BlackBerry 9670 headed to Sprint soon?

By Adam Zeis on 17 Aug 2010 10:05 am EDT
BlackBerry 9670

Now that the Torch is out and about, we can again speculate on the arrival of the BlackBerry 9670. It was expected that the device would arrive at Verzion -- and only Verzion -- however the boys at BGR have confirmed that the 9670 may follow in the footsteps of the Bold 9650 and find its way to Sprint before hitting Verizon. Word on the street is there are some Sprint branded units floating around, so it could go either way at this point. More info on this guy should turn up in the coming weeks, so we'll keep you posted when we find out more.

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry 9670 headed to Sprint soon?


Ha ha ha. 4G Evo is a great phone I'm sure. Not quite my cup of tea but I'd certainly get an Evo before I paid out the a$$ for this mediocre clamshell posing as a productivity aid. I think you nailed it on the head though... Fugly is the perfect discription. NOW EVERYONE SING ALONG> Jitterbug!...... Jitterbug!...... I hope the mediocre camera comes with image stabilization! The senile tend to shake alot. LOL Or better yet, maybe it will come with a set of reading glasses since we know the camera specs suck.
Thanks for the article!

lol 5 megapixels with continuous auto focus and a flash hopefully as good as other BB's sucks? That is there best camera specs to date and ive seen other pics of this device that look much better then the one here. For those of us that like a clamshell this will have it all not everyone needs everything touchscreen. Im pretty sure im selling mine when this comes out.

That must be the ugliest phone I've ever seen! By the looks of these new BlackBerry's I'll be sticking with my Tour forever! I love the form factor and simplicity. I don't want my phone to look like a toy clamshell from the 90's.

the only way they could see these phones is if they gave them out free with the data plan. or for like 5 bucks.

I definitely will reserve judgment on this phone until I see it in action. Sometimes pictures tell less than a thousand words.

While I'm not blown away by this phone I'd still get it because I'm a little tired of my Tour and a Bold is not too different. If the price is right I'll give it a try

Based on the overwhelmingly negative to lukewarm reviews of the Torch. I think this is the worst time to release another mediocre device. RIM's effort need to be focused on bringing a device to the market that can at least compete from a hardware stand point meaning display and processor upgrades.

It definitely is coming to sprint. I've seen it on 'The Closer' all season and they only use sprint branded phones - complete with the copyrighted chime - for that show.

i think i saw the phone too, was it in the conference room? she was rambling for it in her purse at first. i thought it was too wide to be the clamshell. that could have been the LG lotus, that's also a qwerty clamshell.

fugly or not i am still checking out this phone when it comes to Sprint. I have always liked clamshell phones, and a blackberry clamshell would be perfect.

why sprint would even carry this monstrosity? it's beyond me. the torch, though still behind in the times, is the best RIM can do right now... which is odd considering the volume of sales on bb units and legendary size user base. this thing is pathetic and hopefully will not sell.

Will the front be a normal screen or a touch screen?

I would never want that device, but I could see it being something my wife or sister might like, especially if the front is touch and you could operate many devices functions with the device in its closed position.....

Rim is DEFINITELY going backwards. First that slider crap now this. Glad I went to the EVO. Id rather stick with the old 9630 and trackball then be seen with this clamshell. This phone will fail. If your on Sprint get the EVO or Epic. Droid does....

I can't believe it, but this is actually growing on me. But I'm sure by my next upgrade (July 2011) a better BlackBerry will be out on Sprint.

R U SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! I so hope this is a rumor......... Sprint would be the one to get the ugly *** thing........

I was actually hoping that this was a fake device. Sprint is getting nothing but the best as usual. This has to be the most dreadful looking thing I have ever seen. I have seen other posts that contain the words vomit, backwards, and ugly. All words perfectly capable of describing this phone.

There's a bunch of ppl that want a blackberry just like this. The pearl flip was popular at 1st until people decided they didn't like the suretype.....

I have my BB Tour on Sprint. My questions is when is the 9800 coming?. I got my first look at the Torch last night at the ATT store. It is better looking BB than the 9670. My contract is up in November.

My wife took one look at it and said "that one is for me". she currently uses a BB Curve. You might be surprised by the interest in this BB.

What is with the trolling/posting of these fashion posts of clothing in every thread...they should be banned!

Only Sprint receives the ugly un-wanted step child. I mean come on, thats have the reason I left Sprint. I wanted all the good BB's coming out. But like a dummy I walked over to Verizon for a Rainy Experience (Storm2) Boy do I regret it. As days past and I got my hands on a Torch I see why a lot of people are leaving RIM. I have always admired RIM and will be loyal for only so long. Yeah they have great email push, yeah the builds are solid, yeah their OS is quite stable. All the things you expect from a great cell phone. But also as a techie, who loves the latest technology. I find it quite worrisome that RIM is coming out with the equivalent to last years phones. And its even so ridiculous to be stuck with said phone for 2 years. Speaking of which....

I personally say far as carriers, that we boycott these carriers for contracts. I rather pay more for my phone, because then the cost of service should go down since carriers claim that part of giving lower prices for phones (like 199 is low) goes into keeping us in contracts. So by being able to jump ship when the desire comes. The carriers will have to be more aggressive with their pricing. Just saying.

Does anyone know when and if sprint will ever get the 9800!?!?!?!?!? Please if anyone knows where I could get any info post it up please!!!!!!

Never. The 9800 is AT&T's. Sprint only gets the classic looking BB's like the Curve, Tour and Bold. Leave the exclusive touch berry's to VZW and ATT.

I can't look at the Torch and look at this phone! How can you make a phone like the Torch, Pearl 3G, Bold 9700 and then make this and put it into production. Makes me sick. Who would ever buy this phone yuk! This phone with do an Epic Fail!

That clamshell thing should be thrown in the ocean with the other clams. Is Sprint seriously going to waste money produceing that piece of crap. I thought sprint was going to get the torch, looks like its time to change companies! I've been with sprint for 5 years but if they produce that junk I'm out!!! I want a Torch.

They only sold 150,000 units(Torch) cause they gave it to AT&T who already have the I phone who has a huge dedicated amount of customers. If they would have given it to sprint and verizon the sales would have been ten fold because verizion and sprint have a larger blackberry customer base. Come on RIM its not rocket science!!!, it's marketing try using a survey. WoW!!! If you want the torch sales to go up give it to the other Major carriers.

I saw the numbers and said to myself "decent phone but epic fail". I new the fan base in ATT but didn't think it would be so small of a margin. If the 9800 was released on verizon I'm willing to bet that the sales numbers would be better that on ATT. I'm holding on the initial model in the hopes that when it comes to verizon it will have the kinks worked out and maybe better resolution and processing power. Hopes and dreams, oh well...

Sprint can have the clamshell all they want! That thing is fugly! Just hope VZW doesn't claim that thing and gets something better, when OS6 comes out for the rest of the blackberry's i will be due for an upgrade :)

While maybe not for everyone, I at one point wished the Pearl was available for Sprint. I like a clamshell to talk on much better than a brick. I don't care how ugly one might think it is. It's my phone not a chick magnet.