BlackBerry 9670 (Oxford) - No, it's not the latest revision but it's a good walkthrough [video]

BlackBerry 9670 (Oxford) - No, it's not the latest revision but it's a good walkthrough
By Bla1ze on 7 Jul 2010 06:00 am EDT

Here's one to credit Salomondrin with today. As mentioned in the video presented here, this walkthrough is from a older hardware revision of the BlackBerry 9670 aka. Oxford. While the device is running OS 5.2 in the video, it certainly gives us an idea of what the growth was in the BlackBerry OS from 5.2 to BlackBerry 6. Of course, with it being a prerelease device we've already seen some changes in the hardware itself. Sal does a good job of highlighting those for us in the video. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Just please remember, this is admittedly not the final hardware revison. This a very early revision for sure. Video after the break for you all.

Source: Salomondrin

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BlackBerry 9670 (Oxford) - No, it's not the latest revision but it's a good walkthrough [video]


It's kind of cool. I would not use that, but I see a definite audience for it. My sister would love it to replace her aging curve. And if my wife ever upgrades to a smartphone, this would be nice for her too.

This phone is grosssss. Blackberry cant make a good looking flip phone, just stick with the candy bar style

The size looks fantastic for it, I wish he could have put it beside the Pearl flip, If it is thinner but wider than the pearl flip I know a few people that would be excited to see this phone hit the market.

they did a good job making a flip phone semi attractive, I wouldn't say sexy, but it isn't fugly

I tend to agree. It's not for me, for sure, but I think it looks pretty good. Since its CDMA, doesn't really matter much to us non-US guys anyway, but still, I think this will do well for RIM, especially with the 9800, new pearl and the new curve finishing off the line up. Really sleek line of devices.

Is this what RIM has to distinguish themselves in the smartphone industry? Is this how they will separate themselves from the rest? Wow.
This phone looks like a toy phone; maybe geared towards 12 yr-olds and under. And if this is just another marketing ploy targeting younger generations, then I guess they'll be successful at that.
It's not the flip phone that makes it juvenile; just look at the amount of space that's wasted once you open the phone. I'm not dissing the hardware at all. Just the appeal.

My guess is the same thing will happen to this phone like the 8530 as far as the price drops are concerned. First time it was around $99(?) for VZW then $79 then $29.99.

I love how people say this stuff about this just because its a flip phone. How many 12 and under kids do you see with even a winmo device? Smartphones are always going to be better and better, some may not be as good as others but this one looks amazing. Flip phone designs are not dead and they're not only used for cheap crappy phones.

RIM is just trying to catch up to the other big contenders in the smart phone industry, but instead of making something new and never seen, such as the 9800(brilliant design), and wasting their time on making something that, although might sell some, it won't be a huge hit and an extreme difference with any other device that has come out. I just don't see the point of taking such a new and amazng technology(such as OS6) and putting it back into a device set-up that hasn't been popular in years.

You think RIM came up with the touch screen/slider?? Have you forgotten the Palm Pre?

I think everyone else was playing catchup to RIM with the full qwerty keyboard/candybar smartphone.

Apple did indeed lead the charge with the all touch iphone.

I would prefer if RIM would instead make a Bold 9000 sized phone with a larger screen/higher resolution and make it touch but retain a keyboard underneath.

Believe me, with the way BB's take a beating, it's only a matter of time before the boards are full of loose sliders, broken hinges etc...

They can effectively keep their market going with a Storm 3, and a new ACTUAL Bold2.

Looks isn't where RIM is failing nowadays, it's their hardware/software. Their app world is surprisingly weak compared to itunes apps or android apps, their browser is sub-par, their closed memory system etc...

Streamlined UI is playing catch-up to the competitors.

Its not me doing the video. I just edited the vid and then did a voice over :D That's why I F-uped so many times. LOL I was watching the vid while narrating it :D

I always here the android and Iphones are toys...this looks like something you give a girl at 7 to go with her Barbie and Ken set.

Didn't RIM learn the the clamshell is a bad idea with the Pearl Flip?? I think this phone is totally fugly, but everyone has their own opinion. I could see this phone being a must have for people who have never owned a smart phone and are used to the clamshell type device set-up. Like I said I will not be seen rocking this device but there will always be consumers who would love this product.

I think it looks good and also think it will do very well. A lot of people like physical keyboards but don't want to see it displayed constantly (aka the slider) and as a flip the screen is always protected in your pocket or wherever it is

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