device Z10 10.2.0. 1791

This phone is just shoddy when compared with the 9320.
Just highlighted how build quality for BlackBerry has fallen.

Posted via CB10

What a stupid decision to make this phone. Especially with no marketing behind it.

CB10 - Z10 -

Doesn't need marketing. The reason they released it is because of how many BB7 devices were selling without marketing. If I am marketing BB10 and people in some reasons are still buying BB7, why should I market a new BB7 device? People are already buying those.

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This phone is a nice upgrade at the bottom end of the market compared with a 9320, it will have used hardly any resources since it is basically a 9790 in a new casing with a couple of os tweaks so there was nothing wrong with them releasing this phone since they will have had to keep some bbos devs in the company in case of security patches or other hot-fixes to support existing devices.

Lucky you, I'm stood in a long queue that is winding around the road waiting for one....

.....oh no, looks like this is the queue for the bus.

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As a phone and messaging device, the 9720 is an excellent device and now it's excellent value too.

This phone needs to replace the curves on offer in Canada! Especially at that price. This would give a real challenge the basic Samsung phones.

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Love the idea of the touch screen on this phone, along with BlackBerry Maps 7.1, the security with the device, and still holds to it's roots.

Great phone.

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This phone should be stocked in Walmart stores across Canada. Nice to see they finally bring the touch screen to the curve!

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My daily driver is a Curve 9320 even though I have a Z10 for reasons of being able to use BIS (email and BBM) when abroad. I might consider changing for a 9720 at this reduced price for the bigger and better touch screen and for the higher res. camera.

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Priced well for an entry level BlackBerry. These ought to sell well at this price.

Cheap to run too with it having BIS !

Posted via my CB Q10

I know any sales are better than none, but this doesn't help further the message of BB10, which according to BlackBerry themselves is the future of the company.

BlackBerry 10 United

I wonder if they were able to build it with cheaper components than older BBOS devices to increase the margin.

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I use a 9320 for work and a z10 for everything else, I would prefer work to upgrade to bb10 even just the q5!

Posted via CB10

My first BlackBerry was a bold 9700

9720 is still a brilliant phone and I would still have it as a second phone!

Cannot go wrong for £100!

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There are still companies out there that give their employees bog standard Nokias and Pearls!

This is Blackberrys new bog standard comms device.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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