BlackBerry 9720 coming soon to Carphone Warehouse

Available to pre-order now

BlackBerry 9720 coming soon to Carphone Warehouse
By DJ Reyes on 18 Aug 2013 05:44 am EDT

We have an idea of the SIM free price for the BlackBerry 9720 since it is now available to pre-order from Expansys. Carphone Warehouse has the BlackBerry 9720 in their 'Coming Soon' section and will have it available on all U.K. carriers (except EE since it's not a 4G device). There is still no release date mentioned but you can pre-order through the website.

Looking at the prices the cheapest offering is from O2 at £11 ($17) a month on a 24 month contract with no up front fee. However, this will only give you 50 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of data. The best deal in terms of data is probably with T-Mobile UK for £15.50 ($24) a month, no upfront fee. With this plan you get 1GB of data, 50 minutes and 250 texts. Not too bad if you don't call or text much. Since it's running on BIS, 1GB may be more than enough anyway.

Carphone Warehouse currently has the white and black models available for pre-order. The BlackBerry 9720 will come in other colors - blue, pink and purple, we'll probably see these come out a month or so after the initial release.

While the BlackBerry 9720 it not something I will personally get as I'm very much content with my Q10, I am curious to see how this little guy will do. 

If you're still carrying a BlackBerry OS device, is the BlackBerry 9720 something you would get? Or would you just go BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments.

For more information on the BlackBerry 9720, you can check out our 9720 page, for previously leaked images, videos and more.

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BlackBerry 9720 coming soon to Carphone Warehouse


Really wondering why they released this phone now? I thought they would rather have people using BIS so would it not make more sense to just sell the hardware really cheap.

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They still have to supply replacement phones to corporations and governments who have yet upgraded their systems to BES10. This sector will take years to update to bb10. It's more than just walking in to the local store and switching out devices. They have to upgrade their IT departments, upgrade their custom software etc. Most probably elect to stay put.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Then they should've just redone the 9900 and released that. Call it the 9950 or something. Auto focus camera and a bigger battery and screen. Done. Win. Not this.
Or at the very least, offer a refurbished 9900 to those areas that still want or need OS7 for cheap. All the specs of that phone are better than this one.


That's a good idea. It also would have looked better as a slightly upgraded legacy device rather than a "new" phone.

Posted via CB10


I would buy an updated Bold 9900 in a heartbeat, with the following improvements as a *Communications* device:
~Bigger removable battery
~Autofocus camera

Honestly, one can argue that one can back to the full BlackBerry experience that everyone wants faster with an updated Bold 9900 !

There's still demand for legacy BB devices in both emerging markets as well as corpations running on old BES.
And not everyone needs a 9900 style legacy BB.
Some people are fine with a Curve.
So instead of keeping the Bold and Curve, BB created the 9720. A cross between Curve and Bold. This will allow them to reduce legacy BB to only one product line.

The contract prcing isn't that much. But buying this phone stand-alone... no way. BB has the Q5, why they are f**king it up for themself?

What is this thing doing in the UK market? The only reason I can see that anyone would pick one of these OS7 legacy devices up is if their current legacy device broke and the poor sod didn't want to give up the bridge function on their PlayBook just yet. This device will just damage the brand when potential customers pick it up and say 'eww. BlackBerry10 is just the same crap as before. They need to move on. '

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Well if people are that uneducated then it's good they move on. BB10 will be too much for them to handle.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

UK is the biggest BlackBerry market, hence they got the Z10 first.
There may be plenty of people that want/need to upgrade but want to keep BIS or are forced to stay on a legacy device because of BES compatibility.

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Blackberry need to focus on their very bad OS10 and fix it before us loyal BBusers get bored...i'd never buy a BlackBerry again!!

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Than go buy a iToy or a piece of crap Android........ don't waste our time

Posted via CB10 on my Rogers LTE MAX Q10 and LTE Z10 in Toronto

too much offended? crad android is selling better than any BB10. I love my Z10 but the way you are attacking is not good!

I actually disagree with you on that point. BB10 is actually a very good OS. It's not perfect and BBRY are steadily making improvements. Overall, I am very satisfied with it on my Z10.

Where I agree with you is that BBRY should focus their efforts on improving the BB10 and not wasting their time on BBOS devices.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

I don't see it as a waste of time. Rather, it's continuing to support those who must use BBOS7 for one reason or another.
If BB were to abandon those customers, it would be worse. Creating the 9720 is a good thing for those who need legacy BB.

9720 also alows BBRY to go from two manufacturing lines down to one. By combining the Bold and the Curve into one device, less resources will be spent on the legacy devices, which address your point. And also freeing up some manufacturing capacity for BB10 devices.

Got the q10, gotta give it away and imma grab the 9720, think its gna be a nice phone as I dnt need nothing more or nothing less.....but I hope even more they bring out a revamped 9900, that would be the best!

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I'm lot gonna lie.

I want the Purple version of this phone just for that reason.

Wanted the Q5 in purple, alas, to be, it was not.

Thanks BB, finally got something to smile about :)

I wouldn't mind seeing this hot the North American markets as a fleet phone only, can't see it as a consumer device much. I'd get a dozen or so for my business where the Z10 or Q10 are too fragile. The last run of Curves proved far too unreliable and too flimsy.

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Unfortunately, part of what's hurting BlackBerry's rep is that people only get legacy devices as business phones, so that's what they know when they think BlackBerry. Most large companies even have BlackBerry techs that fix the old phones, so employees get issued 5 year old phones.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

Honestly if they released a BBOS phone with the specs of the q10, I would buy it immediately! There should really have a hybrid device between QNX and BBOS (OS8/OS9? I know those were the Playbook but marketing!)

Basically a supercharged 9900 with the QNX backend but the Choice of theme shells (BBOS Or BB10).

And yes with BIS, I know I am probably going to get grilled for even mentioning BIS but we need it in our 3rd world countries like South Africa where you have to pay for data with an Arm,leg and Kidney!

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No more leaks until they tell me the lock screen notifications can be turned off. That setting doesn't work in the last leak. Also that auto lock issue when Bluetooth is connected is annoying.

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Still really donno why blackberry are wasting there time.


It's the only way to save the business

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That's because you don't read and comprehend very well. Their are many companies and government departments that use BES still which is not BB10 compatible. You also have many parts of the world where data is very expensive and people need and want BIS which is very data efficient. These people need at the very least replacement devices. Also BIS is still a revenue source for BlackBerry. I don't understand what is so difficult for you people to understand!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Pardon my ignorance, but the 9720 doesn't seem that different from the 9790. Slightly lower specs and a Curve-style keyboard. Why not just push the 9790, maybe with a little price cut. At least that way it won't be a "new" OS7 phone. In the modern age, it's all about optics and launching a "new" BBOS phone looks bad.

What you don't understand is that BlackBerry has been loosing many customers for the past 5 years and people moved on to other devices. Os5 to OS 7.1 is basically the same thing. There is nothing really new and innovative. If you think that the corporate world is going to save blackberry then you are dreaming. Look at the past quarter and compare it to Apple or Samsung. Do they make a better device? Absolutely not. But what I do know is people are turning away from blackberry and this new device is not going to help. What blackberry has to do is focus on bb10 and push it out to every market. Make the phones more affordable and get the providers on their side.

Posted via CB10

I agree with what you say in general as I see many BlackBerry OS 7 users switching devices. But there is also a massive reason for this. Is the iphone better than the z10? Well if you are hung up on 700 000 apps vs 150 000 well buy an iphone hands down. But if you need a device that can multi task, is fast, and flows from one thing to the next? How can you beat a device that you can respond to emails, text messages, BBM messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc without even opening those apps. Then the z10 rules. But the carriers, and their young staff push iphones and androids even though it may not be in the best interest of the end user.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

There is still demand for BBOS7 devices in government and some corporations and emerging markets. BlackBerry NEEDS the 9720 to refresh the legacy BB line. And while BBRY is pushing BB10, government and emerging markets are not transitioning fast enough.

My company is still on legacy BB and also Windows XP. (We are just starting to transition to Win7 over the next 12 months). My company has 30,000 employees so things move very very slow. We do not adopt a new platform until it is proven and all the bugs are ironed out. Because if software patch/update is required, our IT department will be very busy pushing updates to 30,000 people every time.

For BBOS7, BlackBerry are going to combine the Curve and the Bold lines. This 9720 will be the last BlackBerry OS7 device. Anyone wanting a BB OS7 device will need to buy this one. Combining both product lines into one will free up manufacturing capability for future devices while reducing the operating cost for legacy BB.

So while no one specifically asked for this device, it's a way for BlackBerry to continue support for those markets and corporations still on legacy BB. I see it as a good thing.

Thank you for that post. Perhaps now individuals that can't understand why BlackBerry is still supporting legacy devices may begin to grasp reality. Windows XP is still the best platform for large organizations so your IT department will not be too happy with windows 7 and windows 8 is a disaster business wise. Does your company appear to be heading to bb10 or will they be switching platforms? Our company has mostly switched to BB10 phones and the employees love them. A lot of them said the only drawback was they had to get a z10 for their significant other because they also love the new BB10. In time this is how this new platform is going to gain traction. The carriers and the media will not help in the least. They are instructed to sell iphones and androids.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Data security and privacy are two of the most important things in my company. So BlackBerry is the logical choice for our next mobile platform. But for now we are still handing out BB7 devices.

I will never understand BlackBerry. What is the point of this phone. Market BlackBerry 10 and do without this old and aging os of BB7. This just gives another reason for BB7 users to not switch to the new and better platform of BB10. Pricing is a flip flop. BlackBerry never surprises me anymore.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10

It really isn't that difficult to understand.
There is still demand for BBOS7 devices in government and some corporations and emerging markets. BlackBerry NEEDS the 9720 to refresh the legacy BB line. And while BBRY is pushing BB10, government and emerging markets are not transitioning fast enough. During the transition period, there's still a need for new BB7 devices.

For BBOS7, BlackBerry are going to combine the Curve and the Bold lines. Anyone wanting a new BB7 device will need to buy this one. Hopefully this will cost less than the 9900 to manufacture. So combining both product lines into one will free up manufacturing capability for future devices while reducing the operating cost for legacy BB.

I lime os7 devices... but I have my z10 now.... but sometimes I'm thinking, what's going on with BlackBerry? they never think about the price? Hmmmm :)

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This thing will be DOA, it can't even compete with Nokia Lumia 520 which retails at $100-$150.

This phone has got to be targeting youngsters who either don't have the cash for higher end phones or their parents don't wanna spend money on expensive phones. Stupid move on BB's part cause that's what the Q5 is for.

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Ugh, why is BlackBerry wasting their time on this. The iPhone 5C is going to slaughter the low-nd market if BlackBerry isn't careful.

-- Adam Schuetze

There's no place for a 'new' archaic device like this in the phone market. It's not what people want, and hasn't been for some time. If people want a new BlackBerry, they will get a BB10 device, not this.

Posted via Q10

O2 sells the Nokia Lumia 620 (qualcomm snapdragon s4!) for £99, if you ask me I would say Blackberry is trying their hardest not to sell any phone! Completely out of touch. While there is a huge market for legacy device, it will not sell at this price! Looks to me like Thorsten is trying his hardest to bank the 50 million he'll get when BlackBerry goes burst!

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BlackBerry 10. I had a chance to try out the 9790 which came out in Lebanon 2 years ago. And I must say, it feels like a huge downgrade from blackberry 10 devices. But usually if you're getting this phone, you're not going from a top of the line BlackBerry. So it should be fine.

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Think just about everyone is missing the point of this phone. Notice how it arrived with as little fanfair as possible? This phone is first and foremost for the emerging markets where OS7 is strong, followed by corporate fleets, simply for the ease of IT backend.

There will be the few who buy it as end consumers in the west, but I think BBRY could care less on that front. Those stubborn enough to stick with it over here are still BlackBerry customers, those who buy it in the intended markets should be sated for the time being, and in the case of businesses, have time to prepare for the eventual upgrade to BB10.

Calm down and stop acting like BlackBerry is marketing this phone in lieu of the Q5.

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This phone is so inexpensive. I think it is a great way for somebody who is leary, sitting on the fence about getting a smartphone and are still using a lame old feature phone - this device would be perfect for that crowd, there's a lot of people like that, I think they're numbering in the multi-millions, maybe even billion(s). They barely use their phones now because they only have c r a p p y feature phones and the last thing they want to do is spend a bunch of money on something higher end right off the hop. If marketed correctly (which I'm sure they'll do, in other regions, where it will be more popular by default) this phone could potentially be a perfect segway into a better mobile experience for the abundance of "fense sitters" who are seriously still on old garbage phones.

Posted via CB10

Also, people who get this phone, will not be moving from smartphones that they own now - to this device. It's opposite, this is like the "gateway" phone to a better communication experience than what could ever be achieved on a old school feature phone and those are the folks BlackBerry would like to attract to the benefits of having a BlackBerry to communicate, because even this 9720 is WAY better than anything below it, like some dude still using a moto rzr or something equally p o o p y. Those people would seriously consider this to be a Cadillac in comparison to their old "flip phones" LOLOLOL, seriously. I highly doubt some iPhone user would buy this or any other platform's entry level device, even though it would still even be better than their iPhone, LMAO, but still, people who want to upgrade from wackness to coolness, they'll toss their old Nokia candy bar and buy this. It is even better than low end android c r a p, more reliable.

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People who upgrade to this from old garbage feature phones, they will quickly realize what they've been missing out on by not having a smartphone before and would likely choose a BlackBerry 10 device next.

Posted via CB10

Q5 is better, but for people who think, "why do I need a smartphone?" getting this could very well answer that question and then they might want to get a Q5 or Q10, whatever available at the time.

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WTF would BlackBerry waste time and resources on an outdated OS and outdated hardware...

BlackBerry hello, stick to the plan release ONLY BB10 phones... and use intelligent marketing...

In many ways the bbos 7.1 is an excellent mature os on legacy devices. It is mature and stable. Bb10 is evolving towards that goal but is still 2-3 updates away from achieving parity with that os. There are people who would buy the device mainly for the bis. Having said that BlackBerry 10 is excellent. It is evolving nicely. It still has some bugs especially with active sync on exchange 2003. But once evolved BlackBerry 10 will be the most powerful os out there. The key is the ecosystem. If BlackBerry can get that more secure and partner with a major os firm like that of Microsoft then BlackBerry will be on stronger footing.

Whatever the reason for releasing a last generation phone in the midst of trying to "scale the BlackBerry 10 business", I'm sure BlackBerry has their reasons and did not just release this phone all willy nilly. I'm positive they have many reasons for making this phone and none of the reasons were to make anybody angry or resentful. It's just a phone, that some people around the globe will purchase. Not everybody on the planet wants to buy a super high end smartphone, ESPECIALLY if they're on any kind of a budget, need a reliable communication device, as well as currently using a piece of trash feature phone. Any BlackBerry 7 device kicks the snot out of any feature phone, regardless of last or current generation of OS and devices.

If I was some guy, who say, lived in Jamaica and I'm happy in life and I don't care to spend a ton of money on superficial BS because my lifestyle is different than that, I care about different things. A lot of people in Jamaica (for example, and elsewhere) have a BlackBerry now and many others have an old school feature phone, who would love an opportunity to have an inexpensive option.

Now, the ones who want to communicate on a budget because their level of "class" is NOT determined by the smartphone they carry around, want a BBM enabled, inexpensive device to open up a whole new world for them. For some, it would be a very practical and great to have a device to communicate using BBM, which is really popular in say, Jamaica and other parts of the globe where it is not like it is here in north America. Sure, everybody likes the "latest and greatest" stuff, but for a lot of people, that simply is not a priority in life, at all. Hence, the 9720 could be the device for them. Then, they'll see how a smartphone opens up so much for them and possibly they will value purchasing a high end phone in the future.

One more thing, I don't think BlackBerry wasted very much time, energy, nor money making this phone because everything about it already existed for BlackBerry, including the software. They did, yeah, update OS7 for it, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't very resource taxing on the company. It's recycled parts too, I'm sure. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Originally, I thought "what the hell?!?" and then I mindfully decided to think about it further.

"The first hits free. Wanna try?" - I dunno.

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I guess I wasn't actually done because I also wanted to say that if I were a parent of a kid in middle or high school (thank god I'm not, but... if I was) and they were asking about getting a smartphone, I would definitely purchase them either this device or a Q5. definitely over anything else. "But why wouldn't you buy them an iphone?" - because I'm a responsible parent who would prefer my kid to be raised responsibly and mindfull about their environment and what they do in life, a BlackBerry would compliment my desire to be a better parent to my kids, if I had em'. I wouldn't want my kids to get the wrong idea that apple is in anyway a good company, because they're not. LOL, I'm eff'd, don't listen to me, go buy your kid an iPhone yo.

Posted via CB10

It seems strange, a new device with the same specs as the now cheap Curve 9320....but with a higher price tag.....

Posted via CB10

It is very strange. I really don't know what BlackBerry are playing at, to be honest. I'm glad they released the Q10, otherwise I would have probably jumped ship by now.

Posted via Q10

So if you buy this how long will it be supported? Will it be supported? So we have to assume it will receive updates and be backed up by desktop software,

Good question. For how much longer is the now archaic OS7 going to be supported for? What with BB10 being the new guy on the scene and all that...

Posted via Q10

I did not see a price in this article. Can someone please enlighten me? I would assume they are coming to Canada eventually. For a person that is not on top of social media and does not have over 10 people contacting them at most times I would think this is the best economical way to go. I like all the colours too. I could get the pink for the wife and blue for my 12 year old son. I am hoping the price comes around the $200 mark.

If you call battery pulls and poor internet experience mature and stable then God bless you. The fact is that BlackBerry has a lot of catching up to do. An out dated device in opinion isn't the answer.

Typed from my awesome Zed10.

Posted via CB10

I think that not all corporate installations have switched over to BES10. My company for example is just doing it now as they had to upgrade other components to be compatible with the BES10 server. Many companies are probably in the same boat. An OS device may give some time to those companies.

Posted via CB10

It would be nice to have a upto date statement from blackberry HQ with regards to this phone. Perhaps Kevin could ask Thor to be a member on the crackberry forum? I know I will not be buying this phone as just ordered a Q5, Q10 and a Z10 today from car phone warehouse. I got the Z10 for £274 no contract just bought out right, these phones are to join my Z10 and wife Q10 as these are for staff. I've never seen a Q5 in the flesh should be nice to handle it when it arrives.

Fire the product managers and directors of this garbage. Fire that CMO Frank.

Posted via CB10 with my White Cute Q10.

Seems expensive in my opinion. But it stops people buying the contracts that BlackBerry are subsidising and using better would be possible. However, I love the feel of legacy devices. So easy to hold and use, really miss my 9700.

Posted via CB10

Thing is there are very few apps for Legacy and I know for a fact that if you give these to your employees they would consider like an insult. q5 does the same job so I do see it as pointless. 2 steps forward and 3 back.

Posted via CB10

If I were going to buy an OS7 device, I would buy the 9900. The 9900 is elegant and gets the day to day stuff done.

Posted via CB10

Bad bad bad. BlackBerry has got it so wrong again. These decisions are killing the company. No one in the UK will buy this device.

Posted via CB10

Why in the hell would they release a GSM phone that isn't penta band (850/900/1700/1900/2100)???

Posted via CB10

Because I am yet to see a GSM network that uses the AWS (1700/2100) or 2100 Mhz bands. And if you are talking about W-CDMA (UMTS), then AWS(1700/2100) is only used in Canada and USA.

I think this is a very good move by BB to launch 9720. Lot of people shifted from BB 10 to android as BB 10 is much below the expectations and is a very unfriendly mobile. Now BB 9720 can retain some hardcore BB users. My view BB can do a extra large screen with Bold 9900 like mobile. Still a great demand for BB in Asian markets. Cheers.

Really!! Look at the this a joke ?

BlackBerry 9720 specs recap:

System: BlackBerry 7 OS
Processor: 800 MHz / Single Core / Tavor MG1
Memory: Internal: 512 MB / RAM: 512 MB / Slot type: microSD / Max. slot capacity: 32 GB
Display: 2.8" / LCD / Resolution: 480 x 360 pixels / 215 ppi
Keyboard: QWERTY
Camera: 5 Mpixels / Flash: LED
Network: 3G: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz / GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Wireless: Bluetooth: 2.1+EDR / Wifi: IEEE 802.11 b/g
Connection: Jack 3.5 mm / micro USB
Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity sensor
Battery: 1450 mAh
Weight: 120 g
Dimensions: 114 x 66 x 12 mm

Posted via CB10

Sounds like a 9900 wrapped in a Curve body.
To me this makes PERFECT sense!

Discontinue 2 products (Curve and Bold). Build one product, the 9720, (which is more cost effective to manufacture than 9900). Continue to serve the BB7 community cost effectively.

This is called a transition.

I am not offending or saying anything wrong...these are facts i've updated my z10 and now its full of bugs? besides Skype freezes alot? I mean come on where is the updates? Improvements? There are no applications and im okay with that...but an OS that lacks some important functions and has bugs is a different story? For me the 9900 is the best device and I shouldnt trade mines for a z10.

Posted via CB10

How can I order this device right now, I have abandoned the Q10, and gone back to the 9900, do not care for active screen for a work business device, for pictures, Internet searches, attachments, maps I use an old I4S,, can anybody help?!
luis revuelta