BlackBerry 9720 and flagship BlackBerry A10 still set to release later this year

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jul 2013 10:55 am EDT

The BlackBerry 9720 is the latest device to hit the rumor mill and while we saw some images pop up already, a few more have hit the web for those eager to check out the device once again. While the 9720 isn't a new BlackBerry 10 device but rather the next BlackBerry 7 phone, plenty of users in certain markets will still be anxious to get their hands on one. 

BGR has posted some more images of the BlackBerry 9720 and also notes that it will be one of two remaining devices for release this year, "more or less", the other being the flagship BlackBerry A10 (aka Aristo) that we've heard about already. The A10 is expected to be the beefiest BlackBerry yet with a large 5" Super AMOLED display, 2GB RAM and dual-core processor (though we've heard it may be quad-core). It will be a top-tier device that looks to be the most powerful BlackBerry to date.

It's rumored that these two devices will be the only remaining new phones of 2013 with the A10 arriving later this fall (we're unsure of a date for the 9720 just yet). 

Check out some of the 9720 images in the gallery above and hit the source link for more.

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BlackBerry 9720 and flagship BlackBerry A10 still set to release later this year


Been waiting for the 5" A/10 watch everyone jump ship. Ha.

Cant wait...hoping it will have a damn UPDATE during the first week of launch at least not like the American version Z10. SMH

So... If the 9720 is one of the "six" that BlackBerry said would be coming out this year, that would only bring us to a total of five devices.

What is number six going to be?

I think the "six devices" anticipated a new device or two in the tablet line, which looks increasingly unlikely as BlackBerry's CEO has shown a strong preference for the stagnating smartphone market over the rapidly growing tablet market... ;-)

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The 6th device will most definitely be the terminal that will negate the requirement for the PlayBook. This device will 'link' all current bb10 devices to a large tablet-looking device and allow the use if the bb10 phone to power it (CPU wise).

I Can't wait! This is the device that TH said he was excited about.

Hang-on PlayBook lovers!

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Maybe we will even see a CPU that the phones could take advantage of. The reason I say this is QNXs ability to use distributed processing. Meaning the phone could take advantage of both the terminals CPU and the phones for the same application. If this is the case it could be how developers could make more powerful versions of their apps.

This is what I am excited about as well. This will certainly be a very interesting concept and I hope we see it soon!
BB10.2 has wifi direct and miror casting, so this may play into having a tablet like device connect to the phone...

I've heard some very similar things from people inside the company. I'm very excited for this type of device. My understanding is this is why they included hdmi. :D

The BGR article ends with: "What about other products besides smartphones? Stay tuned as we’ll have more on that shortly."

Give the man the benefit of the doubt... the question here is.. can you give examples of apps or functions that require 3GB and quad core processing AT THE SAME TIME?

Playing Batman while navigating does not seem to be in conjunction

I have around 400 apps on my current Z10 including games and mapping software and image processing, etc etc. Still its performance is great.

fuck sakes.... you are mixing two completely different specs.... 2gigs of RAM is not part of the CPU.... Although personally i think more RAM would be great, a powerful GPU with a highly battery efficient quadcore CPU would be ideal.

I'd rather 2gig ddr3 ram instead of 4gb ddr2 as is the current specs. Gddr5 would be nice but iv not seen that used in mobile yet.

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Yup. My comment is also based on I can only open 8 apps anyways so more ram won't help, faster ram will.

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LOL! That's cuz gddr5 is for big time graphics processors. Only the finest of the fine from nvidia and amd offer that.

I believe that for QNX quad core cpu won't do much, but a faster GPU will be needed for a 1080 px screen.
Android is a fork of Linux which is designed to use multiple CPUS. QNX has been designed to work with much less powerful CPUS but can offload processing to other machines. But try and explain that to the public.
A 911 has 6 cylinders, a tank has a V12. So the tank is faster, right?

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I'm guessing you also think a computer with two gigs od ram and a pentium D will be as fast as a phenom ii x2?

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Ya but the market doesn't care what works people now a days like to hear numbers and specs they don't even need BlackBerry isn't at the top anymore so they gotta compete and compete hard out do the competition on all aspects or no one cares but us die hard fans

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These days people buy the phone due to specs or by brand. Regardless of how good one phone is, if it doesnt have a high spec or brand name they simply wont buy them.

It's supposed to be a flagship device it should be best possible specs.

You don't build a device for what you need today you build it for the future with 2 year contracts being the norm it should be built to be competitive for that term, especially for the price the will charge

If it's true that BlackBerry 10 can run on PlayBook because of its low specs then I would feel safer leaning towards 3gb ram and a quad core (if BlackBerry 10 was optimized to run on 4 cores)

But as of right now I wish i had more internal memory 16gb is not even close to enough.

Still love my z10

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I would be happy to see a quad core bb10 but why do you need 3gb ? 16gb isnt much really, big apps that has 1gb can take a lot of your storage. They should of released a 32gb version.

Android is the only OS that uses quad core processors, and there is a reason for that.

What matters is how well it runs, now how many cores of amount of RAM

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The A10 can be a big success only if it advertise really well.......advertise it like hell and release it with some top as well get the other BlackBerry 10 phones to sell better too........

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

... and actually launch on time WITH a proper advertising campaign. Sadly, based on everything we've seen, I don't see it launching before the end of the year, and we've seen NOTHING to indicate that it will have any proper marketing.

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BlackBerry is not giving the people what they want and the carriers or no help with their late updates of the blackberry 10 devices

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Your partially correct, it's because Samsung and Apple have already given the people what they want. And BlackBerry is playing catch up. The market is saturated, and you will see Apple continue to slide in their stock and Samsung to shortly follow. I'm happy with my Z-10 as it by far is better than the previous BlackBerry phones I had in the past. And like many smart phone users I may just hold onto this phone longer just because smart phones today are built better and and are more dependable. I used to upgrade every 18 months, because I had to not that I wanted to. Now I will upgrade because I want to. And I'd like to see BlackBerry continue to improve on the new BB10 or soon BB11 OS, and if they can I will continue to use their devices.

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Apple hasn't given much of anything lately and are playing catch up to Android, especially Samsung devices. Apple's market share is continually declining in many parts of the world. That is why you have seen their share price go from around $800 to around $400 despite all their attempts to stop the bleeding. The Iphone in its current state has seen it's better days. The only thing they really have going for them, with respect to smartphones , is that they still have the numbers for app developers to keep building. Of course, they still have a popular tablet, but I think that market is getting saturated as well.

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I heard a story on the news this morning that out of 900,00 apps in the Apple store 600,000 have never been downloaded. That has always been my argument. Quality over Quanity. How in the world do you get an app noticed these days?

Coconut84 gets it!

BlackBerry is not after specs. The bb10 is so efficient that they don't need to do that. Try and talk to a bb10 app development, and they will explain....

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Doesn't the Z10 already have 2GB or ram, and a dual- core processor? Essentially it a 5in Z10, why is it taking so long to get to the market?

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Sprint!! This is the only carrier that opted out on the Z10. Why would they go for the Aristo

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According to the rumor mill, they skipped out on the Z10 specifically because the A10 was coming

People complaining about dual core? Really, my z10 and q10 runs smoothly and beautiful with dual cores. Even if a10 is a bigger phone, dual cores is still enough to run it as strong as ever

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It does not matter wether it is useful or not, people just compare numbers because that's the easiest way to parameterize a device. They don't understand anything, they just blindly compare. They want more mega pixels, more MegaHerz and a higher resolution. They would even rather use a boring Android device rather than a good BB10 because it is has more cores.

True but we can't just add core to add cores.... we need benefits and we need to make sure its battery efficient.... if the A10 battery life is worse than the Z10 thats a problem....

Why? We already have apps (Android ports...) to have apps, why not having cores to have cores? That's a pure marketing logic, it costs money and resources to attract users. Not to be usefull, unfortunatly...
BlackBerry should rather concentrate on its differences (secure and something else than Apple/Microsoft/Google) instead of copying other strategies...

Adding cores with no clear performance benefits is a waste of money.... there are other ways to market their products... they don't need to win the hardware race.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

This is true. As long as their phone has a much better spec than the others, they'll argue saying they have the best phone out.

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Yeah, but for how long? It seems that almost every day there's a new Android device that releases with really high specs, making the specs game almost like suicide. At least with software, BlackBerry can always argue on the merits of BlackBerry 10 and software is where companies like BlackBerry, Apple, and Microsoft hold a decisive edge over the Android device manufacturers.

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No complaints about my dual core Z! It rocks!!!! Smooth as butter with over 170 apps installed. Still, it is perception. A killer phone needs to be built that will highlight the performance of the QNX based BB10 OS. Porsche sells a lot of Boxsters because the higher end 911s are so awesome!

Same phone, just bigger screen. WOW epic difference....
WOW, this A10 is gonna be awesome, right?
That is blackberry for you.
And people here are not fanboys? Give me a break.

This products build quality has to he seriously outstanding to sell. These specs will be mid tier at best come Sept. 720p, dual core......facepalm....unbelievable

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

You should read more carefully. First we only know about the screen size, CPU speed and number of cores, and RAM. BlackBerry's build quality is as good as Apple. Engineering is second to none, so we can expect a very slick device running the most powerful mobile OS on the planet. If that's not exciting to you, you're on the wrong blog site.

Yup dual core is enough..unfortunately the rest of their target audience are looking for minimun quad core to even consider a device specially for the amount of money blackberry is charging.

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Anyone know if there will be a lower-priced full touch Blackberry 10 device launched? Like a Z5?

"It's rumored that these two devices will be the only remaining new phones of 2013" that would make 5 devices not 6.

BlackBerry 10 doesn't need quad core like android. It rubs smoothly on dual.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Here is my thought. I have a 9930 and love the device. My only issue is that the silver between the keyboard is breaking away. I may just pay my 50.00 insurance claim and get a new one. I am out of contract with VZW...turn around in a two months and get the Q10. For me I would have a great backup phone while learning my Q10. I could also learn to live with my blemished 9930.

Quick idea: I just replaced my 9930s keyboard because the space bar was malfunctioning. Well, an the coating was worn off many keys. Anyhow, that will get you new frets and only cost $20 or so. Replacement took literally five minutes.

Wow, 0.8" difference. No reason AT ALL, to throw hundreds of dollars out the window. I LOVE how they "focus" on the real problems.

It doesn't sound like much, but it's actually 35% more screen area (assuming they go to 16:9 on the A10).

Why designers insist on that ugly seperate 4 buttons on the top of the keyboard? They make devices look cheap and boring.

I want a phablet, so if th a10 is for realz I really hope they don't go mid-tier at the 11th hour. I want to upgrade to a flagship device, and while the z10 & q10 do look appealing I still find myself sacrificing features that I've grown to compromise on. I am willing to continue to compromise only if the A10 is introduced as a true flagship device and promptly made available on verizon (I know, I know... Exclusivity deal, but we can still dream right).

Otherwise... Note3, wasup? 928 or 1028 wasup?

The new BBOS and A-Series will be the only remaining phones?
That's odd as BlackBerry stated there would be six BB10 ones (BB7 doesn't count).
Only three have been released to date:

The A-Series makes four, so two are missing.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

I thought that BlackBerry stated that they won't release NO MORE THAN 6 devices at a given time. Maybe I was wrong...

"large 5" Super AMOLED display, 2GB RAM and dual-core processor"
does not go with
"It will be a top-tier device"

It might be the best BB can come up with, but that's a mid-high-range device for the end of 2013, just like the Z10 was a mid-range device at launch.

Crackberry does a lot to promote the consumer oriented side of BlackBerry devices by promoting games left and right, but without a high-end chipset, these games simply don't look as polished as on other platforms.

Exactly and this year's GPU, not the usual 12 months old tech that BlackBerry keeps using. I really wonder why that is. Maybe they're too small and can only go for proven-in-the-field technology or maybe the margins would be too slim on newer chipsets and they think consumers don't care anyway.

Well on other sites they are calling this the gaming blackberry ! So maybe the gpu wil be loads better ! Or maybe not ! LOL

Did they say six BB10 devices or six BlackBerry devices. I thought it was the latter. If so that would make Aristotle the 5th and no mention or speculation yet of the 6th.

The PlayBook is dead, long live the PlayBook!

My 5 PlayBooks aren't dead! ;^) Just saying...

I would have much rather seen a Z5 than that BB7 phone. Move past BB7 guys. The BB7 OS was stretched out as far as it could have gone, but it's time to move on now. The Z5 should be a cross between the Q5 and the Lumia 520. Cheap, full touch, small form factor.

Is the 2GB and dual core a typo? This is the first time that anyone had said it won't have a quad core processor...

This is all about mind share, the target market want quad core devices, give it to them!!

Posted via CB10

Normal brightness - and I've worked in various offices.

My Q10's less bright than my Z10 (when I had one), and my Torch (9810). I already posted on the forums about it, but apparently others say that's normal for Super AMOLED? *shrugs*

Are you kidding me?? People buy phones based on their specs(most people) they don't care about the performance as long as they can say they have the best phone! Why are people going to buy a dual-core phablet when they can get one with an octa-core at the same price??

That BGR cat still has the connections at BlackBerry. Oh, and he said that that's it as far as phones go but he'll have more info on other hardware later on.

"The A10 had been floating around as the previously rumored BlackBerry Aristo which was sporting some very impressive specs including a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor and a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display. We wouldn't be surprised if the A10 is now packing even better hardware and approaching the 5" screen territory."

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The A10 is already in danger of slipping past Christmas 2013 promotion campaign.
~Prototypes need to be ready *now* for telecom carriers (especially USA ones) for extensive/lengthy approval process which takes months. (Hint: Carriers want iPh*ne 5S, Sams*ng models for Christmas Sales).
~A10 need to launch by October, with handsets widely available worldwide shortly thereafter, in order to have an effective hope of good Christmas A10 sales.
~There is not even a hint of A10 yet, besides talk of "It is coming soon (TM), and "Just you wait (TM)".
~Please, BlackBerry, surprise us, with an effective October 2013 worldwide launch with handsets widely available for Christmas 2013 promotion campaign!!

Where are you getting your "facts" from? The A10 will not slip past November. Thorsten knows what is at stake here, and there are no slippages happening. Please don't fire off rumours that have no basis. The A10 has been around but they're keeping the device quiet, but Thorsten was dying to show it at BB Live.

They have to capture the US market with a top tier product with the most mainstream apps available. They need the carriers to be on their side. If it's going to be a glorified z10. Then why bother

Posted via CB10

Retarded move, the entire reason this company going down the toilet is because of the old broken legacy OS with rampant reboots, fragmentation, crappy upgrade system. Launching this phone completely contradicts what Thor has been saying all this time. It seems management it throwing everything at the market to see what the reaction will be and that for me does not bode well in confidence about the future of this company. Fire Alicia Keys, Fire your entire marketing department and outsource it to a US company.


US marketing department? Seriously? Why, when the US is not the main market for BlackBerry consumer sales?

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If they bring out a dual core, they are toast. Plain and simple.. people look at all aspects and specs are crucial these days, like it or not. BlackBerry needs to surpass the competition on paper at the very least.

Posted via CB10

Sorry but the specs on the A10 are nothing special. Regardless of whether or not the OS requires beefier specs, just being able to say "Hey were ahead of/turning with the curve" for once is imperative for this company that is constantly plagued with the notion that they are always a step behind everyone else..

Posted via CB10

+1. Articles on BGR are quite opinionated and very anti-BlackBerry. But it is a rumour, so I guess we take the sources as we get them...

Hmmmm. Think about this, more more and more R.A.M and the price goes up up up. That may be why they are not going too crazy at this time, they don't want to kill the consumer with super high prices, I would probably pay, but how many others would? It's not easy

Posted via CB10

BB already charging Premium prices for mid-tier phones. That's part of the reason they've collapsed. If they learned to price more sensibly and sensitive to market demands, they would be in a far better place. Better to sell 1M $350 devices with a $50 per device profit, than 250K $500 devices with a $200 profit. The extra profit means far less to BBRY's future than the extra users and additional service revenue. This is not BBRY's only issue by any means, just another in a long list of short-sighted thinking that has overtaken this company for the last 3 years.

Your example doesn't work: the profit is the same but the cost base and hence borrowing is smaller. A smart business loves low volume high margins: the cost drivers are favourable and the high margins are a cushion. Would you rather work for GM or Porsche?

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Hi. I do not know anything about anything. However, I do know the Aristo will be quad core. Please make a note of this when that turns out to be true. Thanks.

Dual Core?? BlackBerry will fail! Why you need 1 year to release the Aristo with same Hardware like Z10??
BlackBerry you are on the right direction to death

Posted z5

They need to have a diverse set of products. A 4.65 inch phone is a good start if it has a quad core processor and lots of RAM. With the Z & Q phones, the would have covered all the price points. The Q5 will be selling for $50 in a few months with a 2 year contract. Pretty decent value for the money.

Thanks, I agree with this 100%. "My phone has 4 cores, 8gb ram, etc, etc" ok so
can you go to blackberry world and find the Kindle app? What about the other popular apps on the other platforms?

Apps will come, and they are coming. We now have about 125,000+ apps in BB World in just 5 months. A killer phone will certainly generate interest from developers. Expect more fantastic games!

"will come" "they are coming" "expect more"

That's the problem. We're sick of waiting for things that "will come" but never seem to actually arrive.

Because people don't want to fucking make a BB10 app because oh its so hard.... So when 10.2 comes out we will have Android 4.2.2 making android ports run like butter....

I agree with BoldBB10. Their carrier support in the US is tremendously failing them! If you visit the 4 major carriers here you may literally have to ask where the blackberries are located and then be annoyed to find the display version stuck on demo mode with a plastic security strap around the screen preventing you from swipe action, or the unit is completely off. I personally love my Q10 and for the exception of a few games which I hardly played and a cool apps store to visit, I rarely miss my GS3. Not to downplay it's greatness, but for me BlackBerry has always shipped with most of the necessities I needed where as I had to download them when using Android. I've always found it necessary to have an updated Android due to Google Maps and it's navigating abilities but so far while it doesn't have the extra features BlackBerry has with its 10 navigation limited my switching of the SIM. Sure I miss instaGram but that can't be compared to me not being able to remember when I had to charge my phone last. My advice for BlackBerry, it's time to step out of darkness and "Move" into the light! The world needs to see BlackBerry10!

Posted via CB10

What I am waiting for is effectively the BB 9790 for Blackberry 10. Call it a Q7 (although Audi might have something to say about that).

Q5 just looks cheap and nasty.

Any ideas if that's in the pipeline?

I have played around with the Aristo device for a while and it is really something. Very solid and quality wise it is fantastic. The screen looked superb.

Posted via CB10

To me, this is a wasteful venture. Maybe if they ran BB10 on it i could see those who need the trackpad and keys and are upgrading (though look wise, this is a downgrade) from the Bold 9900. Why would you buy an item that with an OS that will be abandoned? Stupid on BB's part.

Emerging markets buy BlackBerrys solely for BIS. Data is too expensive there and people there want cheap phones. This OS won't be abandoned as long as there are tens of millions of people still using BIS.

Think outside the box...

Talk about confusing! The most awesome BlackBerry ever (the A10!) with the worst piece of crap that came right out of 2009. Sorry BBRY, the 9720 is a complete waste of time. I really do hope no one buys it, but they buy the Q5 instead - and I'm a shareholder! Please put BB7 to rest, like yesterday!

As a shareholder you should be happy that BlackBerry is still supporting it's large customer base in Africa, Asia and other emerging markets. Profit is profit. A business' sole purpose is to produce profit (unless it is a non-profit organization of course). A cheap to develop and manufacture phone and millions of people still using and seeking such phones is a recipe for profit.

I'm just another guy on the internet but I predict the A10 will launch November ish in Canada/UK. August 2013 in the USA... with qad core.

August? As in next month? When there hasn't even been a leaked shot of the device?

Absolutely ZERO chance.

If you meant August 2014, when I can agree with you on that...

This so called new OS7 device is the MOST UGLY device I have ever seen. Why is Heins acting so STUPID? If this is the real new BB OS7 device for this year then I am sorry it shall be the biggest mistake ever! God Help BB with such a POS. Had this new OS7 been a 4 inch touch screen with a qwerty keyboard (though phone would have been slightly longer and wider) But we see 5.5 inch phones so it would be fine. But such a BB OS7 device would have created a HUGE buzz about things than can come on BB10 OS. I wish I was the design head at BB ;)

Whatever the A10 is going to be; it MUST be relevant, spec wise, for late 2013!

People in general won't want to have last gen specs... that said, 5" 1080p screen, 2-4 gb ram, 13 mp camera and the qualcom snapdragon 600 or 800 processor (whatever is in the GS4)... well those specs may cut it! it'll at least be relevant!

Bear in mind nokia is announcing the Lumia 1020 (or whatever the 41mp wp8 phone will be called) TOMORROW (thursday), followed by the next iphone, the next galaxy note, the next nexus device etc etc...

BlackBerry has to stand out in this crowd. Tough break...

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

A BlackBerry 7 device is a ridiculous thing to release. All energy should be on bb10 not on ancient tech.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully, the A10 design will be a looker and stand out above all the black slabs. The Z had a rather plain design. The A needs to be eye-catching to even get people to peer in its direction. I'm talking like Nokia N9 different. People are still talking about that one and continue to buy it on eBay.

Hopefully it comes out in early fall instead of late fall. BB can't have this thing launch world wide in early October and then the USA gets it in December or January. That would be terrible. Hopefully the new VP of Sales for the USA can fix that.

I too thought there would be six BB10 devices in 2013. Did they axe one to save money? Oh well, the 9720 will be here.

Why does BlackBerry keep doing this? Announcing new phone while trying to sell current phone hurts sales! Why would I buy a Z10 if I know a better a10 is coming out in a couple months ? TH needs to rein this in and take control.

I see the emerging perspective. Release the all touch to get the world used to it. Plan the flagship all touch for later 2013 launch. Given that there weren't as many "name brand" apps at the time of the Z's launching, BB, based on devloper's promises, slated the flagship for then. When the A10 does come out, it'll be with possibly 200k apps, bug fixes and a lot more of the "name brand" apps. Then, I believe, the advertising will come.

This will be after Samsung's release and again, in time for the Christmas holidays.

Go BB!

So they completely forget they even made something called a playbook and bring back another 7 device! Pure genius! NOT! Someone please remind me why I bought a q10!

Posted via CB10

If i'm not mistaken, almost seems like this a case of BB cannibalizing itself... is there such a thing as good cannibalism??? who knows.. i guess there's a market for these cheaper OS7 phones that are outselling the new BB 10 lineup... i thought that was what the Q5 was all about though, to have a better cheaper phone at the "low" price point so that would take care of that niche in the emergin markets...

so is that a segway into the next ER where we will see the new 9720 outselling the Q5 now, thus, shooting itself in the foot/sotckholders? Is this one of the reasons why Thor Heins is prepping us for along turnaround and saying that the next ER won't be good??

Hope the A10 is thinner than a iphone and lighter with an amazing display 13mp camera and it must not look like any other BlackBerry smartphone!

Posted via CB10

So the A10 will release after Back to School but before Christmas. This should allow it to go unnoticed in the US market - pretty much according to plan.

The A -10 should provide two virtual keyboards so a Z10 and Q10 user can transition with ease.

1- first keyboard will be the virtual Z10 key board and any new updates. Eg swipe etc...

2- second keyboard option layout should be a virtual Q10 keyboard layout with all the Q10 short cuts and a standard Q10 layout and functionality of the Q10 keyboard.
A touch sensitivity slider should be added to make the keyboard feel like a Physical keyboard.

This would be great.

Posted via CB10

Many has seen this device, few has spoke of it, none has confirmed the specs, one will leak the actual photos pretty soon, all will be astounded by its glass weave back.

Would this phone be considered the first flagship phone Blackberry (as opposed to RIM) designs and builds? I may be mistaken but I believe the Z10 and Q10 were already in the late stages of design once Heins took over.

Posted via CB10

The A10 has to be something that will attract people who are going to upgrade their device from other platforms.
1. Quality apps
2. Leading edge hardware.
And last but not least is carrier support. 5 months into bb10 and less than 3 million devices sold is totally unacceptable. You cannot say to the public that apps are coming. This is a broken company and something has to change very soon or the bleeding won't stop. Btw I'm not one for fart apps, I want to get things done with my z10.

Loving my z10 since Feb

Posted via CB10

With respect to the A10 and future devices, BlackBerry really needs to improve design. The trend is for devices to be made of brushed aluminium and glass and less plasticky (only Samsung seems to be able to get away with that nowadays).

The next BlackBerry high end devices should take some design queues from the HTC One and the iPhone 5.

The current devices will probably just appeal to BlackBerry fans. (I have both a Q10 and Z10). However, a lot of consumers like shinny things ala the HTC One. BlackBerry needs to up their game in this department.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

Here we go again. The A10 needs to be a game changer, not another has been, can't make the grade product. The specs announced are last year's specs, not today's. What is it with this company? No wonder they cannot sell product. Flagship not likely.
If this is the best they can offer, than give up now. The last thing we need is excuses....GET IT DONE RIGHT Just Once!
Thor....making a good presentation does not make for a successful story...laying off people just says you do not have focus nor are you being innovative...just says you are grasping for air as you do not know what you are doing. Bring on some talented people who can drive success, but God stop making excuses as to why you cannot innovate!

Totally agree! The problem with this company is that they're always late to the party. The make promises, then break'em. They leak something cool, then they don't deliver. The specs that were mentioned were announced months ago, everyone got excited but not by the time this "flagship" rolls out the specs will be outdated. Not only that but I really think they need to keep developing new phones like Samsung does even couple months and updating the OS to improve. Only then will they keep attracting some big player developers for their phones and make their phones popular again.

After the A10, I wonder if BlackBerry will reevaluate their position in the smartphone market. They cannot continue to stay and be patient hoping to make money in it. I hope by then, they would have other products selling.

I so agree with whoever said Apple and Samsung are already giving people what they want and BlackBerry is playing catch up. Since people are happy with those big gun, they wouldn't need to give anyone else a chance, which is quite frankly, sad. BlackBerry 10 is a great OS and people are missing out. It's much simpler than Android and almost as simple as iOS.

The new 9720 looks great.

Posted via CB10

I liked the specs of A10 but I really hope that come with a powerfull quad-core processor (snapdragon 800) Samsung, Sony and LG already have it. If it come with more than 2gb of ram would be awesome too! just saying...

Interesting... was expecting the 9720 to be a gimpy Curve sized-device.

Seeing that pic next to the Bold makes me wonder -- instead of being targeted to emerging markets, could this be a cheaper-to-build 99xx replacement? Would satisfy corporate customers not ready to make the BB10 leap, as well as keep the gross margins up.

All that being said, I'm still waiting for my Q10 at work.

I really hope that they add a convenience key and a shutter button so you can use the volume to zoom too.

Why do they waste resources designing uninspired and boring looking devices?

On a related note, I equally love and hate the mock up designs that are sometimes posted on the front page because they are so visually appealing and unique, but only "what if's". I would like to see the design team get paid for having a bit of creativity, ingenuity and innovative ideas -- not just design another BlackBerry that looks like everything else or versions of past bb's.

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Blackberry first should market their BB10 advantages to needed processor recources.

Why BB10 does not need quad core processors!
Position your products(phones based on functionality, application use and users)! Only talkng about business users (mail etc) and consumers is not enough. Gaming and power users also count.

Give the market what they ask for, not what they need! We al know that 80% of the users only use 20% of the functionality they bought their phone for. This is good to know but irrelevant looking at the specification buying consumers.

I'm quite curious as to if the 9720 will carry the Curve label or if BlackBerry is going to come up with another naming scheme for their post-BB10 phones that run BB7.1.

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Do my eyes deceive me, or are there TWO convenience buttons on the 9720?
See the photo where it shows the back of the 9720...One on each side, like God intended :)
I can only dream that one of them is a two-stage shutter button like on the 9700, love that feature

Also, I'm glad its a big device, seems to be the size of a 9900...with those big chicklet buttons, it brings back fond memories of the keyboard on my 8700 of years past xD

BlackBerry don't have good customer relationship, that is why they don't care about playbook users. Once if they give a public statement, they have to fullfill it even it is nor possible. But see BlackBerry stop supporting playbook. It has lost its credibility. I will never buy any BlackBerry products further. I dont what know what to with my 3 playbooks and two z10.