BlackBerry 9700 Appears On AT&T Upcoming Devices List And New Pics!

By Bla1ze on 9 Aug 2009 04:11 pm EDT
BlackBerry 9700 Appears On AT&T Upcoming Device Listing!
*UPDATE*- Even more pics posted in the forums
While it's not really any secret any more, it's nice to see some documentation with the listing on it. Boy Genius posted up the unreleased IMEI list from AT&T's supply chain and the BlackBerry 9700 (Onyx) is sitting there all nice and pretty. Even before this documentation went up there was no doubt the 9700 was heading to AT&T, considering last week AT&T seeded the devices to field testers to put through their paces on the network. Once certification is reached by field testers it's upward and onward for launch. You can read PhoneGeeks review of the field test Onyx in the CrackBerry forums and new Onyx pics after the jump. Who's waiting on the Onyx? I know I can't wait to get one of these in my hands.


BlackBerry 9700 Onyx Live!
BlackBerry 9700 Onyx Live!

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BlackBerry 9700 Appears On AT&T Upcoming Devices List And New Pics!


I'm starting to get really worried considering we have heard next to nothing about a T-Mobile version of this device? Anymore news on the driftwood at all?

Im so with you on that one. I am patiently waiting on newer berry. But you know Tmo with school getting ready to start back and the holidays approaching, this may be our Christmas berry....

I can't wait for this device to drop! I just recently purchased the bold, so I don't know if I will be eligible for the upgrade? Wow does RIM do this to us we upgrade devices, and then they come out with new devices! Oh well I guess I will have to add another line

also shows 9000 NC as prerelease, does this indicate a new color? Cause continuing the 9000 line seems like overkill. 8520 (supposedly), 8900, 9000, 9700.

I'm pretty sure that "NC" refers to the same device without a camera or "non-camera". The Verizon Wireless Blackberries without cameras used to be referred to in this way(NC).

I've read reviews where some have said it doesn't read movement well in direct light.

IMO, I don't know why they are keeping the cookie cutter shapes of the last 4 devices. The reason I liked the Bold was because of its great new design.

Here's hoping the Magnum changes up the looks a bit.

I see AT&T is holding steadfast to not have red number keys like every other new generation Now with all the latest RIM devices looking exactly the same the Bold is starting to look like the odd one of the

This has got to be the sickest phone i have ever laid my eyes on... cant wait for it to come to Canada... need to get a head start on beggin rogers for an early upgrade

blah blah blah..... marginal differences between this and the Bold and the Tour. Basically the same device with very small differences. At the end of the same device they been releasing for the past year.

Trackpad ruins it. Please AT&T get the HTC Hero so I can finally get away from BB and their going no where phones. I cant go to the iphone cause I hate iTards. So a quality Android phone like the Hero would be great.

I'm due an upgrade December 1st. Merry Christmas to ME!!! I have an 8310 and love it, but I'm really looking forward to this phone. I think I will notice a huge difference. More so than those who are trading up from the Bold, etc.

Sorry RIM, you gave out your best card late last year...nothing beats the Bold yet.
Memory leaks, resolved in the new 282 and the BB app that every one hates so much and is calling an epic failure, now makes archiving programs on the device memory a breeze.
I really can't think of a better phone to expect after the Bold because a touch screen Bold, will just make the screen dirty. Probably my only request would be a track pad instead of a track ball and the old curve keyboard.
Of course an increase in memory wouldn't harm.

I sure hope this trackpad is all that it's supposed to be, though. I REALLY hope it doesn't debut w all the issues that the tour has! Tour = poor quality, imo.

I sold my Bold a little while ago and since then I was waiting on the next BB to come to ATT, since I wasn't all too thrilled about the curve.

I told myself that if the Onyx comes to Att it would indeed be my new phone. AND viola! It truly is meant to be!

I can't wait to have it! I love how huge the screen is, and the fact that it has the keys like the Bold, I am not fond of the individual round keys like the curve. I love the flat surface. What a wonderful device.

Could someone please tell me if this phone is coming out on T-Mobile? I'm tired of my curve 8900. Every other carrier has a 3G Blackberry! Will this one be coming to the T?

seems like this phone has the things i like in my curve but upgraded, especially 3g. i'll just sell my 8900 for this one when it's out.

Why does AT&T own the phone market and continue to get the better phones first?? All this chatter about the Onyx/Driftwood and it seems talk about the "Driftwood" has just "drifted" away...anybody have any other info or when it's going to FCC testing?

I completely agree with you. There is not a day that goes by that I do not formulate a google search looking for news of the driftwood,, and you are right. Nothing new about the driftwood. I have written BGR twice asking if they have any news and they have not gotten back to me.


Going through the list, I noticed the RIM 9000 NC line, which stands for No Camera. So a Bold without a camera. Great.

Anyway, does the MAGNUM still coming to AT&T, and where can we find the spec list for the 9700 Oynx?

Looks really good to me. Not nearly as wide as the Bold. I don't mind that, but I know plenty of folks do! Coolness. :)

smh ... now without the trackball it just looks like any other smartphone ... nothing special ... sorry :-/

when is the world will Tmobile get a really cool BB device? I mean Verizon got the Storm, AT&T got the Bold and now they're getting the 9700. I mean we're like the bastard children of the wireless world. Even cool items like the iphone. AT&T got that too!!!! :-(

Now it's in Bell's computers. :D With a date of 8/18/09 (??? that's next Tueaday ???) and they're calling it the Bold 9700.

Nice! HSPA 7.2Mbps, 480x360 screen, 3G and WiFi (nothing special for us on AT&T), different shape screen, which is great for people who love the Bold, but for which the Bold 9000 has always been uncomfortable to hold.

I love RIM. They put out one BlackBerry after another.