BlackBerry 9670 clamshell to be branded the BlackBerry Style!

BlackBerry Style 9670
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Sep 2010 06:34 pm EDT

You heard it here first... the upcoming BB flip is the BlackBerry Style!

Been wondering what product family Research in Motion was going to slot the upcoming BlackBerry 9670 clamshell into? Could it be a Pearl? Maybe a member of the Curve family? Nope. We've confirmed with multiple sources now that the new BlackBerry 6 toting flip is getting a new product family name of its own. Enter the BlackBerry Style. I guess consumers who go for a flip phone these days do have a particular sense of style, so maybe the BlackBerry Style name is a fitting one. With a name like Style we may see a ton of consumer and fashion focused BlackBerry Style Cases and BlackBerry Style Accessories emerge too.

So what do you think of the name? Like it? Love it? Hate it? I always find when I first hear the name of a new BlackBerry I don't like it overly much... but then it grows on you, and it just sticks. I think that's likely to be the case here too. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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BlackBerry 9670 clamshell to be branded the BlackBerry Style!


clap on *clap clap*
clap off *clap clap*
clap on clap off

this thing is hideous and will be a waste of money and resources.

Forreal, I meen I understand that yea, rim need to offer that but,why now? There's so much comp out right now, this is NOT the time for this! Lmao, it looks crazy, extra space, it jus don't smell like a blackberry to me! #notconvinced

Forreal, I meen I understand that yea, rim need to offer that but,why now? There's so much comp out right now, this is NOT the time for this! Lmao, it looks crazy, extra space, it jus don't smell like a blackberry to me! #notconvinced

I almost can't look at it. And the name is way off. I showed it to my husband and he said he MIGHT use it. Then saw the keyboard (he has a 9000) and changed his mind. What is with all that blank space below the keyboard??

All the wasted space is the first thing my eyes see! Why not take advantage of this real estate and throw in some extra convenience keys or something?! I'm sure it'll probably be the spot for the biggest carrier logo ever branded on a phone. It'll inevitably be a Sprint logo that can be seen from space. Damn you Sprint! Daaamnnn Yoouuu!!!

balance when holding this device. I'll bet it sits well in the hand and has a nice balance when your thumbs are up higher on the phone. It may make one handed use slightly more difficult.

Like all designs, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am definitely of the thought I have to see this one in person to know what I think of it.

The space at the bottom of the keyboard is to rest your wrists while texting with two hands. Absolutely ingenious RIM! Absolutely ingenious!

was that a joke?

yeah it doesn't look as stylish as it could be but the space at the bottom is indeed a good one.. It reminds me of how the NOKIA 8800 did it with their slider. it had space below but it was done a lot better.
It's amazing how much better some space at the bottom is good for your hands.

In saying that, this picture really doesnt appeal to me.

hahaahahhahah style? LMAFO

And this comes from someone that is with RIM on 95% of their decisions!

Oh boy, this will make the podcast really interesting!

Open up a real clam...yeah that's what they look like.
Can't believe THAT is a BlackBerry.
It looks like a generic toy cellphone that you'd buy for your 2year old so they don't play with your real BB.

I was never big on these flip or clamshell style phone. I like all my info at the ready rather than having to open something before you can view. Waste of time for me.

I am not feeling the "style" of this phone (cue drums). I do have one question though, did it ever get flushed out wether the exterior screen was touch?

Ugliest blackberry i've ever seen. It looks like the fuckin old ones that you can drop, hit, smash without breaking them. Wow what a brick

Well I can't say that I would swap my BB out for this one. Im sure it will find a home with some people who need the extra protection the clam design provides.

The 11 people you describe are going to be very happy with this POS. Let me guess, In a world of Simon Caldwell's, you're Paula Abdul?

Not really sure what to think of the new Style name. But I think this phone will sell well. I know a few people who will only use flip phones, so this will be the best of both worlds for them, BlackBerry smartphone that flips open. Flip phones aren't really my style, but it's still a BlackBerry so I like it! Can't wait for a release...

No, this will not sell well. It will bomb worse than the Pearl Flip. RIM is making a fool out of themselves with this device.

Reminds me of the old Motorola Star Tacs. LoL. Top 5 comments on this phone...

5. Beam Me Up Scotty.
4. Lt. Warf to Bridge.
3. Wow, your phone is as hip as.....the 90s.
2. Let me Guess, your on T-Mobile?
1. Set Fazers to Stunna

so i was thinking - how funny would it be if this was just a funny marketing ploy...and that they were actually working on something good? ...i can kind of already imagine CNN and CNBC gettin a kick out of this device.

Blackberry "Style?" Too vague. Should have saved that for a marketing campaign for the brand itself. Make it the next in the BlackBerry Flip series, to distance it from the Pearl line.

Reminiscent of the Motorola 550 Flip, minus of course the Qwerty keyboard and viewing screen. Still not pretty.

Please say it is a joke!

It's kind of like the phrase "muscles don't come with the shirt"... naming it "Style" isn't going to improve the looks what-so-ever.

Waterloo needs new leadership. Quickly. Is there any doubt at this point that RIM is quickly devolving into the laughing stock of the tech world?

jajajajjajaja, LMFAO!!! what a fucking joke, it made my day, seriously... even the RIM pager looks more stylish than this piece of shit...! Sweet Jesus, are we part of a punked special crackberry episode???

So the Storm line is dying out so that RIM can instead waste their time and resources to bring you junk like this?


I hope whoever designed this tumor of a device is publicly thrown from the highest cliff on national television.

I'm not too fond of the name. Perhaps it'll grow on me.
They couldn't come up with anything better than that???

At a loss of words... Why RIM why? I feel like the kid that just got totally embarassed by his parents in front of his friends

It better be coated in rubber, considering how ugly it is. Being a "tuff phone" is the only thing that could possibly redeem such a pathetic device.

Back before it came out. As I see it, it managed to accomplish a fairly loyal following.

There are plenty of brick BBs out there for the currently loyal traditionalists. Guess what- BB doesn't want to force you to buy this one. They're trying to bring in more BB addicts, some of whom (Gasp!) won't look at a brick. The Torch is a damned good start, and I feel the Style will do well enough.

As I have said before, I have been carrying cells since they were car phones in a bag. I have used every type of phone available, and honestly resisted the move to BB because of the size of the brick. This just may grow the ranks.

Any hint on release date yet? My Storm's software is getting buggy.

I think the phone itself looks great, like the flip style. More natural for using it as a PHONE. I also like the name. Must be I'm the odd man out here.

You are not alone my friend.
I'm actually holding off upgrading my Curve 8330m in the hopes that this will land on my carrier (Sprint) soon.
I miss my old Sanyo 8400 flip phone, and moved to the Pearl, than the Curve for the features and security of the BB. Flip phones just felt more natural to me, especially when used as a phone.
Ultimately, I will have to see if it feels good in my hands and against my face, but that goes for any phone

Like the name, don't like the phone. I like that name for the torch more than I do for that ugly flip. I wonder how good its going to do.

I hope this is a joke.... this is horrible. i mean seriously?? is this the best they could have done or come up with???!!!

The name style is ok but the phone is really ugly. Looks like a mutant version of the Motorola Charm. I'm sure this will land on T-Mobile.

But what confuses me a bit is phonedog also has a photo of the 9670 Style claim shell however, it is quite different looking from the one you posted.

Will the real ugly phone please stand up :p

First of all... Lmao @ all comments joking on this device. This is by far the worst flip phone I've ever laid eyes on. RIM could of made a better flip phone I say this because I like the name Blackberry Style, but if its in style its up to date. Looks like y'all need an update on the design. Nice for kids to have so they can feel cool with blackberries... No fruits, lol. Parents would be able to stay in touch with similiar apps I guess.

P.S. Where's OS 6 for BB 9700...??

err not so much my style but .. maybe its good for people who are into construction or farming. That might drop their phone a lot ..

seems pretty sturdy :)

I'd have to agree with alot of the comments I've seen. This thing is hideous and I don't see how they can bring in a new family name called Style with a product like that. Good luck RIM...

More like "BlackBerry Puke!"

And I have absolutely nothing against flip phones in general! To be honest though, even if it were attractive, the name is stupid.

RIM must be blind. This phone is ugly! I think this phone is going to go away so fast after it's release people probably won't even notice it. Epic Fail RIM! I have Verizon as my Carrier and would rather stick with the Storm series which has been really good for me or maybe switch over to the 9650 Bold instead of getting the "Style" yuk....hurl!

Do people realize that the picture at the top is not how the style actually looks? The device in real life when the flip of closed looks like a smaller torch without the keyboard slid out. I haven't heard anyone saying the torch of ugly so I don't understand why the style gets so many negative comments. Like it or love it, this will be the 1st cmda berry with os6.

When the first picture of this "BlackBerry" were released it had a more round look (still ODD). Now its all boxy and ugly. Even IF my 8530 gets discontinued TOMMOROW. Even IF I NEVER see OS6...NEVER will I get that THING

While I would consider getting this phone as a back device should my 9700 fail, the name is laughable at best. There is nothing stylish about it. Also, what is with all that empty space? Its a waste :/

I wonder if it'll have the same specs as the 9700. Since it most likely does, it'll be a cool device.

Although bar phones have a higher survival rate, this might be just as good in a holster.

The forums better be updated to reflect it's new name! Mods??? really mean "the retarded step child of Mike Lazaridis who fell down a flight of 26 stairs and someone whacked it in the face with a hot shovel while it was unconscious for good measure" then yeah, I can see where you're coming from. :)

If the actual device looks more like the simulator image, it would probably sell well. I know my wife and daughter like the look of the simulator (not really partial to the Bold-style keyboard). No more purse and pocket dialing for them.

SMH...get with HTC or something and try to find out whats going on in design...

Hell hold a contest and let some loyal fans draw up a new device...anything but this jitterbug.

...when the Bold name was announced (before it became official), it got a lot of mixed responses. Not the device itself, but the Bold name. Time will tell how the name catches on.

Like the Torch this one is going to be one that I'm going to have to actually put my hands on to pass judgment. I'm just not like others who are going to bash something without at least playing around with it first. Now what's funny to me is when the "Style give-away contest" rolls around how many people on here that are currently bashing this phone are going to be commenting to try to win one. Every phone has its niche & I have a feeling that a flip Berry will find its too.

I thinks the boys in Waterloo are stuck in a time-space continuum stuck in 2006, bc there is no way that RIM should be DEvolving, I think after they lost the bid to that hockey team, Lazardis decided to give the world nothing but shitty phones from here on out!

This has to be a joke. I mean no one in their right minds in marketing or R n D could actually think this is a good idea.Right? It's like having Al Davis call the shots on game day. LOl That being said, I'm really considering moving to an Android device in February when my contract is up since RIM has failed to show me anything that is worth hanging around for. This is making me really sad. :......-( can't you see the tracks of my tears

I was trying to give it a chance until I saw this latest pic. This is truly an ugly BlackBerry. And it's just sad.

Come on RIM - Hire some designers. Please!


like torch, it looks cheap. and it seems blackberry's new model designs are going backwards. late bloomer in other words. why not go into touch screen market, improve storm.

WTF??? That surely can’t be a real picture. The screen image looks like it’s a picture pasted in the middle of a flip-top. And what’s with the miniaturized keyboard with all the space? And who came up with the name the Style? It’s certainly not a stylish looking phone and I wouldn’t be caught dead with it. My Gawd RIM, I realize the idea of releasing the Torch to only one carrier was a bad idea, but are you trying to kill off business now too?

Please someone tell me that the picture of the "Style" is not how the actual 9670 will look. Every time I see a new picture here on CB, the phone gets uglier and uglier.

I'm not against a BB "clam shell" style phone, I was even considering it for my next BB, but not one that looks like this "style." Way too much wasted space and just...ugly.

RIM really needs to reduce the number of different phones they're putting out (Bolds, Torch, Curve, Storm, Pearl, etc). Concentrate on one high-end, one mid-level, one entry level, and one touch screen (similar line-up for GSM and CDMA). Period, end of story. IMO, BB's quality is going down the tubes because they're pumping out way too many products too quickly. This "Style" is a perfect example.

Flip phone? I used to love them. The only way I'd go with a BB flip is if it was like the pearl flip, but stuffed it with hardware AT LEAST on par with the current Pearl 3G (cue haters)

This is nasty. Style? I was uber-geek in High school and had more style then then this phone has.

Could this be a "throwback" marketing phase like PepsiCo is doing or is the nightmare coming true that RIM is making a Blackberry device for Jitterbug? You decide. If I had to choose, it's Jitterbug's newest arrival.

Is that a joke ?! :P
Its looks improportional !!!
I'm sure the designer was drunk while designing this shit !!!! :P
Seriously RIM?!... 2010?!!... And u come up with that disaster ...!!??

Seriously, who wants to bet in the next Podcast Kevin defends this think like it's his first born child. I can just picture it now: "But Guys, RIM's going for a certain Niche here, it'll sell... and just look!! That rehashed 3-times-over OS6 looks soooo spiffy on it".

If by certain Niche you mean prepubescent 12 year old girls who's Daddies pay for there cell phone bill, you'd be correct. Way to go RIM, glad to see you're leading the charge in that Market.

What a joke.

Seriously, who wants to bet in the next Podcast Kevin defends this think like it's his first born child. I can just picture it now: "But Guys, RIM's going for a certain Niche here, it'll sell... and just look!! That rehashed 3-times-over OS6 looks soooo spiffy on it".

If by certain Niche you mean prepubescent 12 year old girls who's Daddies pay for their cell phone bill, you'd be correct. Way to go RIM, glad to see you're leading the charge in that Market.

What a joke.

Its just a very odd looking phone. I'm just wondering what it will look like when it is sadly released.

Can't make the connection between Style and the Image of this phone in this article. I think I've seen some clips of this phone and while not looking as bad as the image in this article, it did seem to have wasted space below the keyboard.

I have a Storm that has been a good phone for quite some time and now finally having some screen issues. I can say this much, the Style will not replace my Storm. I hope they have something else coming to Verizon. Not really interested in their current BlackBerry lineup. That picture makes it look like one of those flip makeup cases with a mirror. Trying to figure out how highly paid experts could sign off on this design. Of course, the real thing may look better.

Why is RIM wasting their time and resources to bring us stupid junk like this? Style?....Are you f'n serious? I don't think so. ""IMPROVE THE PROCESSOR"", make a BB that can compete with the Androids, then watch your sales skyrocket. It's a no brainer!! C'mon RIM this is getting f'n old real fast!!

I think "Blackberry FAIL" sounds better....this phone is atrocious, only good thing about it is OS!

How much do you wanna bet this phone will sell big. Why all the moaning, would you rather Rim builds one size fits all phone? There's a a market for it. That photo is distorted by the way, have a look at some videos and then judge its appearance.

This device could be useful to some users but man it is not attractive at all!! The name is really cool but not for that device!!

I would have liked to see it swivel up instead of flip open like a sidekick with possible touchscreen then it could be the "Blackberry Votex" it would be shorter and could take away the blank space under keyboard. Just my opinon

Name 'Style' seems to have NO relevance to the design of this berry. Its Squarish screen and similarly empty squarish kepyad deck, doesn't talk about aesthetics of design, doesn't give a warm feeling of style, doesn't even look like anyone thought through the design. Wasted space at the bottom, too high call answer keys and well just plain undesirable.

This pic is totally different from the last posting about this phone. The old pic looked more like a pearl but with a better keyboard. I even defended the design but is that, a palm rest?

If you have a 9700 you can test this, put the phone in your hand with the bottom touching the inside of you palm, now where does your thumb reach? I'll tell you now, the screen. If I would have that "wasted space" at the bottom my 9700 would sit securely in my hand. In my opinion it is designed to improve single handed use.

Style?!... The Thing Look Like a Flush-toilet, and the trackpad as the shit-hole in the middle ...
seriously ...?!
the screen seems even bigger than the keyboard,... maybe its like that... or maybe its an optical illusion, but in both cases... no one needs this crap ...

I don't see what is so ugly about it. One of Sprint's phones that I have always had interest in was the LG Lotus. This has the same form factor but looks better. I would definitely use it if I had one.

Blackberry Fugly should be the name. Sad to say it's coming to Sprint. I can't believe Sprint! I want TORCH!!!!! I hope Sprint makes a last minute change not to sell this BB Fugly and replace it with BB Torch.

People are really being dopey. Pictures and video of this phone have been leaked everywhere (this site, driphter, you tube). It looks NOTHING like the picture in the story. That picture is merely a basic diagram that was provided with the release of an emulator so developer's have a basic idea of the layout of the phone. The real phone is very rounded and glossy looking. It looks way better than the diagram in this story. Don't get me wrong, I still don't think it is the best looking phone. However, the "jitterbug" and "startac" comments are directed at the diagram, not the actual phone. Look around for actual pictures of the phone and then bash it. Right now people are freaking out over a mock-up. Btw, companies do this so they don't have to leak a picture of the actual device. Since it was leaked every where RIM should have just leaked the actual picture instead of this diagram with the emulation software. I guess they didn't expect it to circulate and for people to actually think the diagram was what the phone actually looked like.

Not this -

Attract women by this -

PLEASE RIM PLEASEEEEEEEE RE-DESIGN. Read our comments and take a step back !!!!

Kevin Michaluk, Bla1ze, Adam, print all the comments and post them to RIM please. We dont want other BlackBerrys to get delayed by this UGLY BB!

don't be stupid. Some people are going to like this phone. older ladies come to mind. While iPhone is going for the elite end of the smartphone market RIM is clearly trying to gobble up the rest.

The only problem will be all the bad press it gets on techno blogs. RIM will only be able to shut that up if they come out with a truly cutting edge smartphone as a flag ship.

I got the torch 9800 and i like it a lot, but we all have to admit it is not a cutting edge product.

Hopefully soon they'll bring out a QNX-based smartphone a la the blackpad rumors.

If so silly phone llike the style will be fine. If not they will come to define RIM, which won't be good to say the least.

This is by-far the most god-awful ugly phone on the market. I can't BELIEVE there were engineers and designers involved in the development of this embarrassment.

The new Blackberry DUD. This is embarassing, seriously.
Ive said it since this product was announced this device is FUGLY.

I kinda like it. I think it's cute. And if the price were right, and it were on my carrier (which I don't think it will be) I'd probably buy it to have a change of phone once in awhile. Sometimes I hate how 'open" my phone is. There ya have it. I stand alone. hahaha.

this phone is a joke. it's nice to see R.I.M. try and put out new products, but there's no style to this phone whats so ever. its plain goofy looking.

Who designed this thing, your new geriatric department? what the hell is this thing. Why not keep with Modern LCD standards and make it a Wide Screen? As opposed to a square shape... Can you even buy a square monitor anymore for a computer?

How bout making a side flip? with a larger keyboard? Like a torch but the screen flips sideways and keyboard underneath... i dont know just throwing out some "seemingly" common sense evolutionary steps here.. this seems very 2006 lol.

on a side note, i think the torch's screen needs to slide up another 1/4 to half inch.. its a little close for my liking

I don't think this is a good name, but it does have some kind of style. It's funny but most of those griping here would probably rate the iPhone as stylish... Hey wake up it's a slab of glass. Do your knees buckle when you look out your windows and marvel at how the companies got the glass to be so straight? :-)

I said this before when earlier pictures of this phone went up. There is no accounting for style. When I first saw those little boxy SUVs I thought my God how ugly no one is going to buy those. I was wrong! I see tons of them on the streets. Now as I recall there is a screen on the outside. if it was a touchscreen rather than just a clock, that would be cool. Still wouldn't buy it but lots more would. Let's see.

When the leaders of RIM talk you can tell they are still in the mode of building phones for carriers. I'm not sure if this is a good way to go, but maybe the success of Apple will wake them up a bit. I can kind of see the reaction to the early iPhone. RIM saying we can't sell that to corporate types (because basically it is a piece of shit if you want to get real work done on it). So eventually we get the Torch which is a wink to consumers but really aimed at satisfying corporates.

I'm hoping RIM will launch a fully consumer phone not based on OS6 but based on QNX (which seems like it's supposed to be superior -- I really know nothing about that). The point is going QNX frees RIM from a backward looking mindset. Hell call the Phone RIM something instead of blackberry, although I'd still like it to have a BB keyboard. Maybe that slab of glass with a slide out BB keyboard. I'm thinking something Torch like but the size of a bold 9000 phone. That thing had a fab keyboard. Sure it would be big but that doesn't seem to bother people anymore. The one thing RIM nailed with the Torch was the sliding mechanism it feels nice.

Call it the RIM or BB Q .... just dreaming. :-)

Everyone hates this phone RIM needs the Storm 3... this is sad they just wanted to release two half phone with OS 7 half done so they release OS 6 to make up for it. this has to be just a way to keep them afloat till there real stuff comes. The last two phone have been sad... and this dosent even have outside touchscreen... man Apple just release an MP3 player with a HD screen, Facetime, HD recording, and a 5 megapixel camera with a Moblie Gaming community built right in... RIM needs to step it up the 9700 was great but they are just trying to make every version of it they can when they need a winner with the follwing.

1. HD screen
2. 1 Ghz Processor
3. TWO TWO TWO 2 convince keys
4. Front camera (And use Apples open sourced Facetime)
5. N wireless receiver

without those thing (AT LEAST) they wont be competitive

This isn't the real picture of the 9670... i see other pics and the other ones look much better. I still don't see the "Style" in a flip phone but i do see it being used. And all people complaining and bashing it, I bet probably are your highhest must have electronic customers, so they want the newer hottest thing out... lol. I say this is a go for certain people. If it don't suites you then shut up, simple.

Yuck, the Style an ugly thing! I guess someone out there wanted this or else it would not be here today! This is one I hope T-Mobile will not get! Not every BlackBerry is pretty but this one splashed in the sewer! Will the name help it out? We'll soon see when it is for sale. Oh I know some people will buy it (especially those who like the retro style phones) but I can't see it being a big seller. On the other hand, you never know what may happen.

Me and my friend r trying to find out if this a real phone coming out I know they need to come up new style to keep up with all of the new phones like the IPhone how I think they come up with the name is from Pearl and what does a pearl live in


This is one of 3 designs you guys have shown for the 9670. Personally, I don't mind any of them, but the "dead space" might actually make for a more comfortable phone. To those that think it's ugly, don't get it, there are people that have different opinions, it's o.k. Unless you are currently holding a Torch, it has better features than your current BB.

I, for one, prefer a flip to a typical BB, for one major reason, it won't pocket-dial. Not to mention the fact that my screen looks like I took sandpaper to it. I know I can lock it, but doing so between every text or update can be a pain. Just a convenience that some people like in a flip.

I admit...I'm easily't RIM dump the "Tour" family to consolidate the brands, giving us 2 new berries that are NOT Bold (like the 9000)...and a Curve ( that I LOVE) that is by NO MEANS the Torch and Style?????????????