BlackBerry 9670 Shows Face, Rocking CDMA And New Clamshell Design

BlackBerry 9670 Shows Face, Rocking CDMA And New Clamshell Design
By Bla1ze on 20 Apr 2010 08:31 pm EDT

Well this has certainly been an interesting day. First we seen some shots of OS 6.0 and now we get an up close look at the BlackBerry 9670. This certainly isn't the first time we've heard about a new clamshell design from Research In Motion but it is the first sighting of the long on the table device. As we know it, the specs for this one are rather interesting with what may be a few surprises to some out there.


  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera 
  • CDMA Radio Bands
  • 360x480 Screen Resolution
  • WiFi
  • MicroUSB Slot
  • MicroSD Internal Storage Slot
  • Massive External Display
  • OS 6.0 Ready

Other than those few items, details are still kind of slim. While we have a model number already, we're led to believe this is what is also referred to as the BlackBerry "oxford." Clearly, the BlackBerry 9670 is not a completed device and to judge by these pics might be selling it a little short. So what do you all think?

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BlackBerry 9670 Shows Face, Rocking CDMA And New Clamshell Design


RIM has no idea what they are doing. They are just moving backwards. I mean, all we see from them is more sales, more profit and more new subscribers.

It's time RIM listened to the anonymous posters on websites who spend half their time complaining that every BlackBerry looks the same and the other half whining about a new form factor.


Almost like my Lotus! And I would love to see this get a little more stylish like the lotus elite! But I guess I could always hang it sideways from my belt loop....being short it's a bit long for me! You're getting closer to the perfect phone blackberry.....size it down to the lotus size and it will fly off the shelf!

"It's ugly." "There's nothing new to be excited about!"

No meanness intended, but some of the posters sound like little kids who want form and dazzle over actual function. The BlackBerry is, first and foremost, a business phone. If you want fun, beautiful and wow, get an Android or an iPhone. If you want function and reliability, get a BlackBerry.

I personally think this is a nice phone and if it ever became available sans contract (fat chance, I know), I would upgrade to it from my 8330 in a heartbeat.

Okay, at first I hated the look of the BB Flip because of that "chin". I've taken a closer look at the flip and it's somehow grown on me.

Here's hoping it lives up to the hype and comes to my provider.

lol I have one and really like it oh and to those who say this isn't or wasn't final hardware I don't see any differencE between this and the Sprint Version in my hand