BlackBerry 9670 (Oxford) simulator shows up online for download

By Bla1ze on 11 Aug 2010 04:38 pm EDT

If you're a developer or just interested in playing with an unrealeased device simulator then this is something you may be interested in. The good folks over at BBLeaks have posted up the download links to the BlackBerry 9670 (Oxford) simulator. Pretty cool to play around with if you've yet to go hands on with a BlackBerry 6 device.

I've played with it since last night and digging through some of the files, there is a lot going on that we haven't really seen show up yet even on the BlackBerry Torch. If you're handy at viewing the files you'll see that Torch Mobile has been rather busy with other things aside from the browser. Looks as though Research In Motion has had them working on a few applications. Alas, the download is not for everyone but if ya wanna look into it, at least it's available to do so now.

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry 9670 (Oxford) simulator shows up online for download


You alone with that, I have to take my phone out in public. I don't want to be a laughing stock.

You think me telling them my phone is powerful is gonna make them laugh less?

I do not care what people think of me. I do not conform. I used to drive a real Hummer and have been a hockey fan my whole life. 2 things people despise for the wrong reasons.

With that said that phone is ugly BUT if my wife wants it so be it. Better than Android, or AT&T

Your a man and want this thing, wow? That's amazing. I'm all for people going against the grain and being different but all that aside, how can anyone (man or woman) look at that thing and think, "Yeah, I'll get that!" ?

Looks like one of those lady makeup things my wife has, you know, the one that unfolds... that they keep in their purse...? Don't know what it's called but... again, this thing is fugly, to say the least.

I'm very interested to see a Press Release when this comes out, maybe it will outline their target market because I'm clueless right now.

"With that said that phone is ugly BUT if my wife wants it so be it. Better than Android, or AT&T"

Where did I say "I" wanted it?

And the picture is obviously NOT real.

OBVIOUSLY this is just a mock up!

RIM is barring up leaks so they obviously put fake images of the phone in the simulator to trick the OS team.



Exactly! What you said plus the fact that we've seen actual pictures of it all ready and it doesn't look like that..
But still even for a mock up that"s pretty bad.
I personally don't like the clam shell design this large, but I see the market for it, may not be a huge market but I think there's one there.

I love the design of the 9630/9650...
Although, this 9670 isn't very appealing to me, although I understand why they made it. It's not for me, but for full keyboard/flip lovers, it's awesome.

What a horrid phone. As bad as it gets. The designer of this must have taken the Crack part of Crackberry a little too seriously.

My Girlfriend loves her Pearl Flip and wants another one. She is not intrested in anything else. This could be the perfect phone for her. Provided it comes in pink.

She says Flips are the best for in her purse and the size should be smaller that a standard bb.

My god that is the most hideous phone I have ever seen.

And yes, I know its just a "rendering" but even the leaked shots were...questionable (at best).

It is a portly looking thing. Some people just love the flip form factor. I still will not be surprised to see it sells well. Looks very pocketable, which of course you will want to do at all times so you don't have to look at it. :)

It's actually not so bad, the rendering is better than real pics...I d never such a phone though way too bulky

Why would at&t allow their competition have the 9800? They are the ones that did the marketing research which concluded that there was a market for this phone and ended up developing it with RIM. But I guess spending millions of dollars to bring a product to the mass market and just allowing the competition to sell it is a sales strategy you learned at university of phoenix online.

I read a while back that VZW did a lot of the work in proving that there was a market for a touchscreen BlackBerry. They pushed RIM to get the Storm/Storm 2, and found that one of the most troublesome features was the virtual keyboard, both in terms of usability and reliability. Big surprise in that people wanted media-friendly touchscreen, but they also wanted a BlackBerry that worked and felt like a BlackBerry. AT&T took the next step from where Big Red left off.

AT&T wanted to expand their line to include something attractive to the iPhone guy/gal that has tired of using a kid toy (a cool kid toy, to be sure) and wants something better. What says "grown-up", "professional" and "reliable" better than BlackBerry? If it can have a "WOW" factor too, all the better.

Because Verizon is CDMA.
Flagship phones tend to made for GSM netorks first, not CDMA networks that can only be used in a handful of countries.

I had really hoped for a chance to own The Oxford...I love the "idea" of a flip phone...but after months of use on this POS 8320 (Christmas present from ma) my mind has been changed...although I am stuck with it. Not having proper cash flow OR the "time in" required to upgrade...but ON THAT day!! I will no longer BE flipAO...I love BlackBerry!! Time will come for BoldAO!!

everybody said the Torch 9800 was ugly, this phone is gonna make a killing, it's still a whole lot of people that just love flip phones, including myself, i'll buy this.

I wouldn't take that phone if I won it in a crackberry contest. I'd send it back and write thanks but no thanks.

RIM is pretty clueless as how they should proceed to sustain their market share of smart phones. I can tell you it's NOT by releasing 10 different models of a device that does basically the same thing.

RIM needs to get their head out of their behinds and realize that producing all these silly form factors detracts buyers to the BB brand. Stick with one model with a qwerty keyboard and one with a touch screen device and that's it. No stupid flip phones, pearls, curves, etc etc. Having less model lines is better. It allows APP developers to concentrate their efforts on one or two devices and not have to worry about compatibility with other models. It allows for phones with smoother and quicker releases of OS patches and upgrades.

RIM is too busy trying to fill every niche of the handheld market by designing ever form factor possible. Look at the big picture and stop making phones wanted by a few thousands and make one or two models wanted by millions.

just my 2 cents

But will it really have that much empty space below the keyboard. Also, I do kinda like this phone unlike their previous attempt at a BlackBerry flip ¬¬

also nobody needs to ask about the specs because i can guarantee there is no new technology on this thing.
Same crappy processor as the Bold/Torch same crappy camera as the Bold, same memory as the bold at a **whooping** 256 MB

oh yeah and not OS6 compatible. lmao

Are you referring to the 9700?? I have a Bold 9650 which has 512mb of memory (duh) and is definitely getting OS6. Not to mention, this phone is clearly getting OS6 so now you aren't even making sense. Don't get me wrong, I agree this phone is ugly, but try to control your rambling or at least make your comments truthful and insightful.

I'm not sure how you can guarantee anything about a product that remains in development. It seems that the simulator mentioned in the article at the top of this thread is running OS 6. As this is the simulator released for developers to test compatible applications, it's a good bet that the phone will, in fact, run OS 6.

If this thing is crap, like you've labelled the memory, camera, and processors on the Bold and the Torch then don't buy one. BTW, the Torch and the new Bolds have 512MB of memory. Check your facts before you laugh your ass off.

Haters are all over again for re-mentioning how ugly this phone is. Chillax people. Unlike apple, RIM has something for everyone. So stop saying its ugly when its just a flip full-qwerty bb.

they made it fuckin gayyy, at first it looked like a bold flip now it looks like a cheap ass free on contract phone.

This is a joke right?
What day is it?

It's suddenly looking more like a 9370 I want the phone either way but would much rather have the Tour/Bold Keyboard with the frets all the metal/plastic looking metal lol> Dammit RIM dont mess up another phone please?????

I hope that isn't the final version of what this phone will actually look like! For my 2 cents this phone was barely passable with the bold style keyboad (like every other high end Blackberry)! What is this krap!

When I saw earlier guesses at what the 9670 would look like, I actually liked it and would seriously consider it as my next BB. I'm not a flip-phone lover, but I figured that the form could come in handy for just throwing it in my bag or slipping it in a pocket.

However, if this rendering is closer to what the finished product is going to look like, I'll pass. It's way too "squat" looking and as others have mentioned, what's with all of the empty space under the keyboard?

This is clearly a mockup/render. This is not what the device will look like. It's a 9600 series device so it will have a Tour/Bold style keyboard.

This is NOT final.

Bla1ze can u at least tell us what was it that u saw that is so special?? not everybody is "handy at viewing the files" ;) it had to b really good 'cause this thing is fugly

This is the long awaited BB iPhone killer! This phone will put Apple out of the phone business.

OK, OK, someone had to say it.

...And looking at OS6 on a non-touch device.

I tried the sim and wow not impressed. This OS begs for touch or the sim just really sucked. It's going to take a while to get use to that on the 9700 that's for sure.

And here, I thought that it was just my install that looked like that. While I like the look of the new OS, it does seem to be a bit difficult to navigate. Maybe it's just working the simulated touchpad with a mouse, I don't know. To be fair, the 9650 simulator doesn't run as smoothly as the real thing, so we may be rushing to judgement here. I'll bet that it runs better on a real BB.

Maybe it WILL be a bit slow on the 9670 with just 256MB of memory. I'd like to see how the simulated OS would run on the 9650 or 9780 simulators.

But im getting tired of all this PC stuff. Can I get a link to a MAC friendly Simulator?! .EXE BS!

I remember about 10 years ago I had a flip phone that looked like that! Only difference is they've now added a color screen! LOL!

I have nothing against flip phones, but I sure hope RIM makes some HUGE changes in this thing before release! It's so ugly it's painful to look at!

screw all that new shit people dont use..this reminds me of the motorola star phone ever! ahh the good ole days...verizon, here i come!

Remember this is an onscreen simulator. The main requirement of an onscreen simulator is that it works on ... your screen. Have you ever seen one of these simulators on a typical PC screen? Even the original Pearl Flip simulator could not fit on my screen. A proportionately accurate rendition of that 9670 with the hi res screen has no chance of showing the full image onscreen. They must have squished its proportions vertically. Notice that the lower half is smaller than the upper half.

Can you guys like never show a pic of this phone open ever again?? It has gotta be the ugliest thing I have ever seen.. It has that cheap plastic old phone look... They should have def made it look more streamlined and detailed like the Torch.. This phone has way too much dead space that is filled with cheap plastic...

Talk about insulting we residents of Oxford. What an abomination!

I hope they've got their lawyers to get approval to use the word "Oxford" from Oxford University Press - OUP own the rights!

RIM has mastered the art of making vintage solutions.
Horizontal slider
Clamshell with dual screen
All BB’s are look alike.

Come up with some excellent designs that will make people fall in love, they want see it, hold it, feel it.
It should inspired by some natural object.