A bit like a trip back in time - BlackBerry 9720 first impressions

By James Richardson on 23 Aug 2013 05:49 am EDT

At the time of writing this I've had my hands on the BlackBerry 9720 for nearly four days. We will have a full review of the new legacy device coming up in the very near future but in the meantime I just wanted to share my early thoughts on the 9720 and where I think it will have a place in the market.  

It's been kind of odd going back to using BlackBerry 7 after nearly eight months with BlackBerry 10. I do still fire up my 9900 occasionally, but the difference in the two OS's is like chalk and cheese. Many folk still ask the question of why on earth BlackBerry would 'almost' backtrack and release a new smartphone running the now dated operating system. From where I'm sitting I think it comes down to two reasons. 

First up is cost. The 9720 doesn't have the same build quality of the BlackBerry 10 handsets, including the Q5. It's very lightweight and feels a lot cheaper. Then you have to take onto consideration the price of the device. You can pick it up SIM free here in the UK for £179.98. It will be interesting to see how much the UK networks charge for the 9720 on Pay-As-You-Go as traditionally you get an even better deal. Compare the 9720 with the Q5 and there is a big difference in price. 

Secondly, is a regional thing. In some parts of the world legacy devices are still selling extremely well and in fact it was only last year that we saw the release of the 2G only Curve 9220. Despite the transition to BlackBerry 10, it seems that there is still a place in the market for a BlackBerry running an older OS - for the time being anyway. 

I was a little surprised to even see the 9720 go on sale here. I thought it may just be destined for other regions but I was clearly wrong. UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has already committed to selling the device on various networks with a contract, but we are yet to see the carriers actually launch this one themselves. Maybe they won't, although I think they would be silly not too.

You've only got to hit up the forums or previous blog posts to see CrackBerry members sound off about how the 9720 has less specs and is more expensive than the likes of some of the Nokia Lumia's. Sure, specs are important to many people, but for others it's all about the BlackBerry experience - even on the older OS. With touch screen keyboards being all the rage now there is still a minority that still love the hardware QWERTY that only BlackBerry do so well. 

In my opinion it is a bit strange for BlackBerry to release the 9720 - what with having such a big drive with BlackBerry 10, but I kind of see their point. 

If the consumer or business user want a cost effective, secure messaging device then the BlackBerry 9720 is it. It may not be as fancy and as highly specced as many other devices on the market but I honestly think it will sell. It's certainly not going to compete with the likes of higher end Android devices and the iPhone but at least it's an option for consumers on a budget and companies not looking to spend a lot.

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A bit like a trip back in time - BlackBerry 9720 first impressions


Its still pointless phone for a company who has a new OS in the market. And is trying to rise at elite form.

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Totally agree. I'm a big fan of BB10, but this makes no sense to me. I know it's intended for emerging markets (low cost) , but the backward optics is what BlackBerry leaders fail to grasp. It's an image they should be trying to shed.

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It's designed to hit a specific price point.

Clearly they can't make the Q5 at low enough prices to compete. Hence the 9720. It makes perfect sense in todays highly competitive market. (Specifically low cost Android devices selling at $100).

The surprise isn't the 9720. It's the fact they took so long to realise their strategic blunder when they announced BB10. That long period without a new device saw them lose millions of subscribers.

They took too much notice of the chattering classes and not enough of their customers.

But what's wrong with the current portfolio of BB7 devices? Give them all a software update, it would be much easier than launching yet another device.

You have to also keep in mind that a lot of smaller companies who invested in BES5 service, may not want to pony up for BES10 now but their current BlackBerry handsets are aging and outdated.

In my opinion the 9720 should really just be a low cost replacement phone for enterprise consumers, who are not willing or ready to make the shift to BB10 but want the security that BES and BlackBerry phone services offer.

Simply put, it's a low cost and affective alternative but BlackBerry has made the mistake of drawing any attention to it outside of what I feel it should be intended for.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Agree 100%. There motto is keep moving. Do they mean backwards or forwards?

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Key to me is the term "messaging device ". Most cell makers have smartphone, messaging device, and then phone. This could be BlackBerry attempt at the just texting crowd.

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There are also still companies who can't upgrade to BES10, so they will be wanting new BBOS devices to use within the company.

You and I may not want it but there is demand.

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I agree. My company has been delaying BES10 and the switch to BB10 because it required upgrades to other systems (part of the minimum requirements to run) that was not in their budgets nor was compatible with other proprietary systems. For many businesses this is an important factor which is why we've stayed with BBOS for now.

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It's the same problem at the company I work for, except the chosen solution here was to drop BES entirely and migrate the users to Android handsets. It became the obvious choice when we learned that our IT services provider (we outsource most of that function) had Android developers on staff who were writing custom apps for their enterprise clients.

It's hard to understand just how completely stupid is the BES10 upgrade path.

They've forced enterprise to make a decision whether to support BES10 or not.

What they should have done is release an upgrade to BES5 that updated in place so that the conceptual leap to install a new server wasn't necessary.

I hate to say it but sometimes you wonder at the intelligence of BlackBerry senior management.

While there is a little merit to what you say, with the 9900 still on sale and with better specs, it is arguably a better choice over this. This device is a waste of resources and is confusingly being released at a bad time.

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Hey Alicia,
my company is dropping BlackBerry because of the cost of the upgrade. They told me Mcaffee EMM was half the cost and are now switching to IPhone :( The other part is VZW gives us the Curve for free or an IPhone 4S for free. Blackberry should be giving Q10 for free for the cost of Bes 10. But i dont know.

That would make for an interesting story. Why exactly does CrackBerry all but ignore the enterprise side of things? It's time to acknowledge BlackBerry is more than a lifestyle device.

"All about the BlackBerry experience". Are you seriously going to try and defend this phone? BlackBerry is bleeding members and you are going to say that the older phones still sell very well and that BlackBerry did the right thing by releasing a new device on a old Os with crappy specs and at a higher price point than Nokia???? Smh.

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Exactly, they wanted to release a cheap phone but they didn't! They released a cheap phone and put a $200 price tag on it, if I had the money to buy a Lumia or the 9720 I'd buy the Lumia and if I wanted a BBOS phone I'd buy the 9900.

Maybe they are focusing their resources on the ever important Porsche phone with its unique UI and hardware and...

... ok .. so maybe BBRY is fucked then.

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Exactly. Repackage the 9900 and sell that to emerging markets. Call it a phone...message device...whatever. The cost to build the 9900 should have come down low enough to where they could sell that phone for $200 tops off contract all the while pushing the new bb10 products and services.

I understood that these devices were for "emerging" markets - whatever that means surely the UK doesn't fall into that category..?

That said, bbos is, at the moment, selling better than bb10, so it would be foolish not to acknowledge that, and sell in the markets BlackBerry has a strong presence in - for consumers and enterprise customers alike.

It's a shame, as the two use-experiences really are like "chalk and cheese". BlackBerry should be driving sales of bb10 forward... but then they haven't been able to do that soo far; so this is a good bolstering tactic.

Needs an adjustment on price, though. Hope payg comes in at curve prices, like £89.99! At that price, the current curve does well so... and of course, this has to compete with cheap androids and a "cheap" iphone (which will probably be £300 at least - "cheap" is relative).

Well, it's done - hope this ploy pans out well for BlackBerry!

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While the UK isn't an emerging market, BlackBerry is hugely popular here. Remember, BlackBerry 10 even launched here first, so it's not a big surprise that we're seeing this device coming to the UK. The Curve models were big in the UK. While I'd probably prefer those users upgrade to the Q5, if there is demand, feed it.

I do know a few people still holding on their legacy device and BIS, this is the target market.

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No one that buys this phone will care about the browser. Companies don't need to switch to bes10 as Bes5 and bes10 exist side-by-side.

True - there is a market (arguably, a greater market) for bbos. BlackBerry must accede to those needs.

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"All about the BlackBerry experience", eh? What about the fact that people don't want to buy a device that'll end up crashing on them? That's the "BlackBerry experience" people will remember. BlackBerry needs to show people that the experience is different now. Did they even fix that issue with the 9720? I sure hope so.

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I'm sure they didn't, that OS it's written in Java it'll always be laggy; the 9900 had better specs and it was still laggy.

"Consumers on a budget"???? Come on, this device is not a budget device looking at the ridiculous pricing. With the same price you can get some good mid tier android device.

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That's the UK pricing for off contract. On contract the device will be free.

And in other markets it will probably be less expensive.

How is this a first impression article? James does not talk about the phone directly such as performance so far, screen responsiveness etc, that is what a first impressions is supposed to include! This jus talks about what everyone's been talking about in the comments or forum posts. This is a poor article.

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Though, to be fair, we all (those that've used a BlackBerry device before, anyway) know EXACTLY what this device is like.

It's a curve class device.

Dolled up - but it is what it is.

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Maybe, but this is a controversial device being an OS7 device being released in 2013, so it deserves a solid first impressions to either counteract the bad image/uselessness/curvy device or reassure them...we still dnt know this and this first impressions was supposed to start this off

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Again, I can only agree with you.

BlackBerry is in a tough position - really - in that it is trying to transition to a new os, and yet the uptake for the new os isn't great. So out comes the older gen stuff...

It's a shame they didn't bring out a Bold class device, something with some grunt. But then there may be costs involved, so this is what comes.

Difficult times :-s

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Yeahh, I have a Q10 now, but gna sell it for personal reasons which have nothing to do with the phone so I'm gna grab a bold 9900 but gna check out the 9720 first, see which one I like better, but if a new bold came out with the class of the 9900, it would be a no brainer, would grab that bold immeadiately..... there may be the slightest possibility of a new bold coming out seeing as BlackBerry have one last device to bring out...maybe a slider? or maybe a new bold?

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It's a horrible feeling knowing that Blackberry no longer have any idea what they are doing and are just throwing any old phones out hoping someone will buy it. My contract ends in March and I feel I shall be looking elsewhere.

I suggest you wait to see how BBRY is doing for another 6 months before investing into BB phones. My Z10 is good but I am worried if the phone will be supported for another 2 years. PB is already left out in cold.

Playbook is still supported. It is listed on the website under support still. It isn't discontinued. Or it would say so otherwise.

"It's certainly not going to compete with the likes of higher end Android devices and the iPhone but at least it's an option for consumers on a budget and companies not looking to spend a lot."

Isn't that what the Q5's purpose was though?

I don't get the purpose of this device. For people who just use text messaging it's to expensive and since you need BIS for mails an BBM it gets even more expensive. The should have made a device with a 200$ price tag with bb10 or something like that - even the Q5 is to expensive for those kinds of people. And instead of releasing a new device with the old OS the could have said the support the old OS with updates but nothing more.

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They can't make a BB10 device for $200. If they could it would already be on the market.

Lol, like BlackBerry would release a phone that they see no demand for. People here make me laugh, they have almost no information versus BlackBerry and they say PRICING IS BAD, RELEASING X IS BAD. Hey, they have teams working on this with TONS more data than you. Trust me, the price is not something they assign a homeless person behind the BlackBerry building to decide, there is a lot of analysis that goes behind a price. I guess it's easy to criticize a business thats not the top dog at the moment because you can always say, HEY THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, THEY DONT HAVE 50% MARKET SHARE. Anyhow, lately it's been pretty painful to read a lot of CrackBerry posts from the members. I wish people were more rational and try to figure out what's BlackBerry angle on their move than just say everything is bad, guess it's too much to ask.

+1000 about the painful part. It's like even the BlackBerry owners have a hatred for BlackBerry too. I see Android owners bashing willy nilly away, and I wonder why if they are so satisfied with theirs why they have to bash another brand. Like kicking someone when they are down.
But to see bashing from BlackBerry support too...SMGDH

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I totally agree with you. Last I checked, millions of BBOS devices are still being sold but I guess these CrackBerry pessimists believe it's best to force everyone to go BB10 and not give the customer a choice. Is burning every reminisce of the past the only way to go for these pessimists to enforce their ideology? Maybe BB should just turn off BIS immediately too because why should customers have the option if the almighty BB10 cannot use it anymore.

They are not failing. This bold 9900 hasn't stopped functioning or getting service, if anything happens to a company, it won't stop phones from working.

really? well not working completely, no but here is my worry. If Blackberry did die totally in the way so many people are predicting (which I doubt will happen), our Bold 9900's would be considerably less functional if nobody was running the BIS network for sure. So in this case it does stop phones from working, at least in the way people want them to.

Bullshit. That you Lazardis?

You are delusional whoever you are. We are users calling out the strategic and tactical missteps that continue to be made by the leadership of this company and that have destroyed it's shareholder value, market share, relationships with tech partners, app developers, US carriers etc.

You cannot be 'right' and everyone else 'wrong'. If you were: BBRY would be trying... repeat TRYING to convince the rest of us otherwise.

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Time will tell if it ias a good or bad idea. I do not have any problem that !a company have to differents OS at the same time. If they can take care of both, that's provive choices to customers, and there is a lot of peoples that likes OS 7M
God Bless choices!

Why couldn't they have just created a 'budget' BB10 phone? And I'm not talking about the Q5 because at its current price it's not an entry level phone...

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The people who are going to buy this phone don't need to be convinced to, it's for a specific reason.

So much people impossible to please lately

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Considering that you can't even find a Z10 or Q10 for sale in an AT&T store here in America (no joke), there may be a market for this yet. Of course, they probably don't have this phone either.

Loving my Q10

Some people want to keep BIS. I don't think this this aimed at people of have taken the leap to BlackBerry 10. It's for those still want legacy and for corporate users

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I still don't think it was a good idea, but I do understand its place. It really is no different than when companies buy new PCs and downgrade the OS, for example, Windows 8 to Windows 7 because they aren't ready to deploy a new OS on the Enterprise.

Its a Retro movie serving companies still not getting the social age Today ! So heck sell it to them I guess !!

"You've only got to hit up the forums or previous blog posts to see CrackBerry members sound off about how the 9720 has less specs and is more expensive than the likes of some of the Nokia Lumia's. Sure, specs are important to many people, but for others it's all about the BlackBerry experience - even on the older OS." The BlackBerry experience doesn't attract new customers since I don't know 2007?:(

It would be good if you could price this phone non VAT. Not every country is subject to the UK's heavy tax bite. So knock off £30.

Place for a BBOS device - yes!
Is it priced to fit that "place" - no!

Should users be allowed to choose which BB OS is installed on any current products - YES!

I'm sorry this was a waste of time money and effort. BlackBerry wouldn't be in this predicament of having to revert to an old os had they put that money, time and effort in to some creative, aggressive marketing from the beginning. I'm now starting to see some z10 and q10 posters in Penn Station, NY. They are simple... BlackBerry needed to come out with a BANG! ...but never did.

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I actually do see the place for this device. I'm not a marketing expert, but it strikes me that it makes sense to release this, but maybe not talk about it so much. This is really a device for corporate customers only. I feel like they should have made a B2B push only and not spoken "publically" about this device, since I feel that was probably not money well spent...money they could have spent on more BB10 promotion to the public.

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Agreed, there very well may be a market demand, but the release of a "new" device is just bad optics. In the information age, image matters.

I'm still not sure why BlackBerry doesn't offer the 9790 as an OS7 alternative to businesses wanting to upgrade from old Curves. Is it too expensive?

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Well BlackBerry is a publicly traded company so maybe there's some kind of requirement to have these press releases due to its significance in relative comparison to other companies with a greater amount of products / services where it would not make sense to put a release every time.

BB10 certainly has some great features but it left off some great features of BB7. I love my Z10 but overall prefer my 9850 with BB7.

Here's why it makes sense. Instead of selling Bold 9900's, which they lose money on, they disco that and make the 9720 for those countries and people that use legacy BlackBerry OS and they can actually make money on these devices because their inexpensive to build.

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Wow, you just brought a tear to my eye. Common business sense do still exist in these CrackBerry comments. I thought they were all gone with the rest of the rational people and all we had left were the irrational hacks. Thanks for somewhat restoring my faith!!

Wow. It's still expensive to make a bold 9900? I would have thought the cost would have come down by now. How long has bold 9900 series been out?

I think this is a great device to release. Many users don't care about os10 and hate change of any sort. Os7 is also extremely light on data usage which is good for people that do a lot of international travel. Basically this device is perfect for the 100 bes5 users I still support. It costs by barely anything to develop and produce. Even if the device sells poorly, pretty much all sales are profit to bbry.

I still don't see anybody in their right mind buying a 200€ phone when they know it runs an outdated OS, has less specs and will in two years time be dropped by BlackBerry (if not sooner). Also for people who want to stay on BlackBerry legacy devices there are other option with the 9900 or even 9790 which are better and have kind of the same price tag or tend to have lower price tags.
I can see the point of realising this phone for companies who struggle to upgrade to BES10 but then they should have done a bit better in terms of Hardware and materials.
This phone is just non-sense ! They wasted their time and effort albeit they could have put this on bb10 for the PlayBook or even in the marketing of bb10 or better release a cheaper bb10 phone to convert everybody to the bb10 experience !

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My IT guys would be all over the 9720 if it ever gets launched in Canada. We're currently running our entire fleet of 67 devices on an almost exact mix of Z10s and Q10s but there is an element that would benefit from a phone that could be abused more without the cost consequences associated with BB10 devices. From a business perspective this device makes an awful lot of sense within a sales/service environment. Just because it may not fall in to some people's idea of a flagship device doesn't mean that this phone doesn't have a place in a business or retail environment.

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Don't get it? If you wish for a low end phone get the Q5, is that what it's for? And the Q5 is still a much better phone!

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Being a public company is no excuse for this marketing snafu. They could have met their obligations of disclosure by filing an SEC document and maybe a tiny press release that they did not need to widely disseminate, and then quietly pushed the device on corporate customers. Please done excuse another marketing error by BlackBerry with unknowedgeable posts about SEC regulations.

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Really? You don't get it? How is this so hard to understand? There are countless companies with the infrastructure already established for BES 7. This is a new phone for those corporate customers.

The lack of understanding of this phone's release underscores a monumental lack of understanding of the CB community about business subject matters.

Not that I'm surprised.

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How stupid are they? Now pple will buy this instead of upgrading to BB10 which is pushing BlackBerry back a step in trying to rollout BB10

Posted via my Q10

Think of this device as the last train to BB10. They want to get as many people on board as possible so they could cut costs on support of other legacy devices.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

It's for people who need to communicate in a safe and secure platform. They need to upgrade but don't need all the bells or whistles. They are willing to pay more then Nokia. Sure it can't do all the things the new OS can do. But the new OS (ios , android) still can't do what this old BlackBerry OS does very well. Security. So a company can upgrade get there security with out the expensive new bb10 price tag. Or switch to android save some money be able to get the latest apps but have no security. I see a place for this phone. To me it's a no brainer. And we haven't even got started on data compression or the other legacy bbos goodies that the other OS guys are still trying to duplicate. Make no wonder there's some big companies out there that want BlackBerry to go under. They get what they haven't been able to duplicate themselves at a bargain price. Then it well be the latest tech innovation.

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Hey "datmisterb". That was an awesome post!! That's what I like. We should have more of that and that will help boost the market! When I spk to my friends I rave about bb10 and they are starting to hear and appreciate bb10!!! Let's keep up the optimistic approach, and the world will see- bbry will prevail once again!

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Highlights the problem with the whole company - the fact that they think this is a good idea at all is mind-blowing!

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At some point, we realize that we fixated on hardware/specs/speed etc....driven unconsciously by a "keeping up w the Jones" drive. And then we forget that this is FIRST & FOREMOST a COMMUNICATIONS TOOL - phone calls + email/txt....nothing more, nothing less.

Simply put. Simply driven.

And yes, these will sell if the momentum gathers, b/c of the security, instant speed, and oh, did I mention rock solid encryption? Ya, security, that's right. BlackBerry is THE first commercial mobile platform to gain DoD approval to access their secure net. Not some the Dept of Labour or Agriculture....DEFENSE. Anyone have a real clue how tightly wrapped this VPN is? This alone, I believe, if BlackBerry is crafty enough to capitalize & focus on market penetration based on the DoD certification could keep them afloat.

Sound familiar, doesn't it. Round & round the mery go round, and they just forgot to keep paying attention. That's what being the sole market provider will do to you. That wasn't a monopoly....there's wasn't anyone else even in that space....only BlackBerry. And THAT's why they where they are now.

If you look through the entire progression, it really seems inevitable.

"autocorrect's for the birds" SQN100-2, v10.2.0.1323

We are going to make an app available for this model in two weeks. We will report back to you how many downloads from this model in two months. If the number is good it means BlackBerry made the right decision.


We're waiting for BES 10.2 before going all out conversion to bb10. We have logging features that are required for compliance but will be ready in the next patch. It might be perceived we are preferring bb7 over bb10 but reality we can't wait to roll out bb10. In other words even though we're replacing Bolds with 9900 s and not q10s it is not because we want to.

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It's a clear waste of time and money. Simple. There is no redemption or saving grace to this move.


Think about the money a company needs to invest in supply - keyboard, screen, processor, other materials, marketing, distribution, etc etc etc. For what? A low cost device that people don't even want.

How does that make any sense? I mean nice try on the effort but can we have the sense to point out garbage when we see it. 9720 was trash the day it was announced in the planning phase.

The only way I could ever see the 9720 making sense if it was put out because of excess supply. But, a new device, new supply orders, etc... dumb dumb dumb.

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This is an outdated smartphone, granted 3 years ago it would have stood up okay as a budget device, however smartphones have advanced and are now even smarter, take for example the HTC sensation which was a mid tier device and can now be picked up for approx £180 handset with no contract, Google the specs on that device and the price and compare to this, I absolutely love my BlackBerry Z10 it's without a doubt the best smartphone I have ever used,but blackberry truly have lost the plot with this device the 9720

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I wish people wouldn't be so "obsoletewashed" and consider the place that wonderful new legacy (ass-kicking) blackberry is. New hardware, older, PROVEN operating system. The reason WHY it slows down and lags? NOBODY PROPERLY MAINTAINS IT!! Seriously, I have been doing that since I had my 9700 and if you wanna know what to keep or discard in the backup settings, I'll make a thread and post a few screenshots or a short video. This 9900 is not laggy anymore, doesn't give the timer anymore, doesn't go through batteries like others have complained about... Because... I properly maintain and care for it. Neglect SUCKS! Just saying.

That blackberry will have it's place and yes, it will sell. Enterprises would probably want it if they have bes5, consumers looking for a phone that calls, messages and surfs the web, and socialises, but don't give a rat's arse about apps, they will buy it. I personally know people in my area who don't care about the hype either. If they are looking to replace (yes, replace) a damaged phone they dropped (off a balcony), crushed (happened 6 times) or get wet (repeatedly putting the battery back in, ending it), they will get the replacement for their current one on ebay, classifieds, amazon.

That's all I have to say. So quit being obsoletewashed and think about those that really (besides crackberry) don't care about apps, but just want it as the best communications device. I know I love this bold to death!!! Never gonna let it go and I'm not ready for blackberry 10 yet either.

Bashing another platform, when you are stereotypically satisfied of your own (you use android, iphone), only makes you brandwashed. Stop it, drop it. It makes people look so stupid. That is all.

I think releasing the 9720 is especially odd since Thorsten Heins said "no more trackpad" and then bingo they release a device that's behind behind the 9900! Odd all the way around. (I could understand a new & improved 9900)

Oh and if you don't know what brandwashing means, or is, check this out: http://www.google.ca/search?q=brandwashed

Yeah, I looked it up for you, most of us won't even bother. *laughs loudly* obsoletewashed? Nothing turns up on the web for that, but it basically means "anything old is worthless and useless, don't even bother using it because it doesn't work and nobody uses it any more" to me, which is not true. People still use very old technology. Know why? It's proven. It works.

Just before I left my 9900, many of the top 'essential' apps had ceased to work. Sky Sport, BBC, etc and so it is almost pointless in the UK.
I love the legacy devices, their beauty is in the simplicity and ease of use, but I do feel they're a bit pointless.
I'd encourage the sales of the Q5.

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OMG Blackberry with new OS is really making mistake with launching products of past ghosts .
They should concentrate more on BB10 than launching these stone age technologies.

firest sensible decision the company made since the BB10 circus began in my view. Frankly the only dissappointment here is that it is a lower spec than the bold 9900's.

I can kinda see where BlackBerry was going with this. Some people prefer the legacy OS and the features it had that are now missing on the bb10 (there are countless threads in the forums of people complaining about this). Also there are emerging markets who's networks wouldn't even be able to take advantage of what bb10 brings to the table. Might as well have a new device for them. Also for businesses and BES, here is a lower cost option to give their employees.

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Personally I think they will sell if touch screen, also they keyboard, q5 and z10 what I have are big prices and some of the software that's on here makes u pay for many apps and as in the old o's does x

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Who in his right mind would pick up on of these and not a 9790 or maybe even 9780 which you can pick up on Ebay new for cheaper than the the 9720?

I would, or rather have to pick one up for work reasons. 9790 are 2 yr old designs.
9220 is cheap, but only runs 2G.
9320 is good enough.
9720 = 9320+touchscreen.
Seems like a good deal.