BlackBerry 9720 now available to buy in the UK SIM free

BlackBerry 9720
By James Richardson on 19 Aug 2013 05:56 am EDT

The BlackBerry 9720 certainly is a topic of conversation - for better or for worse. However, if you are looking to pick up the latest BlackBerry 7 device you can do so now from UK retailer unlocked-mobiles.

Priced at £179.98 for the SIM free version I'm not really sure how well this one will sell. Not because of its price point, but because of its OS. With the Canadian company pushing so much for BlackBerry 10 to succeed I can see the 9720 doing ok in some parts of the world, but not so well here. It will also be interesting to see how much the UK networks charge for the device when it is available on Pay-As-You-Go.

Here at CrackBerry we are still waiting to get our hands on the 9720 but that should change in the next few days. Until then I think I will reserve my final judgment on yet another legacy device.

I suppose for some folk who just need a fantastic, low cost. business tool, the BlackBerry 9720 may well suit perfectly. It's always good to have options. But is this the right move for BlackBerry? Sound off in the comments. I suspect I know how this one will be received by the community.


  • System : 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 - 3G HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 HSDPA
  • Dimensions: 114 x 66 x 12 mm (4.49 x 2.60 x 0.47 in)
  • Operating System: BlackBerry OS 7.1
  • Display: 480 x 360 pixels, 2.8 inches (~214 ppi pixel density)
  • Camera: 5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, LED flash
  • Memory: micro SD up to 32GB, internal 512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1450 mAh battery

Reader comments

BlackBerry 9720 now available to buy in the UK SIM free


Pricing is the biggest reason for the failure of all BB 10 phones. Looks like they did not learn anything from that.

You can buy Lumia 520 for £150 which has much better specs and more apps. Why would any one buy this with old OS?

Don't tell me it has physical Keyboard. Its a overrated feature.

... e.g. because you need an additional BlackBerry for a non EU roaming? As a matter of fact it's useful when you want to stay in touch with your world while going quite far abroad. BB7 has very unique data compression which can cost you usually even not more than £2 a day. It happens in such countries like Cape Verde or Dom. Rep. BB10 is good for roaming too, but EU only these days.

[...] new BYOD hero:

You can get a Lumina 521 way cheaper than that. But after trying one out, I'd rather use BB7. WP8 is that bad IMO.
The real reason this price is awful in general is that there's much cheaper android devices. For the US specifically this is am awful price because most people get their phone subsidized down to that price.

Who would want to buy this POS? When people in Emerging Markets like India, Indonesia, Latin America don't want this overly pricked junk why would people in UK go cheap and buy this.
The STUPID Blackberry management would have been better off pricing this at US $200 or max $225. No one will want to get this junk for more than that. You lose your credibility by over pricing a product and then slashing its price big time once you realize that no one wants to buy the same.

I need to replace my torch 9860 as my back up phone beside my Z10. I hope the price of this phone is reasonable in middle east.

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With the low end handsets in the UK market it will be all about the pay and go price as these get subsidised by the networks.

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For me there is one selling point for this - battery life. It's a larger battery than the 9900 and with lower specs everywhere else. For business users looking for stamina this should fit the bill (my boss for one dropped the 9900 for a 9780 because of the poor battery life). Although there are mixed messages coming from BlackBerry releasing this device. It will sell, I just don't know how well.

This thing will not sell. You can get a very good low end WP which has better specs, modern OS and more apps at a cheaper price than this, and some low end androids which you can cheaper as well. Android is dominating the high end, IOS mid range (iPhone 4,4S now mid range) and WP low end market. BB is getting kicked out in every market

Hi, sorry if I wasn't clear. You're right that individuals looking for a personal device there are better options available. I was referring to businesses with a BES 5 servers looking for new devices on this platform. Most don't buy the top end device and majority have mid to low end devices for most staff other than top level employees. Cheap and cheerful still has a place.

Exactly and I think businesses are who this phone was made for. I work for a huge company who just switched to iphones (from BlackBerry) for upper management and Samsung rugby 3 for everyone else, there's thousands of them. If Samsung thinks it's worth while to make a low specs phone why can't BlackBerry.

P.s most people don't like there iPhone for work.

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"Good" and "low end wp" don't mix. Wp7 is a POS. Wp8 is ok. Honestly, the feature set of bbos7 exceeds wp8, but wp8 was implemented a bit better for touch screen.

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BlackBerry, if you are to make anymore BB7 devices, please make an updated Bold 9900 with below improvements, I would buy it in a heartbeat as a *Communications* device:
~Bigger removable battery
~Autofocus camera

(I don't care about Apps on this device, as my 2nd smartphone can take care of the Apps).

Honestly, one can argue that one can back to the full BlackBerry experience that everyone wants faster with an updated Bold 9900 !

Shhhh they might listen to you.
No more os7 phones please....

Let me try and illustrate how bad this phone is with an example for everyone that is happy about this..

In other news, MSFT today announced they are s re-releasing windows 95 for emerging markets. Cited as a low cost way into the market, they are sure it will sell by the boat load. It will be priced at $169.99, and come on 3.5 inch floppy only. The impetus behind this release are a number of companies that have yet to purchase msft latest OS, preferring to remain on the near twenty year old platform because it 'is good enough for what we do'.

When asked about support for office and gaming, officials responded that Office 97 was good enough then, so it must be good enough now. On gaming, we decided to update windows 95 with USB support, but it is limited to v1. Only.

See what I mean now?

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Poor illustration. I see you needed to refer to Windows 95 to prove your point instead of using Windows XP / 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you had to use Windows to illustrate your views, BBOS 7 is more like Windows XP whereas BB10 is more like Windows 8 in the realm of desktop OSes. There are many who still use Windows XP and if they had a chance would still use it as it fulfills their daily needs even though the latest greatest Windows 8 is available at this point. The only reason these users may upgrade is because there is no longer support for Windows XP / 2000 which leads to MSFT taking a risk that these users will consider upgrading to competing OSes like from Apple instead of just letting these users use what meets their current needs.

I'll be interested to see the review on this if Crackberry does one. I think it looks pretty nice, and could be a nice entry level handset for someone.

Yea same here. I'm not against them making this phone. I can see them having this phone for emerging markets, but it's a LOW END phone. £180 is a LOT to pay for what it is :(

I hope CB mentions that in their review

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I'm struggling to understand blackberry's marketing and sales strategies.

Just doesn't make sense pushing an OS you want your customers to transition from.

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You know that saying the simplest explanation is often the truth?

They don't have a marketing or sales plan. Or at least I hope they don't for the sake of the person who would have approved this.

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It's like how with the PS4 and XBone coming out later this year, new games are still coming out for the PS3 and 360, in some cases for both generations. It's a way to ease people into adaptation of the new system without dropping support for people used to the older platform complete.

This should help appease all the people who wished the Q10 was more like a 9900, giving them time to learn about BB10 alongside BB7 so it doesn't seem as sudden. This way they know it's coming, but can still hold onto the past just a little bit longer, because change is scary, and it's easier to gradually ease people in, especially if they can slowly update BB7 to be closer to BB10(which I've heard this version is, a little bit), so that when they finally do make the switch it isn't so jarring.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

Buying bold 9900 is better nearly same price same os more internal memory and better screen

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If your focus is to push bb10 why would you continue to peddle the same shite that handcuffed your company 3 years ago? And more importantly, why would anyone buy this phone?

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People, as blackberry is a company which wants to make money, I think the overpricing on this phone is because they want to make as much money as possible from release date to a month later which indeed the price WILL go down to a more reasonable price, the same thing happened with the Q10 aswell, was priced at £580 at release where ppl were saying its overpriced, a month later it went down to £480, and now at £500(these figures are sim free prices from carphonewarehouse) so indeed the price of the 9720 will go down, blackberry are trying to make the most out of this device, as a company who's aim is to sell and make money, can u blame them for that? And ppl who want to get this device at a cheaper price can just wait a month, its not that hard.

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BlackBerry's biggest problem in the past is they had too many phones. They weren't focused on marketing 1-2 phones. I understand choice is good, but the phones were very similar. They should only focus on OS 10.

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I would also prefer to focus on BB10. I can understand to make some money with legacy devices on emerging markets... but why to release this at the U.K.?
To confuse customers? :-/

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Plus I will be getting this phone myself when I sell the Q10, for personal reasons which have nothing to do with the phone. I'm excited :D

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Looks like they are determined to fail and go private so they can be dismantled piece by piece. I don't know what's wrong with this company. Me thinks it's time I started researching some android phones because BlackBerry is focused on getting kicked out of the consumer market.

Wait a month - the price will have to come down, or else there will be payg deals. This is priced too high. Again. I wonder what BlackBerry 's thinking is, with these high prices. Odd.

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This makes a fantastic pay-as-you-go phone. If I'm in a country where I must get one. I'd be very happy to see one available for purchase. The one shown in OP is quite sexy.

I also think there is a place for this phone. Large corporates who are unsure if they will make the switch to BB10 will slowly replace the curve if they are not going 9900 and have not made final decision on BB10. That is probably the case where I work.

Gonna go pick me one of these up along with one of them Beta Max machines that everyone is talking about these days.

Well.... as a BlackBerry user..... BlackBerry is really testing my loyalty towards the brand..... *sigh*

Is there going to be a BlackBerry 7 update for the current devices to bring the improvements that are on the 97 20? The specs aren't over the current BB-OS devices in any way. Actually, the Torch 9860 has higher specs.

My issue is that it is a 'worse' phone than the 9900 which came out 2 years ago. I also don't see what is particularly different to other Curves already on the market, I think it was a waste of time and money developing it.

However, I'm not against BlackBerry bringing out a new phone which is not OS10. I still insist that BlackBerry made a big mistake by not bringing BIS to OS10. Big mistake. It was one stand out feature that BlackBerry could boast about, and now they don't really have so much. Data compression does matter. Data compression when you're travelling abroad is vital.

The number of trips abroad I've taken when I've used Google maps on my old 9900 to find out where the hell I am, that phone was worth its weight in gold. Now I'm going to be scared of using my phone AT ALL when I go abroad, let alone to use a mapping program (not Google maps, cos we ain't got that yet!).

There are many decisions BlackBerry have made that are baffling. To me, it would have made more sense to put a better camera and battery in the 2 year old 9900, brought the price right down, and sold that as simply a revamped Bold. When you already have 20 gazillion near identical BlackBerry Curve models on the market, the point in spending resources on yet another one? Sorry, it's lost on me.

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Might be a good phone for the people who want a phone with a track pad and the keyboard shortcuts we don't have yet on BB10. I know there are other OS's that offer phones that are priced more competitively and have more robust app stores, but we have to remember that this phone has something that those phones will never have: A physical qwerty keyboard. I arrest my case.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Some people here need to get a clue.

BBOS has a larger installed base than BB10 and that's not likely to change for some time so does one really expect BB to ignore this platform ? They are targeting a different market segment to BB10 and know from their own research that there is a demand for legacy phones with BIS/BES. BB10 is not a good fit for many companies and individuals who want a cost effective phone and low roaming costs.

I quite like the appearance of this phone although the screen size should be bigger.

My Company would buy these as we haven't upgraded our BES to 10 yet (and probably won't for quite some time) this may not really be for consumers more for work devices, £179 isn't bad considering the subsidy we get when we put a new connection on... No doubt it'll only be $179 in the US though as that seems to be how things work on pricing across the pond between the UK & the US.

My take on it is this:
For BBOS7, they are going to combine the Curve and the Bold lines. This 9720 will be the last BlackBerry OS7 device. Anyone wanting a BB OS7 device will need to buy this one. Combining both product lines into one will free up manufacturing capability for future devices while reducing the operating cost for legacy BB.

So while no one specifically asked for this device, it's a way for BlackBerry to continue support for those markets and corporations still on legacy BB. I see it as a good thing.

Not everyone needs the latest greatest. As many have noted there are still many who still use BBOS and find that it still meets their needs. If one would at the latest BBRY quarter release, there were still millions buying the phones based on BBOS. BBRY made a smart move giving customers the option to use the familiar BBOS or the new BB10. This helps with the transition to when the customer is ready they have the option to upgrade as needed. If companies are the main customers BBRY is tailoring BBOS too, this is smart because not many have the luxury to upgrade their lineups of phones for their employees every quarter. To illustrate, my company BB phone is 2.5 years old and we are not yet ready to upgrade to BB10 yet because just like all technology we use, we continue to use what meets our needs and let the latest technology mature first before making a considerable investment. For the retail customer, a good comparison is with TVs. Why go to a 4K TV set if your two year old 1080p TV is still working fine???

If I want to buy a 'new' OS7-Device i'll go for the Bold 9790, 9900 or even the Torch 9810 before i'll take this device? Strange strategy by BlackBerry. All named devices were much better and especially in the case of the Bold 9790 do have more or less the same price tag here in germany! #imho

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Lol at anyone trying to boast a windows phone over any BB phone, even a BlackBerry 7.1 device. WP is not dead in the water but pretty darn close.

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Ugh. And I thought device fragmentation was bad with Android.

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I'd gladly pay £50 for that... and not a penny more.

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