BlackBerry 9670 Shows Face, Rocking CDMA And New Clamshell Design

BlackBerry 9670 Shows Face, Rocking CDMA And New Clamshell Design
By Bla1ze on 20 Apr 2010 08:31 pm EDT

Well this has certainly been an interesting day. First we seen some shots of OS 6.0 and now we get an up close look at the BlackBerry 9670. This certainly isn't the first time we've heard about a new clamshell design from Research In Motion but it is the first sighting of the long on the table device. As we know it, the specs for this one are rather interesting with what may be a few surprises to some out there.


  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera 
  • CDMA Radio Bands
  • 360x480 Screen Resolution
  • WiFi
  • MicroUSB Slot
  • MicroSD Internal Storage Slot
  • Massive External Display
  • OS 6.0 Ready

Other than those few items, details are still kind of slim. While we have a model number already, we're led to believe this is what is also referred to as the BlackBerry "oxford." Clearly, the BlackBerry 9670 is not a completed device and to judge by these pics might be selling it a little short. So what do you all think?

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BlackBerry 9670 Shows Face, Rocking CDMA And New Clamshell Design



I didn't think it would be possible, but RIM has managed to produce a new phone uglier than the slider that isn't even out yet. What are they thinking?

Agreed... I would love to know what those big wigs talk about and say "Hey... You know what consumers want... fat flip phone version of their existing phone now."

when its on STEROIDS!!
I mean its basically a flip phone which has an entire QWERTY-keyapd jammed into it.
If people were complaining of the Bold 9700 to have a small keypad, wonder if this would drive people to the point of committing suicide?!
I mean is this for real?!
Flip phone with the new OS, the only part about this phone which is appealing would be the new camera with the 5mp auto focus function.
Dunno how much of the public would go for this kinda model.
We'll just have to wait and see!

The lay customer is not like you and I, they don't care as much about what a real BlackBerry is. They want something they can just shove in their pocket and use with out it being beaten to crap. Cases are oh so important to the normal BB user, but with this thing, who cares if the outside gets scratched? Nobody. My nice beautiful screen is intact and my keyboard looks good as new.
A full size QWERTY clamshell BlackBerry will attract a very large customer base that no real Smartphone manufacturer has been able to do. If they do it right, there could be some huge profits here.

Yes I agree it is not the prettiest, but is the Curve 8330? No, but it sells like hotcakes!

The only market for this is the user that prefer the BB flip that is currently out, and the response for that device was not well received. This will be larger in size than the current flip (due to keyboard). Once again RIM is not listening to the masses. I cannot see a market for this. and the 8330 is ugly? It looks all the other Blackberry devices out there....

Agreed, the device started out as 9.99 on contract with rogers, then quickly became a $0 phone... i'm pretty sure the 8100 series phones were more than that at the time.
It wasn't a success and although they are being pressured to be innovative, many people do not want BlackBerries that look like quick messaging phones. All I think of when I see that image is the LG Lotus. The slider was pushing it, but this is just a bit ridiculous.

Really? Guess they might announce this with OS6 soon. So much wasted real estate around that keyboard. Should have came out with a slider if they're making these clamshells! LOL

Telus or Bell will get this I guess. No thanks sticking with the 9700 until the new iPhone.

We will see what happens to the "inner values", but i cant ignore this: its the ugliest BlackBerry i´ve ever seen! Its an design-crime! It looks like a pregnant oyster...I hope, RIM will offer the OS6.0 also in a aesthetic of view...;-/ in this way RIM provoke UN-sanctions cause of violation the human rights!

They were thinking,

There is a huge consumer market we are not yet getting, who are not buying iPhones, and are not buying 'Driods, What was the biggest market segment before smartphones?
DAMN it was flip phones, the screen stays protected, they keys stay cleaner and there is less pocket dialing, the Pearl flip, did ok, but we need to bring a premium product to this market place. and here it is.

I have a few friends with Pearl flips, heck I even have on in the house, though I hate it, I'd gladly swap out my pearl flip for a qwerty BB as my back up phone, as would others, this can be a great replacement for the 8330 in many contruction area's were none of the current BB's can stack up to the ruggedness that the 87XX series had, but the 8330 is close. I do hope that the pics are deceivingly small, as I'd like to see the keyboard the size of the 9700, on this phone,

If it makes it to release I can see it doing on par with the Pearl flip

I try to cool down myself but ist looks like waffle iron with illumination... then a colonoscopy will be mor pleasant:-)


Definitely not! I love the specs but couldn't you just put it in a regular BB or a horizontal slider? I mean, that thing is just a Pearl on steroids!

Hmm....this looks like it could appeal to the worldwide market of Nokia users. Not sure about die-hard BB users tho. Still interesting nonetheless...

It's very interesting looking. I'm just a bigger fan of the traditional form factor. Either way it's always cool to see new berries come out.

So I guess they decided the next version of the Pearl Flip would be a Bold Flip? I think it's a terrible idea, because it's way too wide for flip phone fans to want it, and it's way too ugly for smartphone fans to want it.

BURN!!! Anyway, yeah it's ugly, I don't think RIM is dumb enough to put it on the market looking like that, or even the Talladega for that matter, hopefully they just didn't want it lying around in final form until it was necessary (see: Iphone 4 lost in bar). If this thing escapes from the ugly-crypt ad makes into any store, The pearl flip is officially replaced as Miss Ugly Blackberry 2010 [Insert "Isn't She Lovely" background music here]

but hopefully it gets better. I'd still much prefer a slider with a full external touchscreen about the size of a storm :D GSM please

What a horrible looking device. RIM thinks it can transplant the Bold keyboard on any device and it will automatically work...uhmm, NOT THE CASE! Look at all that empty black plastic! HIDEOUS!!!

I love how you don't comment of its looks. Just say it.. it's ridiculously ugly. This is the UGLIEST smartphone of 2010. Anyone disagree?

I think even Crackberry has to start speaking up against RIM's poor decisions. Maybe that's the kick in the butt they'll need to actually take the lead in something again.

yeah, we always try to remain optimistic and positive...but i think we'll follow this one up with a "reactions" poll tomorrow... we'll let the cb community do the talking.  definitely not the most flattering smartphone form factor i have seen before.

on one hand, this is new, and pretty cool, you have to admit. but c'mon, a flip that has a huge, Tour/Bold sized keyboard? RIM is just trying to reach the younger generation, but....uhhh, this is not the way to go. and dont be hatin' on the slider, i hope sprint gets it, i wanna try it out..but if its not out by july 12, im gettin me a Pre.

Oh, and i bet this is gonna be called the Bold Flip, and the slider, the Bold Slide!

i'm still not WOWed by anything that has been leaked or shown by RIM this year. its the same tired old stuff backed into smaller/ugly designs. webkit, 6.0, flash, these crappy phone designs nothing to be WOWed about. RIM is playing catch up to everyone else. RIM is like IBM they're so structed and business like they dont know how to push the limits and be creative. they're playing it safe too much. Apple, Microsoft, Google, HTC, and even Motorola are pushing the limits and doing things that WOW people

Yes it does have OS 6.0. But does it make a difference? There is only a new theme and browser in the whole OS.

No, that's what little we saw of it. A couple screenshots. Why don't you learn what you're talking about before you spout off like an idiot. Same goes to all you "everything RIM does is crap" people.

From what we know so far there is no widgets, the phone's OS looks a little nicer (theme), the browser is new. Do you honestly think RIM would add anything else? This is RIM were talking about. It took them 1 and a half years to upgrade from 4.6 to 5.0. and what did that add? Threaded texting. Give me a break. The main point is there will be nothing RIM will bring with OS6.0 that the competitors don't already do. Prove me wrong, please.

You obviously didn't read the os 6 thread. Please make more of your time researching than actually ranting on stuff u don't fully knw. Really? New themes and "the browser is new" ? On second thought let's not even bother about the webkit browser and rant like an 8 year old over threaded sms.

Are you serious?? Come on did you look at it?? This thing is not even worth target practice. Maybe your PC has a bad screen and you are not seeing it clearly.
Ok I am not trying to say your opinion is wrong but I just don't get it.

That's what it is. No fun. No flavor. NOTHING. Keep making these unattractive phones. RIM needs to learn how mix business with pleasure. Can't wait to run to the incredible. That's the ugliestf--king ive ever seen.

...Qualcomm/Kyocera flip running the old Palm Pilot OS?? *groan*'s that form factor all over again. If it were packing power and were another Pearl Flip with the SureType keyboard, I might be interested, I'd like something slimmer, not fatter...

This thing is so ugly, it even looks like it can float on water. Maybe if this came out in 2005 it would be "cool" but other than that as technology advances things get smaller and by the looks of it RIM is doing the opposite.

I wonder what they'll call this device... the BlackBerry Bold 9670 Flip? Seems less Pearl-ly than a Pearl... has the full keyboard and guitar fret keyboard... and it's a 9670 with the 9650 now a Bold. So maybe it will be a BlackBerry Bold 9670 Flip.

Je ne sais pas...


Kevin, for the love of all that is BlackBerry, please admit that this phone is...unattractive. I'm begging you!!!!

you know what they say... beauty is in the eye of the beholder... but yeah, i'm not sure there are many out there who will behold this as a beauty, including me.  liking some of the specs though... so maybe it's what is on the inside that really counts. :)

But in today's world, sex sells. And while no one may consider a phone "sexy", it's still all about style. Only the most hardcore BB users would be caught dead with this device...

i like the Specs and i have always liked the clamshell form factor, but this phone has got to be huge when opened??? Something to check out if it goes production.

Haha good one! Been a razr user before bb and though this one is beyond comparable if we're talking cosmetics and design, its got pretty neat specs. So I'm gonna wait till its in my hands then I'll make the call.

I wonder what research their doing up there in Waterloo that tell them this will sell. Maybe its geared for the prepaid phone section. but even prepaid phones look better then this.

Not for me, but my wife Loves her LG Lotus, and I'm sure this is the blackberry that will get her to move into a smartphone. Anybody else realize this is NOT the "Pearl Qwerty" we saw the keyboard to a few months back? send/menu, and back/end buttons are not stacked.

RIM is trying too hard to get people outside of their strong hold, the enterprise. First, this slider device(would work if keyboard was landscape), then the 9100 with a T9 keyboard(WTF?????), and now this? What is RIM thinking? Their candy bar style phones have been successful. Think about it the curve 8300 series. It's the #1 selling smartphone in America!!!!! If RIM wants to get the consumer, make a more consumer friendly os (try buying palm and use web os) instead of creating stupid devices that will not sell if they gave away the phones with an ipad or something. Just continue to work on your candybar devices(Curve,Bold,Tour,Storm)instead of all this. I pray this isn't introduced at WES.

The specs look good but RIM dropped the ball on this one!
They are Bringing a high-school look to a Professional phone it just does not FIT
The Pearl was acceptable because it was a chick phone to start. BUT NOT THE BOLD!!!

That's just mean... If someone in high school had this they would be bullied really really really badly.

hey guys let just give it to them, that there trying to answer are question, "can 6.0 run on a non-touch phone". that all (i hope)

Honestly, RIM doesn't care what you think. RIM isn't designing the phone for you 9700 users. One of RIM's best devices was the Pearl and people hated it. People hated the 9000 for being too fat and ugly.

Think about the Android OS. Everyone and their mother is making an Android phone for every kind of form factor. ***RIM isn't making a phone for you***! Its making it for the corner of the market that likes flip phones. Or the corner of the phone that likes sliders. Ugly? Maybe. But it really doesn't matter what your opinion is.

The Crackberry team discussed it at length already.

just give up on them already. your making excuses for them. this phone lets you know their going backwards.
i used to sit around and defend them also, the storm one and two forced me to get the droid. with that said , the hell with a blackberry. this droid does shit you wish bb could do. i like the droid so much , i just pre ordered the incredible.
i still visit this site , cause im a geek like that. but to come on here to see this phone, i thank my lucky stars i left when i did.
its like being in love with a girl , yall break up , and your world is shattered. you see her a year later. and you have to ask your self , what the hell was i thinking ??? shes ugly as shit!!!

C'mon this a FUGLY BB ... Lets get the slider out with the full touch screen on sprint... I love my tour but really want a touch screen bb with a full keyboard and trackpad.

Honestly RIM, what the frack are you guys smoking(today is 4/20 after all)? This has got to be the dumbest form factor i've ever seen. The clamshell phone is dying out for a reason, and you guys want to revive it with something as horrendous as this? I though RIM execs were smarter then that. This alone makes me want to sell the shares of RIM i own based on this garbage of a phone.

That has got to be the ugliest phone on the planet. Are the designers at RIM doped up on loritabs or something?? Somebody needs to be fired for this crap.

I think this device isn't too shabby. I mean A full QWERTY flip...similar to the Sprint has all the specs of the new releases with possibly 6.0....I think this might actually be a keeper assuming the design glams up a little.

Both at the pic and I'm listening to ur podcast talking about "oxford" still, this is a nother Pre wanna be in. A box

I actually really like the slider and can't wait for it as it will probably be my next phone if all goes well.
This however is one of the ugliest phones I was ever seen and I can't imagine there will be that many people who want this. I just really hope ATT doesn't get slider and VZW get this.

I'm a big blackberry fan and I dropped my storm for the droid because they are missing things on there phones. The new UI just looks more graphical but that's it for now. Then this phone shows up what are they thinking.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

However, given the listed specs, I believe that current devices should have no trouble running the new OS. This is basically a tour with dual screens on a flip up plastic piece anyway.

UGLIEST THINK I HAVE EVER SEEN! Hopefully its a fake picture. Reminds me of a Nextel piece of crap!

Im kind of a fan of it. It will attract a lot of people who are use to flip phones like a nokia but are attracted to a full qwerty. RIM is going to flood the market with all different types of phones to get as many type of customers as possible. RIM realizes that one type of phone isn't for everyone. 3 types of phones won't satisfy everyone. So they will pump out several different types of BB. So if you don't like this phone don't bitch and moan, you just aren't the target market for this phone.

Just off the look of it. I wouldn't but this. Not even if it had 1 gig of ram and could record 1080p video. This is just ugly!

we know it's CDMA, but will this land on Sprint? Or will sprint users get shafted once again, (no Storm/Storm2, no Pearl Flip) with the Blackberry selection...?
I've always liked larger clam-shell phones, and aside from an old Motorola MPX-220, haven't ever found a smart-phone that I truly loved having and using. Love the BB, but always considered the open face to be a sacrifice I had to make to have a powerful phone, and being on Sprint, missed out on the Pearl Flip too!!

The BlackBerry Tour. My first and last Berry. Well I decided that when the EVO was announced but still. RIM must be going insane.

They don't just not give a shit about their device looks, also seem to not care about the numbering system anymore either. 9670? Random much?

waste of R&D $$, seems as if RIM is deliberately trying to go back to the days of near bankruptcy...SMH!!

what is RIM doing? first the ugly slider phone and now this? lets hope they dont start changing the designs on there phones to much now

while the ugly phone is on the floor.. can you please give it a good david beckham soccer strike!!

I think I just had an brain aneurysm. RIM must have adopted the government's policy of if it ain't broke, fix it 'till it is

That phone is so hideous, it makes Frankenstien look sexy. It is what you would get if it were possible for the Pearl Flip, the Curve 8500 series and the Bold 9700 were to mate. Its a phone that does not even know what it wants to be, in a world where everything has to be defined.

MY EYES! This is the ugliest piece of machinery that was ever built in RIM's history. I'd pick the flip over this haha.

Could you imagine trying to slide one of those in your back pocket? You would hafta buy the next size up in jeans to do that. When you flipped it open you would hafta make sure nobody was around or they might get "SHELL SHOCK"!!
Umm, NO, I'm not very impressed with this model.

What is that? Is that supposed to be a phone?

God damn! God fucking dammitttt RIM!!! What in the world is this piece of garbage? Are you kidding me?

I can't believe this. I was never the biggest fan of the way BlackBerry phones looked, but they were good enough to carry around. They all looked similar to each other, so I somewhat thought it would be nice for something new, but damn. I would much rather carry an 8700 in 2010 than this.

Interesting design, but not as fugly as everyone here claims. Still, not for me. Maybe this will be better received in overseas markets? RIM, if you want to make a fat Berry, go back to the 83xx form factor and keyboard. Load it with modern internals and a trackpad. Stuff it with the biggest battery you can. Berry addicts like me with big hands will thank you.

It's a cdma device, so it is intended for at least one out of sprint or verizon and in any case it was always north america that liked the clamshell form factor with europe tending to go for candybar phones instead.

I'm not a huge fan of this phone and I dout that I would go for it but looking at the Gallery on BGR it dosen't look that bad. It'll more than likely be changed by the time it gets released anyway. I'll probibly go for the new CDMA Bold when it comes out.

thats what it is, a fail at making blackberry more user friendly then it already is

i think all RIM is trying to do is making blackberries without the "business" look and trying to make it for more "simple" people
one word:

I'm not the one to cry, but ewwwwwwwwww!!! but this is the device that should have the t9, but whatever.

one word and only one word ... StarTAC !!! its 1996 all over again, only with a full qwerty keyboard and some 2010 technology shoved into it... So the 9600 series was the Tour, but now its Bold, and then its sliding, and now its flipping, and soon it will probably be sinking... You make me sad RIM, you make me sad.

If I had vomited in my sleep, my subconscious could have produced something more aesthetically pleasing, coherent in design, and appropriate for the RIM brand.

RIM, do you really want to go the way of Palm? With hardware like this there's no other direction you will go. Wake up, listen to the people that care (aka Crackberry readers), or die.

I only hope that this evaluation phone was rejected by all the carriers and that these pictures have been leaked to BGR to throw us off the scent for what's coming up next week at WES 2010.

Don't care for this phone at all. Looks ugly, like real ugly. Not sure why RIM would make this thing. Someone in the design department needs to go back to school.

This is so ugly! RIM has seriously disappointed me :(

Are they seriously trying to put people off their devices? Do they just want out of the market altogether?


Dazsel me!!!

My plan is up come december and I need a new phone if there is not a good blackberry option I might just switch to a windows 7 phone or even the iphone! Gasp!!

RIM is going down - in profits, market-share, and desire

And stuff like this is not going to save them. They need to do what the iPhone and Android do but better. They need to make it REALLY easy for developers to make killer apps and build the ecosystem so that developers have the proper incentives - this would not be terribly hard given they have a huge market-share. They also need to rework the underlying code so that installing apps and rebooting doesn't take forever. Finally, they need to build some killer features that make me want a BB; BBM and Email is good, but Maps, Multitasking, the Browser could use a heck of a lot of work. What they don't need to do is produce some new-form-factor device that does everything exactly the same as their past devices but looks uglier.

hmmm, bold keyboard, os 6, wifi, microsd slot probably able to do 32gb like most new bb's if not larger. its prolly gunna be the BB Bold Flip, in other words, BEST FLIP PHONE EVER!!

Come on people - this is just RIM leaking this to gauge reaction to ideas before they commit to actually producing it. Pretty sure the message is clear from the opinions on here!

...Quote: "BlackBerry 9670 flip spotted running OS 6.0, causes eyes to bleed, children to cry"


They summed up their thoughts with, "Granted, we've got to see it in person and gaze at a few non-blurrycam shots before passing final judgment, but we're admittedly a little worried about the merciless beating the ugly stick may have delivered up in Waterloo this time around."

That's funny right there...lmao...

I didnt like the slide form factor but i'll take it in front of this one lol.. not the best design but on the other hand, the specs does sound interesting!

WOW! I'm not sure what to say. I am currently using the Pearl Flip 8230 and have been scouring all the BB Forums hoping that RIM would develop a new version of the Pearl Flip and now they released this. I like the flip phone because they're slim and fit into my pocket and the small handbags that I carry. If this phone is released soon and it fits into my front pocket, this just might be my replacement for my beloved Pearl Flip!

Not bad looking imo. The only thing is the bottom looks funny. They should make it more square, shorter and the screen can stretch out more so it appeals to the male audience as well. I'm keeping in mind that this isn't complete so I hope the final result is much sexier looking like Bold 9700.


I realize that everyone may not be a huge fan but I have always wanted a clamshell style BlackBerry. I would like to see it next to another BB to help judge the size but this is the kind of form factor that can get me interested in BlackBerry again.

That's gotta be April fools joke, this is so even my old palm centro is a beautiful phone ... and come to think of it ... someone has already mentioned this ... nice upgrade from the Treo 270 ... nicer screen and no see through window ... come on ... just drop the idea ... SLIM IS IN

don't love this form factor, but I really like the new OS 6.0... and I hope we'll see soon a classical bold/curve bb with these specs!!

We will see what happens to the "inner values", but i cant ignore this: its the ugliest BlackBerry i´ve ever seen! Its an design-crime! I hope, RIM will offer the OS6.0 also in a aesthetic of view...;-/

I believe this will be on Verizon or sprint. This will be a push to talk phone. Think about it verizon just released ptt for the tour and sprint has had it for the 8330. I believe its a smart move by RIM to reach different people. If it has a strong shell this would be great for the construction worker/business man. I agree with everyone that its ugly but will have a good market for ptt users

... they make this phone and the slide on they have: I'm switching phone manufacturers. This and no flash. I'm out! It's hideous.

WTF is Rim thinking! One ugly device reminds me of the Jitterbug phone but I like the the software its running.

Well I actually like it, you have to remember that it's probably not aimed at the age group you are thinking of, I think this will appeal to a lot of high school kids whose parents are not interested in them having a up to date Iphone or Blackberry through fear of them losing it or getting it stolen. Take the pics with a pinch of salt, I actually think it will sell quite well

you'll put this POS out but not a Storm3 with a snapdragon processor, 5mp camera, 512mb ram 8gb internal memory. at least a 3.7 inch screen... C'mon RIM seriously... and this is why i will be switching to the HTC Droid Inceredible ASAP !!! Cause RIM Listens to NO ONE !!! Not even their own Customers !!!! EPIC FAIL !!!

one word "UGLY" .. RIM suckass i wonder how the s3 would like look, i guess i'll just wait and see, i have a long way to upgrade anyways. RIM!!!! make the s3 your best BB please!

But, given a facelift, I could see myself buying one of these. I like the idea of a Flip Blackberry.
OK let me qualify that.
I Assume it will have some good horsepower and will be speced nicely.
That also assumes it comes to Sprint and not Verizon.
That Also assumes the Tour II....errrr Bold doesn't blow my mind.....

Argh, this is really bad, nobody would want to stick out a long thing like that and start typing, touchscreen would be even worse...looks like a nintendo DS mated with a Bold...

You guys hate this phone because you hate flip phones. There are still a lot of people out there that only buy flip phones this phone is perfect for ptt and construction workers and think about it a bold keyboard with a bigger screen I would like to see it beside a bold to see how much bigger the screen is

Well for my two cents, I quite like this. Though I think they could make better use of the space, the overall size and shape appeals to me.

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed how the calendar icon's showing 31 in this picture, whereas in the OS6 sneak peek pictures from BGR, it was showing 27? Could this potentially mean a dynamic calendar icon at last, and a current OS bug is preventing it from synchronizing correctly?

Well, I'm out of sync with the rest of the world again, I like this design! Yeah, it could be prettied up, but I want one. I doubt I'll wait though, as Iv'e put off buying a new phone for years, because of the next one being better. It's time to replace my dinosaur!

Well I will say this much. If my 9700 will be unable to run this OS, as powerful as it is, then I will be definitely switching from RIM alaltogether as there is no way I have that kind of money sitting around to waste on buying a new phone just to update the OS, you would have to be incredibly stupid to do that, sorry. I won't be kissing RIM's ass just to see eye candy, screw that. I will be updating to either a new Windows phone when it comes out (HTC) or an Android phone (Nexus One). This OS won't be that spectacular enough for me to shell out almost $500 Caymanian dollars just to own a new phone which can run 6.0, end of story.

I told my wife and friends (all with BB's) that this was my last year using one and I meant my 9700's days are quite numbered

EDIT: by the way, this is one @#*$ ugly Blackberry!

UG-Leeeee! Yowsers! Its like you're trying not to look at a horrible trainwreck yet you're rubber-necking!

What exactly about the specs is getting people so excited? A 480x360 screen? WOW!!!! Amazing. How cutting edge!!!!
5 mp camera? Holy cow!!!! Stop the presses!!!!
This device must be the result of a design contest within RIM. Something like, "Regurgitate our favorite form factor contest" or something.

By the way, 190 posts in and it looks like the opinions break down as follows:
95% hate it
3% like it
2% defend RIM no matter if they took a horse turd and slapped a qwerty on it.

Money to burn up in Canada, eh? You could have paid me $500 to tell you this was a POS when it was still on the drawing board.


Last year when I got a Curve 8900, my wife insisted on a flip phone, so I got her the Pearl Flip. It's definitely too underpowered and she gets frustrated with the lag. Except for the large size of this one, I think this qwerty keyboard flip would definitely appeal to her. She is one of those people who likes to be able to just flip it shut and throw it in her purse.

However, I was envisioning a flip with more of a horizontal form factor. This would provide a smaller phone and give the horizontal screen and keyboard we are used to with our normal berries. All I can think is that RIM is trying to use the same size batteries in the flip and the phone ends up being huge.

Just also wanted to say that I think it is getting pretty evident that BB has no intention of competing in the high end smartphone market. If you look at not only what they have released this year, but the devices we are seing on the horizon, there is no "hero" phone. I think RIM has just decided that the high end market is fickle, ever changing and highly competitive. Instead, they seem to be settling on a strategic plan of corporate users (nothing new) and entry level type devices where they can sell the beejezes our of them. After all, BB is somewhat unique in the fact that they are the only phone mfg who has a totally different business model for generating revenue. Perhaps they are the Honda of the smartphone market? Honda does well of course, heck, I even own one, but its hardly an aspirational brand. Anyway, guess we will see how the entire thing works out, but for gadget fan boys like us, its most disappointing.

Until I can actually hold one in my hand I'm not casting a vote. I actually had a Nokia clamshell back in the day, though I'm sure it wasn't nearly as big as this will be. Is it what we're used to from RIM? No, and that's why I think everyone is bashing it so much. I don't know if this will make me go away from my planned upgrade to the 9700 (even if it's running the new OS) with any luck the 9700 will be able to run 6.0 but who knows. Like I said, until I can actually hold one & play around with it, I'll keep my comments to myself because pictures aren't always so flattering.

If your planned 9700 could not upgrade to 6.0. Its nothing but a facelift and if this phone is any indication, will require no upgraded hardware. You will be fine.

Agreed, not going to win any beauty contests with this thing. All though it would be a great solution for anyone in construction or the like that needs a BB. Keep the screen and buttons safe and secure. A friend of mine (in construction) along with his crew all have company BB's and they also all always have a new one because the screens alwasy get scratched to hell to the point they are useless but the rest of the BB is fine. This definitely solves that problem.

Don't remember where I read it or who said it (pretty sure it was BGR though)That there will be 3 new BB's coiming out rocking the 6.0. I'm guessing this is #2 unless the 9100 is included. Then we have all three the Slider, Clam Shell, Pearl. Hopefully that is not the case though. Despite some of the rumors I was a littel hopeful for a Storm 3 appearance at WES running 6.0.

As much as I think it is fugly and I would never use such a phone, it will have it's market. And it will do ok. My sister is looking for a new BB and this will fit her to a T.

This might be the most gaud aweful ugliest thing I have ever seen. WTF?

I may have to leave BB nation just so I am not associated with this piece of crap.

Maybe they just really believe people actually want this kinda cell. Some heads need to roll or get slapped in the R&D dept. Just my opinion. Peace!

sorry, but I don't think a condom was used else do you get a designer and team that would even build this?

Looks like the Jitter Bug, yuck. With some restyling and perhaps a usable touch screen external display it could be neat.?

This is our punishment for looking for leaked phones.
or they are trying to make the slider look a lot sexier.
i desparatly want the slider now...

Agree with the wasted real estate. Doesn't look like the clamshell saves any space. If they want a consumer market, why not make it a horizontal clamshell like the enV? That would be a true departure from the usual form factor.

Gotta admire the level of ugliness of this phone.
Did RIM hire the guys who designed the jitter bug phone to design this thing?!
What is RIM thinking?!

wacka flocka LAME. same sh**; different toilet. not only that, it's ugly. blackberry/RIM is going down fast.

This is another example of why I am leaving RIM and BlackBerry (or as Ronald Reagan would say, I haven't left them, they left me).

Clamshells, T9 keyboards, sliders, antiquated OS ... ? They are going backward. After seven years of dedication I am out as soon as my HTC Incredible arrives next week. I am looking forward to a company that is advancing technology once again like RIM used to do.

I will still check in from time to time and will miss the crackberry podcasts. No one can match the passion for a product like Kevin.

Bye gang!

I agree with the majority that this phone is not the prettiest but then again I've never been a huge flip phone fan...I think people here are a little to quick to judge and threaten to jump off the BB bandwagon but I really think you have to take a step back and see why RIM is really making this phone.

Most of us that love our traditional looking BB aren't going to sway to far away from the typical form factor, and when it comes to the candy bar style front facing physical qwerty keyboard smartphone RIM reins supreme and owns that portion of the market. It's the same as the touchscreen market...those of us that don't like touchscreens are quick to put them down but in the last several years this market has grown and is being dominated by Apple and now Android.

Nokia still dominates the overall "cell phone" world market with over 40%. In the dumb phone market over 70% of the phones are flip phones and I think this is where RIM is focusing with this new 9670 series. Rather than just going for the young and much smaller all-touch smartphone market and going toe to toe with Apple and Android...RIM figures why not concentrate on that overall dumb phone market that is not tapped yet. I think this market that prefers there flips would be more easily converted to a smartphone if the form factor was familiar...i.e. BB Smart Flip. :)

I don't know...this is just my two cents but it kind of makes sense when you look at the overall world market.


I think this phone looks terrible, but then I think about those ugly box cars from Japan. The first time I saw them I thought WTF who is going to buy a car like that.. They are popular with young people. Then there are those people that walk around with gigantic headphones on! LOL. There is no accounting for style.

Also, although it seems the slider and this are really ugly, no current BB is, so maybe we have to see the final product. I am really hoping the slider isn't ugly. That is the product I'm hoping to upgrade to.

For the new OS 6 phones I really hope they have more application memory. That is the big issue for me on my bold 9000.

BTW sometime I still look at the screen icons etc on my bold phone and say this still looks nice than my old iPhone. How boring is that thing. The UI has not changed since it cam out what, 5 years ago?

Not sure if they have themes on iphone but none of my friends that still have them seem to change the look.

People on here are forgetting that many people still like clamshell style phones. Out of 91 million customers on Verizon and 48 million on Sprint, how many of them have clamshell style phones? I'll bet it's at least half. And go look at the available phones for those 2 providers. About half of them are clamshells. Like others have said, with clamshell style phones, the keyboard and screen are protected and you won't have accidental dialing. Also, not everybody wants a touch screen phone. Many people still want physical keyboards. If they didn't want phones with physical keyboards, RIM wouldn't sell many devices.

I was hoping that RIM would make a device with a design similar to the LG Lotus/Lotus Elite except what they came up with is kind of ugly.

And to those who say there's a lot of "wasted" space, they need to look at the top half of the flip where the screen is located. There's not much wasted space up there. The bottom half where the keyboard located obviously needs to be same size as the top half so when you look at the space above and below the keyboard, it gives you the impression that there's wasted space when there really isn't because you can't reduce the size of the bottom half of the flip without reducing the top half.

yeah but these people are not in the market for paying 30 dollars extra per month to use their flip phones. i dont think its the form factor that keeps that market from moving to blackberrys/smartphones. its the level of utility they feel they will get out of it and the prohibitive cost.

Hey guys take it easy, the phone actually looks pretty hot and pulls away from the norm which is the standard basic blocky brick design we're used to seeing. i'm Luvin the metal chrome casing brings a level of refinement..i'm sure i'm the only one that thinks so but most of you sound like followers anyway so fuck it..This phone doesnt scream business but it has some class..good job!

..knowing they will sell at least one of these abomonations. Hey, maybe you will get a free bowl of soup with it.

until I actually have it in my hands. Sometimes I feel differently about a device when I'm holding it and using it. We will see. It may not be ugly in person.

Look at the top half where the screen is located. The screen fills almost the whole top half of the clamshell so please explain to me how you can make the keypad area smaller? When you have a clamshell phone the top and bottom halfs must be about the same size.

So ugly. There's NO way I would even consider getting this berry! I mean really??? You're making a phone that looks like THIS??

This thing looks AWESOME...I am PUMPED to get this. You has the functionality of a blackberry, full qwerty, and it looks like an actual phone! I love it - please bring some love to Canada QUICK!!!!!

Actually I am guessing that this is just an evaluation piece, it is very possible that the final form will be much tighter. Also, looking at the keyboard, it is definitely the same as my 9700, except that the keys look slightly distorted and elongated. They look taller, so that there may also be some photo distortion here, which could explain some of the excess real estate around the keyboard. Looks wonky to me. As far as a Bold flip goes, I say bring it on. There is no doubt that RIM won’t soon be building an iPhone/Droid killer, but every little bit of the market helps. Keep some perspective here people. Just because they will build this device, doesn’t mean they will stop the development of the BBs we love. Who cares? Lots of people will fall for this, and that’s fine. Hope they sell tons of them so they get more R&D $ to build what I like.

I sell BB's for a living, and can tell you there is a small demand for Pearl flips. However the full QWERTY trackpad and new OS might change that

Just goes to show what happens when a company is run by an old man with a closed mind. Looks like a Jitter Bug with a QWERTY keyboard. Hey maybe it will come with a necklace so you can wear it around your neck. Then maybe they can have a one touch button so when you fall you can hit the button and yell "Help me. Ive fallen and I cant get up" Oh Oh Oh I know! The new Blackberry watch will have the Button! Then you can leave the phone on the counter so it doesn't break your hip when you fall down!

RIM is looking really desperate right now. Throwing every form factor at the wall. They should stick to improving the OS. They should narrow down the form factor, put the USB's on the same side same location, put the headphone jack on the same side same location (this will make it easier for accessory makers to develop all those cool gadgets that everyone craves to have like the iPhone). This is a call to RIM to stop being retarded, it's too late for them in my eyes, but maybe they can make a comeback rather than end up like palm trying to sell themselves in the end.