BlackBerry 9720 compared to Q5 on video

By Simon Sage on 2 Aug 2013 10:02 am EDT

We've seen plenty of the upcoming BlackBerry 9720 so far, and though the resemblance to the recently-launched BlackBerry Q5 is obvious, until today we've yet to see the two devices side by side.

The video above runs through the hardware layout of either device, and we can see that there are a few subtle differences, including plug placement, presence of a convenience keys, rear finish, and shape of the edge. The 9720 is also briefly compared to the Q10 and Bold 9900. Anyone that knows Russian is welcome to give us the gist of the narration in the comments.

Though it may be easy to wonder what the 9720 is doing around with the Q5 in in the picture, we still don't know how much cheaper the OS 7 device is going to be. It's certainly interesting to see the 9720 borrow a few BB10 software tricks, such as the camera shortcut button, but there's little doubt that this is the last of the legacy BlackBerry devices we're going to see. 

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BlackBerry 9720 compared to Q5 on video


On the left: DANG those are some sexy-looking devices!!
On the right: wtf is that? Those are the old models right? Oh, they're the newer ones? *facepalm*

^ I most full heartedly agree!

1 this product looks to make BB a hipocryt to their new marketing message "Keep Moving" should be "Keep Moving forward"! 2 - waste of development, production and supply chain resources. Should the high end BB10 candy bar phone take more than 3 months to ship I'll be seriously pissed and will mark the real fault due to this product.

Whomever approved this product deserves a solid 10" kick in the nads!!

I allways liked to have the best of the best... But seeing that new OS on the 9720 makes me feel like my 9900 dosent work anymore...but I'm still waiting for the launch of the A10

Should sell well in emerging markets and financially strapped European countries.

More BIS contracts mean more monthly bucks for BlackBerry, to spend on better BlackBerry 10 marketing etc.

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This video is posted from "emerging" and "financially strapped" Ukraine. And I don't think 9720 will outsell there BB10 devices or competitor's "flagships".

If they made a new BlackBerry Bold version - say the 9980 - with the track pad but specs of the Q10 - I'd totally go for that.

I know a few people with os 5|&6 phones who are more likely to buy it than a bb10. They just want email , text and BBM , BB10 is to fancy for them. Everyone else moved to iphone and a few to android to have the same phone as most of the people they know.

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He compares the devices, he said he's not sure why the 9720 is being released, and he says that the 9720 is a mid-grade device vs the 9900 which is a premium one. He also says he's gonna compare the camera picture quality of each device, but he doesn't say where he'll do that. He keeps saying how beautiful all 4 devices are, and at the end he disses Android and iPhones, which made me laugh a little (he basically says they're crap) :-D

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This should be the last non-bb10 device..... period.


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Пожалел бы людей, которые не поймут всю глубину и ширину данного обзора)

За видео спасибо, порадовало)

Тоже поржал :))
Но наличие заводских русских клавиатур еще больше порадовало!

I'm wondering what the specs are on it. Is it better then the 9900? makes no sense to release a new phone that is slower then an old model that is over 2 years old.

As mentioned above in my translation, he compares it to the 9900, saying that the 9720 is a "mid-grade device" where-as the 9900 is a "premium device," so that to me would say that it doesn't quite compare to the 9900.

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Wonderful. So release a new device, running an OS that was killed off officially over a year ago, and have that new resurrected device release with older hardware than a 2 year old flagship.

Just when I think that they can't do anything worse...

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This new 9720 makes sense because BB7 is still a stable market for BlackBerry so why not make the most out of it and make another device that is more modern?!.. It may not be the top seller, but it will keep the BB7 Market going till people eventually want to upgrade to BB10! They may see some of the cool features they have added and want the full effect.. BlackBerry has to make the best of what they have because their sales weren't as good as they wanted them to be, so they have to give it all they got and do everything they can to survive on their own..

It is a developed platform that many government agencies, businesses and other countries use and have relied on for a long time. Some people don't want to switch to BB10 because it is still lacking features that are important to certain users. BB10 is not as secure as Legacy Devices due to sideloading and how new and under developed it is... So OS7 is a very stable market!

The K cars Chrysler made in the 80s sold very well too..they didn't bring them back when sales dropped in 2008 did they??

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I liked the last words of the reviewer: "I don't give a shit to your opinion... if you want to start praising your iOS and Android... go f#ck yourself" .

Loosely translated, the reviewer says that the Bold was confiscated from Eric Snowden, so they are really just going to compare the two newest phones, Comrade. :)

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He was either drunk or tired. Too much swearing.
And the best part is at 1:30 where he replies to question "why 9720". Kind of.

There is a huge market segment for mid range and entry level devices...I think this is a good move and maybe even entry level devices should be released based on BB10 and not the legacy devices...

Certainly there are 2 different market segments for OS7 and OS10 devices. Just gives away the license for OS7 and earns from BIS. Find a contractor in Asia or China to build the OS7 devices more economically and streamline the models but BB must still control the design consistency and QC. Keep the OS10 devices for upper market.
Elaborate the "former BB image" as productivity tool and do something with ERP company to integrate the device closely in business process as base of a networking platform.

Stop hating guys!
If you guys want to buy it then buy it if not then don't.
This will sell good in different markets!

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BlackBerry should have released a low version Q3 or something for Emerging Markets and sell it dirt cheap so they can gain market penetration as much as possible. In Europe, North America, Africa and so on, release the Q5. The so called Q3 could have been and still could be the replacement for the BBOS. They could have also given Emerging Markets an incentive to upgrade to the so called Q3 IMO. Anyhow my thoughts.

Releasing the 9720 & the Q5, shows how lost BB is!
That´s why BB10 devices sales are so poor.