BlackBerry 9700 Hardware And Software Quick Look!

By Bla1ze on 11 Sep 2009 08:25 am EDT

Salomondrin is back in action again. This time around we get a nice look at the BlackBerry 9700 up close and personal compared to the Bold and Tour. The 9700 has been getting plenty of love these days on the internet as it has been popping up all over the place - the only thing left to do is sit back and wait for its launch. Sometimes knowing and seeing that this stuff exists, is worse then not knowing cause now the wait for the imminent launch is killing me. 

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BlackBerry 9700 Hardware And Software Quick Look!


I still think that despite the size, the Bold 9000 had some really sexy styling. The materials used and the way some parts were accented all look really good on the phone still.

i soooo cant wait for this phone....the smaller the better...that bold is huge compared to the new 9700!!!

I am the only one in thinking that the current Bold is so much better looking that this!!!

What's up with the rubbish USB input?!?

Yes the 9700 is smaller, etc...but I personally liked the exclusive look and feel of the 9000. Anyway, I think my next BB is going to have to be the Storm 2 [Odin] no likeee 9700....arrgghh

Not impressed. The current Bold is seems much better. I dont know why the screens continue to stay tiny. The screens on these devices should be huge.

Also, I'm getting sick of this idiots voice.

The voice. No kidding. I have to turn the volume WAY down and almost force myself to keep from hitting the mute button. The guy sounds like a used car salesman.

This looks like the Perfect blackberry when it comes to many different things. SD Card, Wifi, good size, layout is great, big battery, trackpad, 5.0, overall the best blackberry I have seen!! Looks amazing

hm.. im not so sure anymore.. this phone doesnt look right. I LOOOOVEE my Bold and I also LOOVE RIMS new Trackpad but something about this phone doesnt look right.. I wish they used the Bolds original style..

I don't see the metal connections on the battery cover for use with charging pod? IMO, this feature is HUGE for Tour/clock use.

i dont see what the fuss is all about, the operating system will still suck, the memory issues will still be there, the media player will still suck, i will would concentrate on improving the user interface before trying to wrap another phone in it.

5.0 builds have shown incredibly stable memory. Personally on my Storm ive held steady at 32ish MB for 4 days, so its definitely improved much. As well the new UI for 5.0 (atleast in the Storms case) is quite revamped. While im not whole heartedly impressed by the 8900 i think thats prolly why im gonna sell mine and get the 9700 when it drops.

Refuting a couple of comments about the USB port. Everyone except crapple and samstunk is moving to the now industry standard micro USB port for charging. Storm, Odin, 8900, Flip, and Tour all have this port.

The charging dock connectors are on the SIDES of the device, near the bottom. Smokin' Sal didn't point those out but you can see them for yourself.
I'm almost sure that the thing current Bold owners will mostly hate is the smaller size. It looks solid, but then handcrafted pre-production devices always do. I hope RIM puts strict QC on these from the start. If it means short supply at launch then so be it.

The USB port that this phone (and the BB i have, the Storm) have an extra skinny micro-USB port that doesn't support the industry standard form. The industry standard is a boxier form while this one is more of a trapezium.

The ENTIRE industry went to the micro usb port. The exact same one that the storm, curve 8900, curve 8520, tour, storm 2 and now the 9700 all share as well. I have tried moto chargers and they fit fine, if your phone has a microusb port they are all exactly the same.

Your comparison of the trackball on the Tour vs. the trackpad on the new Bold is a joke. You admitted that you gooped up the trackball with suntan lotion, but then proceeded to do a side by side comparison. What's the point if you damaged the Tour?

Also, those trackpads are not all they are cracked up to be. If your finger is the least bit moist due to sweat, humidity (or some f'ing suntan lotion), it is very unresponsive and jumpy.

Yeah it was a pad comparison and I'm sure with a perfectly new phone the trackball would have done fine but I think the real hidden message was that you won't have to worry about any of that stuff at all since the trackpad won't be getting stuff inside of it.

I'm not sure I like it. The name Bold stamped in plastic, small screen and so so back cover makes the original Bold look much more expensive.
If only I could get UMA added to an orginal Bold!!??

The trackpad vs. trackball (9630 vs. 9700) comparison wasn't very fair considering the Tour's trackball was having problems due to "Coppertone" being spilled on it. I like how he says "See how much better it is?". Sorry Salomondrin, not a credible comparison.

Thanks Alejandro for the review!
The trackpad will take some time to get used to I guess.
Some people say that even though the prototype feels/looks solid, the production version might be different. Hopefully this won't be the case. But I can imagine that factories send RIM prototypes that are made with best material, then mass produce with cheaper material.

Did he say he was in the sun and got Coppertone on his tour and thats why the trackball is unresponsive?!?!?! and then go one to compare them? are you kidding me! why did you show us this video what a goof.

But! Will it be enough to make me turn my Bold 9000 into a paperweight! No!! It won't happen,..not this time. Also, my trackball is crazy fast and accurate,...hey dude, you should stay away from the coppertone,..aiight!

...I'm destined to remain an original Bold 9000 owner,...what about you guys and gals?

...Have Bold will Travel~

What about an official release date...I know you said that it seems like it would be soon since the apps are so new an and available but...I have Tmo and I need that Bold 2

Why is there so much discourse over the switch to the micro USB port?

The cell industry established this as their standard a few years ago. Most major manufacturers signed on to the agreement.

I think the 9700 looks exceptional and I will be hard-pressed not to buy it when it comes out. I love my Bold, but the 9700's smaller size and moe solid build quality is quite appealing.

Is there a way to contact the author and re-post the video? I was at work and did not have the chance to view it.

I was looking forward to the new bold,seeing that I am so in love with my bold 9000. But now I am disappointed........the new bold looks like a curve with a trackpad. I was expecting the new bold to look like a BOLD, in the same manner in which the bold 9000 looks like a BOLD.

I was thinking that the new BB would have been the same size as the original bold, but maybe a bit thinner along with minor improvements However, I must admit the trackpad looks cool and in my opinion is more responsive than the trackball (I used a trackpad BB recently the 8520).

Well as you all know what I said above is just a matter of opinion.

I'm with the camp that says the 9000 is better looking than the 9700. I'm currently in the market for a Bold and will definitely be sticking with the 9000 instead of the 9700. To me the 9000 is an elegant and classic design with a great screen and OS to boot. The 9700 looks too much like the other models in the BB line (excluding the track-pad).'s so painful watching what you can not have and just sitting here dreaming day in and day out!!! WTH.....ATT get your act together and bring us the 9700!!!!!!!!!!

I wish they would of skipped the Tour & the trackball crap. And just brought it out w/ the trackpad :)

I can't wait for the 9700! I have the 9000 now and I love it but I do take a lot of pic's so the 3.2 mp camera will be a nice upgrade.