BlackBerry 9670 strolls through FCC seeking approval

By Bla1ze on 24 Sep 2010 03:32 pm EDT

The above image looks to be that of the BlackBerry 9670 in all it's clamshell glory. Also known as the BlackBerry Style, the BlackBerry 9670 is now showing up in the FCC database and is seeking approval. It carries the CDMA bands of Sprint and Verizon along with the test reports confirming that 802.11 b/g/n are on board as seen in the previously leaked UAProf documents. Love it or hate it, the BlackBerry 9670 is coming and we'd not be at all suprised to see some information about it show up during the BlackBerry Developers Conference. We'll keep you all up to date though if it does. We'll have an onslaught of coverage from DevCon this year so, stay tuned.

Source: Engadget

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BlackBerry 9670 strolls through FCC seeking approval


I want to put it in my hand and see how it feels. Though I'd probably never pick it, I'd be interested to see what it feels like in hand.

I wonder how it will feel in the hand. I think my wife has set her mind on this one. She wants to get away from the purse-dialing.

I also think this device is more for people who have never owned a BlackBerry before.

To everyone saying they want to put it in their hand, maybe do a double entendre check before you post. Just some friendly advice.

I'm keeping an open-mind about the 9670. The newer videos on it make it seem fairly sleek.It can't be any worse then the Pearl Flips....Can it?

The above image looks to be that of the BlackBerry 9670 in all it's clamshell glory.

This has got to be the fifth time I've told you that "it's" equals "it is," and not the possessive meaning that you continually use it as.

It really should not be that hard for you to learn the difference. You're not some kid typing in his mother's basement.

...Unless you are.

Thank you Super Grammar Nazi. I am sure everyone cares that its and it's are not the same thing *rolls eyes*

I could understand this post perfectly. So honestly it does not matter. I read the articles for the content and information, not their construction or mechanics o.o

It is unfair to despise this device before it drops, but the sad reality is, THIS is RIM's CDMA answer to 1 ghz Androids and the iPhone.

I think the frustration is we have yet to see RIM drop a phone that blows the competition away on specs combined with form and many of us see our only option is to leave the BlackBerry platform.

The first pics looked pretty bad but the recent ones don't. I think this is a very nice "lady" phone. I don't think men will buy it, but they aren't the whole market and neither are the techno nerds that read crackberry - me included :-)

They obviously cain't keep up with the Androids and iphones so now they start attacking the flip phone market. HAHAHAHA!! Hilarious. This confirms that RIM can no longer hang with the Big Dogs.

The FCC should actually BAN this phone 9670...etc enough with the numbers, you might fool someone into thinking this is a phone worth getting.

There is a market for this device otherwise RIM would not be making it. Kind of the same thing with the new Curve 3G. I would not want one, but someone does. And they probably are not on this site LOL

I see comments from supposed power users disparaging this device but I really like the looks of it. I might buy one even with Sprint or Verizon...though I do wish it was a GSM device.

I always get humor out of reading comments on new devices and such. Everyone is always putting RIM down and if I hear one more comment about droid and how much better it is I think im going to vomit. No one is MAKING you idiots stick with Blackberry. If you think they are going to release a device that has a better wow factor than the Droid X keep dreaming. RIM could really give a shit. They still own the Smartphone market and that is not because of 8mp cameras or 1ghz processors. Its because they have the easiest most user friendly devices on the market. If you want a Droid or Iphone so bad then just leave RIM and get one. No one is making you people come to Crackberry and bitch about RIM!

Especially yours! HAHAHAHAHAHA
People are here bitching because they are stuck in contracts with their BB and can’t jump up to their Android phones yet. So this is where they vent because they were swindled outa there money thinking they were getting a cutting edge phone and all of a sudden WHAM!! the Androids hit the market and RIM puts out a Flip Phone hahahahaha.

This is directed at the original post, not the response...

Thank you for this post. This is exactly the way I think. I recently switched to a Droid X after 3 years with BlackBerries. I love BlackBerries and always will. I just didn't need the corporate email and was looking for a toy/phone. Which is exactly what I have in my Droid. I love it, as well, but I in no way talk down BlackBerries, and still recommend them to people looking to get into the smartphone world, aren't tech savvy, or just need a good 'ole reliable phone that works. And I might even return sometime in the future when my priorities change. People have no concept that RIM doesn't give 2 poops about making a Droid-Berry. They do what they do, and they do it well. They aren't going to change because whiny nerd brats bitch and moan on crackberry. Like you said, they still own the worldwide smartphone market, and while their lead is getting slimmer, they still own it and there is still a HUGE market for BlackBerries, and *gasp* even flip phones.

The blackberry OS does not require a 1ghz processor. And if it did, what does RIM provide that would totally utilize a processor of that speed? Let's consider other issues where other OS's lack. Adobe has already at min, released 2 updates for security issues for flash, and as stated many mobile OS devs have said that Flash is a resource hog. Google market is attempting to secure keylogging, and gps tracking oversea apps. Apple has had incidents of peoples itunes accounts being hacked and multiple purchases for specific apps being purchased.

As stated earlier. RIM don't care about what we say. They provide for their customers and stock holders. Although they might not be the most outrageous cutting edge design and OS, they just do what a BB has been known to do and continue to do it well. In a corporate world security is the #1 priority I had a samsung moment before this, and with the data lock up issue that should be a class action lawsuit, I told Sprint I just want a smartphone that "just works." And I know I can get a BB and know it will perform as it should.

As far as this phone...has anyone seen the pricing? And it don't sound like a Sprint Exclusive anymore as speculated before. So the larget carrier in the US must see some promise in this phone as well. Some people just want a phone that they can put in there front pocket of jeans. And the fact someone will be able to do it and have Blackberry confidence backing that up is not a bad move. This is perhaps something that they saw with the numbers sold and various statistics from the pearl flip and are rolling with it.

And to who posted about feeling like they were stuck in a contract with a BB. Nothing stops anyone from selling on Ebay and Craiglist. BB's sell pretty good and after you sell it, you can almost offest the cost difference from full price and contract price and never lose your upgrade. People do it all the time.

Well stated and I agree with all of that. Android and iPhone have their issues as well. And if there was not a market for this device, RIM would not bother making it. Thanks for putting some reason in this group of comments!

Awe man people are so dramatic!! I can't even tell what the heck it looks like from this one stupid picture and most of you are flipping out. Lol! To me it looks like the BACK of my storm. How about before people go and spike their blood pressure, let the phone come out and actually see how it is. Or at least wait for a better picture.

...I'm just sayin, some people just get so worked up it makes me laugh.

Your right People do get to worked up ok we get it if ya dont like a flip. Some maybey commenting because there is all kinds of other pics and vids of this phone online though & it doesn't look bad to me but I like clamshells

Ill take one. Has more features then the Lotus which I like. Not everyone wants a 5 inch all touchscreen phone & to squash any stereotypes. No Im not a girl & Im not that old only thirties not that that matters lol but you know people post crazy stuff saying those are the demographics for liking this phone. I hope it proves everyone wrong and sells alot I think those that still like clamshells will def buy.

And you would saying anything to boost up some RIM crap. Fact is the majority on this site hate this phone, they took more than on poll, so it isnt trolling. This phone sucks and is suck in the past like RIM


To my left sits a Tour User
I, a Storm2 user in the middle,
Coworkwer w/o Cell phone to my right.

Tour user: hates it
Me: I like it
Cell Phone-less coworker says he'd buy it.

Looks like a good phone for certain people. I wouldn't want it but I'm sure there are plenty that would. Choices are a huge part of why Blackberry is so successful. If you need a phone with 5 inch screen that plays high def movies, blackberry isn't for you. My buddy showed me his new Android the other day, pointed it at the sky and said, "Look, it shows you the names of all the stars in the sky." He got so mad at me because I couldn't stop laughing. I told him I couldn't imagine carrying that giant phone in my pocket to watch movies and find constellations. But hey, he loves it. Choices, because everyone is different.

It reminds me a lot of the Curve. So why call it the Sytle? It's more of a "Curve Flip" kinda like the "Pearl Flip".