BlackBerry 9720 now available from Carphone Warehouse

BlackBerry 9720 now available from Carphone Warehouse
By DJ Reyes on 2 Sep 2013 04:43 am EDT

The BlackBerry 9720 has already been out in the U.K. since August 19th, 2013 but that was SIM free only. Now, the 9720 is available from Carphone Warehouse and on contract. So, if you're are interested in getting yourself a 9720 on contract, the 9720 is available on all the major carriers in the U.K.

We've looked at pricing details before but to reiterate - the best deal in terms of data is £15 ($23) a month with T-Mobile UK. This plan gives you 1GB of data but since 9720 will use good old BIS, that's more than enough. 

Carphone Warehouse will also offer the 9720 SIM free for £169.95 ($263), which is about £10 cheaper than online retailers Unlocked Mobiles and Expansys. What's more, if you buy Pay as you go - meaning you need to purchase it with a SIM card, it will cost you £149.95 ($232), including a £10 top-up. Bear in mind we have VAT here in the U.K. so in essence, buying SIM free elsewhere could fetch $230 at the top end or $185 at the bottom end.

We should have the 9720 review for you in the next week, so if you're interested in reading up on that, keep your eyes peeled to

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BlackBerry 9720 now available from Carphone Warehouse


I figure they just had some Bold parts left over and threw them together with the Q5 keyboard and a simple casing. Probably isn't costing them much at all to do this, and it makes the people who are still unwilling to change happy.

Overpriced at £169.95 in my opinion.

You can get Lumia 520 for £119.95 Sim free with much better specs. Physical keyboard is not going to be a selling point.

You'll find there is still a demand for the physical keyboard. There are plenty of users who will hold on to a BlackBerry because of it's keyboard and BIS for that matter.

If you can make groups in contacts in this phone and for a mere AED 1000 with BIS and free emails and BBM roaming, I'm getting this phone as my BB backup roaming phone!

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263 dollars for this shit, it has 512 mb storage, 5 mega pixel camera, 1500 battery, a lousy screen resolution, and a old software , I think the perfect price for it is 140,if I want a os7 device I will just buy bold 9900 or 9790 because it's has better specs, and this device is the same as 9320 so if I want something super cheap I will just buy 9320.

Posted via CB10

Why does a phone you are under no obligation to buy make you so angry?
Just curious...

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The Nexus 4 is currently going for 159 GBpounds. I'm a BlackBerry fan (I'm using the 9900) but if I was presented with this or the N4 I know which one I would choose! This is clearly aimed at enterprise as a workhorse device for legacy BES5 servers.

Agree some people (who regularly post on CB) don't seem to get that there are still enterprise customers who don't want to or won't yet upgrade to 10...

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Who cares!! If you want an inexpensive phone get the Q5, why on earth would you go back to os7 when you can get BlackBerry 10os???

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Please explain mature OS.

Do you mean lousy Web experience, freezing and battery pulls mature OS. Can't believe you just posted that. This same mature OS you speak of is what got BlackBerry into the position they are into now. BB10 is by far a better OS than the legacy devices that you speak of. Do a HTML5 test on a legacy device and compare it to a BB10 OS. Then you will see what is mature.

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He is probably referring to the fact that bb10 can't be tailored the same way to function exactly as the user wants. This is true BTW, although 10.2 looks to be going in the proper direction.

Even more simply put: BlackBerry should have not launched ANY devices with that poor 10.0, nor even 10.1. Even with 10.2 beta, it barely makes the mark of where a 'mature' OS should be.

Oh, with regards to battery pulls, freezing that you were talking about with the legacy hardware; let me say that I have had PLENTY of that with my Z10.

Let's hope the build quality is better than the 9300, 9320 and the 9860, my teenage daughter had all 3 of the over a period of 2 years. Every handset wore out within 8 months mostly with track ball problems, she even managed to wear completely through the return key on the 9860. The last 2 devices I had to buy SIM free as I was locked into a 2 year contract and the 9300 was only covered with a 12 month contract, but having said that I'm loving my Z10.............

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Does anyone know if they made this OS a lot better in dealing with lag and freezing?

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

It has been stated many times already, but for the new, I will post again. BlackBerry needs to keep certain countries going with BBOS refresher devices. Many people will want this; don't be surprised if it sells equal or even greater to the bb10 gear for a little while.
Also note that this is considered a 'transition to bb10' device, as it employs some swipe gestures. This is good for BlackBerry.

This is the most stupid thing Blackberry has ever done! why launch an OLD phone?? this kind of decisions make the company look like its managed from a mental institution.