BlackBerry 9700 Shows Up In Bell System Again, This Time 8530 Joins It As Well

BlackBerry 9700 Shows Up In Bell System Again, This Time 8530 Joins It As Well
By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2009 07:47 am EDT

This isn't the first time we have seen the BlackBerry 9700 show up in the Bell system. Last time it was caught on blurry cam. This time it's crystal clear as to what it is listed, that we are all waiting patiently for. Alongside the 9700, BoyGenius also posted a look at the BlackBerry Curve 8530 which is also now showing up and nearing release. All these devices showing in so many systems, it's time to just get em out the door and into our hands don't you all think?

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I'm a bit confused about the whole HSPA business...if rumours are true that Bell will release the new system with the new Bold, does that make it 7x faster than Rogers' 3G network? And since it's new, how much coverage will it be?

As well, does that mean the new BBs will have SIM cards or is it still CDMA?

I don't know anything about HSPA.


HSPA is High Speed Packet Access, and both Bell and Rogers will be releasing an HSPA network. Bell's HSPA+ network will overlap with it's current CDMA network, but it is neither CDMA or GSM. HSPA+ will be a network of its own, and CDMA-only and GSM-only phones will not function on it!

Roger's HSPA network is rumored to be reserved strictly for the Greater Toronto Area for now.

As a result, all new Bell phones will have a SIM card, not just their new BB's.

HSPA+ is nothing new. Several countries in the world already work with this Network, including much of Western Europe and Southeast Asia. ****ing North American telecom networks are finally catching up years later, just as the Europeans and the Asians have or are moving into LTE.

HSPA will be able to reach speeds theoretically 3 times faster than the current 3G speeds, but there probably won't be any devices that can actually access those speeds, Blackberry or not.


its not coming to Rogers, since it is going to bell?? anyone have any info on that??


If it is going to bell what are the odds of Telus getting it???


Is Bell CDMA or the other? A Bold wouldnt be CDMA but the 8530 would be??