BlackBerry 9720 made official - Available in Asia, EMEA and Latin America in the coming weeks

By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2013 07:07 am EDT

During the BlackBerry Q1 2014 conference call, BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins let it be known a new BlackBerry 7.1 device would be released soon and after many sneek peeks at it in unofficial capacity, the time has come to make it all official. The BlackBerry 9720 has finally been announced and will be making its way to Asia, EMEA and Latin America in the coming weeks.

"The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone gives you all the essentials of the BlackBerry smartphone experience to support a communications centric lifestyle. It has the best keyboard and functionality for BBM, as well as an updated BlackBerry 7 OS that adds many enhancements. It's perfect for customers upgrading from a feature phone or entry-level Android or Windows Phone device, as well as existing BlackBerry smartphone customers, that want a richer experience and jump up in style and performance," said Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice President for Products at BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry 9720 takes on some of the styling from the BlackBerry Q5 while maintaining a cost-effective point of entry, which should serve its intended markets well. You can jump below to read on through the full press release from BlackBerry.

Press Release

New BlackBerry 9720 Smartphone Lets You Spark The Conversation

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 13, 2013) - For customers that want a smartphone that's built for a communications centric experience, BlackBerry® (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) today introduced the new super social BlackBerry® 9720 smartphone. Designed for a premium look and available in a variety of vibrant colors, the new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone takes everything you'd get from a starter smartphone to the next level, and comes packed with all of your favorite social apps to let you spark the conversation.

"The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone gives you all the essentials of the BlackBerry smartphone experience to support a communications centric lifestyle. It has the best keyboard and functionality for BBM, as well as an updated BlackBerry 7 OS that adds many enhancements. It's perfect for customers upgrading from a feature phone or entry-level Android or Windows Phone device, as well as existing BlackBerry smartphone customers, that want a richer experience and jump up in style and performance," said Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice President for Products at BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a spacious BlackBerry® Keyboard with distinct keys for optimal typing, a 2.8" touchscreen and trackpad for easy navigation, offers generous battery life, and numerous enhancements including:

  • BlackBerry 7 OS - The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone comes with BlackBerry® 7 OS version 7.1, which features an updated interface that lets you swipe to unlock the phone or access the camera from the lock screen, as well as additional enhancements.
  • BBM - The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a dedicated BBM™ key that makes it quick and convenient to access the globally popular mobile social network, and with its BlackBerry Keyboard, messaging your BBM friends is easy and accurate. It also includes BBM Voice, which lets you chat over Wi-Fi® for free.* The latest version of BBM, which features BBM Channels, will also soon be available for download on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront, letting you tune in and connect with the businesses, brands, celebrities and groups you are passionate about.
  • Built-in FM Radio - With the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone you can listen to local FM stations, and automatically let your BBM friends know what station you're currently listening to.
  • Multicast to Make Yourself Heard in an Instant - The refreshed BlackBerry 7 OS lets you quickly type your message once and post it simultaneously and instantly to your friends on BBM, Twitter® and Facebook®. You can even snap a picture and post it to multiple social networks all at the same time, right from the camera app.
  • Discover New Possibilities - With access to BlackBerry 7 apps and games on BlackBerry World, the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone can make you more productive and better informed, and keep you well connected and thoroughly entertained, while on the move.
  • Smart for Business Too - With BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express, the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone offers superior business productivity features with market-leading mobile device management, application management and security, and is a very cost-effective solution for any organization. 

Beginning in the coming weeks, the new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone will be available in select markets from retailers and carriers in Asia, EMEA and Latin America. A variety of accessories from cases to carrying solutions, to chargers and audio peripherals, will also be available from select retailers. For more information about the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone visit here.


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BlackBerry 9720 made official - Available in Asia, EMEA and Latin America in the coming weeks


This is the kind of commercial BlackBerry needs to have for BB10 devices. Talk about the features that make BB10 amazing. Forget the current approach of showing people smiling while holding the device but not talking about what makes those people smile. Their current approach sucks when all they need to do is a basic commercial like this for BB10 and people would begin to understand what makes the phones so great!

Updated interface!???

Shit, I'm loyal, 3 playbooks, one bold, one torch, another bold, one z10, BBM Music when they released it. 500 apps I got for my playbook 160 in my z10. But you ain't fooling me with these lies. Don't come to 2013 and say BB 7 has an updated interface comparing to BB 6 that is from 2010. You aint fooling anyone, not even blindfolded fans. Shame on you BBRY.

This is DOA. Waste of resources from BlackBerry. No significant upgrade from Bold 9900 and will directly compete with Q5. Not sure why this device is needed IMHO

Posted via CB10

Considering every spec other than battery size is lower than the 9900 I think this is supposed to be a low cost upgrade to Curve users.

Posted via CB10

It looks so wrong. It would probably make sense if it'd cost 70/80Euro but I would guess it'll be three times that.

I see many people who switched to BB10, didn't feel friendly with gestures and hence moved bak to bold 9900 etc. So there is a market for this device, be it not US but there are people outside north america and I can bet it will sell more then the BB10 phones (atleast in most regions) like till 9900 is selling like hot in many parts of the world.

....dude, what re u talking about ?. the guys who didn't like Z10 bcos of its gesture based UI waited /moved to Q10. Why would anybody after the pleasures of a 9900 step down to a 97 series...? I most definitely think this is another display if BlackBerry not listening to its customers...jeeze.

Posted via CB10

....dude what re u talking about?? the guys that didn't like Z10 bcoz of gestures also didn't like Q10 bcoz it also uses gestures. I am talking about gestures, lack of trackpad and other things, not the keyboard. Even on crackberry you can find news/articles/polls referring to what im trying to say.

as for moving from 99 to 97, I know no one would do that, but then again its ur employeer who decides that if u r not getting a bb10 device then are u getting a 9900 or 97series, and depending on your level in org hierarchy you will get the device.

Although I think instead of releasing the failed 9790 they should have released this one, but then again its blackberry....

Why is that only black berry management don't see this as a waste? Get people on BlackBerry 10 get them using the app store.

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Some of you folks are getting it.

There are markets much larger than North America, that don't have 4G, and are still going strong on the BIS with legacy BlackBerry hardware.

The other point is that this could be considered as a 'transistion' phone, to prepare die-hard legacy BlackBerry users for the BB10 gesture-based OS.

Speaking of bb10; BlackBerry should have launched this phone first, while better preparing the rollout of the bb10/BES10 concept. Just my opinion.

When are BlackBerry going to cut off BBOS7?

It has to happen soon or there won't be much of a company left to keep churning out substandard devices.

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if BBRY cuts off 0s7 it would be a suicide, as major chunk of blackberry users are on 0s7 be it consumers or businesses. A business would think 10 times giving out bb10 phone to its employees but hardly twice before handing out 0s7 devices.

To be honest if it is as good as low end android devices and equally as cheap then why not..

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Because day by day less and less people are interested in BB7?!

Come on, BBM is drowning in a world of Hangouts, Whatsapp, iMessage etc...

This will not help, or save, Blackberry.

I'm not sure what planet you're living on but BBOS is still more popular than BB10 hence the need for such a phone in markets where it will sell.

Speaking of that, why don't we have any specs on this thing ? Is it so terrible that they want to hide it ?

Posted via CB10

The entire BB7 product line is built on two chipsets, one set is based on MSM8255 from Qualcomm, other is based on PXA955 from Marvell. I would be amazed to think this is anything other than a repackaged 9790. They had their 9350/60/70 and 9220/9310/20 as 'Curves' but those products didn't have touch screen support whereas the Bold / Torch family did. This product looks like the 9790 guts in 9320 plastics.

Would you consider being a source for my channel? Just emailing me any info you come across I would really appreciate it?

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

Sadly many won't take this as a joke. They actually think they can tell the difference between specs of a device without being told them.

BB has the most idiotic management any Mobile Handset company can have. This phone does not have a front camera (not even a 1 MP front camera). Why is going to buy this Piece of S#i$. This is a big waste of resources and time. Also TRUST ME this will be priced at par with Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 looking at the previous track record of BB. Surely a Dead On Arrival device. Terribly disappointing to know that I still call myself a BB fan :( You get amazing Android devices with far better tech specs and seamless Android 4.2.1 for less than 150$ then who would buy this POS!!!

There are plenty of current devices that are selling without front facing camera's


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If it is priced well why not. I have relatives in Chile where the old curves are still sold as entry level BB's and they do sell well.

There is a market for OS7 devices. Not in Canada or the US, where phones are highly subsidized by carriers, but in countries where the only way is to buy your phone up front.

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What's the point of this... I think Bbry has finally lost its mind, it should be concentrating on the new os10, awesome marketing strategy, quick release of new phones and so on... no wonder Bbry are having a hard time selling phones... can't market and poor advertising... if it did not have a portfolio of patents and qnx then it would have gone down hill a long time ago... time will tell and slowly like palm it might go under unless they find a good buyer at a good price...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

$100 then you get market share. Come out with BB10 device for $150 then you will get more market share. But I think BlackBerry taking its last breath, unfortunately.

Posted by Z10

Love the use of the British Accent in the promotional video.

More please BlackBerry, much, much, more :)

I'm sorry but an entry level android nowadays or Windows device is better than this garbage.

Posted via CB10

Free phone with unlimited data at £15 a month might do it. Otherwise no one will bother.

Posted via CB10

BB10 could do with multicast.But they need o kill legacy off.BIS is still highly important there unfortunately.

What the hell were they thinking when they came up with this idea?
Somebody was either high or drunk!

Posted via CB10

This painful to watch. A bit like Nokia flogging Symbian. All the cost of this outdated BB7 phone could paid to developers to churn out apps for BB10.

Posted via CB10

or "Asha" if you prefer, and yes - the people that "don't get it" seem to be missing the context here:
1) BlackBerry is selling a new BB7 handset for less than their BB10 counterparts. Ergo, they _cannot build_ a BB10 device as cheap as this one.
2) BB10 does not require (or support) BIS. Technically it doesn't even require BES, and the only benefit of BES10 on BB10 is to provide Balance. Those dropping subscriber numbers in the last ER? BB10 handst sales *do not contribute to subscriber numbers* because the Subs are BIS/BES seats.

So - new BB7 phone for the people that cannot afford a new BB10 (or Windows Phone, or iPhone), and props up the Sub #s as well as service revenue for BB. Good thesis, likely reality will not match hypothesis though, as WP8 handsets can be made cheper (Lumia 500/600 series), and Android can certainly be made cheaper, and you could buy a used or refurbed iPhone (1-2 gen old) for same amount and still run iOS7 on it.

So I have to concur with the masses that say this is a bad decision and waste of time from BB.

It should be noted that the "approval" process for phones might be the key issue. Pushing the new-generation devices through regulations is taxing blackberry in the smaller markets - therefore - this is likely some sort of padding to keep network providers happy.

Also, Knowing that they have to support BlackBerry OS7 for a few more years (due to existing contracts) it may be further beneficial to upgrade the BBM experience on the older generation phones especially when BBM opens up to iPhone and Android. This should result in some degree of brand loyalty - and decrease the feeling of regret with anyone who is still sporting a 9900 or curve device

I disagree. The iPad mini was for a new market (7" tablet market), not an older device for an existing market.

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This is for another market. Emerging markets that need a low cost solution as well as for Enterprise markets that still have existing BES5 contracts and cannot upgrade to BES10 yet.

I wonder if this version of BBOS will still need BIS data plan to work or can it work with the open data plans that BB10 now works with...

Secondly, noticed in the promo video that Spotify app is available in BBOS and still not available in BB10.

Otherwise I don't think it's that bad to look at. Looks much better than the leaked photos of the device.

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This is not a strategic move IMHO, this is a normal range EOL process, they still need to renew mid-low range legacy devices to keep some traction wherever BB10 is not affordable for Joes. I believe there has been a very limited R&D process and it may provide some extra volume and (?) scaling savings for components.

Did no one notice where this phone is being released? This is for mostly emerging markets where BIS is important because of how expensive data is. A cheap BlackBerry is what these markets want in most cases.

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'It has the best keyboard and functionality for BBM'... what, better than a 9900 ?, come on ! (it has the frustrating 'Curve' blob buttons).

As a low end device to be aimed at BES / business users it also fails, if they keep manufacturing the 9360 why would I move to this ? (the 9360 is cheap, reasonably robust and I've invested in cases / skins for the users of them).

It's simple. BB10 can't be scaled down to entry level. 9900 is also too expensive to build. If you want the low end market, this is all BlackBerry can do. They will sell a lot of these.

Posted via CB10

Smh!!! This thing should have been thrown off of the table and shredded. BlackBerry why on earth would you not make a extremely cheap bb10 phone??? Nobody wants this even over there. They would all like to upgrade to bb10 why on earth would you not give them a chap a$$ bb10 phone???

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Call me crazy but I'll maybe buy it (only if battery last 20+-hours like my old 9700)

I'm anyway not the typically smartphone user.... I just like to type and call and need long battery life I don't want become a power junky like most iPhone/Samsung user

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Here in the UK the 9320 is still one off the more popular sellers for BlackBerry. There are loads of young people and small businesses that want an affordable qwerty handset. If the 9720 can come in at 9320 prices but with a the benefit of a higher MP camera and a 9900 size touch screen then this handset will definitely be a winner for the "back to school" and Christmas periods.

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Agreed, this is a huge waste of resources and money, not to mention precious time
They should be focusing on getting bb10 in the hands of people, not this crap, its outdated and gives BlackBerry a bad name, it was ok 10 years ago, not today

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I guess people aren't getting that this isn't for the major markets... This will sell in certain markets where they need a low cost phone that makes phone calls, free BBM messaging, and email.

I don't agree with this phone too, but there are few countries that blackberry still has a good market share even with an old os like 7. Certainly the last phone of this kind now.

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How could this be a waste. This phone will allow them to continue to earn something from BIS while keeping them in emerging markets until they can get low cost BB10 hardware into those markets at an attractive price.

A lot of the comments on this blog are a pretty good highlight of how dumb people on the internet are. Theres really no nice way to put that. If you don't understand that this product fits a certain segment and will make them money while they transition then I can't be surprised by all the other none-sense people believe. Pretty sad and just drives home the point of how clueless so many people are.

Add me to the agree with this and BlackBerry on this. If you look at Canada pricing, a Q10 from Wind is $599. A Q5 is Going for about $350, leaving $250 on the table. Based on what's going on in my life right now, I'd go Q5 as soon as Wind has it rather than the Q10 I did buy.

If they had a sub-$200 bb10 device and I needed to replace my Q10, I'd choose between that and the Q5, leaving more money on the table.

There are a lot of consumers that might no be able to justify $600 or $700 for a phone, but the $350 price point of the Q5 works.

If you lower the specs and prices too low, you'll sell few high end devices (how many PlayBooks sold anywhere near the original retail after the firesale started?) and load up on cheaper devices. The OS will lag, upgradeability will deminish and those who bought your low end product will say your OS sucks because they have underpowered hardware. Those will be all the new or returning to BlackBerry customers and then what have you done to BlackBerry 10? I know BlackBerry is between a rock and a hard place on this, but they'd shoot themselves in the foot going too cheap with BlackBerry 10 hardware.

This new 9720 fills a part of the market in these countries and really highlights wha it's strengths are as a communication device.

I think it was the right move by BlackBerry to use the 9720 as a new low end device and allow the current bb10 devices to migrate down the market as me passes.

I would have wanted this to come with a front facing camera to lock in the tech for a couple of years. Still a solid device by the looks.

Just produce a REAL entry level BB10 device! Something that can actually compete with cheap androids not a BB10 Curve that retails for $300!

Posted via CB10

Let's kill the tablet department but launch this POS.... No wonder people laugh at blackberry these days

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I would buy this as a 2nd device. On Perú there are a lot of people who use BBOS devices. They're young people who pay like 18 us dollars for BIS Social. They're allowed to use social networks for free and unlimited data.

Posted in my Z10 from Claro Peru

As a legacy phone, or for some coming from low end windows 8 and android, the deciding factor is going to be price. Features count, also.

September 10 th announcement of the new iphone... if those plastic phones that are floating round - if they're real and priced low I this thing is in trouble. The Q5 is in trouble. The Z30 is in trouble.

BlackBerry needs to get it's pricing and timing right. What is going on up there? It seems like they've completely lost touch with the market...

But then this does have bis so that's a positive, I guess.


Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Very good looking merger in style and function between os7 and bb10. I think they've done a good job with this and it could be a weapon in their arsenal. Remember, a subscriber is a subscriber despite which os they are using. Why ignore a market is if there is still a market? Bravo BlackBerry for making the best of a tough decision.

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If they price it right, it will do well. My maid's daughter (indo)wants a BlackBerry and I told my maid if she gets a BlackBerry she can BBM voice her and not need to pay high phone bills.

Posted via CB10

It's like having a new girlfriend/fiancee (BB10 devices) and in the same time holding on to your ex wife.... (BBOS7 devices), won't it be too troublesome and costly to play it both ways? *Sigh* I really don't get it....

I actually think this phone looks exactly how the Q5 should have looked. The design is much, much nicer. I think if the pricing is low enough, it could be a good one for the markets it's being released to. If they can phase out the old OS7 phones and leave just this one for folks travelling or on a tight budget, I can see a place for it.

I know people will say it's competing with the Q5, but who cares. So long as people buy one of the two, BlackBerry wins really. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed now for a lower end full touchscreen. That would make the six phones they said they would be releasing. Get them all out in time for Christmas, and have a bit of patience. Cross platform BBM will be a success and provide some good press finally.

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I think this is a good move for BlackBerry as long as they DON'T bring it to north America or Europe. Keep this device in developing countries where it will still sell. This won't sell in Canada or united states.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

For bis and cheap Bbm and data plans for people in developing countries that can't afford bb10.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

in indonesia (20% blackberry subscribers) it is much cheaper to buy regular data plan... $2.5 for 600MB to 2 GB data, while the lowest BIS Plan it's about $4.5 BBM + Social network only....

BB 9720 it's kind of DOA , it's outdated hardware, outdated OS , more expensive than competition. and the most important for many emerging market...Blackberry lose their BBM exclusive

Wow were getting ripped off in canada!!!!

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

I don't know why anyone would want a cheap andriod!! The mid price devices are laggy as hell.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

BLACKBERRY should look into trying to convert all legacy devices to BLACKBERRY 10

Don't think that this is a smart move from BlackBerry moving forward...

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

A lot of people can't afford to go with a BB10 phone and others simply don't want to break away from a cheap BBOS phone with BIS.

BlackBerry knows this and are catering to this market segment.

I think this is a dust in the eyes. What they are trying to do is to say "Don't worry we are not going to disappear yet!". Kinda desperate move. Not that I like it. At least I hope this would bring some more support for OS7 and bring Skype to OS7 too. You guys forget that OS7 is not so old and also not bad at all! I am not familiar with OS6, but let me tell you the most widespread BlackBerry business phone is 9780! All the guys from my company are given 9780 running on BES and the company is doing quite good and we're a very large financial international company actually. There is STILL market for OS7 devices outside North America mostly and they could sell well if they are well promoted and at a good price. Even newcomer immigrants to North America could benefit some. I can tell you many people in Canada still buy phones like Samsung A997 Rugby III - most phone companies still sell this thing, because there are many people who come to the country and don't need a smartphone - old generation people, newcomers, travelers and so on. Fact that your daddy gave you money to buy the latest gadget does not mean everybody are like you. When you come to North America and you want to make the money for your rent is a totally different story the first 2-3 years. So again, this is both a desperate move from BlackBerry and also a phone with a certain future. Me and wife are 9790 owners already 1 year and doing very well too. The only thing I can't do with it is Skype texting since IMO stopped the Skype support. And I don't want to move neither to Android nor iOS. I want a keyboard so iOS is a no-no and I've been Android user for 2 years and don't like it, so honestly would like to see this company moving as this phone is the first phone in years I can say "I really like it".

As long as it sells, I'll be happy.

And judging by the markets it's being released in, I'm going to be a pretty happy person!

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Not to keen on the keyboard, but I realize I have lost that battle. Aside from the chiclet keys, it doesn't smile like the old ones. All of the other specs are COOL. I'm a luddite (of course, since I like Blackberries), and as a member of the luddite elite, OS7 is my fav. The BBM key is genius.

This is why BlackBerry is looking to sell the company. Because of stupid ideas like this. What a waste of resources to bring something like this to market. If they wanted a cheap qwerty handset then they should have concentrated on building a Q3 with ultra low specs instead. At least that way they would grow BlackBerry 10 market share. This product is dead on arrival period.

Posted via CB10


Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

You don't get it. IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, THE LOW-END WINDOWS PHONE WILL COMPLETELY RIP IT!! At almost half the price. Lumia 520/521 and 620, anyone?

A Blackberry can only be considered an upgrade from a basic feature phone and that's on a good day, certainly not Android and even Windows Phone

So... yeah, there is a market outside of the US and Canada and Europe that uses lots of legacy devices, you know? just sayin...

Posted via CB10

Legacy devices are popular in emerging markets cause of data compression.

Data compression = cheap plans,unlimited Bbm

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

And yet, in these very markets, this device will take a hit because of superior alternatives at the same price point.

This is actually a 9900 with better battery, Curve keyboard and I guess autofocus. Honestly this is what the 9900 had to be, how dumb this is

As much as I don't want to admit this, but blackberry made a smart move, even though I may not agree with it, much of its customer base are in regions that are not that of the US. They have a strong presence in other countries, especially with a market where the economic environment isn't that strong as ours, so them offering a "new device" at entry level prices that people of other countries can afford is a smart marketing decision. I applaud them

Posted via CB10

So seeing this device always gets me in a bad mood, since it represents all the broken promise BlackBery made for the Playbook, but a part of this it looks quite pleasing and combines the BBOS and BB10 worlds (kind of). Now I would see more color option like a red and green. Would maybe have a good impact and since it's targetted to be a entry-level phone it would be a huge succes for the young. Personnally I would have prefered a entry-level BB10 device to win over the emerging markets and the younger crowd with a tighter budget but be it....

This is the way to show that BlackBerry made stupid decision to remove BIS from BB10. They should made it optional. Many left BB because BIS is gone in BB10 devices.

BIS it's very good selling argument.

Posted by Z10

Crazy decision. Like if Nokia would release a new model with the old Windows Phone 7 instead of 8.

Very positive step - shows what we all know - BB10 is not the holy grail. Let us hope now the uprated bold 9900 we all wanted in the Q10 can now be realised too as a 7.1 device with more modern hardware - it would rain all over the Q10, as the 9900 already does by any MEANINGFUL measure

C'est pas croyable le but n'est pas de continuer sur OS7 mais de développer OS10!!!!! Franchement j'aime bien BlackBerry mais la je crois que l'on doit se tourner vers une autre marque, car pas assez d'application ya plus d'applications payant es que gratuit que des potages android set je n'imagine même pas les gens qui ont une tablette BlackBerry alors que il n'y a pas de mise à jour vers OS10.

Posted via CB10

This device is just one of many reasons blackberry is struggling. One manufacturer supporting two separate platforms for the same type of device. Why ask developers to make apps for 2 different platforms?

Why not try to grow the BB10 ecosystem instead of supporting fragmentation?

A cheap BB10 device should have hit the market long ago! The Q5 is not cheap.

Where is the US 100 BB10 phone? They have to learn to differentiate their phones based on hardware not software.

i dont understand why so many think this is a bad idea? this is very smart by bb ... the market will determine when bbos will die .. while their still selling bb would be silly not to cater to this market .. i dont see any reason at all why this cant be released in major markets like the usa .. just give it no advertising and it will be like the launch of any other low end android device

Just put all the focus on the BlackBerry 10 and make the availability wider. Honestly, who is in charge of the marketing?

At $290 Cdn - Way too expensive. Maybe they should have made a cheap BBOS device without a physical keyboard.

seriously Blackberry is not paying keen interest in targeting the feature of its products .
I think they have lost it

I wonder how many realy want a physical QWERTY keyboard at a smartphone 2013? I see at my workplace that even the older guys over 50 have gone to the touch keyboards now. It was different for about 3 years ago.
So I guess that a aspect for Blackberry to consider.

Hi all
Is it possible to somehow buy the 9720 in Canada? After researching blackberry phones, it is the one that matches my needs. And if I can get it, will carriers support it?